The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1950
Page 6
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PAGE SIX W.YTHEVTU.B (ARK.V COUKIEK NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 2T, 1950 Spain May Share U.S. Foreign Aid British Labor May Hold Till Fall Senate Test Comes Today; May Be Okayed WASHINGTON, April 27. <f\P>— A much-disputed proposal to let Spain share In this country's lor- clgn aid programs conies up for a iicw test in the Senate today. There were predictions It might be approved. -• ' Under, an amendment sponsored by Senators McCarran (D-Nev) and prcwsier (R-Mc), the Franco government would be allowed to par. ticipate in the multi-billion dollar Exclusive Gl Dog Tags Prove To Have Been Run In Duplicate . Marshall plan. Chairman Connally CD-Text of the foreign relations., committee !sald McCarran "may have lined up enough votes to push this through." : Connally, floor manager for a $3,- i272,500,000 foreign atd measure—refused to tell a reporter how he ; would vote. • Letter fo be Seen • But he said that before the test ;—set for 2 p.m. (EST)—he would ; make public a letter from the State 'Department opposin gtho amcnd- .ntent. I \ Senate leaders have been tryin; Uo hurry final action on the big '• glolial •'•: aid measure, which Iras ' been before the Senate since April Br Arthur IMioa WASHINGTO^f, April 27. Mi- serial number you G. I.'s wore 114. But (appear final vote likely before still doesn't next week- during the war. Remember how the Army or the Navy or t)ie Marines always said It was your very own? And that they always gave i different one to every customer? Well, It turns out there were some duplications after all. Matter of fact, t lot of them. How many duplications, no one knows for sure. The case of the duplicate serial numbers started to develop when the Veterans Administration began paying on special dividends on O.I. insurance. One of ihose big machines that lives on punched cards went to work. It hadn't been on the Job long before it kicked out two cards for the same number. Machine Wu Calm The machine was calm about It 1 accomplishment, but the VA people weren't They knew they were li for a long, hard pull—and they have been, The VA t>eople say me duplication showed up more among officers than enlisted men. One error: tin Army, Navy and Marines mlgh .Among other things, the bill would ! extend the Marshall Plan another 'yenr at a cost of $3,100,000,000. t Iiast'.ycar McCarran failed in an "'effort to attach a S50.000.000 loan ;for Spain to the 1950 foreign aid : bill. Since then the State Depart- i mcnt has agreed to ask'the United [Nations to extend full diplomatic 'recognition to Spain. Lined up behind .McCarran's lat"' est "includc-Spain" proposal are • several amendments' aimed at cutting the total authorized for Euro-• pean. recovery In the bill. Kern Wants' Slanh 1 Senator Kern (R-Mo) wants a slash of $1,000,000,000 in the European aid total. Senator Hickenloop- .'er <R-Id\va) has asked a $600,000,000 • cut. • : But 'Senator Taft <R-Ohio), who ; . is supoprtirig the Hick en looper cut•"back, said If that fails he would .support 1 the $2.850,000,000 Marshall '•Plan figure voted by the House. ^That is - $250,000,000 less than the ^administration has asked. •' Debate continued-- yesterday rlargely'before n sparsely filled Sen- fste, with Senator Jenner (R-Ind) •: lashing out at the .Marshall Plan. !'ni-partlsnn foreign policy, Presl- = dent Truman, and John roster Dulles/Dulles, former Republican ; senator from New. York, recently \ was named an adviser to secretary • of State Acheson. . . . . each assign the same number. But there also were duplication within the services, and that wen for enlisted men as well as officers thick accumulation of dust. The courthouse Janitor was bus with orders from headquarters to day. He's cleaning radiators. VA spokesman said. "I don't know why," said the A man, "I guess they were hustl- them through the Induction enters Wo fast." Of the 21,000,000 checks to be (strlbuted, around 1,000,000 have to be hand processed. Some ol hcse cropped up because of dupli- atlons, but there are other rea- ons. The VA man gave this example "I'll show you what you can rui nto. Example Is Rough Suppose a guy enlists and lake out $2,000 in insurance. Later or he becomes an officer, and take out $8.000 more. suppose he mist d a pay ment 'way back there. Well, we tr to collect that first, but he says h paid it In time. "Now to make this just dnnrij suppose this guy hns the sam number sonic other guy has. IL ca get complicated." By the way, If your name ZywuskoMonskivlch, your check a so will be hand processed. That's because the machine won handle the card on anybody wi has more than 15 letters in h name. In instances where a lelcvislo signal is strong enough, the recei ing antenna may be-installed In tl attic o fa house rather than roof. LONDON, April 27. W—Britain's abor government Is expected now cling to Its shaky seat at least Ull fall. f But yesterday's five-note victory i a t«st vote In the house of com- ,ons proved the going will not » easy, continued heckling by /Inston Churchill's Conservatives nd the Liberals, will keep prime linlstcr A It Ice's Laborites under onstant pressure. The Laborites squeaked through otes on two major issues In the .ouse of commons yesterday with majority of only five in each ase. These two votes—on doubling he tax on gasoline and Imposing 33 1|3 per cent purchue tu n trucks—constituted the most wr- ous challenge labor has faced since t came to power In 1945. It* once overwhelming majority In commons 133 been sliced to t scant eight seats. , ; Defeat would most certainly have rijeant that Attlee would resign and 3ritons would have been asked to elect an new parliament In the event of anottier election political observers say, there Is little hope Hint either the Socialist Labor Party or the Conservatives would be able to win a sizeable majority with only nine member* In the present house—«11 of whom Joined he Tories yesterday In »otln» against the government—art considered a fading factor. / . Despite traditional labor opposition to coalition government, except in wartime, talk rerslsU of some form of a national coalition cabinet if the political deadlock continues. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock : Guaranteed . B«st Price* Kirby Drug Stores GASOLINE — TRACTOR FUEL — KEROSENE FUEL OIL — DIESEL FUEL OIL ft GREASE G. 0 POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: 116 W. 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