Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1907
Page 4
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CiRCDLATION 4^ Reporten* Room i.. .223 BoilneM Office 18 Bntend at lola. Kansas, PoBtofflee, as Second-class Matter. AdrertUInc Rates Made , Known on Application. SUBSCBIPllOir BATES. By CaiTler in lola, Sas CItr, Lanyon. Tllle or La JIatpe. One Week ;10 cents One Month 44 cents One Tear 15.00 By Man. One Tear, In advance $4-00 Three Months, In advance 11.00 One Month, in advance .44 OFFICIAL PAPER, CITT OF BAS* SET. XEVBEB OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. The lela DaHj Reflster Is a menber •f the Asseeiatei Press and ReeelTes the dar report if that great news or gaalsatlea for Exclasive Afternoon PabUcatlon in lola. INSPECT COMPANY Colonel Flanders of First Regiment to be Here on December 17. Lleutonnnt Colonel Flanders of the FIHt RcBlment Kansas National OwarA has been assiRnetl to inspect Company At on the 17th of this month. Mf. Flanders will probably be acconi- I>an!ed by a regular army officer. Lieutenant Colonel Flanders is well known !n Tola as he was during the Spanish-American war captain of the famous company I of the fighting 20th Kansas regiment. Company I was made up of lola and Paola boys. W"<lien Col. Flanders comes to lola next Tuesday night, the old Company! I boys will doubtless get topeth.»r n(?aln and talk over old times with their lormer captain. Company to Remain. A week ago Captain McCIaIn was of the opinion that lola might lose the military company on account of not having the required enrollment of C4 men. Since that time enough men have been enlisted to bring the total enrollment from 44 to 62 men, which means that there Is no danger now of the company being taken away from lola. If. however, there should be a small turnout next Tuesday night for inspection, the company might be mustered out for T.hat might'appear-as a lack of interest. The members of the company are, however, showinr a great deal of interest in the work, and a big turn out is expected. Notice. All members of the M. n. A. lodge are renuested to be at the Woodmen Hall Thursday night, Deo. 12. Slate Manager J. F. Silbey. of Kansas City, Kansas, will bo here. Hy order of president, C. M. UEYNOLllS. Walker Whiteside, one of the best actors :thls country has prodooed, and one who has ntted himself for the important position he now holds by fourteen I years In classic drama at the headiof his own companies, will make hi^ appearance at the Orand tonight i^ia new modem play, "The Claim of ^ Blood. In the new vehicle the young actor portrays a violinist who is struggling to And his way to the uppei* musical circles, and by those who have seen the play, his portrayal Hs said to be a satlsfjrlng bit of actfng/ Mr. Whiteside Is supported by im ^admirable company of players and his managers, Uebler & Co, h«ve Bupj>lled the usual adequate productioii. The Players. Jordan Rawker .. Mr. Hubert Seem. Jordan Rawker. capitalist ; Mr. Hubert Seem Lord Kildare, otherwise, known as Sylvester Hargrave < Mr. Leslie Kenyon Pietro Gi^nti, once famous singer Mr. Hubert Wlkie Herr von Rentier .. Mr. I^ouls Grisel Mrs. Zellner. a one time noted plan- iste, ...L Miss Martha George C'ara Douglass, daughter of a U. S. Senator Miss Nora I-amson Cloris Fielding, Jordan. Rawker's ward Mis Clara Blandick Helmar .... .Mr. Walker ^\lhlteside Synopsis of the Scenes. Act 1 —MVS. Zollner's home in thf Northerji • part of Manhattan Island. OctoberHThe Turn of the Road. Act 2.—Jordan Rawker's home. De- ceraber-i-The Awakening. Act :{.—New Years Eve—The Claim of Blooiti Executive iStaff for Llebler A Co. Oeorge C. T>l£'r ... G<»neral Mana;:er Paul H. Ljjebler Acting Manager Harry B'liier ... Business Managor Ix)uls Grisel Stage Manager Eat anything you like and when you like it. but take a Mi-o-na stomach tablet first to strengthen the stomach and prevent) Nothing if It lndige.stion. .10c a box. fails. Charles B. Spencer. Notice to Our Customers. We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs and lung troubles is not affected by the National Pure Food and Drug law. as it contains no opiates or other hann fill druAS and we recommend it as a safe remedy for children and adufs. Burrell's Drag Store. GAS INSPECTION A FARCE. Present Method Does Not Assure Safety to Consumer. That the methods of some g.-.s inspectors do not assure .safety to consumers is an evident fact. For in stance a d?puty Inspector called at a certain hoiipe not Jong ago to inspect connection whicfi had been made under the; house, e was asked to go under the house and refused, saving that if ha could do it without get- tinp his clothes dirty he would. .•Vs this was imixjssible he refused to do and gave' the woman a receipt .showing that the connection had lioi'n inspected Ky the city gas inspector. The Register does not know whether this manner of Inspection Is common or not, but ;if It is. It is very evident that the people who put up their quarter are paying for sonu'thlng they do not get. PIVJE lEASONt WHY CALUMET BAKING POmtDER has obtsdned the confidence of the pnblic. 1. It complies with the Pure Food Laws Of all states. It is the only high-grade Powder sold af a moderate prii It is BoLmadie by a Baldng Powder Trust. Food prepared with it is free from Roctaelle Salts or All Out hvyet has just stcuttd the greatest bAfgaia in L#d2es' GMits eyet put on sale in lola. Thete wete about 40 Coats in the lot, all new, up-to-date coats, jost finished. The maket had to haye the cash; the deal was closed iof jtist aboot one-half theif real valtfe. To appreciate their yaltie come and see theay in the sofith window. All are made of extra fine chiffonvbroadcloth, elaborately trimmed with silk braid, yoke satin lined; colors are brown, red, tan and black, three quarter length, semi^fitted, a twenty dollar valoe, on sale Thursday morning, at 8:30, choice. Glove Certificate Na3 T BIS C RRTIFICATS K KTITLBS BxAsnR, Mrs. Blank, to one pair $150 Kid Gloves, same to b: properly fittctl. RAMSAY BROS. D. G. CO. Per. H. M. P. $ 11.35 A RCPROaUOTIOm (•lore rerliflratrs for sale at onr Ktore. the most Knitahle of all gifts. Gloves can l>e fitted at xonie fa- tare time. •I Jihke ^^preanit of 11 flloTC fertifi- cate. If yon don't know her siae, they can lie fitted any time. Dioioria SCRAPERS HAVE ARRIVED. Delayed Car of Monarch Portland Tools Airivrs at Humboldt. Food prepared with it is free from Roctaelle 5. It is the strongest Baking Powder on the inarket. •1.000.00 sivan for any •ubatanca JnJurioustohMlth found InCalumvt | CaJaaMt U so caiefnllr and acientifically prepared that the nentrallxatloii of the baredJents Is absolntely perfMt. Tbere- fon Calanet leares no RocbeOe Salts or Alnia in the food. It U cheaUcaUr correct. Atem.-^ AH Graesrs an lUrthorizsd to Gaanntoa Ihif GalaaMtBal^Powder costs mue. Costs a little mora than tbe cheap, ininrions powdsis now on the market, bat it Is a tdK Mviv over the tinst powders. Try Calumet TH£ LANDS OF MISF! And of fulflllment, where climate Is also an asset, are along the Santa Fe, and easy to- reach. There are Irrigated farms, sections where dry farming is practiced, and places 'where rainfall is depended ui>on, la some localities all those methods may be followed. Read about, the various sections. Then visit them, Homeseekers' Biouralou tickets are soldi semi-monthly to Tfxas, Pecos Valley and Certain portioni of Colorado and Arliona, llmU twentr-one or thirty days, dependent on destination. Their use will save yon somethlns. Tiw Per^s aTlley, (The Kaa 4eaqili Tallejr, New Mexlee «a4 Arliona, Tea* as, CoIonM*. i ALL FBXEI i , W. E. RALSTON, Agi lola, Kaaa. (Hnmboldt Herald.) The oar of scrapers which the fialnnr ICngln<>.^ring coinpmi.v liax lii-in expoctlng for several weeks ar- rlvi'd Sntunlay. or nr IfURt n our of HoraiKTs arrived. Tiie orlplnul onr t\V\ peacefully wnltinn on sotue KldliiK and no Iraoo of It oan li<> fdund by the rnllroads. The oar that lid arrive WBH Khipptil from I'HOIM iiHi week. Ii will help materially llh the work, however, and more teams will be put on at once. If the wr;iiher p.>rmlts five or six weeks from now will see a hundred loams rtork. K. Oiilner and his secretary Miss Kelly prrlvcj Saturday and several othrr members of the office force wlli 11.' hero >oon. The force will consist of scveial drauRhtsnien i )e8ide8 sten- csrap:icrs, bookkeepers, etc. They are movinR into the office at present and will ho read> for work in a day or so. Mr. Gainer and Mr. Barnes will both move their families here by the first of the year. The first 20 per cent of the payment oft stock is now due and F. D. Culver is making collections. The land has heen taken over and all i.«; in shape for rapid work from now on. One of the big crushers is on the way he-e and will be ready for use soon nfter It arrives. Other machinery and tools are coming in daily to geih T with a large supply of sand. C. T. MILES, SALESMAN. This Morning Selling Cipars. Clarence Miles, one of the best known barbers in the city, started to work this morning for the ifonroe Wholesale Cigar company, of Toledo. Ohio, selling ttheir products. His territory will be between Kansas City and CoffeyTille and will include some mighty good towns. C'arence is well known here and his gift of gab acquired while pushing th? razor ought to help Mm a great deal in the new work. We Sell Ytnbl on the positive guarantee that if it does not itn satisfaction we will return the entire amount of money paid lis for it. We mean this— and ask all those who are .sick and need strat^rth to try itwtUiS&tirtertwMing. &B.nOBBKU. FOR TEMPERANCE nrew «Ts Will Help Keforniers Abolinh Dlven und l)rniikeunes!>. New York, Deo. 10.—"Amcrlca'n foremohi brewers are prepared to join with reasonable tonipeniiice rororm- ers In a nioVi-uicnt lii aboll«h the dive and the drunkard, the saloon that cul- iTs (o women and children, and every Mil thai diK'H not obey the strict lel- lor of national and slate leKlslallon. ThiM. In substance. Is the result of n conference belweou repreMontatlvoH 01 the great lirewiiig IniereslH lit this oliy. .No secret Is made by these Interests Ihul the wave of prohibition which, in local option or other forin.s, has swept over the South and is making deep inroads in the North, inspires their movenienl. They aver that it will do no i)erraanent harm to them, but that, on the contrary. It will give to them an opportunity that they have long sought, that of taking their product away from dive keepers and habitual drunkards. Adul]>hus nusch, the multi-millionaire brewer of St. Louis, who was in Kansas City yesterday, thinks local option the better plan for permanent settlement of the iiiiuo'r cjuestiou. He does not believe in snap judgpienL but desires the people to have a hand In ihe matter. He just lost |1,000,000 in the dry wave which swept Oklahoma. Mr. lJusch said yesterday at the Union depot that he considers it a crime for a town to be arbitrarily shut up. He wishes the people to act in every community for themselves, and believes that in the cities saloons should be" closed from midnight Saturday until 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. •"That," said the brewer, "would be a fair compromise, with the prohibition element, which is driving men CO the flask habit. Everybody knows that whiskey is Injurious. Ueer is a beverage full of nutriment and does not hurt a drinker who uses sense." Mr. and Mrs. Uuscb. accompanied by their daughter. Mrs. Arthur Mangus; Carl Conrad. P. W. Idman and a score or more sccretailes and servants, left Kansas City yesterday for tbe Uuseh winter home near Pasadena. The party goes there to escape the disagreeable weather. Danger In Asking Advice. \Vhvn you hare a cough or cold do pot ask anyone what Is Kood for It, as there Is danger In takinx some unknown preparation. Foley's Honey i.n<l Tur cures cou):hs. colds and pro vents pneumonia, Tho genuine is in n yellow package. Rcfuso stibstUutes, nurrell's Drug Store. Card of Thanks. Through the Register we desire to thank Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Rapfro and the many friends who S9 kindly assisted us during the lingering illness an^ death of oul- son, Willie Ward. MR. AND MR& H. W. NORTH. BccMer Wort i*. Air ADMIRE BANK TO REOPEN. Deposits Asgreqate Fifty Per Cent of Bank of Commerce Reserve. Tope!a. Deo. 11- It was unnoiino- »d here yesterday evening that the Arinire State Bank, wiiich snspended Thursday »« a r.'sult of ihe failure of Ihe National Hank of Coinmeroe at Kansas City, would re-open for business this morning. The bank at .\d- iiiiri< had <l(<pnslts agere):aiinK more than llfly. pur-omt uX4iH rtwrve with the Hank of Conmieroe. Otlu'r Iv^- sas ('li> bnnkV hiiw advantihil BiAney on ii8 claim airaliiM Ihe Natlnnhl Hank of Coinmeroe which enables the Ailmlre bank to resume business. All Ihe banks which !:nve suspended as a result of tbe Kansas City failure are now doing business again anil no reports are coning in to the banking department here of serious trouble in Kansas slate banks. The reports being made in answe^ to tha recent ca'l for a ^ta|.emdnt of .flaan- c:al showing indicate une'xpect^ly healthy conditions. ~Passed Examination Suecesafully. James Donahue. New BritaJii. Conn., V, rites: "I tried several kidney rem- eilii 'R and was treated by our best physicians for .'llabetes, hut did not Improve until I took Foleya Kidney Cure. After the second bottle I show«d lini)rovement, and live bottles cur- id mu completely. I have since puss. Id a rigid examination for life Insur- niioe." Foley's Kidney Cure' icure« l)aok-ncho and all forms of kidney and bladder tiouble. BurreH's" drug store. loM Bilsiness College lllgkto0DmytmnSam Penmanship, Arithmetic, Elocution. Bookkeeping, English, Physical Cnh »iire. etc. Shorthand. Letter Writing. ' CteaenI CtBtncMt'* - .Vlagatone and Cament Sidawalka ani CnrUns a Specialty. / Oflfla US Bast JaefcaM Am PtoM (5 I I Slobe , IKGASE .is the cti^nal and only per* feet sectional booluase made. The doors are non' binding, dust«proof, operate on roller bearings, and posi* tively cannot get out of order. Bases furnished with or without drawers. Call and see them, or send for catalog .with interior views showing them artistically arranged in library, parlor, den, ho]], etc. No. 103 b the atiilogud to ask for. Ite lola Furnl- titreStor^)' I i

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