The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1950
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APRIL V, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ANPA President Nils Sex Crime Nation's Moral Fiber Threatened, Executive Says NEW YORK, April 27. Iff)—Edwin 6. Friendly, president ol the American Newspaper Publishers Assocr iatlon said yesterday that Increas- Jnjf sex crimes "imperil the moral t of our nation," ' 'oday the sex maniac Is on the rampage," Friendly said. "The depraved'sex criminal has replaced the kidnapper as a threat to the peace of'mind ol the prrenU ot America." In an address prepared for a general meeting of the ANPA's 64th annual convention,. Friendly urged the newspapers of America to "help law: enforcers curb these heinous crimes." • Rape Reaehet High Friendly, vice president of the New York World-Telegram and Sun, said 'rapecases in the united States ' Have reached an all-time high—increasing 100 per cent In the last 15 years,'and 50 per cent over prewar years. "Most frightening of ail." he. asserted, "is" the fact that most of the victims are children." -, Referring to long-standing controversy over the extent to which newspaper's should report sex crimes. Friendly quoted FBI Chief J. Edgar • Hoover as saying r»ws- papers should play up sex offenses to put the spotlight on offenders, but should withhold names of victims. Friendly added: " "The. newspapers , of the nation have never been sq leamlsh in reporting the news—in putting the honest facts before the public. They to hedge in this Last Days for WARD WEEK Swings! SAT. "STICK CLOSE TO YOUR DESK AND NEVER GO TO SEA .. ."-You can be the skipper ot Experimental Lightship 99 without tea ot getting your f«et wet In fact, without even leavings. »hore. The 99 is the only one of 37 Coast Guard Ugntahip* that has no crew aboard. Operated entirely by remote control, the lightship has been undergoing extensive tests at the Coast Guard Yard.- Curtis Bay Md scene of this photo. Conventional lightships carry crews of at least 17 men each. Spunky Woman's Parachute Jumps Overcome Her Physical Handicap Hal Boyle . SEATTLE —M'j— To some people a physical handicap Is a death of the spirit. To others it is only a spur to victory. There is a woman here whose life story is a living example of the truth that a courageous heart can j _ Then^ she rise above any affliction. She !s ' * Mrs. Emil Mehline, better known cannot afford jrave matter. Must Fifht Menace •Jtet us bacic up wugri legislation and undlmlnished policing with forthright and courageous journalism to help eliminate the serious menace ot the sex criminal." . Friendly told the publishers meeting on the second day of their three-day convention, that a vita question-facing the American press is how to "sharpen Us vigllence' •gainst '.'insidious forces" working to "undermine our democracy." "I know that in the minds and hearts of everyone of you," he said, "is the • determination to use the all-powerful medium of honest re- .porting • and editorial reason to bring about widespread awareness of the evils ol government by directive, of the welfare state, of' sub- ildies to everyone, of Communism disguised as :Democratic Socialism, of all the Insidious threats to the principles Americans hold dear." as 1 Hildegarde, one of the leading restaurateurs of the northwest. . At .the age of nine Hildegarde— born Hilda Drahold. one of nine children of a landscape gardener— was stricken with infantile paralysis. - ... "For eight long years I had" to Hildegarde "then started ''.selling hamburgers at a local fair. She saved up $300 and started her first restaurant/ which mehued~Tthose were the days!—a 25 cent turkey dinner. She did all the cooking and tablehopping herself. ... , led a larger restaurant near McChord Field, and likes to remember how once a 'general helped her wash dishes at 5 Trumann Child s of Burns JONESBORO, April 27. ffi — Billy Joe Settlemlre, one year old •on of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Settlemire of Trumann, died in •» hospital here yesterday of burns sut- • fered Tuesday morning at his home. A kerosene burner exploded when the baby's father used coal oil to ,it»rt a fire. . : Settlemlre, 31, was also burned on both legs from the hips down. , He U confined to. the hospital here, where his condition Is described as ' wear a plaster cast from my hips to my neck," she recalled. "But it made, me determined to lead a normal life—to be like other girls."Jumps from Plane .When she was 17 she drove with some friends to the Tacoma air r field. "Stub" Campbeli, an oldtime daredevil who wanted a new -stunt to thrill crowds at\a forthcoming Fourth of July afr show, asked the group of spectators: "Is there any girl here daring enough to make a parachute jump?" "I will." volunteered Hilda. And Jump she did—from S,000 feet. "I-was still supposed to be wearing my cast at the time," she said. "But I wanted to prove to my six brothers I could do something they couldn't. I didn't get paid for it, but someone passed the hat and collected $21." * Made 26 Leaps . Tn the'next two years she made 26 parachute jumps in barnstorm-' ing tours with such fliers and stunt men as Campbell, "Tex" Rankin and-Jimmy DoolitUe. The most she ever earned for a jump was.$50. "My second Jump was the worst," she said. "In those days the'chute o'clock In, the • morning. Restaurant • Chai Today she and her husband, Emil a rnechanlcal -engineer, plan chain of west coast restaurants featuring fried chicken prepared by her iown secret' formula: They alsc have formed a iirm to market pre cooked frozen chicken -on a na tional basis. "All my dreams are coming true," said Hildegarde,'a pleasant, blonde, blue-eyed woman in her mid forties. Unable to have children herself," she has adopted two. Hildegarde still is in . recurrent pain from the'after effects of her childhood ailment, but she has schooled herself never to show it. "Many people think a handicap s a detriment to them," she said. 'Mine was an asset. I made It into one. I kept telling myself that if I developed my personality and learned to be nice to everyone that I'd overcome this handicap I knew I would have all my life." And she said Her illness taught her one thing more: "I never say 'can't.' I just don't believe In it. No one can afford to let himself go—or to give way to self-pity. People who do that can never win over their handicaps." Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't be embarrassed by loose false teeth sLL pjilng. dropping or wobbllnj . cat. talk or laugh. Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH on you when you plates This pleasant powder „ retnarXable eense of added comfort am security by holding plates more firmly No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feel Ins. It's alkaline (non-acid) Get FAS TEETH at any drug store. Red Rubber Worm It Good Fish Bait TITUSVIIi,E,.Pa., April 27. (&)— John Drozdo—a man who spends his winters trying to out-figure fish and his summers putting his ideas Into practice—says he's found the best bait of all. / ..Using .strips of red rubber from an automobile inner tube Tuesday, he caught ten brown trout^the legal limit. And they were all 13 to I6'inches J long. ."Boy," _brozdo exclaimed, "that red rubber is the stuff I It wiggles more like'a worm than a worm!" ' . was tied to the wing, and when you leaped your weight broke the lacing and-opened the parachute. '.'I Jumped, but the lacing failed to break. I was too light. For 20 minutes I dangled a few feet below the wing while the plane circled the' field. Finally' "Stub" climbed out on the wing and tore the lacing loose with his hands. That released the chute and I floated down and landed 'in a cottonwood tree. "I was too dumb to be worried then. I thought maybe that was the was supposed to happen." Strapping Snaps In 1928 the strapping on Campbell's chute snapped during a routine jump, and he fell to his death. That ended Hildegarde's career as a stunt girl, too. Her mother made her quit. "Of course, I' had no business making the jumps tmyway, as the paralysis had left me with a twisted back," she smiled. ^During-1949 in the U.S., more rob- ^ries. burglaries and auto thefts occurred In the winter than in the summer. Larcenies were lower during the first part of the year and reached their high point In the late fall and early winter. TREND CUTS 6REASE NERVOUS STOMACH ALLIMIN«TW dintn«.iiir ijmpton of "nerroua »tom»ch"—hem»ir«M mft«r me«l». belching. Moating uxi colic dtu to •!»«. ALLIMlNh»«be«n!ici«nlific»lljt<»li!d ijdoctou «nd f<KMid highly e(T«ctir«. World 'am ooa —more thwi • % billioo wtd to date. ALLIMIN Garde.Tablets Stewart Drug Store Klythevillc. Ark. >*". &s -fir pri ce TryTtEND MlWttfKM »H«r. You'll marvel at suds that last and last. ..and glassware that is left so free of film it shines like crystal without wiping. Bay TREND today at this bargain price. TREND h filly |Mn«tt«4 to do a faster, better job of washing greasy dishes, pots and pans than any dishwashing soap you can buy— or double your money back. If you are not entirely satisfied, return the unused portion to your grocer. He is authorized to refund double your purchase price. - ^ gentfe bleach r SALCf J^CSJSVS OR DOUBLE TtXJR MONET BACK! * • ' TREND, the scientists say, has the finest'grease-strftiping'action ever developed. It gets right under the grease on dishes, pots and pans- right under dried egg and cereal — strips it off like magic. Prove it. yourself. Buy TREND today. MILDERTHAN PURE SOAP Patch tests, made on women's skin, show that TREND is milder for j/onrskin th'an the purcstsoap. And why not? TREND is neutral. Imagine a dishwashing suds that cuts grease faster than any soap made...yet actually babies your heads! SAVE OVER 20% NOW •/ TOP QUALITY BLINDS ; ^ IS to M h. wU*, •» M fc.k»* ' . -iMfc// mill rwt, • Enonwf finUi wont tHp er crwcW Enjoy lop quality, all-lie*! throughout your Horn* now at a sav- mgs of more than 20% I Flexible ile»l jlati ore especially treated to mU nut and Smooth, batod-en •nomel finish won't chip er crack I Decorative dint-free box-head «en- ceab precision-built mechuniem. REG. 7.95 CURiTWIST WOOL BROADLOOM v 99. I? ond 15 fl. onJ 37 h. wUMi/ Save wbitantiolry now on worxUrfgl •o|id-color broadlobm oit-IOHW*r for wall-to-wail carptlhig : or, rvgil Hubby textured, 1 tightly twhted, oM— wool-pile surface . .. hides footprints i . . i« slow to show s«UI Decorator eolortt grey, green, beige and.ree*! . • 9xl2ft.»iie,Re9.9J.40,NowM.S* REG. 189.95 FRIEZE 3-PC. LIVING ROOM' 169 88 • N*w "Luxury" Frfen Sale priced for Ward W««kl Modem two-cushion itylt tofa arid roomy chairs . . . covered in >m6rt> new French Knot Jacquard Friez*. Up- holitery h expertly tailored . . :' w leded hardwood frames and trim.' Comfortable coiE iprjrig back oM ba». Choke of fo«hren-fioftt eotenl 21.99 1NNERSPRING MATTRESS Here's real innerspring comfort at a 1788 low jale pricel Sag-resisting outer-roll Uf, edge, 1 BO resilient wire coilsl •(.«•_. 0.4, • Companion Platform Sprina... ,*"" ""* RIG. 59.95 DURAN ARM SOFA BID Ml-iized, modem lofa bed now sal* priced . . . opens into luxurious Inner- tpring bed in seconds. Dvroble Top- estry coverj double dowellnd frame. U.,W,,JLT

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