Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 7
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MLD MEETINI^ iOU MM CWl And that*i^yia8;a lot, for we have in tMst seasons held some veo^ Interestlngr sales, biit lieVer before in early Occcmbcr have we made "January^' (frices. Tlie reason^ iis we havs stated bbfori^ is that Mim BPB b ^mtrsiookBdl and positively will nut carry the load any. farther-- thut's why we are selllne Lddfes* newest GBBis mma Suits regfArdless of cbst. That's wily eve^y lady that sees the (larments we are offering, so freely remark that "anybody ouj^ht to tell Coats and Suits at these prices.'* 5Mlhe Gretn TicKct $ 7.. so Coats ot $4»80 to.00 Coats It .$9t9B iS.oo Coals kt ,$9»TS 30 00 Costs at ..$99»78 35 00 Coats at... ^.... $t8t&0 This Week $15.00 Suit) at $t0M 18 50 Suits at 8iMM 32.00 Suits at $t4»80 ,10.00 Suits at $fBw7B 5.00 Children'it Qoax&..$MmBO 6 .50 Children's Coats, .f 9*75 FrUmy ana Smiut^timy Rrgular I1.50 Pealtjr Silk Petticoat, special at aso See Window SOUTH S SOUTH SIDE SQUARX lepiMMit W<3l «Te (HiUf.Taini FjmUlttff llewllnribtn. ' Tlie cxecaQre coramlttee of tbe Be- pnbile.nii Cit>- clnb met last night to the offices at the rear of the Northrup National bank and f^nnlulated a oumber of plans for the spring camr palgo. One of the matters disenssed watr that of membership. Repablicans all. over town are anxious to Join the rliib but many are too busy to attend the meetings. It was therefdre de<Jd- ed to liave sollcUors call upon such people and enroll them. ' O^ero was considerable talk last aighi in the committee In faror of holding meetings during the campaign with oiit-of-towa Republicans as I speakers. It Is likely that these meetings-will be held. In any event it will be a vigorous campaign, so far as the R<^niihIioans are concerheil. ss there la ill their ranks a determination to carry lola by a btg majority. BUI . verj- few members <rf the committee were absent and those who frere absent were detained by pressing bn?ln ^8 or .illness. The next meating of ihe committee will be held S-ttur^ day night in the office of Judge E. O. Hough. COAfll MOXILAW ^XPIAI.NS. Sayf) the »top9 and the Wind Waa Cauiie of SUsBoarl's losiofr. foliimlila. Mo.. Dec. 3.-AVTiy Missouri was defeated again Ihlis year b; Kansas was answered once more when Coach Monllaw gave Ms explanatton of the defeat. The Missouri coacb gives almost no recognition of su- jierior tram work of one team over the ether and places emphasis instead on the vflnd and the slope of the grU iron ar Association pai'k. Luck wat the principal factor In the game. 'i bellfTP that Mlsaonrl's dpfeaf was due primarily to two things- first, that Knnsns had the advantage of the wind and the slope of lite field during most of the game, and second that Kansas was Ibcky with the nnsldf kick. With'the wind and iho slop* In her favor .Missouri scored in four teen minutes. After the next kickoff when Kansas hod the wind and slope •he scored In seventeen minutes. Thr second touchdown was made by Kansas In twenty-eight minutes with the aid of the wind and the slope. Our line. I believe anyone will admit. eQuai led the Kansas Une. and I believe excelled it. But our backfleld was not up to its accusttxned standard an^ here we were outplayed, but not outclassed by Kansas." Too Cold for Travel. County Superintendent Funston had planned to leave this mpming for a visit among the country schools but because of the extremely cold weather postponed the trip until a warmer day. A 0009 BKiSOft UX UIBCMV, BUU luo.. are always . lasting'': .vn»->' .^.j^.., strengthens and tones up ttie kUipfii:. helping theiiD to drive out of ihV&iry the liquidp-potCDDS that ratise.b^Ic- iebiK headadMf'iuid .digressing kiittey and nxfnaar conpl^ti^ lola jte^Ie testify topermaMntveatas. -Mrs. Ptsnoie Thomas.'Ibt S3!t Sodth ~ SUte street, loIa.'KasT.-'aKyli: About 12 ye^ra ago I .bega% to luorB trot^lfr with my kidneys. TberA.vais a palii|iin the small of mjrhaeJc:ittd oftetiieo much soreness that T-f«ir:ss If I bad been b««ten. At night U(«onljr relief I could And was by pressing my bibk against ihe bed .as Oiard as.I ootdd. Por months I eonid not run my.seitJIng machine and could not go iiii<.^aira without holding on to aometl^tg slor sapport -The lUdney secretioQif niero alao very distressing in pa8sage]?at times. I finally learned of Doaa's Xld sey Pills and'began nslag them. TIIA)'< gave me .prompt relief and In a flfibrt time I could get around and felt rJh every way like my aatnral sMfc^ I have had sll^t returns ot kidii^7 trouble since but then Doan's KlMfiy Pills have never failed to gSve.qufck relief." - .-;> .For sale by all dealers.'Price'60 cents. Ftoster-MIIburn Co.. Btifialo. Vev York, sole^agenta for the. tTnit^ Sutes. Remember the name-^-DoAn's—<ind take no other. TO EXTEND WHITE WAV. Merchants on the North SldaWant It Now. A petition is being elrcnlatfd today among the merchapffi' Jand busliiims men on the aorth side of the sqoira which will be presented at 4he .q^xt meeting of t)ie city council asktag that the White Way be contlsikid along the north side. So far Ihe WMta Way ceemg to have stnick a poptMir chord and It la only a qa^tlon'fef time until the entire bnalness .me- tinn will be a blaze of light. [ ROUND TABLE MET. The Club Had an Interesting Seaatbn Last Night. Tak THEY RECEIVE BIG OFFERS. Brown and Overall Majm^ Professional Baseball. Chlcapo. Doc. 3.—iManager Chance Isn't the only one j )t the Cubs insisting on more pay for the next season's work. All of the champs are after higher stipends, hot and henry, miess the ante Is raised In thr» cise of Mor- doeal Brown and Or \-Bll Overall, the two star pitchers of the team, they are tiretty certain not to play. Brown has been offered $5,000 by Tom Keel- In. proprietor of the West End semi- tiro club, to take charge of that team atidmansKc lis affairs. Just as James CatlAhan handles'the I..agan Squares. Tto whole wad will be In the bank for :Brown any time he will consent to sign. To pay srieh a sum mlaht be a bold hutlnesa move but a celeb- ritv like Brown probably could draw n lot-fuJ of people every Saturday and .Onnday. As other expenses would be trivial, n ejitb with Brown at the head of It might be a flnanclsl winner ns well as an artistic success. Practically the same kind of an inducement has been held out to Overall, and the popularity of the big Callfomtan undoubtedly would make him a whale of a drawing card and a money maker. Xeither Brown nor Overall Is anx Ions to leave professional baseball, and probab\v if they could pot within a rcdsonable amount of the s.llarles now belne offered them they would stick to the Cubs. The-chances of a E*^neral boost In pay checks may or tray not be good. So far Manairer Chance hasn't been nh\o to pet what he Ptrnck for. His players will tafce their cues from ttp way things so In the manager's case. NOT A CHAP - • • 'I Severe cold, blistering months are before us when the skin Is liable to become roughened and inriamed by (he cold winds unless aome good, protecting lotion Is used. Our ' UO.HE (REAM is the best preparation >-oii can use. It Is dainty, being neither greasy nor sticky and Is nulckly absorbed by the skin, Jenvlns it soft, clear and velvety. It has protective qualities found In no other lotion and pi-eser\es the complexion no matter how trying (he weather. Price 25 rrdl*. BDrFell'sDrai Stare The Rexall Rtore. WEST SIDE SQUARE. oeooooooooooooooo o o O ADDITIONAL SIIORT .STORIED O O ^ O OOOOOOOOGOOOOOOOO a Cupid Frozen Up. "Business has been very dull in my office the past few days." said Probate Judge J. B. Smith this morning. "Cupid seems to be staying In doors since ihe cold snap came on." Challenge is Here. .Secretary Starkey of the local Y. M. C. A. has received a challcngb from the Chanute association for a relay race between memliors of the two associations to be run on Christmas day. The challenge will probably be accepted and the race run In relays of one mile each between the two cities. To Furnish Banquet. The I..adies' Aid society of the M. E. church will probably furnish the banquet to the Allen county Baker sm- dents. The banquet occurs on tee evening of Tuesday. Decenilier 2!lth. Who Owns This Cow 7 'Wnien, In January, will your cow be Ircsh?" was the substance of a letter received by Ouy Taylor, of the Our Wiiy this morning. The letter was from a Ijtllarpe business firm. Mr. Ta.\lbr was not aware of tie fact that he owned n row und was In the nlr" for a few minutes. The letter was evidently liilended for n Mr. Taylor living west of the river, who Is quite M slock rnlser. Nn Peery Case Today. I.. V. O.-loh w'a.i up from Humboldt today. He came up expecting that (he Peery ensn would ho tried but the oc- tion will CO over until tomorroi^. .fudge Peery Is suing Humboldt City for, iees he sa.vs are due him. Mr. Or- lonj represents the city. Proteetlnr) Pheasants. Jn/ifior .McPhoe Is making the cage I In whic - the pheasants are housed in I the court yard, intb a winter quarters. He is plaein; canvass almut the enclosure. ' A Son Born. .\ son was born yesterday lo Mr. and Sirs. .lohn Moore, of fill .South Walnut srrj»ef. Garner Case Continued.- . Tl;e trial of Henry Garner, charged with perjury, came np for hearing In Justice J5. CM. Hough's court this morning and. was continued until December 9th. ' INSURANCE! <8 a necessll.r. noi a luxury. It is not an expense but an investment. It; Is something you most have biit^ something yon must l>e carefiil of, as it Is very fmiMrtant thdt th6 right companies are selected. I represent the leading companies of the world and would. I Ike lo SHOW YOU. I J. E. POirCLL Eraaa Black, lata, KUMS. II " - ' ' f W. O. W. To Elect. The local o -der nf W. O. will, hold their annual election of ofliefT* at the regular meetlnjj of the order tomorrow evening. To Business College. The nBe of the gvmnaslum room at the Y. M. C. A. will be given to the hoys of (he fola College this oveninc. WHY PAY RENT? \Mien you can buy a home with the same money? J have Bome nijRhty nice properties on hand right now which I will sell, .you for the same money that you are paying out rent for. The proiiertles are well located and are a good investment. AH I wani Is a obanee to SHOW YOir. J. K. POIYELL Emn* Blaek lela. Kauaa Bought Orivinq Team, nr. I athrop has returned from a .rln to Missouri* where he put'chnsed a fine team of black Denmark driving horses. Sehaffner in Town Chas. Sehaffner. county assessor eame up from Htimholdt today on hualness. • To Youno Peoole. Rev. A. P. Hamilton, who is con ducting revival-vervlres at the M. B. church, spoke to (be young people nro* vions to the regular iiicetlne> lost night' The meetlnir proper was ono of the best during the series. .; Ome Tarman Back. Cepp Tarman bas returned from a <en days' visit .-witb t(g parenU la ^*nUt ranntr, anft will hold down the fir»t rfiair In tba Y. MT C. A. barber abop^r tiif'lNdaaea of Ue w^ntar. The members of the Round 'net last evening In tSc parldf oM Young Men's ChrUUan • The following papers wera discussed: Preservation.6t-'tbe tatB, G. E. Pees: ContMrvatloh l>reservatloii of the Coal ftttaea, TVbl. ^eiburghouse: Comajlaaion-Form-!bf Government. R. E. CuRIson. . Here at Court James Peery, Justice ot. the peace, md George V. Blathlag.'mayOr bt^e 2lty of HiimboWt. are In the cltygtt- *endlng district court lodsy. ' / • C. E. Brown of Leatuis Is a bnsWess visitor in the Peo|>ie Buying Pianoft for Qood Scifc fttantial Cbristmas Gifts A Piano will last a life-time and will be more appreciated by the wite, daughter and entire family than anything you can buy. Some are llui|iDq Now and We are Saving Tbeni for Christmas DeKveri| Let us sell you one ot tiie following makes of Picmds: J Everett, Harvard. Kimball Farrand, Bush & Gerts, Merjri- \ field, Whitney, etc. The pianos we sell at $160, $186, $210^ $230 to $260, oannot be bought elsewhere in this community for neeir these prices. •, i . . The more elaborate cases, we sell for $275. $300, $^30 up to $400. I If you can not pay cash, buy on our installment plan.

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