The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1944
Page 6
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SIX' Cost o! publication to'tlie taxpayers a! this notice In this paper (4 times Is (S85.00). PROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO. 3 • INITIATED BY PETITION ••• POPULAR TITLE HOLUNGSWORTH STATE -HOSPITAL'SYSTEM ACT. • ' BALLOT'TITLE AN ACT.'TO CREATE A SYSTEM OF HOSPITALS IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS ,< TO v FURNISH GENERAL KOSPirAUATION TO THE CITI. ZENS OF THE STATE BY THE ES. TABLISHMENT OF FIVE GENERAL HOSPITALS, EACH AT A COST OF NOT - LESS THAN $500,000 NOR MORE THAN 52,500,000, AND SEV. ENTY COUNTY CLINICS AND EMERGENCY HOSPITALS! TO BE GOVERN. ED BY A COMMISSION OF THREE MEMBERS AT A SALARY OF $5,«0 PER ANNUM AND OTHER OFFICERS. SAID HOSPITAL SYSTEM TO BE SUPPORTED BY A TAX ON NATURAL RESOURCES INCLUDING TIM. BER, .OIL, CAS, COAL, SAND, GRAVEL; BUILDING STONE, POT. TERY CLAY, BAUXITE AND ALL OTHER, ORE AND UPON EECTRI- CITY MANUFACTURED IN THIS STATE;' THE COST 'OF HOSPITAL SERVICE TO BE PAID OUT OF PROCEEDS OF SAID TAXES AS FAR AS AVAILABLE; THE BALANCE OF SUCH COST TO BE, PAID BY THE PATIENTS EXCEPT CHARITY CASES WHICH'SHALL BE FREE OF COST; AND APPROPRIATING $5,000,000 FOR THE .YEAR ENDING FEBRUARY 15, 1946,-AND $5,000;000 FOR THE YEAR ENDING /FEBRUARY 15. 1917. ALL TAXES IMPOSED BY THIS ACT SHALL BE IN ADDITION TO ALL OTHER LICENSES AND TAXES LEVIED BY LAW, AS A CONDITION PRECEDENT' TO ENGAGING IN ANY BUSINESS OR DOING ANY ACI TAXABLE HEREUNDER. AN ACT to be'entitled an Acl to Cr«l« a. System ot Hospitals in the State of Arkansas, and to provide Fimui by Taxation for (h« Buildino ot Such Hospitals, Ihclr Equipment, Funilih. ing .Maintenance and Operalion, and for olher Expenses, and to mako Appropriations therefor. BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS; Tille I. Oreation ot lhe Arkansai Hospital System, Section 1. DEFINITIONS, (a) The shorl title ol this measure shall be "(he Kolllncsworlh Hospital Act" (b) The Commissioners herein provided for shall be designated as the "Commission." (c) Tho System ol Hospitals provided for by this Title- shall be re• ierrcd to as "lhe Hospital System.' (d) For the purpose ul determining the balance ot cost" ot hospllaliza- tion to be paid nercundcr by cltiiens ot -Arkansas the Commission shall: tirsl find lhc actual cost ot such hospital service furnished (n the different sized rooms and wards, as reneelcd ov thc records, ond by folkwlnj sound acounlinc principles: Ihen Ihe Coin. 1 mission shall apply as a credit lo such aclual cost lhe proper proportion ot revenues available tor opera- ftilg expenses (rom Income received which when deducted, will leave lh» balance of cost" lo furnish such service,: lo be paid, by- the potlenl receiving hospilalizalion. (c) "Hospital service, tree of cost" shall bc furnished to those cllizens of Arkansas who are. under lhc Rules end ftcgu- latlons of Ihc Commission, entitled to receive, such service. (() The word citizen shall mean only those persons who have aclually resided In Arkansas ..continually (or n period of .twelve, (12) months. ! Seclion 2. CFIEATION OP THE SYSTEM There Is hereby created, -.lor a period of ninety-nine years, the Arkansas Hospital System, to be cov- ,erned and administrated by a Commls- ;sion of Ihree (31 members who shall Ibe ellizens of .this . stale. Thc mem. •bers constituting (he Commission and Iheir succcrrors In office, shall be a body corporate ivllh all powers ncces- o"uiis°A C ct rrJ ' ' n '° Cf '° Ct " lc ""'I* 35 ™ • Section 3. COMMISSION PEIISON- :™kL. .The first three members of (he ;Lommlsslon shall be appointed by the .'Governor, with the ndvlce and content of. the. Senate, and Ihcy shall , serve for ,1 period of seven (7) years :«c*pt lhat one ot lho [| r sl named Commissioners sliall servo for n period of live: (51 years, and another shall serve for n period ot six (6) years : ^" n . vie s arising on the Commission .shall ue tilled In accordance wllh sec»on 5. .of Amendment No 33 lo the Si?.?. ". on of Arkansas, which Is as BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)'. COURIER NEWS ; mission for any reason other Hi an . tne expiration ot the regular lenn ' Sf W h"i C i h t!' lc ,; ncmb<:r was appoint. cd shall, be filled by appolntmcnl by the governor, subject to approval ' mi.™?. m r .1 y °' Uu! rcmalnlnR ' n r,iii i o'. 1 ," 0 board or commission ' thn I i i, . tcr effective until the explraiion of such regular (erm " r/rL C ? Ve ' '"remove any member or. me commission shall vest in Ihe vuhT"", f ? a ? corc "ance wilh the pro}? ii i'l, 2" m 4 "' a i"cndmenl No «il£ <s"as gSST °" °' Ark —• "The Governor shall have lhe Srh er J?r i remDVC any m »mbers ol the cxt3on°oi ™ mm ' ss!ons fcetrtro • only, nflcr notice and hcarinc ^»r)i ' removal shall become cttecbvo only when approved in writing by n ma frfty of Ihe lotal number o' T, and-otnrer pro^c^ ^TJS^ am 1^^-V S ""^ U^cISs^.^^"- num: for ihp r.nn nf ~i »..j.. ^r imc- fo ?5.0(XJ. Pur -"^., v-uininiibianer, 5500000 i mim: for the General Auditor.' K M per annum: tor Ihc Gencr-iV g'E;S.»ffi»,^B, Pmannor ac (c- ^ ?' . ."' "• *""• ^a»tin snail oe paid In th<* 'Kr an o n ih r , a |, ',' now Provided by jtor other Stale employees !ari5«Sf; ; 2ffi,j Judgement of the Comm 1 "'-- -"- NTEREST FORBIDDEN, No member the'Compifsslon, lhc Gcntjral Aud- or. the General Purcha^lnfE Agon I r. lhe ; Secrelary»Trcasurcr ol ihe ommfsslon, or emvloyecs o( (he Ilos- Ital System ( shall be personally tin- rieJatly Interested (it any firm .or corporation which shatl supply \i\c 'ospitol Syslcm ivith goods or services f any kind, nor shall they derive ecuniary gaSn Ihroush any Iransac- on with- tliosplfal System or by cason c( ihclr official rclalLonslilp cr tnploymcnt. violation of ihe provl- Ions-of this Section shall be cause or removal. Section 1. COMMISSION TO HAVE LENAHV POWER. The Commission hereby vested with plenary control f lhe property and affairs ol ttic Tospilal System; and U shall lake uch aclion as Is necessary lo carry ut the purposes of thts Act; ami lo lat end it \s vested with full powir ud authority lo locate, construct, <iutp, furnish, maintain, operate nnd sure and protect from fire and oM*- - hazards all buildings ,and property ihe System; and shall beautify, lhe rounds, and by contract or otherwise, o all acts dtrmcd necessary for the ermancnt development nnd operation ' lhe Arkansas llospllal Syslcm, Section «. RIGHT TO EXERCISE OWEH OF EMINENT DOMAIN. Tlie omrnisslon, upon lhc adoption of n csolutton declaring lhe acquisition of iccfttcd properly Is En lhc public in- crest ana necessary for public use. my exercise the power of eminent )malrt by tin apropriato proceed Ins s now provided by. law. Section 9. ORGANIZATION AND TAFF PEJ150NNEL. ImmcJiaU-Jy poo their appointment and qualtfi- atlon lhc Commission shall or^anlio p- cledlnR one of Ihclr number as "halrman. The Commission shall also feet a Secretary ond A Treasurer to orve for (wo years or until their uecessons are elected nnd quall/frd; ut thc same person may be clectctl ccrctary nnri Treasurer and shnJI vc bond In lhe sum of 525,000 to the late of Arkansas for thc faithful crformancc of Ills trust and, for (lie roper handling of all lhe proper-He*, ssets- and .moneys of the Hospital yslem that may. at any time, coino to his hands. All tionds o( (he otnmlss loners and other employees HI)| bo kepi on f)Je in the otltca al LC Auditor ol Slate. Section 10. EMPLOYEES OF THE VSTEM. Thc Commission shall hovu e power and authority to ergafic all ersons necessary (or carrying out the revisions of Ihls Act. ami lo fix the impcnsatfon of each employee and cinove, for cause, and/or Icrmlnalc e period ol employment. The com- ensatlon of such employees shall bc line wilh lhc prevailing rates of pay ir performing similar work or cervl- cs. Tlie Commission shall prescribe In casonnble detail the 1 duties of each mployce and fhe hours of employ- en I nnd shall cause Uie same lo bc osted by placard where the emptoyce orks and In a plnce plainly visible lhe general public. No person shall he employed In any a pa city In the Hospital System who related by consanguinity or affinity Ithln the fourth decree lo any mem- cr of (he Commission or lo lhe Sup- rlntendoiil of any unit of Uio Hospital r'stcfn. Section 11. PLACE SOLICITING ESTHICTED. No of/iclnl of lhe talc or of any political sub-division lereof, or U. S. .Government official or anyone acting In their behalf) hall submit tho nnme of any person be employed by thc Commission ex- ept by letter addressed lo the Sccrc- ary of thc Commission, outltntnn the uallticntlons ot lhc applicant; such etters shall bo duly signed by tlic rller ami bo kepi on file bv the ommlsslon for three [3) years and be vailablc to inspection by any Inter- sled citizen or taxpayer Scclton 12. ACCEPTANCE OF 1FTS. The Commission may accept n belial/ of the Slate. Riris in money elgfit, lands or other properly but uch UonaMoiia shaJI nol be accepted s n consideration tn whole or m art, for lhc location of a hospital at ny particular place. Section 13. DISPOSITION OF DO* Tl £^ S ',*y.?™V^y donate! lo y lhe Commission and deposited di< colly into thc Slate Treasury, there ° be credited to the System Fund; S7 & '" lS ^' A ' Ul ^» jjj™<$P& R \£ m £ E ll " rB ''" lz;lt lon of lhc Comrals. ni'li i i Sccrctar y 0| Slnte sliall | m . nedalcly provitlc .idcq.cue cinarlers •a lhc pccunnncy ol its personnel In in rt? i , .!,, dlnB or elsewhere In nc City ot Lilllo nock. -SCCtJon 15 POLIrV Tr\WAnr\ ZOSPITAL-S BENEFIcfAniE™ It"° lie n vowed purpose o( Ilils ' Acl [o rovWc ami make dcJI.iltcly ncccsslblc "To! lh? S "s? I ! ll "° n ' Or tlu! cl "' Ions "o Cll 'ail' c"!" 1 Clirilcn) " wnmtiia'. M Vn '^ 0c0! ^ oI|Cn » e "™'^i"ls' h u"c I ci <o^Z,^n a \^,^^ «r each sue), compile eS natunr oil Information ocrialnlng to such ex- "mlnatrans shall bo tumlshcrt only to Tim y fr CanS "I™" by P-''lwls. y le?ff of ^'°« b ? Ch:lr « e[1 non-resl- hSSu,?,.^ S ^ 0 ?' SHiiss"'« mlna[, ons flial , ^ '^ ^»l«' «• w c £ E ^n.^js olhrp (A . se "' IC « furnished All Sw^TPra^ts -HP rtpi.r™fJSi S 1 .?".. hc ™ " oasis oW'J^-Siet'ES W^ffi^H 1 ^^ 1 ^' gj S«s-^r.tpa^«5 olh " ibli$h {S^^TssBsss a? «~ -" s -"'^ ™ ^«i;ss:s ive cm 0 'l 0n v.h 0 ' SU . Cn hM P''»' " " ^S§H»;F^' lhe' ta«rf°Js S £«, «-? shall cost not "esVihin r^ 01 ' ,J os l" la Thousand (TsboS) doUars^no "'""^ ^l»^'^,e :lor IM rs c do- final ieta ii.-i sha irscs- nlllic s o >r lh unit fS|r of -cX~ sSS-feS<ASa- Ion tli cncr;. ticlcr JDC1I 5 th Genera Count the official • - ~ H—.^.^ „ A^ solemnly sweat (or afiirml~that i "'' '"Prt -he Constitution if 'the «•• >8 PStVATE FINANCIAL omforl to pallcntv, employees and isilois, . Thc operating rooms jfiall e turnlshed with the latest and mosl lOQern equipment. At least ojlo ol ie operating rooms In each of ihe ive (D) Ocncral Hospitals shall oe 3 pranged as to i>crmU students ol le bchool of Nursinu lo view opeia- ons as they ore performed without dually being present In well opera, ng rooms. Every Ceneral Hospital nail contain appropriate reception ooms tor patients and visitors and ecessary rest rooms and all proper acuities for the comtort of nurses, nicrns, visitors, physicans and env loyces. Each ot the General llospl- BIS shall contain an elct'tro-cardtn- raph machine, a basal metabolic au» mocblnr, a thoroughly cqulprcd !J-«ay I.alwratory. major, minor. Jrlhopedle nnd Obstetrical operating ooma, ami fully equipped maternity vards Includlni; Ihc latest designed icuuatora for prematurely born clill- ren. touclher wllli tlie necessary nuin- er of baslnelles. Each of Hie neural Itospllals shall provide cilura. onnl faclllllcs for Inlerns. nurses, ietlclnns and technicians: there liall be provided power .houses, laun- rlcs, central supply rooms, stnrc ooms, pharmacies, radloloRic and flthologtc laboratories, offices, phy- cat Iherophy and occupallonal Ihera- hy department, libraries, kitchens nd cafeterias and any other modern flltlpinent, arrangement or f.u'ilJIy eetncd • necessary Ln the operation ot thoroughly modern Hospital. In carrying oul the provisions ol le construction program under tnls ct, (he Commission shall give presence to the- use ol materials pro- ueed nnd manufactured In thc State ' Arkansas and preference In the se of labor where Ihc same can be ccompllshcd without Increasing the osl of Iho hospital program. In tlic passage-ot'this Act Ihe peo- le, realize lhal In view ot condiiions rouutit oboul by World War II. II lay bo Impossible lo bccln the con- iniclion herein provided for fcnrni'd- ately after the date this Act becomes ttccllvc. It Is hereby specifically rovidcd, however, thai Ihu Commls. on shall proceed willi the conslnn.- 01) program as outlined In Ilils Acl 'hen. conditions appear normal and seems appropriate to do so. In (lie I'ent lhal construction Is delayed for long period of lime, thc funds de- ved from tlie revenues provided hcii- ndcr shall nol bo diverted from thc revisions made herein to other ses. Such revenue, as collected, sliall ccumulatc In the Stale Treasury lo 10 credit of the Hospital Fund as ereln provided so (ha( II shall ce vallable for carrying oul the provi- ons of Ihls Acl, when the Conirnls- on considers lhe time opportune. Seclion. 18. SCHOOLS OF Null. ING AUTHORIZED - INTEHN- IHI'S. . The Commission Is cmpoiv- red lo provide (or n standard school I nursing In each of lho five 15) enernl Hospitals. In one ol the five 5) General Hospital, n school nf lirslnfi may be established for mem- ers of tho negro race. The Commls. '•n Is empowered also to provide und inintaln Internships for (he- benefit t Ihoso eligible for training In the ractlco and technique ot medicine nd surgery. Section 13. RULES AND REGU- ATIONS. Tlic Commission Is nu. lorlzed ond directed to make and rotnulgatc riulos and Regulations or fhe administration ant) enforco- ent ol the provisions ol IhU Acl Section 20. IJOOKS TO HE AUU- TED. All records and forms ol ookkceplng of Ihe Arkansas Hospital yslem shall he designed by (he Gen- rfl] Auditor; and sucli records shall orrcclly reflect all lire financial •ansactions of the System. The enernl Auditor shall supervise and ompel thc Keeping of such records, nd he shall make n genera) adult nee each year, which. In a reasonably ondcnscd term shall be tiled In Ihc (Ice of the Secretary of Stale Ttie Jate- Comptroller sliall also make u omulete audit of the transactions ol 1C Hospital System every Iwo years nd n summary of each audit shall e tunlshed lo the Governor and oples shall be made available to 1 the icmbcrs ot the General Assembly Section 21. RESEARCH LABOHA- ADMINISTRATION earch Department of lho Hospital yslem. Such, bulldliiK shall also ontaln ample laclllties tor the nous- ne of lhe Hospital System's Ailminls- rallve olticials and Slr-if and other iccessary employees. The Admlnlslra- 55 Building shall cosl not less than XKi.OOO nor more than SGOO.DOO ln- umng (he land (If necessary to pur- i °r - 0 ,. srlmc) ar)<1 tho equipment ml hiriHsbliws complete. It shall be I dre-proot conslrucllon. air-coiuil- oncd anil built according to plans lo V pnr r, ovcd by lho Commission, ihe Research Laboratory shall be rovidcd will, the most modern sclcn^ He apparatus- obtainable for use In clcrmlning the cause and (rc.idncnt f diseases. The Commission shn mploy only Ihorouehly quallded ond easoncd sclenllfie experts (o carry on lie System's tlcsearch .icllvllics The S i ,, 0rlc " Ulltlr ed Thousand (SIOO.- ecualons The rn™T"r <Kl bl ! lhc Commission mnd/ (n L "' rcsu '" »' expcrimenls mad f. 1n ,,.'hc Hcscarch Laboratory ot " li[ ' c vall " : sll:1 " *><• orcservcd . n.Si ° nc of suc)1 buildings or all Svstcm RS «h C °n S ! CUi:lc<l " " Un " "' "'« oce mv bc . ""s'roclecl so as lo ' 'r^ cl ant ' Properly sodded; such ',','r PP !?, c """ l<: '«"' «'"'er b ° < ,r d nll U: 'limcs rlENTs" "a ADM!S S10N OF PA- pw'.nc" 5 ,J on ! ai ' ns<l 'herein which 'y\i nTr« '^ dl scharKe ol patients In «ysusn r c'n'"'th" Cy ""* Cnmmi "">ncr I a patient if^decmw porarlly, but a complele account of such suspension and the occasion there- tor shall bc rcporlcd at Ihc next meeting of the Commission. Section 20. VENERAL 'DISEASES. If (here shall ever be cnaciod a law In Ihls Stale requiring Medical examinations ol Individuals to determine I Ihc existence ol vencral diseases and I to compel persons wllh such diseases (o subniil to treatment, (hell It shall be lhc duty ot lhe, Commission to cause to be conslnieted a suitable llospllal building, or buildings, properly equipped for Ihe treatment of such veneral disease?, not to exceed In cosl the sum of Iwc-iiuridred fifty Ihousand (S250.CHX!) dollars Seellon 27 ESTABLISHES RELATIONSHIP OP I'HYSICANS. The Commission shall have no power or authority lo fix the fees ot phystcanu n thc practice cl Medicine in Arhan- sas. Members, of Hie Medical proles- slon who snail compose thc Staff of lire various mills ol the Arkansas Jlns- pllal System shall agree not lo eharau for Professional services extended to laltenls ndmillci! for treatment nnd .o whom no charge Is made for the balance of cost of hnspllatlzallon by the System. Sccilon 28. FAVORITISM FOR. BIDDEN. Thc Commission shall lor- nulale rules' designed (o effectively jrcvcnt any olflcial, employee or iienilier ot Ihc Staff or Intern trom mnklng any suggestion as lo -Hie | choice of a pliyslcan by n patient, ' to the end (ha( no discrimination 1 will be shown In lhe selection of phy. -Wans. Section S3. COUNTY CLINICS & I EMERGENCY HOSPITALS. Afler any I -10 ot the five General llospllals t -,as been constructed and put into opt-ration Ihe Commission shall pro- - cccd wilh lire construction nnd equip- 1 nent of other milts of (ho llospllal I system to he known as County Clin- I cs and Emergency Hospitals. Each such County llospllal, when construe- I ed, shall ho equipped u-llh necessary I r clcntiflc apparatus for all Clinical ' .•ork used In making medical nnil i "hysical cxamlnallons and lor.doing mcrgency operations. The locallon ! Ize, architecture, cost, equipment ' general nrrangcmcnl and furnishing • of sm-h County Units as well as thc control, operation nnd management ' hereof, shall be matters solely lo bo I determined by Ihc Commission I Such Counly Clinics and Emerjr-n- i cy Hospitals when put Inlo operation ) shall he kepi open lo thc public al nil i hours ot Ilic day and nlghL -Tho Com ' nission shall provide adequate am- i Jiilance service to nnd from such Clinics and to and [rom the Central' iospltals ol Ws stale. ' The County Hospitals shall bc cs- ' ablished firsl in Ihoso counllcs of Ihls ' >Lite where, In the opinion of lha . -oininlssioncrs, the need tor them ' Jccms greatest. In determining ihe' size and cost of each such unit to be established as well as lho personnel '• to bc employed, equipment to be used etc.. Hie Commission shall lake Inlo consideration the pspulallon ot ihe' county lo be served and any other' lectors deemed pertinent, and all decisions ol the Commission In such nailers shall he final. ICacli Counly Clinic nnd Emergency Hospital established shall he a unit ol the Artanas Hospital Syslcm and shall be so maintained: however ap- iroprlntlons which may be made by Ihe several Quorum Courts of (he alale towards the maintenance expenses ol such County Hospllnls shall be Jsed lo supplement Ihe regular serv- cc^of such units which may be mu- ually agreed lo between thc Commission and Ihe County Judec. ' not ^consistently wllh (his Act There shall be constructed In everv counly of Iho Slate of Arkansas ex- < cepl the live counties In which lhe '.' -.cneral Hospitals ore located. .1 Coun. y Clinic and Emergency llospllal as Iffi. ,? ulhorizl!l1 - The ascrcante -ost ot Ihc seventy no) Counly elm- cs nnd Emergency Hospilals complcte- wilh grounds shall not exceed len (10) per cent ot ihe amount ol thc I'ross revenue collected hcreunrtcr during ],n tirsl tivo (5) years tills Act Is in force. nA^VSE" 1 ^^?^"'^ ™ manasemcnl and c-onlrol ol (ho lios. 3ial Syslcm. lhe Commission shall Ue vested with wide latllude in the exercise ol Ils Joint Judgment nnd dis- !S f '" lhc cntl lhat <|U! trealest ,!lblc benefits may Imire to Ilie citizenship ol Arkansas. Section 31. PURCHASING AGENT t slinll bo the duty of the General iirchaslng ngent to contract'tor and lurchaso all supplies lor Ihe Arkansas hospital Syslcm under Ihe Rules and ilesulallons promulnrjated by lhc Cow- missions. Bids for all purchases exceeding in amount the sum ot five mndred (Ssoo.OO) dollars shall be idvertlsei! In Ihc mnnner and (or the lime prescribed by Section 7 of Acl ^o. =03 of (ho Acls ot 1933 (Pope'a Digest, Sccilon 130-12). Secllon 32. RESERVE FUND Fun COUNTY HOSPITALS. fnr a period of five (5) years from Ihe ctfcctlve late ol (his Acl there shall be set isule and dcdlcalcd to n reserve (und lo bc used only In the construction of he County Clinics and Emergency Hospitals ten (10) per ccnl nf lhe gross annual revenues collected hcrc- undcr. Seedon XI. LIMIT ON POWER OF COMMISSION. The Commission shall riot, by riillnf. regulation or otherwise, deny admission to a hospi- la! of Iha Syslcm lo any cltlien of Arkansas, solely on the grounds of race, color or religion nor lo an ex- pcctanl mother because the paternity ot her unborn child may nol be known. TITLE II. HOSPITAL TAX ON NATURAL PRODUCTS Section 1. HOSPITAL TAX IM- usbl). For lhe year 1945 and eacli su iscqucnl year taxes are hereby levied for lhe sole use and bcnctit ot the Arkansas Hospital System upon all r=«!iral resources severed trom tin. soil or waler of (he stale of Arkansas including nil forms of limber and olh- cr forest products: minerals such as oil. (,-as natural gasoline, distillate, condcnsale, casinghead gasoline sulphur, coal, lignite, and ores ol all kinds: also marble, stone, gravel, sand and other natural deposits as herein, alter enumerated. Such taxes shall bc paid by lhe owner, or proportionately l,y the owners. of such products al Ihc time ol lhc severance and shall become due """I payable qu.irlerly as hcrcinaller i ; vi 'L cl !l Aml lhc laxcs hereby lev- led shall operate us a first lien on «J n "J, 1 "™ 1 resources which lien S2hi. r i,.i sald rcso "rccs Inlo thc ™\?* H V . Arsons whether re- In < •."il" cd tn coo<l Qr D:ul ' a l»>. ami whether or not the same he found slue m;miiracll ' ml or unmanufactured Section 2. RATE OF TAXES AP- PUCABI.B. Thc Hospital tave, on r ii \ r^J^ccs. as levied by this ftv s V I) J' cdlc -' 11 < ; ' 1 <"> 'he quan extend , th(! scopc T0 - Thc Commiss ion Io ""'" or "> i c ch ="clcr ol lhc Service, or tl may refuse lw, " lo a "» '"dividual suffer" Inci ' rablc tll «"c. Ch ic fr«« '" c " li1 ' 1 . am! Patients suffcrini! shall not b? dniit i1 sc:i ses shall not b In he '• nl f r ' u ">' sl «<l hosr>ll»llMllon . r ,"' thc "ospll-il System ^« n1 ""sslon Is *mi»ivcrcil lo conlr -«' wtlh thc United Tin. ion nr I" 1 " cr ,«„ t. So1<! "," a "d sailors and force's" °' lh<! llllmar > f m<i < tor lhc Hospllali oth SEGREGATION OF (a) red and Per tup per , . !n c ' lch The m. »P lllfnly m "!«d "I a» llmrs. ta ik2 mb " 3 o! bom "fcs shall keep and to rcsi S? l , iV(: q^fters, cntraS !K, cx ' ls ' „ Violation of ihls provtsinn utan n S ".'! lc a misdemeanor and, uton conviction (hereof, lhe offended f™' ,^ e Punished by a fine of not ess Ir,™ twenty-five ($2300) dol- SIMM," ^ rc lhln ™» hundred i!™';?i dollars; Provided, In lhe "™ ol « serious aceldcnt rcquir ne fon«r m 1 ^'" 6 ope F all< "'. MX CommuS loner may suspend Ihts provision tern. .On all kinds ol limber such as cum. hickory, elm. oak. pine other varieties, sixly (60) ccnts thousand tect. log scale On pulp wood, thirty (30) cents standard cord ol one hundred 1'vcnly-clghl cubic feel. .-, on slave bolls, forty (401 rrnte per cord. »-t...a ^°LP° : i S * tnd pllin «- lwclv e tcct nno over In fenRth. two (2) ccnls CRuC'rll;: 0 ^ PCTfl OLEUM AND 3lrr vny , •"•"'' a " nob«v« cents 1 per V«rel °"* WC * M le '*> per b —( h'dvuy, un (iQ) cents siilSerl^S^ witer either with oil or cas. fiiiecn (IS) cents per barrel. Provided, (hut for tht purpo«« ol Ms tax. measurement of such pro- died taxable under this paragraph may be made at or near (he mouth of lhc welt, or Ihe place where the scld products taxed by Ihlj paragraph am ultimately separated or removed irjm Ihe oil or sas, all measurements bring made under Rules and Regula- tlois promulgated, by the Commission Section 2b. TAXES ON GAS, ! COAL ASD OTHER NATURAL, PRODUCTS' • (al On gas, (hree-Ienlhs (3/10) ol one cent per thousand • cubic feet measured at (en (lo-oz.) ounce liressure, In determining ihe quantity ol gai for the purpose of such tax 'and In 11* calculation ol the amount of lhe la«, there, shall bo excluded oil gas Injected Irdo the earlh In Ihe Slate of Arkansas, provided lhat the Itospi- IE! tax levied by Ibis Tille shall apply or the. ultimate severance of such Gas nrti there shall also be excluded al) %£* produced from oi] wells flared or voitctl dlreclty Into the atmosphere. ,bj On sulphur, one II) dollar per ;ong ton of two thousand tsvo hundred and forty pounds, whether severed direct or manufactured as a by-product. cl On coal, nine (9) cents per ton <[ two thousand pounds, id) On lignite, one (1) cent per ton cf Iwo lliousand pounds, le) On oil other ores, ten (111) cents per Ion of two thousand pounds .f) On marble, ten (10) cents per 'an of two thousand pounds. Ig) On building stone, five 15) tenls per ton of Iwo Ihousand pounds. ih) On gravel, one and one-hall illi) cents per Ion ot two thousand pounds. li) On sand, one and one-half (lu'l tents per ton ot Iwo thousand pounils Ij) On poltery clay, one (1) ctni per ton of Iwo thousand pounds ikI On bauxite, fitly (50) cents' uw bug ton. Section 2c. DEFINITIONS, .i Cer. 1ai.i terms, words and phrases as used In nils rule, shun have the following nieanincs: The word "severed" shall mtM lhc point al which the natural rircduc'ls are taken from Hie cartll or Thc phrase "purchases .'on the or* en market" shall mean purchase's nude m Ihe absence of'-ohy conlract or agreement requiring the buyer to inskc payment direct to the owner of suth oil, cas or olher nalural ' re- ionrccs. The word "owner", shall mean ov;n- er at the lime pi severance. . The term "barrel" shall be deemed lo bo Ihe equivalent of forty-lwo gal- Ttie word "Commission" 'shall reler to the Arkansas lloxril(al Commission created by this Act •' Section 3.. COMMISSION'S DUTY TO COLLECT THE TAXES It is hereby made lhe duty of lhe Commis. still to collccl and enforce Ihe pay. imnt ol all taxes 'that become due trailer Ihe provisions of ihls Title ond to pay lhe proceeds of (he same to Ibo Mate Treasurer, by h(ni to be duly credited to lhe Arkansas Hospital r und. Section 1. QUARTER-ANNUAL HE- POUTS-PAYMENT OF THE TAX. tvery person, tlrm. corporation, or as- sonallon severing any natural pro- dints trom (he, soil or waler In this State sliall, wilhh, thirty (30) days afler Hie expiration of the next pre- ceclnE Cjtiarler-annual period explrlii" respectively, on the last day of March. June. September and December of each .year tile with the Commission, on Its prescribed [orms, a sworn statement of the 'business conducted by such severer during the last ore- ceding quarter, showing the hind of sndt products and lhe gross quantity of eacli severed or produced tlic names of Iho owners at (he lime ol severence. the portion owned by each and such olher necessary Information pertaining thereto as Ihe Commission may reasonably require for tlie proper enforcement of this Title. Such reports shall also show tlui location of each natural resource and 1)10 place lor places where produced or severed from the soil or vvalor al the bine of rendering each such re- porl to lhe Commission. Also, each such person.'firm or corporation shall pay to lhe Commission a lax on the gross quantlly ot each resource so severed, computed at thc rate apply. Ing thereto as specified In Section ! hereof. Section 5 DUTY TO PAY THE TAX. The making of said repoiK and lhe. payment ol said taxes sha' be by those aclually enjaecd In Die operation of severing or produclnfi whether as owner of Hie soil, as can. traded severer, or [rom the soil ot another, or Ihc owner ot any- such nalural resource or product [rom thc son of another. Tlic reporting lax- Pal'" shall collect or withhold oul o( the value of lhc products severed the proportionate p.irls of Ihe total Hospital lax due by the rcspecllve owners ot suclii natural resources. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, n provided. Section 11, OWNERS AND <5FVFD BBS JOINTLY LIABLE. Tho owne?s of natural resources severed fro" u™ soil or water are hereby made proportionately responsible for lhe tax herein levied: and If such taxis no! »ld by the purchaser thereof or by ho person aclually cnuaeed In severing such resources or In operaMne °, 1 r 8a f P r °P« llcs . 'hen the X nission shall send by registered mail a nodee to lha debtor directing him o show cause before said Commission on a date named In said notice nol less than tivo (5) nor more lh an lira nln I 1/1 V .1 _/, •*' IHVlt lliajl said notice, why thc amount of" the ftv fill a. chnlt A_I I.- . .... . * l " B cerlal icari dcbl °,M or" "? lUr: " rasoure " 'rom Ihc soil or water, or actually operating f ™ r e *M f ro " fri ^ " olhc-r property from which natural resources urn severed under contracts or .ipree- menls requirlns payment direct to u°e owners of any royally Interest, excels royally, or working Interest eitbe- " "'<"'«' or in kind, is herebj au. thorlzed and required belore niaklnii ' of person, firm, corporation or ' assoch? £ n e, < ?«* ^ C " S:lCctl ln «verlng cjj er e «n f-af^r "aSmS U ^,,ir^ K^a^sna^eTsuriL resource. r,s set out In the preccdtne Seclion shall sell oil or B as o?" her natural resources lo any person firm or corporation or association Si p™ sons, under contracts or asreemcnls requ.rinB such purchaser lo pay all owners ol such resources direcl then S» c,^ 0 " or Drcsons actually severing such resources or actually nn^t-i llns such oil or gas property may P na be required to deduct the tax herein r™ i, ?i ulkln sucl1 cvw " lh<: deduc" lion shall he made by the purchaser betore waving payments lo each mv" SolW , S TL, , rCS °S r ?, cs ' prav ° A ™- ™ a ' nolhlng herein shall be construed as from I'iabmt" *f v "" ol such Products . S ?.?i! on ., «•"' WHEN lirm. corporation or association pm chasing oil. gas or any other naluts resource severed trom the soil or wa er under contract or agreement r quiring: such purchaser to make pa men! direcl to such owners (s herd) authorized and required before m-lv Ing such payment lo deducl from any amount or balance due any owner lhe Binounl ot the lax levied by this Ti i, «i ^i r LS Urehi> " r ln lhc °P C " '"""el cl oil and gas or any olher resource !'v 0n «' h T h ,, *c- Hospital lax levied by nis Tille has not been paid is hereby authorized and required below making such payment lo deduct from W »™°™l or balance due Ihe selle? levied am ° ui " Ol lax "™ c " 1 Every purchaser ot oil. gas or any other natural icsource on which i Hospi a tax Is levied by this Tille ^°,' alls ,'o deduct and withhold he fi'."^L 0 . „'"»",.?.«• as required by ,.., .. ,, ....^^^ I<l4i;i d j, rc q u , rc(] l . h i s ^i™.'., W|IC ", resources ta= under conlracls arc purchased shall be liable Ko the" Stale for* nmoutit of Ihc taxes. i.Ucrcst ,.. "'^ mAvs, uiicrcsi a'lc penallics lhal should have been del ducted or withheld ami icmllicd lo the Stale by lhc purchaser. D£O~A'D^ "' .•"•**•"=•« MUST FILE REPORT. All persons required to deduc! from nmounla due to others (tic tail herein levied shall file "vlih me Commission, the reports herein required and shall at lhe same lime pay to the said Commission th« "H^ n L M th ' la * tnui ^ducted o withheld, or the amount of taxci am Interest due, (( not deducted or wllh "'"ft Provided, that nomine here" shall 6e construed as rcleajtng lh! person or persons severing the r< 5ourc*.» from liability for the paymcn ol said taxes. Senilon 10. WITHHOLDINo TAX ES. DUnJNO TITLZi LlTICATtON Whenever Ihe lltlc lo any naluralIre. sources contemplated by this Act s in dispute, or whenever the purchaser o! such resources or any person enVactd n soverlnu the same from the soli or water, or in Ihc acluol operation ol oil or «as properly, shall be wilhhold' ing payments on account ol Htlsatlon or for any other valid reason, such Purchaser is hereby authorized and required lo deduct from Ibe cross stiin hus held, the amount -""--•• m " In levle" liereof n o « crc ' ?. /.'" m " kc "mlltanw Comml5sl<1 n, as here- .._.. uv , ,,.,j lllv uiiiounc OI the due shall not be definitely aE ! it,"'"! ™, A i. An<1 when , alter ....„ lhc lax debtor, or It lhe lax £ . "I",,." 0 ' a ?P c _" or 1.°« "« submit written reasons why lhe - rnt of (he tax should not be fixed -. .. the reasons sublmtlcd shall be deemed by Ihe Commission Insuffi. dent, then the Commission shall make In any manner feasible and cause to be recorded In lhe morlac" records of lhc county where such na. ural resources are severed (rom ihe soil or water S statement, under oath •='-'ving (he proportionate amount ill ... (ax due to the Stale of Arkansas uy cadi at said owners or the natuial resources severed from lhe soil or voter. Such statement, when filed or record, shall operate as a first-lien and morlajc on all ot Ihe proocrtv rom which Ihe resources were severed •...el on all other properly ol thc res. "J c j've lax debtors, ami said properly •shall bc subject lo seizure and sale ir Ilic payment of (he taxes due. Sccilon 12. COMMISSION TO GIVE NOTICE. Whenever Ihe Commission ^iinn cause the slalcment provided tor me preceding Section (o be re- --.-ded It shall slve noltce to lhe tax debtor by registered letler o[ such r p . :ordnllon, and after fi/lccn (15) days hereafter the Commission shall by jemion as in ordinary cases in tne name ol lhe State ot Akansas, In Ihe Circuit Court of the county in which said lien has been recorded, as above provided, sue out a rute" against such TX debtor to show cause in not less -lan five (5) days nor more (him en (10) days after service oi said nctitlon and rule why sufficient mount of properly beionslne lo Ihc ix debtor should not bc seized and Jld lo pay and discharge said lien. Section 13. FURTHER PROCED- <H ' 9" lh<! day sel for hearing lhe "ild rule lhc Court shall proceed -Jmmnrlly and by preference over all other cases to hear Ihe matter vhether or not the lax debtor has ippearcd or answered said rule nnd ,nnll render Judgment thereon 'with- n three (3) days (rom lhe trial Incre- J(. and If the Court renders Jud". mem in favor ot the State ot Arkari. •jas. Ihe judgment shall (ix ond con- irm lhe amount due by the tax debtor and shall command Ihe sheriff ind ex-officfo (ax collector at said MUnty to seize and sell, for the pay. men! of juch hospilal (axes, any y whatsoever' belonging to Ihe "",:;, ' J:t d< =btor which may he found vllhn the lurlsdietlon of the said herltf and collector. If (bo JuiJs. mcnt Is atjainst Ihe Stale of Arkau. las, the Court shall order said u™ •nncelled. Section 14. SEIZURE AND SALE Hie sheriff ni ,d collector of any counly. when requested by thc Com. nission is hereby required to seize f 1 . lhe P r °P er ly, assets and cf- tects belongms to any person, firm corporation or association owing the ax herein levied on any nalural re. ource severed from the soil or water after the rccordation uf thc statcmcni required In Seclion 11: and alter th" notice required, in Section 11 .has. been Wen. nil such seizures and sale shall be conducted In lhe manner nnd form ww required for thc sale of similar iropcrty tor taxes, and penalties shall >e imposed and collected as prescribed herein and by general laws. " " PROPERTY INTEREST W~ri1 ,, T ° SEIZUKE-PHIOR. IV. All oil and gas leases. Interest wd minerals, mineral rights, royal- ics. limber contracts and rights ol any hind lo 'Ihc ownership of any natural resources severed (rom the soil or water are hereby declared to be subject to slzure and sale tor the payment of thc lax herein in prefcr- C 'secti'V 11 ° lhCr C ' a ' mS ° r lie " s M? Q i E i NCY i: n 11 " lax Provided by ) L »h ^ become delinquenl -'ftcr the date fixed for each quarter -annual report to be filed in the o" such r™" 1 " Camml "l<">. =nd from such time as a penalty lor such de. inquency the taxpayer shall ha su £ wr m°onll, Pen rf ll ^ of " V ° (21 per « nt >er month and other penalties provided Stale Ecncral rcvcmie laws o( this No Hospital tax or license shall be eviKl or Imposed by any county or other local sub-division of the Stale c , BIC|)T TQ EXA&uliE Tlie Commission shall - *i.t quiver lo require any person 'Red In severing natural products furnish additional information ™™ ,i " cc ,?. ssar y 'or the purpose ol compuling lhe amount of said lax; and for said purpose II shall have lhe nent lo cvaminu the records nnd (lies liases scver<;r ™* '0 examine wit. .-- 18. WITNESSES COM. __ED TO TESTIFY. If any such vilncss shall fail or refuse to appear at Ihe request o! the Commission or fnSi MK- CSS '° bool!s ' "*°^ ™* ; >lei wilhm his custody and control -Tnrf 9? mm1ss lon shall certify thc facts and the name of such witness lo lhe Circuit court having Jurisdiction of ,™ P 'l y: and sakl Ct ""-' shall therc- K 4 SU , C a . swiir nor,s lo tho rccata- J-anl parly to appear before the said sasssr ^[hii, 15 .sn^Li.^ lhc Court, on a day fixed, to be con' tmued as occasion may require and Srh h V J1 CnCC J" 1 " »P« '«' «bc«™ such books and papers as may be re- ?"—•'•-"cr h w B " 0 T S ? lnyC ' riP H l '™ 0 required. tniC ^ C ° r ' r "' """«ei° Whenever It shall appear to Ihc Commission thai any such severer has unlawfully made an unlruc or incor- • !^ n - lhc c "mmisslon sS[, correct thc return and compute said or colfcclio" 0 " an<1 Cortlty tllc samr Sccilon 19.'PROCEDUHE ON FAI1, NG TO REPOHT. It severer Enlfl all to make a report ol the nrodnc w°M h a ""H VaI V, C °! lls Prodllcls"TZn which lhe Hospital lax is levlcdl ivIIMn the time and In the manner prescribed by law. It sna ,| ™c° lh" boohs, "records" and" «'« "f "a'nv such person or persons l o ascerlTiu he amount and value cl such produc lion and lo compule thc tax hcri-on as herein Imposed; and where u* nesses refuse lo testify, or to accn n^n^Bf. I- i .. _ _ _ . *" * u dt-LOl CotnDifssfoii the amount of fax owed, deducted ur wlthhtlU as herein provided slull be punished by (lac ot not less than fltty ($50) doSSars nor, more than five hundred ($500) dollars for -tch such offense. But the Impost* ,n of thc said fine Imposed in Uils section shall not be construed as releasing the purchaser or dealer in natural resources (rom paying to the Commission the athount of tax owed, deducted or withheld by them. Section 21. FALSE SWEARING PUNISHABLE AS PERJURY. Any •fson who shall intentionally make y false oath lo any report required (he provir.lons of this Title shall deemed guilty at perjury and shall uv- subject to Ihc punishment prescribed (or said crime, TITLE III. HOSPITAL TAX ON tLECTRtC CURRENT Seclto'.i 1. DEFINITIONS, (1) The v,<Qrd ''manufacturer" as userl in this Title Includes every individual, firm isoclallon, partnership or corporation .,anufac|urin£ or producing electricity within the Slate; (2) Ihe word "dec- rlelty" means electrical energy of lee'rtcal current. Section 2, . HOSPITAL TAX ON :LECTRIC CURRENT. There is ereuy levied a hospital tax oi (our enths of one mill upon each klto- ;att hour of electricity manufactured ,'ltnin the Slate of Arkansas, Section 3. IIECORD OF P..^ HOW. Each manufacturer shall n«yu complele and accurate monthly rt- ,,-rd of all kilowatt hours ol electricity manufactured within the State of Arkansas. Section 4. METERS REQUIRED. *Jach manufacturer shall Install at Its plant and maintain at all limed such "icters and apparatus and olher equip- lenl as may be necessary for the accurate ascertainment of the number of kilowatt hours of electricity manu- ictured by it within the State, I'Ue om.'uJssioji or its'ogertts may at any n>c examine or cause (o bc exa- \lned such meters, apparatus anrl ciulpment for tho purpose o£ cletur- .ilnfng lhe accuracy of tlieir operations. Section 5. RETURNS-QUANTITY OF PRODUCTION. Each manufhc* urer sliall, on or before ttie Elftoenth day of each jnonlh, or al such olher Lines RS Use Commission und the "ajiufacturer may agree upon, fito illi lhe Commission a return, under —ith, on prescribed forms, statins inc mmber of kilovvall hours ol clcclri- 'illy produced by such manufacturer In his state during Uia preceding caJun- dar month lor oUier agreed period ol imej. The said return shall also set orth the number of kilowatt hours consumed during such period oy the iianufacturer for his or Us own use ind consumption wilMn the state. Section 6. PAYMENT OP TAX- CREDIT. Each manufacturer shall jay lo lhe Commission at the time of filing said returns, the tax Imposed by Section 1 herein on each kilo. A"at hour oE electricity produced oy ,uch manufacturer In the Slate as -epoited during the period covered by ils return as against the total tax >ut there shall be allowed as a'credil o bc deducted by the manufaclurer. fie amount of the tax Imposed by his Act lor such period upon thc number of such kilowatt hours consumed by the said manufaclurer with- ii the Slate. Section 7. RETURNS BV MUNICH MUTY - CREDIT. A municipal corporation engaged In the manu- aclure of electricity 'shflJI set forth In ts return tbe number of kilowatt lours of electricity consumed during uch period by such municipality and the residents thereof. There shall be allowed as a credit against the total ax. to be deducted by such munlci- iat corporation, the amount of lhe ax herein imposed upon the number of kilowatt hours consumed during such period by such municipal corporation and thc residents Thereof Seclion 8. REVIEW—VENUE. When _ manufacturer fails lo file a return as required herein, or having filed an ncorrcct return, falls lo tile a revised or corrected return within twenty days after the giving of notice by Uie Commission that a .corrected return is required, the Commission, at any time vithln one year alter the date oi the earliest manufacturer ol electricity included, Insuch. finding, shall deter* mine the amount of the tax due and shall give written nolice ot such determination (o such manufacturer, Such delerminallon ot the Comnus- lon may be reviewed by the Fulashi Chancery Court on a comolalnl against the Conimjjsslon, within six- y days atter service of such notice Section 9. PENALTY FOR FAI-SE OR FRAUDULENT RETURN. A manufacturer required to tile an ori- jinal or corrected return or to pay he tax herein Imposed, or who fails o file such return or correction or o pay the tax within the period required by Seclion 5 hereof, or who hall, file a (also or fraudulent return vilh Intent to evade lhe lax. shall be Iccmetl lo be delinquent and ihe normal tax shall be doubled and an additional one per cent per month or fraction (hereof shall be added Section 10. PINK SUPER ADDED FOR WILFUL FRAUD. A manufnc- urer or officer of a corporation who makes a fraudulent return or stale- nent with intent to defeat or evade he tax herein imposed shall be fined n a sum of not less than one hundred 100) nor more llian one Ihousand (£1000) dollars. TITLE IV. GENERAL PROVISIONS ' Section 1. HOSPITAL SYSTEM . UND. There Is Hereby created In no office of the Slate Treasurer i separate fund lo be known as Hospi- a) System Fund, and all revenues of whatever kind collected under ibe provisions of the Holljngsworlh DospJ- tal Act sliall be deposited in the State Treasurer's office lo lhe credit of said fund within a ported of not more than thirty 130} days after ihe col- ection thereof. Section 2, APPROPRIATIONS. There s hereby appropriated, (o be payable from the Hospital System Fund, the following amounts: For the year ending February 15. ID Capital Expenditures. General Equipment. Office Equipment and Building Sites .. . (i) Genera] Operating 13J Salaries—Admini'stira- live and Hospital System Kinplovees (4) Research Work In R&. search Laboratory _..., to books and papers, the Com- sls to :j22" ? dd * c «? *c coSiS, examination, together with' penalties accruing thereon. any Section 20. REPORTS " REQUIRED F PURCHASERS-PENALTY if l.ll hi* IVn ttL.I.. „! -•«_... l( OF -^ _ _ shall be lhe"~ctuiy J ot ''alf Vurchasers and others dealing in natural prod- severed from tho soil or water w«h a "fh S ^° ti! , c ,« u «l«ly row. «ih Ihc Commission staling un. oath, Ihc names ond addrcsscj ol persons. [,rms. corpor.iHons or jociatlons (rom whom each i l»«rcl>aser or dealer has acquired any such natural producl Aating (he next preceding qusrlcr toother will, r fhc total nuanMy acquired [rom each such vendor and lhe gross wlc« n.ld (or such nalural products ih?,l!? ,™? orJls shn " bc "'" altMr, Ililrly J30) daj-j B (i cr (|, e expiration ol each quarter, and shall be made « Sfrms prescribed by sa !d Commission ™l, sM , P^riascr »t thc lime oi making lhc said report shall car to lhc Commission the amount ol u« deducted 07 withheld or lhat may" due unde; this Tille. The (allure 0 ( a ny person or per sons lo mako reports and pay lo the 500.000 loo.uoo (1) ,, Total 55.000.000 me year ending February 15. Capilal Expenditures. General Einiipmcnt. Gflice Equipment and Building Sites $5.500.000 . 1,500.000 (2) General Operating Expenses ..... . ...... ......... _ (3) Salaries— Administrative and Hospital Sys- tern Employees ............. _ 800.000 »> Research Work In Research Laboratory ____ ,. 100,000 _ . Total ................... _S5,000.000 ..Section 3. SAFEGUARD AGAINST EXCESS ISSUE OF WARRANTS In view or the uncertainty as lo the actual amount of revenue \vhlch will be collected under the terms of this Act. the Commission shall keep Informed nl all times as lo Ihc cash balances tc the credit of tbe Hospital System Fund, and no voucher shall be drawn unless al Ihc tirao of its execution ls . sut " clCTl balance to the ol said fund on the Sl.ito Treasurer's books lo allow for the payment ot such voucher when converted into a warrant. Including • Ihe MSrcgalc amount o( all olher war- ranis Issued previously by virtue ol vouchers executed by authority o! ihe Commission. OF' (his Act and nil Increases. Interest and penalties (hcreon shall become end continue from the time If is dim and payable, a debl (rom tho lax- payer JJaWo 10 pay (he same, to Ije recovered by the Commission In an aclton In conlract or on this slatue. An action may Le brought at any time within six years by lhe Attorney General, ot this Instance ol the Commls-' sion, to recover the amount of taxes,' pcnallfes and interest duo under this Acl. Secdon 6, HOSPITAL TAXES AHH 1 IN ADniTION TO ALL OTHER LEV.' IBS. The liospilaJ taxes Imposed by.. UILS Act shall be In addition to nll other licenses and taxes levied by Jaw, ]r as o condition precedent to engaging' In any business or doing any act taxable thereunder. Section 7. REPEALER PROVISIONS. All lasvs and pails of laws In conllict herewith are hereby repealed. Section B. JUDICIAL. CONSTHUO- TION—SEVEBABIL1TV. .Should any tille. section, provision or clause of this Act be declared void or unconstitutional by any court ot competent Jurisdiction, such ruling shall not Q(- Cect the remainder of this Act which snail continue In full (orce and effect aflcr Ihc elimination of sued Invalid part. Sccilon 9. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Acl shall become anil remain effective and In (ull force from and alter February 15, 1S15 Filer led in office of Secretary ol Stale- on July 6. 13M. Witness my hand and seal ot office this 10m day of August. 1041. C. G. HALL Secretary of Stale Cosl of publication (o (lie taxpayers S3500) nolicc in " lls Paper (4 limes Is PROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO. 1 INITIATED BV PETITION .„ POPULAR NAME OF ACT ADDITIONAL ONE PER CENT ()W1 SALES TAX ACT FOR BENEFIT OF SCHOOLS BALLOT TITLE . PI10POSED ACT TO PROVIDE FUNDS FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF A MORE ADEQUATE.SYSTEM OF PUBLIC EDUCATION TO PRO' VIDK A SOURCE OF REVENUE THEREFOR OTIIEI! TUAK! LlQVOli AND BEEIl TAXES. TO ADJIlfl' TEACHERS' SALARIES MCJHF UI LINE WITH THOSE PAID IN OTIIFR OCCUPATIONS UEQUIHING S IM U LA'R TRAINING. TO MATCH TEACHER PAYMENTS IN THE TEACH EH RETIREMENT SVSTFM AND TO KEEP SAID SYSTFM ACTUAHJLY SOUND By LEVYING AN ADDITIONAL EXCISE TAX OP ONE 11%) PEIi CENTUM UPON GROSS RECEIPTS DERIVED FROM SALES. ACT Be It enacted by thc people ol lh» Stale ot Arkansas: SECTION I. There Is hereby levleay an additional excise lax ot one (1%"| per centum upon thc gross proceeds or gross receipts derived from an sales, as now defined l]y Act 3BB ot 1341 or as may hereafter lie defined >y the General Assembly SECTION 2. Tlic tax herein levied shall be payable by tbe taxpayer and shall be collected in accordance with the provisions of Act 386 of 1911. until otherwise provided for by the General Assembly. SECTION 3. The purposes ol Ihls Act are: la) to provide financial rebel ;or Ihe Public Common Schools; fb) io attract and maintain a more com-' Detent teaching personnel by Increas-. ng teachers' salaries above the current average of a litfie more llian SK 00 per week: (c) to provide a snurce of school funds other than Ifquor and oeer taxes: and (d) to keep the Teacher Retirement System acluarlly sound jn jrder that teachers who have outlived :hcir usefulness In the classroom may retire, with a small measure of economic security. AH moneys accruing, to the Public Common School funds from liquor and beer taxes shall, afler thu effective date oi this Act. be set asids Into a special fund by lhe Commissioner of Revenues to be later allocated at thc discretion ot the General As-' sembly: however, thc moneys accruing to Public Common School uses from the lax herein levied shall be In addition to those accruing fn trTeir use from any Rross receipts tax or sates tax noiv In force: therefore, tlie General Assembly shall not reduce any of the percentages aliolcd lo Public Common School uses now provided In Acl 3S6 cl 1841. SECTION 4. 01 the moneys received by tbe Commissioner of Revenues orr' account of tlie taxes collected unaer this Act, no shall annually pay Inlo the Stale Treasury to Ihe credit ot. Iho Teacher Retirement Fund, such amounts as sball be certified to him by Ihc Board of Trustees of lhe Teacher Retirement System and lhc state Comptroller, as necessary to match .teacher contributions to tho Teacher Retirement System, to pay the administrative cosls of thc System, to pay benefits to retired^ teachers, anrl to keep the System actuarily sound. He shall annually pay Inlo Ihe Teacher salary Fund S200.00000 lo replace money now accruing from liquor and beer taxes, and he shall annually pay into the School Equualir.inK Fund $300.000 00 to replace money now accruing from liquor and beer taxes, and to the Vocational Fund 250.000.00 annually to replace muney now accruing (rom liquor and beer taxes. Of the moneys remaining alter Ihe foregoing allocallcr.s are made, he shall pay (Ifly l50cj,j per cent uito the Tcaclier Salary Fund. l\vcnly-fivc (25<7,,) per ccnl into lhc Common School Fund, anil twenty-live (25^,) per cent to the School equalizing Fund: provided that the Stale Board of Education may use nol lo exceed $200.000.00 annually of Ihe money accruing to tlic School Equalizing FunJ to assist local school, districts in purchasing school buses. SECl'ION 5. Tbe provisions ol this Act shall take effect and bc in full force and effect from and alter Janiz- ary 1, 1345. i" SECTION 0. The provisions ol triV Act are severable. and if any part or -. provisions hereof shall be held void, the decision nf the court shall not c(fecl or Impair any of the remaining parts or provisions of Ihe Aet SECTION 7. All laws or parts in conflict herewith arc hereby repealed Ami by this, our petition, we order lhal Hie same be submitted lo the people of said State lo tlie end dial it may be adopted, enacted, or re- Jcclcd by thc vole ol Ihe legal voters of said Stale at the regular general election to bc held In said Stale al lhe regular general election to be held in said Stale ort the 7lh day o( November, 1944. and each ot us lor himself or herself says: I have personally siKncrt this petition: I am a lci;al voter o! the state o! Arkansas, and my residence, post olfice address, ond votm? precinct are correctly written after my name Filed In the olfice of Secretary ol Slate on June ,10th. 1944 io Scal of office Ihls IQlh day ol August, C. G. HALL. Secretary of state. Polaroid windows in postwar airliners will protect passengers' eyes from sun glare. clusvely in the Commission which sha.ll prescribe Rules and Rcgulalions pcrllnejH lo Its entofccn ent The Commission shall have power lo cnler upon thc premises ol any lax- payei and examine, or cause to be exai. .cd. by Ils designated agent or reprciL-ntalivc, any books, papers rd » milll . >ora . nda ' clc " bcavm >! «Wt> amount of taxes payable and to secure any other Information directly 5r ', ndlrr<!Cl fe «'"""* «» <*« «>forc£ menl of said revenue provisions. Seclion 5. TAX A DEBT TO RECOVER. Any tax I GULR SERVICE STATION Corner 5th and Main Now Under Management of 0. E. 'Nick' Nicholson Washing - Greasing SiruonUtnE - Tire Repair ONE STOP SERVICE

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