Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 5
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But, Ohl What a contrast Yon see it every day— one old fellow smoking his pipe in comfott and taking it easy; tke Other witk a pick or shovel, digging for enongh to BAT. nn- til death or the poor houfle. relieves him. MAN, STOP and THINK. Which will be yonr lot at 60? It is a serious question—what will you do about it? The only way to have money when you're old, is to save it while you're young. Don 't you think about the most sensible thing you could do would be to start a small bank account right now, aud add to it little by little? Really, don 't you? A dollar or two will do. State Savings Bank CmpHmtS2B.OOO i0tm,lKm, Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. NnBfoctnrm, Wbolssala •ad R«td DMkn CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Mtw Ml »Ung» meUf fw IfartMMi Ffen* lit. FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Use No. 7 Flour itood aa any—beUer tb'an moat Oon't Forget Our MEAT MARKET W« handle only the best of Fresb Meats, Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PROOUCB farmeri, and will pay the highest laarket price In cash or trade. Come In and see us. We are sole agents for J. M. Bom's COFFEES aad TEAS If you will give this line a trial yon will nse no other. Fryer Bros. Phane Ml. 808.- lola, Kansas. A Beautiful Sttk Flag. < .. Do you want a Beautiful Silk Flag, 2x3 fe«t? Up-to-date; 4G stars; made ot fine twilled silk; beauUful colors. A nice Christmas present or a aoa- venir for the borne. Send ll .GO and >-ou will receive the Dally and Sunday Journal three montiis and one of these flags. Address THE KANSAS CrTY JOURNAL, Kansaa CItr. MO. LOTS OF BOOKS FOR BOYS 50 titles Horatia Alger 's, ornamental ciolh covers, good print. 50c; our price 20c 40 titles Henty Series, uuifornt cloth binding, all lUnd.s of Btorien, f.Oc: our price UOc 30 tJtles Young I'eople'.s l^ibrary Juvenile stories, fiiio-; <inr price .-'Oe 12 titles Uover H<iy tmoks. Including Iho IfiOH on« a^.-We 43 (ItlcK Young People's Fani- oiis American series, T.'ic; our price r,Oc 40 titles The Castiemon Books, beauUtuily bound and illustrated books for real live boys, T.^c; our price tjoc 6 titles Motor Boy Books, up to date and very interesting; our price 60c 8 Utles Capt. Uonehlll sportsman series, 75c: our price 60c 100 UUes In the Good Old books. Indian stories, natural history classics, juvenile fiction, as cheap as you can get thc-m anywhere. The story life of Lincoln, just out, one of the best and most InteresUng books about Lincoln, price, net fl.7a Harper's Out of Door book, tells bow to make all sorts of things for out door enjoyment, fully Illustrated, best book of its kind, $1.73; our price 11.50 The Uncle Remus Books are very popular again. W« have them. lola's Qook Store ssiis as chesp as you can buy anywhere In this part of Kansas. Short Stories I O Fi I<ria Happenings ^.Frank S. BaatUe. V. B. Fhoaa Ul. Tnlley Tbrongh tola. State Treasurer Mark Tulley passed through lola yesterday afternoon on his way to Topeka" after spending Thanksgiving with liiii family at In- dei>cndence. 'Mr. Tulley Is feeling good over the fact that he is one of ilie four state candidates who received a majority of about.40.00<( over his opponent. —Look at the Our Way window. Want Bank Condition. W. S. Albright, state bank' commissioner, yesterday issued a call requiring all state bank; to send in statements showing their condition at the dose of business November 27. The result of the call will be awaited with Interest by bankers over the state. The last statement Issued early In the fall by the department broke all records. There is no apparent rea.son for a decline since that time and It is expected that the coming statement will show even a better condition than was shown by the last statement. The lola State hank received its notice yesterday. Put In .Moving PJetare .Show. lola men ure InstalHug a moving picture theater in the Bales building on East Main street. The front wilt lie reniudeled and an incUned floor laid upon which to place the seats. The theater wilt Ira ready (o open la a week or so.—iChaniito Tribune. —FItsgerald Btarage and Tmtfer Co. llonsebold aad plana aavhig; largest rtore room In eltj, Pfcoae tSd, Shields Got SO Days, neorge Shields, the whistler, was taken to Erie this afternoon by Sheriff M. I... Ogg to begin serving a 90 day sentence In the county jail. Shields pleaded guilty this morning before Jnstlcc P. M. Oroome to the eharge of unlawfully selling intoxicating liquor. He was sentenced to p(iy a line of 1100 and to serve 90 days in the county Jail.—Chanute Tribune. The Chanute papers say that Shields did a good business Thanksgivina Day when the Triplets beat the (lo-Devils. —Demonstrations In burnt wood work at Ewing A Burdlck's every afternoon Ibis week. nill Hare fi5,iMm. The next report of the librarian of the University of Kansas library will give the number of volumes in the library as felxty-five thousand. A great many volumes have recently been added. Besides the new books a number of periodicals have been added to the list of those received making the total number of periodicals and un liouiid papers about 35,000. —Dr. J. R. Peppor. Dentist naat 111 Visit at rhanate. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelfer came down from lola yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Keifer will remain here for two weeks to fake Miss Minerva Galltgh er's place in the Home Teleplione conipan.v's office.—Chanute Tribune. . —Our Way window—Ix>ok at It. Only Straight Prncllrp. It appears that the Oo-Devl!s will have to content thomselves with straight practice until Christmas, when they will again meet the Triplets. Attempts by the management to .•jerure games have thus far proved futile. Fredonia conld not be Induced to come, iliough it was expected that the next games won'd be with the le;im of ihat place. The local players do not wish to cut Ihe se.ison short, as they were rather late In commencing and feel that If It is |>ossible to do so they would rather continue the .s|inrt,-fC'hanule. Sjin. —Watch the Onr Way window. Forming County Clubs. Tbe.nearing of the holidays finds the students of the university busily enraged in forming themselves Into county clubs. The clubs are named after the counties which they represent. The students from, seventeen counties of the at.ilo have formed county clubs from their respective A 111 Jar Full of IHonry., ,v ...j; square far. filled with coins and c^irrency of various donomlna- tlon". [Is attracting consldernble nt- lentionj in n local show window today. The Jar and Its contents will be awarded to the person guessing the nearest to the exact sum of monev It cont.Tins: a nurchase of a specified amount entitllnir a person to one guess. A 110 bill, a l .'i gold piece, several bills of smaller denominations and lots of silver and (lennies are visible in the collection.—Chanute Sun. i ^Mwaya time to eat at Oar Way. To ObNcrve Lincoln Day. W. A. Morgan, commander of the Kansas department of O. A. R. who w.Ts here recently, has received a clr- eiiiar from Nat'onal Commander H. M. Nevius clving the plans for the observance of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Abraham T.,tncohi, February l»th. The plan Is 16 hare the oresident and all the ROvemors Ipsue a proclamatioi) recommending "i:jt the day be observed as a holl-r day. —^The Our Way window. v„r Fl»rlii».'« raatraft. An or-ttnijn,... iKauinp jhrnVq In Ihe sum of »ri2 ,Kao to mv t)J«» Miaaec' «>•» myixi" nn Fifth. SevenUi. Rtan Aeji anil Walnut streets, was nassed. last niebt. It Is nayable tn ten ye*ra in vearlv Inptnllmenta of t!i.i8n. wHh-'in- •»*re «t St fiv»« ner efint parable a ^K ^PTiinllr. Th« mvfncmit over tSO.- •W 'bBt indfvidaal faxpavers |ia4 al- JrMdy nald In ;to e»jrrriej*' •© waa Coimelfinan. VaUatta'a ideit that flte tonAi eooltf bis abid rigbtfiera it bom* and Attoirney Tobey • merely turned orer to the contractors John Ritdiiaiand Lyon ft OahlU a payment for their work if they wished to take them.—SaUna Journal. •—Look at tlie Our Way window. To and Fran Barlbgtoi. Mlas Joaie Updegraff fa home from a short visit in lola. * * * Mr. and Mra. Wilson Baxter returned io their home in tola Monday after a few daya visit with Qeo. Tbrokmorton and fam ily,—Bnrlingtqn Republican, -9n. UthMt. <tatMi»atta, Pkaaa 4ffl •Elaetad Gaorgo W. Qilck. Bx-Oovemor- -Qoorge W. Olick, of Atchison waa elected president of the State HlBtorieal society night before last at Topeka, to succeed Col. George W, Veale. There la never any scrambling for offices In this organization. Members may desire them bnt there Is never any division after a name has been mentioned. The election Is.for one year. RocmiB for men, T. M. C A. building. Steam beat In each room. Baths free. -Tho Our Way window. MEN'S OVERCOATS In sll the new styles of the season. We show a line of long CO- inch Overcoats at $10.00 and 112.00 Ihat we claim can't be duplicated in the town for less than $ir,.iH) to Jisno. We want to show yoa these coats; It will, be a surprise to yon. Other good overcoats, all styles and > colors |o.00 to iHft.oo. FOR 10 DAYS AT GEO. D. BRldHT& For the next ten days w© will hav (B on sale at factory prices $3000 wortJi Of Men's Soiis, Ladies' and Children's Cloal:^ r . Don't fail to take advantage ot this sale. We will sell them for less. One dollar will do the work of two here. Try and be convinced that G-eorge D. Bright & Co. se]J it for less. * 4 H. A. Jones, rigr. U7 -II9 West St. lola, Kansas counties. , The Wyandotte County club is the largest one that baa yet been formed. The club has eighty-six members. Dickinson county is second with a club.of tbirly-nine members, while Shawnee and Labette counties divide honors fpr third place with nine members.—Lawrence Journal. —Free lessons In burnt wood at Kw- Ing & Burdlck's. Don't Worry. Sages tell us not to worry: fret, they say, will only hurry us into a grave untimely—tlius they argue most sublimely. But the man who never worries, he whom nothing evtr flurries, he who sees without emotion, trouble raging like an ocean, standing heedless as a doorpost, when things travel hind end foremost—"he better buried who has.never fuin- or brute nor human." And the man la belter hurried who has never fum: ed or worried. Since the weary world's beginninp nothing great was done by grinning men who dodged the fact of trouble, holding life a gaudy- bubble: they who keep the wheels a-moving, always building, sttll Improving, ilo not prance along so lightly, but sit up with Worry nightly. —Walt Mason. —Our Way window—Jxjok at It To BINI From Channlc. Otis Anderson wont lo lola this afternoon, lie is working with a drilling rig there. • • • Miss Pearl While and Miss Kfrie Kelly went to lola this afternoon to visit.—Cluinute Tribune. &^ Baftlali ShIeUs ^tmmm Cor —Dr. p. E. Wangh, DenUst. riwae S& VIsHtng ilerr. Mrs. W. B. firoBs went to lola this afternoon to visit. She was accom- nanled by her daughters. Mrs. Maudo Lane nf Pittsbnrg and Mra; Jamea Mor gan of this city.—Chanute Tribune. —For fine livery and hoarding fitable for horses, see Ralph RL Drake, Phone lOL 212 Norjlh Jefferson. Brennan Is Watching. Ad BQ^nnan,. the base ball pitcher who is to receive a tryout with the Kansas City Blues next season,. is reading with interest the dope in the Kansas City papers with reference to probable managers of that team. The Kansas City sporting editors are pulling for either Clfak Orfffilh. for merly manager of the New York Hle-talandera, or Jobonv Kling.. jthe crack bacicstop of the* Chicago Clubs. •IBrennan land Kllng, Datiery"—that would look all right. ]n the sporting page of the papers around the Ai Ai circuit next seasOh. —txjwney'a and Lyon's Candy a( Mundls drug store. - Resume Service. ' The Santa Fe. ia making a deaper- ate effort, fbrreanin\ption of san|oe. on tiie CoffyeTllia t^jjjincb.' Sat^^rbi- ;^flnd«t ^Ji^i ^fB • •"-"^^ south of Dewey is dut of commission. Train No. 204 has been laying at Tulsa for several days. It Is hoped to get a train through late this afternoon.— Ottawa Republic. »—Stx per cent money; no commission: no delay.—Smith ft Travla. Council Meeting Tonight. . The city council will meet in regular session tonlpht. According to Charles E. Wendorff, clerk of the city, the budget contains no items of business of Importance. —lulrt aa having 'OT. 8." flan. Basket Ball—Rink—Tonight. HE1S AFTER A GANG. George Odor Says That Bad Boys Are Damaging His Property. Ceorge Odor, a gardener, liviiig near the power of the lola Electric railway, thinks that ho is being made the victim of a gang of malicious miscreants. A shor^ time ago, Mr. Odor left, his spring waeon standing near the barn on his premises. SOQM> one or Sony persons sniasbed the vehicle and rendered It useless. Mr. Odor bought a new wagon. I^ist, night some miscreant removed the clevis and when Odor went.out to hitch up.he was obliged to delay imtll h« could find the missing part. Now he is thoroughly aroused, with anger. lie sn>'s that if his proiierly Is molested again ho will get his trusty '.'thlrt>*-aomo- odd" and "wing" somebody. Mr. Odor bt'Heves that a gang of iSbys which he recently ordered off bis premises, are guilty of the depredations. Great* Western Load Co* FOR RENT. Fine cottage north side of town, 1)$ acre of laud, with fruit, cistern, s good home. Four room house with barn. Two room bouse, city water. Two furnished rooms close in, foi' housekeeping. Three good farm for rent See us about them at once. FOR SALE. Tho Hankius f.irm north of town, with 20 acres land. Two 160-acre farms in Scott coiinty, Kas., with wheat crops. 50 of the best' farms in Alien county, |25 to |B5 per acre. We don't charge |15 to |25 an acre for selling. See us for square deals, and good trades. FOR TRADE. Seven fonr room houses in lola for farm. Two eight i^oom houses, excellent renfcrij. • ' ,, . Forty aere.s wtll improved for lola residence. ;t:;0 acres In Scott county for Inl.a property or land in Allen county. List your farms with us for sale or rent at'once. See lis for anything in real estate deals. Money to loan on farins or city property. See us for tickets to the old country. "THE DEVIL" IN TROUBLE. gyrupiflfigs tfie System Effect- Cleanses nil ually-DUpels Ijoldsai acKes due to Conqtipatioa; .Acts naturally, acts Iruly oa a Laxative. Best s Beiu^icialXjIects. qftnie'Com- RNIA Show's Box Receipts Under Qamiaha* at Humboldt. "The Devil^, came to Humboldt laat night and was sued by bla advance agent, Harry'T. Smith. It is said that a conference, will be held today and a settlement probably made. The action-is directed against the owner of the show.. Gllmore Van Bt- ten et ai. Mr. Smith, who ia the ad* vance agent, says that the company owes him $7S. During or after tha show last night. Smith garniabeed the box. receipts. '5 The case will be tried in a day or two at Humboldt imleaa an amicable adjustment is. made. t TWO PUBJ^IC SALES DEC.- 10TH E. C. Mull »rta S. F. Hanson Will Ola. .pose of Farm Property. There wlltdbe two public' aales In Allen county^ on December 10th. E. C. Mjill will sell at public sale at bla farm five.i^iea north and two and one-half mileb east of lola Ilia cattle horses, hogs.'and farming lmpIo «aeata .v On' the same day, S. F-'HaniMm wll^> have avsaie^at his place two- mllM; weft and twif miles, soytb otlolft. Hav advertises horses; cattle, ttOfl. lapl^ ments^and household goods for lil*,;^ Cat: CUas. Bfihop wai aeatleaaer tltla- • . T.%^^-'-:>..---'is& •'•;s.-

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