The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 2, 1965 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1965
Page 5
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Friday, April 2,1965 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE PAGE 5 SELt TRADE HELPPiiiii:|Sf CLASSIFIED RATES 1 Insertion 4c per word 2 Insertions 7c per word 3 Insertions 9c per word 4- Insertions 11c per word 5 Insertions 13c per word 6 Insertions 14c per word Minimum Rate—SI.00 Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 DAYS after the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE 10 DAY PERIOD. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made after the first incorrect in-' sertion. i BLACK FACE LOCAL— ISc per line. MEMORIAM—lOt per line. CARD OF THANKS-41.25 , Call OS 5-2115 before 10:00 •a.m. for insertion.same day, . except Saturday—call before 9:00 a.m. I CANCELLATION — UNTIL 10:00 A.M. DEADLINE. DISPLAY RATE Class, per col. inch 90c 1 inch per mo. daily—$18.00 Each additional inch-Sll.OO (Rates Quoted Are Local) FOR SALE—Plywood paneling, 4' x 8' sheets! from $2.95 to $5.95 per sheet While it lasts;. Tipton Lumber;Co., OS 5-4882. C-t!f USED CARS FOR SALE—Quality used cars THROGMARTIN A U T p SALES, 704 W. Jefferson S; FOR SALE—'59 Ford. Iphone OS 5-6229. $150.00 C-157 BAXTER MOTORS. CLEA^ USED CARS. 120 S. JNDETJ TIPTON C-f FOR SALE—1946 Chevy, 2 docfr iFleet Line. Has '56 Chevy !G cylinder engine. 4 new tirek 'OS 5-4984. P-ff j For Your Car Needs See THE EMBLEM OF CL'AUTY 120 S. West St. Phone OS 5-4941 Tipton FOR SALE—For the best buy Ion a new Mercury or Compt or Safe Buy Used Car, see jor CALL HAROLD MUNDY, JOS 5-6471. Albright Auto Saleis, 1501 South 10th, Noblesvillb, • Indiana. PR 3r2390. C-Mon-Wed-Fri-M REAL ESTATE FOR SALE SEE LEWIS D. HARPER for real estate sales and listing. Insurance loans. Phone OS 5•060 and OS 5-6139. 121 S. independence. - Fri-Sat-tf FOR SALE— i oedroom modern home, just completed. Gas heat. Youngstown kitchen cabinets, marlite in bath, hardwood floors. Tipton Lumber Co., OS 5-4S82. • C-tf IFOR SALE—1964 Chevy Malibu J4 door, radio, heater, automatic, power steering, one owner, low mileage. Ca'rl Hunter, R. R. 2, Atlanta, Ind. I ! P-155 AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY FOR SALE—Chevrolet 6, blopk jassemblys to '59, complete iless head, with trade, ,$25.00; lalso in stock, V-8 Ford and Edsel, V-8 Buick. Levi's Ele- ivator Auto Parts, 538 N. Main Street. ! P-155 FARM PRODUCTS FEMALE HaP WANTED WANTED—Car hop for day time hours, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 pjn. Age 18-25. Contact 6 Acre Drive In. C-156 MALE HELP WANTED LEAVING THE FARM? As an authorized distributor for a nationally known manufacturer you can cash in on your feeding knowledge and experience, j Protected territory in Tipton County will be available in two weeks for a •man age 30-45 to train for good paying opportunity which may lead to management. /For personal interview without obligation white Box iB in care of this paper. P-155 WANTED WANTED—Ride to Kokom o Plant 8, shift 6:48 to 3:18. Call OS 5-25U after 4. C-155 WANTED to care for 2 patients in my home. Sonny McGuire, Tetersburg 963-2713. C-160 WANTED —! Baby sitting. Delta Deb Sub-Deb Club. OS 5 6639, OS 5-4808 or OS 5-6955 after 4:00. j C-157 WANTED TO BUY WANTED—Top price for wool and poultry. Phone 317-883-7066 C-157 WANTED TO BUY—T o m a t o setter, 1 row. Phone Kempton 947-2643. • C-155 WANTED TO BUY—Scrap Iron, Junk batteries, auto radiators, brass, lead, copper, aluminum and strong lard. Scrap prices are high. Now is the time to . sell to Levi's (scrap yard). 1 P-155 Five Indiana Students Win Scholarships EVANSTON, 111. (UPI) —The names of five Indiana winners in the: National Achievement Scholarship Program sponsored by • the \ National Merit Scholarship Corp. were announced Wednesday night. Four of the Indiana winners are from Gary and the fifth is from South Bend. Winners included: Darlene C. Brown, Gary Froebel High School, who plans to major in mathematics at Wellesley College. Portia C. Elliott, Gary Roosevelt, who plans to major in mathematics at Fisk University. Leonard E. Haile, Gary Tolleston .i who plans to major in physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tanya L. Sanders, Gary Roosevelt, who plans to major in languages at Vassar College. Robert L. Johnson, South Bend Washington, who plans to major in pre-medicine. at Harvard College. The 225 achievement scholars were chosen from 4,200 nominations ; submitted by 1,300 schools. The nominations were chopped to 629 finalists last January. Winners of achievement scholarships receive financial grants based on their need ranging from $250 to $1,500 a year. Klan Was Founded On Bigotry and Bias WANTED TO RENT j FHA TERMS |ARCADL4., 611 Howard St., 3 bedroom, 2 bath, huge Mt- ichen with load of cabinets, family room with Jalousie's, Comparative small down payment puts you in possession. ;Edw. A. Hecht, Realtor, PR 33700, 10 South 9th, NoblesvUle. : C-156 FOR SALE—Certified Goodfield 'seed oats. $1.50 bushel, re- cleaned, treated and bagged. Harosey 63 and Clark 63 soybean seed $4.00 bushel, cleaned and bagged. BYRON LEGG & SONS, Windfall, LY 5-3645 or LY 5-3933., i C-162 LIVESTOCK School of Real Estate Broker - Salesman Our 4th j Year Classes for the May Real Estate Examination start April 12th. Write or call for complete information. EDWARD A. HECHT'S SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE 10 South 9th St. Noblesville. PR 3-3700, FOR SALE—S.P.F. Hamp Duroc boar from Rinehart herd. OS 5-4049. j P-tf SERVICES WANTED TO RENT—Immediately, 3 bedroom house. Dan Stahley, Standard Oil Agent, OS 5-4202. P-156 FOR RENT Financial (EDITOR'S NOTE: After flourishing during the 'Recorv- . struction period following the Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan became dormant after a ter­ roristic campaign directed primarily against Negroes. Then, in the 1920's, the mysterious order stirred and reached its zenith with a new ' campaign of white supremacy, anti-Semitism and anti- Catholicism. Its rebirth and growth in the 1920's is traced in the following dispatch, second of three on Hie origins and present day status of the Klan.) • sive of robes which cost $6.50 or $7.50 custom-fitted. . At its peak the Klan of the middle twenties was to reach an estimated 7 to 8 million persons. ' By 1926, a struggle for power and money tumbled the national Klan membership to a little more than 2 million. By 1927 it was around 300,000. Through the years the Klan gradually went into obscurity— but never completely died. A historic Supreme Court ruling in 1954 wiped out the doctrine of separate schools for whites and Negroes and the Klan stirred again in the Deep South. FOR RENT — Apt. OS 5-6136. | | • C-160 FOR RENT—Hoover shampooing not only rids carpets of soil 'but leaves pile soft and lofty, j Rent Hoover electric shampooer, $1.00. Compton,&: Son. i I ; '" ; U£C -t£ PORTABLE WELDING. Tojny Hancock, Kempton, p ho ne 947-3832. P-i76 HOUSES, GARAGES, UTILITY BUILDINGS—Factory to you. No down payment. 3 bedroom house $4,450 only $39 per month. Includes beating, plumbing, wiring cabinets. Garages as low as $395 only $10 per month. Write to Upright Buildings, Inc., Route 2, Lafayette, Indiana. P-185 IT'S terrific the way we're selling Blue Lustre for cleaning rugs and upholstery. Rent electric shampooer $1.00. Car• ney's Drug Store. C-156 IDEAL CEMENT WORKS for clay and cement drain tile, wholesale and retail. Also metal pipe septic tanks and •grease traps. Mrs. S. A. Porter, Goldsmith, phone 963-2559 P-155 FOR RENT—Unfurnished apartment, '345 N. Conde. Inquire at Jim's |Barber Shop, Atlanta. • :i • C-tf YOU MAY RENT a piano as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp} OS 5-6263. Riddick Piano Co. C-tf FOR SALE WANTED—Alterations and re- weaving; Mrs. Mary Jones, 458 Maple. OS 5-4076. C-160 JOHNSON MOTORS Starcraft and Johnson boats, Gator trailers and marine accessories. LEATHER'S BOAT HOUSE, 1823 No. A. FE2-5162. Elwood. ,|-, C-tf FOR SALE—Tappan gas range. Phone LY 5-4501. ' . P-tf FRONT END ALINGMENT j — [Wheel balancing. EBERT Sinclair Service. Phone OS |57125. C-tf SEPTIC TANKS,; toilet vaults vacuum cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners C-tf FOR SALE—Driveway stone. LY 5-2484. C-tf Singer, Five Months Old 538.16 Complete Balance Assume' six payments of $6.36 monthly. Beautiful walnut •abinet included at no extra charge. This macnine monograms, appliques, mends, darns, sews over pins, sews forward and backwards, equipped to zig-zag, warranty included. Call OS 5-2135. C-tf FOR SALE — Awnings, storm •windows and doors. Ornamental iro*. A. J. Butz. Phone OS 5-2646. C-tf f"uR SALE—Spinet organ, excellent condition. Heasonabl* OS «-62W. C-tt GOOD THINGS TO EAT For sale, Red and Golden Delicious apples. Smith Orchard, 1 mile North, V* mile East of Sharpsville. C-tf FOR SALE—Used gas ranges. See at Indiana Gas Co. I C-159 FOR SALE—Good G. E. refrigerator, dresses, and wool skirts size 14.'OS 5-4420. - C-155 FOR SALE — Rose- twin bed spreads. Cleo McCullough. 503 East Jefferson. .C-156 FOR SALE—'Frigidaire refri gerator freezer across top excellent condition. OS 5-4022. C-158 CMC GENESAL MOTORS ': CORPORATION' TRUCKS FwoMy.ToeoTON* I STILL DRY ; I SEMINOLE, Tex. {UPI) —It is bone |dry here. Only .40 inches of rain has fallen since January. | Thursday j residents donned raincoats and at least one unfurled an umbrella in a demonstration of the power of positive thinking. They are still thinking. There was no rain. EXPECTING FIRST HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Actress Annette Funicello Thursday said she is expecting her fiyst baby in October. She and agent Jack Gilardi were married last Jan. 9 at St. Cyril's Church in nearby Encino. Miss Funicello rose to movie stardom from television appearances as one of Walt Disney's "Mousketeers." SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. DX GAS and oil, j tires, batteries accessories, minor tune-ui>, lubrication, washing. F r e :e pickup and delivery. Phiferjs DX Service, Road 19 South and Hamilton County Line. Russell G. Phifer, Owner, i C-tf WANTED—Furniture upholstering and repair. Lawrence Pickerel!. OS 5-4358. C-tf STRIKES AGAIN RENO, Nev. (UPI) — James Denton, 53, who was released from federal prison last week after spending nearly four years behind bars for bank robbery, faces arraignment today on a charge of robbing the same bank last week. The same teller was held-up in both robberies. Broadleaf plants benefit from a washing with soapy water if they are the-victims of aphids, mealy bugs .or scale insects. No insecticide is needed in this case. ; WAYS AND MEANS CLUB Members of Ways and Means Home Demonstration ' club will meet at the home of Mrs. Max Fetters, |222 West Jefferson street on Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. DUTCH MAID 25c Coin Car Wash ! Franchise Available One of the' fastest growing highest profit franchise businesses available today. | FOR INFORMATION Contact Charles T. Hicks 1520 W. 5 Marten. Indiana :•*-'*• Phont NO 4-1*28 See a Bucj... TERMITES, RATS, ROACHES & MICE COCHRAN & SON 520 N. West \ OS 5-2304 Gossip By JESSE BOGUE UPI Financial Editor NEW YORK (U'PI) — More and more the ordinary glass milk bottle is fighting to hold its place on America's doorsteps iand in its refrigerators. The coated paper container already has established itself firmly in most retail outlets. Now, j plastics are threatening to take over an even greater proportion of Hie milk container market. Already test - marketed in scattered sections of the country, the polyethylene half-gallon and gallon container, on the market for more than ' two years, will be bidding for a major share of the attention of dairy! men's representatives again at the national packaging exposition and conference of the American Management Association, opening in Chica'go April 5. "By this summer, you'll see the disposable plastic milk container over the whole market area i from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts," said David W. Wallace; executive vice president of American Seal - Kap Corp. These, he said, will be in the half-gallon and gallon sizes, and mainly formed, from high- density polyethylene. These, ' he said, now are priced at just slightly more than the paper container for milk, . but Wallace cited what he said were other cost advantages ; to dairies in use of the plastic container. "And," he said, "every dairy which has gone to these has experienced a gain in sales—until their competitors came along with the same idea." The. dairy industry, he noted, is only one type of user for plastics in the $24.5 billion packaging market; plastic containers are turning up in dozens of applications in household preparations, even meats. He cautioned, too, that the makers of glass, paper and _ metals are scrapping every step of the By NICHOLAS C. CHRISS United Press International ATLANTA (UPI)—One summer night in 1915, William Joseph Simmons, a former preacher, saw a "vision" as he was seated at a window of his Alabama home. Peering at the clouds drifting by the moon, Simmons said he saw white-robed figures on steeds galloping across the horizon. As the hooded figures rode across the sky a vast panorama of the natjon's gravest problems emerged. Simmons said he fell to his knees and prayed that the Lord would help him solve this mysterious apparaition. Then and. there, Simmons related later,"he made a sacred vow that a "great patriotic fraternal order should be built as a memorial to the heroes of our nation." Simmons and 34 Georgians cranked up the new Klan machinery on Dec. 4, 1915 when they signed a state charter in Atlanta putting the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan into business again after the secret order had remained dormant about 30 years. The event was celebrated with a huge cross burning on Stone Mountain, in the outskirts of Atlanta. The new Klan gospel preached prejudice against Jews, Roman Catholics, aliens and Negroes. Klan leaders claimed the ballot and the boycott were their only Weapons. Cites Prejudices • The success of the revived Klan probably was summed up best by one of its leaders who declared in Milwaukee in'1923: "There is no section of the country but that there is some strong prejudice against either the Jew, the Catholic or the Negro. This gives us a big field of membership." C. Anderson Wright, former king kleagle (head salesman and promoter) of New York state, told the congressional committee in 1921 that while Simmons did a respectable job. of preaching the Klan doctrine, it was actually two professional publicists who moved the Klaii into the multi-million dollar class. These two were Mrs. Elizabeth Tyler and Edward Young Clark, who owned the Southern Publicity Association headquartered in Atlanta. Began Camaign Wright testified that Clarke told him the Klan had about 2,000 members when he and Mrs. Tyler started their campaign. A little more than a year later the Klan boasted of 700,000 members each of whom paid a $10 initiation fee exclu- KRAFT Dinner is thrifty and quick and full of cheese flavor Count on Kraft Dinner for tender macaroni that's full of golden cheese goodnea*. Have it on hand for »peedy •chool lunches and hurry-up •uppers. It's good eating any timal COSTS ONLY 5< A SERVING BIG AIR SHOW WASHINGTON (UPI) —Federal Aviation Administrator. Najeeb E. Halaby, with 'President Johnson's approval, hopes to stage the biggest air show in the nation's history. Halaby Thursday asked Congress for $2.5 million to run the 10-day show at Dulles International Airport in nearby Chantilly, Va., in the summer of 1966. way, with their own new pro ducts and applications of existing devices. IBM CUSTOMER ENGINEER This may be the opportunity you've always been looking for. If you qualify you can move into the highly respected, well paying job as an IBM data processing customer engineer. You will receive valuable technical training plus full pay and living allowances while you study at one of the IBM schools. This is a challenging job that calls for a high degree of skill and intelligence, neat appearance; and pleasant -personality. Qualifications: Minimum of two years of advanced training, including mechanics and basic electronics or equivi- lent experience—military "or civilian—is required. An Equal Opportunity Employer ' IBM CORPORATION 1215 Potter Drive Riverside 3-9611—Ext. 21 West Lafayette, Indiana FOREIGN NEWS COMMENTARY By Phil Nevrtom UPI Foreign News Analyst •Notes from the foreign news cables: Viet Nam Guessing Game: Nationalist Chinese experts on Red China say the Peking Tegime r will not send regular troops to fight in • Viet Nam. They say Peking's threats will not amount II much more than a gesture, but there are indications that the Chinese Communists probably will send physicians, construction engineers and some anti-aircraft gunners to Viet Nam. They believe the Reds do not want a full-scale war in Viet Nam because of their economic troubles and the fear that it might give Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek a chance to launch his long- awaited attack on the mainland.. Sukarno Take-Over: There isn 't much American property left in Indonesia for the Indonesian government to take over, but personal har- rassment of Americans there may be expected to continue. Oil companies, rubber estates, a tire factory and all American government libraries already arc under government control. Some other American companies maintain agencies in Indonesia but few stockpiles of goods. Last week's incidents, such as cutting of electrical, gas, mail and cable services probably will be repeated. The boycott of American correspondents and news agencies could be reinstated at any time. Next .probable target— the U.S. Peace Corps. Visitor To Paris: A visitor to 'Paris on April 2 and 3 will be British Prime •Minister Harold Wilson for meetings with 'President Charles de Gaulle. No De Gaul­ le policy switch is anticipated. Wilson is unlikely to get any concessions from De Gaulle on Europe, NATO or the Atlantic alliance. -De Gaulle considers the Labor government a lesser evil than its Conservative predecessor because it is cool toward joining the common market. Thus De Gaulle can afford a kindlier attitude toward Wilson than he held toward former 'Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. He probably will underline his willingness to embark on bilateral joint projects such as the channel tunnel or limited joint aircraft production. ALMANAC Today is Friday, April 2, the 92nd day of 1965 with 273 to follow/ The moon is approaching its first quarter. ' ,.; The morning star is Mars. The evening stars are Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish writer of fairy tales, was.born on this day in 1805. On this day in history: In 1792, Congress authorized a mint of the United States to coin money. In 1840, Emile Zola, the French writer and essayist, was born. In 1865, President Jefferson Davis and most of his Confederate cabinet fled from Richmond, Va., after Gen. Robert E. Lee abandoned Richmond and Petersburg. 'In 1917, President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declare war on" Germany. the Year." Thursday she pleaded guilty to stealing more than $20,000 from her company and'was assessed a five-year jail term. ' A thought for the day—Woodrow Wilson once said: "The highest and; best form of efficiency is the spontaneous cooperation of a free people." SECRETARY SLIPPED HOUSTON (UPI) — In 1962, Leonardine Finneran, 42, was voted Houston's "Secretary of TEED-OFF GOLFER 'CHARLOTTE, N.C. (UPI)— Manager Jack Horton of the Eastwood Golf Club Thursday- discovered that four trees between the tee and the green on the fifth hole had been cut down, proving a clear shot to the flar. While the culprit is unknown, Horton suspects the ax-wielder must" have been "some golfer in the habit of winding up behind those * trees off the tee." Horton said he would transplant a large magnolia tree to close the .flag. COULDN'T PULL JOB COMPTON, Calif. (UPI) — A male customer approached cashier Vauleen Coutter in the Speedy Market with three candy bars, showed her a revolver and ordered her to put $1 bills into a bag. As she started to comply, he said: "Aw heck, lady, I can't do it. My wife and kids are hungry, but I can't do it." : Sheriff's deputies said the man fled with only the three candy bars. Advertise In The Tribune Advertise In The Tribune STEWARTS' HAMPSHIRE SALE THURSDAY—APRIL 15th, 1965—7:00 P.M., C.D.T. 40 BOARS — 40 REGISTERED OPEN GILTS — 160 COMMERCIAL OPEN GILTS Feed conversion, carcass information, backfat probe on every animal in catalog. Most of the boars in the offering sired by MAGNIFER, CMCMS and LONG TIME, CMS IFCMS. We think this breeding will take off more backfat and add more lean meat fo the carcass than, any boars sold this year. We also believe there will not be any litters sold this year.better thin the three LONG TIME litters,we are selling. We had the Grand Champion Carcass Truckload, Hoosier Spring Barrow Show, 42 loads exhibited. Catalog on request. Supper available. L. L. & MANFORD STEWART R. R. 4, Frankfort, Indiana MOORE BROS. SERVICEMEN .. SCHOOLED AND SKILLED TO GIVE THE BEST KIND OF SERVICE TO YOUR CHEVROLET OR OLDSMOBILE Our Guardian Maintenance servicemen know how to ser\ irij" your Chevrolet and O lei* mobile best! Why? Itecuuse they've had special training at the general Motor* Trtlninjr Center. Our servicemen RO to school to keep u\t with the latest technique* In Chevrolet ami OMsniohile rare and repair. Special tools and Genuine tl.M. t'urts in the hand* of our trained servicemen are yoor HHHiiranre that your Chevrolet or Oldsmobile Is getting the best kind «f service money can buy . - . quality Cuardiun Aluiutenam-e .Service! r \ jGuardlaa Maintenance^ Stop in at Moore Bros. Inci . \;Gruard ,Ian ^ / 3\fal ntenanceJ * "STEER 2 STOP" SERVICES (SraVd ond Front End) FOR THESE SPRING FEATURED SERVICES MARCH . AMIL • MAT * flfffi VtHiaE SAFETY CHIOC * rev SERVICES * SPRING COOUNC SYSIIM INSPECTION * Al* CONDITIONINO CHECK * APPEARANCE SERVICES * Cr«ft T~mt AvoiioW. a, ct S~rkm Wor*! MOORE BROS. Inc. 311 E. Jefferson Tipton Attention Tomato Growers We are now contracting & offer the following: • Highest price since World War II • Grading before weihging • Unloading by schedule • Ample hampers available for all growers • Four row company operated mounted setters^ available for close acreage Call or write for additional information Stokely Van Camp Inc. TIPTON, INDIANA , FHONE 675-2424 »1,

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