Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 6
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apd;w9 can The Oreai DANDBBINB N«ver FaUm to Pirddiitde the Detfired Kindts. IMMC Ja a cMMwMNif iod Oandtriio KIIIWIMM IU SMIP, aukm it iMiakiir M Ml* Kn. it k tk« gitatetrt *ei4 MittUw It cbdwa rMitits IMU th* very start. . Nowroaialeatavcfy.JraiaiiJ Cui Thls< OBt tftl»miMi»MlrM ' brrctatmMflMMroMwfis tiiM tm tm MBpaatatka #ttb tkatraas* «U aUitM and Ua IB iSntt er .itaiiip* tepay pottaR*. USING THE HEW BILL A Uniform System of Billing Frelflht Meets Little Opposition •• Now. Tho uniform bill of Ia<ling, over TThlch there was so much controversy between the small shippers nnd the railroads, Is now In use at the freight stations of the Santa Fc. Missouri Pacific and Missouri, Kansas & Texas. Opposition to the innovation seems to haTe ceased practlcaNy and the shtp- 10 CENTS TO ftTOP THAT ITCH. I^ow Easy to 0 «t R«ll*f.^insUnt Rt. ilef^rom Skin DIsMst. «ad :AnaH6riain team. wUI play tb^ aecood gatae-of tiaatot bftU at^tbe rink.: The first suae remlUd lir 4 aeor^ «t 2ft to si in bnbr oC the xjaktMBs and the hlch aOool Is «a> I»da»y sBxlous to via • this gamec Both are good teams and a good gi|me Is assured no matter which .wlhs. It irlU be called' prmnptly at 8iM and the 'Editors" are Heqntoted to be there and be In their seMJi at that time. . I( th^r are not they will be seated when they 'cone. The line- lip of the two teams Is as follows: Auditorium High School mils center Moot Allen forward Osbonx Itoberts forward Wheeler Fufton gditrd Steele Helgele guard Kelson , Tomorrow night the niiOon light skate will be the attrAcUOB. It Is hinted that tbo roof quiy be taken off but the weather will pMbably regulate this In a eeruin degreeJ- In any event a good tlme 'lB firomlBe^ Nowns Is It worth 10 cents to yon to stop that awfiil, awftil agonizing Itob? If yon are afflleted with skin dia* case, the kind that seems .to< bafS6 medical treatmenti and leaTos'ySji wild with itch, we hope you will Aht fail to investigate a preserlptlon Teams All Over fUntas Reeoflnlse the Ability of T^plits and W»nt Oiffies. . Atanager Sak SilUs, of the Triplets footbtil teaffli r ««6i^ a letter from Hugh Jtepe. niaipiger of the WuOi burn college footlWU team, asking fbr a.gamo'here .witii the Triplets either on 'Christinas .or New Tear's day. MsSa^or Sdtt win take the offer under ceiuiddrattM. WishbarA has a goodteiuB aod^Jt Is thought would pot up a! gAaM.)whIch would draw weU here. • ' =••• ^Arraag «iiMBta;'fiaweTeri were under Vly to iuituik' Oe Qetolt learn for CbHaatas^Od IKls «ar'b« done. The QMoit teaatfloaifta of such players as AriiAimajieV'PbOler and several .othtfr Tbe TrtaMigfwIll not go to Galena Qfihday aa Muionnoed and It willbe Ifailioaslble for OaUna to come here so there will h« no W9«1e end game. vour itch will be ftllATed InttAntiyi which Is now recommended by many the minute that soothing "O"**^*!*; of the best akin specialUU, oren In plied to the skin. Chas. B. Spencer preference to their own prescriptions. ;*> Co., lola,-Kansas. It is the simple koOthlng oU of winter'i ..WMte direct Jo._Pi _D. D.^ CO.,^ IW pers are how approving of the uni-! preen compound knoWn as D. D. D.-Michigan St.. Chicago, enclosing form bill. WTierc shippprs are not Prescription. A 10 cent trial bottle cents for the trial bottle. supplied with the prescribod form, the' mnst convince you that the Itch Is In-i . — receiving freight clerk stamps the stantly allayed by this prescription.) Next Friday will be the annual^elec bill until it complies with the provisions contained In the uniform bill. The uniform bill of lading Is not negotiable, i^i^g ,HInk—Tonight—ItoakPt Ball. net a liberal trial bottle of the heal- Uon of omecrs In the Modern tPbod Ing. soothing, external remedy, D. D. roan. This with ihe contest for new D. Prescrption—and see! . 'members now on Is making hnsinesB •\Ve feel quite sure that before long look up around VfJnodman ball, you will be cured, and at any rate we , . . know —KNOW POSITIVKLY —^that '-See the Our Way *lndow, In this December Sale of Woolen Dresi dbods we otit vAluet that ought to appeal to the thrifty shopper. You'll find uiimitchable pflees on fabrics that are in the height of thiilr ieason—dresi goods you*ll pay a'fourth to a third more for at any other time. Special prices for four days—Wednesday to SatuMay. Ricli 6Dished colored Broadcloths, 62 inches wide, tegnlflr |1 .25 t |fl|l value; navy, Copenhagen^ green, red, lan,brown and gray. Special, yd. .Pwu 42-lnrIi Panama in black and brown, 50c value on sale HiiC 36-iuch Panamas In allwool, colors blue, black and brown- 50c valup special price a yard 30« Cotton Suitings in light and dark colors 28 inches w^lde. worth 17',4c to 25c yard, special price for ihi.s sale, yard 146 Kimona Cloth SC Inches wide. In light oripntal and floral patterns, worth 20o yard, special price, yard 12H<' One lot of dark red, green and brown BUitings 31 to .16 inches wide, regular price DOc and 6r>c yard, special price, >-ard 35<? Brown and green Dear Skin, worth I3.2C yard, special price for this sale, yard.... 81.69 Fleeced Cotton Dress Coods, suitable for house dresses Si to 30 Inches wide, worth 10 and 12%c yard, special price a yard 8H6 One lot of Children's Worsted School Dresses, age 2' to 8 years color blue, red and green, • In plain colors and plaids, 91.25 values on sale for 89e Fleeced Ktmonas In cresm color with pink, blue and grey patterns, worth 65c. Choice 47* OEsy Plaid ahd stripe Cloak- Ings 6g Inches wide, heavy weight worth $1.00 and |1J6 yard, speddl price (Or tbi^ sale, only 59e 62'Inch Herringbone Stripe Panama in blue, brown, green and red, |1.00 value on sale for 09« FYmcy Silks In Hal". u>>d dark bine, tan, green,'blaok Mni red stripes, on light ground li* to 24 inch silks worth fl.Oi) aud I1.2S special price, yard ()9e , New Tailored White Waists made of poplin and mercerized waistlngs, speclsl values at ittc Colored Woolen Dress Goods 21t .'.Oc f'oioreii Woolen Dress Goods 41<fr Due Colored Woolen Dress GoOds 4Tli ".''•c Colored Woolen Dress Goods .'(4e SSe Colored Woolen Dress Qoods 6Zt fl.Ofi Colored Woolen Dress 0. 79e U.8.', Colored Woolen Dresi* 0. 89# |1.:.U Colored Woolen Drass 0. 91.19 |1.7r. Colorod Woolen Oress 0. iH,82 9SM rolor«<d Wooifii Dress 0, HI ,09 |2.r.O C/j|or»d WoAl«<n Dress U. IW.IO t. 2.'.c Black Woolen Dress 4k >ods 21^ sr ^c Black Wooleh Dress Goods 2lif Mti Black Woolen Dress Goods 42t OSc nisdc Woolen Dress Goods liOt 75c DIsck Woolen Dreas Goods iSOe tl.OO Black Woolen Dress Goods SSe 11.2.'. niflek Woolen Dress Goods OSe I1.IU) niank Woolen Goods,; §1,91 Il.TC Jtlaok Woolen aoods,,.,fll.ji0 13.00 BlAFk WVMlen Goods ;flO BE I. 1; t i. IS CO ' We^plice on sale ft large shipment of U. S. Sprinefleld Rifle.q. Every one is In perfect shape, ball will penetrate IS inch timber at a didtanoe of 100 ytfds. Each Rifl^ is fitted wiih a detachable polished steel regular tion triangnlar bayonet, long range, adjustable sight antl wind gnage,They shoot the 45-70 calibre cartridges. Remember these are the genuine Springfield Rifled; the kind the U. 8. Ssldiers used for years. Bat owing to the .fact that the Government replaced the Springfield Rifles with another make and was obliged to dispose of the supply it had in various arsenals it was necessary to name a pric^ that would olesn them up In a hurry and we Were counted with the Incky purchaser-!. 'Think of it, .a Rifle the U. 13. government paid $18.00 for, now placed before yon at the small im'ce of $ft9$0 Limit two gqns to a customer. No Rifles will be sold before the morning of the sale, December 5th. Everyone satisfactory or money refunded. In connection with the above sale, we have one ohest containing 20 U. S. Carbines, the U. S. Cavalry Rifle, in perfect shape to ofEer at J (9sMa Akq twenty U. 8. Civil War muskets, not in shooting condition, but simply a relic of by-gone days. Buy one of these for your den—while they last at ,'5 . ' MUST 60 ON EAST No Csrs for a Rush Order in St Louis and Mr. Massensaie Qoes to Buffalo. A telegram received yesterday afternoon from Lee Massengale, superintendent of the lola Electric railway, who went to SL Louis to buy cant to replace those burned in tho car barn liro stated that he would have to go on to Buffalo, N. T., to obtain the cars. It Is evident from'the telegram that the St Louis Car company was not in shape to handle a rush order. The necessity of going east on tlie part of Mr. VassengSle will naturally delay the arrival of the new cars as the shipping distance will be much heater. Tonight—'Basket Ball—Rink. MRS. YOUNG VTANTS DIVORCE. Says Her Husband, C. M. Young, Was Extremely Cruel. - Was cruel, failed to support his family, was an habitual drunkard. Riven to gamb'lng, and frequently left her without money or means of a livelihood. These arc among the grounds alleged by Mm. Rozella Youn^ In divorce action she brought today agabist C. M. Tonng. The .'conple, so tlic petition says, married in starch, 188'7 and lived together, excopt when he left home'at Umes, until the year 1008, when, she says, she was compelled to separata m him because M his mistreat fment. 6he siya that In addition to lialiing to support her. drinking and iwmbllng. her husband'has for the twenty one years of their married life accused her of Intimacy with other men. which allegation she denies. She mKber charges that he frequenUy left home At which periods be gave her no money or meana of anmiort. , Thoy own property deaerlbed as lot . block 3. Wyst Side addition to lola. and Blso two inU In Spear's addition. On the flrst named nrdperty there Is mortgage. Mo aavs the eonrt to Mrs her tn/> property. fUte alao wants the earo nnd ctistodr of their ehlld* ren. TO REAPPOINT DR. NBILL. Na Other Man Is lelng Conalderad for CommMlaner of Later. - Wtftsblngton, Dee. 3.—Dr. Charles P. tlDlll. commissioner of labor, will be reappointed to his present position' » President Rooaevelt soon. Dr. MetU *a8 made oomnlssloner'ot labor Mr President nooeevelt In aaeeeaatoa fo Prof. Carroll D. Wright, who a*^^ <^pted the podUoa of prealdeat of €larlt anlTsralty, W^roeater; Maa^ llr ^Ident Rooa^TeU nad - fiwretary, nina entertaliiMM hftji aregard fSar Neni that oo^tfeet^ man was erist Progresaive Club. Mrs. Frank Frase of Gas City, was at home to the Progressivo club last night. The lessbn^of the week was carefully reviewed by Mrs. F. W. Frevert and this wasHJie only event of the evening. No papers or oth^r niun- bers of n program had been .arranged tor. .^.^^ To Open Bauar. • Women of the Christian churcb will bnve the stock for their holiday bazaar in order early tomorrow morh- Ing. Tho sale will continue for two days and will be held in the acres building on West Madison street. « • Guild Meeting. A business meeting of the Woman's Guild of St. Timothy's church was featttrcd by the election of officers to serve during the next year. Mrs. Par- fclnson was chosen president; Kits. B. C. Reynolds, vice president; Mrs. Frank Travis, secretary, and Miss Lou ise Hyde, assistant secretary. The Guild has an abundance of needlework to be done and so a meet-, ing will be held next week and the week following instead of carrying out the schedule of nlectlngs in alternate weeks. MRS. GUNNE8« IS FOUND AGAIN. Ira Marsh of Oglesbyi 11^ Saya HO Will Preduee Her Poi\th« Rt «liM4, LaPorte. Ind.. Dee. S^Ira UataU, of Ogleaby. III., hisliits that lA h|^ located Mrs. Belle GuBh «sft at(d Jennie Oteon. In a rdgtaterdd. letter today to Sheriff Smntaer he says that, Mrs. Gunness Is there and he %I1I pfbf duce her as soon as he Is sitre the re- wsrd money will be paid him. • This woman arrived In Ogleaby In May. this year, and Joined a Stan w^. Marsh declares, had toU hiiii sever^ years-ago. of meeting a widow in LaPorte. This man, whose name he does not give, came back to Oglesby .'tfter;-i trip to Chicago in January, 19&t, brihk lug with him a young wife. Maim says this woman is the Image of Jennie Olson. Marsh also believes that the man Is the one who wrote^-SAitpr saying It was he who accompanied. Darrow from Chicago KovenUier |3. ' Mrs. trunness to Laporte July >0. Mhrsh says he is a miner empMyed bv the Illinois Zinc company. A polished oak DioinK Table, regalar |t3.50...... Six styles tb select from. A polished oak Buffet, 18x40 Mirror, regnUr Ia5..#|#afll0 Six fttyles offered at Itke redvettom. An Oak Rocker, wood or leather neat, regular %4,as • nt ...$M,f§ A dozen to wlcet from. Our itore is fnll of beautlfat and useful pmenti e«brac< Ing Braii and Iron Beds, DreuMta, CUJIlealerM. Dlaiag TMH, Parlor Bnitea, Uatkiir Rockers. tCbHclics. the best Kitchen Cabinetn mannfactured. Wt are open nights and it is a pleisttre to shew goods, i 1 mm •N

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