Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
Page 6
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i N X« Bnpe Traif Peo^ Smr BaAct |; ^ Gun at ItfUh-SuptH U TbtftM.mxft fodt ball enthiuiaits tm^^aaiat «lutt tb» VMplete ivUl get s SUBi '^wiai WaaUrard or BcAolt «B liot]t ,jpir ttw tefM the beat in tte stitolMui* fnNt batUe would takijjlMf IT^fbar ioet tlia tocala Ne* sodaoana ara adll.- pending.. fMudi- ImtaPJa tejrins to a game with Chnwta, ; u S. SBir Baaket BaU Cbuu^ Qofta a> adUMr bt 2* Harpe people Weo^-ito )<d»7la8t nl^t to we tbe bas^ ball n>ii>e at tbe^AadJtorium. ' ^^'ibrn'MOmMt Hew.'' No^Jotw^ Special AgeatVlBbb of fit4 >M0Mtii7*<]>t9^ iraa Ja tbe (dty. Uf-i hxAmo raoonL of Wm. OlReawater .Wli9i2ii If ell' known bere bat whose honaja « CMs CKy. aiUcawater was 4bea.|n*peeGHl, along witb 'anofbisr xmi^;^ >boo^ Mr. Webb wUle ateaUnt « ride on a traiiL: The men j irenjaknt to Nevada. Md, and after <an iifeat^tlon were released, it developing tbat ttaejr could prove an alibi, Mon EmtiUr Talk. The niJiot!.ttaat tbe Laoyon sraeHera fn tba part of tbe elty will aUrt aext wart liaa-bten revived. La Harpe . peopja an lipping that the rumor is sot fnmadfaaa. detiintat Blrttiter* X ttmn^r ol -.a* frianda of J. Bl . Oonorir at hia borne kut iilfU,to lelp him celebrate iUa.falrtlte. dar. rJL. gJMd'Mclal time was had'ana 1^'ta the evanl&s Tefrcabmenta were W JLXXfBBICaiX. DatkopatUe Pbyaldan. ^ BUIC> Titona ^46. In I* BUpak ••Jt All remalninittiJts must go. We have had a remarkable $uH $ea $pn, dpuW« „aso*sSll^ry5uit .5w in the store must besold regardless of cc«t ^ hav^ dS oTsuit stbcK into three lots to make it easy for yoM to select a suit. You w.K Srjst three pric^ to Select from. $9.85. $13 85 and $16.85. i4»T 1 A II suits np to SlS.gO; in brown, bina and black, at $9.85 LOT 2 AH Suits up to $20.00, in blue, brown, green and black $13.85 LOTS All suits up to $30.00, ip blue, brown, green, black, $05 toola arrive the /ipl the. switch of tbre Un- wlll small •woric.fonr_ west of tie 'lpB|»>rUiad ^r^litt ^^^ib^beUliniifi^ tbB -work^la^««r tte illiaaili '.M John Vattarc .PWocfc on th» wiaiimlhtt. Jtt tiie MB^mmit 'pladt caimioC until the Iwfteb If -eompteted as material 'CatutQt '^^transported «aail7 there un tar^iieit i ?-v Uiffiny Fragiub • 0|a ^eelci ^'tRn • today the IHerary aodsty'of^ school will give a " ' iKH axccBteat progiam is P. lie Dally who la i :a:iww. 8t «M ln4tae Daggett hu^aaaoBiiMd tint be would ba -ifairfM-.'bnalBaia tonorrow. Hia i hiv*i Itasa arrlirlng dally and are —*elnj^_iit4Si. A,ian»9mi^ ft b«nf planned by Jka tadtaa of tbe Praabyterlan diuieh. It wm be given in one of tbe «p-f0w|rbUUUaga on tbe 17tb of this '• : • •.-.j-JL-jSr &Mti. A^aaar^faM t>Ma doaed whereby Heasra. 9fW. tai J. C. Bflllegan of ^9Ulwr.vMo«>tisadea a IM-acre farm In Varaon oonnty. Mo., to George Par- buco of thli di^ for residence prop- arty in La,Harp» and tola. - • ^ ',. <»-'i.t •.• -•• . t . ...Jterta-Fana. G.c"P. Bolt bas rented the John Obtfaat--iianit 'Ooa *balf mile south of la BimM.i^ Vr^ HMt may move on tbe plaea In the spring. ' BMsaaala. • Vra. M. T. ^Veatal who suffered a brokan-anaraoBBfttime ago is recovering i^tna; thii^ liiji "7- p, ratrfittiaa iifaa in lola j'esterday. atf . ••Mid ^-jSf^ •Ba^lia ot loJa spent ONrtth Jfes. H. T. Myers, vjianf. RiOiba iptiker. of Tola, spent K> v^TSstadfy'wifb XA Hai9»-f riends. ^ SArfictaBt ^JsrenttoXa Harpe lost wadlitol ^Mi-aan; Lute; and fam- g'/'Hy.- .1 ^ Coils a Pram Says Dietb. v*l yaat paopla to know that I be- s valuable cold liver oil the beat body-buiider, and RtrengUi-creator > today is Vinol. la my practice, and nb equal for healing broneblal troubles and ; Thiol in many cases . ..?IBal-^ssiniliaUon. and JWIM have no appetite, ^ and run-down, with fUiXmata. I have also found to the aged, to be well worthy endorse* . Atlanta, Ga> injurious drugs, contain peptonate ! the medicinal, cura- ^ilUm tmb «oda' , - !*v*W of on to npaet imr havaiheir money returned ». B. BBireU, Orugstat. ratnroed to her , after <| fWr daya «BA i«latlffaa.;r-Bitr>^ OUTITIG FLANNEL QOVTNS. Women's Outing Flannel Oowns in cream color with blue and grey atripes priced at 7ff^. 9U 91.25. 01.50 Women's White Outing Flannel GownR buton bole stitch edged and braid trImmM, priced at • 91.85 and 91.50 Women's Miialln Gowns embroidery frimmnd worth |I,(K) and 11.25. . . Choice 80<! Women's Gowns worth GSc, special price 47 1 Local view post cards 3 for St CHRI8TMA8 UXBRBLLA8. Specl9) sale of Christmas Umbrellas, gold pinted handles $4.50, $4.7G and IC.OO Umbrella on sale for IRI.iO $8.60 and $3.75 gold handle Umbrellas on sae for 92.70 11.GO Silk Slips for net waists neatly trimmed with vat lace edge, colors pink, blue and white; special price ••ach 91.10 l)at <Rto 9>II >B for net wahtts. colors pink. Iiliip and white, special 45^ Good i|ua11ty Olankets, a pair.. 45^ PITB.S Fl'KS FI'RH Flat Neck Coney Fur satin lined, special price 91.75. 91.0.'S. 9)^.04) 98.50. 98.75, 93.CK). ^ 9.S ..50 94.85. 94.50 "D t« 987.50 K)at Mat Natnral Fur Muffs with head and tails, priced at 95 to 925 Other Muffs at 91.50 to 94.50 Women's light and dork plaid Coats worth up to $8.60; choice 9 !l .49 Women's long black .'VIelton Coats trimmed with velvet and lirafd .•special price for this sale 94.39 A tew Rain Coats for children in blup only, a |1.2G value, rliolce ..49^ CHILDREN'S TAMOSHANTEK CAPH Chlldren'K red and blue bear skin caps, tani o shanler style, C.'>c value on xule for -.. 42^ 85c red. blue, brown and grey wool tain o Hhanter Caps, special price.' choice 59* 9.'ic Krey bear 8kln Capo on sale ,19* 11.2D white and brown bear skin tarn o shanter Caps on eale for 89* Ladies' Coat Swoaters In white anil Rrey. priced at ^a^W. »3..'50, 95 and «.';..'iO NE.'HO CORSETS. No. 314 Self Reducing Corset for Hliort walsted stout women, short under arms. IUHK below waist line. low Dust, price 9:1.00 Thompson Glove Fitting Corsets In latest approved styles, price 9I.<H> to 9:J.50 Kabo Corsets lead them all In fit. style and wear, latest approved models, priced at ;'H1,0» to S.^i.CM) Clirli'lin.ia Post t'ani.H, eaob ...1* Oozen 10* ^arm Un^orw^ for Cold Days Aat RtUngr giimenb for ail weather. Munsing—the ntihe that I for supremacy in the undenrear Hnc-rmeans fit wear and fooks. s4tiifaction in tnrcc suits of Morning than in half a doztn Marof the omlnary Wnd. Try it. " I Ught or heavy weight Mun- f ^^fuits at 91.00. 98.00. 93.00. ktfnnsiag Union Suits in grerJoi^Jaam colored, price ^pr65^.75e and 91.00 V«f Children's 60c and 66c PnMMtaita in oneita-style, aize 4 to lO ^ba. JXrtce 30* . ^^MapfA Union Suits in cream .col- or«['j|Qf:-all slses. price gar- Tofsy 'Hosiery for women and chil- dnn .1 85« Hum or heavy weight, price :.".10. 15. 85. 35 ahi So* Children's School Shoes made of strong wear resisUng;.leather good substantial soles, well put together, shoes that give satiafactory wear and look neat, size 8\i to li; price 91.25 SisellVi to2.prlce 91.50 • Women's Heavy or Light So'.e Lace Shoes, size 3 to 7. price 91.50 WtMuen's iMitton or lace Shoes, heavy soles, low. comfortable heets, price;... r.:. .:. ...'. 98.00 Women's fleece lined Rubbers, extra quality; also women's fleece Atas- kaa,-price pair 91.00 Wbmon's House Slippers In black and colors, fur trimmed. Price 91.00 and 91..lO Great sale of Yarns and Knit Goods Saturday, Monday, Tuesday Angora or Kltt.v Hoods, all sizes, white or grey, regular price 11.00 and ll.r.O, special price 79* and 91.19 One !Dt of Boy's Caps in black and Rrey. values up to 7.^)C. choice while they last 10* Wliite and black Knit Pant l>eg- glns for children, size 1 year to .1 years, e .lc and 7r»c values, choice 5J)* Hlack Jersey Pant l^gglus, part biitun. size 1 year to years, worth ll -'iO. special price .T.'i* Children's Knit Petticoats In all t coiors at special prices ! GGc Knit Petticoats 50* 8.-1C Knit I'ettlcoats 65* 11.«0 Knit Fetllcoals 79^ 11.a.". Knit Petilcoiits 98* ^^dpin thlf December Sale of Woolen Uresa Goods we offer values that ^|Mnt tt> appeal to the thrifty shopper. You'll find unmatchable prices rinibHps that ar«'iiitlie.lieJtht of their season—dress goods you'll pay a fourth' to a third more any other lime. Bicli finislied colored Broaddoths, 52 inches wide, regular $1.25 Q(^n valne; navy, Coveiiliagen, green, red, lan, brown and gray. Special, yd.. Qg\i 42-inch Panama in black and brown, &0o value on sale 35« 36-lnch Panamas in all wool, colors blue, black and brown, 60c.' value special price' a yard 39e Cotton Suitings in li^t and dark colors 28 inches wide, worth nhic to 26c yard; special price for this sale, yard 14* Kimona Cl^ S« inches wldr, in Ji^t oriental and floral patterns, worth 20c yard., apectal price, yard ....VSH^ One lot of dark red. green and brown suitings S4 to 36 inches wide, regular price 60e and 66e yard, special price, yard 35* • Brown and green Bear Skin, worth. 12.26 yard, special price for this sale, yard.... 91.69 Fleeced Cotton Dress Goods, suitable for house dresses 27 to 30 inches wide, worth JO and 12)^0 'yard, special price a yard 8M« One lot of Children's Worsted School Dresses, age 2 to 8 years oolQr.;blue, red and green, in plain ; colors and plaids, $1.25 values on sale for 89* Fleeced KImonas In cream cotor with pliik, blue and grey patterns, worth 65c. Choice 47* Prey Plaid and stripe Cloak- ingsi 66 Inches wide, heavy weigbt worth $1.00 and $1 .3& yard; special price for this sale, only, 50* 62-inch Herringbone Stripe Panama in blue, brown, green and red. fl.OO value on sale for 60* Fancy Silks in light and dark blue, tan, green, black and red stripes, on light ground 19 to 24 Inch silks worth |1,00 and |li!6 special price, yard 69* New Tailored White Waiats made of poplin and mercerized walatinga, special values at 91.50. 98.00 and 98..50 25c Colored Woolen Dress Goods 81* 60c Colored Woolen Dress Goods 41* 6Sc Colored. Woolen Dress. Goods 47*. 75c Colored Woolen Dress Goods 54^ 86c Colored Woolen Dresa Goods 68* $1.00 Colored Woolen Dress Q. 7Q* 11.25 Colored Woolen Dress O .-^SO* S1.S(^ Colored Woolen Dresa O. 91.10 11.75 Colored Woolen Dress 0. 01.38 12.00 Colored Woolen Dress 0 .||1.65 $2.60 Colored Woolen Dress G. 98.19 2Sc Black Woolen Dress Goods 81* 36c Black Woolen Dress Goods 25* 60c Black Woolen Dress Goods 48* 65c Black Woolen Dress Goods .'SO* 76c Black Wotolen Dress Goods 50* 11.00 Black Woolen Dress Goods 88* il .2& Stack Woolen Dress Goods 98* 11.60 Black Woolen Goods.. 91.81 11.76 Black Woolenj Goods.. . .91.39 12.00 Black Wbolen Goods ....91.69 2X\f • Pliik, blue, red and white Shawl i^clirators. extra good values at 48* 2."ic and 3^c Stocking Caps in all colors, special for this sale 21* nOc and B.^c Stocking Cai>s, all colors, .special for this sale 42* Infants pink, white and blue, twilled tennla flannel Kimpnas, 30c values on sale for 21 * Infants pink, while, and bliie elder down Kimonas. C3c quality on sale for 45* Infants' Sweaters' in all colors, special values at .10* Infants' Bootees In all colors, priced at 12, 20 and 39* Wool Golf G;o\-es In all colors, one lat at 21* One lot at ;{9* Infants' iCnit Kimonas; in .white, pink and blue, a 39c value on sale for 25* 9- Infants' Knit Kimonas in white with pink or blue edging. 50 and G5c value on sale for 42* Infants" pink and blue trimmed White Kimonas, S.'.c and ?1.00 values on sale for 69* $1.25 Ifnit Klmonus for infants. fleece lined, pink, blue and white, buy them during this sale, choice 89* I $1.05 Wool Knit Infants' Kimonas, edged w'ith blue or pink silk, speeiai-' price for the three day's sale 91.29 One lot of .\l! ;e<l Yarns worth up to lOc a. skein, clsolce 3* Knit Square l-'asclnator Shawls in pink, blue,' black and white, price 25* . 3th At 8:30 a. m. C» tJ5 CO • We place on sale a large shipment of U. S. Springfield Rifles. Every one is in perfect shape, ball will penetrate 18 inch timber at distance of 100 yards. Each Rifle is fitted wiih a detachable polished steel regulation triangular bayonet, long range, adjustable sight and wind.guage. They shoot the 45-70 oalibre cartridges. Remember these are the genuine Springfield Rifles; the kind the U. 8. Saldiers used for years! But owing to the fact that the Government replaced the Springfield Rifles with another make and was obliged to dispose of the supply it had in various arsenals it was necessary to name a price that would clean them in a hurry and we were counted with the lucky purchaseri. Think of it, a Rifle the U. S govemmi^nt paid 118.00 for, now placed before you at th« .small price of 0t BBm Limit two gans to a customer. No Rifles will be sold before the morning of the sale, December 5th. Everyone satisfactory or money refunded. In connection with the above sale, we have one chest containiDg 20 U. 8. Carbines, the U. S. Cavalry Rifle, in perfect shape to offer at S3 .9Bm Also twenty U, S. Civil War muskets, not in shooting condition, but limply a relic of by-gone days. Buy one of these for ycur den—'while they hstatMfli. CO —<t qo ED" «n Mfa mra mgmnim iir the DB" WmmlmmmmHJfi

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