Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1907
Page 3
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m I^GHAliDSmt'S yUtnx^ 8ug9e»tioD» for Cbri»tma» Although attention will largely center oh the practical and standard gifts, there are many special reduction lots throughout the store as addition incentive. Every offering of this store will fulRH your most rigid requirements and will <o to example the fact th«t besides offering choice of the world 's most dependable and satisfactory wares, seasible economy is afforded by every stock of the store. 50 doz. Ladies' Handsome Collars just opened up Elegant Handkerchiefs of every new description. $600 v,orth of fine Furs from 75c to $20 An elegant line of Fine Hand Bags Ladies' Combs, everything new to select from Doilies of every description and price Great Redactipna ID Millinery, This Elegftpf line of Trimmed Millinery at Actual Cost, Ladle«% Mi**e*'and Children's Coats, 14ft Handsome garments cut down to the Closest Selling ^ric^. SEC US FOR SENSIBLE AND liSErUL CUmSTNAS PRESENTS. C. 8. Brady, of Eaat lola, Had Piipa™ Served on Simpson Pro||»rty. O. S. Brady of Eaat loU bad attachment papers served on the house bold goods of U'. M. Simpson and wife for the collection of a $25 grocery bill. Tlie action was talcen because it was believed that the Simpsons were going to Missouri to remain permanently without settling up their bill. ^ Tickets of Admisaion to United/States Sold Innorant Foreigners. New YorU. Dec, 10.—The sale of ickets of admission to the United Slates is Ihe latest form "of swiniUe iiscovered by the immisration author 'ties. .\ passenger on the liner Amerika sold more than forty to the steerage passengers on the which anivetl ye.sterday. receivin.s not lesi* •hau SI apiece for them.' With thpse tickets, the immigrants were told 113 East Madiaon Avenue, 2 tloars Wemi Thmp- mma Hoimh SURVEY FOR WALNUT CURB. The "Oar Way" Restaurant MBrohamis'Lunch 2 So Kverytliing in Season. S HOKT O KDKR.S oi- .\Li. K INDS QUARANTINE HOME. City Engineer Setting the Stakes Today for New Work. ' Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ar^lhur Longshore Has Scarlet Fever. T!;-' ciiy i iipini'iT is today niakni.;: <.]•'• >w\ty ;in'l is .^olMnu- ihi- staki's \r.v lilt' IK'W I'urijiii;: on Si)iith Walnut VT.'. t '\'h':> lu.'ans as so<in a« r: >>:\\ y j.< linishi-il ih:u work will I—.;in I 'litiiiiir in tin- wv; t'lirliiii^. Til;' i-iirnlni; wliivh was i.iit in last fa'l \\;'.-= <->ii!il«'iiiii"il tinii jirilfreill taken \-y ill-. coiiMcil. The home of .\rlhur I,on?s'.«rf was j (jnarantint-d today, ^o^. tin- liltK' smi 'of .Mr. and .Mrs. l>onKsl'.or.'. is sni- , It -ring from an attack ui the ."icarlet feve;-. K VIT;. iuecai!t:on will lif tak- ' fii lo pn-vcn* the <i !Sfa.«t' fnnu I ^ lin-adinsr. Thf (latii'n: is not Thought 111 1> • in a s('ri<nis ooniiitlou. A (oed lookint kuM tad poor lock- isf httarii n iht mm bod ol • cc.-n Eureka Harness Oil only mikti the htrncii JR J tht hone Imk bcTttr, hut mtkri ihf Icsiher tott «ni plicblc. puu it in vi ^rt- At i( crdmiTiU KOtJi 1 rV,»^'» M.J. ft. \Vt STANDARD OIL CO. ^ "INCOVOAATta, POLAR BEAR fLOlJR Has Stood the Test Becaose its the Best Acce|jt No Other Wm. Obetdorf, Agt. LEFT FOR OKLAHOMA CITY. Robert McMiilen Will Practice Law There. I IJo'.i.ri Mc.Millen Iffi loiiay lov i')k- i i.ilionia City \vh «re lie wii! ojien ui) a I law ollico. in the coimfH-iitjn with lliis law tuislnes.s. llo will rart' fur I ih'' inttTt 'sis of Ihe Kil^ar Kxchansc '.»omiKiiiv of ihi .-i city, which r .'ctntly I <iii-<i a I'rauch ollicf in that city. 1 Mr. Mi-Millen i .s a vrry iiojiuktr i %i .ii :v; ;'t:iTlu'.\ .•ilid sori.-i.v i:!:in in tliis rit\. WTiiU- his fri.'mis If re ro- jCrt 't ihat he Is lo U-ave tlioy wish him !;\eiy success. CABLES NEW KING. VOTED F«»R SKX.VTOKS. Oklsiionia Lcffi.skiturr Had a iSeparate; Settsion Today. Cnthrio. Okla.. Dec. ID.—The Okla- lii-ma legislainre lod.iy in a separate .se.ssiuii voted for Ilie two Tniled t>ia;L's s<-natoi>-. named in the pri- laarii 'S, Robert I-itham Uwens and Thomas Pr.vor Oore. Con:|ilinie«tary vote of Ihe republicans was a;iven to ChBrles (;. Jones and t'larent-e It. Uoiijilass. Tomorrow the formal vote in ih«- joint session will he cast. The vole in the senaii^ was: Owens and Core. :!!•: .lom-s ajid lJ<m.i;las. -1. Till- voif in t..e House of 1W«MI auJ (Jor.' was oitlily nine: l)oii(j!as ami .iont's .I 'ighteen: two absent. CALL A MEETING JIIMU: (IIM'O.SK.S CH;.\KETTES. Business OIREOTQRY JEW'EI.K^S. n. V. Pancoast. old reliable Jewelet no Kast street. PTAMMER. Completo court at .tho best achool for stammerers la Atnerlca at <me- halt price this fall ani winter. White for Information at once. McKle School for Stammerers. 2705 East 12th StreeL Kansas City. Mc President' Roosevelt Sends a Message of Condolence. Wasliii'.Rton. 1>OP. 10.—Tiic iir.'.-ii- '!";it ''_(lay scin a ti 'le^rar.' of fotiilo- It -nrr a 'liiri'ssi 'd to tl;e iifw king at Stoekholni as follows: "1 iif(>)>ly syinjiaihl/.c with your' i;..nj.-sty and with the lifopli' of Sw.-><Im in tlie loss of an honored f .Tiher and a venerateil s ^ivcrign. •THEODORE ROOSF-VELT." InNlrurt". First (Iklahoma Cllj (•'rand Jurj to Inie>IItnitr. Okliihonia fity. Okla.. Xi^. li>.—In iiuiianelint; t'lc lirst ;-jraniI jury under staii 'hiXHl iiHliiy. Uisiiiit .ludKe Clark made a special char.ue that the jury itiv<>.<ii!:ait' iniorniation leadin:: to Ili«» violation of the cluarettf law now in force in the state. rVIUNET (JETS Tir. Leltpr ."innpreNsIiis: Third Term Talk Read to Thrm Today. Washlnmon. Dec. 10.—.\fier the cabinet session today Ihe letter addressed by President Roosevelt to the members of lii.s cabinet on .Vnvembor 19 Instrnciin.t; tliem to inform federal oflicehoider.s not (tf |).irflci|>ate In the third term niovHuiont for Rtiosevelt. was made public ta the White house. It i .s understood that cabinet olTlcers will ai once take action in accordance with the terms in the letter. LOOQE OIREOTQRY. KineHTS OF MACCABEES,. Kaigbts of Maccabees of tho Won. meets In'K.P.Hall, second and fourU Wednesday nights In each month, i W. Pdstwait, commander: R. B. For ter, record keeper. Tf. 0. Camp^No. 101 meets I» K. of P. Hall cTery Friday night. T. Steele, C. C; A.H.D»'>.. Clert Visitors cordially Invited. K>'IGIITS OF PTTBIAS.-• ^ Lodge No. 43. meets every > cda night at K. of P. Hall. Vtsitl w bro thers. Invited. W. S. Thornpsoa, 1. C; Chris Ritter. K. of R. and S. M. W. JL— The M. W. A. Lodg* meets every Friday night In M. W. A hall. Visiting brothers invited. W.H Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerfc ROYAL KEIGUBOKS.— lola Camj- No. 365, Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of eac mouth. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle: Mrs. Mary Huttoii, 413 W«>»* S;.<«t Recorder. FRATEKNAL BBOTHERIIOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meet* second and fourth Thursd;i.v of each month In A.O.U.W. Hail. Visiting members cordlaly invited. W.H.An­ derson, president; Golda Elam, secre- Ury. Janlor Order CaMei Amcrlfan M* duBicB^—Meets every WedneK',l:iy ev- enlna^at 8 oclock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited. R. .^ .Widick, Councelor; C. B. Black, Rec Secretary. EELS NOT BADLY HURT. Well Known Ball Player's Gun Shot Would Not Serious, Kansas City. Dec. 10.—.\ letter r«- ceived from Harrj- Eels, the To'.edo pitcher, yfbo was shot two weeks ago. stales that he is getting along famously, and Mil be able to get around In' a fa'w weeks. The Injury was not fio serious as had been rumored at first and Eels expects to be back In the game as ever by'tlie tkne'tbe seasoD ndls azofoA-SSBiii. One of the Important Duties of Physicians and the Wen-Informed of the World i.^ to Ic'.nrn ns- to f!;? r'.Iativ',^ Ptnndin.:; anil ie;;ai)iiiiy of ihe. le.idiiiur maniilactur- ci.^ of j7itrilif-iri:il n-.:: :u:;. its the njo=t l':niiHnt phy:-;iri;in.^ arr tiic mo.=;r cnrciiil a.s to till' i!!iif'>!-tn i;u:i!ity and periiTt puriiy of remedies pri -.oriU'd I'v tht-ni, and it is well known t';> .pi)\?i(ian.=; and the \VeIl-Ininrri5ed yciieraiiy liuU the Calii(irni:i ]-'i.!.r Syriii> Co.. I'v rtjison of it.=; coir.-ct UKthods and perfect cinipint:]! and the eihir;d character of i:.s priuliuf h;;'. :.ttain'-d to the I'.ijjh siandin-^ in sci»'nti!:r ;i!id nirnniercial circles which is accorded lo pticre.s'fiil and reliable ii()iis<\s onl\-, and. tiiereiure, tliat the name of the Coiiiijaiiy has become a ^;uara^lee uf the exceilenco i >I its retiiedy. TRUTH AND QUALITY apjx'al to the WeU -Iniormed in every tvalk of life and are es.'^ential to permanent success and creditable standinj:, ihcreiore \ve wi.'ih to rail tlie attention of all who would enjoy nood health, with its blessinRS, to the fact liiat it iir.'olvi-; the (juestioii of rijjlit livinji with all the term implies. With proper kn(nvitii..;e of v.hat is eacii hour of recreation, of enjoytnent, of contemplation and oi t -itort may l>o madf to contribute lo tUiit end and the use ot medicines disjKnsed with i^mLtaliy to preat advanta ;;e. but as in many instances a simple, wholesome remedy n.;iy be invaluable if taken at the proper titiie. the California I'iir Syrup Co. Itvls that it is alike important to present tnithlully the sid)iect and to supply the one jxrUct laxative remedy which has won the .ippmnl of phy .sirians and the world-wide acreptanre of tiie Well-Informtd btcaiise of the exr.llenre of the combination, known lo all. and liie orijjinal method of m.inufac- ture, which is known to the California Fit; Syrup Co. tjuly. ' This valuable remedy has Wen lone and favorably known under the name of— Syriip of Fi'^is—and has attained to world-wide arcipt .-mce as the most t NCtllent of faiiiily l.^xatives. and as its pure Ia.\ati\e [(.'•inciivif s. » btained from .S«nna, are well known U\ jiiivsicians .nnd the Well-informed of the W)rld to be the ln-st of natural Ltxativrsi we have adopted the iitoie elaUicatc name r, - Syrup of Fi^s and Elixir of Stima —:is mn:e fully de.scriptive of Die remedy. 1 lit doiibtli ss it will always be called foy by the shorter name of Syrup cl Fi^s—and to pet its Ix.-i.eficial eiftcts always note, when piirchasin,^;. the full of the Comp.-in\ California Fi^.' Syrup Co.— plainly printed on the front of every packajjc, whether you simjjly call tor — Syrup of Figs—or by the full n.une—Syrup of Fifjs and Elixir of St>nna—as—Syrup of Fifrs and Elixir of Senna—is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Pig Syrup Co. and the same heretofore known by the name — Syrup of Fi^s — which has given satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all Icadinj? drujfKists throughout the United States in original packages ol one size only, the regular price of which is fifty penis per bottle. ijvery bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington. D. C. that ti-.e remedy is not adulterated or misbratsded within the meaning of the Food an4 Drugs Act, June 30ih, 1906. CAUFOfiNIA HG SYRUP CO. Louisville, Ky. * San Francisco, Cal. U S. A. London, England. New York, N. Y- Chairman Moore Will Likely Have Republican: Central Committee Meet Soon. Topeka, Dec. Hi.—:t is expected li «-rt> that .T. T. Moore, of Pittsburg eluiirtiiaii ui the Ue|ii]bl:can State Cen ;ral Committee, will within a few •'ays issue a cal' for a meeting of tlr- committee in Topeka. probably ti> lie held December 2S. It has been Known for several weeks that uieetinK of the state committee would be called imm?diately after the meet- i'.ii; of the Republican National com i !!itt -e in WashiuRton. li is e^tpected the state committee will at the Voi>eka mtftin!; call a state conven tion for the purpose of nominating a state convention and eleclinp dele- .'Mi.s t,> the nation:*! conventton. The Soneral opinion stH >ms to be that the Mate convention will be hi »lil niU hit .T than Mtirch. particularly if the s'.ipporters of Taft for Pre.-iident have their Way. I'nder the call for the national c<invention a state conven tion nuist be heM. at least for th.^* election of delegates at large, ttnle .is a (liri 'Ct primary law be ))nssed before the delegates ar.^ electe<i. Then they may he elected by the primary of convention method at the option of the state committee. Supporters of Taft want an earl.v convention for the reason that they believe the state is now for Taft and that an early declar ation to that effect by a state conven tion would strengthen the candidacy of the Secretarv- of War. WONT TAKE MUCH EVIDENCE. Jackson Think* Standard's Answers Warrant Judgment for State. Topeka, Dec. 10.—^Attorney Genera! .Jackson stated yesterday evening that he does not expect to take much testimony for use before the Supreme court in the ouster proceedings against the Standard Oil company for alleged violations of the anti-trust laws. He thinks that the answers made by the Standard, and its various auxiliary companies, to to the inter rogatories proponded under thi» law passed last winter, furnish sufficient evidence to warrant a judgment for the state unless he is mistaken in his construction of the law. In these answers It was admitted that the Standard of New Jersey controls th« Standard Oil companies of both Indi ana and Kansas and the Prairie Oil & Oas company. "The questions re- mainin:: for determinatk>n are large ly legal ones." says the attorney gen eral. "The facts are pretty well es tabllshed. For that reason we will tak? little more evidence. I expect a Judgment in favor of the state, on the pleadings and the answers made of the Interrogatories." STICH 18 WILLING TO RUN. Topeka, Dec. 10.—A. C. Stlch of Independence, prominently sspokcn of as a candidate for the Republican nomination for Ck>vemor. was In Topeka yesterday on banking business. When asked If be will be a candidate for Governor, Mr. Stich said that he is giving the matter no consideration bat intimated that he is not averse to beooming an actlTe candidate if convlnoed that ha mllh.t win the fljiJit. He dismiaMd tk» viaatioa br aUttas ^th«t,»«->iraa *1» tlNkxftaMr of Vit *Wda.- ,• ' . :, .\ ATTACHED HOUSCHOLD GOODS. NEW IMMIGRANT SWINDLE. they could enter this coaBtry •WlOf/' out difflcuft.v. The ship's ofltOfsnt dllR . covered the swindle" and "cfflittijelled the return of the mon<B7'. Thein^ probably will be prosecuted. Th^Fiiiist'Halr FMIn the WoifM There are hundreds of h^r foods on. the, market, but not one of them has acconipUshed the results attained by this scientific reniedy^ and not one of them is backed up by such a positive jjuarantee. : "93" Hair Tonic positively cures dandruff, stops falling hair, and prevents baldness. It's the only real hair restorer in the world. Its success has been remarkable. Other so-called hair tonics may have failed you* but this will tioL It is clean* pleasant—not sticky or gummy, or of disagreeable odor. Its use absolutely insures a healthy, abund* ant, beautiful head of hair that will last for life. 50 Cenfs Per Bottle THE "REXALL" GUARANTEE If yon g«t a bottle ot this hair liMc and fnid it ( not cur« you, brinf the empty bottle to ns, say jjetf.ara duaattafied^ and weH.retani year, money. Wiaaaelte this taanalee and we/fve up tftU. Wem (ive Htm mniirrn formula of this feaie te whoever asks fonr iL ^r^-^. m S. R. BURRELL, Druggist THE Ostermbm* EXCLUSIVE AGENTS (i1 LOOK FOR THS FLAa A. W.

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