Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 4, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
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mm lit*;* -• YOLCXK XL SUjreER M. UGHT PACKS. - lOLA, lAKSAS, DECEMBER i IMSr-F^IDAT ETEIflKG. Kir.HT FISIS. TOBEHEREASTIOU COIINTIL TO DEVISE A PI.AX FOR I)ltAI\A»E. THE COMMITTEE WILL MEET PKTITUO TO THE TOrXCII. STAKTKO SOMETIIINO. UwlandN of llio VA*\ Knil to Ii4> tlif Nuhjrrt of AldiTinunk; Hlud}— - .\wfnl Tliiri- WlKii It KNIIIK. jr you Uvp in Kasr tula, probably you know wliui ii i)M>aim when h«uvy raiufl fall.' If yon do nut. jjcrbaim you haye beeii a patssHnKer on IntenirbftH car :when, the lowlands of East lola were flooded and when the water, after a bard rain, was sweeping over the street car track and flowing in torrents In Lincoln park and even on up as far west ae the .Missouri Pacific and electric line •crossing. A move to remedy this condition was started last night. A petition was presented to the city council last night asking tliat that body investigate and devise some plan by which the pro|>erty lying east of Kentucky street and south of East street might be protected from the flood. The petition set forth the fact that, when hea,vy rains fall, property in (he "wet" l)elt becomes a veritable sea. The water backs up into the yards of hemes in the vicinity of the Missouri Pacific crossing and renders it un- liealfliy, almost untenable lo say nothing of the inconvenience. The street and alley committee to whlcl^ the matter was referred^nd of which Alderman J. ^. Jones is chairman, said that his committee would take action at once. C^mmfttee WIU Act at Oncew . "I am not quite certain that this matter was referred to us." .Alderman Jones said this afternoon. "We had quite a discussion cf the subject and vtt tR,lkp(1i nf raf«trring it to one of (iWmi -lionmiltteeB. However, if our committee Is the one to whom the responsibility falls, 1 will see that some action is taken at once. Something ought lo be done out there. I will call a meeting of the committee and we will go to East lola un u trip of inspoction tomorrow." Alderman .Jones' uncertainly a.s to the committee to which the matjpr of drainage for East lola was referred will be dispelled by the note.s of Charles E. Wendorff. city clurk. whose record of the session last night shows that the matter was referred to .Mr. Jcnes' commit!CP. i The move for the drainage and thus the betterment of East lola is a good one and is one that will be heartily welconied by thp citizens who live in • that vicinit}-. TO SPECIAL MEETING I, W. T. STEELE AND S. J. HAY TO W. O. W. AFFAIK AT tVICHITA. Stj:to l)i>])utIi >N to ('uni«idf>r i^KlxlHtloB III Hiinrd to nnndii liiiil Drill Ti 'iiiiiM— Hlir TliiH- Toiilirht. i)»'piiiy w, r. 8i((.!i. of ihH \v. o. w. of ihlH Pliy, iind K.J, lluy ur«< In Wichita micndiiiK u CU.IIMI incciInK of ihp dopiiiliiH of the ordiT of tlilii Htnti*. It IM iinllrlpiitcd thta Koniu Kpc- clul legUlrition relative ui drill lennir nnd ImndH of the tinier will be enacted at thitt nieeilng. A cluMH of over one hundred new members will he taken Into the.\\'Sch ita local tonlKhi. After the Initiatory cerptuonies a banquet and smoker will l >e given to the new member.^ The Wichita Bagle says of the meeting: During tlie afternoon Krlday, the visitors, which will include many of the grand officers of the '.odge, will lie given an automobile ride over the city, in the evening, after a large class of candidates are initiated, a banquet will Ije held at which many of the grand officers and local workers will make addresses. One of the most initiortant features of the banquet will be the address of Sovereign Physician .\. U. Eloyd of Omaha on "Wiphita Wafer." The Woodmen of the World are to locate a children's orphan home in some city in iheTniiQi) States and the Wichita members of the lodge believe that Wichita stands a good cliance of sn- cnring the home. BARXES LAM CASE OEt'lSIO.V. .Hnpreme Conrt Will I'HSK on Allen Conntj- .Ippml Soon. One week from tomorrow it is expected that the Kansas Supreme court will pass upon the Barnes law <^ase. appealed fronii the AHen county district court. The case was heard at the November sitting of he court and has been advanced on the docket for the reason that it is of vast importance to the high schools thrnugbont the state. Several counties are contemplating the erection of new high school buildings, but of ronroe could not afford »o do so if tlie law is declared to have been illegally passed. Judge Poust held the law to be inoperative In .Allen county and the board of commi^:- sioners refused to make the levy provided for in the law. Many proniinenc authorities believe that Judge Kcu¥t will be sustained in his opinion b.v the supreme conrt. TO TRY NEW PLAN street Commissioner is to be Made Sidewalk Inspector Also. Here's a new idea in public improve rheiif. It was brought to t?ie atteulion of the city council last night by Al- ilt-nian J. B. Jones, who has glveu tlie matter ranch thought and investigation. Tne plan is. this: The street coinniissionor has a most excellotit op- portuHiiy to keep advlsfd of the condition of siilewalks throiichont the city. In liis dally trips about town hi' olistTvi s many wlii(rh are in a bad condition. If the plan suggested iiv .Ald 'Tiiinn Jones is ndniitpil. and it sfHins now that It will be. J. S. Wa!- lor. siri 'ct commissionei-. will In the I'ninri! be siilev.'alU Inspector as Wfil as street commissioner. When lie no- tlcoR II walk In ba-l repair or one that shoul'l be n-biillt. ho will call upon the property owner and notify him of the co!idition of thft walk. If the owner tavrt that he wi!) attend to the rppnir- ing of the w .ilk a» once, he is >ri ».'n -"'i (lays in which to do or have the work done. If tht> owner falls to hood the warning, th" street commis.slonpr is iMupowiTi'd to proceed to rebuild or repair the walk and charge th<! cost np to the property owner. Tho owner, however, must signify his intention of toinp aheail with the work within five (lays. The council instructed the city attorney to draw np an ordinance embodying these suiigeslions and report 'f for paH?ago at th<> next meeting of the city council. AN INSPECTOR RERE STATE FIRE IXSHKAXCE OFFICIAL (UVPLAIXED OF POWER HOrHE. USE MORE CARE, HE SAYS SAIII KXOIXKKR l.KFT IWhK*. .VAKLK .MATERIAL ALL AROrXD. A IViitPr WoikM KiiKloifr I>«III 4> N tlip Al. l('iUtlon -MN )i« ll<> IN >V<>II E(|III|>< lied to Flicht n Fire. HAS MORE ILL LOCK lOLA ELECTRIC PASSENGER CAR IN A BA88ETT COtJLISION. A Cement Plant Shale Car Plunged Into Paesenger Car at 9 O'clock Lait Night. TALK ABOIT XAVIE.S. HIGH SCHOOL WON GAME. Defeated Auditorium Team by a Narrow Margin.—A Good Game. The best basket ball game ever played in lola was put on at the Auditorium last night when the High school team defeated t^e rink' team by a score of 24 to 21. The High school team showed excellent team work! and careful .training. The Auditorium boys were off in the basket throws or they would have won the game handily. This is the second game between these, teams, the Auditorium winning the other by a score of 29 to 21. It to the first game the high school boys have won this year and they are. very Jubilant over It, OLD SEHLER DIES Robert Araiitroiie' ot LMrraworfli Saeeaabed to ao Attack of Umrt FaJlant-Jianrrycd Two gtatef. Lieiiv»nwortta, Kas., Dec. ^.—Robert A^aalrong, 78 years old, a resident of tlila o ^jr since 1863, died at bis borne lieriB! telijax of beart failure. For many rears; l^e was deputV' United Stales mrveror general and assisted in the aubdiyJijriODal survey of a large part of westinna Kamas and Oklafaooia. He Is «A ^red.'j^y a wife, vai tair daugbters. satettas. Flrad Bamtaa, Conference of Xat>op« THlled lij Great Britain. I^ondon. Dec. 4. —A conferen.-e of t *ie Dowers c;illed by <!reat Britain for framing of a code of !aw» for naval warfare and for the forniaiion of an intrr:i!>ti,-:ij'i j ri/p court rpcc.nnuend- ed bv The Mncue oonprc^s. t ;i>ened al the foreign office t(i[luy. It Is expected it will rcniinne till alwint February tfit. The rnite<l Staie.s f;rpat JJritain FrHuoe. Germany, it:tly. Anstria Hun- nary. Russia. Spain. Holland and Ja|ian are represented. ARE IN A QUANDARY A Street Intersection Should be Paved But.City Ooesn't Know Whose Duty it It. A Imtcr from Charles E. Eldredge, of Topcka. state fire insuraiice inspector, was read to the city council 'ast night, it cricltlsed the condilioo :,t the city wafer works station at the N'eoaho river. •The city ought to have more fire hose out there," .Mr. Eldredge Wrote, "and there is too much waste and In- ianimable material lying around. Haste should be taken to install fire apparatus and the oils and waste should be taken into the power house sparingly, .say, one day's supply at a .Ime." .Mr. Eldridge said that an agent who had visited the plant some time ago, iiade the report at his request. Xo Fear of Flre-Bee^h. Charles J. Hcech, engineer at the power lionse was looking over the .nachinery when a reporter called this morning. .Mr. IJeech wa.s informed of be criticism which had been made in he letter written by Mr. Eldredge. '•i.,et's see," .Mr. Heech said remin iscently, "I do remember that an insurance agent came out here and looked around about two weeks ago. Whea Mr. Eldredge writes of the lack of fire hose, it must be on account of the report of the agent. I recall that on the day the agent was here that the apent did not see our l>cst hose. We bad quite a lot of hose whifh was out' on the fence drying and which the inspector's agent evi- cm\y did iioi .see." •As for the accumiilatiui of waste and oil. we have bni little o!i hand at 1 tiniP. We gel a bale of waste at a III::" and it is stored away in a room in ilie rear r.f Use power house. We bring whiti is wanted fur ininiedlate ii -:e Into tlie power house pi'op(-r. S:iine way with oil. "We liave no fi-.n- of fire out lii>re -.iiid ilKiiiKh WH oni;ht to luive a few more feel of hose, we are equipped now so that we could oaslly handle .:n.\ fire whicii nil^jlii break out here." The nimniimication from .Mr. ICId- redge was lefprred to the ooniinlttee (Ml pii'iilc litillfy wlilPh will liive.'jtl- patp. COUNCIL NEWS mt Little Bits of Business Which Came Up For Consideration in the Council Chamber. Property owners residing in the vicinity of North Buckeye' street last night presented a petition to the council askins that .a tile be laid in the too block on .North Buckeye in order that the water which accumulates there after each rainfall might be drained off into a sewer. The petition was referred to rh(> street and nllcy connniftee. .\ rein(y:-;!ranee against the vacating of a narrow street on Carpenter from Washington to Chestnut, was called to the attention of the council. It was referred to a committee for Invrsllsation. C. J. Balliett filed a bond as a master pliimb»-r. which was ajiproved by the oouncll. the ooii Thorue and Hou-ih. engineers, filed a maintenance bond for the constru?- ilon of the retaining wall on North Sycamore. The \)oni\ is signed by Burri>n E. Clifford and W. J. Evans. WTiose duty is it to pave the Inter section at Benton street and the Missouri Pacific? Any and ail answers to tbfs perplexing question will receive due consideration at the hands of the city council. For mouths and months citizenr. have clamored for the paving of the Intersection. But the railroad com nany. by saying nothing, declares by its silence that it i.t up to the city. The city belleveH that tlie railroad company ought to do the paving-. First, an eight foot front was granted to the railroad, then the railroad gave it back to the city and now no one hardly known who the littl<^ tract 01 land on Benton belongs to. The city ofllelals are dealing with the ral'road officers in the'hope that a settlement may i>e reached and that the-ltitersectlon may be paved. THE ITEATHER. F«re<»8t for Kaasast Fabr toalglit aad Salwday; eaWer teal «U; wanier Satwdar. The u.«-iial monilily reports from city' ofBcers were received. None contain<(I itPirs of especial interest save •»'ose wh'ch appear in another part of this paper. The^loard of city nriaonera cost the city $69 for the rnonth of November. There we-e three fires In the month of November. Fire Chief Brooks re- norts. He detail.* the orisin of the "res, the men out and the location. This is Fomefhlng npw. \ coinraittee which had been or('er- ed to investigate a petition nskinii that an alley In IJncoln nark be va- rated reported that the alley concerned is 'oeated outside the city limits, nnd therefore the city has nothing ttrj do with the matter. "-nrre Thomnson. sexton of the lola cemetery, bfts resigned. William Stover Is an applicant for the position. It pays ISS per montti. Mayor Robinson has not yet announced his selec-. tlon of Mr. Thompson's successor. Bills nraonntlnr to about $5,000 were allowed by the council last night. Thp loin Bloptric Railway Is. opcr- nllnr IIK systotn with two can todny —frolahl car iitinibor 100 niid tho Ijirlo yellow puHnenKnr car number I. A collision at the railway and Inia Porb land Khalo line crossing In DasNOlt 'ast night, put pasRciiRor car number 5 out of coramlsHlon tninporarlty and It may be night lieforo the alread.v^>ir- tailed service can be resumed. At 9 o'clock last, night, t^e big green passenger car was returning from BaBSPft in charge of Motorman Chester KIrby rtnd Conductor Shryer. When the car was about middli^ way over the crossing of the railroad which runs from the cement plant 'to the shale pit, southwest of Bassett, a shale car from the shale quarry and bound for the cement plant, plunged iiito the passenger car and derailejl it. Though the impact of the collision was great, the passenger car was only slightly damaged. Nb passengers were aboard and np one was Injured. A force of workmen is at work today, replacing the street car on the frank and it is hoped to have tlie car back in service sometime this afternoon. Tame.s .Lamb. as<!istant snnerlnten- lent of the lola Electric Railway is directing the wrecking crew. The blame for the collision has not been placed. "The shale car had no li .ghts and T was not awafe of its apt>roach until the co'lisI<^ occurred," Motorman Kirby said tb^s morning. Xo stateirent has been'secured from the motorman in charge of the shale car. A similar collision occurred at the same point in Bassett several months ago. Cars are running between Tola. Gas ind l-aHarpe on the -in minute schedule today, but the frei::ht ear has taken the piiiee of passe"c; iium- AR a result tjf the collision and the ilelay to ir.'iflV'. -Miss^ .N'nrton. chief r-'erk 'o 'i?niief'ntendeni .Masseiigaie. •s again ^•uffe^•inK a siege of tele- iihone calls, lint shp seems to display the snrtie remarkable fortlludo that she niaiilfesied during the car barn Ore and patrons are getting all the In- rorniatlnn that can lie ^Iven about ear service, with good grace. PART OF TOWN SAFE nr^ixESfl SEcnoy OF PIXE BUT XilT EXOAXCIEREn BY FI/IOD. RIVER AT STAGE OF 25 FEET HTOHKS AXII Bril.DINOS tIN W.\T. KB FHOXT BKIXiJ NWKI'T .iWAV. .(rhiiiiKflN Mllll KMiiK -l'roiMTly imn Kiirlr 'I'tidny EvtlniHtcd nt l»lne Iliuff, Dec. 4.—The Arkanaos river at this jioint today is still rising slowly and n«iw murks a stage of 26 feet. From the prescttt indicatlmis the business section of the city will be saved. A numlicr of small dwellings east fif the niahi portion of the city already caved Into the river today and others are also in serious danger of a like fate. Numerous dynamite explosions were heard In tlie direction of Bbyd's point opposite the city during the night and today the water is flowing over that point of land at about 4he place where the citizens had decided to make a cut off. This may change <he channel of the river so as to leave Pine Hluff a mile away. The grocery store of C. G. Prockway, a two story frame building, now overhangs the rapidly caving bank and will be swept into the river during the day. The loss since midnight in this dis- rict exceeds fifty thousand dollars and it is beii);ved A-111 be added to throughout the day. The conn house is still standin.'^, KEEP UP PRESSURE MRS. RAILOVE LOST The Jury in Damanc Case Finds for the Defendant, ira Kelly. Afli^r lieiiig out a short time the jury WIIIPII heard the'evidence in the ease of .Mrs. Hen Itaiiove vs. Ira Kely. a suit to recover $I.S ()'i damages lo her staiiilii!'.' in the conimiinity. brought in a verdict for th(! defendant. The pas'> oceiipied the greater part of two day.s. Mr. Uailove has a similar case against .Mr. Kelly and It inav now be dropped. It will be remembered that early last siTinn .Mr. Kelly caused tho ar- re.Ht of the Railove.s, claiming that when they were leaving his bni'ding on South Wa.shineton street, where they liad a shoe shop, they were taking some gas pi ]ie. This case was brought in police conrt. but was later 'isaMssed. Jnil !:e Collins saying that his v .a.s not the proper court in which ;o liring the action. The Itailoves then liroU '.'it suit. against .Mr. Kellv. elalnilng d:iiii:if;es for malieinn.s pros ••Pillion. THE EAGLES ELECT Local Aerie Chose Officers for Ensuing Year.—A. F. McClelland, President. I«nst evening in the local lodgt' rooms the Fraternal Order of Fav'cs held their unnnal el.Ttion of ofllcers. •nlliattiry reremonirs and an obi fa.shloni 'd !.'or .-;e simper and smoker. The candidate seiecred for the work was one of the "lieF- ever'' and the members report oni- of the most en- loyable i -ventF in t 'le historv of the order. The newly elected officers for the coming year are: President. A. F. VcCIelland: vice president. A. R. Statfler; cbap'ain. Orn Montgomery; secretary. Pratt Williamson: treasurer. Otto Hinze: aerie physician. If. V. OreslniPh: outside guard. W. C. Chambers: inside rnar-t. J. 1.. Rice. Pratt Wlllianido;! and Frank Nimerirl: wei:o chosen delegafcK and H. V. I>refibach and A. F. McClelland were chosen alternates to the state convention. That Is What Oas Company .Vu<<t Do to .Sopjily Konsas City With Fuel ... for ,1i'fiJVJ >»lS^. - Kansas city, Dec. 4.—The officials sent from la-re to Independence to in- vestigilte Jlie gas .'-:.'tiiali(jn, were in conference mo'^t of the day with As- ii-lant; General .Manager J. .M. Landin ind . Superiiiiendeni W. .M. Welch. TUci^c. officials are i^ffordlng the visitors every facility at their eoiiimand lo study the conditions ixacily as they are In tlie fjeld. Informallon from liub-pendpuce last night appears to seltle beyond doubt that the gas shortage i.s tlite lo liiade- (|iiate mains fnnii the wells in the I'Irld to the puiniilng stations. The prodiicln;^ lonipany say:^ it is anxious to relieve liie stress in Kansas (Mtv. but si'ciiis lip'plps.'i id do so im- nipdiatrly. 'I'he truth of the matter is tile pon^iiiiitilion is greater than (IK- available facilities to meet it. The Kansas Naturul Gas company, as supply company to the firm of .Mc- (Jowaii. Small ii. .Morgan, is anxious lo relieve tlie .strp-ss In Kansas City, but it .>-eems to be helpless to do so iinmediaiply. It will take time. The (ronipany lias over a billion •.•iiiiic feel of iintiiral .gas developed in this fie'.d UT 'On wliicli it can draw if nece.xsary. Kansas City re (|iiires ."ri.diKi.dOi) cnhlc iVef a d:iv al a pre .iKuro nf ibiiiy-five pounds.. The only difficulty .speiiis to be in ;he uiniter of maintaining the pressure at ilip Kansas City end. The t:isk ' f maintaining that |!res.-iire for eiich a large volume at so great a distance has never before been atle.nippd and it is re (|iiiring the sr <liitiou of (|ues- lions that can not be ; oived in a day. DEFENSE WORRIED OBJECTS TO .IDirW.SIOX OF 3IR.S. RICE'S sTony IX JIAVI.S TRLU.. Drffnite Will Begin (ntrodneing TextN inuiiy .Vunduy—Mm. KIce on ,S(iind Today. DELEGATES AJi^T^XSmitWftKtt-, EXCE IXTERESriir^sbT^^ STAMP OUT TUBERCULOSIS I,K»IMI.ATI0)V m^MIINT n THE IIKALTIIFrL CITIES DISCUSABD. Oinahii, Ntib,, Uec. 4—Wbmi the Irlnl of CharleM K. Imvis charged with the murdiN- of Dr. KiiMtln wns resumed this inornInK In JudKi* Houra court, .Mr*. Abble Kice went on the witoeM Mtiind. It IH expected that the greater part of the day will be consumed In her oxBRiination UH the defense Is mnk Ing frequent objections notwIthHtand- Ing the ruling of court which practically lets In .Mrs. Rice's entire story as t^Id at )irevIoUB hearings. It Is likely that the defense will not begin the Inlrodnctlon of testlnrony liefore .Monday. . RELEASE SUSPECTS Wm. Gillenwater and Harry Howell, Former Allen County Men, Not Held for Shooting at Stotesburry. Wm. Gillenwater, of Gas City, and Harry Howell, formerty of Humboldt, wlio were arrested at Ft. Scott some time ago on the charge of having shot Special Agent Clint Webb near Stotesberry. .Mo., have been relea.sed. The preliminary hearing was to have been held today at Nevada, Mo., where they were taken after­ rest; F*rom the first the men claimed they wore innocent and could establish an alibi. They insisted that on the night of the shooting they were In this county. The officers after a thorough investigation were convinced that the men were not the right parties and released them. Both men are said to have returned to Gas City yesterday. WHERE COk>MTY GOT ITS NAME. Prnnilnt>nt .Men ofvXauaa JTiaMl W linarii of nircetori to Hare Cbarit« of CniiHidfc Topeka, Kaa., Oeo..4.—About tblrtr- rive delegates from every sectlonl of the state were proaant yeacenuy outm ing in representative ball at tbe opon - ing of the state board of healtb confer ence with the heads ottbe couatjr aad . - city boards of b^tb ot the atat«^ : 1 There was a mncS. larger attendance at the evening sesaldn wblcb mergejlv : v v into the state tuberciilOBls oonfenLice f at 4 o'clock. . • / .:• -^^L Dr. A. B. Scott. Dr. O. P. Harncr7 '. health officer for Marlon county;: D:-i • A. D. Updegraff of Harper. cotmty.< -j and Dr. S. J. Cnimbihe, secretary/of . the state board of healtb, made ta|ks. at the morning session. Tbe delegatea-j 'S. present took a deep Interest In tbe ,\;v,^ proceedings and in the dlscosiklcnia • that followed each subject asked many qtlestions of the speaKers. Tbei«'bt -'^%"::'Z no Tlonbi: but that: there is a wide-fii; . spread movemeot oyer the state-to .-.r:;;'; strictly enforce alT laws of sanitation X 'H^ and good healtb and to take every pre i[ >^ caution to prevent the spread of any, >;y disease. ' • -r ? r^^ From the dlcusslon at the morhliig. • session It was easy to see tliat ^the^ housefly is- one of mankind's worstf,^-^^ enemies. Indeed the fly was accna^d as ' - V' being responsible to & certain edtral- > for the spread of tnberailar germs:' Dr. Crumbine spoke in mrtlciiiat oTa . [ case in Topeka wber^ plea, cakes and candy, were offered for'sale Ina ^ Sii Kansas avenue store ^rithowt^3gi^rlitij;,V i'"'^ of any kind being placed oVer 'Oimar^^:f>ii and how he found a half dozen fly : spe.-^ks on tbe frosted top of a lemon . 5 pie. He cut out thcEe specks'and Kansae City Journal Publishes Some Interesting History. There is always some romance, says , „ .K . < _ . . , he Kansas City Journal, in the r..ra.\^-f;^ th^emjn ^a^b ^^.ujn^^ .t^ ing of a town, a county or a state. CITY WtIXT XKi:i» TO lUU.'KtHV. Will Kint>h tlut the Yinr Withont .Making a l.nan. One tiling i.s plej.«;»g the city of- fipkils and aldermen. ' The city will 'idf have lo hcrrow nnnev witli which If) rini ;>i) ti .p ye;ir. It looked for a while as though some one would get a elianee lo make .i first ;'!ass loan but tbe chances have about disappeared. •"AVc'li get tlirongb without a foian ,W '•''-'bt.' C. K. U-^ndorff. city icrprk. •s:i''il thir. morning. "Ulille we allowed bill.-: amouatinK (o a to'til cf about S.^.Onn las! ni.:;lil. iiiuch of this is a transfer and all the real money we will need 'Is about $:i ."1)11. and I guei>s we've got that. Therp is only one more council meeting this month and there is iitie «'hancp that- bills of anv con- -:!dorahle aninuiit will bp allowed then. The first of the year we will begin .:;pttlng in tuxes nnd that will fix the city up all riphi." CONTRACTS SIGNED Is a Certainty Now That Great White Way Willi Be extended on the :North tide. TO WASIIlXtJTOX FOR IIIS (ITY^ A KaunaH City, Kan., PoHtmaKler Will Axk .More XvMf tor a Hallding. Kansas Qlty, Dec. :»—R. ChlldH, tMJsini.'ister of Kjtn.'os Ctiy, Kas., will leave tomorrow for Washington where he will ende.ivnr to secure an addition R1 $0«»,000 to the 1150.000 approprl.i- tion for .".n addition to the Kansas Partteir interested In the extension of the Great White Way report the contracts for tho north side of the square have been signed and that the work of extending tJw line will be commenced at once. With this line complete, the shopping district will have foiir blocks of White Way. It Is anticipated that by Christmas time the entire business district will be lighted with the vsniito. Way Id^a. An effort will be made to have the couh Citv, Kas., federal building. Mr., ^ . , ChlldH believes tbe present appropr la-j ty commissioners place arc lights In I IthQcouirt yard. History lia.s handed down in various ways the christeninR of the counties and the iinporfaiit towns of Kansa.-t and there is a "story" behind each one. Ill this connection the .loiimal prints tlie origin of the names of the Kansas counties and county seats. Of this county it says: Allen—William^ Allen, irnitpd States Scator from Ohio i.s;:7-4!t. loin (county seat> for the wife of .T. F. Colliorii. one of the settlers. FOR MORE ROOM over to the state bacteriologist who ' found that harmless appearing' specks contained most dangeroas bacc :. teria gerjns. At tiie afternoon session of the; ; board of health delegate.s. Prof. B, H. > S. Hal ley, chemist for tbe state-bioard of health; Mu<>ke' on the value ,of a : { ,- wliolesome water supply. Prof. W. C -' Iload, sanitary engineer of the stata< board of healtli. and Dr. C. B. Van -'.Vsl Morn, president of the Tbpeka board -.'-^f^^^^c of health, made interesting talka oii' ' V sanitation and the necessity fcircflfmr^^.^:^^ piilEory reports on typhoid fever and^ ' * tuberculosis. Dr. O. D. Walker of 8a- line county, maffe a plea for the jearly' recognition of tubercnloels. . ^The constitution provides for an an- i nual meeting, a board Of fifty dlrec^'.: tors, an executive conunittee ofittve ' ,'v and annual dues 'of |1, a'life member-... ; ship for $25 or a patron memberabtj^' ^'^^ for $100 or more. . i-!; . .•'"i^ Twenty-six directors are cbbsen,by. ; : jjji the society; the state pffIcer8 \ud ^Mp;;vM resenlatives from differentl \dr8a ||nlia:-; ";x T Ing at .lackEOH and .lefferson avenues^ons make up tbe rest of theinembw^'r ^^'v;^ Work on the addi^on has beeifjship. A noiirinating iiommittee nJuniiNr L the following for directors: Wv: A.; WJiite, Bmiioria; Dr. H. CoButbiek,' Hutchinson: Judge H. F. BfosoBi' Qai«> den City; .Mrs. Elizabeth P. HofcWh- son. Winfieid: Dr. H. L Munn, To^ i" "| peka; Dr. .1. P. Kaster. Topekx; Mrs. ' ' . J.W. Jennings. Clay Center; Mra;C. - The Ida Laundry Building to Have An Addition 22 by 51 Feet. The city council last ni.ght granted a permit to C. B. Newton, of the lola laundry, to build an addition 22 by 51 feet to the brick laundry builfl- coip.ipenced. the first excavating being done by a force of workmen this morning. "I am building this addition to ac- rhmodate the growth of my dry clean ing department as well as the laun dry." Mr. Newton said this afternoon. "When the room is completed I will install new and imjiroved machinery nnd appliances so that our establish- nicnt will be fully enuipped to handle our growing business." Mr. Newton Mas alre.viy placed an order for the new machinery and it vill arrive as soon as the new room is ready. TEMPERANCE RALLY To he Heir! by Sunday School of the City i&und'ay Afternoon at the Ba.otist Church. The irass Sunday achbol temperance rally, which was to have taken place last Sunday, but was postponed, will be held Sunday afternoon. In the Baptist church at three-thirty o'clock. The program is aii excellent one and is under the direction of the W- C. T. U. All of the Sunday schools of the city will attend. The public Is Invited. The following Is the program: Song—Congregation. Scripture Uesson. Psn. Hf.—Rev. Garfield. Proyer—Rev. Ellett. 8on«—Choir. Recitation—Nora Robinson. Recitation—Arthur Metcalf. Solor-^Nellle Klam; Recitation—Horace Primmer. Recitation—Kate RItter. Address—E. V. Berry. Song—IJ. B. Sundav schoid. Recitation—Virgil Willlis. Recitation-Ruby Chase. Solo—Helen McDougal. Recitation—Eunice .Missamore. Addrrss— Marching song—Children's chorus. • Recitation—Clarence Cams. Offering—'Benediction. —Onr Way Wlndowl ». Hoffman. Enterprise; Mrs.rC. C. . . . Goddard. .Leavenwortb: jDr. S. C. Em^." ley, l.,awrence: Dr. ,8. J. Flake, To-- , peka; Dr. J. T. Payne. Ft. Scot: Dr. " '^I R. E' Trueheart, Sterling; Jonathin I j Thomas. Toi)eka; W..E: Stanley, WIch ita: W. A. Hdrrls. lAwrence: E. H. .Madison. Dodge City; Dr. h. hiVhla. Osawatomie; Mrs. D..& Atkinson. Par . sons: Mrs. A. 0. Bd^rds.. JQnsIey: Dr. P. .M. Hoxle, Kansas City. Kas.: ; Ed Howe, Atchison: Dr. J. A. MilU|^n. Garnett: Dr. S. C. "Hntfman. Colum-_ bus; Dr. J. R. Mortoin,:Green; Charlesi P. Wolfe, Topeka. f-"? At the night meeting of the direc- - -v^ tors officers were elected as follows: '> I'resident; Dr. S. J. Cmmblne, Topeka: v4ce president. Chancellor Prank'-. ^ Strong I.awrence; second vice presi- j...; dent. Dr. Harriett Cmnstock.,Hutch­ inson; secretary, Utl C. B, VanHorh. Topeka; treasurer.jDr. U H. Munn. Topeka. ^ . . The board will ask' fon legislation on these subjects: Uniform weight* a^ measures and penalties for giving fUae weight*. Continuance of tajrdHitrapIUcal survey of Kansas strieaiBB by government. : V j;; -: . Provistons for ad<Otional sewerage and drainage work-1^ a sanitary engineer and appropi ^tj^'of addUk>na) funds for It. Vv^-;' Passage of a jui^^ulring pliyal- clans to make aeeanititr reports of all < ,A; tuberculosis and (jfukgld fever eases, , . .' Additional legiatiu^' to comiierire-'i '-^i^ porting of births. wiHiAge, deaths and''4;;? other vital staUiOlcSi with j^nalttes : f ^^^^ for non-complianc^'^ ^ fVV An approprlatlim /o*. »10,000 forAjiii ^rfc^S^ educational cdmpaJftttoA jMbe ^lOslK^'Vff^^ The board alm 'sd ^ted »:reaq )ilt|Kia '5s .i$|i;i Tailing for 8d«tlod (lljndm ;iD-^*»^^^ ^^-^ tlon tbrou^out the .s to give Kansas a iT and shot Oftf dangee, ( ly ^d ^irfea iaid'mnki,ii' ^ur"Way ^ndow! Tloglcal coaata;

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