Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1907
Page 5
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THE lOLA TETEMNART HOSPITAL haa been moved to 214 W^it street. In the new brlc^ building just completed and is equipped with an oper- atlnc table and all the latest appIN ancea for the Humane and SolentlAo treatment of Domestic Auimnls. Calls made anywhere nlRht or day. Phone 1.19 for hospital or residence. FRANK S. UEATTIE, V. S.. Proprietor. Don't Forget! Tarmmt Wild Cherry Is Good for Coughs at SPENCER'S DR. J. F. JAMESOir. The Sneeessfnl Aiie> tloneer, jTeterinarlan. Farm sales or |Pedigreed stock ntes made airywhere. Veter-I inary calls answered day or night. Office'i with DouKlasa Bros. Phcne i^, residence ;io IOI.A, iKAN-SAS. The Balance* of the New Books Susan (!le^ and A Man in the House, by AnnO; Warner. The Shuttle, by Frances Hod.sou Burnett. Three of HeaTen, by Robert • Chambers. Tbroufrh the Eye of the Xeedle, by Dean Wm. Howells. The Traitor, by Thos. Dixon. Jr. Turn of the Balance, by Brand WbltlocJc. This Was a Man, by Hattie Horner Louthan. Tom, Dick & Harriett, by Ralph Barbour. Under the Crust, by Tlion. Nelson Page. The •Veiled Lady, by F. ricpkia- son Smith. The Way of a Map, Emerson Hough. THHWeatwr, by Gilbert Parker The >Vood CarTer of 'Lympus, M. E. Waller. The Younger Set, by Robert W. Chambers. Almost 100 titles in the new books this year. Almost all of the good popular ones, m:iuy ot them at $1.10. All as low as any book Stor^ In the west. Evans Bros. »TEYER'» OROCERY Good Ihlnp to Cat. Tele |>hoDe IS9 The Sauta Fe will sell Honiesoekpr.s' tickets Nov. l«tth. Dec. ;;(i and 17th. 1907. to i)oIiUs in Texas, Oklahoma and ndian Territury, New Mexico and Arkansas at very low rates. Winter Tourist tickets on sale daily Nov. 15th, 1907, to April SOIh, 1908. with final return limit June 1st. 1908. to Ueaumont, Kl I'aso. Ft. Worth, Galveston, Texas, Carlsbad and Demlng, N. .M., at low rates. Please see us for further jiarticu- lars. W. E. RALSTOM. AgL A $200 FtliE TODAY JefTtrson School •ulldlng Thrtatentd Hy Plamoo Kariy Thia Morning. AS SUCCESSFUL IN THE EAST AS IN WEST Paw pMjpM aJtogothor o^sapo » dtaop- der of tKboiiwte. You may catch cold, over-oat, ovtr-drink, ^onjr too nuch. , . notozerdiachonghordoftntiiidrodandl A Are which promlsei; the destruc- onbothartWng«lh*tra»jltU »coMitlMr. tion of the Jetfer«)n achool buldlns ^^^^t '^SrtenoyihatK^^^^^ «i««covered and the flames ex- In the opinion of thousanda there ia no tlngulshed before more than »20o better euro lor conadpatloii than Dr. vorth of damage was done. The fire CaldweU'a Syrup l^pria.wH«^^ department was called TO the school can obtain for SO centa or il at * arng ' atore. We all have conatipation occa- building early'lhls morning, sionally, and the sensitile thing to do is u was found that the fire was lo- ^o^^^^i^'lt^'^^h^o^^!'^^'^ <^^^^^ in the Eighth B grade room. 5n?u'?ti!5SibS?H'?!^Tui'S^ul .r^ 18 taught by Miss Myler. Tho YourfclomiiaainttaaUrbecacDealighter,year wainc/vinflnK- noo.. head oleuer. year eye* brighter. y(>n (eel MtlT* ^a'nscoatlng near and apry onoe acUa. your apMUte ha* re- burning. It took I the register was Srned'aiKlyouuS-^rto wci^UMtlir " ^ook the firemen about Biasm and Tigor. AU«bis may not hare taken one hour 'to extlnguisli the flames murothanadoseortwo.ata costhottoezoeed rn,. «„tii_~ _ . , twoorttaresiMnta., Con yon aOoiawfeel iMHl ceiling was scorched and several *'S?.«^{S ?*o /?5e'SM :ilUl«.no °f 'he desks in the building were hesitaDcySnaayiBK that Ite: paMhreir* Symp burned. Peinlnia the greatest of all laz^ve* and he trankly admits tohlspatienu that U tbey naed llTf - .. - The fire doubtless started from an i \aS'i ;5S3ttvi'^"nW over-heated air pipe leading to the without doBbt the beat otrefor ftooulooal or register. fa^'SdiSx'^r S ^Sd ^STu^. The damage to the building is estl- 5L"^'^UU*atoSSS-SSS!^*S^'2d« mated to be about »200. which Is f,.'- ?!»rth ?SS.^?S*!^*£?^ insurance. permanenUy. .« . The building committee of the bo?Ue *S^,^MM.?rno'»jS-S^ Of educaUon is today makine preparations to repair the building. This work, however, will be done on Saturday, so that school which is in session today, can continue. lac can kawt free nawit boMtaMtli tiMlrlMnaay addfMdagtteceaimr. TMefcrit%K*Ml!«tiia rtmedy win do u date, tat U oab OM> t> 1 who hm nmr Una It Stod hr ft yoa km My tfmttomtolrtoaiKMkwrgr twfri dMMM. Oeiflttt yrtiBortelwawliinlii fcr cllMi«a,iwHiM lad oU **No Lnth«Sa«aadMlta« as DR. CAUIWCU'S SV*W KHM.". TWi BradKt Manvartly tvanatw Nik H, WaakMftia, a C nammvruup op. ffaWvwWM».l Mil*, m. Clean stock of general merchandise mostly groceries, will uke $1200 residence, balance terms. Located in good farming community. ^Vhitaker & Donnell. CITY KEWS. Dr. wniey, OcBlJgt" THE LITTLE six year old daughter of Mr. anil Mrs. Ausle living on Wost street, .sufft-ml (he fracture of the right arm Sunday by fa'ling down cn Inclint* near the lola Portland Cement plant. -MRS. SfARY Rosenberger, of 410 West street, is very ill with pneu monia. 1 Buy your Overcoat of Barclay- Shields. They have reduced the price $2 ..'.o to $:!.oo the coat. RE.SOIKCK.S. Loans Overdraft.s r. S. Bonds m secure circulation i;. S. Bonds lo secure V. S. Deitosit Premium on f. S. Bonds Cash and sight exchange Demand lA)uns .Municiiial Bonds Have you seen the nice line of jrlft Calendars at Bnrrell's Dmic Store. 15 rents to 50 cents eacli. Box Supper Tuesday, K. P. hall. Concert by W. O. W. band. MRS. A. .V. LODGE had an oxpfri- once with fire yesterday she does not care to have reiK-ated. Wliile standing near th? -rovo her dress took fire. It was put out before sh-? was bunied, however. .1. O. NYMAX, and several associates have contracted with Oarvi-r and Cave. Humboldt drilTers. for six wells on their doldings west of this town. The drill was first sst to work on tho A. WI Jordan farm to sink an ol<l wel deeper. After a few hours drilling a strong flow of was struck and it is now bellered that the well wlil be one of the best producers in the field.—Savonburg Record. LIABILiriKS. Capital Slock Surplus ami rndivided Profits Circulation Individual l)fiiosits Tnilcd Stall's Deposit Free dirt at Luccock'a. Do not fall to see Walker Whiteside In "The Claim of Blood" at the Grand tomorrow night. , We have extended our offer of six cabinet photos free with an order for six until Saturday night, Dec. 14th. Come rain or shine, day or night.— Miller's Sudlo. WILL TEAOH SHORTHAHD Miss J. Katberine give private lessons. System a s{<e <4 «Hsr. HarUey wiU 4lE'''*^*,^;'*'' •.•»^' MR. MANLEY of 101 Xorth First street is suffering *rom a broken I?g snstainod Saturday night. He was enroiito to his home when a dog came out of a yard and attempted to bite liini. In beating the animal. .Mr. Manley fell, breaking his leg. A good time assured W. O. W. band Box Supper Tuesday nig)it. A COMSMITTEE of the Salvation Army, under the direction of Captain Whittaker will this morning begin a house to house canvass of the city for the purpose of receiving donations J for the poor of the city. Captain I'ttliittaker Is taking this method in order to find just what families are reedy. Money and frulta will be col lected and on Christmas day baskets of edibles will be distributed by the Army. P. I?. WaBBh. Dentist Plieiie ISR. >fnre ATer BBrrelPs Drag Store. .TTTO.E Fousf is in Yates Centei I'ohlhig ^^•toodson county court. .Seo the Christmas RIft« for men tn the nhidow at RnrrellV drnir store. THE HORTOX Concrete company yo.sti-nlay began work laying a cement floor for the dairy barn of Mr. IlorviUe. An old barn has been completely remodelled, and when a new cement floor is installe<l. will be a fine building for the purpose for which it is en'Ct"<l. There wl'l be about ."iOiin square feet of floor space. DISTRICT Clerk C. E. Adams haa hoi'U ill with tousliltls for tlx- past two days. Powell, the real estate man, haa a few thousand dollars to loan on farms It a reasonable rate. Overcoat Reductions Reduced prices all through Ihe line. Onr winter has been Fo -open liiat W3 find we have too many Overcoats, and we want to reduce the stock now, just when yon need a toat, in place of waiting till January. »2i50 Overcoats,. .$20.00 i ««.00 Overcoats,. .$184)0 MSJM) Overeoat«,..$15.00 • ifliM Overcoats,. .$1&50 «il!».50 Overcoat*,. .$10.00 A saving of f 3.50 to $3.00 on a Coat is worth loolcing after. die BuftlaurShielA Dr. •eynolis. FfeoM IM. Keau 114. REV. R. M. CTillison, of Walnut. Kas.. Is In the city today the guest of his son, Attorney R. E. Cullison. Six Per Cent Money. R. M. Cunningham. ATTORNEY Q. R. Card went to Neosho Falls this morning on a busl- ni^ss visit. L. L S.TONE returned this morning from Grand Rapids. Michigan, where he has been visiting. INITIATED NEW MEMBERS. Pythian Sittera Lodfle Held Netting Laat Evening. Some initiatory work was put on at the meeting of the Tola Temple of the Pythian Sisters laat evening. J. T. Wood. W: H. McDowell and A. H. Davis were given the work. The nork ofthe ritual was conferred upon Mrs. J. T. Wlood by the reorganized ofRclal staff. This work is said by cid "Jiners" to be a most beautiful and impressive work. Refreshments consisting of coffee and doughnuts were served after the work. RELEASED WOMAH Mra. Stewart Not Connected With Husband's Murtfer. ^ffi«:iTpiii *i.»^ Mrs. Win. Stewart, wao has been hsld for several days pending an In vestigation as to whether or not she was in any way connected with the murder of her hnaband Sunday mom ing, was released last evening. The officers examined her carefully and believe that she was not connected with the crime; She did admit how ever, that.she had been uaooly inUm ate with Crevlston and that she had lived with her husband a number of years before beins married to blm. She retoreed to tkefr rcManraat In East Icris last nifht; It is not known whettier or not^di^ uq^wcca (imPER'8 TIIEOKIEH ARE BEING RAPIDLY ACCEPTED BY EASTERN PEOPLE. L. T. C(X)iH<r. whose theory that the human stomach is tho .cause of most 111 health and who created a furore in Chicago, St. Louis and other western cities, is meeting with the same remarkable success with hia medicine throughout the east. Cooper has convinced an immense number of people that his theory Is sound and his medicine will do what he claims. Perhaps the most interesting features of the discussion this young man is causing, are the statements made by responsible people who have taken hi.s medicines and have become enthusiastic converts to his beliefs. Among statements of this character, the following, by Mr. August Wittraer, 1049 Rockwell Court, Chicago, is characteristic of the widespread I'aith in Coojier, which has grown un in a comparatively abort time. .Mr. Wittnier says: "I >fouldn't take $1,000 and be in the condition'^ was three weeks ago. I was practi- v?ally an Invalid for fourteen years and think I had about ail of the diseases known. .Mr. Stomach was weak, and at times 1 would have an enor­ mous appetite, and then again none at all. Pie and cake made me sick, and I almost always had a sickening feeling In my stomach. I was nervous, and for weeks at a time could not sleep, and then again could sleep eighteen hours at a stretch. Sleep, however, seemed to do me XiQ good. I and 1 would awake tired and more exhausted than when I went to bed. I "I was constipated, had pains in my back, and flutterings and pains in my heart. I was unable to work with any regularity, and took no interest in anything. I tried all kinds of medicines and doctors, but none benefitted } me. I had no energy and no ambition, land had about concluded to give up (when the Cooper medicine was recomj intended. Thanks to it. my health 'seems completely restored and I feel like a new man." Cooper medicines have created the greatest sensation of anything of the kind ever before introduced. We sell tbeni, and will be glad to ex]ilaln the nature of them to our callers.—S. R. Burrell. G.A.R.0FFICE1IS MeCook Post Ilscted Offiesr* for 19M. (•0>DE>SED ST.iTEME>T OF THE CONDITION OF THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK of lola, Kansas, at the close of bnsiuess December 3rd, 1907. $39:. SI.-..10 «. i:5.-j.29 .•.11.000.00 .-.o.uoo.oo 4.230.«0 $:.'.'.4.6l'7.82 ir.i>.9Su.i3 4U,70O.O0— 44«.:«>T.9.'» Hills I'i }!?l>5'.3.Stl8.:Jt I .-.n 000.00 19.114.24 .-.0.000.00 .$7ii.S.t;94.10 50,000,00— 8()8.«9i.l() .. .• 2.'..000.00 The above statement is correct. A. L mi2.8«8.:j4 imi'.MnArC.H. cashier. FIXED FOR DKI NKK\;NESS. Colureil "Hans Warner*' in lula Police Court Today. Will Turner, colored of Humboldt, who is more commonly known as Shots" was arraigned in police court this morning on the charge of being drunk. I'olice Judge Collins assessed d light line. It cost "Shots" $3 and trimmings. "Shots" was not making any disturbance but was very heavily loaded when OfBcer J. J. Creed arrested him at the depot last eveuiug. He says that he drank too much cider. Turner was once a great ball player and was known as the colored Mans Wagner, of Kansas, owing to bis fast fielding around short stop. <iuariers and who are themselves entertainers. The entertainment will consist of songs, dances and other such specialties. The company will take up road work from here. They have already made contracts to appear in many of the surrounding cities. ATTACHED VAODETTE STOCK. PLAY IN B.VCHELOB. Cotton Blossom ComedlanH to Play Here Thnrsday. The Cotton Rlossom Comedy company which was recently organized in this city and which is composed of ail star specially artists will give a production In the Bachelor theater on Thursday evening. This company is comiiosed of carnival actors who make this city their winter head- Constable Ihrig Alao Appointed Appraisers Today. Constable Ihrig this morning scrv ed an attachment on the paraphernalia of the Vaudette ptcture show, which has been in the courts for some time. Mr. Thrig has appointed J. T. Bliss and J. W'. Scott as appraisers for the stock. An attachment was secured' some time ago but was dissolvi'd by Judge Potter. The case Instituted today will not be beard for several weeks. R P. Fuller brought the proceedings. The property is owned by O. M. McCaslin and other Chanute parties. IbfcCook Post elected the following offlcers Saturday night: Wl P. Hammond. Post Commander. J. W". Johnson, Senior Vice Post Commander. J. jr. Williamson, .runior Vice Post Commander. J. H. WTalters, Officer of the Day. Newton Funston, Chaplain. . W. Carter, OfBcer of the Guard. yi. P. Saylor, Qua^ermaster. W*. M. Knapp. Post Surgeon. H. If. Miller, Trustee. Delegate to state encampment. Dr. A. M. KIrkpatrick. of LaHarpe; Hon. E. H. Funston. The Installation will occur January 4th, 1908. AT THE SIGN OP THE •••HAMMER*** (Under thIa besdlns the Reslrter wUI l>e pleased to 'Drlnt the views of Its aub- •crn>ers on anjr sohject concerning which they may wish to write. If you wish to kick about anythlnr, or air your views on any subject, ten it throosb tbe Resister. Contributors should give their names and addresses; they will not be printed. >vd- dress aU communtcatlona to the Resister.) ILS3 .85 .SS M , - ^ Meats, • • 1 Boiling Beef Se ts 7« Beet; Steaits lOe to lfi« Pork Steaks, Chops and Roasts, iXH^ Sugar Cured Skinned Hams, lb.. Utf '25 Ib^. Granulated Sugar Boxes t)f Egg-o-See 2 B<ixes. Price's Food 7 bars of Silk Sohp 1 Gsilion Apples Hominy Grits, 3 boxes for... Real, Consider and Reflect Some two weeks ago there appeared an article in regard to the number of cigars consumed In Tola In a day. The estimate being 15,000 cigars. At this rate It would require sixty men making 250 each per day to make 15,000 cigars. Where are the sixty cigarmakers? lola has at present but five men employed. Why is this? Certainly not because the workmanship or materials used are Inferior, for they are not. We believe that a majority of the smokers have the illusion that cause they are eastern made" they are better, thereby creating a demand for eastern goods. There is hardly a smoker, or any one else, that stops for a moment and considers what the meaning of "Patronize home industry" would amount to if followed. Then again, you do not know the conditions under which a great many eastern cigars are made, or the materials used. Do the eastern manufacturer contribute anything in taxes to help lola? Does he pay anything for cigars made in lola? Would it not be a good plan-for every smoker ajid every deal er to demand home goods? If this was done, it would be only a short time until lola would find that she had factories not heretofore considered. Under ordinary circumstances a cigarmaker Is capable of earning two dollars and fifty cents per day. Compute this for six days per week, fifty- two weeks per year for sixty men and you will see that It behooves lola to stand by her industries and not by the easterners. How would you, "Mr. Dealer" like for the smokers to i>urchase their goods of a "Mailorder house?" Under the present financial strain, the business men have stood by'the banks who in turn have stood by the people. Why cannot these .same relations be applied in other lines of business with just as good results? "A SMOKER." S. R. Burrell can give you the history of Raffles from the time he was born. R. H. BENNETT went to Holton, Kas., where ho will attend the Men's Convention of tho United Brethern church. Bring your boxes for the concert and supper Tuesday. K. P. hall. DIAMONDS! aBBB ^BBaaBBBSSaSSBIVaBBBSSaSBBSSB Since time immemorial the qaeen of all precious stones—the Diamond—has been looked upon as the most desirable of gifts. If jon want yoni gift to ho appreciated and to ea- dure—to bring more than ordinary pleasare to the recipleat^sorae pretty piece of Dbimond Jewelry wDI best meet your desire. J Oar stock of Diamond Jtwelry this fall embraces everything that is new and desirable, and no matter what your desire may be, you'll be stue to find it here. I OLA. HANS- Mo. Pie, Saata P* aa< 1. I. A. T. Watek laq^n. Li"'/, 'walker WkttMMe •Tuk CLAIM: OP BLO«D.» Prices'..S5, 50, 1^ fIJt, RaiseYiMir Own Salary P.4.Y CASH FOB TOUH ABO- H CXRIES AM) MEATS. 'fl FRYER BROS. Pkoaes S^8.3C1 Eaat Side 8^ipu« Brias TUs it ' M O.f choice Jewelry NovUtIes,.fine Watches, handsome Silverware and CtitGla^s. Just the opportuni^ for the holiday buyer presented in our: large stock now—^haVe the ar> tide yoja desire to give laid asido for you today. q; a. leffler, J£1\TLEB. DONT PMISS THIS /I Good Steinway Square Piano for 4 u.. Splendid Tone and Action.. Call Soon. Roberts Piana House [ ; WEST SIDE 8QUAIIB. "1" tlead^uarters for Santa Clans. NeW liheiof Dre^ed and Undressed DoUflb- Toilet cases. Work Boxes, Cuit Bbxea^^u. Harfdk«-chief Boxes, Vasesi. Xma97 Cansjlte^, Putf Boxes, ChUdijlj^topk^ Albums^ Fancy Di^ssers^ ifwaifiil^'* lersi Ties, Ladies',^'orsiT ingsr. Fancy Hose. \ *^ We', ikve a iiice ielectic choice Articles frotn Chaa. I MacHoii, Colorado, which we Ing to ^11 at half prics; TheSf^ verj choice cnt stones.. We Vltt'J glad to show yon. \ \ 4 G. MiffilAIMPnligi^ t .B. ;Hardwiii::e{ :Imi

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