Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 11, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1907
Page 2
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WMtlulii AIMGI. Gave Birthday Party. UBVe oinriBKy i-airij. c>^«..«.. , — . -r A merry party of little people are^ and the club's next meeting will not gathered ^t the home of Mrs. Otto Heinze this afternoon to celebrate the third birthday anniversary of little Edna Lenore Heinze. The company has b«en prettily entertained with Juvenile games and at five o'clock Mrs. Heinze served a luncheon of ices, cakes, nuts and fruits to the efaUdren. Covers were placed at a daintily decorated table for ,E:nvon Lbckwood, Genlvleve WdlUama. Irene Menze. Olayds Dunfee, Margaret Mather, Neta 1/emunyon, G'adys Lemunyon. Otto Heinze, Jr., John Krupp and Cleo Heinze. • • Rebcaraed Chriatmas Music. Ladies of tfae Mtaic club spent a very profitable half hour yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Mal- oohn Hughes, to rehearse music for the Christmas meeting. Miss Alice Hen ^cks who has the work in charge, directed the practice. + • • To Vait Here. Mr. and Mirs. J. Q. Wallace, of Lin- •coln, Mo., have -come for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Le« BCassengale. • • • Ready to Serve Meala. Ladies of the Wbman's Guild of St. Timothy's Bpiecopal church have been .busily engaged in preparing the DeClute room on West Madtson street Social Twenty, taoBs beea postponed occur until after the holidays. Art Ex1il2it *Clo«ed. Today members of the Art e'ub and their assiatanta are removing china- and pictures from library hail where the exhibit of work has been conduycted for,several days. The ladies who have participated in the affair *ave been the recipients of many;compliments because of the cor. dial reception of the guests and the talent displayed) in the different lines of work. The club has bfen-oiwiia- ed bijt a «hort time bat is rapidly beconiing influential in Interesting the public in attractive and beautiful dsc- oratlons for the home. * * * * ; To Take Subscriptions. One of the branches of work which will He a. feature of the sale in the DeClute building tomorrow is the solicitation of snbscrlptlons for Kbree pnblieaOons, the Pictorial Review, the Saturday E^enbg Post and the Ladies' Home Journal. . Some time ago memliera of the Bplscopal phurch sent'ncettily decorated carda to their frieo^ advertising the feature and it is expected that a number of sub- .'•crlptjons will be received. • * • Go to Cherryvale Ikfembers of R. N'. A. No. S65 will 4 >e»jiuie Twui «u »TCTV .«€«i«i~.i o ^.».^i MeUdoers or n~ n. A. >>«•« for the sa'e and dinner whkih will be j , Q ca >erryvale tomorrow to be the attractton for ajarge number of|g „ggj3 oj jodge there during a friends toiBorrow. There will be a candy booth and a limited number of drawn work pieces and Mexican pottery for sale. The ladies will also i«ve a collection of recelpe books, which promise to sell rapidly. Dinner will be servedi at 5 o'c'ock. * ** special meeting and initiation of of fleers. About seventy-five will attend. * * • For Ladiea pf Lodge. On Jklonday evenfog ladies of the Dorothy Rebecca lodge were pleasant ly surprised at the ctoae of the lodgeJ session by belne invited to attend a' banquet which had been spread for Line Party at Lecture. Miss Maude Mlnrow gave a "ne | ^^e gentlemen of the lodge, party last evening for members of|,j.^p occaston was enjoyed by about her Sunday school class to hear Judge Willis Brown lectare. • • • W. C. T. U. Meeting. The Womans Christian Temperance Union will be in session on Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. M. M. Williamson, 315 South Buckeye street. There will be a special business session and a number of important business matters will come up for discussion. + * • Miss McCance Entertained. 'Miss Benlah McCance of South Col bom street gave a very pleasant and Informal party yesterday for members of her Sewing Club. There was en Informal hour with needlework and a five o'clock lun^eon. • • • Postpone Party. The party which Mrs. M. F. Sickly was to have given on Friday for the "Where tte^on going?" "Ooifle after a sack of tf. J*#MMFk»ir. My wife wont nae (iiqthiDg else." •iui The occasion was enjoyed by about fifty guests. + * + Entertained Ex-Teachers. Mrs. Lloyd Coe, Mrs. H. L. Douglas and Mrs. L H. WJshard will be fctjstesses of the Kx-Teachers club on Friday, afternoon at Mrs. Wlsbard's residence, 315 South Wa'nut street. * * * Have Anniversary Meeting The Current Event club will have the anniversary meeting and Christmas program next Monday afternoon. December 16 at the home of Mrs. R. 6. Stevenson. • • • Entertained Embroidery Club. Mrs. Smith L. Jackson was hostess of a ^oup of LaHarpe friends yester day afternoon, the occariOn being a meetinjs of the £:mbroidery club. There; was a most enjoyable hour with needlework and the guests mingled iirformally until five o'clock when Mrs. Jackson served a luncheon to about twenty guests. • • • Home Prom East Miss Retta Lyons who has spent saveral months with relatives in adjoining eastern states, has returned tpnJe. - - Mitfiars' Club Meeting. Memliers of tSre Mothers' Club of the Little Bui'ders Chapel ire having an informal aaeeting today in the chapel rooms. • + • Misa Gritton III. The many friends of Miss Georgia —ft - II More Days IJntll Xmas! Better gel btu.y right now with your Christmas bnying before tlis msh commehces. Come in tomorrow and look O^T our many things suitable for presents. The store is full them and if you arc not. ready to make your purchase yea cao have; it laid away. Thefpresents you buy of us are not only very pretty and ornamental, but useful. Come in tomotrow sure. i^Wx^ S Son Tapr iewellirs. East SMe Oritt(kL -4ho^ Is.tb* omtMt of th« lolaPortlind Cement company, wUl be sorry to learn that she is very ill today. • • • Annual K. U. Banqust. The ex-members of ^ansaa Unliter sity are looking forward io the an nual banquet which will oeour early In the New Year. On previous occas Ions the banquets have been elabor •te and attended by a number of dia UngnlriMd guesU. It la expected thit .several members of the lola colony [now at Lawrence will be here thir ... ' ^'^ Qdtirtetta to Sing. The program for the entertainment which will be given in the U. B. charch tomorrow evening by thc Astham Concert company, promises to be unusually interesting. The com plete list pt numbers appears below: Selection. "Mary Had a Uttle Lamb" Howe. . Rastham Quartette. Anthem "Great and Olorious." Eastbam Qnartette. Reading Selected Miss Vivian Eaatham. Vocal Solo. "They Can 't Do It, YOP Know." 8<*lelffartb Mr. C. G. Eastham. Reading "Tradln' Joe. James Whitcomb Riley. Miss Eastham. Selection ... "A Mayor in Trouble.' Leslie. Eastham Quartette. Selection Selecte<! Eiastham Quartette. Reading Selecter Miss Eastham. Selection ... "Old Mother Hubbard' Eaatham Quartette. Vocal Solo "Appleton'a Guide" Anon. Mr. E. J. Eastham. Reading "The Debating Society" Hall. MisB Eastham. Selection "The Auctioneer. Anon. Eastham Quartette. FAT FOLKS AT FNIQCE LUNf HEOX Newport Hoateas Tarns Beaaty DoC' tor and T^ Gnesta How to Lose SO Poands of Excess Fat a Xoatk It haa Juat leaked out that Mrs. G. Sylvester Bournii's mysterious luncheon Invitations of last week, which described the function as a select affair for thtMe only who were over "160," referred not to the age of the gues^ but to their weight Tha luncheon was wiuily entitled the "Emancipation Luncheon." but the significance of this title was not clear OBtU it was discovered today that at this luncheon Mrs. Boumil told the secret of getting thin without the necessity for scant, punishing diet usually prescribed by the doctors. At each plate, concealed among the fern and orchid decorations, the guests found a dainty engraved card on which was lnBcril>ed the following: Mot. Marmola. % oc. Fluid Extract Caacara Aromatic and 3^ oz. Syrup Simplex. Nothing more. To the inquiring puzzled glances of her guests Mrs. Bournil replied by a few words of explanation. The receipt on those cards, she said, was a simple one for tfae secret or home treatment of excessive fat. It was harmless and pleasant, she declared, and she earo- estly advised all her over -fleshy friends to preservie the formula, for it made a mUtere that would. If taken in teaapoonful portiona after meals and at bedtime, not only take oft from one- half to a pound of tat a day but pre- sarve the natural beautiful outline of the figure—in short pervent wrinkles. She concluded by saying she had gathered them together to show them bow they could get as thin as they cared to be without dieting, exercise or taking the waters: emancipate them, in other words, of their overabundant fat and from the restrictions of the beauty specialist and obesity doctor at one and the same time. BACK TO ALLIANCE DAYS. A Senate Bill to Isaue Government Money For Cotton. Washington. Dec 10.—in the Senate today Mr. McUiura mtroduced a bill to relieve the present money stringency and prevent its recurrence. It permits persona owning any bonds of tfae United States to deposit tfaem In tfae treasury and reiceive notes to an amount equalling tfaeir value. It Is provided that until February. 1909. persomi owning one or more bales of cotton may deposit it in a depository designated by the Secretary of the Treasury and receive treasury notes to the extent of 70 per cent of the value of the cotton. If not redeemed the cotton shall be sold by the government Tfae bin also Imposes a penalty on dealing m "cotton fn,- tnres" of $100,000 fine or fire years' imprisonment SUPREME SECRETARY HERE. Will AttMid Maatins of Occidental Lodge Tonight A. E. Nlefafllaon. supreme secretary ot the Occidental ICntnal Benefit Aa- soeiation, la in the city today and wJOl attend the meeUng of the local (Bidar this eraalng. This order has been dotaic great mark la this city for the. past aemal-noBths. Although not one of the Jarswt.hi tha. atate it \1m Ain *.Mt 4lM mailt anbaUntftil of Ita Jciadt •tta.^iowfh tai.thia ^ haa been iawtwai^iiS. The me^nc this eren- i^K will be ct ogrtraocdlnary Interest CAPT.CAianLL DEAD Oivil War Veteran Succumbs to 111- naee While Visiting In Chicago. Capt. J. W. Carroll, wtio baa lived in Allen county since 1879 died this "noniing at 2:30 o'clock at the home 3f his daughter, Mrs. John Ross, Chicago. III., where he went but few days ago with the hopes of bene- Ating his health, from an attack heart trouble. Capt. Carroll is one __ lo'a 'B oldest and best respected citi- itens. By his .death lola and Allen '»unty loses a citizen wfco has worked for her good since fais residence here, for the.paat twenty-eight years. Capt. Carroll haa not had good health for the past several years. He has been suffering from a oompllca- ilon of dropsy and heart trouble. He had hoped to regain his health by the 'rip to CUcago, but tfae change of 'he climate was more than he bad an tidpated. Capt Carroll was bom In Ports -south, N. H.. eighty one years ago At tfae aga of twenty-four fae moved to Illinois. There he lived until the breaking out of tfae Clval War. He, 'ike many of the young men. was t'.ie Srst to take up arms for his country He was made captain of company G 101 niinois Volunteers. After the war he returned to Illinois but later, in 1879. moved to a farm >bort distance soufb of I>aHarpe, Ks. where he lived until eigfat years ago. when he moved to his present home It 708 South Street Capt Carroll leaves a widow .nnd three children, J. F. Carroll, of Kan ms City: Mrs. John Ross, of Chicago ind George Carroll, of San Francisco The remains are expected in from Chicago some time tomorrow. The funeral will be held Friday from ib< Christian church In charge of th^ G A. R. of this city. Rev. Ellett, pa.-? tor of the church, will preach the fun era! sermon. Interment will be made in the lola cemetery. CHILD IS NEGLECTED Officers Called Upon to Notify Parents About Actfon of Little Girl Who is Street Character. The attention of the officers has been called to a little girl, not yet eleven years old. who is said to fe- qnent places of questionable repute *n tfae city. Tfae officers, it is said, have gone to tfae parents and to'd them about the actions of their littip daughter. The parents contend that they have lost all control of the child. U U said that this little giri exchanges caresses wiCh' men who loa around questionable places. for money. Prom what the officers can learn this little child is not to be censured for her wrong. They say that the mother spends too much time away from home attending to Iod?e and social affaire, leaving the child to wan der atx>ut the streets. It is said that at times the mother has sent her dau; ter to the moving picture show while she gave attention to some social affair. It Is likely that the officers will make a complaint Tfae attention of ladies who are connected, with the Orphans' Home has been called, b they are powerless to act until the parents surrender their rights. QUEEN SOPHIA ILL. Condition Since Death of King Oscar Cauaing Anxiety. Stockholm, Dec. 11.—The condition of Dowager Queen Sophia is occasioning anxiety. HERBERT Crangle and Floyd W|ieeler of the manual training class of the lola high sefaool, faave Just comr pleted a quartersawed oak typewriter desk to be used in the office of the hi^ school bnildlng. The desk is all hand polished and reflects much crcd It upon the ability of Ifbe boys. Desirable and Useful GIFTS for Christmas Our Carefully Selected Stock of Holiday Attractions will impress you with Its worth, baen- ty and reasonable prices. .Ehr- erytfalng from the small inexpensive articles in Silver Novelties, up. to the more costly Diamond Mounted pieces. We will he pleased to lay aside anything you may select Store Open Evenings. llcllEJL BROTHERS. Office and StoriqEe Wan: SOMB iil Rare Bargains in Cut Ofas^ and Chilli Many acceptable pre­ sents at the Removal Sale at Se wallas let Door North of Postofllca. W. H. IITDEBSOH. Attemex-at-Law. Notary and Stenographer in Office. Phone 466. • LawyefS. • • PracUce fn aU OoartS, ? • %% W. Madiaon. OB. MeMILLKir, Special attention given to the treatmaDt of all Chronic Dlaeaa- oa and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32. Res. 233. OOoe la Mrs. Tuner's Bidg, West Jfadlaon. . Phone «87. .DB. O. L. COX, Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat •peeUcles Properly FlUed, Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. 70L Office Phone 1083. Night Phone 406. DB. B. O. CHBISTIAH. Phyalelaa aai Sargeea. Rooms 7 and S. Evaaa Bldg. * R -a. TeL 198. Office Tel. 163. * DB. J. B. PKPPKB. Deatist * Is permanently located over " B. C. McClatai'a Qothing Store. * and is prepared to do all klnda * of np-ra-date dental work. * Evening work by appolntaeat., Phone 664. - Iota. „ BB. anm B . siiofl. • OBca and Residenc* af,tr Bar- * roll's Dmg Store. • Office Honra— 10 to 12 ^ SL, I * to 4 p. m.. 7 to r avcniasa. * Sondaya by AH)(4atmea^ «• * Practice Limited to j^tiHy. • 16 N. Bnckeye. ' Chone 671. • DB, W. B. EWflMVE. njtleiaii a BafMea. '"'-^TS. Conm^M Btaara. I. PInmbins lode's Store. Tel 38. Office m 602. P. L. Lathn«r Mrs. Beasle O. Li»tm. 08TB0P1TS1C mmsam Bpadal atteatiatt ilvan to DCs- eases of Women and ChfMrea. . Over Bast Bide Haiidwara. Office 'Pbono. Mam 4«S. Lowney's Chocolates THAY ARB FRESH. A cheice assortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When yon buy L^wney'^ Chocolates here, oar personal pledge of their freshness jfcfes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see hpvi' well it pleases yon. CRABB'S DRUG STORE! Comer Washington and West Sts. 0 CEBBTVAfl PBESEirrS Nothings better tliaa a magazine for 1. E. HSUDBBSOir, Pfeeae ML 4S* H. Backeye. a friend. For yonr magaxines see Be«lateK Waat Ads. Pay Becaase hi AUea Geeaty Krariy Everybody Reads the Revbler.' LivingfttoD £• Co AU Unds of work a apee^alty • Seath I: un

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