The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1944 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 2
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2 Thursday, August 31, 1944 ^^^•^^•••••H*"****^****™^**'^"'^^"^^*^^^^^^^^^"*^^^™^^™^^^"™^'^™ Supply Keeps Pace With War: Patterson Californian Allies Bag 300 Japanese Ships K;< J <rn P.n/r Onn n nd -1 *» mil*\s n< MI - ai • • WASHINGTON". An*. "1. I'ndernerretan <>t' \\';\r Palter.-"!! jo- ported today ihat "supplies ha\e kept pace" viih battle . in Fiance. "The difficulties <>f tef plio. 4 -- up to the fn>nl liar- in-t !• t:ndcd d.-.v • I IIP advance ai any !iim\ and I in.n't think it M il!.' 1 i',)pcrs<-n ii.M his first news conference ^inri ii-turn- ini; from a visit ii> the French in-iit. The supply pi'^rani w;is sit «MM- fully planned and intreiaiod \\iih liattlr plans, ho said, that annv engineers wore ready with the < \;ict bridge needed :•> cms:- a uixon nver , <' at a certain place—"and that np- M..n*rn'i>y piled tn everything i iuht dn\\ n \\if- Mm M..I and ]JnO." H"! a. linn. ,;i p;i of t hr» t ra il* 1 '! Tnl< vo h;ul 1 ri vi|;;j Ms out ol" Sh;i 111: ha j ;i Mil A iimv — hot h t In r-at 1 nil ' <l Si.t tr« iM Y* M I ij L;^ *»>t ;HM la i.i T ": 1 li*-' ' 'lirna u a r. < I^IM-I ;i 1 ph \\ Sti!u»'l! di^' Instil in a !«•- JML; *!!* Ja > <];i in;) L;i*' !i:- ti>i| ] !* as wi CM UIM!. K 114 lit shut I|II\VM in n IndT raid n I la nk"\\ . lint h YMI how and II nn- U<'U n iv major runn nn !IMM*S in pi;i m-S in nil <-il I IL: I.t im in pa- PESARO PORT FALLS POLES Allies Cross Somme, Nab Amiens in Swift Advance ALLIES CAPTURE ANCHOR OF GERMAN GOTHIC LINE American tank Paris. \va.« revealed to ho led h\ Continued From Page One cnlmnns east of'lX.Ono killed by f'attnn'H mm in the ; last .'il flays, and an army spokesman i Ueutcnam-CIcneral O'Connor, famed Si Uichard ;said the Nazis now were believed to warrior, havo fewer than 100.000 men left to \ NEW kind of lOMK. A.m. ."J W -Thr- Adriatic ' nf IV-i-igM. nil*- "C th«- eastern a n< hot's (tf 1 h' 1 <"('') ma n>' f H M Ji if LJIH-. lias lall'Mi li. I'nli^h timips. and A II led foi CCH a I 'let si i >nnin^ r tin- 1'Y'k'Ma ri\t-i on a litnad Irciiit, it \\ as antmunri'd toda \ . I'osai'n !<dl ruily alter a hitter t'iuht in which hot h infant r\ and armor part icipalfd. The f'.cintans coiinHM- attackcd firM'rcly x'OHterday after tile l'ol*-« had invested part <»f thp city, hnl ^ ere repulsed with heavy losses. The I'nles announced Ihev had taken a sixealde ha(; *»f prisniiei s in the finht hm. I )is|>aiches from t he h out saiil that in SOUK- places further \\i-st l-;it:hlh Arinv tronp.s drove across ! in. 1 I-'o^lia so s\\ ift ly 1 hat ihe. (Jet mans liad not even hail lime to la v Kisen bower revealed that the a< i os.s I-'ranc-e alread was \\ ho was raptured by the Afrlka | defend northern France. Korps in Lihya and escaped. "SerurUy Silence" Thei'e was nr> new word on the ' five liays aheatl of schedule and the of the American Kirst and,''''ive \vns expected to sain momen- hroaehinff of the f i • hiid armies toilay, and head.piar- . ' lim with l..,s- spokesmen said Ueutenant-Cen- S(l|nm lli ° tiu niaor IRIN tablet doesn't upset stomach W HEN you need quick relief from pain, do vou hesitate to take aspirin because it leaves you with an upset stomach? H so, this new medical discovery, SUPtRlN. is "just what the doctor ordered" lor you. Superln Is aspirin plus—contains the same pure, safe aspirin vou have long known—bui developed bv doctors m a special way for (hose upset by aspirin in its ordinary form. This new kind of aspirin tablet dissolves mote quickly, lets the aspirin get right at the job ot relieving pain, reduces the acidity of ordinary aspirin, and does not irritate or upset stomach— even after repeated doses. Tear this out to remind you to get Supcrm today, so you can have it on hand when headaches, colds, etc.. strike. Sec how quickly it relieves (pain — how fine you feel after tak- ' , ing. At your druggist s, 15* and uariers said, however, that (he forces already at ^rips \\ ilh po- siti.tns in the CIoiHic Line—-on which the enemy is expected to make hi? main -land in defense of northern Italy- \\ ere meet in K stiff resistance. tomovt Stains, add Ntw SparkU to FALSE TEETH . HmehMpiDf r BRUSH Klecnlte endi mcsir* harmful brushinr. Just put your plate or bridcework in A K!UHH of water, add a lit lie Kletriit*. Presto! Hlarlu'Bt utaiiu* lurnish, food film disappear, Your tvelh uparkte likt iii-w. <:rt KLKFMTK nl Riifikfl Urnc Storo; FjiKtrrn llrni To : Vowt UriiB Store; Kern Unite To.; Kim hull A Slotir; Mil pit 1 Pharmnr^ or tm> good KLEENITE need* no Irtulh eial (loorse S. 1'atlon's Third Army columns again were operating under "security silence." Front. dispatclies. al headquarters hut apparently verified hy (lerrnan ljroa<lcasts. said one of l^itton's forces had reached St. ni/.ier. Ifi miles east-southeast of \'iti-y-I. J e I-'rancois and ahout S3 miles from tlic (lerman border. A no! her American armored force \\ as- reported to ha ve taken an unnamed town 26 miles from the Belgian frontier, presumably in tho area above Laon. Field dispatches said Hie (leimans were running for the shelter of the A!a.^in"t and Siegfried lines tin the Ft anco (;<>iman Inn rler. !'"orwai d elements uf Hie American armies, were believed barely "iO miles from l hose fortifii at ions, however, and it was not. expected the Na/is could make a major stand there. 1911 Victory Promised C.eneral U wig lit D. Risen bower declared flatly that the cream of the < lei man armies in nuri hern and southern [''ranee bad been destroyed and reitei a ted his earlier prediction that the Kuropean war could be won in IH4-1. I'nited Press \Vnr Correspondent Ilohei t »'. .Miller reported that t lie I'niled Slates Third Army front that nn estimated T' (Ir-rmans lia\e heen laplined (inn (inn \\ounded. aiul . | barrier held by the Germans in the The fall of Amien.s outflanked more than 10 miles nf tho robot bomb unconfirmed i ''"Jist from Abbeville to the north of 1 the Somme. (The clandestine radio station Atlantic said (he r.ermaris were evacuating the fortress city of Verdun, ML' miles from the Luxpmbnuri: border and less than 50 miles from Hie (lei man IlKIXill M'S IM)KK«,H<HM) -\\V.\IT.S U'HISIM, OKDKK LONDON. AU«. ;n. ijp)-. «iiim braced herself today for the ordeal of a^iiin becoming a battlefield and the count ry's lightly Knit underground, now coucentrat- im; on sabotage, awaited (.rdcrs from (leneral Dwiuht D. Kiseu- hower for a K'^ieral uprising as Amerit:an troops neared the Belgian border. A spokesman for Primp Minister Hubert Pin-lot's exiled government in London said that Na/.i attempts ''> exploit can bombing as a propaganda weapon iu alienate his countrymen against the Allies had failed and tliat It", pei- cent of Belgians arc supporting the Allied cause. The Itelyian underground fighters are perhaps even hotter- or- HiUiixed than those in l-'i-ance he- cause of KelsSum's thickly popu- la led a reas. .. . time to cfocfc ever your wardrobe and see If you're not about due for a visit to I \ f \ V':.; ,% » N j • •t - i. { \ I \ v 4 X <U *» * \\ V s -.f 35.00 The Harry Coffee THREE-ster SUIT Tweed or Shetland weave coat and matching trousers with extra pair of harmonizing sport slacks. Wear the matching coat and trousers for dressier occasions... the coat with the sport slacks for a change... the sport slacks with a sport shixt or sweater for school. THREE PIECES COMPLETE FOR 35.00 PREP HALL de-luxe SUITS De luxe quality woolens and tailoring much finer than is usually found in prep size suits. They're carefully styled to fit fellows of high school age. Smart, trim, athletic lines. Sizes 33 to 38. Shetland weaves . . 23.50 Worsteds \ SPORT SHIRTS New ovcrcheck and hounds tooth designs as well as the popular plain colors. Cottons, rayon mixture •»<! wodl. 2.95 to 15.00 •:*Harry Coffee SPORT COATS Herringbone and diagonal weaves in near cf- fects.also the newstripeandovercheck designs. Tans, browns, blues, greys and many unusual combinations of these . . . 13.95 to 35.00 i f - - BULLDOG SHOES Sturdy leathers and careful workmanship combined with skilful styling make these shoes tops for wear comfort. 5.95 HARRY COFFEE FRESNO AND BAKERSP1ELD The SACK SWEATER All pure wool in beige, blue, n, brown. Loose fitting. Two pockets .. Worry Cotftt 5*00 r fitting SLACKS Extreme care in the cutting and in the tailoring accounts for the superior fit of Harry Coffee slacks .. . then too, the careful selection of fab* rics has something to do with it too.Gabardines, bed- ford cords, twills, flannels in popular colors. 6.95 to 21.50 Warren Sets Meeting on Mental Health SACRA .M KNTO. A UK. 31. Onvornor \Vurron today nnnonnced a mo.etinK in SHoramunto (in September S, of stfito dppartmpnt hoarl^ and lo.-idnrs in tho field of nouro-psychla- try and public health to plan a state program of thnrapy and provpntativo trontmont in mental health. In letters calling the meeting, \\'arren said that fViHt'ornia has more than ;i."i,(M)o beds for the care of mentally ill pmients and spends more than $n.o(io,nno annually for this custodial service. Warren tlct.'lared national selective service has found "well over 10 per cent of all selective^" examined hav*e been mentally unfit nr defective to a decree it has been necessary to reject them. Further, he said, "it is slated by good authority that well over five per cent of the population of the nation is in urgent need of some type of therapy or preventive treatment in this field. —Call Torn inn-NIC A Teleplinto NA/IS I'NDO \VOKK-The safept and fastest way to remove German booby traps is to capture the Nazi who set them and make him do the .dirty work. Here Private First Class Victor A. llellenhrand. Cross I-Mnins-. \Vis . watches a Jerry captured near Chartres, Franco, remove a booby trap from doorway. Signal Corps radio-tclepboto. Red Army Reaches Bucharest Suburbs Nazi 19th Army Reels for Lyon Omt mii'-d l-'rnm Pity On*' virtually undamaged except in tho harbor area. In the Rhone valley, the bat to rod Gorman forces were sacrificing lingo supplies and hundreds of men in desperate rear-guard fighting in an attempt to delay the fast pursuing American troops. Despite heavy losses in fierce battles along the eastern shore of the Rhone river, a substantial portion of the Germans broke out of tho American trap from Montelimar to Divron and succeeded in reaching the Lyon area. Firs! Fierce Fight The battle to trap and annihilate tho Gorman remnants marked the first fierce fighting: encountered by the Americans in southern Krance. Most of their advances had boon against slight or no opposition. The O or mans wore having somo success in sal aging a portion of the trapped forces, although at high cost. In a 10-mile pocket below T^lvron. the Americans destroyed lioOll motor vehicles. !<Hio horses. 2U 75-mm antitank y u us. 1- 77-mtn. guns, throe road guns, 4"> L'h-mm. anti-aircraft batteries of field artillery, six railroad guns, -to US-mm anti-aircraft guns and eight .self-propelled guns. More than i!OD enemy dead also was counted in the section. Tho bag of prisoners continued to mount steadily on all fronts and the total now has passed 50.000. Although tho C.ormans lot Nice go without opposition, there were indications they intended to fight bittlerly to maintain control of the mountain passes into Italy. Meat Supply for Civilians Down Cuniinued From Papc One Chooses which will *•" up two I points a pound include Swiss, Came- j her I, Lieflerkranx. Minister. Italian, Krated-hydratod. brick. Gouda, Greek, , Hleu, and Hrie. CIVILIANS TO CiKT MOKK CITRIS Fill'IT AVASHINGTOX, A up. 31. <UE> — The A\'ar Food Administration announced today that civilians will set about 2,:iOO,000.000 pounds more citrus fruits during the 11144-1945 season than they did during the season .lust ended. (,'ofitim]p«i Frmn of I lie whole war in sotithnastern Kiiropr. 1 . The I'ioesti fields, with an *\stimatod output of J,000,000 tons nf crude oil ever, after .scores of Allied air raids, had been supplying one- half of the natural oil and one-third of all oil for Adolf Hitler's faltering war machine. The Ploesti fields are the richest in Kurop« and the sixth largest In the world. Nineteenth major refineries won 1 sit ualed in and around Ploesli and its K! oil fields at the start of the war. At Ploesli, the Russians also cut the main railway belwoen Bucharest and Kudapost and sei/ed complete eon l ri-I of nil lines running east, to th" Idtf port of Constanta, already in | Soviet, hands, and south to Giurgiu on the Danube river. Germans Honied Tho smash into Ploesti followed a ;i"-niile advance down tho Cornauti- Ploosti-Muehnrosi railway and, without resting, the Russians pressed on toward tho capital itself. The Soviet hi«h command reported in Us midnight communique that tho, Red army was within 17 miles of Bucharest and front dispatches disclosed the penetration of the city's suburbs. "The Germans are firing their last shots at the Russians as they move into Bucharest." one dispatch said. Churchill Vows Early Poland Liberation I,ON DON. Aug. HI. UP) —Prime .Minister i_'liurchill, in H message to Poland on tho eve uf ihe fifth anniversary of the Gorman attack, declared tonight tho day of liberation was drawing near and "a now Poland will be born" from the sacrifice of Poles at home and abroad. YOU CAN HEAR the sparkle of drinks mixed with Canada Dry Water. Its "PiN-PoiNT CARBONATION"...millions of tinier bubbles...means liveliness to the last sip, despite melting ice. Today, liquor is precious ...too precious to mix with ordinary club sodas. For fullest enjoyment, use Canada Dry Water. Its special formula points up the flavor of any tall drink. CAH QIOTA DOWN AVASIHXcrroX, Aug. 31. (UR)~ The Off ire of Prire Administration an mm need today that IJOOO new passenger oars would bo available for rationing in September—the smallest monthly quota since auto rationing began. W SP.S BIG BOTTLE 1* WAT Wartime restrictions limit our tupply of bottles. Please cooperate—return all empty bottles to your dealer —todayI Plus deposit The regular, uninterrupted transportation of military personnel—and of war workers — is "Important Mission No; 1" for Santa Fe Trailways and all other bus lines; During week-ends and holidays some schedules are crowded: You can make your trip more comfortably and conveniently by planning ahead —ask your local Santa Fe Trailways agent for his suggest tions on best times to travel; SANTA FE TRAILWAYS Fifteenth and "F" Streets Phone 2-0472 AfrfttHT, National TVfli'l- t \ *

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