Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
Page 2
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•• : -'-V'': Mnndos Union Suits The Perfect Fitting Mon's Su !ls $1.50 TO $3.00 Bo \s' Suits 50c, 75c, $1,00 Meh'^Twot Piece ^ Underw^ W« luive them in heavy wool, li^ht Weigbt, woolii cottoh ribbed and fleece lined, per gtrment, 50c TO $1.50 Tiiyioi^Aii .TJg<gs; From Hart, SchaflQier & Marx. Every time we sell a man one of our H S. & M. Suits or Overcoats, we feel that we've done a special service; a Ad before he gets through with it, he feels the same way. 0^ Hart, I- m make such good clothes that when we introduce a man to them, we've madja him a friend, not only of us but of the clothes. Better get acquainted here. .Copyright hy Hurt Schnitnef id Marx Suits and Ovdrcoats, $15 to {31 Other Soits and Overcoats fr^ni $7.50 to $12.51 Qosaip —Fitzgerald, Anto: Llrenr. Pkooei + +:+ Endeavor:Social. Forty -one members of the Endeavor Boclety of the Prwsbyterlan church were present at a social given In Uie church basement last night. The rvent was the inforjnal closing of the week of self-denlal which the society iaauglirated to secure a Rpecial con tribtition toward the : support of missionary. Each member had been supplied with a small barrel and these were opened last night and the money coanted. The sum coliected last night WAS $18.50 and in. addition to this amount there are several pledpes of cautrlbutions of fG and a number of the Entieavorers have not reported. After; the joonvy had been given fn the social committee served refresh ments of fruit aud confections and several happy gamofi wen- plhyed + •:• * Exchanee itele. The menu to bo prepared for the W. C. T. U. exchange sale on Saturday will include. Boston baited )>eans. meat loaf. Bread, pies, iluughniits rakes, salads. Jelly aud fruit. •J. - + Art Club. Miss Rosalia Chartes will entertain the Art club on Monday afternoon. December seventh. \ * * * Progcam for Beta's. The semi-monthly meeting for the .Beta society of the high school occur- HER PERPLEXING QUESTION Shall she choose a Ring. Locket, or Chkln? We invite all perplexed Jewelry buyers to come in and view our splendid. KEW JEWELRY STOCK, filled with surprises In beauty, designs and price. We replenished this stock by taking advantage of a rare chance to secure a superb, stock at uidille-ofrthe-season'B pricei. Buying now means beating bank-interest. Jew eled Ri^gs, SUck-Plns. Brooches, high- grade Watches. 0«r guarantee with every sale. Vitae-Ore 'A'o have secured the complel'» line of ViTAi-:-OnE Remeilies which comprise: VITAE-ORE T-O. PILLS V..0. TABLETS. T.-0. OREOLINE and Y.-O. EnralyptDR Oil. Noff on Mie nt SPENCER'S red yesterday at the close of the afternoon session of the high school classes. Music which interspersed the literary numbers was especially good. + * * Have Dollar Social, One of the first of the post-holiday events in church circles will be a dollar social for the Mls8loi\ary society of the U. B. church. It is the custom for the women's auxiliaries to have afternoon teas or other events to con-, tribute to the treasury and the dollar'today, socials are always especially successful In this way. * • • Mlsaionary Meeting. The lesson study on Missionary work in Sierra I.<eonc. Africa, was an instructive part of the program given at the U. B. church yesterday after noon. Descriptive readings were >lv en and the lesson "was lead' by Mrs. C. W. Adams. • • • Proqram Afternoon, Mrs. Schultz of the pastorate of the Peformed church. enterUlned the Missionary society yesterday afternoon at her home, .Only one meeting each month Is devoted to literary work and the subject of "Medif^U Missions" furnished material for some very Instructive talks yesterday. Mrs. Rojr Foster. Mrs. Chas. Osborne. Mrs. H'.,:KIauman.'. Mrs. Schultz and Mrs. 15; 'C. Remsberg had papers or reading which were very pleasingly presented. Mrs. Schultz served refresh ments during the social part of the afternoon. • * • Mrs. Goodin Home. Mrs. W. S. Coodin has returned from a visit with relatives in Nevada, Mo. • i * ' • Whist Party. *'<<;s FvR Bn>tt entertained several r afternoon. With the exception of three.friends, Mrs. J. W. Bolton. .Mrs. W. T. Witson and .Mrs. Frank Servey, the company represented the Thursday Whist club. Shbsequent to the card games Miss Brett gave a five o clock su Piter. •:• + + Altar Society. Mrs. C. Champieux had members of the Altar .society of St. John's church as her guests yesterday afternoon for a business meeting. .Arrangements were made for the'Christ mas service and decorations to be used un the altars at tnat time. + * + Served Supper. A very successful venture In the way of serviniD meals to members of the congregation was mide by the lad ies of the Baptist church last evening. The supper was served at the home of Mrs. Leigh Hunt on South Oak street, and the dining room was oc- :upled until a late hour. The table was tastefully laid and decorated. The sum of $18.50 was received from those who attended. + + * Bazaar Is Open. E^arly this morning a group of ladles repersentlng the Aid society of the Christian church began placing the stock for their Christmas bazaar. The building on West Madison which they are using is roomy and particularly 'lonvenient for this use and the articles to be sold will appear to an advantage. The public will be served with dinner and supper tomorrow. + <- * Royal Club. Mrs. E. Eakin, 423 North Elm. Is giving a party for the Royal club dikj ^^^^'%art ]^^r was at all Jtimes-lpileid with couples who en- Joyed that, amusement and the music ^rhlehi was atationedT on^ the second jboor Blayed.: In. a tactcitully furnished "^d room • "Qli stair><'r there were :MTeral tables for the,hse of guests 'and many couplek speiit a quiet hour there. between dances. i£;,-D«tei»tfcws for the'eveningi were W^ittlr effective- tnt simple iii theli'; arrabgement Hie broad sUir* case was bordered with palms and growing ferns and the green of the foliage harmonized very beautifully with ^the «oft tones of bronze, green and dull red which are evident in hangings and other decorations of the house. . • The dining room was open during the evening so that the visitors might be served with the delicious refresh ments. and everyone who was there enjoyed the cordial hospitality which was extended. About thirty guests were present and the pariy was the most elaborate function which lias occurred during tlie week now clo.slng. The next of the series will be j;iven on Thursday December 17. 1 * • * —See the- Our Way window. ; * + + Committee Meeting, Mre. A. V;. Lodge, chairman, Mrs. O. L. Garlinghouse, Mrs. W. G. Anderson and Mrs. B. W. Myler of a committee representing the Aid society of the First M. E. church are having a meeting today. The ladies will arrange a menu to be submitted to the committee which Is preparing for the banquet for Baker students. * * * Parlor Meeting, The' civic federation of women's c'ubs is having a meeting today at the home of Mrs. C. R. Sucher. .* * * —Mundis has the Candy. 4. + * Have a New Card Club, f The list of social clubs which meet at intervals to play cards is to be enlarged by at least one addition. A new club is to be organized on Thursday aflernoon of next week. Several months ago. Just before the summer came, the Kllnker club sent out "at home" cards to feminine HAWKINO MA(.'HI?iE.S. Catarrli Sufferers are ?iotJtlng But Hawking, Spitting and Blowing jfttchlnes. Says an Authority. «ULsnct eufo TOM'S .Spices are. not merely pure; they are thTSiie^t <^ the pure. Careful selectioo^ and improved meth-"* ods of grinding combine to pnxluce an uniisually high seasoning value. In OAMMOH BSAHO' you are sure of the fine prop-^ erties ti»it bulk ipices/ through exposure and poor (electioil, utoally lack. They are put up in air-tight packages, always retaining original strength. TtKia m two Undi of q>lc«*-TOXE'S and "atken.' Onemru 10 mmmlm Is it possible that in these days when c !eanllnes8 and sanitary reform is being preached in the churches,, , ^ ^. , „ schools and at public gatherings, that!has been arranged thus early will oc- friends with the announcement that the club house was at their disposal on each and every Thursday afternoon and evening. The ladies who received those cards are amon'g the most interesting and cultured women of the city and the parlors of the house have been filled with guests for several hours each Thursday. Recent ly one of the popular young matrons whose husband Is a prominent mem ber of Uie club, proposed that the women to whom privileges of the club hart been extended form a card club to have fortnightly parties at the club house. The plan met with approval and so the club will be organized next week. All women who have cards extend Ing the hospitality of the club for at home days are requested to liieet at the house next Thursday afternoon for a business meeting which will be hi-ld •u that time. * • + —Watch the Our Way window. • * * Aid Society Meeting. There was a business session of the Aid society of the Christian church yesterday. The object was to discuris plans for the bazaar which is in progress today. 4> .ti A Family Reunion One of the Christmas parties which WANTED—^An experienced solicitor U. P. Te* Co., east Bide square. WANTED--TO fry potato chips, small lot's by-order. 314 South Jefferson. Phone 556. WANTED—Night clerk at once at Peni>sylvania hotel. WANTED—A farm hand, steady work if party is experienced farmer. Phone vhi of Humboldt C. W. Griffin. 4. WANTED TO RENT—^bout January 1st to 15th. seven or eight room modern house, close In; east side preferred. Apply to R. G. Hail at Add Works. MEN WANTED QUICKLY—By big Chicago mail order house to distribute catalogues, advertise, etc. |25.00' a week, f60.00 expenses allowance first month. No experience required. Manager, Dept. 501, 385 Wabash Ave., Chicago. thousands of people will continue to I f "r at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. H suffer from catarrh, when there is an j A. Richardson on North Jefferson absolutely certain remedy alwaj-s on [Street on Christmas day. The child- hand. I ren and grand children of Mr. and . Hyomel (pronounced High-o-me) isj^Irs- Richardson will be present, also a pleasant medicated and antisepticia number of relatives from Savonbnrg air. Breathe it in and it will cure and other towns, catarrh. It will stop foul breath, wa(- - . • 4« • + ery eyes and crusts in the nose In a —Good meah, 8.» cents at Farr's few days. Restaurant. "I suffered from catarrh for two years; tried'numerous remedies which failed; used one and one-half bottles j of Hyomel and am entirely cured."— C. X. Undsy, 407 East nrst Ave., Mitchell, S. D. • A complete Hyomel outfit, consisting of a strong, hard rubber pocket iuhaler and a bottle of Hyomel, costs cnly $1, and extra bottles, if afterwards needed, cost only 50 cents each. Chas. n. Spencer & Co., sells !t and j gimrantees it to do exactly as advertised. -PHOTOGRAPHS— For XMAS will be treasured above all else by your friends and relatives Don't worry longer what to send them but come to our STUDIO at once and arrange for a sitting. Our PLATINUM and SEPIA Photos can't be beat. We have exclusive styles in card mounts from two of the largest firms in the country. Call and see samples of our work. Bring the Babies to our Studio if you wish the true Baby expression in the pictures. Pictures made at Hvomel also cures asthma, bron-j night the same as daylight. Open ev- chftis. coughs, colds and infants,cnlngs till XMAS from 7 to 8:30. croup MILLER'S STUDIO. EVERYTHING NEW No Old or Shop Worn Goods Sold + + + Receive Feminine Visiters, Secretary Starkey of the Y. .M. C. A., and others Interested in the as soclatlon arc extending cordial liivl tatlons to feminine friends of the association to be present at the building tonight. Bach Friday evening, is giv en over to the reception of ladles and tonight one of the special feature? will be a basket ball game in the gym. • • • For Sewing Cluh Miss Setta Wilson is hostess today for a group of young women who belong to her Sewing club. There will be a dinner and informal evening with cards for the guests. + + • Mrs. Bums Here. Mrs. Alta Pry-Bums of DalfHs. Texas^ arrived last night for an extended visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Fry. + • * Dancing and Card Party. The Kllnker Club house on North Buckeye was .opened for a very informal- card party and dance laa^ night. A group of men who belong to the cinb recently.ofganised themselves ' into a committee, to arnCnse dances to occur on alternate'Thuis- dar durins the social season and the sfttUr last night vas tb» first pf- 4 ssHes. The. spadbns halis^t'dowB In making a present you should' be careful to give somsthlng good, no matter how smalt the purchase. . If you buy It of us it Is guaranteed to give satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being able to sell the best goods for the least money. ! Before buying look our stock over! J. w. EXCLUSIVE J .W£|.ERS EAST SIDE SQUARE WANTED—Two young ladles to solicit C. F. Florence. Rooms 10 and 11, Evans Block. WANTED--A11 kinds of second hand household furniture.—The lola Furniture Exchange. A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 25. ! . WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. OfiSce over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. SALESMEN ft'AGENTS-^l t % |5o!oO per week and over can be made selling New Campaign Novelties from now loiintil election. Sells to Stores, Connly Fain. Picnics and Private Famlllei. '^^omplete line of samples, chargei prepaid for 60c. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO., «0 Wabaih Ave., Chicago, , WA.N'TED—Men to learn barber trade, f^w weeks required, best paying work within the reach of vooi man. can have shop with small capital, wages from $12 to $20 weekly, wonderful demand for barbers, cata- ogue mailed free. Moler Barger college, Kansas City. Mo. FOR SALE—Six new well built 2- room houses to be moved off. Inquire lunch room 104 North Washington. F0R~SALE^Two~B7sh~~&~Gerts pianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V-. Roberts JIusic Store. FOR SALE—A ?" ".-r^ •'T I truck farm, 2 miles i.-r h .ii i-s '•;'>•. Good bottom land. J. \V. .\:u°>Viiilunis, Gas City, R. R. 1. ' FOR SALE OR TRADE—Good property, close In. Call 110 West Monroe. Bttliiicss Diffcctofy. JOHN 6. WOODDT, M. D. Ph/slelaB sad Sorgeoi. Over Bnrreirs. Phone Ui. « * DB. MILDRED CDBTIS * Phyalclan and Sargeen. • * Office over Bu>-r«U'8 Omg Store * * Offlca Phone 654. * * Residence 214 B. Jackson * * Phone 569. • • • • • • • • DB. MeMILLEir. • * Special attention given to the * * treatment of all Chronic Dlaeas- • * ea and Diseases of Children. • * Telephones: Office 32, Res; 232. * * Office over Burrell'i Drug Store < * West Madison. • • Phone 687. Res. 70L • • DB. O. L. cox. • • Bya, Ear, Nose and Throat. • • Spectacles Properly Fitted. * • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • • • • • • • Offics Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 4M / DB. B. 0. OHBISTIAir • Pkyilelaa vmk SngeM * .Rooms 7 and S. Svans Bide. • ' - a F. H, MABTOr, Surgery and INMases ot • • Wopnen. " • Office and Residence Ptaona 57$ ' • Offlcs 7 North JMnlon. • • • • • • • • • • • JEWELR8. B. F. Paneoait, old raUablt Jtwslsr. 110 East Street Lodge Difcctofy KNIGHTS OF PTTHIAS ^eosk* Lodge No. 43 meets every Mondai night at K. ot P. Hall. VIsltlBg br» there invited. W. S. Thompson, Ck Chris Bitter. K. of R. and & K5IGHTS OF KACCIBBBS*^ KnighU ot Haccahees ot ths World FOR TRADE—Forty acres grass land to trade for property close In. Inquire 609 North Jefferson. Six Clear La Harpe residences S7000 and $3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart. lola. Kas, meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourt» ! Saturday nighU ot each month. J. JW. Postwalt, commander; B. B. Mr* ter. record keeper. W. 0. If^-Camp No. 101 mesto la K. ot P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele. C. C. A. H. Davis, Cls«»i Visitors cordially Invited. V. W. JL— The IC. W. A. Lodgs meets every Friday night In IL W. A, Hall. Visiting brothers lavltsd. F. (X Coffleld, V. C. W. A. Cowan, Clsrh- _ ROYAL NEIGHBOBS^IoIa Caiop No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets ses- ond and fourth Tuesdays ot eaoh month. Mrs. F. A. Wsgner, orael* Mrs, Mary Button, 413 West Btr«< Recorder. 90000000000000000 O PrSLlC SALE. O 0 Four years experience In the sale O 0 ring prepares me to give un- O O equalled and guaranteed service O O as an auctioneer. My service free O O for a few sales. Reference, Allen O 0 Co. State Bank. E. K. Tirkcrs. O O Phone 835. 409 East St. O OOOOOOOOOOOO O O O O O Hirse filiikefs, bp Isbef, and FMt Warners The largest and best stock in Allen County. Wc beloDj^r to the Business Men's Mileage Bureau. FBATEBNAL BBOTBBBHOODi^ Fraternal Brotherhood Now 880 meste second and fourth Thursday of eaak month m A. O. U. W. Udl. Tlsltlag members cordially lavltMC W. H. i»* derson, prssldent; Qolds tary. Flagstohs and Cement Sldswalks aM Cnrbing a Spseialty. oacs lis East Jaekssa Ave^ PhaMtH. CITY DENIKt THE BILL. Aldermen Will Refuse to Pay a Curbing Company. Remember the American Concrete company? No? Well, about a year ago,-this company put in some curbing on South Walnut street. ^ The property owners along the street declared the work to be a bum ]9b and after a long light 'succeedec in getting what they believed was bet :er curbing alhough the American Concrete cont pany did not put it in. Ti(e city was obliged to tear out some o^ the curbing, but the company wanted pay for it and they have been clapiorihg for settlement ever since. F. J. Oyler, city attorney, has been investigating the matter and flnaUy reported to the council that be believed the city's obligation to the curbing compfny had been adegnately ful- lUIed and that Tola does not owe the .company a p^ny., ,ThejrerQre ,-^e aldermen In regular 1o4c|>wrt.heiiea.wIth4ti e|al^. OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these dayt, 9ti^ tember. you know. Is' the time to ht» the summer dust cleaned out ot ear pets. We are busy, but your order wfl. receive prompt and careful attentlw Phone us-today. lOLA RUG FACTORY MAGAZIKZ9 A5D PBBIODICALf can be secnrsd of J. E. lleadenM who deals wltlt ths publishers aa4 furnishes them at ths lowest prist possible. Trial snbseriptlon to YN» .Vorden's, 3 months SSe. Phons •>. 414 N. Bncks^ Real Bktate, Insurance City and Fiirin Lctkns Low Rats, Annual latersst Payments received at aay ! time without Botlcs. and 'ln< terest ceaieste amount paid. Long sr Mort Tlvie Lswig; Cunniiigluim & Airfl»iti[ VI

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