Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1907
Page 5
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TJJE iOLA TETEKIirART BO^^AL him been moved'to 214 liteBt street, in; th^ new brick buiidins Just com pteted and is equipped with on Oper allpg table and all the latest appll ances for the Humane end Scientific treatment of Domestic Animals. Calls made anywhere night or day. Phone 139 for hospital or. residence. FRANK S. BEATTIB, V. S., Proprietor. 5anitol Toilet Preparatiphs A very liberal offer— 12 .70 wortb for fl .OO • at SPENCER'S DB. J. F. JAMESOir. The Sneeenfnl Ane« tionoer, Teterlnarian. Harm nlrfor PnliKtcrU alack »al« mntio •nywhrre. Vtlrr iiMiry mils nnswerctl day or night. Office with UOURIISII Bro». Phcnr 13, rrsidttiix »io lOt.A. KANSAS. I The Balance of ^ the New Pook5 Snsan Clrgg and A Man In the Ilouxe, by Anna Warner. The ^Shuttle, by Frances Hodson Hurnett. Three of Heaven, by Robert Chambers. Throngh the Eye of the Xeedle, by Dean \Vm. Howells. The Traitor, by Thos. Dixon, Jr. Torn of the Balance, by Urand AVhltlock. This Was a Man, by Hattle Horner Louthan. Tom, Dick & Harriett, by Ralph Barbour. Under the Cmst, by Thos. Nolson Page. The Yelled Lady, by F. nopkin- son Smith. The Way of a Man, Emerson Hough. The Wearers, by Gilbert Parker The Wood Carver of 'Lympns, M. E. Waller. The Yoanger-'SBfi-' by Robert W. Chambers. Almost 100 titles in the new books this year. Almost all of the good popular ones, many of them at $1.10. All as low as any book store In the west. Evans Bros. Clean stock qt general merchandise mostly groceries, will take $1200 residence, balance terms. Located In good farming community. WTiltaker & Donnell. Have your old tableware replated. It lasts loner than new. Guaranteed for ten years. We do triple i)late work only. I have just moved f»oni Kansas City, have had twenty yi>ars experience and will guarantee first class work. For a short time wo will take orders at one-half price to advertise, or 30, 60 and 75 cents per set If you have work to do notify our agent by postal card and he will call on you. .\gent8 wanted, ladies or gentlemen, |2 per day and expenses guarnteed. Experience not 7iecessary. Address D. T. Eastman, West La Grange, Gas, Kansas. Attend the big. Handkerchief Sale at Ramsays Tuesday ..• ••• »tEYER>» OROCERY Good Things to Eat. Teielnhone 159 The Santa Fe will sell Homeseekers' tickets Nov; 19th, Dec. 3d and 17th, ']907, to points in Texas, Oklahoma and ndian Territory, New Mexico and Arkansas at very low rates. Winter Tourist tickets on sale dally Nov. 15th, 1907, to April .'JOlh, 1SH)S. with tinal return limit June 1st. 190S to Beaumont, El Paso, Ft. Worth, Galveston, Texas. Carlsbad and Deming, N. .M., at low rates. Please see us for further particulars. W. E. RALSTOM. tgt WiLL TEAOM SHORWAitO Miss J. I^atherine HMtley wiU give private lessons. Bent PUmata System a specialty. > mm. mm, l»limrmm^, Kmmmm impressions are liard to live i-^tlie. retama from good impres- stoas are oerer all la. Foreeaat tor ing to anow, and Tuesday fair and north winds dlmiiitBblnK. CITI if fUnna ;;-B|dB, tnrn- co)d«r toBl^tt mudi colder; high mneli SEWS. Dr. Wniey. Ocanit IRA FULLER, Oklahoifaa. but came in this settlement in the man. He will be Box Supper Concert by W. O. now of, Ocbeieta. foverly of thia dty, moriing to nlake final estate of i.iM. Kaulf- lere aevenU days. Ti^esday, K. P. liall. W. band.' Taken by mistajke, black silk umbrella; natural wood handle; from the Library Saturday p. m. Name on inside Mrs. A. N. this office. Free dirt at Lndcock 's. .Mitchell. Leave at DUMONT Sickly, assistant county reasurer who waj taken 10 the pest house suffering with the smallpox last Friday evening Is said to be a great deal better^ today. A good time assured W. 0. W. band Box Supper Tuesday night. One Dollar In Script or Money Is good for $2.70 wonh of Sanltnl 'good!< at J. D. Mundts & ea December aist.j Co. This offer clos- JOE. K. Mahaffey of Emi>orIn. Kas., Is In the city today visiting his old friends and townsman, G. R. Card. Big snaps in Handkerchiefs at Ramsays Tuesday. We have extended our offer of six cabinet photos free with an order for six tintll Saturday night. Dec. 14th. Come rain or shine, day or night.— Miller's ^udio. AT A STATE meeting of the Shrin- ers held at Leavenworth Friday night, Jt was decided not to erect a third shrine at that time at Pittsburg, as contemplated. For some time imst there ba.i been an effort on the part of the nobles living in the southeaat- ern jiarl of the state to have a shrine at Pillshurg and much time and labor has been expended b.v them In the effort. The Temple declined to author­ ise the establishment of \tho third shrine. The decision was based. In a very large degree, on the report of a committee which has obtaitied expressions of 0 |>lnion from a large majority of the nobles in this purlsdjction. Allen county is included in the terrljory of the proi )Osed shrine. -a-. PAyjnm W .FIHftHKO. AH Sljraafti WH(i the JExMjM^eit ef Norlli C«HeiNMed| In Uat. GETiCUSY -wgth the exception of that on Introduces RMOlutiona to Have Investigation of Laws Conctming Use ef Script North Cottonwood the new parement Is sow ready to be used. Street Commiasloner J. S. Walker announced that lie bad cleared the paring, which was recently laid and had lln- ' 'Washlngttm. Dep. 9.—Senator Till Ished up the crossings so that the man today jntrodaced Resolutions dl- tl^^Z,^ "!^.; « "f?."* ""'recting the committee on finance to weather "will permit Street Commls-., 7 ,^ , j, , sKmer Wjalker will put bis men to investigate the recent proceedings of work on iNorth Cottonwood clearing - the secretar}- of the treasury in con- the street. He wUI pttt another gang nectlon with the financial «rislB and ^JZ^?^ lA..**"^ I siao to make inquiry concerning the bordering the paving. This is done. . ^ . ». _ eo that people may move their walks' cerUflcates. He want» if they so desire. MRS. ADLAI Ewihg left this afternoon for Colorado Springs. Colorado, called there by the severe illness of her brother, Clinton Taylor. A letter from M. A. L. Taylor, her father, yesterday urged her to come at once. Clint Taylor has a great many friends in lola who will regret deeply to learn of his failing health. THE FUNERAL services of Mrs. Sarah Bonnell were held at the family residence, 711 North Walnut, this afternoon at two thirty o'clock. Rev. .MIsamore officiating. The remains were laid to rest In the new cemetery northwest of the city. Many friends of the deceased attended the services. NOTES ARE TAXABLE IN KANSAS The Pact That the Mortflages Are OuUide the State No Excuse. Topeka, DJC. 9.—^Promissory notes owned by a Kansas man. but secured bj* trd^t de^k dr mortgages on lands outside the state, are subject to as sussment and taxation in Kansas, ac- coniing to a decision of the supreme court today in the suit brought by the county commissioners of Johnson county against C. B. Hewitt. Hewitt lived in Johnson county and in 190:1 made a loan of I.I .1IOO to persons in Kansas City. The notes were secured by a trust deed to some real estate in Kansas City. Ths notes were never brought into Kansas, but were piacf<I in a safe de- IioKit vault in the First National Bank of Kansas City. The notes were ersessed by the township assessors in Johnson county, bat Hewitt refus- I'd to pay the taxes. Ths case was taken from the county board of equalization to the district court, wbete It was decided that Hewitt shouTd not pay taxes on the notes. The appeal to the supreme court resuHed in a reversal of this decision. The opinion was written by Justice Burch. E.SCAPED A WRECK. Taft Party Begins Retnm Trip to America In Heavy Sea. to know whether the clearing house certificates with which the country is now flooded, have been issued nn- dar the authority of the law or contrary to the same, and if the use of the same as money «ubjecl8 snch certificates or notes to a tax of ten per cent provided in the revised statutes. Thf -^soluthjns went over without Vt'on. WANTS CREDITORS TO 00 SLOW. Creditors of Pennsylvania Stock Brokers Must Hold BaclG Pittsburg. Pa.,. Dec. 9.—Creditors of Wliltney & Stephenson, stock brokers, who filed a petitijti In bankruptcy against the firm ^turday, today securetl a court order restraining all creditors who held securities as collateral from disposing of the same until further onler of the court The |M>tltlon sets forth that the Ann has liabilities of about twelve million' dol lars but that it Is Impossible under |tho present conditions to place a value on th^m. The large audience which greeted the Chicago Glee club at the Methodist Episcopal church Saturday evening, was a most enthusiastic and appreciative one. The crowd which filled the church as early as seven thirty o'clock, thoroughly enjoyed to the fullest extent the excellent program which was so superbly ren- Idered. The singers' voices blended well and their solo work was above criticism. The trombone playing by the qnar- tctt was unusually good. It afforded an agreeable contratit to the vocal numbers. Mr. Dixon, the Impersonator, afforded amusement for those who en- Joy a good langh. His work was well received. Judge Wmis Browa Hm Give Seeead - Nnmber of Y. M. C A. Coarse. KILLED TWO GRANDCHILDREN. Woman Stupefied Them With lllumln- atina Gas and Drowned Them. Somerville. Mass., Dec. 9.—Mrs. :;mery Hiintly walked Iifto the police station hare today anfl announced that she had killed her two grandchildren aged six and four years old. The bodies were found later. Th^ children were stupified by Illuminating gas and then drowned In a hath tub. Tt is alleged that the woman is mentally weak. SHIP WM. STEWARrS BODY. Dr. XeyaeUs. FkeM BM. ni. Sj.v Per Cent Money. R. M. Cunningham. DERT Clapp showed to four hua dred peojile, in his new moving picture show In Humbo'dt yeisterday ev ening. He formaHy opened the theatre last evening and vrt« gratified by large audience. Miss Margaret McGinley of Chanute, will sing for the new theatre. B. F. Calloway can give you the history of Raffles from the time he was born. at You are invited to the Box Supper the K. P. hall, W. O. W. band. J. P. OILLESSEN and Elvie Gill- latt of the Register force spent yesterday vi.slting relatives and friends In Fort Scott Bring your boxes for 'the concert and supper Tuesday, K. P. hall. Wet Weatker Cjotliios and Footwear. Slid? Suits, Slicker Coats. Robber Cnats, Draymen's Coats. Crivarette Rain Coats, Umbrellu. Robber Boots. Arctics and Rnbbers .Hnrdered .Van to Be Baried at Yates Center. The body of Wm. Stewart, who was murdered early yesterday morning In East lola by W. H. Crevlston, wUl be shipped to Yates Center this evening for burial. Woodson county Is the former home of Stewart and all of his relatives live there now. Al Stewart was over today to make the funeral arrangements. County Attorney Peterson said this afternoon that he did not know wheth er or not the hearing, of Crevlston would occur today but that he was working up the pai)ers In the case. The second number of the Y. M. C. A. lecture course will be given at the Presbyterian church tomorrow even- lug. The speaker is Judge Willis Brown of the Juvenile court of Salt Lake City, and his lectures on the child problem have brought him Into public view from coast to coast The \jo& Angeles Times says of Judge Brown: The enthusiasm of the boyish-looking Judge is infectious, and that he has made his presence felt In Los Angeles was demonstrated by the fact that a large and Interested audience— larger than any that has ever before greeted a speaker here along sbniiar lines—was present and applauded vociferously. RAIX, 8S0W AND COLDER. London, Dec. 9.—Mrs. Taft Joined her husband on board the steamer Prest Grant this morning at Bou- 'onge. On the trip'out of the harbor on the tender the party had a narrow escape from wreck and disaster. The party was taken to the steamer on the small tender Holland. The Holland got caught In the heavy seas, a giant wave broke her rudder and the tender drifted helplessly in the darkness. She was tossed about on the waves like a cork and reeled a mast on her beam ends. There was danger of cap sizing or of being dashed uiwn the rocks. The passengers were thrown alMut in every direction. Mrs. Taft and Mrs. George Hout Wheeler, wife of the second secretary of the Ame'T- san ambassador at Tokio were cronch ing in the captain's cabin when some pictures above them fell with a crash. They were not injured. Near the lighthouse the Holland managed to get a grip with the anchor and this Im j DUMONT Sickly who went to the proved the situation. Repairs yere jiest house a few days ago with small hurriedly made. pox is getting along nicely. Observer Hchoppe Predicts Bad Weoth er for Tomorrow. Colder tonight and tomorrow with the light rain turning to snow. This Is tho kind of weather Observer Schoppe is doping out for tonight and tomorrow. The indications are that the rain which Is falling will be snow by morning. Small snow flakes fell during the afternoon. Mr. Schoppe says the rainfall today was very light GUt Watoheal For Ladism and QenHemBn A watch becomes so intimately connected with its wearer that when it does not reflect the wearer's taste it is never satisfactory. So if you want to give some one a Watch for Christmas—and want it to be more than accepUble—you want to select that watch with care. Our large assortment of ladies' and gentlemen's watches has been gathered with a view to meeting every dc; mand. Note these special values: A Crown Case. Hunting, guaranteed 'for twenty years, with 7 Jeweled Elgin or Weltham 911.75 A Boss Case Hunting, guaranteed for twenty years with 15 Jeweled Elgin or Waltham $15,40 Solid Gold Case with IS Jeweled Elgin or Waltham from... tSa to fM SEE UUB CATALOG. Che 3aftIay;SJ0ek6 •n-HE 8TORC THAT SATtSFlES."] H*. Pie, Into.Pff nilL GLEE CLUB MASK GOOD. Lafge Aadieaee Heui Free Eater. Uhtaeat Sattriay Erealnr. LECTURE TUMORBOW EVEMSG. LIKE lOLA'S SYSTEM. Members of Tax Cemmlssleh Visited City Hall Today.' A. D. Howe, S. C. Crammer and W. S. Glass, members of the state tax conunisston, who were given the aa thority by the last legislature to an thorize the adoption of a regulation uniform booking In cities, express eil themselves as being very favon ably Impressed with the system used by lola city to^ay. They made a thorough Investigation of the system. The commissioners complimented the originators of the system, .saying It was an excellent one. The members 0' the conKnlselon who were to meet with the county commiBstoiiers were taken through the city hall by Dr. 0. C. Glyrin. HOUSE ADJOURNED TODAY. ^NakHT Caaaoa Haa Anaraneed BaaUaff Ceauilttee OMTJr. Washington, Dec 9.—^Wlth only one committee appointed and that on banking and currency ^nd with the assurance of Speaker Cannon that no [other committees would be announced until next week, the house today after brief session adjourned until Thnrs day. Representative Coudrey of Missouri, was sworn In ROOSEYELrS APP015TME5TS. ?fames Peace Plenlpoteatlary to Jflet. ragaa and Other OtBelals. Washington, Dec. 9.—^President Roosevelt today sent to the senate the following oomfnation: F. H. Voy, extraordinary and minister plenipoten- Uary to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. William L. Merry, of California. Interstate commerce commiasloner. Charles A. Pronty, of Vermont Assistant Attorney John Q. Thompson, of Kansas. . Baslaess College Itens. The new desks arrived Saturday morning. A busy day was spent by the faculty and others in arranging same. The new desks add much to the appearance of the rooms. They are of golden oak. 60 Inches long with separate compartments and will seat with individual, adjustable chairs, forty students. Six new students entered college this mot;nlng: There waa a good attendance at literary last Thursday evening. The college paper was an interesting feature of the program. Powell, the real estate nag, has • Uioasaml 4oiUn to loaa 4V fanSs at t'TMPMIiiblCritt: . CommhMlOfwni Think Clian #ii' In Pip* Lln* Roirts* MDMM b* Reported to- Cleric 3. C. Crnnuner, Wl 9. Olass and A. D. Howe, manbera of the atate tax commission, met with tho board of county oomndssiwers this morning and talked over the new tax laws, especially those that relate to the conmoa carrMra such aa railroads and pi9* Unea: The commiaaton Is on a tour of inspection In the oil belt loht was their flrat stop. One of the matters' wbieh came np for coB8ld «tabIe dtoednloa iras that of pipe linesu It was enggested that In order to fix taxes on pipe lines, owners of land through, which lines run should be compelled to secure a profile showing the routes of the ipe lines. The pipe lines are changed so freonently that it la dJfllcult to keep them on the tax list It was suggested that a law sboaid be pasa- (rd fliing a fine on anyone changing the pipe line without first notKylng the county clerk. It is known definitely that pipe lines have been ohans- ed several times within the past six months, sh<nrlng that nnlesa every change' is reported a mistake la likely to occur la entering them on the tax list Many other matters pertaining to the new tax laws were discussed. There are many changes in the laws with -which the county officers are net yet very'ttailHar. A Topeka dispatch says: Topeka, Dec. 9.—Tomorrow the state tax commission will begin Its fliat tour of Inspection (n Kansas. This trip is scheduled to Include Wilson. Chautauqua and Allen counties. Possibly a number of other counties will be visited although - only these four are now, on the program­ me. This will InsUtuto the first field work which the commission will in due time do on a nrge scale. The new tax hi wis fnll of changes from cnstonn that have been followed in the various 105 counties of the state since time immemorial. Naturally the making of changes wIU necessitate siderable revision ot aystemS and the explanation of the new phases of the tax madiinery. The commission finds that In order to get the very best resulte from the new law, and do It at once, field wortc will have to be done, and that th9 best thing to do Is to go into as many counties as possible, and hold meet- Inge with the county comntfssloners and other county officers thxit will handle the taxes. C0K8UMFTI0X Its Canse and Snggested Means of Seeorery. Consumption Is not always an Inherited disease, and a large percentage of cases may be attributed to the following causes: .. First defective digestion. Second, imperfect nutrition aa a result of the first Third, the accumulation of morbid product In the lungs as the result of Imperfect nutrition, and this In turn breaks down the function of respiration and consumption is an established disease. The first step toward, a core Is to restore the (nnetion of nutrition, and to this end nothing in the world excels Vinol. It Is for this reason we want every person In lola to know about our delicious cod liver preparation, Vlnoi. which is far superior to old-tashioned cod liver oil and emulsions because It is made by a scientific, extracative and concentrating process from fresh cods' livers^ combining with pepton- ate of Iron all the medicinal, healing, body building elements of cod liver oil, bnt no oil. In pulmonary diseases, it nourishes the body, increases vigor, checks the cough and often mitigates the disease. As a strength-creator for old people, delicate children, weak, rundown persons, and after sickness, VlnoI is unexcelled. We ask fola people to try VlnoI 09 our offer to return their money If It does not give satisfaction. S. R. Bnr- rell. Druggist lola, Kansas. CLYDE WRIGHT ACQUITTED. J. B. Atchison Returned From Kiowa Yesterday. J. B. Atchison returned yesterday from Kiowa, Kas.. hringMg wKb him Clyde Weight of LaHarpe. who vras: taken there aome time ago on a crim Inal ^charge. Yoong 'WMiJit is one ot the popular young men oC LaHarpe. and Us many friend* will be g*ad to learn of hia aeqnittal. At the pre-; llmlnary hearing the evldenc* Intro-; dneed was not snflldeot to support the charges and 'VWtfit was released without farther.InvestJcation.- •csisttr Wnt AisL Pky Becaas* !• mm Cwaty Henly Iraykaly BMKb: -a- • • •• • • •• -n - " \ I- %after Whiteside If •THEfClADf OF BLOOD." It Slatnrday and Meaday, Dec 7 and %, 091 near Canned Goods and Groceries.. Cask Oaly.^ 1 Cans P. C. Corn ' 50a 4 Cans Tomatoes .: SOo 1; Can Gallon Peaches 56c 1. Can Salmon ....' 13c • lbs. Navy, Beans 25a- 3. lbs. Best Rice 25a 2 pkgs.. Dr.'Trice's Breakfast Food laC 1 Sack No.-l Flout |1.35 1- flve-pouidl pkg., Oat Meal ... 30a ' »4.00 With the above order we will glv* 20 lbs. of Qranulate<l sugnc for |1.Q0. PRYER BROS. rkeaes 30»4S1 East SMe Sqnu* ;Brfii«:Thl8 Ad, : Of choiipe Jewelry Novelties, fine Watches, liandteme Silverware and Cat Glass'. Jcist the opportunity lot the holiday buyer presented in our large stock ^now—have the article yon desire to give laid aside I for you today. Q. X. LEFFLER, JEWELER. PONT MISS THIS A Gooit St^inway Square Piano for Splendid Tone and Action. Call Soon. Robierts Piano House W^ST SIDE SQUARE. Iowa Store Headquarters for Santa.Clans. Neta line of Dressed Jand Undressed Dolls. Toilet cases. Work Boxes. Cuff Boxes, Handkerchief Boxes, Vases, Xmas Candles, PJiIf B6xes, Children's Books, Albums, FAhcy bressers. Scarfs. Mufflers, Ties. :Ladl«a' Furs, Fancy Stockings, Fancy Hose. We have a pice selection of very choice articles from Chas. Dickens ot Manitou, Colorado, which we are going to seO at half price. These are very choI<e cut stones. We will be^ glad to show you. A. G. MUMMA. Prop. OALiAQItEB ISr XI8SIH6r ! Frisee Gr^ tirlal Wa^ Festpeied by : CMft ruKf. San Franeiseo.. Dea 9,—The disai;>< pearaace of ftamer Supervisor Jamea L. Galla^er, one of. the most important witneases Coir jjbite In the bribery graft ieaa^'^mii^Jsie^ inability of the p^osecnUo^r morning: canai|d$t the trlaL' Cm United l^lws him this onent ot it of tha

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