Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1907
Page 4
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p. scon j:-: jr/yV -^xmct^ 4.000. Baporten* Boom 22S ji:t.~^rtaaM,Offloo M SatMVdat loIiL Ktiuas, PoBtofflc*. u \ - Steond-elaas Matter. AajwUiliis BatM Made Known on . Appl^atlon. soBScnraioir BATES. Bj Cutkif la ML Gas CItf, Laayoa- Tffle or ta Harpe. Ona'-Vadc 10 cents One Month ..L 44 cents One Tear ...I IS.OO -1 ; • - Br KaO. One-Tear, in adrance $4 .00 Thrae Months, in advance $1.00 Ona iCMith. In advaace .44 OmGIA£ PAP^CITT OF BAS- XBMBEB ASSOCIATED PRESS. The lela DaOj Begtoter is a Member •I the Assedatei.Press and ReceiTea the day reperf If that great news or- gaalsatieB fer ExelasiTe Afternoon Pablleatioa laUete. 18 IT 'TALUOW; DICK" SHARPE7 It Former Jola Colored Man in Pow. era Case. Georgetown. Ky, Dec. 10.—^\^la^ton Golden, for tbe prosecution, testi- fled today in tbe trial today of Oa^eb Powers, giving the most damaging testimony against Powers so far brought out Golden told of the alias­ ed conspiracy, implicating not only Powers, but Governor Taylor, Tinley, Howard, Tontsey, John L. Powers arid others.* He related numerous conversations he said' he had with Powers about the killing of Goebel. The day Goebel was i^t Golden said he was In'tbe adjutant general's office where be saw Tallow Dick Combs. Mason Hockensmlth. and Gardner Wallace, 4he first two negrofes. Combs was amUng ttaeats against Goebel, de• daring: "I could Wll Goebel now." lA^r ha saw John L. Powers give Henry.B. Toufsey a key to the secre tary of state's office, and John Powers fihoirtly afterwards told him that he was to be Idlled that day. Golden protested : against killing Goebel on Carried by Medical 'Missionaries to All Parts of the Worid In China, in th? Philippines, on the East Coast of Africa, in every part of the world, medical missionaries have employed this sterling remedy for years in fighting and conquering disease. DR. D. JAYNES EXPICTORANT has been successful for 77 j^ears- in relieving ard curing Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Croup, Whooping Cough, Inflammation oftheJLtings or Chest, Pleurisy, Asthma and diseases of a similar nature. In many thousands of homes throughout the United States and in other parts of the world it is to-day a standard remedy for these ailments. It is sold by all druggists m three size oottles, $1 .00, 50c. and 25c • s Jayae 's Tealc Vermifaife is a gentle and effective tonic for adults' and children alilce. It is the saCest and most celebrated Worm Cure known. that day and Powers said: "You need not be uneasy, 1 gave him tiic wrong key." ( Kentucky st.nte house officials at the ' time of the Goebel killing. Several local parties believe that the man referred to atiovp as '•Ta'lnw Dick" Combs is "Tallow Dicl;"^ Sharpe who only recently left lola after a residence of several months. Sliarpe formerly drove a wagon for "the city garbag? contractor here. Hec'airaed he was the man who drove the carriage which bore Governor Taylor out of Lexinrton when the latter escaped into Indiana. Sharpie was greatly interested in the Powers-Goebel case. He was a hostler for some of the Don't Try rnccrtain Recipes. , It is entirely unnecessary to expcrl- nii'nt with this, tliat and the other recipe. Why waste time, money and patience when yoii can get from your grocer, for 10 cents, a package of •Ol'R^PlK • Preparation — Lemon, Chocol.ite or Custard—for making pies that are .so good that when you eat one piece you will want another? The way to please the men-folks i.^; to give thom good pie. One Dollar in Script or .\roney is good for S2.70 worth of Sanitol goods at J. D. Mundls & Co. This offer closes December 31st. KNOWN AT CHANUTE Wm. Stewart, IMurdered by Crevle ton, Accused of Burglary Once. (Cbanute Tribune.) Walls Stewart, the maa who was killed In lola yesterday morning by bis partner, becai|^ the latter loved bis wife, and wantea tne husband out of the road, is known here, and four years ago was arrested for the burglary of a clothlog aiore In this city. The case, after dragging along for a time, was finally dismissed. Things looked black for Stewart for a time in connection with the burglary. Wlhen he was arrested, he was wearing some of the stolen garments, and others were found In Wll son county where he had been ped dllng them. Stewart, however, maintained that he had nothing to do with the burglary and declared that he had bou^t the clothing, not knowing that they had been stolen. His story was back- c<' up bv the testimony of a witness- who said :hat on the night the burglary, he saw Stewart and that Stew- rrt was so drunk he couldnt stand alone, but lay in his wagon all night, sleeping off his debauch. At that time Stewart was traveling ver the country selling patent medl- cmes. He had serve«l one term In the penitentiary, being convicted of statutor>- rape, and wa.<; not anxious to CO there again. His father and rother furnished surety for a bonds man aad in this way he secured, ball. Stewart comes of a family which is well behaved and well respected, with the exception of himself, he being the black sheep. His f'ather has lived in Kansas since an early day, first at Tola, then moving to I.«Roy. and afterwards to Yates Center where kc now resides. The dead man's wife waa with him when ha got into trouble here. It is said that they were not married at hat time, but were living together by mutual agreement. For Christmas Post Cards and Post Card .Vllioms go to Burroli'!* Drag Store. id .fcM!! Notice. -Mi members of the M. B. A. lodge re requested to be at Uie Woodmen ila!l Thursday night, Dec. 12. State .Manager J. F. Siibcy, of .Kansas City. Kansas, will be here. By iirdcr of president. c. .M. UEY*XOI:T 5 S. A Few Timely ions! Only a few weeks more to seleot your Christmas presents. Do not wait until the last day to do your Christmas shopping. Our Christmas selections are now ready for your approval/ See us before you make your purchases. Msm's Maokwear 25c up to 75c. Mmm'm Sutpemdors 25c up to $1.25. Mon '3 SUk Hand'ohMs 25c up to $1.25. Mma'a Hfhifilers 50c up to $2.50. Mam's Ooliar Staffs $1.25 up to 12.50. Mam's SuUOasas $3.S$ up to $10 00. Mam's iravallng Bsjgs ^ $3.50 up to §15.00. \ Mam's Pamay Hasa 25c up to 75c Mom's Drass SMris ; 50c' up to $1.50 Mam's Kabby Hals $t.Ss opto $3.50. Mam's Drass Gtavas • 5oc'up to $2.00. Mfim's Famay Vasts $i.5d up to I3.50. '<:^ Cop,ra>|il907 The Hotoe of Koppeabdmet at Chicago OverooaisF OvercoaisF Buy them now; you can save from $3 00 to ^5.00 on each coat. The largest selection of Popular Price Coats in thl.s section of the State. $10.00 Coats S7.BO $18.00 COILS ... .StB.OO 112.50 Coats ^ .... S9-7S $20.00 Coats.... SW.3a i $15.00 Coats.... S12.30 $25.00 Co^..... S20.00 Popular Outfitters Price for Clothiers Men and Boys THE CRTST.VL FROM J ^' DIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOI^^^ Special Coat Sale Oat hvyet has jast secuttd the gfeatest bargaio la Ladies' Oinils ercr jpot on sale in lola. There wete abcst 40 Coats in the lot, all new, 0p -to-date cqats, jast fiiiSshed. The maker had to have the cash; the deal was closed for jast aboot ooe-half their real yaloe. To appreciate their valtte come and see them in the south window. Ail are made o£ extra fine chiffon broadcloth, elaborately trimmed with silk braid, yoke satin lined; colors are brown, red, tan and black, three quarter length, semi-fitted, a twenty dollar valoe, on sale Thursday morning, at 8:30, choice. $11.35 CHata ecrtlfleatet for aato at aar store. tka »t*t Nllable «( ' an rUU. GloTM eaa . hp itta4 at Mate fa* tire time. mm- - Mjtke Uer a |tref )ent of a Glove Ortlli. cate. If you doat know her Ntie, Ihey raa be titled any Itme. . MRS. L. G. DON CARLOS DEAD. I. Mother of H. E. Don Carlos Passed Away Last Night in New Yorit "Word «-a: r.'ce.vfd ihi.>5 inorninff of the doatli of Mrs. I.,. G. Don Carlo.<;. !vo:bor of II. K. Don Carlos, of this r'ly. Tho cause of hor death •was pnfiinu.niii. ami she was ill only a weelv, death resn'tlng sonu'tinte last tiKht. Mr. Don Carl^u^ was wirtnl for son\«« time en Thtirsd.ny of last wo.>k, Ie.ivini: for Now York that nisrht. he arriv- rtl at his mother's beilsiiU^ lu^fore she tVoi\. Mrf. H. E. Dim Carlos hns hoon visiting In New York for the past ii.onlh. and has been with hor raothpr- inlaw rtjirins her Illness. Xfrs. I... O. Don Carlos was well known to r.Awrpnce people, .having siicnt the winter here with her son. She was oishty-three years old. and throtiKh her IOUR .ind happy life en- (Irared h<»rspU to a host of friends. Five children survive her. The burial will he in Jack.sonville, I..—I^w- rcne^ Journal. JJfTSEMEXTS. IT. E. Don Carlos is well known here in lodge circles. TO FORECLOSE A MORTGAGE. J. P. Elsten Would Recover on a $150 Note. J. P. and R. B. Elsten broiiKht snlt 111 district court today against 1 J. E. Had'oy, T. A. Morrison and the Atlas nuildinR & Loan AssocLalion to foreclose a mortRaRo Rr\?n to secure a promissory note of 5150. The note was Rive^ in Septetntier. 1905. One interost payment wa» made in 1906. The .Mins nuildinR company is sup- Iio?.ed to have an interest In the property under mortRBge to secure the note and is hence made a party to the case. CARLTON RESTAURANT SOLD. ^). M. Warner, of Humboldt, Purcha*. ed Buainett. Mrs. Lottie Carlton, who has conducted a rt'Rtaumnt at the oorn?r of .Irffersnn and Jack«on for the past (several years, today consummated a dfal wherein she disposes of the business to J. M. Warner, of Humboldt. Kans, who will take Immadiate poi? Bession. Mr. Warner Is an experl- c-need businesa man and doubtless will make a sacceaa of the enterprise. Mrs. Carlton says that she has not decided what she will do In the fa- tare, bat will remain in tms city for a tioM at leaat Play ^oei -s in this section of the Ciiuntry take an unco .nimon interest in the sl»>ady progress towards fame of Walker Whitesid,«. His cjireer has IMHMI SO devoid of sensationalism, his life so ciiaracterix.'d by high ideals that a local s«'ctional pride auioui; those who adaiirt'' arlt. -aonesty of piir- l>ose and cleanly Ilvinp. 7».ns foKowol the yonn.s: actor since he first assayed "Hamlet." Now tnat Mr. Whiteside ha.< gone under the splendid manaRement of Liebler & Co.. much is exp.-K;fed of his immediate future. The firm's other stars this season ar^ Eleanor Robson. Viola .Mien; \niliam Faversham and Mrs. Patrick Campbell. Lieb'.er & Co., have in Mr. Whiteside's present play. "Tlie Claim of Blood." a sterling vehicle for thpir new star's acknowledged abilities. They have surrounded him with one of the finest companies of players ever sent out from New York. They hav? made a notable stage production of his play. And finally above ail, •hey have given Warjcer 'WTiit^side the opportunity for which he has so long struggled to show the real mettle in his virile anmposUion. T.he show is billed for the Grand tomor row night. Mr. Whltesid?'s company includes Heryert Seers, I^slie Kenyon. Hubert Wilkie, T.ouis Grisel, Martha Cn^orge and Nora Lamison. ISVITE A TEST. •1 f has. B. .Si >encer Aslts TaUrrh Saffer- Krs to Try Hyontef on Their - Uaarantee. CHASE BROWN FILES ANSWER. Chanute Druggist Alleges Contrubu- tory Negligence on Part of Campbell. (Chanute Tribune.- The defendant's answer in tho caae of Mrs. Lilly Campbell against Chase W. Brown has been Hied with District Clerk H. H. Null. The answer is n gennral denial, and alleges contrlbu- Inry neg'tgenc? on tho part of the plaint ifrs husband. The plaintiff Is seeking to recover $10,000 damages. She claims that the defendant sold her hiisband wood alcohol for grain alcohol and after drinking It he died. Farrelly Evans of lola, and Barnes A Oyler of Tola, ara attorneys Itor the plaintiff, and Lapbam ft Brewster and B. F. SUnn are attorneys for tlie defendant.—Chanute Sim. Chas. n.: Spencer &" Co invites.all who suffer from any form of catarrhal troubles to get a Hyomel outfit from them with-their absolute^ suarantea that. if it does not give perfect satisfaction, fht' money will be refunded •vi|H>n rwiuest. There Is ho other treatment for cat :»rrU that in any way resembles Hy- lUiuM", none .that gives such quick cur- jative'resuUs and lasting satisfaction. jiio medicine that can take its place, none that cam lie sold on a guarantee like this, to refund the money unless it Catarrh Is a germ disease and can be cured only by breathing Hyomel, so that the most remote air cells in the opse, throat and lungs are reached by itS; antiseptic healing powers. In this way all catarrhal genus are killed, the irritated mucous membrane is healed and catarrh is driven from the system. This wonderful medicated air treati ment'does hot drug and derange the stomach, biit is breathed through a litle jKJCket inhaler that goes with every dollai' outfit. The unusiial way in which Chas. B. Spencer & Co.. sell Hyomei attests his confidence in the remedy. The ladies of the W. O. W. Circle will have charge of the' Ilox Supper g<vei> for the benefit of the W. O. W. Hand loniglit. .\ delightful program has been arranged—see Posted Cards —and a good time is assured. All ladies are n^qtiested to bring baskets and boxes at K. of P. hall. Refreshments" served. Admission free. •Tke Ciai^ ef Biaa«'at iHiffllei Water One bvndrad poands of Cry*-' tal Ice will maka U calloaa of dlkuiled water anlUbla tor family nsa. Try It IiiilceiMIStifagtCt FRANK RIODLB, Mgr. lola Business Coliese HIgM or Day Peninanstalp. ^ AritluneUe. Eloeatlo^ Bookkeeping. English. Physical Col-, tun. etc Bhoiibaad. Lattar Witttas. •<• L

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