Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
Page 5
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Short Storierl >-rraiikfl.BMttlftV.a rkoMlM. Addren by Dlilard. Judge W. P. oniard. who 1B well known in this city, will deliver the address at the Klks' .Meuiorlal cer>^ nionieq at Ft. Scott Sunday arternoon f!itf«iiji^iAiaiM mm —Ixwk at the Our Way window. Township Officers Resign. Many of the township offlceni elected last fall are rx^8lgnlhg. J. T. Jones, elected constable In Carlyle has quitliflcd, died his bond and re signed. J. L. Skinner elctfted justice In Deer Creek, has reslKUPd. Others have <*xrircsse(I the Intention of qua! lf>-inK, niing their lioiiil a'liil then r<v Higiiin^ as soon ax posstbl^^. —Fitzgerald SUrase aipd Tranafer Co. lloBBeliuld and ptauo nATlng; latpest titan nam in city. Fboie Sfift. Finish in a Week. The contract wbifh Al Abrams and Theodore Strickland arc putting in nekr HuiiibolUt, will be finished in about a week. The bail weather has delayed th- work rtinsiduralily. --Dr. J. B. Pepper. Dentist Phone lit Took ill Addition. Brookr, AL- Jli>:fonlV. .•idilition was fn into Ui*- oily limits nf HumltoMt. County Cle-rk riilui-rtsna so notified yesterdaj-. Thi^ Iriini was aiidecl to the city in tinjt' in W i.-iiiglil for — Our Way window—lyjok at it. To Close Up Ddal. A. Ix>ren7., who piirc)iai>)>d the lula Mining and Miiliiig ronipaiiy"s interests III Arkansas, i-aniM in yfslerday to close Up the deal. .Mi-. I.orfnz livfs in .Milwaukee. BEQINNINQ »4TURD>4Y, DtCmBiR nil Suits and Overcoj^ts (?h<iice of Men's Suits and OvercoaU t TCl $12.50 and $15.00, now hat are worth •Pwj /'U Clioice of,.Men's Suits and O^'crcoats that are wortb ^AA, TR $18.00 and $20.00. now iPl^fl/, J Choice of Men's Fine Suits that are wortb $1'0.00 and Rfl $22.50. now ....qHOlUU Choice of Men's Kxtra Fine Hand Tailored Suits that ar« ^Ifl flfl worth »22.r.O and $25.00, now . .. j • • *PIOlUU Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. building. Steam beat In each room. Baths free. All Investment for You Purchase of (hose nujri»;a.t;ert on Western Karnis at. (! to S per rent. Liberal discount for cash. (;OI-DE.N' WTCST I.A.M) CO. —Watch tho Our Way window. Want tlie Whkkey Now. Reveriil years a nainl>U;r known :iH ••Hiilrh" died In AlchlKOii, leaving a rei|iiesi that u liollltf nf whiskey and a d<H;k uf ciirds he luirlcd wKli hlii). Ji'.s.'ic {'rail wiw ilml bis reijiii'sl was • arriea out, and now lh»«re I."* talk among the hums ihai ibe bolile i)f whii^key is to Ite n-scin-d fr<iiii nulrh'n I'.rave.—Ali!liisi)U CUIIM?. -The Our Way window. $3.50 for Boys' and Children's $5.00 Overcoats There are some Overcxials in this lot which would retail regularly at $C.rin and uone of them would retail regularly for loss than $&. They are tall- r.iPd In a Russian Style of Scotch CbeMat.s, Sasslniereii and Kerseys, and there are other reefer styles and long school Overcoats in the lot. $:!..10 Child Overcoat luiw ijtl.^ft Small sizes 'i to u .vears, actually worth $3.r.O, on sale SI .98 i:,M FOR BUYH< (SJM AND $1U.»0 OVERCOATS. •In the new shades, nicely made, cuffs on sleeves. In this lot you will find som* vraveuelie Overcoats on sale JW-OO $9.75 for $12.50 Guaranteed Cravenette l^aincoats Priestly is/known from .Mainn to California as a maker of Cravenette cloth guaranteed rain proof. These Raincoats are of black thlbet craven- eted by Prieklly, and come 52 to 54 indies long, with Venetian yoke and sleeve lining. Then there are also Priestly Craven«tte.'« in this lot of new gray-striiied tweeds and Scottli mixtures—al! sizes froiu 'M to 44. S9.7S Men's Fancy Dress Shirts, cuffs attached, regular $1.00 and $1.2ri value, at sr ^t Bars^ains for the Boys Choice ot Youns Men 's Suits sod Overcoats tbat are worth tf ^jJE .All $7.60. now tffUlUU Choice of Toung Men'q Suits and: Overcoats that are wortb Bfl , $10.00, now ^...JpIillO^ Clioice of Young Men 's 'Suits that are wortb $12.50 and d^Q 7R $15.00, now ..JlPa*AJ Choice of Extra Fine Yonng Men's Suits that are wortb, $18.00 and $20.00. now Fine Cashmere tialf Hose Tbe time has come nojsv to put on heavier Half Hose. Here are some of cashmere that are light weigbt but.| warm; tbey won't fill your shoes up. We bave them in natural color, tan. black, oxford, gray, blue and mixed, at per Rair 35* Half Hose, 2 Pairs for 25c The socks tbat are most in demand right now are plain tans, plain blues, plain grays and green and. oxblood. We will offer all those klnda-^-; tremely good wearing: Socks at 2 pairs for 25c. They are of good quality and warm. And big values at 2 pairs 25^; ,WU3iDEBH0SE._guaranteea_thi!M months withourdarning,''per' box' fft \ BOISVUIOIEBirEAS. ^ / 25 dozen. Boys' Fleece Lined Under' Sfrear,( sbirtB and drawers, worth, >be irorI4,over 2&c; while tbey last,, per csma &t ..>....154 Men's Winder. Underwear Many $1 and $1.50 Kinds, 69cV Some of the Shirts in this.lot are wool. Others are wxjol with 'plnrfi' fleece back, heavy w«ighls In. nattutal wool color or cream or dark tan. Tite drawers matchi the tan shirts.-, Sizes 34 to 46. Wo bought the Shirtis low becaoaa thern were no drawers to go witli. theui. Wfe bought the drawers low^ because there were no shirts to Willi them. That is the reason tSiat yoii may come hero and boy gar-^.' nii^nts no one of which is worth leeS; than $1 and nuiny are worth $1.50. st' ?ach 69>^ t^^^l Heavy Fleece Lined Underwear ttatv sell regularly for 50c and 63c, all sizes.' shlrta and drawers to match .. .39^^. Men's extra heavy: weight fine qtrtil-' ity fleece Underwear, worth 75c on . sale I.... 49e .. i.- M m -i4 Mm. Rcnienl Here. .Mr:;. .M. lieiiieiit of Ottawa visitiil liisl iifKlit ill iola oil tbe way to Ut- l.'tvva.I'iiiiii a lrl|j in the uf the I loyal •Neighbors lodge. —Si-e (be Our Way window. Don*t Get Caught Napping Don't lei yniir friend band you a nice I'liristiuas pre.>-ent and then not bave sonielliiiit; lo j,'iv.' in relnrii. Il«* ri-adv, be pre- jiarfJ. t;ur ;;iin' is already full i>f ^;lIitalIle Kifis for all \\'.- lay it .'iway fur \ mi now aiiil let .\tiiir mind rest i-.-isy. Leffler, IS* Jeweler T Great Western Land Co. FOR KESfT. I''iiic cottage north side of town, IV^i .are of land, with fruit, ci.siern. u i'.i;<>d limiie. I'DUr mom liouse with barn. Two room bouse, cii^- water. Two furnished rGoins close in. for luiUMekeeping. Three go<jd farm for rent. See us .-tiNiiit ibein al once. #FOK SALE. The Hankins (arm north of town Willi ;;o acres land. Two ICO-acre farms in Scott county, Kas., with wheat ci'oiis^ Ml uf tbe best farms in Allen county'. $2ii to $:iri per acre. We don't charge $1.1 to $25 an :icie fci," celling. See lis for .'square • l.'al:', and KOud trades. FOR TKAHK. Seven four ruoiii in iola for far'!!. Two cis;lit room excellent leiilert-. _ IVirly acres well improved for lo'.a n-uideiice. '.'.'2<S acre.s In Scott county (nr lulu iiroperly i^r land In Allen i-oiiiity. List your farms with u« for sale or rent at oiiie. See its for anything ill real ebtale deals, aioney to tiiaii nn farniH nr city property. See fur tickets to the old country. —Always Ums to sat at Oar War. Rev. Hamilton to Y. M. C. A. liev. liumllton. who is conducting evBiigelhitlc services at the First M. K. church, addressed the members of the Y. .M. C. A. Bible class night before last on Character Building. Rev. Hamilton made one of tbe most forcible talks tbe class has ever had an oi>portunIty to hear. Over 60 members heard the address. This la the largest attendance the class' has en- Joyed so far this season. W^ANTED AT OLATHE .SherifTs Force ArreNts R. M. .HHls Wuniwl for VIolatlnfr Probibltory Law—JVas at La IiHr]>e. —The Our Way window. .HaryN fat. Mary had a little cat. its coal was white and gray; and Mary used to loaf around to watch the critter play. The cat Imagined It could slug, and kept the welkin hot, until a neighbor got a gun, and filled it full of shot. \W\en Mary saw her Utile cat all riddled, torn and hacked, she pranced around the neighborhood, and read the'riot act. And when her grief had died a'u-ay she used that luckless cat, with Biindry feathers off of birds to! decorate her bat.—Walt Mason. R. M. Mills, lately of Olatlie, was working among Mie boulders at the fluarrles of the United Kansas Port{land Cement company last evening when bo was suddenly confronted by Under Sheriff A. L. lioatright. "You will have lo go with me, I ;,Mi03s," said the officer. "Have you a warrant?" asked Mr. Mills who seemed reluctant to lay down his toiils and accompany the under sheriff. "No, but there is a warrant out for you, up In Johnson county, and tbe .Named After Ufa. A fcoodmany girl babies al lo.'a are named after the town.—Eniiiorla Gazette. JtMSt Two Old Men But, Oh! Whala You see it every day— DDC old fellow smokiug his pipe in comfoit and Ukitig it easy; tHe otliHr with a pick or shovel, digging for enough to EAT un tii death or the p^or house, relieves liim, MAN, STOP and THINK. Which will be your lot a'. JyOy It i.s a serious question—what will you do about it? The oijly way to have moaey when you're old, is to save it while you're yonng. Don't you .think about the mott sei ^sihile thing you cotiM do would be to start a small bank account ripht now, and add to ii little by littlr? Really, 'lon't yon? A dollar or two will do. StatB Savings Bank Mrs. Brauchanp Is Thaakfsi. Mrs. C. I. neanebamp. 403 South Huckeye. who has been very il( for eleven we «kB. thanks the friends and neighbors who have assisted In tearing for her and the Kraternal and Ro.val Xetgbbor ItKlgea tar the beautiful flowers sent and the concern nrenlfested. Mrs. Oliver Metzger, of Iowa, a sister of Sirs. Beauchanip. who has been here caring for Mrs. Reau- 'Jiamp, has returned home. .Mm. Beau- '-•hamii is slowly gaining in strength. Tliere will be no 8er\'ice» at Ssint h>hi»'s church ihl.* evening. A Milk Ordinance. Tl|n city council last evening dectd< ed III defer (lie mailer of adopting a milk'ordinance iiutll after the tuber culoals convention to he held at Topeka within the next few days. Pure Pood Inspector A. O. Pike was at the session last evening and stated that he desired the council to tioMttMine the milk Ordinance until he couSd procure :i copy .of the WJehlta ordinance. Dr. I Payne wjll attend the Topeku cnn- :;ress, he' having represented the city 3t Washington In tbe same cafiadty not long ago. Tbe city expects to enact an ordinance atrlctly^ re.^latlng the sale of milk here, and all milk sellers who.a^ll impure milk will be arrested and proaecuted.—Fn. Scott Tribune. ' . " -Dn. Latkrevw OalsMall lona Waa Ihs. Plieae 4« F. P. Oelona Waa Here. F, P. Delone of iDdependenee waa In the city yeatwtay rMUag wiUi Mrs. Delpne who is] taking treatnent at St. John's hospital. —Look at Uie Our Way window. lalMKf Bey b lamrevtati: Marshal Lasier.' the Ore year old M of Attoraei J. Mrshm Uamt, who /bSdir SCIMMV I LOTS OF BOOKS FOR BOYS itU titles Iloratla Alger's, ornamental cloth covers, good print. 50c; our iirice 20c 40 titles Henty Series, uniform cloth binding, all kinds of stories, r>Oc; our jirlte 20c 10 titles Young People's Library . Juvenile stories, Mc; our prlco 20c 12 titles Kover Hoy hooks. Including thu lfi08 one at..riOc 43 lilies Yiiuni; Penjile's Famous American scries, 7r>i*; our price &0c 40 titles The CaHllemnn Hooks, bGauiKully tiound and IIIUB- trated books for real live boys, 7&c: our price Cue 6 titles Motor lioy Hooks, up to dale and very interesting; our price COc 8 titles Cu|il. Honehlll sports- ' man scrle^i, 7:>c; our price 60c 100 titles in the flood Old books. Indian siorleit, natural history .classics. Juvenile flctloii, as chca|i as you can get them anywhere. The story lite of Lincoln. Just out, one of the best and most Interesting books aliout Lincoln, price, net , ...$1.75 Harper's Out of Door book, tells how to make all sorts of thlngo for out door enjoyment, fully illustrated, best book of iu kind, $|.7S; our price $1.50 The Uncle Remu.^ Books are very po|iular again. We have them. tola's Book Store sells as cheap as yon can buy anywhere ^. this part of Kansas. klierirf of (list county will reail it tO' you." was the officer's answer. Here un argument took place, brief (uie. however, as to tbe propriety uf a prlRouer accompanying an officer who hasn't the v/arrant with him. Mr Houtrfglit grew eloquent and persuaded M'^lls in u short time that it was !o lil-i advantage to "come along." .Mills is wanted iu Olathe for violating the prohibitory law. Sheriff Sleede of Johnson county, heard several days ago that Mills wa.s in this ccunty. Jailor Hoover Kerr "took up the h'cent anil located tbe man at La Hnrpe. Mills seems to have learned at the time that he was being .hunted and kept out of sight but the shertfrs force .soon located him. ."^Jot long ago he bought property in La Harpe. and according to the Johnson county officers, sent his family there.' he going around through Missouri and across to La Harpe. He denies his guilt and saj's he will have no trouble in securing his release. - —iBsIst ea havlag 'ni. S." Ilav. A DIFFERENCE IN PRICE. Water Up Town, 25c Per Tank; tin East Iola, 12>/2C. 'I want to buy a tank of water," a man said, steplNng up to the wicket at tlie city clerk's office In the city building a few days ago. "How much will it cost?" "Twenty-five cents." Charles E. jWendorff. clerk, replied. I "Too much." the man said, "1 can 'buy it for l2Vj cents In East Iola." ••All right." Mr. Wemlorff answered. "thai':f our price here." The mail looked iiuxzlfd. "Don't you suiiply the east end With water?" A^i "Yes." ';WelI, what cauws the difference In 'price?" That's the nuesilon that Clerk Wendorff asked the council last night in relallng the Incident. A cdmmltteo will try to nnd out. > —rsnHlaghsm A Araett, t per eeat 'noney.: SLOWER THIS YpAR Preple Nat Flsvlair Taxes BapMly This Year-^lmi Half Ends December SOth. About $16,000 less In taxes had been paid December first than woa paid a year ago December first. On December first of this year $51,911.27: had been paid, while by Decemher first i of 1!»07. $52,977.10 was paid. Ffawerer.l this year the Katy paid its taxea,'{ which reached approximately |10,OttO, before December first, while laet y^ they did not |iay until later, shdwing that people, are really paying, their taxes much slower than last ypar,- A year ago the panic was on and-piipple rushecj their money out' of the ^ks and paid their-taxea. i':'^-On the' 30Ui at thW nionth the Qcst half bt tbo tax paying seasqit endS-ftiU persona who have not - pal4. hr '-lhiM. ^e will be subject toa 6 r "" tjmttjf when lAajr 49.9i |M .fD> NOW BE If You Waste Gas, the M#ter Mail Will Get You If You Ofn't Look Out • IconSio^* who are Itioeili Tho meter system for gas era, tliat Is, the consumers wastcfal with gas, may he ' in Iola soon. The city have become convinced that It business to.hussana the gas are going to take stringent to see that it is done. "It's remarkable how waa waste gas," an official sa&S.ln; inig to the council last night.;, ed a certain place yeatenUaF.<a ed in. The gas name 'Sniae-'shopUhg high up into the pipe. TkA ^ibonr was almost suffocating with flib escaping gas." " 'Why don't you turn down the gas little?'" I aakedkT' '"Oh-, it's COM to the back part of the room and anyway It don't oost any.more to bum it that way than it does to turn, it dowo.^" With this and other Instances as a text the members oC the council discussed the matter at some/ length and decided to warn consumers who waste gas through the hQadVot the ga» department. J J —Get your Candy at Muj\dis. ' If you are contemplating "tha erecUon of a monoment or t^.: let, cat! and see ^r sew and' up-to-date stock of Fbrdign and'- American Graniteai We carrr the Ibest that can b» obtained on the market. Our shop is: equipped with a new cc«npres8>i ed air lettering machine for letT? terlng and traci.Qg. Our prices-, are the very lowest for flrsf^ class work. Cair and. see uf AiA get prices. We want yonr HSisi- Bess. ' \~Sr' J.C.GOFFSLD&S <Hr FhoneUSS. 220 West St,-: •-^^Lowney'a and Lyon's Candy-at Mtudla- drug store. - JosUce Potter in Office. ' ^ C. S. Potter, Justice of the peaesh was able to go to his office down towa. v today. Judge PoUer was strkfeir^ with acute stomach trouble at nooa reaterdajr and was taken to his hands' la a cab. M3tg par etBt ttoney; no Sloa: ao dalay^ iftnltlt * A polUihed oak DlnioK Table,' regnlarf 12.50.'.'..^..^9.0p^ Six styles to select from. A polished oak Buffet, 18x40 Mirror, regnlor tzs..$t6»00' Si K styles offered at Itke redactiqiu.: ( An Oak Rocker, wood or leather seat, regular $4.25 at.... , A dozea tb select from. Our Store is full olbeautifoland n»efttl^p«efl(>nts embnc-'^ lug Brass and' Iron Beds, Dresstrs^- CUffltteieres,: Dining • Tables, Parlor Suites, I<eather dockets. •Coucha, the' best^^ Kitchen Cabinets mannfacttired. We are open nights and it is a pleastU« to show goods. 7 .At • 1

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