Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
Page 8
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HEWS OF GAS CITY UNION P0RTLA5D WILL BUn .D ITS OWN SWITCH. JOHN WALTERS IS FOREMAN CONSTEUCTION CBEW ' OCT ON THE "WORKS" TODAY. City Conndl OfflclaUy Dedans Cbero. kee Smelter Ont of the City— News Notes and Personals. Company Will Do the Work. The Union Portland Cement company has decided to construct the switch from the Katy main line to the plant site north of Gas with It's own men and John Walters, of lola, wtwr baa been appointed foreman./Seven cars of steel rails and a ninnbcr of cars of ties have been unloaded and a construction crew Is at work today doing) the initial work on the switch. Thorpe and Hough, engineers, of Tola, are superintending the work. Lecture Tonight. Dr. J. P. White, Ph. D., of Topeka who will furnish the second number of the lecture course, will deliver his famous lecture on "Egypt" in 1 the Christian church tonight. The lecture will be llluBtrated with views taken by Dr. White during his travels. THE TOLA PAILT MCagTEB. TBmAY ETllTINC. PECEBBEB 4. tm. Smelter Now Out of City. The city council of'Gas met in ad Joumed session in the council cham bar last night Only routine business with the exception of the passage of an ordinance declaring the Cherokee smelter outside of the city, was transacted. The action of the council in pdssing the smelter ordinance was in compliance with the decision of the court and county commissioners. Gillenwater and Howell Free. Lee. Wlllenwater and Harry Howell, Gas City men, who were charged with shooting C. W. Webb, a special agent for the Frisco railwaj*. have been released from custody, the prosecution having determined that the evidence against the accused was insufficient to convict. Gillenwater and Howell were taken to Nevada shortly after their arrest and a date for a preliminary hearing was set. The accused men strongly maintained their innocence and had prepared to prove an alibi. Many witnesses from Gas and LaHarpe had been summoned to support this contention. But before the time set for the hearing, the prosecution realizing that there was little or no evidence against the men. onicred their release. Gillenwater and Howell have returned to Gas City. The Call of the Sea. Charles Marks, Frank Skinn<'r and Joseph McAllister have gone to Kansas City where they will apply to the officer In charge of the naval recruit Ing station for enlistment in the navy. Hold Farewell Meeting. The W. C. T. U. of Gas City is hold ing a meeting this afternoon with Mrs. F. J. Arnold, president of the union. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold are to leave th<? city shortly and the meeting today •will probably be the last one over which Mrs. Arnold will preside as president She has been an active worker in the organization and will be greatly missed. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold expect to locate in Humboldt. A Baby Girl. A baby girl wap bom to Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Rose of south of the city last Wednesday. Child Improving. Kd. Wilson was In lola yesterday. The two year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LauTence, who live near the power house of the lola Electric railway and who was tjken suddenly lU Yesterday morning, was reported as Improving last night J. E. Hunter and family are entertaining Miss Mildred Carrier of I»ne Blm. •^Uiam Burnett, of Tola, spent yesterday In Gas on business. Charles Ballard will arrive home today from a business trip to points in Michigan. THt lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water IMT C «M tunc* Kcair f«r BailMM Pkeme 111 FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. U^e No. 7 Flour Good as any—better than moit Don't Pftrget Our MEAT MARKET W« handl* only the best of Fresb lle«ta. Smoked and Salt Meata. We Want Tour" PRopuce (umera. and wilj pay the highest -mai^et price in cash or trade. Come In mad see na. r W« are aole agenta for J. M. Bom 's COFFEES and TEAS .jU 7pu vUI.0ve this line a trial yon wfU .oae no otber. Bros. t BEGrAN YESTERDAY. The big store is prepared with bargain feasts which will point out to yon the true path to economy^ Every .counter, every shell is laden with the season's choicest merchandise- Such phenomenal values were never before offered at this season of the year. Our Watchword; "More for your money here than you get elsewhere all the time. flET HEADY FOK CIIKIST.MAS; »0 Y(UR .HHOI'lMXti EARLY A.M) AV01I> TIIF Itlt; KISH. atOMHTiC SALE OF CHRISTMAS HANDKERCHIEFS The rash wfll begin soon—wise people ir/II >ie^In .sfcoppJn^ at once, llaodiierchfef.s ure c.xpcoially conrenlent to lay away and you'll feel better to have part of your buying over. Then, loo, we have more time now—and u l>etter variety. Fmai Day9 of the $1,000,000Purchase Safe '»! d:-' rer«:uson..>I<'KInney Dry (Joods Co., SI, l.otiis. \>hol(>si:le Stock, iSrctit Rur^rulii Events. Our Im-.irs were ninnnt; the first. Feruuson-MpUinnev l)ouu:lit rltciip—we lioii)jlit ebnip. \ow Is yonr iltjii .iM (1) Jniy vUfU]>. VOIR LA.ST CHAX K. Children's neat colored border hemstitched Hand- herchiefs, worth he; in the sale, each li^ Toadies, cross-bar stripe and fancy liaudki-rcliic-fa. each ; ."»<> Men's initialed HandkerclilefK, fine ijuaiit.v, linen finish, half dozen in box $1.0(> Men's Initialed Pnre Linen Ilandkerrhlef, jiut uii oix in a box, per box $1.:><) Children's Hundkercliiofs. put up in :i fancy I)<>\-, pnlty |i:ittern.'=, Ki-ncnilly sold at Uilc p -r buK: in t'lis sale, box ' ITtO i.r.d'>"'i' Pun- Lima LuiliroidcrWl liiiu >!».i -rtlilt'is, plain and cvos:l .:ir ci-ut«-is, ".ai«- piiy,i-. or )i.ii:s :i;( !:• 1 each I .•}<•• I-adie.'!' H::ndkercl!iefs. I I I K I I srade t-niliroi;!. r hi the new Amrisw^I embroidcty crosi-i-bru- nr siii;;.- centr.:s; tlinlce. c."icli An txtcBmlve Une of Womttn's, Misses' stnd Ghiidrsn's Knliied SweBters and Coats Women's Coat Sweaters of fine all wool Kaxony yarn, knitted in beautiful desiRn, made full 2C inches long, pockets and cuffs H ^li.iiO Little Children's Sweaters wiih Icfrsiiis to correspond, in white. ::11 sizes .lOo •'"id J)S(* Chiidrcn'r! (/o.-i.t .Sweaii-rs of all «no! yarn, poi k"' ; lar^>- prar' button::, ovfnnl .:;i<y \v:Hi 11^:! !i niiini"'. c-ich S!.'i.*» Oilier f 'oat Swcatcis for .Mi.->-rs- an.I I/oii •- al Jftl.JW. ^'^..'tl), Sr!'*.!).^ .ij. i" JS'U.Ot* 1 ("M) yards rnbleached .Muslin. :',ti inches wid.-. S:t!c iiiicv, yaid 4(h l.iiiHi yards lileachod yard wide .Muslin, soft finish rf:iil lor needle, regular llic value. Sale price ya.-l l.iiijo vai:d Cottr.n Crash Towclintr. Sale price. y.uM ..: (.;fiiuinf' Irish 'i'nble Linen.s, bleached fiii'^ ijualiry, 7:: ::;<!i, $1 J 'j f|!iality. Sale ]n\i>i. yard J)HC* One I>rcv:i (^(lods in fancy «nd jilaiil:;. '.'Xi inches v.ii,'.' .S.;t,' jiiic; yard '^i^i' !;!:;<••,: T;ili.-!.-i HitU. Jl V:'.liii' in lliis sale Ml HiH'. : . I-.'' y.-ir. I'lil.loachi'd. yard wido Muslin, nx'.vn roo :i .ii;a!:iy. .Sale price, yard (llif- !' ( i^lrac-iinl li!i< Htini?. extra Kood I'.'c (luaiiiy. Sale l.rlc.-. yaril i.ark ati(! Ii.t;)if |.a;'"rns in UntiiijiK. i -iict-ks and ii:;.-.-. ^'il.' price yard .">C* i^ji t'iln •! I'illfAV Cayis. IL '.N :;!;, «-.\tra L^COI I (piali'v. la 'ill:. ;;a:i- ca.cfi I '.i!''. and pi.iin I ir'-s..; (:i .:)d;, In all pr.tly shade;-:, ..ia:;iiii; I'lotn 'nc u, Ill llli:; sale «•;.'.;•••••. :.:"d : :«>f :i;-iiiib ItlacI; 'I'aflela, e\i:a fine iinalitv. worth ;i.:':-, M- . iai in llii;- :a!.-. yard !)H0 \,ir .i:i < li'cl; i;iiii;lianis in all coiors. s ood (iiialily Ti'-indi i{'< :ic!icd and Unbleached Table T^inens, t!u- ria; (i .ialily. yaid JJ8^ 72 -:Rch .Mercerized T .abie Linen, chf)ice patterns. Yard (>9<* FuiK-y Siiilintfs for Skirts and Tailored Suits, ele- f-'ant (:iiali ;ies \v<,iib :ip to 51..')0 a yard, in the sa!e, yard 98C' Silks, r.itii yards of Fancy DresH Silks in good sliadts; .'^ale jirice yard I{9^ •.;i;-incli Ktack Vv.iu »(• Soie Silks, Jl.lT, value in ihia sale. sj ..'cii;I yard 8i)^ Ifaiicy Till ton SiiilinL 's ii: iiroken plaids and checks SODii i:",c i;;ia!uv; |.rice yard 12^<S Pure Linen Kjiuv I'liaued Touels, H.'.c quality for ^"^ch 24e 7-x!ti> Kleuehed ShecS, ^;i;;jd ((iialiiy; sale price each :i9t All Silk Taffeta Kiltlioiis. m anc! r,i!. ia all colors,' '<a:e piice. y:ud 1(>^ Curly Astniknu for Cliildr. us' Cloakn. ."> inches wid-'. llie re ;;alar SI.7.'. (jnalii;.: .^ale (irice yd Sl.lii Oijr- lot Dre.^s Silks in f.iacy sirijie. suitable for .S TI;:S ;i!id U'aisis. voiili 7.7c; in ihis sale, yard i>l)(* :;t;-iaili Satin iJiiclic -s. jnst the ihin;; for party dre.-: fs a:id dre' ; skiri.s: special iier .vard.. .JSl.So in-1 Cation li'ank.-t:-. in Ian. .tray, while; sale price |,air 48<!' lo-l ,.\!-! I\M:(H | Hlankit:; in mey. Ian. while, soft. A,.r.i:i < M'ci;;iiains iii :i colors, s ood oiia ilv. ; -•..,.„ r„- i • • ,' .< 1 .• i.'iei- , ird • • . ^ (.erii;:!ii fiiu -l!. per pan- in.tliis sale ^.^f* ',! '• • ,'.,'••I Alii.iiiie Coiion. e.vii-a hir.ije size. l)i.£? enough ,-il.-o!,ie -.veave.; m pl'nii and faacv ftre.-.-: f ,o()d.s, for Iv.o- .-ale |,r:. f price, per pair *S1 "it! i:. :..!. i.:..v.a. navy. e;e. v.orll, up l:, :5!.0n. In H-, Sye.n.ore Woo! I'.lankets. ab 'soIuU 'lVsanitarv. $10,000 Worth of Reaidy^^o ^W&ssr Jlppag'ei Wilt be on safe at SpeolaS f^edssGimns lAOiES'TAiLOR^D SUirS Al Trcnirndons Keductions $:.'-.'in and SJ.^.nii Tailored Snii:; a( SlIj.lL"* $:.'."..'iO and $l'7.:.n Sni!:; at .Sll7.9."> $::".Oii Tailored S.iit.s al !*;*i(K<M» %:',:,.<•', Tai orr.-.l Snii.-^ at ."^I."*.?)!) ?|(i.ivi •'I 'aiiorMi Sii;i:i .-.l JS.*>1>.<M> .$J.'i.iM> T.:i!(r,>d at SilM.OO WAi .sTs .vT KKnn i:i» rifii i;s W'iiiie :<e( Wai.-;.-^ worth t'.>"i U .i- Sfl'.'.MS \VhiIe .".nd Kern .\et Waist.;, worth C-'M'S. UH- Wliiti' and i:er.i Net Waist.;, worth .?:..;is. f(M- ;H:i .;>.S While .\et Waists worth Jlni.n for >!?"».Jl.S I'.lack .\el Waists worili $7..'.i) for Sv.'5.0S While Silk Waists wonli for S.'».:).'< WOmS-N'S TAILORIO GOATS liv 1,. If ciii. \r iii;i)i ( iit.'N.s. i'.iii! Ill .(.:•• :. II'M !.- tin- i ii.? lo i :. ..-I ', ('l-i I. I..r s;:.M'> sr^A):* ^iy.Mri ST.n.i SIO.J).'> Sl.'.OO 5i;is.*)." uuv.w i.'i'it! ( i .M »\s <)\ < niJ.i)!'.i:\'S COATS. .*L'.7.'. ' eii'., I'..:irsl:ili Coals for Sl.l'i «:::..>•. CliiMlr.a'.. I'.. i^r.-Mu Coats for .Sti.^."* $.-,.>i.i (hi!,ir CloMi (-..aLs lor t;."?..';'!) $7.V' I l.ililieaV Ci'-lii Cor.'s t>;r J- I.') ciiinlreir-- riiap i'i;.i;s for i^~t.*.)7y en ( i.;;.ii -:r• r ..ii, v<.:v. i,,r }!•(;.!>.•> .•f.-.n :>A..'.o 1.',, .<.isiei I...lit <•..;.:•:•• lor 3 ":•» M'l I.' n*-: I "onIs !nr Sr:. i.'i l.oii^: i''v.:--- I. •• . MA( in\K .MADi; TOHCllOX LACES voril! ."(• to .Ve for. y;!rd We iKive 1 nun yards of these laces, y.'Un'--:. :pinl Insiitioi!'- ilniniy designs, iii:iil '•:ir<l I.ADIK.S' IM'KE SII.K^ HOSK "Keyser " 111 anil, reinforced heel and toe. am! Oiji. Iiiai I< onl.v, pair ^l.T.l and .$*^.<)0 • t.IKI.S 2-( liisp SHORT KID GLOVE.S .M.ide of fine i|iiality real French Kill. liani!.-:onie ilreiss Rloves in reii a:i:'. o:<iiiril and brown, all sizes. Spe- eia!. pair Greatest Sale eS DependaMe Furs The uu(jnei.4ii>nrd reputalion of '•The >'e»v York Slore" slionlu be (lie i<iret ,i (iv! l!:iiai:li| in jour mind when The Fur (jnestion pre .Hents Itseif und you are about lo iMirrliase i; Fur Sit. a Fur Scarf, a Fur Muff or a Fur Coal. \o nititter how low priced or how liltrh jtrkcd iiii tirtitle you nmy l.e iiitere.sled in, you want to feel Ihna a reliable firm is seilini: it lo you with their assurance und reeomniendalion standini: back of its real value In (iiiiility «;:d sl\!e and reiisnnabiencf.s in |»rlce first, lust and at jail times. ! We offer a few sairKesiions below lo Kuide vou as to how far your money will tro in the | el" slvI.Mi aud scrTicc- able Fur.s. Ladies Rrown Coney Fur Coats with lar^re storm collar and revers, lined throutihout with Skinner satin. Special in this sale JH'i.'J.*.! Ladles' Klectric Seal Coats 24 inches lonn. lined with Skinner satin, lar^e storm collars and revers. Siwinl in IhlH sale iK'^.l.tM) Ladies' Fine Klectric Seal Coats, col liir revers and cuffs triiiinied in Heaver, Skinner nallu linings. Special each $:t.'>.(M) I .Kidie8' Kxtra I 'ine Klectric Seal Coats, collar revers and and cuffs irinuned in brown Miirtin Fur, Skinner satin Jinin!?. Sj)eclal in 'hi:* sale JS.TO.tK* (.KEAT SALE OF FIR .SCARFS. Fur Scarfs for .... $1,711 Fur .s'carfs for .... OSc Fur Scarfs for Sl.."il> 5;:;..7o i-'nr Scarfs for . ... iSl.lJS» Fur Searf.i for 8*i.})H $ii .70 Fnr Scarfs for ....:?;:{.!»« $7 .Ml l-'iir Scarf.-< for . . . . si<l.j>.s ?|n.liO I-'ox Sc:irls for... *',;.{).•» JIL'.-.n F<> . Scarfs for .. . r'.s.iM $!.'..en Scarl.-i for .. . I'ov Scarfs for . . . .Si*^..->«) $r.' Fo> .Searfs f:ir ... La.:;..-' I''ine (•a!..inl Cat.-. L.-auli- fn!ly 11 i.niiieil d lliri'iiclmni with fi'ie •-:;liM. i-e-.;iilai ::L"...nn. Siieclal in ih^^ . ?;i;;.(M> /I .'-.'.i'I, 1 ati.i-' Mini; Ne<-k I-'.'" •: ....'.a! ,.; .S;:.!>;>. .SI.iL~>, K.".«,).>, Si.".l.">. .S'.I.S.l i'i.-e. .; Ku ;tl S5.!L">. St>.!>.~». >r .S.!L"». ir"J:.».0.~,. S.JLl .\ !-'l>;" (• :'\> !•: ;.in of riii- l-".ir Sets wijli Pi'-i-.e i'iV .i '.v I 'd-.: Mnlls in ;; '.!,. ;.. .i.ij. M ' :':.Me S.piirrel. S:ln;-ia!t t oe l-*o\ and Iti-'fl l..\ ;.i . . . < ;:i 1 p. ili.rii.:: this Big cat Price Sale in our Millinery Department Eiery Hat Kiust l.e sold. This is a l)oii:i-fii2e sale and jtrlce is no ol»je<-t to us. 'I'ake note oi prices. lUtts mast be sold: prices rill in luo. 5r ?J ..10 for any »:Min bat in llie Imiise i -'^M'.t lor a.iiy $iM<i Hat in the lioo^'c ^'i .">() for any ?r..nn Hat in the lioi^e lr-*r ;..1<* for any ;$7.nii Hat in tin- house ,T'.">.tM>_for_ab_>_ :>lit_^llal in the hoii-><- J;*;).(HM ;<^iny t '.Jl }U<< ja''_b^us>' .T!).(M) fnr •my ?IS Ilat in the hmise I hildren's School Hats, choice of iiKji in sl<Kk ut II Vi.F ritiCF. Dressmaking Dep'tment Second Floor rirs. L.e. Reeves Fancy Dresses a Specialty lOLA'S BEST AND QREATESr STORE Our Cloak and Suit Section is "The Home of Fashion" J

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