Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
Page 3
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Cfett#rmis Offer at S. K. BgrmL lliiB: people bave already dennwr Btrated that the^ wodia rather tmst a iiian ir|io la natarally honest, than one^faoriraa honest only because'be had to be. S.<R. Burrell has a firmly estabTish^ ed r^pntation for square dealing and BtfirlJng honesty. Wh'cn they told the pt^e that Rexair Remedies are the pdrtat and most dependable remedies that is possible formMem sceince to produce, and that they: would tell th« public exactly what each on« of these 300'temedies contained, and that thej- sold Rexall Remedies on their own personal guarantee that they would give entire satisfaction or the medicine would noi cost the user a single cent, they were believed. Ever since this announcement the store of S. K. Burrell has beencrowd- ed by people buying Rexall Remedies; all of which proves that S. R. Burrell has the confldPiicc of the people and that honesty is tlje best iio:icy. There is no "cure-all" anionR the Rexall Remedies—there are 300 different and 8ei)aratc medicines; one for leach human ill, and each un^iueH- tlon^bly tile best of its kind. Rnxall Dyspepsia Tablets nic particularly reroniniended for tlii> POHI- live cure of stomadi Irritation. Indigestion and dyspppsin. Tliey are ricli iu Bismuth. Subnitrate l'e|<«ln .and CarmlnatlvoM, and ure preimrt'd by a special i)roceBS wlilcli pprfectx ami vn- hances the great cnratlve vulue of these. well-l<nowii incdlclnnl agents. Tlris remedy sells for I'Bo. a parkage. Kveryone suffering from a slouiadi disorder shoii.'d iry }t«xall D.^spepsla Tablets, inasmuch a.s thpy cost nolli- ing if they do not satisfy. S. R. Burrell. Druggist, is certainly fortunate in securing control of the sale of these rentedles. and we urge everyone in need of medicine to investigate and take advantage of their frank and generous offer. First Puh'isliM nei- 4, 190S. OFFlCIAL°sfATEM£NT Repart of the condition of the Nnrthiup National Bank at loin. In the State ut Kansas, at the CIOKC of business, Nov. 27. 1908 RESOUHCEK. Loans and Discounts *SG2.S.<M 2t Orerdratts. sccureu uau unKKCuieu. s.usi o. o. uunas to secure clrculatiuu r>n.wo («i n. 8. Bands to secure I). S. Deposits fiii.OOO.oO Preanums on IT. .s. Bonds 4.V5u ou Bonds. Beenritles. etc 4(\7(io uii l>ue Irum-Natioaal Banks, (not re ; serve aKcntsi 13.011 30 DueTrom State and Private Ftanks and Bankers. Trust Companies, i and Savings Banks St Due from approveu reserve aKenii^.. 12i<.a.v; 76 Checks and otbur cash items 1 >.42I Vt Notes or Other National Banks. . Fractional paper currencv. niukles andcenus lull 73 Lawful monev reserve in bonk, viz: Speele 2S.1«8 («) Lesal tender notes 2M-U UO Redemption fund with IT s Treasurer. 5_per cent of circulation.. Due from V. S. Treasurer, other tli:iu ^^^^ And those that are iiiiti^ fdrNt^lid^y Olfl^ Th^reis a istfonl attradiwi in every item we Jiffi^itt^^ on this pige tod^Sf is a money saviiigiinagiy&m^j^^ crowds. This % the jre^st fall's business in tt^liiftory of the store. What you want, when you want It, and at the price^you w^ifitto pay is the great cause df our growth. Read oiir G-reatest pride reducing sale of the season. Prices will not bi9 lower. This is the final clean-up and three trimmers still hard at work. RI('IIAIiDHO\'.H sriLLlNKItY. fhc in\k at llii> toirni^ jou nont to lie rorrerlly dre.<Hed tiuj your Hat from thin vUffnnt line. The imiiid liiiNlnrftft we liati> enjoyed tre ran afford to IOKI- In order to i-lfan up thlx line. TIIIN Klrgaut Hue nf Frexb I'retty lliitM at •Vl4> on llie dullari or at Jast linif price. n.v ti.m Huts «i.»u «S.(M) llflO* SUt) f4.m lintH .*2.00 $.um ifdts ^jAt tCM Huts IjlS.IHl Pi.m Hals W.1M) lIOLIIt.W Fl K.S .VM» .Ml'FFS. Tlie lovr prices ou our Furs :iic innking tbcni. innu- fas). M> »tiinl vdu lo sr«' the sploudid viilnes ne iiffer for $1.0<l, $IJ>U, *3.«(», $5.(U) aud np lo $\r,M. 5 per cent redemption fund . Total I.UBILITIER. 31.:ur. Mu 2,600 (10 2 »;,» ^1 Capiul stock paid in t M.«uo i»i Surplus fund ID.uuo 00 odlvided pioUiK. less expenses and . :..7M '2' ."^.(KKJ (Ml 20.H7S 72 (8,141 SI Uodlvided pioUiK. less expenses and taxes paid National bank notes ouUstanilinK.. Due to other National Banks Due to State and Private Banks sml Bankeni iDdWldualdeiHisllsKubject lu check 42I,!I04 >•!> Uemsiutcertlflcaies of depom.... Tim* CertlUoates of Depoalt Ceraaad Cln><:ks •J .4I8 uu »l» U) •m.i II ... on.txv (HI :ri Ml tU\.iril<'U Lj|>tl«rN uf Cr «llt llDlleU SMtea Oeposiut KMwrved fur Tuxes Totol .-, .STATKt)l ''KXNHAS. , l^>UNTYXtr ALI.HN, I I, A. I.. BruuibauKli. CHNliIrr of thr UINIVP iiaiued bank, do Milemnly Nweur tliui tlir above Niatemeul 1H irup to ilif uosi ur iiry knowledxe and belief, A. L. HlltlMUAlKill, CuHliiivr Hubwirlbed und sworn lo l>e(<ii'c nic, thlw 4lhda.v of Dec. iMit, [SKAL] Urulgle J: McDowell, Notary I'uiillo. My commission expires Aug IClh. lUiu. tXJRKECT. AITCST: K A. NOBTBRtTP, L. NOHTUHUF, U. P. NoKTiiaup 'Dlreetors WORK OF THE ARIMY. WO.ME.V'.S WK.VK. >KtK. The prettiest shonlug we hare ctcr niude in tiiese pxijulsite conceits; jirintpr's ink cannot dp.scrilio (hem, .so yon .HI'ST sn' them. HOI.HIAV JrAMlKEIMHIEFS. It' you don't knon ffliut' to KHP, gitp llandkerrhieffi. Thpy are liilwAys n safe ChriNtnuis proposition. Our >'«nT York lino of ctcry tlihiK' diilniy und prct* ty yoii irlll find IMTC, ptif np In prelly XmitN liii%e>'. .You will fliiii llip new tliliitrN lii-re, from :>v lo ijil.N,') rnrlt. Ladies', Misses and Children's Coats S.'iO Ladles, MbiNPs and Children^ Coats, the Kreatest Taluen ne hare ori-r. Mhowu. Errr}' Toat to clean np tre hare grone thrangU aud made .speelal prlt-e tednrtlons io riean n|> i|Uiek. piM VoatH .i|t;i.<lfl |i:>.mi Cuuts ... ... .noM $10.tM) CoatH ....... i^OM Con Is ... ...!i;i:>.<Hi $k!JiO ToatM ' ijao.flo coat.H .. Children^ Coats greatlj rj-dnred. *2.(Mt CoatH .$1.2:. fiJM Coats .... $3 A'. l ^l.;.'> Cloth Coiit.s.. $:)M Coats .... fi.::. Royal WonpestiT Corset, tiie best iu the land. Black Cat Hosiery, puar- nnteed to near. Flrtorial Retieir PHltprus. rrroiniuendrd nlmvo all othpr.H. Richardson's 113 East^ Madison DKES.S eoob.s Silks and SatJns. Ii' you irant the new things sp>' lhl.s line. WOMEX'.S WAISTS. "To clean up at cost price we wonid rather .sell thi<« lot of broken .sizes at cost than to carry them a day loligrer, .so here's your waist. But you must be qttlck. c GKAND COLLECTION OF XO- TIO>S. «rand collection of Notion!! for the Holidays. .\ew UMA and Side Combs, Xew JeTwrelrj;, XPW Hand Ratrs, Bends, N«w KibbonR ' \cw Bflts, XPW Hoalrty, Htm »rkwc«r. New Haahem <*Terj'» thina uew and nwefal for Xmas (JIfts you win find here. News Notes of Captain Butler's Plans for the Local Corps. JUajor Wta. Dart of the Salvation Ariny will arrive in lola tomorrow, i'"' oppiiing of the Salv.itlori .Ar- mOrning for a two days' stay. Majox; in.v Kiininiuge sale in th)- (iill biiil'Iini; Dnri IH In cli.irKP of the Army work In on \V«'HI stn^et tomorrow mornlnK. Bench. Hall's horsM was In his own ihi; Kiiii.iUM DIvlHloM. \\o IN also BUHOCI- the sale Is to conlinuo all winter. pasture Boverni loHes dlstuut. One :ii«'il Willi Col. Ulanph<? Cox In com- A larKe slock of gooilit lii oh hand ighl It got out. WTiilc hiinilti)? for It iiiaiid uf ilip M1d\V<'Hl piovlnci! con- Hud moro will conip In from time to iiall aaw an animal in HIP Beach pan- HlKiliiK of llvo HialPH. HP IH coming timp. Tills Institution will also be turo which looked like his own and he to r.l|..v.. CiiptMlii Butler of tlip res- hfadquartors for the winter relief cauxht it and took It home. Then Mill- iKiiiHlbllli) of till- wppk-onil tneetliiKa work of the army and all cases apply- er brought an action to recover It. on uofoiint of thp .serious IlinesH of i„j; ,o the captain for assistance will The case later went to district court. Mrs, Butler. He will also confer with be Investigated and worthy onea About the time Hall found what he the captain on the arrangements for helped. . savs is hia horse. Miller lost his. mlx- the meetings of Colonel Blanche Cox jng np things worse than ever. on December 12th and 13th. Special Have you anything in your store-: — ireiiinas will be coijducted by the jjoiise or garret which you do not HONOR CLEYKLANIt. Major Saturday night and Sunday at ^ant? Your last vear's overcoat laid- — 10::!n. and in the evening at 8:on. \atmic as looking a'littlo shabby; your Association of Life InsBranre Presl- old dress of cloak, which you will not| .Anangements are about comp 'oieI wear asain; that out-of-styie hat, that. • faded skirt, those shoes that hurt you-| feet or partly worn. There is a useful place for these things. You may bi dents Held Service in Memory of Deceased ex-PresIdent. Shiver Just scratch a match—light the Perfection Oil Heater-^ and stop shivering. Wher. ever you have a room that's hard to heal—that ihe fur- .nace doesn't reach — there you'll need a PECnON (HI Heater (E4iilppc4l with Smokcliesii Oevlec; Just the thing (or blizzard time or between tcaioni. Its genial glowing heal makes any room cheerful and cozy. No smoke— smell—irookeless device prevents. Hr*t» New York, Dec. •».—Notable exercises In the memory of the late (Si-over surprised what a lot of articles of var- Cleveland, ex-president of the United ious kinds in the shape of dishes, tin- tSatcs, constituted the opening ses- ware, beds, springs, mattresses, furni- sion in this city today, of the associa- turp. pictures aud household utensils tion life insurance presidents, of which you don't use and which some which he had been chairman during one else needs. The Sanvation Array the year and a half between thetime will gladly make use of these things if. of its organization and his death, you will call them by phone, 943, or Saturday and Monday Every Hat joes at jHaif Price. Special Prices on Children's and Infant Caps, Mrs. Pefly 108 1-2 East^ Madison weight*, measures and iialancps are OFFICIAL STATEMENTI owned by this county and if the coun- . r I ly c!erks lias bepn called on to test of Ihr Fiannclal Cninlillonorthe Statt MrliiKS I them. Mr. Culbertaon will answer In «»ritt 'o :r .h ^'?^thty ^^°?o \;i.i^ , the negative. KESOU»C«», Loans au^ Discount!* •- - MXTt* i» i tMttK on Real E.itatc «.llO(i Oo Orerdmfts Bank BiiildinK . T.IMWWI TWO PLEAD FOR PARDONS. \ Relatives of City Prisoners Would ?S?^itur"2ndVlkVure «".\\\\'n".":::: I.'ITT n I Get Them Out of Jail. . EXP*PM Acconat ?2»f ' other Bonds and Warrants &.t<U tl ~ „ , Ca.ih ltcm.<! and Clearing Hon«r tte^s. SO 50 Two young men, Fred Denton and c:i«h and .sight exchange.iegaireserve ss.iss so Total :....»i».(M2 m LIABlMTIRft. ' Capital Stock paid in - .....fB.OOO no Intereiil ^ va uii Rxchange ISO Si Individual Drpoxits . = vLtcH Sit Certificatesof Denxits I.IHU CO Cashiers' and Certified Checks l.'..W» write a card. TRYING HORSE CASE. Jury l-las a Puzzle to Solve in District Court. font hold* 4 qusrU of oil burning 9^ hours. Fin- islied in japan and nickel. Every heater warranted. The which is so much appreciated by workers and students. Made of brass, nickel pli«:ed wkh the latest improved central draft burner. Every lamp wanraoled. Write our nearest ag«icy for de> aov^ circutar^if your dealer cannot sufiply ht Rayo Lamp. Compaaiy die jP^ifectk» Oil Huter ^ Ray. StandaMl OU The celebrated horse case is on today in district court. The action is one in which J. W. Miller brings suit agalnnt Arthur Hall to secure the poa- tfeeslon of a bor.sP. It seems that the men had horaes which looked viry much alike. At least the neigh- Imrs were unable to tell them apart. The owners, however, claim there were sfvpra' distinct marks to identify tliein. It appears that Miiler put his animal ill the iinsture of .lim TO INSPECT WEIGHfs M. Andrews, who are In the city jail jfor failure to pay fines imposed for ] selling booze and shooting craps, respectively, are needed on the outside to assist in caring for their families, according to the appeal of relatives who appeared before the city council last night and asked that the prisoners be released. Alra. Andrews told the aldermen that she needed the. help of her boy jto gain a livelihood and Mrs. Simmons, mother-in-law of Denton, made the same plea. The requests of both were referred Total ..$81>.MS «2 state of Kansas. < „ I , Allen County. ) J I. a. Ilobort. Caahier of aaid bank, do MI- emnly »wear that the above atatement U <rur; that said bank has no liabilities, and is not endorser on any note or obtigalion. other than • .*hown on the abore atatement. lo the tjcstof my knowleilge and belief. So'helpmeCod. H. HObart, (Ashler. Sub«crihed and sworn to before me, this iird day of Oeccmlxrr, il«J. K. M. Cunningham Notary Public. This i? Plan SUte Sealer of Weights, (Measures and Balances Klas in Mind.—Writes Here. Dr. Frank Strong, of the state university wants to know, among other things, what the attitude of the people of Allen county Is on the matter of having a department of public inspection of weights, measures and balances. Dr. Strong is the state sealer of .weights and measures and is contemplating cailini: a meeting of the county clerks, who under the law are the county sealers of weights and . measures, for the purpose of discuss- to the Judiciary committee, with pow- ing matters pertaining to the subject.:er to act. It is considered probable In a letter to County Clerk Cuibert- that the young men will be released ^ son he inquires whether or not he from jail aa soon as they have served Comm.«.on e,p.r« on the 25th day - February would he willing to attend a meeting the major portion of their sentences. of clerks in the near future, either in! i - -, IT r Topeka or at Kansas University, and: Beal Estate Transfers. Buggeste the holidays as a good timej Jda J. Connett et ai to W. E. Davis, for It. . 1 lot 13 block 12. Remsberg's addition .Mr.. Ciilbertson said today that he to Gas City. Conaideratfon $700. did not know what the attitude of the D. K. Baker and wife to C. W. Price , . „ „ _^ people Qf this county was on estab- lots 20 and 21. block 1, Elsmore. Con-''*'^^ '° ^- Ellis, a .part- of west llshiug a department of public Inspec- sideration $1,650. i °^ northwest quarter 36-24-18. tion and testing of weights. Neither, j. \v. Edwards and Alice .\. Ed- Consideration $100. » doe^ he know at this time as to whe -j^rds to G. H. Bills, lots 11 in block! Elmer Clark to G. H. Ellis -lot Id I. D. Arnett Burton B. Clifford C. H. UsClute H. M. Miller frank Bale J I Phec Directors. ther or not he could attend a meeting to discuss the questions of weights and measures. The stato sealer of weirhts alao ______ _ _ wants to know what standard of Wni. J. naldwin and Mary vriJuId- Place/[ol^ \. Clinton nlace. Consideration $90. [block Clinton Place. ^CdiUideratio» J. W. Rdwards nnd Alice. Edwiirds $1000. i to Si»«ie M. RIlIs. lot i::. block 1. Clin ' F. S.! Davidson and 0. E DayidsoiT ton. Place. Consideration $500. to G. H. Ellis lot IX, biodk 4. Clinton' We have too many Overcoats at this time of the year; November too warm for Overcoats, they l^ii't sell fast enough. NOW WE MUST SELL^TKEM. COME TOMORROW. You will see the greatest Ov^t value you ever saw. At $WmOO we show you a line of Overcoats that sell everywhere tor $13.50 ancT^jdCF SpmoiBi PHOB $WBOO do.

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