The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 11
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Dull Trading Reported on N. Y. Market DOW-.IONKS AVERAGES Preliminary closing Dow-.Iones Hverages: Tndiistrial 14B.U!). olf 0.20: rail ^0.,S9. off ft.OB; Tlility 2.i.2S. off 0.0.'). and B5 stocks HL',72, Off 0.0ft. Sales on the "bis: hoard" were B04.740 shares, compared with 894,655 yesterday. Curb turnover totaled L'3 0,4 55 Hhiires, compared with yesterday. Aircraft Accessories Up on S. F. Market Early Trading Active on Los Angeles Mart T-OS AXr.BIJOS. AUR. .Tl. (if)— The trend of prices was irreKulnr to- NEW YOniC, A up.. ,°il. (UP.) — Stocks moved Iwpmilarly in dull trading in the last session of August today. Steels balanced off small sains and losses. The leading' motors eased and a sizeable Kroup of rails BHgged. Most of the oils registered small losses. Utilities held firm. Special stocks continued to make the wide guins. Advances of a point and more were noted in Allied Chemical, Certain-teed pre- f erred, G. R. Kinney preferred, Liggett & Myers B.. Merchants & Miners Transport, Monsanto Chemical, and Spiegel. United States Lines, Zonite, Curtis Publishing, and Certain-teed common led in turnover. Sugar shares opened firm with American at a new high for the year and held fairly well through the morning dealings. American Telephone held at Its 1944 high in the communications. SAX FRANCISCO, Aug. .11. (JF>— Aircraft Accessories inlyancetl 38 "n a turnover of 7400 shares on the ! flay in active trailing on the Los An- .stock exchanRe today. I geles Stock KxrhaiiKC. Other issues u.« included Pis 'n' j Pacific Cas and Klectric common Whistle preferred V Soundview com- j was up <; to 3.'!. Southern Calfiornia moil •"<„,,Western Pipe and Steel ',. j i s to ••:,, and Southern Pacific i s Losses included Coast Counties j to Jll'w. Gas preferred down \- t , fniversnl i Lincoln Petroleum dropped a cent to 4:', cents, Menasco .Manut'acturinK -'i cents to !I5 cents and Uepuhlic Petroleum " s to TiU. Seven issues advuneed. S declined and 4 were unchanged on an early turnover of. 7100 shares. sto, i<— | <; , st CensiiM Ailc i-ni't -I l.ini-oln. PPI i oli-uni 1:1 .Mrniisco M:innt uc I UIIEIU !i."> I'c't roleuni ,'i ' • 'I '"I •.!•„ NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE CoiiHoltdated Oil l \, Siork— A irrrn ft Ai-ffsHorif-s <'ciii rai Kvn-i'kii Coast Count IPS pfd DiCioi-Kio Pfd l-'arnsworth < i«:m.'nil .\U)lnr.H HdllywooO Development .Mcnasnt Mamit'acturinK Ndrih Atiiprlcnn Oil Pjiriftr. Liphilnit Dfd 1MB 'n'WhiMtlf nfi! HtirTin .ManuC :icl tinny . Soundvi( j \v I'll l|» Soulhi-rn f'jilil'di in a i;:i.« pl'd. .\. Spcrry c[»m Trniis;tmpric:i t'nivcrsal Oil Western Pipe s.; 1 :•» Los Angeles Livestock LOS ANI1KLIOS, Aim. :! I. (UP)— Cut He siilahle SOO. moderalely acliye on lower urade cows, largely steady; few common sleers ill.lOflH. medium lo Bond l.lrkiPK: i-utler 'o common heil'pj-s $7."i. (I ^u 1 1 ll.fiO ; medium to low tood COWH $ 1 (I f i\ 11. cutter lo c-ommon J 7. £ .'> (!i 9.:.'a. canner down lo t.'i.i'tO; common lo medium bulls $S. '.to fa I n. Calves .salable L'OO, steady: medium to choice ranp^ calves $ltifil. 14. HOKS ivalHble TiOn, active, steady: medium lo choice 1RO-2HI Ibs. $i:». 7.'i. few heavier welKhls $li; medium to choice sows $n.5l|ii/ 1 4.. Till Sheep salable pope, late Wednesday's and today's snips weak; load medium tti -ood flll Ib. wooled lambs $lL'..S."i. nlmilnr No. 2 pelt lambs J! 1 2 ; pood to choice lambs olloled $14'' 14 .in. ScHilat' liruir Slnrc Sum hi-in CHlirnniu Scmthein I'urif r Kiliscin Be sure if s PURE CANE SUGAR insist on REFINERY. PACKED CONTAINERS Cotton Futures XK\V VOIIK. .Mis. ::i. l/l'l —Ac nvo l>nyinK liv mill;* and mom h-t-ncl I-MVIM um MMrc] (Miton futures in 1h" hpyi II>VP|H of i lie day in ihc I'nui! hour of trticlim:. l-'tllllrt'S clfl.'JIM] .", |(l ;;,", ll.HIM ;, b,lV liiKluT; Oi'iober 2\.i;:,. I .Miil-i.-h L'l._l, .Miiy IMI.IH;. nal. Miildliii!? MMIL L'L' L'li Los Angeles Produce I.OS A.N'CKLKS. A UK. •'• 1 (JP>—Tr»<\- iliK in rruil.i and v (•«<•(able .« was only fair unlay. ('anlaluupc-s \V ] M- \vrak; I'urn. waU'rmc'lons and c ui nnibc-rs vvi-ri- I'irm: fisn \vcr» MciKly nil Kadulan and sliRlill.v wealifr on HrunswicUs. (•iiiiliiloilpi's: San Jiiaiinin vullcy. cralps .lumlios, :ilis and lai'iii'l $J'c, ;j : |,,,. a ] .,,,,] SatlKus Hairs, .lunihos :ilis and Inrii"! 1 $1..">tl <u'l:' Hock Hull's, .lumlms. :',r,,« and laisci SIM'S; Moncyilpws. San .Inaquin val- Iry, .lunibcis. Cs-S.s and slalldard '.ts-K's J.UCH •_'.:;;•.; Ciclishaus. San .loaiiuin vall.y Jumbos. -Is-lis $1'. 11.". f n '1. ,")U ; I'afSabas. Sail Joi)*iuin v;il]i'V. Juinhtis, <is $i l .:;.".. Corn Colilcn Cross, lues Im-til. 3-51... do*. $ Kill. 11: j-tlox. JI.V.Vn. ;. \V;iH'l-mHonp: Truck lots, loial and San .lomiuin valley Klnndikc-s and slnpi-H *;;0 4.1 10 (cm: Hired mi leu per (on J.'.fl. Cue-umbers: Local and San Diego county and northern 5, -I f n f>.r> Ib. FJKH: San .Jo.-Hinin valley Kadotas. two- layer thus f'2'n L'. i:;,; niarli Missions, one- layer rials .jlKu.xn,. |b.; llrunswiekM kti ll'i: 11). Los Angeles Hay T.OS A.NCKI.KS, AUK. •".! (/T J l—Alfalfa prices unchnnKed todny with I T . R. No. 1 and - leafv- $L'!'fft :!(>. 50. No 2 green *27.r.()W-i!i and Xo. L' JLTifiL'G: No. 1 barley S^r, r?;. 2; and No 1 oala >:il"ft :):). far- lot ni-1-lvnls: 12 wheat. 1 barley. 2 corn. 2 OH Is. 1 llaxseed. 12 flour. 6 cereal. tin hay. .\K\V VuH';-- SHKKTS-- 1 -\M- ll.'fhll I HIM A lanka .luiu- in . A l!or;h;i nv t'orptini t ion Allied rh<-iMira| and f>>v Alliod Sitii-.'H W\MIM cii ;i |ii,,.i-i* .MiK j Anii-rif a n < 'an Aniprn a n ''a i and l-'ttiimti \| A mi-I'M a M and l-'nfpiy n I *n wri I A THffir;t !l 1 .(irnni'it i Vi« I Ainci H an Pou »•! a nd l.'iihi ... j Aincri'Jtn H;M| and .^tn-l S j Anicrii an Itnlhnt: .Mill ! A m«M'i*'H n Smrli IT and !l»-i i A nu-rna M Si ml \ 'iaiiidri.-.s i Ainccican Tel. ai,d T*-l ; AnnMicnn Tohacrn 1! [ AtnPI-ii'jtn \Valff Work.-* j A liPTicn n XilH . I.i-ad a ml Sil\ t i Anacnrula j A rnmur nnd ('<«nij'an> I A trlnHI.n. TnpcKa A- Sa nta |-Y I At la nl ic ltd in* i \ , A\'iat mil < 'nrpni at inn j Ma Idu'in Lncistilul ivf .. | Rn ll inmi c -\ Ohin . . . HaniMdall Oil M>'ndi\ A via t inn . . Hclhlnhfii Slci-l . . Itiifini:- A irplaiH 1 H.irdt'i' '••nntinny . llnrK-\V;ii-nrr ltr)«K- .Marinrnrturiii(.' Itinld \\'i -M-! < ';i limit t ,*: A- '!..!;; ( 'a S" < 'nrnp.i n\ ' Via nr*!it' < *u! pni'a i inn . .. ('licsaiu-a |*f A < »ro < *hr\-slfr ) 'orporit I ion 11 Investment T?-nst •jilth &• Southern onw Cnn ta iliff Corpora l tori ( 'out ilienla 1 * Mi [VI < 'urn I 'voiinr t a CrnU 11 '/.<-•)'» i l:;;.'li i 'in I is.«-\Vr^hi ' I >ist * "(tt'p —• St';t £ ra m':; .... Hoi'^las Ancml'l Du IN nl 1 trNr-mmir KJISI ma n Kuiiak Klerlric Aunt Nti:l.l Klrr ic Po\v»-i- and l.t^lii Km- P.mltt.Hrl Cn'iieral Klert ric (leneral l-'oods Ceneral .\Iolo:-f; Ciiinh'M-1' C.nnclyfar Tin- am! KuM...r (!rea t Northern pl'd. <;re> iMUIl'l Oil Ihnlson MOIMI.S 111 inois ('cut ra ! 'nspifai'un Coppr-r Interlake Iron I Ml evria t ion a i lUt I 1 V«',Sl er Iniernr. i mmi i HN'Hr'o-Kler Intei-na t lona I Vi- ket \ 'an . 1 nianiiii iona t Ta pi-r pl'd. In:.-? nat ionat Tel. and Tel. .Inhns-.Ma K'-nne* ctl K roK'T t li i» ri \ l,.' ( .n - N _ i,,, .Mark Tr'i, k.' Marino .Mi-Mand M-o shall Kirlil .Mi<i-Cni:tm> in I'.-t.. Al iniu-api '1 ts-.\lni ri,M Mni r;: > * '«-I pur;t I .nM . \i»1 '«.n;'l ItlS- llf \'i! >i>iial «'a.-h Ur^'i Nat oiia' f >air 1'iodu. l .s! D-Millri:- Nafonal "..v\ei and l.iKln Natmnal SnppK .Ve-,\!..ul In.fnsti M-.S N«-\\- York Central Noi i li A in* 1 rii a n A v ia I ion Noel h A iner'ica n ( 'omj'il MV Noi them I'a'-ilic . . nhio Oil . . . P:n Uaid Motoi I'a ra im>tin! I'M i m »•••• P:i;-k I'lah Ci.n>. rTiniliK Pi'pnsylv.iii'a Hailrn.Kl I'lulp^ II.MlliO I'ti).lie S. i-vi. ,. of N- \v .1.-^. > 1' • I'llio «>.l | Kadin l 'nrpoi a t i«m nf AIII-M i rtadio-Kciih-f h nhenm*! K"plllil)e Sle.d H">ii<dd« T..I..I. .-,, p, 0:1 . . . Simmon* * 'ompaiiy . Soi on\ -\"aeuuni Soinht-rii Pa'-it'ic S'UllheMi l(ait\\a> Spa iks Within^lon Spt-rry Cornnra t ion Standa rd Biands Slandatfl Oil nf i"a litnrnia S( and.ii'd l i'l of India n.i Standard < >il nf Neu Jrrst Sit \va rt( >-\\'a rm t 1 Stmie A- \Vphhi-r Stndehai<er Crtrporai ion Students Expected in City Contincied From Pasc Nine morning <mil will meet with tin? ns- ."=i«l;iiu superintendent ;-inrl Mipff- visory sl;:l'f fit the F'.iiUrrsfU'liI city scliinil workshop on Kriil:iy morning at I'l K. in. All principals and temliers will lie on duty Tiirsilny. Soptcmlicr ."> tfi prppjirp the schools anil each room for (lip rccoptlon of pupils on \\eil- Ten New Teachers in High School Continued Kioin t*nKr Nine meeting will he Miss rtomiye Peal, school psychologist, and Mr. .lack Hill, director of altiMidance and child wcll'are. Mr. Ilcdce also anticumccd that Hie regular hiyh school f.ietilu merlins of all leachcrs on Uie staff will lie held Monday. Septemher -1 at 3 p. in. TO SAN FRANCISCO Mayor and Mrs. Alfred Siemon, 200(1 Dviieenn. street, huve left for San Francisco where they will spend the next weeU. Cfje JJakrrsfitlD Californtan Thursday, August 31,1944 rp. a I i Tide W,l lei Assoc-l; led I 111 Tmiken-lvtioit Avlc- Timkc n Hcdlei itoanim Tl apsainercc-a Twentieth i 'I'liiui y-l-\i\ I'IIIOM I'arbide I'nion Oil of ralifornia . 1'i on I'mlc'.l Air Lmc>» . I'Tnti'it Alrrnul t "n >i i>il i 'orpit]-;t linn I 'uiic'il i ins Imp. rtrldl SI.-IIPS Rulilior I'nilc-il SliitcV Sti'i j l \Vi-ilworlh \V,-i rni-r Hrolhrrs I'irt mv Wi'sliTii rnloii Tflrcnipli A W.^tniBliiiiisr- Klcvlrii' nnil Mf_- Wliili. .\lnlui Wiinlwrrth yoimtrstc.wn shc>"t ;cnd Titho lin ' •J f. '•' Los Angeles Cash Grain T.OS ANl'.KI.KS. Anif. ;!1. (A'>— I'ri< o.s i|liolc>d n i c 1 c".\'l,. f:old run, in rju'lots onl>'. ('.i 1 i Corn in h;irU\v. Kl'iid'ulK ^d Ibs.. bn!l< J: -7 '••'<!•• .T.' '.... Yellow milo. Nn '_'. bulk. .*:.' .".."i'ii 1!. lift. C;i iirorni:i whc>;ii. bulk. \n. 1 linnl in soft whi'e $:' r,n W L'. ti.'i. No. - <ni.«, '.':~> HIM., bulk $1^ co fit 2.<;;,. Government Bonds MOW YORK. AUK. 31. (/pi—The c losinl; pri'fs of bonds nil Die .Now York Stuck :",'«. :.ii-!,(i, i-eKiBi'M-ed ion.17. BIG PARADE OF LABOR DAY VALUES! A&P has prepared a special list of money-saving values to help make your Labor Day dinner both festive and thrifty! Study the grand food values listed in this advertisement carefully. Check off your needs and get them first thing tomorrow at your A&P Super Market! Remember, A&P Super Markets will be closed all day, Labor Day, September 4th, so get all your foods for the 3-day week-end now! The Great Atlantic A Pacific Tea Co. Holiday Values! 23 e 8-oz. Pkg. Ctn. 19 MAYFLOWER Potato Chips. CUDAHY'S TANG Lunch Meat. . 12 <;° rn CARNATION DE LUXE Ice Cream . . . WHITE OR WHOLE WHEAT Bread Lo ab f 9 C Weber, Wonder, Langendorf LIBBY'S Deviled Ham. . 3c ° azn 15 c NABISCO Ritz Crackers . ^' gb 21° HUNT PICKLED Tomato Slices No j a2 ^ 23° SUN-RIPE Giant Olives. . £* VENUS Fig Bars. . * * * * Pkg. * Watermelons Sweet, Juicy! Priced Low! Bartlett Pears BY THE LUG (Ltu Thou Lug. 2 Ibt.. 17e) GREEN BEANS "B? ... 2»<25< SWEET POTATOES .,, 10< ORANGES.*<«»5»»39c LEMONS .5u»55< 1 (Plus Deposit) 16-oz. fc CLIQUO'I CLUB Beverages. . . Bottl . Cola, White Soda, Ginger Ale CANADA DRY (Plus Deposit) Club Soda . . | 80 -.°tf. 15 C PEPSI-COLA (Plus Deposit) Beverages . 6Bo«°,e.25 c WILSHIRE (Plu. Deposit) Club Cola . 2 B3 o 2 «°,e.25 c ASSORTED — 80-COUNT Napkins . . .2 Pkai . 15° KITCHEN CHARM Waxed Paper '£«• 16° CUDAHY'S CHOPPED Pressed Ham 2jcl bn *1 19 CUDAHY'S PORK Lunch Meat. 2£can *1° 5 A&P LARGE Prunes .... Jp'ig'. 28° SUNNYFIELD Rice Gems . SUNNYFIELD Wheat Puffs MEAT DEPT. VALUES! STEWING HENS C1. Grade A ... Fully Drawn ^^J i^L LAMB SHOULDER Square-Cut... Bone In. Grade A 5' 2-OZ. AC Pkg. T WIENERS . , LAMB CHOPS MACARONI Ib. BLADE CUTS 35 C Ib. HE A E LOAF 29 Ib. HAMBURGER BOLOGNA PIMIENTO LOAF FRESHLY GROUND 27 C Ib. OR LIVER SAUSAGE 8-oz. Pkg. 8 * SPICED LUNCHEON MEAT SANDWICH SIZE . 29V . 29 clb . ib.39< All A&P Stores Closed Monday Labor Day *IT'S TIMI TO TURN TO Iced A&P Coffee Try BOKAR Today! Vigorous and Wlney PALMOLIVE TOILET SOAP 3 """20* RINSO GRANULATED SOAP 23 LARGE PACKAGE SWAN FLOATING SOW 3 is t 29< 3 »% 18< LUX FLAKES 23 LARftl PACKAftl RED STAMP VALUES BLUE MOON Cheese NUTLEY Margarine WHITE HOUSE Evap. Milk Assorted 4-oz. 4 re Pkg. 19 1-lb. Ctn. • • • • 3c T ,'n'.27 e BLUE STAMP VALUES SAVE ON THESE A&P "EXCLUSIVE* ANN PAGE BOSTON STYLE Baked Beans . . . "£;.«•< PEKOE i ORANGE PEKOE Nectar Tea ... Pkg - of SULTANA Salad Dressing . >f 16 Balls RANCHO Pea Soup . . . SAMPAN ALL-GREEN Asparagus . . DEL MONTE Do Luxe Plums lO'/ a -oz. Cans 17 C NO. 2 4 re • Can I* No. 2</ 2 4 AC Glass 10 Pint Jar Sultana Peanut Butter .... 2-lb., 37c dexo Shortening 3-lb., 61c Sultana Lg. Stuffed Olivet S'i-oz., 32c Ann P.ige Grape Jelly .... Lib., 16c Ann Page Plum Preserve! . Lib., 25c Ann Page Grape Jam .... 2-lb., 32c Sparkle Gelatin ...,..., Pkg., 5c Ann Page Muitard 9.or., 9c A4P Appleiaue* ....•., No. 2, 13c A&P Grape Juice Pt., 19c ALL AOVIRTISIO ITIMS SUIJICJ TO STOCK ON HAND EIGHTEENTH and "EYE' (TAXABLE ITEMS ARE SUBJEC1 TO TAX) PRICIS IFHCTIVI THROUGH SATURDAY Ninth Air Force Hits Fleeing Nazis T-nxno.V. Aug. "l. (U.R> — Medium hombers of (lie Ninth Air Force .joined the battle of attrition against ncrman troops retreating northward from th" Seine today, hut continuing unfavorable weather generally reduced Allied aerial operations. Responding to a request from the Twenty-first Army group commanders, Havocs struck a German ammunition dump in Foret D'Arques, 5 miles southeast of Dieppe, an important source of supply for artillery covering the German withdrawal from the area. Returning crew members reported excellent results, with flames and great clouds of smoke rolling up from the target. None of the bombers or their R. A. F. Spitfire escorts CREAM H I AS LOW AS < a pint Always delicious. YOU make any flavor in 2 minut«. Plcaie aik your grocer for Q35 Howard Street, San Francisco 3, Calif. CHOCOLATE RICE PUDDING — Cook \i cup rue with 2 cups milk and J •> isp. salt in double boiler 1 hour. Srir in I tbsp. butter or margarine, ! •} (sp. vanilla, anil 2 ibsps. GLIITTARD'S mixeil with 1 tbsps. su^ai Beat I egg white stiff, beat in 2 tbsps. su.qar, fold into rice. Add nuts or raisins, if desired. Chill. Serve with top milk. Serves 5 or 6. GUITTARD I O I T • I A • D ) LCHOCALATEj SI¥CS IASTIH6 BCMUTT SMITH'S FARMERS MARKET "THE BEST FOR LESS" THIRD AND CHESTER Friday and Saturday, September 1-2 PEACHES Kxtra Fancy Large .J. II. Hale Freesitone I'eaches SPECIAL—Ltd) GREEN BEANS Young Temlcr Krntiirky Wonder SlriiiKlr>s Brails—SPECIAL 2 Ik$ 25' PEARS Mountain Grown Bartlctt.s for Canning SPKCIAL—LKJ TOMATOES Home Grown, Red Ripe Tomatoes SI'KCIAL—POl'XI) 5 PEACHES Fancy Hale Frt-i-slonc .Slicing I'eaches—SI'KCIAL 3 lb$ 25' HILL'S BROS. COFFEE Famous Red Can in Vacuum Sealed Jars SI'KC'IAL—POIM> 33 BUTTER Pure Fresh Creamery in Quarters SPKCIAI,—POt'M) 49 SPAM Ilorinel's Ready lo Serve Meat for Any Meal SPECIAL—12 02. CAN 36 SPRY SHORTENING For All Frying and Baking KIC, .S-Lll. JAR—SPECIAL 69 BEEF ROAST Rump No, T, Bone or Cliiicli SPECIAL— POl ND 25 LUNCH MEAT Assorted Sliced Lunch Meat for Sandwiches or Cold Plate. SPECIAL—POl ND 43 FRYERS Fresh Dressed Young Colored Fryers SPECIAI,—POL'ND 48 WIENERS or CONEYS For Picnics, Outings and Barbecue SPECIAL—POtND 37 MAKE POINT-FREE BEEF DISHES TASTIER WITH You'll want to serve beef dishes more often now that rich, nutritious beef is ayain plentiful . . . and some cuts point-free. And you can make your beef dishes tastier ... make them go twice as far with Wilson's B-V meat flavor. Point-free B-V and point-free beef mean more excitingly new and tasty beef dishes for your family and guests. Visit your neighborhood dealer today ... and tr2at the family to one of these B-V and beef recipes tonight. YOU'LL LIKE WILSON'S B-V • NVilson's B-V is a delicious mingling of rich meal juices blended with selected vegetable flavors. • Puts good meat flavoring into gravies. • A rich base for sauces. • Perfect for glazing steaks, chops, and roasts. • Imparts delightful meaty flavor to casseroles. • Makes hearty soups. • A "pepper-upper" for tomato juice and other vegetable cocktails. • A delicious sustaining drink—hot or cold. • Adds zjcst to stuffings and so nutritiously rich in Niacin. 'Riboflavin (B 2 ) and Iron. • Wilson's B-V is the meal food product with a hun- died uses. •-V IS POINT-flll SEE YOUR DEALER NOW FOR THESE 15 RECIPES n Wl LSON 8c CO BEEF RECIPES IMF STIW 2 pounds beef stew mett 1 j teaspoon lalt '«teaspoon pepper Flour (or dredging Suet or shortening (or browning 1 onioru. chopped 2 cups tomatoes 3 tablespoons Wilson's B-V M(»t Flavor 1 cups boiling vtter 2 bay leaves 1 onion minced 4 stalks celery, cut In on* Inch pieces 1 green peppep. diced 3 carrots, sliced 4 potatoes, quartered METHOD Have meat cut into mail cubei Roll in flour, seasoned witH salt and pepper, ant tjrown in t small amount suet or shortening. Drown the chopped onions in /ol. Combine tomatoet and boiling water in w/iicli Wilion't B-V has been dit- suli-ed Pour oier meat and onion. Add oa'j leaves and simmer lor on* liour Add minced onion, celery, green pepper, carrots and potatoes Simmer 'intil all ingredients are done, about l Hour Liquid mav be thickened untrt flour /or gravy. Yield e to I servinat. SMOTHItIO Illf 3 pounds beet rump, chuck or round bone toast Flour, salt, pepper J tablespoons tut 2 tablespoons Wilson's B-V Meat Flavor 'z cup hot water 1 cup canned tomatoes 1 teasuoon celery seed I bay lent 3 tablespoons prepared mustard METHOD Dredge meat with four tird seasonings. Brown carefully on ill sides in hot fat in a heavy pan cr Dutch Oven. Dissolve Wilson'i B-V in hot water Add remaining ingredients and pour over meat. Carer and simmer lor three noun or until tender III.* SHANKS S pounds cro«s-cut thank* Flour, aalt. pepper 3 tablespoon* (at 1 cup water 3 tablespoons Wllion's B-V UMt Flavor Boiled noodle* METHOD: Dredge shanks with flour and season with salt and eipftr. Brown care/tilly in Hot Int. Add water (n which WlUon'j B-V Jlai Men til- solved. COVIT end allow to timmer ttco hours or until don*. 4dd tddi- tional water aj needed. Strvt will hot, boiled noodles, iprtnkltd finer- with browned bread

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