Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
Page 4
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i ^^pit •ri4 »t|i0ia ;i &iiM«. PMtoa<M. H :'Mrntidas BiitM Kid* KnowB oa > ifliL Gu CJty, IU7M* rJlIe ftr laHatpft, ' )M WMk... 10 cflDta ^D«.Month....... 44 eenu .Due Tear.. t6M By Mlfl. fliar TMTi btUe coutr- •. ^ t8.M »«e yeur Mtsli* eouty fijN nira »Montt», Is sdranc* $1.00 One Uontii, in advance**. 44 •fnciAL pim^cm OP BIS- L- II -aaggJBg • . • •! ' = BoBlneM Office ------ 18 Bdltorial Boon ------ «2 EOitORIAL CORRESPONDENCE. Washington, D. C. Nov. 28: My last letter was'trritten the day I start- e/] South to look over the forest situation in the Southern Appalachians with a Weir to getting information which might be useful In the consideration of the bill now pending to create a. forest reserve in this region. Returning now after iseveral days 6f railroad rldiifg< and foot tramping through the mountains of Virginia, •Vorth Carolina and Tennessee I feel as if the time had been well spent aH it has given me an understanding o( the situation which could not ;>os- slbly have been obtained In any other way. ' While it is not likely that this question of purchasing large >iractB of mounuin land in the Southern States nnd in New Bngland has excited gen- <frflj Interest In Kansas yet it hat bfen so much discussed in magazlnet anil newspapers that the readers of The Register are doubtless more oi. less familiar with the proJ>'rt. Tiu<> may bo Interested therefore lu know ing that the emergency which pronuit pd tlie suggestion of Covernnionf In terferenee does not seem to tne sr sreat or imminent a.s it has been reji rr -SHnted to be. The forests have nol been and are not-being can-les.sly de!» troyed. the agricnltiiral lands havi not been so generally ruined by eros ion. and the streams have not been so' filled up with gravel and silt as J had supposed. Furthermore it seems clear to me after studying the situa tion on the ground that if these con ditions prevailed to a mu^h greater extent than they do the proposed plar of Governmetit interference would be ineffectual. This plan has contem: plated the purchase by the Cavern- meat of the upper slopes of the moiin tains in order that the forests ui>on them should be preserved and with the idea that if this were done eroK Ion would cease and the streams therefore would not be damaged. As a mat ter of fact we found that the lower slopes-of the mountains which have been cleare-j for farming inivposes an eroded practically as badly when the upper -slopes are still forested as when thtey are bare. On the other hand we found that when the lower slopes re malned forested, the upper slopes could be denuded without any danger. In othef word.s It Is the lower and not tl:e upper slopes that need to be protected. But this caji not be done without practically do nopulating - large section.^ of country because It is upon thp.<»e lower slnpcs that the people make thoir farms and earn their bread. We found also that when by reason of.erosion a farm had to be abandoned nature very prompt ly reseeded it and in a few years the forest came back, protecting the land aa effectually as before. The condl tion. the'rcfon' .is one which seems to carry Its own remedy. \S'hen thf forest la cut off and after a few years of farming' the soil la partially wash THE ESQUIMO eats blubber. The lumbermen cat pork. The Norwegian fishermen live on cud liver oil. Tiiesc people are constantly exposeil to cold and physics! strain. Experience lus tauslit them thai i¥alty foods <<ive W'^i'mth and inourishment. ,For those who imve cold and thiji 1 }odies, or are tlireatened with consumption or any wasting disease, there is no fat in sc digestfljle and pabtable a form as Scelt'aEniiilslon Ptiysictans prescribe it. S5trjl tbl* admtttcnwnt. luanlicr yi-Hh ii»me ol taxKT in whicb il ».vff*n. YM-T aJutm ^nd /our <cn(» to cover pMUi.'c K-C oil) .<c:iJ you a 'Tjjuipteu lUnJy All.* ol the Work!" :: s SCOTT.&DOWNE. 409 P«!l StreeU New Y«rit f ed away, abandonment^ necenarllr fol -j Iowa and tbto the foreat cornea back. It la hard to aee bow the Oovem* tnent, it It owned the I^d. could do anything elae than almp>>- (o let nature, repair the waato and thla la being done ajbyhoir. We found another Im­ portant'taetor in the prablem to be that of foreat Urea., Indeed the moat enthualastic advoea^ea of the park project admitted when preaaed that If the foresta ooold be protected from fire the problem would be solved. Well It would hardly seem neceaaary for the Government to Invest millions upon millions of dollars in forest lands In. order that they may. be protected- from Are. The States cerUin- ly have Just as much authority to enforce police regulation regarding jflre In forests as they have to enforce similar regulations re^rdlng fires in the city: and nobody would think of asking the Federal Government to make an appropriation to protect a city from Are. On the whole, therefore, the situation does not seem upon actual investigation to be as serious as It has been represented. • • • Most of our time on this trip was spent In North Carolina because it ia in that State the most typical conditions exist. And in traveling through tie Tar Heel commonwealth one learns a great many Interesting things. They still use oxen down there, for example, to snake logs dovirn the mountain side, to haul their produce to market, and even to ride. "Away back In the woods" also there Is just as strong a sentiment as there ever was apparently against the "revenuers." Men whose business took them Into some of the remoter regions told me that they were fre- nuently met by men who questioned 'hem closely and who after, being sat- 'afled that they were not United States Reveniie Ofllcers told them '.hey had Interviewed them fear(ttg hat they might be and with the explication of advising them to leave tli'* ountry if they were. TIM - avi -rawe uountaIne<,>r flnds It hard In under- itand why he has not Just as gDod a -Ight. to make whiKkey out of his corn 18 he has lo nJiiKi- rider out of his »pii)i'fl. OiH- of our diiVH wax spent al Hilt- nori', the .maKniIlc<»nt ISU.OOU acre es- ate upon which Ceorgc Vanderhilt <as built a three inilllon dollar cas- !e and uiM)n wlilrh he is anniinlly mending many thousand doMars in he effort to rfi-profluce In America \n old world manor. He Is doing, it 00 on a ."real scale and with great hrewdness. his "farm" being In near- y every resnect a model of Twentieth rentury methods. He has a dairy of •"early two hundred pedigreed Jersey lows which supplies most of the. milk md cream used in the nearby city of \sheville. His poultry yards furnish nosf of the epgs which accompany -be Afihevlllian ham. Hi.s garden fur- ilshf-s the common and ordinary as •veil as the most unusual vegetable.'; in :nauy of the city markets. His forests furnish fire wood, railroad lie.s ind Rawed lumber while from his ireedlns pens are .sent some of the Inest swine that are bred anywhere in America. But oil, the trouble he 'las! The (i.iy before we were there 'lis forester received word that bavk 'n the moiintaiiiR hiinter-s were f^t- inp; Ores in the forest everv day, their -jurpo.'ifc' being to Keep his rangers busy while thpy jiroreeiled undiaturb- ?d "to hunt bis deer and otlier game •hat had found .refuge upon his pre- lervo. A few years ireo he imported n lot of Bnclish jiheasants and bred flu '.ra until thero wore some two thoii- :and birds wliirli he then set free in his woodlands. Whereupon the 'atuve of North Cnroilna passed an irt fhat no Pngllsh ))heasantx should he kIMed in Transalvanla Oouuty— atid there was not a phoasnut In that eouji- •v which Vanderhllt hal not put there! He pays ll.'i.nnr) a year tax on his house nnd tlic taxi'8 upon his other |)ropertv are admitted to be 'ilKliiT than those levb -d upon similar <>ro)i <'rty heluUKlU); to other people. It IH reasonabli' to exiiect. thnrefore that 'f In- had it to do over apaln— lie wouldn 't dn it. Hut it Is a niagnifl- rent estate, in peneral terms ten lilies wide liv flfiy inliea ImiK with a Tistte upon K that can hnrdi-.- find Its* -niiiilerimrt anywh <'re In the old wor 'd. wUli a liiiutinir lod;if> liiirli up In ih" niniinfains which cost llOO.OftO (and in which .Mr Vanderltilt has slcnt onee) iiid all that .•iiid all that. Iliil oni' •vnnd <-rK whn> will iM -rouu- (if il wlicn "r Vand>Tbilt does lie lia-^ only or ,i> li'ld. a dnugntcr. Imt tf there wi-n' ••e-e a dozen it would bi- eiiua'ly ilir- ifiill to Ki'i' what they r.nild do Willi :i(>li a white i-li'idiaiit as this pii >|)i'rtv •1 its in-csi-iil forjii uiii.-il Jilways be. One s-'v<>s a lot <if wiirry liy nut I»'•\:- ri<-ii. nm North Carolina in suite of .sonn' if tlif (lueer flilng-s If does anil In 'nite of sonw of the queer peojde who lvr> tlii-rc. is di .--tlnrtlv waking up. •Railroads are penetrating the niopn- ain.-! ii! every direction.- Mills of "vcrv sort are being esitablished. a 'iil)'ic scho ^il system which makes it >nss|l )le for every child in the State o h .i«'e at least three months of schonllr.c ever- yar. is in operation. —and th»» KeDuhlican majority is steadily increasinc! Three Republicans were elected to Congress thi.' ^ l^itaHiBBB Of Great rtance OOOOObOOOOO 0:0 o o p o (MLLl'STK.VTF.n (ATAI.OIJ FKEK O O Send us your name and address O O and we will mail at once our new O O Catalog; l»etter .still, call. O 0090000000.ooooooo A Big Purchase of Travelers' Samples SALE BEGINS AT 10 O'CLOCK Saturday Morning, Dec. And will continue until Chrhtmas 5th oooooooeooooooooo O Mull Orders TrowpSIy Filled. O O .\iij-thing pictiirnd lu-re forward- O O 'fid immediately, (it!s;:iL;e prepaid,© O i»i receipt. oC the prii->>, ami de- O O livery guaranteed: O ooobooooooooooooo iei\.'i:>. Keuulur Price $K,<MI f."..a'., uiv. . ).. u\i:>.ii: .:< I • 1 • I • •i.l.>r Keen lit r I'llti $IC..V) Cn.'.v.. ;-;K c.ii.i l-ii;.'ii tiil«fl»»»t.'t-tl *.'•.'...,I; . i;. I ,1 !-i! Ill : •. • ii..-i,r. l< 11- . No.tlD *ll,0."i. 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Ftery. aitirle is uiisiilutrly in pi-if>-(l ciiiulltioii ami at priD-s thai >till sato win I 'roiii -J., pi-r rciil in .'<0 per cinl on i'»orj dollar. . . v .T: 1 •'.i.y. ^ii Come and Convince Yourself ^-.iiii (;..IJ iil .OO lUii-.b.r Price 5J6.0O ' ?j On! . Ri -J -^Ur PnCv- $!.2i ;•. -,,1 • ..ijii < li.i'l l ''iijiit. d. l-ll;, ;;";U.-i *.fl':;li|i " •'li:.;-!:..1..i: : 1.-. I...;-...I r.. Sl.26R£g.ahrFrict 51 .75 t: Ul Kiliril ' 'ii:itt-l:tiiM- !.!i..;.r t'..{I. lii-ii Hfiti.-iii •!, I'.iiP!. No. auou ifr.lMI, U<'.;iilar I'rife I^SJIO t ;<d .i I'll;..I 'itlHfftlilf.*'! t • >«-..V in..III. 1,1 liiilclaiiio No. «01 t;oods misrej>ie>^,r.ieti. b-ii sold upon their merit ar.d ihz hunor ot otir reputation, zo'iirc a corirtoijioiif of to appreciate thss--. ivo.ndirfyl!y low prices. U you art r No Nv;l] req-'.iirc a corirtoijioiif ot va(-.:eL to appr cor.r.cisiejt. ol values m Jewel, y, you may fee! confiden': ;.f fariri<i. just -as well. it no <:'J U\ I-'il!i-d liur.tiu},' Case I•tia.-.-iiii.-t-tl '-ii .V'-ur^. Kl'.'ih Movri)it.ut. IM... ly Jr'.v.-k-i ' Jfu. 602 if- Ijcgutcr t'.-iv-c \ No. 5.'/ila OON'T OEL.AVIIi MAKE VCUR PURCHASES EA.RLY.' WE WILL '•. PUT rHErvJ AWAY UNT1I< YOU Wx \NT THSM. -i •••..I:;! U;ii>y lliiiif ! i:.i!..r Hill.-.-. l'.-:irl. ; Kt.. *t ii.i c»r I iiripti--- Xo. Ji.C $7.50 RcguUr Price SI0.09 MK Sidid (h.l.I (ifiiuii't* ])ifiiiu>ti() r'dlitrtir-! Kiln* (-III ;^Ullli• l^Ifftaiilly (*ar\t%i .Mo'.Jiitltt,'. No. ftoa i 11 .20 PvKiilar Kri« %.W ,S.-!!.I ( TV-jiiitirtil (M -iiiiiiio {lii'il-. I'lill ..f Irxl. . No. 4MI> 5'1.2:J FV. cabr ^6.00 ..-1 • I I'll!.', i'-ifc':!* t*tllt .•!.•.( .< M i;ii-,-:.l.t!j I'.irv.l S.: jO lit-ubr P.-i.v $3,00 ;.,piil tliiM ;i..-n. t KiliW 111- f. ,ir I:... i:.'iii.'i(i.iU < :ii,-.,si until.l; No. !ill fiU.-r. iJeiruhir Trie.' *M.ltil (•.-.-.v.ii (vdil V'MyA f),-P, llu..r;iiii.«~l •-:» i'-f^r*. IS KXI*L.\\,\TI(IV - .^lodrrn linslncss mel'rods laade il neeessar) for lliesc luiiiiuiarliin-rs In ilisimvi- m' their s;iiii |)!is HI:(-U Ihtir Irawitr.^ tinlshed lakiuir llie .seasuu's orders. To.du s« ul iiue ilnie iui-an('n hlit reducllan from Ihe rcifular |irir«> A l )II .'l ;l"r LOSS. lluHrur. tiie ii |i -lii-datr m:;iiul .i< iun i iiiitst iiicojialt-r Ihi 'sc losses. It's iniisiden-il t;»iMl (.iislm-ss judifiiient. T !ie lii)f snilni; we liaie made Is ntn at jour iiH -rej, ' : These iroads are nol Odtis and Knd-i, hul I'resh and l.ate S .-iiuplfs. S\v Huiiid reiii*.- Id M II any arliric »li :cli dm., not enii.e iip lu tlie Maudaid Kijuired i.y re|>ulati(Mi oi' uur i-stahlishnieut J. V. Merchant Jewelry Company KVi;i:Y .\im( i.K SOU! IS Fii.LV la Ai!\>TKKiK VNIMVKW.I, (Ilia:!."', ri.i.v i:i:irM» IIO.NKV W \\S AI.-TMII. IN KI IIA.»<KI> IJOK.S .MH'IMJUVI; .iisr vs Kt(o.nMKXi)En RIDSTHE SYSTEM OFCATASBH C^srrh is a blood disease which causes a general jnflatntnation of the inner liaitin or mucous nicntbranes of Uie body. The di.seasinjr of Xhtu) ddiertejwirfaces and tissues protluces all the well known syini>lym» of thr tttniWe».»Bch as ringing noises in the head and ears, tight, stuffy feeling in tbereia||diuigcr of'constiniptioa if the disease is allowed to remain in tlic i .i ,;:S^'S> S. cures Catarrh because it purifies the blood. It goes into and removes every particle of the catarrhal matter, uukiui; i pare, rich and healthy. Then the inflamed membranes begin ^Jignnptom disappears, the constitution is built up and health S. rids the system of catarrh by attacking the trouble at its ic^vinf thecaose from the blood, thus making o perma< entirely from health-giving roots, cffdlyiSafe and desintble medicine. year and the ni-moiiatic majority inja invuid day fur hini foi lii:. i llu" Stale was far !i--Ii)>v lli>- horiiial. • t-r. a MIK ly luiin.l nid l:iil,'' ulm ' .\nd noI»ody was cri'-vin.u' a!;ii!it il! .\l, li\ lii.-^ .•• (" I' .-; I least, the Democrats we met si-<-iiicil| ! duile as well (il.'rt.s.-I with Ilie '-'ec , \ tion of Taft .rs Ihe Repuldicaii.s were. 1 .Marked ;.ir l.'caih. , Thfy had voted for .Mr. Hryan in onlerl 'Tlmf \v:.v.< ;!•-.! ! wjt, ni-.iiU to keep their party rei-or.l <m si raii;lil i^ f;;:iv.'-\ •; 1 '-LM;;;! : hut thev had no u-w.-t.s for his de-;ln'• <- li .iiri .i> f feat. Indeed lliat se<-ins to I..- the'" h<';ii rw. and h.-i-- Iiid il.d. • general feelinR tUrouKliom the South.!'m^j'^'Md Hi. Kiiij,-'.-; :\. . Dcinoerallc .Meinhirs of fon.r'SR who; are drlftlns in fnmi that siction do;'<•'<'• 'v< Tli.- dn.-.i- 1:1. not hesitate in p<-r«inal eonverwation iiii|'i"Vfiii< 1:1 l<e),i uniil I l.:id to sav that th. r- were ::<i tears ahed 1 J-'J""*'' I'r-"iid- in w.-i.u'lii :IIMI 1 .1. ,If.«n'.l„.lr n -.iv ,iv-i .r ilii. ..!(cllnn nfil'eaHh W.IS fllll> Irsl HI id." I'lMS ir -d' I'ilii- licilds llu- viii-iilV hiMli!!-.; 1..-..11I ELECTED OFFICERS. n. A. AEfccl.^tion Had Meet liuj L.-iSt Niglit. ri.KASANT VAI-LKV. Yr- S. |-:I;c Miiriii wi'lli spent Thanksgiving: at liis iiiothir. .Mi-s. Homer .-.! r.ii- •.I - \VI!:i;:!!i-.. ..) S;:li(ii!:i! Amniil v . lod;;<' ••ii'.-ii-i! ;!i i.!- li:ivt!i-< •.-Diiii' ri'al wini I Till- i\i'lli-\s (if lolu are improving Mr. Taft. and tnanv of ih< in franUlv, , , ,, , , admk that a hreak np of the Solid;""' ''"""''^ "'1''^ ^ South at the ejid of .Mr. Taft'.» (IIKI \ adm'nlstraildiis U easllj ainniiic ili lioyKlldliiicK. I lliiiKil d;:.i-:i:-<'-;. II pi.".rata piu ;i"i.i- 111:1. Siilil iiiuli I ! .' ai all ilr.ii" sliiri'.-< .'.ilr :iMil ?liio I'lial In ill. fir.-. Old HuldierK nho fn'lowi-d Sheridan at any time durinx thi' f'ivll; War will rejoice to know that Oiiniai j A fc»l),IMIM ,Sli)l. I .\lli>ri)c\s ICii -iii- and (iale. liiia a: "'•'"'"J lerm.nli fiW-d all Iiirporlatil law .11' nincent equeslrlan inonuni.-nl wasji,, i;nH,.,| siaf.-s ..r.iil. when N « dedicated lo his n^finory he-e in s .-ars and < Iliers an lriisi..i'« s-ui I: d-' AVashinjitou on Wediu.sdiiy of this ,1 in-.; Mid f,ilic:s f ..r Hie i.c ^-.-soi f, week. Tiie di'dleation eereinonies iu-;$2il,l>oii v.oi-ih if W.ii.d:-im r:)ii !r\ i eluded a spi -rtacular military parade i proieri v. iliK ii 'I 'li • s>i'' n-.ilt-: in which cavalry, a-tl!Iery. Infantry.{ih« death i..' a man named (" ail;. .-. ! it marine corp.-; and .sailors participated i f'hi ^a™ uiJIIiiin:,!!-.- *vho -:::( r U<'^nv¥ii-\ and there was a strikin;; nddrcKs hyjdejth <-wned Kit--\i '<.odri,.:i <,'.ii (;ty e« I \v„ jr. Tl llii'st- iilli. iilitM: I'nv.di-iit - .1. \i Lamar. • !-iist I'n'si:.'.':il- U'. C. '•.Ililr.i .-'i-i-nii.l \"\c<- l 'ri --itii-M;—M.-.s A \' ' C'laplain—.MI. . S. V. .M:!I.'f. .•^i- -ii't^ry — Mrs. .Mary Dii -Ui -y. | Ma s!,al -Iliirii. .MlJli-r. ; .Mai-;!ial - Mi..N r.iai-.- Caul! ill. ! Musii-ian -Mi> .1. K l|rirli'i.-i-.;fr., Di-ill f'Hplalii - Mis. A. If. l?ill.-r. ! 1 111-, rv. r Mr. .1 A llai 1 i:-. . J li.:|.T S'llHii.'1'. iliMdhi. I Ml .lli-a! r;>.a ;!':ii. r Dr. I .O .I-.-..'. ' Tr 'isi.,-., \V (i .Mill.i-. Uin I'jiil : 1 I. .. Mis. .Iiilia (i.i.iiliii. I A (liss nf iiii-iiilii- .-; vv,'i;i .'ilsu liiiijnt- '.•i|. Til.' i-orpv tif offli'iTs »\i!l II.- In-; XalN-il (Tl li>f tii-^l 'I iiiir.-iday'in .la'i-' i'l.iiy. Tli" slaS- (>i'.".a)iiz «-r will In* ii .'r.' ;i) :ii'di'<R? the IOIIHC at ili-it iliin IH. ""Mil I liolii.v an I IN-fMlii.'.T d>-livi-n-il iun;.^! Ill Hiil-i-Ms .V- ['.al'ard at Cas Ciiy llii::!' «<••-;>. ; Iliiiliv Si'Vil.-r 14 .-:li;p;>iii.L; h^-; •.•>,.<• to I'ant y. Thiy v. ill ii.-io it |ii"ui;;^ .-;;!i'c-t.; ;i' lUai plac>'. I'li-n t;ri(Vis liii-aUi.ii; a si^aii vimn • iiiiili-?:. 1 r.­ iil ' if farm iif liiis vicinity. .\ new liarii aiiil oilit-r liiiiltliii^s .make this a .•I nil-.' farm. .1 I). Kolliii-swurth hulclLTCil Tn-s;a. Ill' llrls w.-ek. - Fi.r fiiii- livi-ry nnd lioardin.K; ^::ll>ll^ for liiirsi-:;, see Italph K. Mrake, I'lii.iif Ml. -IVX NoitJi .leffcmun. tale. Th-' President Ituoscvtlt-and a flnlshcd oration by f7eneral Porte". The mnnu- n>ent wax unveil<;d by Phil Sheridan. Jr. (he only mn nt (be great oi^erfUi who iapow a Meutenant of Oay^ry^tn until foroMl by lav to do BO.-^J j •» Oauiti-iiins 0 |Mr :iliiiii viiiiova! if till- apjiiMilix In a I. .V<i iih;> lukt-;: 1 ir. Kin;:'.: I'lil.-; Is «'.er Hnljjeeled tii !-.iit i£ a rPKiilt of a c:;!i-;ihi.4 frighlful on!;!al Tht-v work r« tenllon lK?tWf«-.i the trnstce.5 and ttsil-j(,»iirkly/y «,H doui feel them. They aniri of properly, the latter r^fuain.e.. ciirrt eimstipation, hoadaehe. hiliuiis- lo »?Jye poeaession of the large acretK«: j nes.s and malaria. 2r.c at all ilrug£tsts.i.j I'. .1 111. r-. i|\. 111'! a iiiviiry. Il Is iiMi :,ii I \|.i'ii:{i' I'l:: vn in- v:-ilai.-a'. It ; • iiiu--lliliu', you 1.1 i. ; llavi- iiiii .--riiih'lliiiii; \oil iiiiisl i-.;r fi:! n!'. a., if Is Vi-ry imjii'lu.f that 111!- r:;;lit C.MII- I .,;:iir;. :-.ii' .-'it-.i. I ri-))ii-sent Ihi- li-udiiiK ('i.ii>paiii<'.-i i.f the wirld and would li'r;e to T.HOW YOU. ^ J. E. PmVA'LI. CTans .,lBI «rk, - I«>lj,- Eansas. WHY PAY RENT? W'lH'ii yi.ii iMji liiiy a home with till- !,.itiu' iiii-iK-y•.' I hltV»^ soiii.' iii!«lity llie.- pnipui'ties on^^ hand riirlil IKIW »iiU'ii I will self yi)ii for i|ii> K.iiiic nioiiey that yciii are i a>ii!S (>i;t rent: for. The* properties arc well located nnd are a i>o««I inve.stnient. All 1 want it a i-hahce to SHOW YOU. j; ¥. FOWEJbfc.. .ETBUS Bloek . , KhMvKa'nsas

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