Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
Page 7
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GPEATEiSI SALE OF LADIES' COATS AMD SUiTS lOLA HAS EVER KNOWN And that's saying a lot, for we have In past seasons held {some very interesting sales, but never before in early December have we made "January" prices. The reason, as we have stated before, is that We are Overstecked and positively will not carry the load any farther-that's why we are selling Ladies' newest Coats Bnd Suits regardless of cost. That's why every lady that sees the Oarnients we are offering, so freely remark that "anj body ought to sell Coats and Suits at those prices." a Clean Sweep Prices $ 7.50 Coats at $4.SO ' S1500 Suits at Vj^'mSt ^ oiB 18 50 Suits at $f2.50 10.00 Goats at .$6,85 ^ S„5t^ a, Sf4,BO 15.00 Coats at $9,75 30.00 Suits at $19,75 20 00 Coats at $13,75 " 3 00 Cliildieir.s Coats. .^^.50 -5 00 Coats at $16,50 0.50 Children's Coats..^3.7ff Today andf Saiurtiay Rpgiilar $1.50 Ke.ifbcr Silk PcUico;]), i.| im-h fiiibroiili-n-.I lloniioe (1 iiul- Uiist rutllf, rtjiL -cial at 98o SOUTH SIDE SQUARE rot WWM A IklfO SOUTH H Ic 1 X n twi A l\l V SIDE r ivioni?i/\n o SQUARE News of the County 1 o- SILVER LK.VF. Mr. .loe Rjitli of \Vc.~ipluilia is visi;- iiig his sister, .Mrs. Kint-ry ;ii IMVS.-IU. The children <jl" Silvi-r l.eiif an' Iiracticintr a proKniiu id ;;ivfu at tlie Hox social Decenilter lUh. .Miss Denni-s spent .Monday ni^hi at the Eastwood honif-, anil rt-piui.s a very plea.sani time. iir. Knepp's brotht-r has returned to his home In Missouri, after a week'.-j visit with his biother and family. Mr. Elsworth has been very during the heavy rains. Wo havi' not been one day without our niai! and we do appreciate this. .las. Harvey. .Ir., hud the misfortune to set one of his sboiilders dislocate<l. Rumor ha.s it that Darwin Rose was niurried a few weeks ai;o. .Vny one thai can vouch for this please inioim the public as tliere are some Interested parties who wish to know. Keep on the wal<li for December Hill. On I'riday eveiiiiif;. Doc. 11. iliere wii; be a IH>X social at the Silver l.eaf sehiiiil house the proci-eds Id ijt) towards :;eitin;,' a new Tli>'-iiupils will iiive a iir<i:,ram. lOvery IXKIJ cdiiie aiut liriiiir rlie ladii-s ;irid laillfS IPIII'.L: a \>:<\ to help us ou; and Iwi-il :;ive yoii a ^cicid time. :^lediVtiie riial Is .>i(<li<ine. •1 il.ive ^iVr ^red a ijood deal Willi !i:a.'a;i:i stdtiiach coini'laitits. Imt I li.i\e iidw fiiuiid a ioiii«-dy ilial ket-ps lue well, and that retnedy is Klectric l'.i:!ei< :i iii.'dieine that is medicine St iri;:i< h :!iid !iv.-r lioiibles. and <•';• ii;i, ildwii coiidiiadiis." says W. ('. Kii-^M. r. i.t Haiiid.M. .\rk K'ectric Hit •<-:^ •niril'. .;M(1 Hp.iirli the l)Iodd. lotif r. and i:ii|>;>M vit'or and eiieii;:. !i. ;h<- weak Vdii- IMHIM-V v.i;i I"- nl'tnd-•! ii j: i.iils ;u h-'\t yim. at al' ilr'iL-uists ( o C.':!'. (' ' ai! ::!•.<] (ni<ii\\ and (Ir.Tnd- uv.i ('!• 1'! - I-!:' Thank-Kivin;; with .Mrs. I. .1 I!".''• •Hid 1,(\- HOOP. .Mi> Wih Si''«ai; was calliii.:; on SOUVENIR Saturday "JUST TO REMIND YOU" 19 lbs. Cane Sugar $ I SUGARS REFINER'S FRICES DECEMBER 5 IN .MJDITIoN TO I sn.M.CUKCK.s WITH Spices. Extracts, Chocolate, Cocoa. Tapioca. Cornstarch. Tea, Coffee. Etc. Jefferson PHONE 336 ; Mrs. F:ila Cloud Sunday uftornoon. .Mrs. lAin Uriiey visited witli .Mrs Will Stewart Wednesday. .Mrs'. 1... .1. Ili.-oe sjjen! 'I"ue>day \yitl .Mrs. .'^adie Davis. .Mr. (iiirley biitclieied .Monday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Dan Cornell visited with <;rundnia Cloud Sunday and .Mr Prank HCKH' and family, .Mrs. I.. .1 Hddc. Fio.s.sie and Dan. .Ir.. Coinell iiid I.ex Hooe with Cary Cloud and laiiii'y. .Mr anil .Mrs. Kussel! nave a birlli- lay dinner Sunday in honor of thei dailiihter. Kern, to celebrate her I Itli birthday. WEST OF THE RIVER. .Mrs. Eyier who lived In .Allen county, but now lives ill Oklahoma, is visit iiii; .\nnie I'reston this week. The Priiiiitive lljiplisls will hold mectint; as usual at I'nion Saiurilay and Sunday. Could some of Victoria .Mayfields fri.:;ds come to her rescue with verj i.retty name, as she cannot find one pretty enough for her daupihier. .Mrs. Klake wait up to I<ald;K'in on ThanksKivin^ day to visit her sister- in-law. She returned Sunday. M would be ijuite a help to Mr. Terrel if they would draR all of the road. .Mr. Flake is juryman this wwk. J. .M. I'restoti_ (|uullfled Friday for justice of the peace. JliMiier Rush wrote to IA^WIC Zink lie likiHl Califcjrnia line. He has a jdb of hiilklnK flfiy cows. Sarah I'reston met a number of friends she had not seen for some iini>- in lola .Monday, .Mr. and .Mr.s. t'rice after eatiiifr Tliaiiksijivinc dinner at C. R. Pecks Willi to Idla to aitend te.iclierr*' meeting. Mrs. .\ellie Marshall of Fort Scmt visited her iiiielr C. R. Feck Saturday ni!;lit. IMI.ES riKEII I\ « TO 14 D.VYS. PAZO OINTMENT Is suaranleed to cure any case of Itching;, blind, bleed In;; or protrudli'iK piles In fl to 14 days or money refunded. 50c. JEDDO. .Mr. and Mrs. Stewart and son, of Nibraska. are here vlsStlnfc J. S. Stewart and family. Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe are spendinc the winter with their daughter. .Mrs. ,1, O. Keifer. Mr. Thorpe has been suffering with dropsy for over a year. Mr. Davis of Spokane. Wash., is h.-ie visiting Iiis brother. Charles Davis and family. He may decide'to lo cate here. T. Byrum lost one of Ills horses recently. Wm. Dye has rented the place known as the Gerrall farm and will move soon. .Mrs. L. C. Thomn."! was in Iliinilmldt Monday. Mr. C. Pavifi has been dolnp; some eanienter work for Titus Simons. Forest Vnn Skiver has been a|i- pointeil ^tuiie warden for this in-i'-'h borhooil .i Horn to .Mi. and Mis. C.orge Cer- vai.s. a liaiiuhler. .Mr. (jervaii; used to live in this neighborhood. MK.SI.EY (Jl.Vl'EL, -Mr. Cliarliv Hills of lola ctinie over tor a fi w il.iys' visit with W. II. Rollers, and while inTe their baby was taUi n X'Tv sick, sn they had to stay !i)ii:;iT llitin they expected. The rain last week closed the re vival services at the chapel. We feel there was much KOOII ilone. however. Mr. Hogirs bittchi^reil two hogs Friday an'l .Mr. Smith butchered twi: Tr.-sdn). Mr. Cliii"iiod is biiiliiinp a barn for a n-.aii over '-ast. We did not letirt; his n;inie. T. .1. Dausheity had rheumatism tin first of the week. We symnai!ii/.e with the frieinls o! Miss llunsaker. though we are not personally acquainted with her. Wi feel sorrv to h'-ar of such bad ticci- dents. This Is Uorth Reudlnp. I,"o F /elhiski. of I'A C.lh.'^on PI. rtuffalo. .\ Y. s.iys: -I cured the most aniidyiiiu' intil sore I ever had with Itiickleu.-.' .X'liica Salve. I ap- iilied this salve onie a day for twe l.iys. when evi-ry trace nf the .^ore was '.:one." Heals aV snies. Sold under miaratitee at :i!l dni"- stores. 2.'c. STONY roiN r. ^ c .Miss Hiirris sji'-iit Tlianksuiving til Imnii- mar (lene\:i. Mrs. .lohn Hatt visite.l her fat In i and brother in lula last week. E'lgeiie I'eiisi- litis sulci lii.s rlrfviui-' liors'-. \. II. Ladil but'-Iii-ie,i hogs torta.v. Cliarlii" Clark is builditi^ a barn in Petrolia. •R. O. Youn? i.= poiii!.' to raise his htuise and put a lu-iti-i- foiiiidtition tin ler it. Walter Ifawkins rifiirned home from Id\v!i Mdiiday mmiiiiii.'. iiiisie Younff has l'< en quile sick, litit is improving. Til- (las company is biiildiiit,' a fenei- b>Hveen their buiMiims and the "aihoii!. D E. nelllni-'er soM li :s t>at.-nt for selff 1 IKIV jiri-sses tn the .\iliiiira! Hay Press Company of Kansas City Mr. Reilingir ivc.-iv.-.| $I.'ifi<i casli and has br-,.n appointi'd t;.iiii:i' silling as'-iit for the cnmp.Tny. .Mrs, I otta Itro'tahtoii is on the .<;iclt ist a Cain. Mrs. Louisa Ri -cknor is SOMI" better MiF. Mattock is much better She is \isitin:; her son I.on in Clianiif" at present. Oecrge Broiighlon has bought property ill llronson ang is talkiiid some' of niovine thorc. Orvr.l Ray is shucking corn for M. F. Ilrandenbiirg. Oeorge Broughton. .John Htircb- rode and S. D Brnndenhiirg weie aii- polnted as cmomi-ssloners by the court to appraise and divide the real tate and present crops In the KlUst miller estate. M. F. Brandenburg is suffering with two very sore fingers. He cut ihem some three weeks ago while cutting kaffir com. We are exuerlencing our first real winter at present. We ar every .sorrv to hare of the critical illness of J. J. Wilson of Moran. Homer Thompson has made nearly fifty dollars working on the Mo. pac. section since he got" his com In the crib. .Albert Biirris lost a cow some time ago and a yearling calf this week. .Mrs. Grace Brandenburg is losing gooil many of her chickens wltl something similar to cholera. COTTAGE GROVE Mrs. Earl Brandon's parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. Smith, have moved on the .-Vdams place. Mr. E. A. Burghart and family vis ited .\lr. .Matsler's Sunday afleruoon .Mrs. .lohnson is enjoying a visi from her brother, Mr. Savage of Gkia homa., Myhew Stewart, who is visiting In Colorado is expected home soon. .Martha Davis has returned home at ter several months' vish with her sous, Charley and Harmon, of Uar den City, and Baldwin. .1. B. Johnson and family spent Thanksgiving witii his brother. E. B Johnson, of Harmony. Phillip Brandon and Clifford Smith have started to school. There was no preaching Sunday as Kev. Oechsll did; not come..Sunday school time has been changed from 2::;i) to 2:00 o'clojck. Everybody coine. Preaching at :i:00 o'clock. .Mr. Burghart and .Mr. Bennett did some much needed repairing ai the church last week. • Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and .Mr. Savage spent Tuesday with .Mrs. Downs and D. ,M. Matsler and wife. .Mr. Will Stewart called on .Mrs. H. .M. .'^ti'wart Monday. .Mr. t;elssler called at .Myhew Stewart's Tuesday afternoon. .Mis, .Matsler and .Mrs. Downs spent Monday ufternoo'n with - .Mrs. II. M Stewart. JIOTHiKifTWT Pure in the can- Pure in the baking. Never Fails. Try it PRAIRIE ROSE.. Blanche Ford came out from Moran where she is attending school spend Thanksgiring vacation with home folks. Mrs. Mabel Smith and children returned home after several days' visit with her mother. Mrs. Mary Ford"and jther relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Boring entertained rel jtives from Tola Thanksgiving day. Jim Rogers purchased some calves of Victor Sloan last week. Mr. Edwards who has been work Ing for Wallace Sloan has returned to his home in Norborne. Mo. Mr. Colley did not have any Thanks ^ving vacation at Prairie' Rose. Miss Broughton had one day at Olive Branch and Miss Ijiwry had two ilays ^t Oarnctt. <}eorge Ford has completed a new iiimmer kitchen. Robert Rogers went to Fort Scot Tuesday morning to meet his sister ?ylvanla. who was coming to spend he winter with her brothers, Robert '-ind Jim. r. and Jfrs. Hoddy came out from town .Monday to visit their daughter. Mrs. ^a Robb. Mrs. Bnrris of r ,aHarpe and Mrs. Nettie Burrls of Wichita, are visiting heir daughter and sister-n-Iaw. .Mrs. Minnie Rogers and family. FINISH IN 2 WEEKS R. S. Gilfillun Jlaking Good Progress on .Votionnl Koad at Fort Seotf. The Fort Scott Itepulilican says: Work on the paving with niadcadatn of .National avenue was resumed yes- rday morning after a delay of ser- ral days on account of bad weather, and Contractor Gilfillan stated that ith two weeks of good weather the contract can be completed and the entire street openeil for traffic. A arge force of men are at work haiil- n.g macadam from the crusher on 3i.\tli .«freet to the avenue, while oth- rs are emidoyed leveling It down and pllin.i; It Willi l.irgi' rollers. The crushed rock lias been idaced I the street north lo alxiiil Eighth treet. leaving onlv a few hundred eel to be Completed. Il has been riimlly coinpleiPd north to Twelfth lid all of iht- rock work done for ii niU 'li greater dtiitunct*. A* HOIMI UK he iiiivjii JM placed on the xlreel. It an be opened lo Ninth Hireei. The large roller^ iiro now In servlco be- weeii Eighth and .Ninth utrpelx. and hilt block will alMo be completed ready for ihe larvla. The bad rundn ciiiiHed by the recent rains have ri>i«ullpd In a delay of several day*, and Contractor (JllfJUan Is now anxious to see ten dava or two weeks of good weather. The street in be completed by that time and •ady for use before the bad weather of the winter months sets in. Realizing bawi^E^Si it is to con* vince the avierai^' ptnoa that one remedy is different iroin another, even though recdmmehded for the same purpose, and that where one fails the other may ttiU succeed, the dispensers of Dr. CaldweH's' Syrop Pepsin, the great herb laxative eom- )oand, have for •everal years sent ree trial bottles of the remedy to any person who-would send name and address. Tbroufh this offer many hundrM thousand samples have h—n distributed. Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin has never been recommended for anything but such conditions as constipation, Uver trouble, •ioniach. biliousness, sour -indiffestton. flatulency. dystMpda. sick headache, heartburn and similar syinptonis oTstom- ich, liver and bowel disease. That IC will cure sucb troubiM Is attested by the experlehce of Mrs. Lydia Dixon, of Mingo, Ky.. Mrs. N. CunnlnAafljL of TJUent. Ore.. 8. R. Tucker, of Hattlesfaurr, lUsa.. and a. host of others. Thsy orifftnaUr^sent for the free trial bottle, and then, belnr convinced tbat the remedy was helpinc theni, they bought the rcipuar 50-cent or. $1 size BotUe of thelrjOrunlst. and In a short while were cttrSS.. . WhUe Dr. Caldweirs Symp Pepsin la sold by druKXlsts wltb tb* cuarantee that it will do as claimed or money will b» refunded, yet any rSader anfferlnr ^roa a stomach, liver or bowel complaiht la Invited to write to Dr. <>MwelT at the address below for a! free teat iMttle. whleii will b« cheerfully sent. We doubt U there Is jL laxative in America that baa so many famlliea ustBf It in the home a* X>r. Caldwell's Syrup -Pwaln. Owinc to Its special insredienta It has pnreen » great life-saver of children, women and old folks. It is pleasant to take and never gripes. V there UanytUnrahost your ailment that you don't understand, or It you want any medical advice,-write to the. doctor, and he wilt answer yon fiiOy.' There Is no charge for thjs servicei. * The address Is Dr. W.'B. : Caldwell. «M CaldweU bidg., UontlceUo.IU. THE LOCAL MARKETS Prices Quoted by Qard A Taggart Prudnce Company. The following local market report la furnished by Card & Taggart Produce company and will be keot running lu The Register every day. The prices quoted are the prices which they wHl pay for poultry, eggs and butter de« Ilvered here: Ksn*, turrent receipts per case...26c Old Hens, fat 7c Old Cox 3c Sprlnjt Chickens 6V6c SprlnR Ducks Sc Sprinic Turkeys. 8-tb 8c Old Hen Turkeys 8c Old Tom Turkeys ' 7o Old Ducks 6c Butter, less than G per cent salt...!So To Attend Presbytery. Dr. S. S. Hllscher. pastor of the Presbyterian church, expects to go to Wichita next week to attend a meet- llng of the Presbytery. Peot >l6 Buying Pianos for Good bob fttantia! Christmas Oifts A Piano will last a life-time and will be more appreoiat- ed by the wite, daughter and entire family than anything you can buy. Some are Buijioq Now and We are^ Saving Them for Christmas Deliverij Let us sell you one ot the following makes of Pianos: Everett, Harvard, Kimball, Farrand, Bush & Gerts, Merrifield, Whitney, etc. ^' . • The pianos we sell at $160, $186, $210, $230 to $860, cannot be bought elsewhere in this community tor near these prices. The more elaborate cases we sell for $276. $300. $330 up to $400. If you can not pay cash, buy on our installment plan. Roberts Piano House STORE OPEN EVENINGS

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