The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 14, 1996 · Page 13
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 13

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1996
Page 13
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THE SALINA JOURNAL Almanac MONDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1996 B7 JOYCE JILLSON Creators Syndicate Inc. * HOROSCOPES • ARIES (March 21-April 19). Behind-the-scenes maneuvers put you in a coveted position at work. Money is linked to a former colleague. Friendly gestures mean much to new neighbors. A lover surprises you with a new attitude. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). End constant bickering by giving in to a current love. Enlarge your social lite by joining groups or entertaining at home. An Investor in a much-talked-about community project seeks you as part of the team. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Dreams hold the secret to solving a personal dilemma. Short trips bring new clients or accounts. Reconsider a transfer. Mentors appear. Accept their suggestions and advice. A Pisces could steal your heart. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). Your actions Impress children. You can break habits as your willpower is highly effective. Colleagues gloat over your success. Your lover is hinting that he or she wants more commitment. A new wardrobe could be in order. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Your love Is trying to make you jealous. Misplaced items are found. Outdoor activities revitalize your spirits. A romantic prospect is found through friends or co-workers. Change your spending habits. • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (October 14). In , November, you will take over a highly prestigious job. 'travel in January or February puts you in a lucky 'situation. Checks from the past will bring financial security by April. A Cancer or Leo lover will be ready for commitment by next month. Your luckiest months are April and November. The best months to start new projects are December and August. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Aggressive action at the office brings power. Delicate inquiries get you a raise or a new job. A Cancer is met at a community meeting or class -- this Is a potential new love. Contact a relative regarding an upcoming event'. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22). Purchases seem foolish at first, but you will soon realize the value of what you have. Hedge your bets by presenting several projects. Take it slowly with a new Pisces or Gemini sweetheart. Disappointments are temporary. • SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21). Stand up for what you believe and others will support you. Leisure-time activities earn you money. Stop covering up for sloppy co-workers. Wonderful news arrives through the.mail. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec, 21). Absence makes someone you care for admit how important you are to him or her. Forgetful friends could make you late. Progress seems slow, but it really isn't. A child visits. A Taurus speaks to your heart. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Be tough on yourself but soft on a loved one. Stop trying to do everything alone and enlist help from a co-worker. Investigate rumors. A lover takes a job to be near you. Hold off on self-criticism until you truly deserve it. . • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Confusion arises when you try to soft-pedal the truth. Your privacy is precious. Activities begun now allow you to get out of a financial rut. A good deed will not go unnoticed. Pay attention to your own creative process. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Job qualifications will be bent for you. Relatives drop in and require extra patience. Indulge in idyllic romance with a Cancer or Scorpio. A new routine is just what is needed to revive your spirit. HOROSCOPES Call COMMUNITY line Category 7827 Salina today WEATHER Kansas today 80 HIGH 50 LOW Today, mostly sunny. High around 80. South wind 10 to 20 mph. Tonight, becoming partly Cloudy and cooler. Low near 50. 6:54 p.m. 7:39 a.m. Today's Sunset Tomorrow's Sunrise Extended forecast • TODAY: Becoming partly sunny west and mostly sunny east. Highs in the upper 70s to mid-80s. • TONIGHT: Partly cloudy. A slight chance for evening showers north central. Lows from around 40 northwest to the mid-50s southeast. • TUESDAY: Partly cloudy. Highs from the upper 60s southwest to the upper 70s southeast. • WEDNESDAY: Dry and mild with lows 50 to 55 and highs in the 70s. •THURSDAY: Mainly dry, with lows 50 to 55 and highs 65 to 75. • FRIDAY: A chance for rain with lows in the 40s and highs in the 50s. Salina yesterday TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal . Record /Year High 85 73 91/1897 Low 57 49 29/1907 • High and low to 6 p.m PRECIPITATION 24-hour to 6 p.m. , None October to date "'.,..',,'< 0.06 Average October -.Vv •'<•> 2.41 Year to date ; 29.45 Average year through October 26.94 Average year . 28.95 DAILY WEATHER • Call COMMUNITY line M Category 9494 KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1-800-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol COLO, Salina 80° 1- Topeka 83° | Liberal 84° Pittsburg 85°") OKLA. \\\\\ .'...'. Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Ice Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy 1996 AccuWeathe COLD WARM STATIONARY Pressure HIGH LOW SHOWERS RAIN T-STORlllS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Kansas yesterday U.S. today Belleville. . HI LO PREC 83 .56 '- ' ,.- •Anchorage HI 29 Ld 20 OTLK Snow Belolt 87- 58 .Atlanta 75 48 Clr Chanute 81 58 Boston 68 54 Clr Coffeyvllle 82 58' . Chicago 66 54 Concordla 84 57 Cldy Dallas-Ft Worth 84 62- Dodge City 83 57 Cldy •Denver 72 47 Cldy Emporla 83 57 Garden City 86 53 Goodland 86 43 Kansas City Las Vegas 79' 87 60 61 Clr Clr Los Angeles 80 57 Clr Hutchlnsoh 82 56 New York City 73 59 Manhattan 87 51 Cldy Oklahoma City 83 58 Clr Pittsburg 82 56 Omaha 81 58 Russell 88' 56 Cldy Orlando 82 70 Topeka 82 58 Cldy Phoenix 95 72 Wichita 84 57 Cldy San Francisco 80 54 Clr PEOPLE Brooke, mate pondering kids NEW YORK — Brooke Shields wants three children, while fiance Andre Agassi is hoping to field a team. "I'd like to be married for a little while before we have kids," Shields said. Once she's ready for children, the question will be: how many? "I think men always go into the higher numbers because they're not the ones going through SHIELDS the actual process and they just think of a brood," said Shields, star of the new hit NBC sitcom, "Suddenly Susan." "It's their mentality," she said. "Let's have more. Let's have a team!' They think in terms of teams. I think three would be great." Mum is the word on when the TV star will marry the tennis pro. Picasso was a genius, but... NEW YORK — James Ivory disclaims any desire to bring the great man down, even though critics have suggested his "Surviving Picasso" depicts the great artist as mercurial, philandering, even miserly and mean. "This is the way he was. We all know he was probably the century's greatest artist. Everybody knows that," the director said. "Everyone accepts that. And it would be silly to imply anything other than that. But sometimes he was this man who behaved the way he did towards people." Should allowances be made for genius? "People do make allowances," said Ivory, a three-time Oscar nominee. "That's why you have a story like this." It's never too hot to skate LAS VEGAS — Olympic gold medal skater Scott Hamilton has this thing about the fountains at Caesars Palace. In 1985, he was shot from a cannon across the fountains adorning the front of the Sunset Strip resort for the TV show "Circus of the Stars." Friday night found Hamilton skating on a giant ice rink built over the fountains, clowning for a TV special as a gold HAMILTON chain-bedecked Las Vegas lounge lizard, drawing a standing ovation from a crowd of 3,000. The ice rink, half the size of a football field, was crafted last week, with temperatures hovering in the mid-90s. "Too Hot To Skate," scheduled to air on CBS in January, features skating stars Oksana Baiul, Michelle Kwan, Viktor Pe- trenko and Katarina Witt. From Wire Service Reports V ADVICE *Bad **Falr *** Good **** Excellent Children & S«nlor» $3.50 'Prlmellm. Adulti J3.75 Other Tlmei $5.50 That Thing You Do PG *** (*2:05-'4:35)-7:05-9:25 • Central • 1 hour 48 min. The Chamber R ** •(•2:00-'4:30)-7:00-9:30 Central • 1 hour 50 mln. First Kid PG ** (*2:15-'4:45) Central • 1 hour 41 mln Extreme Measures R *** : 7:15-9:35 Central • 1 hour 57 min. First Wives Club PG ** ('2:10-'4:40)-7:10-9:20 Central • 1 hour 43 mln. Ghost And The Darkness R vs (•2:15-M:45)-7:00-9:20 Mid-State «1 hour 44 min. The Glimmer Man R ** (•2:20-M:50)-7:05-9:15 Mid-State • 1 hour 30 min. Long Kiss Goodnight R ' **% (•2:00-*4:30)-7:00-9:30 Sunset • 2 hours Mighty Ducks 3 PG * . C2:05-'4:35)-7:05-9:20 Sunset • 1 hour 44 mln. Reader who knows passes on Internet safety tips Dear Ann Landers: I'm responding to the woman who said she was raped and nearly strangled by a man she met on the Internet. I'm a 39-year-old single woman who has made many friends through the Internet and personal ads, and I feel qualified to address the question of safety. I'd like to share my rules: 1. Always get both the work and home phone numbers of any man you are going to meet. Do not agree to see any man who will not give you both. If you feel uneasy, call his place of employment and verify he works there. Use extreme caution meeting any man who says he works for himself out of his home. It's impossible to verify that what he is telling you is true. ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. 2. Meet in a busy public place, and take your own car. Do not go to his home or invite him to yours until you've had at least three dates and you feel comfortable. 3. Don't meet any man who uses even subtle sexual language over the Internet or in a personal ad. (For example, he might say he is "looking for a sensual woman who is comfortable with her body.") Although he may not be dangerous, he almost certainly is a jerk looking for something more than a caring, respectable relationship. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. — Boston Dear Boston: You have written a letter that could be extremely valuable to women who are desperate for male company. Thank you on behalf of all of them. . Dear Ann Landers: I'm not a doctor trying to drum up business. I have nothing to gain from writing except to share my very positive experience and encourage other men to get with the program. TV TONIGHT I used to have an impotency problem and finally decided to see a urologist. It took me a long time before I was willing to try injections, but thank the good Lord, I did. The thought of plunging a needle into myself was scary, but the results are so satisfying, I now look forward to it with no fear or apprehension. That one jab guarantees I will perform well sexually and there is no awkwardness whatsoever because my wife is understanding and patient. The doctor informed me of all the potential dangers of injecting myself in such a sensitive area, so there were no surprises. The occasional bruising does not bother me at all. I realize not all men would want to use this method and, of course, there are other alternatives that would be worth exploring. For most men, admitting they have a problem is the first step, Being willing to talk with someone knowledgeable can set us on a new and wonderful path. I am 60 years old and feel like 40.1 am delighted I can be a satisfying lover and grateful for all the help I've had in keeping romance alive. — Firmly Convinced in Denver Dear Denver: Your upbeat letter is sure to encourage other males who have impotency problems to get professional help. Thanks on behalf of all the men you've made happier — and women, too. Dear Ann Landers: Will you please determine the general policy used by morticians regarding the disposition of dental gold in the deceased? It seems to me that gold is worth some money. I have often wondered about this and didn't have the nerve to ask anybody. Please clear this up for me. — Curious in Mississippi Dear Mississippi: According to the Funeral and Memorial Societies of America, dental gold has very little commercial value. It would be most unusual for a mortician to remove the gold from the mouth of the deceased. Best bets • 7 p.m. — "Eyewitness," PBS, Salina cable channel 2. Season premiere. This nature series opens its second season with the different types of volcanic eruptions and their effect on wildlife. • 7:30 p.m. — "Wild World," PBS, Salina cable channel 2. Series premiere. The sifaka, a lemur that lives in the trees of Madagascar's tropical forest. • 8 p.m. — "A Kiss So Deadly," NBC, Salina cable channel 3 & 13. Dedee Pfeiffer, Charles . Shaughnessy. A young woman discovers her college roommate's ; killer may be closer to home than : she thinks. • • 9 p.m. — "Masterpiece -Theatre," PBS, Salina cable •Channels 2 & 8. Season premiere. ' Part two of the two-part "Moll Flanders," Daniel Defoe's tale of a notorious, much-married heroine. 10/14/96 11 Iff) in IR pn §B fR fifn fsi m OL 7:00 Witness 5207 Jeff Foxworthy 7:30 Wild 7397 MrRhodes 135 8:00 8:30 Mary Chapln Carpenter 55207 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Masterpiece Theatre 25066 Movie "A Kiss So Deadly" (1996) Dedee Pfeiffer. (CC) 6849 Major League Baseball Playoffs Braves at Cardinals 364998 Cosby 8795 Pearl 4849 Beyond-Raclsm 85725 Murphy 7443 Strictly 3443 Cyblll 6578 Strictly 2578 Major League Baseball Playoffs Braves at Cardinals 369578 Aerial Britain 93443 Dangerous Minds 60733 Dangerous Minds 37801 Cosby 8917 Jeff Foxworthy Pearl 3917 Mr. Rhodes Movie "Diamond Head" Cont'd Movie Cont'd Waterways Burt Wolf's Simpsons Extra 74085 Chicago Hope 68559 Comm Access 85789 News 17627 News 7244004 Coach 67207 News 7412578 Kansas 22443 News 96379 Tonight Show Cheers 43627 Late Show Commun-Affalr Patrol 83269 Masterpiece Theatre 12578 NFL Football San Franqlsco 49ers at Green Bay Packers. From Lambeau Field. (CC) 625646 NFL Football San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers. From Lambeau Field. (CC) 270004 Murphy 4337 CybiH6172 I Chicago Hope 281 53 Movie "A Kiss So Deadly" (1996) Dedee Pfeiffer. 223337 News 6815733 News 81 67559 Late Show Tonight Show Movie *** "Once Upon a Time In America" (1984) Robert De Niro. 5138733 Inside Out: Disney 37646630 Movie "Girl In the Cadillac" (1995) 170627 Art Garfunkel 597337 Avonlea 814356 Movie "Hard Evidence" (1995) 8845917 Movie **» "Don Juan DeMarco" (1995) (CC) 9323240 Movie "Above Suspicion" (1995) 920559 Movie "Never Talk to Strangers" 102191 News 783269 Inside Politics Picket Fences 2343795 Our House 9923066 Siegfried & Roy 859801 3825288 "Criminal Hearts" 3022191 Movie "Raining Stones" (1993) 1340172 Without Pity: Abilities 498561 Bedtime Larry King Live 870269 Not-Electlons 6733462 Comedy Hour 4763849 Movie "Under the Hula Moon" 47527191 World Today 883733 Movie * * "Mannequin" (1987), Kim Catlrall 2363559 Father Murphy 9932714 Rescue 91 1875849 Movie "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" (1951) 9472820 LS9E-1 — i — • PBS, Bunker Hill O ABC, Kansas City B NBC, Wichita BD ABC, Wichita SFox, WIchita-Sallna ED Prevue CBS, Topeka 19 CBS, Wichita Access 6, Salina ED NBC, Kansas City 8 Fox, Kansas City ID Encore PBS, Wichita Q Disney i 1 i 9 Peaceable Kingdom 9952578 700 Club 855085 Sports 940627 33290068 Moneyllne Picket Fences 2342066 Testify! Gospel 9922337 Three Stooges 858172 Movie "The Reptile" (1966) 8859066 11490820 Eva RH pj) EB Kl m Ell EM EM EEI Gf9 EB1 HI (+) fey fcH (sU (di) cu (fl:) 7:00 7:30 CMT Presents 604269 8:00 , i — T 1 1 8:30 Prime Time Country 613917 Prime Time 5391 17 Davidson Track 477849 Howie Mandel Running NFL Prime Monday 945207 Tompklns Square 2630801 Snyder 157801 Ron McBride Gymnastics 698627 English League Soccer 9496172 Murder, She Wrote 889917 9:00 News 965882 Road Rules 9:30 Dance 416191 Best of House Klckln 1 Aspen 2627337 Rick Neuhelsel Cheerleadlng Billiards: Doubles 401 7733 WWF: Monday Raw 68276820 WCW Monday Nitro (Live) (CC) 222849 Movie **» "Matlock: The Secret" (1990) 4396820 Mason 251707 Cheerleadlng Fitness Silk Stalklngs 878801 Thunder In Paradise 619191 10:00 10:30 | Dallas 696240 Singled Out Politically Inc. Ren & stlmpy Dally 3691066 Boxing Fight Night. 940608 Sports 768085 Fitness Sportscenter RPM 9505462 Silk Stalkings 888288 WCW Monday Nitro 972172 Movie **K "Matlock: The Billionaire" (1967) 78&H91 New York Yankees at Seattle Mariners 5343795 7th Heaven 683801 Savannah 609849 Sports Chall. News 689085 Tennis 763951 1 Wlseguy 682172 Movie * *s "The Murder of Mary Phagan" (1988) A Jewish factory boss is accused ol murder in 1913 Atlanta. 392882 Politics Equal Time Animals A to Z 9087849 Wild Discovery 2431 91 Wondr-Weathr Arnold 708443 Paleoworld Happy Days Biography 245559 Rivera Live 8023511 War of the Worlds 8342627 On Jupiter (R) 229511 Conquerors 608085 Lucy 71 71 91 Polrot 225795 Munsters Charles Grodln 8043375 Buck Rogers 83551 91 Lost Civilizations 249375 Silent Witness (R) 628849 Mary 51 9646 Rhoda 688397 UnReal 488443 Maria 26207 Canaveral de Paslones 693066 S'model 865443 Jonny Quest I Weather Channel BD CNN ED Family Channel 1 I Clnemax 33 Headline News ID American Movie Classics 1 } stare H3 C-Span IB Nashville Network 1 I Education Access 89 Home Shopping Network EB Country Music TV 1 ] Government Access EB QVC CQ MTV IHBO BDf/X EBVH1 j Showtime Q9 Odyssey BB Comedy Central Fllntstones Gossip 3481 91 Bugs 1322820 News 334998 Tom and Jerry Comicview 230733 Crlstlna: Edl. E. 95443 Talk Soup Speed Racer Night Stand Super Friends America After Hours 8046462 Ray Bradbury 8365578 Next Step Wondr-Weathr Taxi 304801 Beyond 2000 Paleoworld Odd Couple Law & Order 237530 Talk 397627 Notlclero Unl. Stern 928511 Rocky-Bullwln Benson P. Impacto Stern 944559 Cartoon Planet m Prime Sports Network EQ WGN, Chicago ED TV) QQ Unlvlslon S ESPN EB Cable Health Club G8 Discovery BDKTOSalina Marketplace B ESPN2 ED Lifetime S) The Learning Channel QS El Q) USA Network ED C-Span 2 (33 Mind Extension 3D Cartoon Network ]J TNT QD CNBC d) Nickelodeon GB Food Channel B WTBS, Atlanta EB Court TV GD Arts & Entertainment BD Newsport B Prime Sports Showcase gB MSNBC 60 BET Q-fB Request 4

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