The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on February 2, 1986 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 2, 1986
Page 17
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No 'burn' terminology in aerobics The Salina Journal Sunday, February 2,1986 Page 17 Dear Donohue: I am doing aerobic exercise via television. The instructor occasionally uses the term, "burn." Do you "feel the burn?" she will ask. She implies that this is a desired goal. What is the burn and what's so great about it?—Miss L.N. Hold on. Something's wrong here. Terms such as "feel the burn" have no place in aerobic exercise. It is a reference to the pain that fatigued muscles produce when they are used at such intensity they no longer are getting oxygen. Lactic acid has built up, the by-product of such muscle use. Aerobic exercise won't do that. The kinds that might are sprinting and weightlifting, both of which entail brief but intense exercise. Very soon fatigue sets in. You cannot go on and you hurt. Aerobic exercise is different. You don't get the lactic acid buildup. You shouldn't, either. The energy combustion that's going on is utilizing oxygen as fuel. In theory, you can continue such exercise indefinitely. It's the kind of energy marathoners use. It's also the kind of energy that permits a person doing aerobics to continue long enough to give the heart a worthwhile workout. Perhaps what this instructor is referring to is not "burn," but a sensing of just which muscles are being used in a particular exercise. If " you do a situp properly, with knees bent, you will sense the strain on the abdominals. That'snota "burn." Dear Donohue: Our 12 year-old daughter is in gymnastics. After her first year, she is progressing rapidly. We're proud of her. We wonder, though, just how much practice is wise. She seems young for such intensity. What is your view? — Mr. and Mrs. N. How is one to know when a girl like your daughter is overdoing? I can give you three handy criteria. • The first is frequency of injury. If she is having many sprains, muscle strains, or bone pains, she's overdoing. No single one need be disabling, but when you consider all the little complaints, they can add up to excess activity. It indicates that her immature body is not up to it. • Another hint that a young girl may be overdoing is delay in menstruation. If she is lagging behind in. this, then it's time to take a serious look at the program. • The third criterion has to do with the non-physical area. Is she devoting so much time to this pursuit that she is becoming one-dimensional? Is she allowing this activity to impinge on her academic and social progress? Keep these three factors in mind and inject a bit of intuition into the evaluation. Proper supervision will ensure she is enjoying her sport, not becoming a slave to it. Dear Dr. Donohue: As a trainer, I find there is much lay misunderstanding about various uses of exercise. Perhaps a prime example is the misuse of the terms, "weightlifting" and "weight training." As you know, the purpose of weightlifting is essentially competitive. Weight training, on the other harid7Ts essentially what it implies, a training of the body with weights. A small distinction, perhaps, but not if one is a "weightlifter."-H.D. That's a good point to make. The difference is significant. In weightlifting the object is to accomplish a ,: single lift with maximum effort. -. Weight training involves loads below -the maximum capability and one ; that can be lifted several times, or, ;-as they say, in many "reps". The -"object is to build up muscular ^strength. The weightlifter weight '; trains to become good at his sport. '-'- Dear Dr. Donohue: A well-trained 'person has a slower pulse than an Hearing Aids •EAU.feOIBUCK AND CO. at a price you can afford Backed by the Reputation of Sears! JAMES LACY Sears Hearing Aid Consultant will be in your Sears store: February 3 9:30 am to 3:00 pm Come in for a Complimentary Hearing Test Your hearing needs are carefully and courteously attended to by capable highly trained personnel. In-home appointments available USE SEARS CHARGE PLAN You can count on Sears] 510 S. Santa Fe 827-8711 Doctor Donohue NEWS AMERICA untrained person. Does this necessarily mean his pulse is also stronger?—W.B. That's correct. The trained heart Satisfaction Guaranteed of Your Money Oaclc beats more slowly, but delivers more blood with each stroke. So the trained pulse is a stronger one. Dear Donohue: I am a 41-year-old woman. I have diabetes, but have always kept it in control and am in otherwise pretty fair health. My new complaint is a bloated feeling in the abdomen. It has caused me to vomit from time to time. I cannot connect this to any food, etc. I just use antacids, which don't do much good, really. I know diabetics get lots of strange symptoms. Is this one? Should I tell my MD about it? — Mrs. K.U. Yes, tell you doctor. I am guessing, but some diabetics do develop a certain loss of stomach muscle motility (movement) and that can lead to bloating, even nausea. 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