Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1907
Page 3
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• -^T-^r** JlfElif A Grand Success and the talk of the town. Thousands have taken advantage of the many extraordinary bargains otfered. TO-MORROW THE LAST DAY. Don't delay; come at once; bring your friends and neighbors. A 50c piece will do a Dollar's Duty. Blankets, Comforts, Ladies' Knit Underwear, Hosiery, Knit Shawls and Knit Gloves Headquarters for Popular Prl6ed Holitlay Goodsf Only 15 More Days to Shop in; The Best, Biggest and Prettiest Drossed Dolls Ever Seen in lola. for 7BCf 98o, $1m2B^ mm Ml Kiiow^' Actor to Be Seen la •TTlie Clala off Blood/* Walker WhiteBldt. the rarely c«p- l^f^le actor who has now fortunately paased into the Liebler ft Co., man-; sgement, and who is to b« seen in thlv^ dty at th0 Grand Wednesday, Decern* Ijher 11, is one of the tew men of the . . [jjiiage who has acjtieTed an excellent Standing and has lirorked out his own destiny thiwtifh his own unaided efforts. Mr. Whiteftlde's own estimato of the course he has pursued is tern- ipered with modesty, for while ha ob^ kenres that he hasinever yet been subjected to a directing InflneAce in hia k'Tork, he has taken conntless oppor- jtnnities to observe, analyze and dissect the work and efforts of every •{>rominent actor in the world. Hie luu matched them at rehearsal in th&prep iaration of forthcoiping portrayals, and has then studied the effect of the re- suling product at first nights and anb- sc(juent perfor malices. He has talked with them and walked with them, and baa obtained their perwmal viewa of tiielr cliosen profession, and from all Ibis he has shapfid bis own life that |ie stands where tie doea today—at the bead of hi.i own Tcompahy, a start in hid own right, and under the manage-, ment of one of the biggest and moat artistic firms in the theatrical world. Mr. Whiteside was an inUnut^' friend of the late Sir Henry Inrlhi' and watched hia work with interest and profit. , He studied carefully the. methods of the late Adelaide. Ristort'' and analyzed her success. He has dissected .the art of Richard Mansfield. t«nd has found much therein to profit him: he has been a close student .o( Possard. Coquello. Bernhardt. Son- nenthal. Duse, Kejane, Novelli. To- niasse Salvini a^d countless 'others; and from each he has gleaned some bit of knowledge^ that has helped liUli to mo!d his own,destiny to its needs. •Mr. Whtcslde'n company include Italic Kenyon, Herbert Seers, Hubert Wilkie. Louis GHsel, Clara Blandick. K'ora Lamison atid .Martha George. THB. REGISTER has been asked to' announce that the ladies of the.Hum-- boldt Christian church will hold a bazaar in the corner. ro<mi of the Odd Fellows' building December 13th and 4th. THE STATE Historical society held its annnai election of ofltcera last Vti- day. In the list of actite members for the current year as given out at the meeting were J. E. Chastain of- Iota and J. T. Tredway of LaHarpe. WA M TSI snVATMHS WAKTEb AdTetrioements nnder this head will hiserted three timesi withoiit charge. WAXTED—Washing .Vorth State. to do: 901 HOP wAmrEO FOR man' m^omUmmma FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms, light housekeeping. Modern. Tli Soiith Sycamore. sFOR RENT—House and barn. .Souib Kentucky. Phone 998 2—2. WAKTEB' "MlBomUmmmous FOR RENT— room: best office in lola. Address Box ln7. FOR HEALTHY DAIRY COWS. WANTED—Family ironing to do in , lola. Gas or 1^ Harjie. Addrt-ss .M. i Newly I'^Pfrod and .varulsht;d. Dimn. Gns, Kant^as. ; FOR RENT—Eight room house on car line. WheoliT HiiKhts. .Modern In; <iuirp" of \V, A. Wu-eler at The l<ija I'ortljiiid Cement company. WA.VTED—To Iiii.v small lum.sf within five or sis lilocks of sguare. .1. S. Dotwller. I'hone 1. WANTED—Second hand •Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second BtreL FOR SAL£"REAL ESTAIL FOR SALE—Good runabout Stade- baker buggy and good set of harness for Bale cheap it taken in the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn. Its Economy To have your Carpets and'Rugs cleaned by The ioIaRgg Factory ff^ONE 51t. FOR SALE—Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West street FOR SALE 'Mimamltmamaum FOR SAL?: OR TRADE OR RENT— Furuishlnps 'in llie Ualtlmore House with lease. Inquire 209 South Huck- eye. FOR SAI.,E OR. TRADE—For loia or Gas City property, JMWI hall and three bowling alleys complete. Address, Pool Hall, Gas City, Kansas. jXolJce W. 0. W. The Tniform Rank of W. O. W. will .:.ive an oyster supper and dance in .'.'asonic Jidll Friday night. All W. O. \V. nieinliel's and their invited friends ii.ic cordially invited to attend this 'affair and ihave a good time. Rincy drill li.v l.'iilform t^m and plenty of ^oDif music by W. 0- W. band. The ."Upper will be free. Price for dancers will be twenty-five 'cents a ecu [lie. Come and have a good time. COMMITTEE. FOR SALE—My restaurant at 101 South Bti?eet FOR S.A.LE—No. 1 good heating stove: gas or coal; a perfect stove. :;o9 South Buckeye. FOR SALE^-Cheap on JIO pfcjy- ments, two one-acre iQts on trolley line. Smeltzer & Co. FOR SALE—11800 stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street FOIt BALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, sate for lady to driTe. Incjiulrs 832 Nortli otrg**- f T. M. Wacgk. OMeo OTsr BurdFi lhf «g IfC 5otlce. The reRiilar meeting of Royal Neigh bors will be held at Neighbor Hollem's Wednesday evening December 11. This being the time for election of officers all members are requested to lie present. JULIA HOLLEM. Recorder. SARAH CLARK. Oracle. Sotlee Co. D. I". R. W. O. W. are reqnested to be present tonight at 7:30 at K. o( P. hall lor S])ecia'l busiuesa and drill practice. Uy order of Captain. C. C. CUMMIN'S. Adequate Legislation to be Asked in Kansat. Topeka, Dec. 6.—It is ostimatoil that about 12 per cent of the dairy cows in Kansas are afflicted with tubercii losis. and; the state board of health has announced that the sam!> disease among human!: is spreading from drinking milk from these infected cows. Dr. S. J. Crujnblne. secretary of the board of health, said today that; in his opinion the large majority of the 1,500 deaths a rear from tuhercu losis was caused by drinking milk from diseased cows. An attempt was made last year to have the legislature take steps to ejlm liiate tubercular cows from the Kan sas dairy herds, but some of the mem bors of the legislature who wanted a job for a friend decided that a dairy rommissioner should be created in stead of the health bill. The dairy commissioner has little or nothing to do with diseases in cattle. All he Is r.>qulro<I to do i;; to see that the dair ifs are kept in a sanitary condition. The next legislature will be«-d to take stejvs to drive out tuberculosis In cattle In this state. The plan ad vocated Is to require ail dalr>ni.»n to procure a license from a state veterinarian appointed to loolc after the dairj- cows alone. Before the license ir. issued th? cows will be examined and tests made to see that there is no tnberculosis in any of the animals. Thfs license will be a guarantee that the cows arc in a healthfnt condition: SUCKS POISON FROM BITE. Woman Saves Life of Man Bitten by Gila Monster, New York.. Dee. 6.—Prank Gillian, an attendant at the Children's museum, Bedford ^ark, Brooklyn, Is back at work after six weeks in a hospital, with the knowledge that he owes his 'Ife to the promptness and bravery of' Miss Mary Day Lee, formerly of Richmond, Va. Six weeks ago Gillian was clean ing out the cage which is occupied by the Gila monster in the mns^um when the venomous reptile bit him. Its teeth were buried deep in Gillian's hand and he was forced to pry its laws apart. Gillian at once bathed his hand In alcohol, and then Miss Lee lacerated: the hand with a sharp knife and applying her Hps to the wound, sucked out the poison. fn spite of her prompt action GI'l- tan's hand at once began to swell and he was rushed to a hospital where he was forced to remain for six weeks. The bite of the Gila monster is nn- uaily deadly and the surgeons sar it was only Miss T^e'a promptness that saved Gillian's life. T. B. Shannon The Allen county Hardware and Implement man. North Side Square lola, Kan. a .VTERIAL Vm NEW DEPOT. Twelte Kegs ef \all« K*^!!^ for I 'sr hi Rulldlng .Varan Depot. t.Moran Herald). The first consignment of material for the new Katy depot arrived this week. While no word came with the shipment that the nails were to be used for this purpose, the size of them Indicates that this is what they are for as they are too small to be used In bridge work or simlar repairing. An official of (he company passed through here one day last week and he .^aid it would not be long until the building deiiartment would be here to begin work on the depot. It will s<x>n be a year since the old one was burned and if It is a fact that a new one is to be built soon, the company is making better progress towards a new de- |)ot than it usually does at other places. SMITH AND HARE LAND. lola Architects Get Contract for Sa Una Building, Xmmm Opening of LmHmrpm Raokti OmOm 8'7m Cut prices. (Salina Journal.) At a meeting of the committee of the board of education appointed to secure plans for a new high school huilding held last night Hare & Smith of lola, Kansas, were selected as the architects of the building. This firm was represented at the meeting last night by C. E. Hare. There were several architects at the meeting last night and profiosi tiouB were received from all of them, after which Mr. Hare was given the work. The committee has not yat given Mr. Hare any definite instructions as to what hi wanted. This will be done later and it will then be some time before the p'ans for a new building are complete. It is the. desire of the board of education to make the new building a model and up to date one In every respect, and each detail of the building will be carefully worked out The library building that is now in course of oonstmctlon at IJndsborg. was designated by Hare and Smith. Tbe firm has also been the architects for a numb«r of high school buildings that have, been constructed hi the state within the past year or so. SUPT. GREENWOOD COMING. Kansas City's Superintendent to Speak Here Early Next Year. (Coffeyville Journal.) The superintendents of the schools at lola. Chanute, Parsons, Pittsburg tnd Coffeyviiie have arranged for a lecture to be given some time In December by J. M. Greenwood, superin tendent of schools at Kansas City. Mo. Mr. Greenwood has agreed to deliver onelectura at each of these cities early'in the year. In return, the superintendents are to pay him $75 for the series of lectures and all his expensifs. WJth the five cities in the circiiit, the lectures will cost each piace about |1S apiece. The lectiii'es are primarily intended for the teachers. Any person in: ter?sted in the subject of pedagogy, l:owever. will be permitted to attend. Mr. Greenwood Itas not definitely f.fated his subject but It will be on some professional subject. He is recognized 08 one of the l>est informed ir.en on this subject In the southwest .Idminbtrator's Kotire. state of Kansas. Allen County, BS. In the matter of the estate of Edwin F. Evans, late of Allen County, Kansas. Notice of AppoIataiMt Notice is hereby given, that on the 21st day of November. A. D. 1907. the undersigned was by the ProlMte Court of Allen County. Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the Estate of Edwin F. Evans, late of Allen County, deceased. All parties interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. IVA EVANS, THE GAINER Engineering company of Humboldt is now moving its headquarters to HumlMldt. Kansas.— Independence Reporter. R. STBVE.NSON. of lola. «ame over this morning to spend several weeks uiih his sister. .Mrs. T. W. Ta'Iman. of South Crawford street—Ft. Scott Tribune. POLAR BEAR TLOtR Has Stood the Test Bccatne its tiie Best AcG€|it No other Wffl. Obcrdoff, Ag^. KEGISTEB WANT ADS. PAT bo- cause in Allen Connty nearly (everybody reads the Register. Gaaranteeid the largest circulation of any paper Iji Allen County. IZAWI^ENCE"REUNION PLEASANT. Member* of First Laglalatur* Had a Meeting Saturday. The reunion of the •nrriving members of the first territorial legisla' ture held at I.Jkwrenee Saturday prov ed to be a very aneoeaBfttl affair. Samuel J. Stewart, of Humboldt was preheat and when called upon for-a few remaiics said: "I'm inclined to disagree with Brother Moore," he said, "whea he said that there was no place where the danger waa so great to the early abb^ litionists as in and about Leavenworth. Our experience was that t^e further one got away from the river the greater was the dang?r. because help was farther away." Senator Stewart advised the younger generation to stand for what was right. He attribnted his election to the '57 leglslatupa to the fact that he had refused to sell whiskey in tfie store In which he was employed, although whiskey drinking at tha.t time was qnite common. The legislators were given an Ih,formal luncheon, after which they were driven to tbe university aiid Haskell institute. A dinner was served for them tonisht * College styles—snap and dash—shape, comfort and service. Models and fabrics exclusive. A "different" kind of clothes that will give you a **nifty" appearance. That's Made by LwpoM, Solomoa ft EiMDdmh. Ctikago. SoM by one pro- grtsiive deakr ra mosl evMy city. You'll find i well worth jrout while to look him up. f KNicnn OF MitcABni^ iCnlghts of MaiEcabMS of ±9 WMI~ meets In K. P. Hall, seeoa« and ttmHK^-' Wedneaday nlghU In aaek aKwtL.'. Jjhrf W. Poetwalt. eoBunandar; 'ILB.r er. record kM^r. . 0. Wi .-4 ^p Na Ml BMM JKi iC of P. Hall Wery KTlAv aUbt Wt^i T. Steele. C. C; A.H.Da^ OIMH visitors eonilally invltAd. uiflHn OF pmaAs^> —^ Lodsa No. 43. neeta evary « wSm. algbt at K. of.P. HatL Vftld ctaers Inritad. iW-S-TMspMui. «l .a$ Chria Hitter. IC ol a anfl A . H. W. **-Tb« M. W. A. meets every Friday ali^tla M. W.^ ban. Vtattlneftrottei* invited. mK»'-, AndetaoQ. V.O.: Jf.iLOowan. Oltt% BOTH. indflHBOiBr^Iola Cimk. Royai NelsManb naela MfNi; ond and fOerth Toeadaya U «MV;; moutli. Mra. F. A. Wa«ner. or«4M.^ Ura. Mary Hattoo. 41t W< Recorder. FBATUHAi. BBOXgniMilM. FraUmal Bratherkood Na MO Mili second and fourth Thursday ot eaw. month In A.O.U.W. HalL Vtaitfi«' meatiers eordUy InvttM. W.&Ii* dereoB. prMtdant; Golda Klaa. wit¥ , tMxr ; - ; ^ Janler ONcr UaRei JmeAmm W^'-'Ble -Meets every Wedneaday 9if*: entns at S o'dktdc In K. P. HfllL iMt rlaltlnc meinbera Invited. R. iJta^: Wldlck. Conn^lor; C B. Bla^ RaC: Secretary. — r .-es-aB-sBaMiiai'-- JKWEUBRB. . B. F. PuedM. old rallaMa InraMr; 110 East itrMt ; hTAlOaBB. Complete cimrt at tke for Btam ^erers la AnarM at half priea-ttia faU and wlotar. for InfomallCB at one*. MdD« for Btammar^ rtS CutUtk PILB8 POZ6 Ii cure any cud of I log or PratnAtnc or Biooey

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