Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1907
Page 3
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y#k gasolene if you waril ih« fnoior<ar to go. The oil sup* pfics the power that nuAits the wlieds turn round. The human machine is set in motion in the sime'^w|y Scott's Enyl^lii FoOU are lilce motor<ars. At times they get rurt down. Scorn E MULSION is full of power. It not only produces flesh but givcsncw power to weaktx>dles. AB Dninbtet SOe. Md $1^ CHEROKEE SHELTERS WILL OFEH PilMP PLANT NEARLY FINISHED A.; B. TitASK WHO DIED BECEXT. it LKFT PROPERTY TO C01-5TI. {i^rge Rice of La CroMP, Injired in Wrpfli—Perspuls and Utiirr POLAR BEAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Bccaose Its the Best Acce|>t No Other Wm. Obetdorf, Agi The«0«lf^il Restaurant [ mmrohamla'Umoh 29o Everything in Season. S HORT O RDERS OF ALL K INDS DiiODei Water One hundred pounds ot Cty*- tail Ice win make 12 gatlonp ot dUUlled water suitable tor family nie. Try It Itlilce&CtllStMicaC* FRANK iUODLB,Mcr. HEAT lo the IU«ht PUce At the Riiht TUae TKu'k n—»here you »im It—«hca you wsni M^and tl }rou only knew how ruy It It ui cury froRi room to reom *- ind how much rhrerjr comforr jou can h^rr n:ith a PERFECTION Ofl Healer MiatMCM Mf" " r'«» * br .rAWt .iitadi Ww mnttv ac*Ml l«r icwT""« »TMID *WO OIL COMMirr. KVIGHTS OF MICCABEER^ Knights of Maccabees ot.cb? WorM meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourtt Wednesday nl^ts In eadl-'naoa. J "W. Postwalt. commanded': R-B.Por ter, record Iceeper, .... ^ W. 0. W.r-Camp Hp. 101 b K. of P. Hall every Friday night ^ T. Steele. C. C; A.H.D»-^. Cler* Visitors cordially tovlted. KXieHTS OF PITHIl&J-* os* Lodge No. 43 meeta every; *• nda night at K. of P. Hall. VlriH « bro thers Invited. W. 8. Thompson, ''.C.; Chris Hitter, K. ot R. and fiL- K. W. A.—The M. W. A. Lodgr meeu every Friday nl^t ln:M. W. A hall. VlBltmi brothers invited. W. H Anderson, V.g; W. A. Cowan. Clert 'R OTAL HKIOHBOBS *—I?* Camh Ko. 366. Royal Ntlfi^bora, sieata Be» ond and fourth . Tuesdays' of aaa. moath. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle: Mra. Mary HattoD^^K^.wi-^ Strict Recorder. " ••^-^p-j FRATERNAL RROTHXRHOOD.^ Fraternal Brotherhood HOi tHa neeta second and fourth Thars<&^ of each month la A.aUW. Halt' nnaltina members eordlaly tnvitMj WLH. Anderson, president; Goldk $Iam, aecra* taiy. Jaaler Order Ualtet AJVCKfea* V*- ehanles^MeeU evfry Wtidneaday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited. R. A Wldlcfc. Councelor; C. Black. Re« Secretanr..,. ^ , --Hr^.-r- JAXUABf (IBST. rHervltpe Will .SteH Jonaary lat. iieHnlte word has been received hire ihat the Cherokee smellers In ifils cify »m start again January let. A. U. Cockerill. owner of the smelters was telephoned to by a number of the Workmen who were laid otf. He re- 4n>onded by saying that the smelters Would start agalA January Ist The boys w.inted to know as, they would .go elsewhere and get work If the |«uelters would not start here soon. The smelters have been down for Bome time because of gas. The Read iieker Drilling company of lola whteh bap been furnishing gas la' now constructing a pumping plant to pump gas. This will be complete so that the gas can be pumped by the first of .Ian«ary. .tre PrertarlBg for Finis. Many of the pupils attending the Gas'City schools are doing «xtra work preparing for the final examinations 3Aiaiu-/WUl. he. held, within a short time. . If their dally work Is not such to e.Templ them ihey will have to take the final examinations. It they jfail to pass this examination it Is necessary fur them to take the same work aRain the term following Christma.* a .s they have just gone over. \\n\ Hold Christmas Program. Many of the teachers In the schools are working now preparing for a Christmas program. The children are Tearftlnii Recitations which they will recite on the day set for the rendering of these""fir^igrdms. Left Property to rooaty. A. n. Trask. of Gas City, who recently died, left a will bequeathing a house and lot In that city to Allen rounty. The house rents for $9 a luunth. .\ son of .Mr. Trask's has been an inmate of the county poor farm for some time and the elder Trask thought he ought to reimburse the county for the care of his son. He left another house niid lot in that city to his sis ter.—Huiiiboldi Union. George Rice Hnrt U George Rice formerly ot this city, ut-uoWOf •"rafrrowe; Kansas, was hurt in » railroad wreck la^t Saturday. He sustained a broken left limb. He only left here last Thursday with hi.s household goods. His friends here wish for his speedy recovery. It is also said that one of his horses which he was diivlng was hurt so seriously that It will probably die. Workmen Arrived. .•V carload of workmen from the east arrived In Gas City yesterda}-. These men will be put to work at once digging the ditches for the Portland Pipe Line company which is lading a pil>e line between here and the Indian Terriro^.t'gas! fields. These workmen will altf-a great deal'in hastening the work. For Exchange—Eighty acres of botoni land, well improved, adjoining the town of Cloverdale. Chautauqua county, Kansas, for lola property. L. Hobart. The North End Charch. Gospel. services will be held in the North End'.church each eveiilng this Week at't :3o. On Monday evening Rev. • Mr. Harnish of the Reform church of lola will present an illna- [lrat«d sermon on *'JeBUs in the Home," Rev. MIsamore of the United Brf^en church of lola, will preach on Tuesday evening and Rev. S. R. .McL^il^hlin of Eskrldge. Kansas, will preach on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday evenings. All are welcome to these services. A brief, prompt service, from 7:30 to 8:30. KEV. W. N. LCT:PER , Pastor. Ed Hnfer 8ang Last Mght. Ed Hunter of this city, sang at the Y. M. C. K. lecture In lola last night. Ed received an encore and responded with a short song which took the house. Ed is a good singer and good singers are always In demand. Personals. Dr. G. W. Moore was in Mildred. Kansas, yesterday on business. Everett Epllng returned lo Bartlesville yesterday. He has been here j visiting. ; •ri ^^b.;!.: •James, of WinfieM. was in the p?Hy yesterday on real estate business. He says that there is not very much trading over the state now and that property is depreciating. J. E. Hunter and J. O. Christian spent all day yesterday hunting south of the city. SKATING RINK TO OPEN. nWELEBB; a F. PancoMt. old wljablf Jewaltr 110 East frtrert.- ^,^1 Big Amusement Resort Will be Ready - Saturday. The big) «kHUng Ring viteich is being built by Omaha parties at the corner^of Bast and Sycamore streets, is t9 be completed in time to open next Safurday night The platform has already i*^" hrdXt and the tent put up a|)d'carpenters are now at work putting on the Ibiai skating flooring, and will complete the work about Friday. Tha rink, to a. very large one and will accomodate .between two and" three hnndni-tkiters. PI Keep a package on a low shelf. Let the children help themselyes. Uneeda Biscuit are the most nutritioaQ food made from floor. Always fresh, crisp, dean. Topata Mfei 'Hawa Saan Imtnietarf to Arrtat n»aUr» Naxf Sim- Topeka. Djc. 11.—The lid wfll go on in Topeka next Sunday. Mayor Greeoi. yesterday gave notice that Uie police ha<» b«ea laatmetad to arreat all cigar dealeura, croeeryoMii, bskars; \ news dealers 'and oonfectionera who ^'kept their placsa open for buaiaeu. liA special dlapenaatfon liaa -been Fraatad under which medicioM - Wd. newspapers may. be sold.. But^'brvad. cigars, chewing gum. soda wuer and candy are on the pre8cnbe|d.liat.jni.f order applies v to hotef dgar ataada. The action of Mayor OreehL 4 ^ich is taken under a city oi^inance. was threatened sejreFSl weeka ago*' at- tiM request of th* Retail GroeeraV aaaeel- atk>n. Dru^sta and cigar nen'tioir threaten anti-trust proceedings against the gfoeera. now HER LIFE WA» RATED WHEX RITTEX RT A LAKfiE S!rAKX. In moumn and dust proof paekagts. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY NEWS OF U HARPE HOME OF WILLIAM WOOD DE- STKOYKD BY FIRE. REV. BRIGHT SPOKE AT MORAN ATTE>DEI» ANMVEH.S.UIY MEET- I.Xi AT PRESHYTEHIA.N CHlKrH. the afternoon over their fancy work. Refreshments were ser>-ed to the club members and guests. Rollo Xctiiowan Has Smallpox. Rolla McGowan of this city who recently enlisted the navy, >s now- lying In the hospital at San Francisco with an attack of small|>ox. Mrs. Mc- (luwun received a letter yesterday from the chief surgeon informing her of the condiion of the boy. Rolla is not thought to be In a serious condition, '•'min the letter the surgeon s|>oke In comendable terms of Rulla, say^ni; that he was a hardworking young man and doubtless would succeed. Rollo McOonan H HS Smallpox- rhnrrh Will Hold Raxaar. WiU Hold Baiaar. The members of the Ladie.s' Aid society of the .Methodist Episcopal church announced yesterday that thev will hold their bazaar in the .Mitchell building which was recently vacated by the Friedley dry goods store. The bazaar will begin tomorrow. Many useful articles of various nature will be offered for sale. They will serve dinner and supper in connection with the baaaar. . _ . ^jHftn Is Looking for .Members. Mrs. Alma luman. district deputy of the Knigbts and Ladies of Security est of the order she represents. This est of th eorder she represents. This month has been set aside by the grand lodge as rally month. All the otUcers over the state are making an effort to more get more members this month. She will remain here for several days. . ., _ t^Mm^i William Wood's Home Destroyed. The home of William Wood, who lives four miles south of this city, wa» I totally destroyed. How the fire was started no one seems to know. It Is believed, however, that it started from a fire which was burning in (he house during the night. Rev. Bright Spoke at Moran. Rev. J. H. Bright, pastor of the Presbyterian church of this city.' spoke yesterday at the 25th anniversary meeting of the Presbyterian church at Moran. Kansas. Rev. Bright was pastor of the Chanute charch when the Moran church was organized. Other prominent men sp^u. I The Moran people held an all-day aea; SlOIL . utfi ' " • "" Held Xoathly Xeetlng. The Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian church held their regular monthly meeting at the fa<8ne of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Jackson yesterday evening. The young- people transacted their business in the early part ot the evening. The latter part was spent In a social way. Mr*. JacksoB Entettalas. Mrs. S. U Jaclcaon of lola entertained (he ladies of the Ladles' Ancient and .Modern- Embroidery society yesterday afternoon. The ladies spent Cigarette League Would Hear the Juvenile Judge. Chas. McKnIght. of the Humboldt A. C. I.,., came up last evening to hear the address of Hon. Willis Brown of Salt Lake city juvenile court. Mr. McKnIght organized the antl cigarette league at Humboldt under the direction of Judce Brown. After tlhe address last evening he held n conference with the noted Judge. He hopes to secure a visit from Judge Brown at Humboldt some time this winter. Suaday Srhoel Board. The Sunday school board of the .Methodist Episcopal church met last evening In the church. -Besides the election of oOicers for the coming year other business of Importance was transacted. The names of the new officers will be published tomorrow. Per90Bal.<i. Ernest Dick entertained for Minnie Vandanacker last evening. Mrs. Arthur Wilson, of Kansas City is the guest of .Mr. and .Mrs:. C. L. Evans of this city. G. W. Trowbridge Is the guest Of his brother. Dr. J. A. Trowbridge, this week. Mr. and Mrs. John Reeder of Harvey. III., are the guests of relatives In this city. .Mrs. E. Wright, of Dollas. Texas, is visiting at the home of Mrs. & T. Barker. L. J. James, of Kansas City, waa here yesterday on a business visit. Mrs. Eva Gilbert, of La Harpe. after a visit In Western Kansas, and her sis ter, .Miss Maude Taggart. returning with her for a holiday visit, visited their aunt, Mrs. Clara Taggart. between trains here yesterday—Ottawa Republic. . lif' Nature always warns yon if your bowels are clogged or Inflamed—heed this. Take Holllster's Rocky Mountain Tea. It relieves all congestion and restores natural digestion. 35 cents. Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Drug Store. TO HAVE CREAM GRADING TESTS State Dairy Commissioner Will Begin New System in January. Topeka. D?c. 11.—J. C. Kendall, state dairy commissioner, has announced that he will Inangurate a system of cream grading tests at various points In the state after January 1. It is his purpose to determine the reliability of, the cream grading used by the various creameries. The flr.«t tests will be made at >n]ton- vale and Acme. He haa also arranged for a state hotter show to be bald at Manhattan dnring the holidaya Each creamery In Kansas will be asked to snbmit samples of its product. A silver cup will be awarded to the maker of the best butter. Butter makers will also participate In a butter grading contest HUMBOLDT WANTS BROWN. How few people there are who ara not afraid of snakes. Not long ago a harmless little. garter snake fell on the wheel of an antomobile wUeh was being driven'by a woman. Tile woman promptly fainted and tha car. left to Its own resonrces. ran into a stone wall and caused a seriona accident The bote of a poiaoncras snake needs prompt attent{9n. Mrs. K. M; Fishel, Route No. 1, Box 40.'Dlllsburg, Pa., tells how she saved her life when bit- fen by a I^rge snake. "On August 29. 1906. I was bitten on the hand twice by a large copperhead snake. Being a dlstanca from any medical aid. as a last resort T used Sloan's Unlment and to my astonishment, found it killed all pain and was the means of saving my life. I am the mother of fonr children and am never without your linimenti« Orluo Laxative Fruit Syrup, tka new Laxative, stimnlatea. but does not iiilltate. it ia the best LazatiTe. Guaranteed or your money back. Burrell's Drug Store. MUSKOGEE. MECCA FOR iOLANS. Many Local People Now Live at Oklahoma Town. Raffles is the best this year, or any other year. Mr. and Mrs. WSlUam Readleker returned yesterday from Mnakogoe. Oklahoma, where they have heea visiting friends. There is now a laite number «f lola people in that town. .'\. L. Holtora. a former lola real estate man. Mr. .Brett, who fornsrly conducted the post ofRee newa utaad. Felix Casey, a former Iota, driller. Dick Ijorfg. former superinteade&t of tha loia electric line. ani> Mn Roberta. , former cashier of the lola sute bank are ail Icxated in that town. The college boy looks **nifty" and well dressed, not becau^ he spends more money for his clothes—but because he knows how to select them. A good appearance adds $ $ $ to any man's woith. * / That's why we recommend Made by Leopold, SokmioB & Eisciidnth, m Chicago. Sold by one good Kv« iMfchant . in your aty. It will^|iay you to look him up. ^ LaxatlvB Br&Uto Ahraja remember the toll name. Look for ttiis dgnatotv on vnrj box. 25o. MO, A. •OWLift, PfMiM THOt.H.«OWLaS.C^ ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK caprtid $ib,6po^.do URBCTORS A. W. SaeK. t. C. •Mtty, A. J. Fultoii, WT, J. C VUM. 4. O. RatffM^ •ao. A* Thofc H. SowlM. •APrrV DKFOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM « to |» PIR YIA* Grett sotelii Is the lof of all women, who negFecl thehe^ of thefrw^ manhTo^flo reason to do so. any more^than to iK«Iert t sore tlyd^ S^onS^ disease, that the right.kind of medidpe wUi;cuie. TAs for an your womanly ffls, ttcannemdolwnn. ta^ceridhtt^^

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