Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 10, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1907
Page 2
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lOLABAlLT Bstaliiiawjt IM^. MMt killiilMCi. ~nLTiirFBon,AHt $1,200,000 For 8 «winQ Club. - Miss Beulah McCafice is hostess of her Seeing club this afternoon. 4* 4* Ehtertain Violet Club. "Mrs. F. A. Wagner has issued in- Titations for a party on Saturday af ternoon for ladles of the Violet club. • * • Card Par;y. Hiss Mayme Anderson will be hostess of the Young Ladies' Carl rluu fct a euchre party on the .ipproachinf; esturdiif 'Meet! no at Church. T^e Woman's Aspoclation of the Keformed church will hold (he usual business session cn Thursdav in the church rooms. , , ••^ E|)WOrth_League Social. Ano^er of the serle.s of social.s «hlch k being given this year liy' league^ of the First M. E. <|hiirch. Th-' alfair will occur at the hbmo of Mr. aad Mrs. J. W. Edwards! f.ii2 K.nst Madison avenue. There will b.-- a laa^<fcn of ices and cakes for which K charge of ten cents will bo made. The committee is hoping that n I large number of guests will attend. * * • From Childish Lips. The other day a lady who was pre. pating the mid-day meal for her fam- i- jly was keeping the 'youngest dauRhtor (SosB by so that she might not get into . mischief. During t!ie "Where are you going?" '\. "Oeaag after a sack of U, •Sm Wiiiltf I^iotir. Mr wife ynm^t ass anything else." Jt£IV. Oo. , course of the morning the mother was singing about her work,! "Cheer Up, Mary," but when a quicjc movement overturned a pan of desert she was not in a very pleasant frame of miud. The baby seemed to notice the depression of spirits and with a droll little smile said, "Cheer; Up, Mary."' One dear little lola tot who Is the pot of ail the friends of: her mother and father, is quite particular even now about the^dresata she wears aiid thoioughiy enjoys woarlngf a freshly .arranged costume .particularly it she happens to be "going visiting." One day she was dressing rora party and everything went wrong. First the dear rule iiattnl leather slippers pinched her IOCS .nnd two of her tfresses were i>o: quite risht. Finallyisho look-d III hi r mother with a woebegone ex««!ou and said: "Mother, why ix it ihat none of my clotfes seem to be satisfactory." * * • Home From Chanute. Mr. and .Mrs". U. T,. Stevenson have IV- iriiid from Chanu:e where they visited .Mr. uu.I Mrs. George Trom- bold. Mr. and .\trs. A. Trombold, of Galena, were guests of th«>ir son also. * * • For Mr. Lee. Mr. and .Mrs. .lames T..=e. rm X.irth Third street entertained a jt.nrtv of guests last evening for th«lr son. V.r Harry Fifteen couples enjoyed the occasion and Miss Letti? Teit ers assisted the hostess *ln scrvinp the guests. * * • Christmas Goods In. Although it is as yet some wee'Ks until Christmas time, the local mer- '• chants are placing some unusually at- ;tractive slocks in the windows and display cases. In the Jina of dress rc ces.sories there are numeroiis daini^ creations in stocks, belts and la';f s3fs so pretty that any one of th< collection of articles could not fall to please the faminlne customers. For evening use this year thechiffoa lik( materials are much preferred for head dresses. There are some dainty materials in Persian patterns and the Bilk striped tissues come in pastel ^des. One of the jewelers is displaying a very us?ful and attrnc:lve article foi the dressing tab'e which makes a most accepuble present for any ot the "fussy ruffle girls." It is a set of curling tongs combined with an alcohol lamp. The lamp portion ol the device Is silver prated, handsome ly engraved and the tongs ibave handles of ebony. It :a quite probable that the "steadies" will make use ol an opportunity to prove at least once in their life time that they are cap able ol selecting a present which ^11 not be assigned to a prace in the back parlor. . * • • Entertained P. E. O'.s Mrs. A. P. Harris charmingly <'n- tertalned a group of ladles yesterday afternoon during a pleasant mealing of the P. B. O. chapter. The program was American Actors and Actresses. Mrs. Glenn Finney read a most comprehensive paper on "The Influence of the Stage." and Mrs. C. E. E)<t3er(on read a group of articles on the lif work of Miss Julia Marlowe and alsc the plays of IUchar«1. Jdanefleld. Mrs. Harris closed the afternoon with ai. elaborate luncheon which was served to Mrs. A. L. Brumbaugh, Mrs. Frank Riddle. Mrs. Glenn Frnney. Mrs.' .Mark Hliles, Mrs. C. K. Kd'-orton. Mrs. W. T. Watson. Mrs. V. S. .Mitche'l, and .Mrs. J. W. Hollon. * • • Give Christmas concert. The choir of the Presbyterian church will give a chorus recital on Sunday evening. December twfnly second to celebrat? the Christmas sea son. The members are assisting Mins Jones In her efforU to make the occasion a notable one in the season'i musical events. There will be spec- al organ music and anthems com posed for the Christmas season and Miss Jones will sing a solo during the evening. * * * Informal Party. •Airs. Howard .Miller win be at home to her Sewing club tomorrow after uoon. * * * Mur.ohy-Thomas Nuptials. The many friends or Dr. and .Mrs .S. S. Murphy, of Parsons, who for ncrly had the pastorate of the firs! Methodist church her?, will be Inter ^sted In knowing that invitations are out for the marriage of their daugh 'e-. .Miss Miriam to Sfr. Frank Thorn IE of Chicago. The wedding will be celebrated on December 19th at tho bride's home. The garnitures ftjr the bridal toll Pi s o s Couched CoQliini^lly SWOaX TEIITI.1I03IT giTMj br Mra. M »rr o. Mamhall In tbe Supprlor Court •>! CinrlnnaU. '" I coughed continu- K ally for six months— lungs very .sore—had I constant pain in my f chest—-and was much emaciated —could I-, find no relief. After two-thirds of my first bottle of PISO'S CURE my healtli began to improve and I soon grew strong and fat." Such sworn testimony, from many witnesses, convinced to^ Court and secured for us 3 perma* nent injunction againsta Kortliless imitatiun. For nearly half a century J'iio's Cure ha< been re. lieving the most obstinate 'cout:h< and colds of both bronchul and pulmonary nature. <j|Te It • nilr Irlml ••4 II Mlllrurvyra CURE I^I^dles' size Watcb, 25 yr. banting ca.*e, fancy hand (ffgTftyefd, Blgii^ or Wal- ifaun inpvtment, $t2mBO Y \7E feci that with our careful buying and a very large stock that we are in a better position to give the people of lola and vicinity the best goods for the least nrtoney GIVE us A GALL hand engravefl «, 17 jeweled. Bracelets as Gifts are always api»re- ciated. Greatest assortment in high grade patterns in the city, for $3,50 mmH upm DtAmoHom Se<> our stock of Diamonds. All tbe j -gx^es of stones from $10 up as high asyoowiah. A written gnsruitee with each stone from iK up. ' . See our line of. Sterling Silver Son venir Spoons from 7 Bp up liMiiiiiriiiii. iJiii nijiii anit .:.ii ::ti •Ite to l;o worn at the wedding hav. been ypnt to Miss .Murphy from KM rope where a sister w spending th^ winter, and th? trousseau Is c<itHp(i.; 2d largely of costumes made in for eign lands. 4. 4. Concert Before Lecture. The committee in charge of trio Y. M. C. A. lecture course has arrang i for a group of num.'ors to jireced Judge Brown's lecture at the Presby terian church tonight. Miss Clarv Cranple will play a pipe orgrn se'ec t;on and .Mr. Edwin Hunter, of Oas City, will sing. The program will b.' closed by a violin solo rendered !>> .Mr. C. L. nickerson. + • * To Give Concert. On Thursday evening the U. R church will be thrown open for a iniisicale and elocutionary entertai.i ment given by th.^ Easthani Concert company. The event is under ih( ju.spice.s of the Y. P. C. IL. an aux i iary of the church. .Mrs. E. .T. Kast liam. Miss Vivian, Mr. C G. Eastham and Prof. .1. E. TTasfham will partici))nte in the nnwical program and Miss Vivian Eastham will give a group of readings. * * * Miss Mitchell to Leave. Mis3 Nan Mitchell, of Jefferson City, who has been a nuest of .Mrs. W. a. Goodin for several wee 'Ks, expects to leave in a ft !W days for her home .Miss Mitchell's visi: ha.s been shortened by lUnero in the family and as jibe was to have been entertained at several parties her many friends will be sorry to learn of her intended departure. * + + Afternoon Card Party. Mrs. ir. L. Harris, S17 North Wnsb- Ington uvenuf, has Ijissied Invitations r ^ah hour at cards tomorrow affer- n«ion. * • * Y. Meeting Postponed. The Y society de.sirea to annoimco that there will be no regtilar meeting '.hl.<5 week because of various other affairs which are to urcur. On" Thursday. November 19 the society wl'I have a rally at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. W. R. Crangle. * + * Unity Club Program. Mr.s. John Foirat was hostess of the I.'nlty Club yesterday afternoon. The weather prevented a large attendance but the program was enthusias. tically received. Mrs. J. B. Smith had a special reading and the usual esEon study was a feature of the afternoon. * • • Peraonals. Miss Ellen Richardson, of Savonburg, has returned home after a visit with Mrs. R. C. Brown and Mrs. Jas. MtsMtirray, Mra. A. W. Bwing left yesterday tor a visit with relatives in Colorado. Miss Blanche Thompson Is home from * visit in Joplln. Mrs. Oscar Curtis, of feeler Heights is entertammg her mother. Mrs. A. I* ^\^lcox, of South Pitts- bnrg. Tennessee. FOR SIX MONTHS Northrup Brother* Donate Use of Room to Aaaociated Charities. Mrs. J. S. Taylor, Miss Grace AT- Rold. Afrs. A. H. Campbell, and Mrs O. L. Cox. the committee which was appointed by the executive committee of the Associated Charities to look for a room to be used to store and repair donations, reiwrted that the Northrup Brothers bad donated the use of the room over Shields Shoe store for six months free of rent. The rooms will be fitted up at once. Any donations in the way of furniture for this room will be received. A committee. Dr. Shadwlck, Mrs. R H. Bennett and J. S. Taylor, was ap pointed at the meeting of the execu live committee yesterday afternoon to look after the financial Interests J. S. Taylor, Mrs. R. H. Bennett Mrs. H. H. Jones, Dr. Shadwick and Mrs. E. N. Jones were appointed on a committee to plan for and assist the Sunday schools inthe placing of Christmas gifts. AFTER ANTHONY 'S MURDERER Relatives of Colony Boy Want Lewis Punished. Relatives of Roy Anfhon.v, the Col cny boy who was murdered by a fel low ea'ior named Lewis, are demand Ing that the guilty man b.» punlshei to the extent of the law. .««iy8 the Jop "in Hernlil. It seems thi)t Lewis if !ielng allowed to get off easily and Iho matter hushed up. Anthony';: body was brottght from the naval hospital at Brooklyn, N. Y.. to Par sons for burial. Young Anthony is 'niown to many Tola p.»ople. He «'n tsted but two years Jigo. Relatives arc now asking the navy officials to investigate tbe matter. Kakinf Good. There is no way of making toatfnf friends like "Making Good;* and Doctor Pierce's medicines well exemplify this, and their friends, after more than two decades of popularity, are numl>ered by the hundreds of thousands. They have •made good' and they have not made drunkanls. A good, honest, aqnare-deal medicine of known composition Is Dr. Pierce** aoUcn Medical Dtocwcnr. It sttU enjoys an Immense sale, while most of the preparations that have come Into prominence in the earlier period of its popalarity have "•gone bT tbe board" and are never more heard of. There must be some reason for this lung-time popularity and that is to be fonnd In its superior merits. When once given a fair trial for weak stomach, or for liver and blood affections, iu superior curative qualities are soon manife^it; hence it has survived and grown in po|v- ular favor, while scores of less merltorlons articles have suddenly flashed into favor for a brief period and titen been as soon forgotten. ior a torpid liver with its attendant Indtgeitlon, dyspepsia, headache, perhaps dizziness, font breath, nasty coau^ tongue, with bitter taste. loss of appetite, with distress after eating, nervousness Is so good as Dr. Icai Discovery. It's Pierce's Golden Mi ,. _ an honest, square-deal, medicine with all Its Ingredients printed on bottle-wrapper — no secret, no hocns-pocus hnmoug, therefore dim't accept a *iib«tlfti(« the dealer may possibly make a little . .„ ger proBL /n«ut on your right to have what you call for. Don 't buy Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription aipectlng It to prove a "cnre-aU." It Is only advised for woman's apeeiiil ailments. It makes weak women strong and sick women welL Less advertised than some preparations lold for like parposes. Its sterling curative virtues still mafntsln Its position in the front ranks, where it stood over two decades ago. As an In- vlgoriting tonic and strengthening nerv­ ine it Is unequaled. - It won't satisfy those who want "booze," for there is not a drop of alcohol In It. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, the OH0I- n>it LitUo Liver Pills, although the Hrst pill of their kind In the market, still lead, and when once tried are ever afterwords in favor. Easy to take as candy—one to three a dosa Much imitaUd bat ticvcr SQUOlcU. Deslrab'e and Useful GIFTS for Christmas Our Carefully Selected Stock of Holiday Attractions will impress you with its worth. Iweu- ty and reasonable prices. .Everything from the small inexpensive articles in Silver Novelties, up to the more costly Diamond Mounted pieces. We will be pleased to lay aside anything you may select. Store Open Evenings. McNElL BROTHERS. nuc. Rare Bargains in Cut Glass and PaiDted ChiDa Many acceptable pre- . Feuts at the Removal t Sale at Sewali's Jewelry Store 1st Door North of Postefnca. •••e*aea*«***«*«e< W. H. INDESaoX. • Att«ne7-at*Law. * NoUry and Stenographer In • OfDce. * Phone 456. • ••••• • » • • -- e • H,A.Bwln«. aA .0ar4. G.R.Q«rd • •!* KWDfd, GABO * fllBB^ 2 •!• Lawyen. * • • Practice In all OoartK * • »li W. Madlaon. PM« ttt, • • ^ •- • * DB. MeHILLEX, • * Special attention given to the * * treatment of all Chronic Diseas- * * es and Diseases of Children. • * Telephones: Office 32, Rea. 23 J. • * Office In Mrs. Turner's Bldg., • * West Madison. * • a • Phone 687. Bm. 701. .DB. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Bpactacles Property Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. 3ld«. • Phone 664. lola. Kaos. * • .BB. SnTH 8..HiIfiaL • • Office and Raatdanca over Bar*- f • rell'a Drug Store. • • Office Hours—10 to U a. BL , S * • to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 eranlnca. " • ; SimdaTa by AppcriBtment * • • • e • • • • Office Phone 1083. Night Phone 406. nB. B. 0. CHBISTfAir. Fkyiieian aai 8anre«B. Rooms 7 and 8. Evana Bldg. « a R««. Tel. 198. Office Tel. IfOT. • DB. J. B. PSPPEB. Deathit * Is permanently located over * B. C. McClaln'a Clothing Store, ' and la prepared to do all kinda * of ap-to-data dental work. * • Evening work by appointment • r.H.]iAB!ror, Practica limited to 8iu«iiy. IS N. Bnckeya. Fkona 67«. • • e e e 9B. W. B. HETLMCT. PkjsielBB A BucMB* Office N. H. Cemar of Bqnart. O^T K. G. Plumhlnc Co.*a Stera. Rea. Tel 38. Office TeL BOl. P. L. iLatbrop, Mra. Beaala Q. Latkrop. OSTEOPATHIC Pin8ICIAIT& Special attanUoB HTM to Dla* eaaea ot Women and CfcUdrao. Orar Baat Side Hardwar*. Offlca 'Phona, Mala 4M. Lowney's Chocolates THAY ARE FRESH. A choice aisortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When yoii bay Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb'a and see how well It pleases you. CRABB'Jf DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. CHBISTMAS PBESEXTS Kothings better than a magazine for J. E. aEXDER§ON, Phaac ML 414 N. Backeye. a friend. For your magazines see Beffisler Want Ads. Pay Beeaose la Allen C'oaaty .Nearly Everybody Beads the Brffbter. LivingatoD Co All ktada ot work a apadaHy t Saatk \»ytamin. Pkeaa lltf Yon are invited to the Box Supper at the, K. P. hall, W. O. W. band. We have a bargain in a 5 -rpomed honse close in. and in a 4 -roomed house, modern and new. Also will »rade equity in an Unproved 80 acres. .. dty for one foar or fire rpom- office and Storun -Wan Room al iwi- fairly located atid elaar. ^ - -

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