The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 30, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1944
Page 12
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^ IT Wednesdoy, August 30, 1944 (Rje jBakertfffeto Californfait ^H ^^^^^^^^V ^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ _ . . •—•—•—^ ^•—l—•-• MJ.^^^^^^^^^^LX^^^^^.^^^^L^^^^^^^ ^ ,_^ ^_^^^^^ Announcements WAIT Adv*rtf*!ri(f column* ^f The Bakf r*f (eM GMifornifln rlos** r^'-nipt ly n t : n o'clock ^nch morning for nil on*< ohimn ftdF. Tivo-column nr Inrepr must h* placed !h** da v h^forw p'lh t . .,. ph'ph* 7-Tfi-l- 1-14-ff Schools— Instruction UU;H SCHOOL completed «t hnm* fnr ^-'fl diploma : :00 ot her tnur**»ff. • a tflMKU* r'nl! I -r* Manful). Iniernatlnnn I Correspondent S«'hn ^ 45 7- ", ."» H«lp WanUd I Help Wanted—Mat* .it N j rn un ! i -i/'i ils \vr DMVM 1 - H -J u DRAFTSMAN*—VETERAN OR FEMALE CHAIXMAN—MALK F^r rtnf—Tracks*. ; i''kupff. trai 1 ^]*. Pnrk- er>. Eighth and Un nn nvpmi*. r»ir,n* Transportation—Buses SANTA FR AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT AT WinUd to lUnt—HOUM» PERMANENT stats employs desires fur- niched house or apartment. No children. _ Call 8-1017. 2« TO RENT—Two-bedroom furnished house or double apattment. WIT pay three mo:.tha IP ftdv&nce. Tea. we have two behaved hnya. Call 9-9997. 32 LIEUTENANT and wife will take Rood care of furnished house or Wanttd to uy NEKD listings for cs.nh buyers on large and small homes, acre homes, farma «nd incom nrnperttea. Elwnod's, 1923 'Rye. ' j 28 WE NEED property to Hell, have buyers waiting, quick action guaranteed. Call Wicker, phone 2-0239. lf.60 ChPBter avenue. 29 HELPERS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE—MALE .... . . WANTKD—160 ones un improved l;ind, apartment; no children, no pets. | wasro or shafter district, will drill Phone 2-2893. 26 i water well and level land; pay interest ______ . nn (wo proceeding land, thpn pay off \VANTEP--A 2-bedroom unfurnished house: ; i find on lO-ycnr pinn. Phone 2-32J4. 29 will guarantee eood rare of propertv; 26 i 1 -'-!: !f Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 AI-l. hinds of weights nnd width* of tan \ HB. Canvas Rondu made to order flt Ififi t'RI. ' on rach classified n^vft ipf- j which have bern canceled before ] tie expif M ""'H dnt*> mu = t he rnMrd for WITH CASH fUX.'EIPTP wtn-i one, l port h from dole of on reel 1st .m. Th* RaKersfield Cahfoi nian__ ' Cl-tf , FIRST rMTY TKMPI.F:—A;I rmty ' ).-F^ available. Complete ttock K t snn«. Subscriptions taken. NV>nn daily. 123 Southern hotel. Phone MKAKF AND PILLOWS jst Iniffl in AM P'litilf* HI'S LINT; INC L. Hall -;-t f \\ \ VTKI i iiii'i A ' , .l I' •• V fits- <•. AY O abi ;y Certific Hired APPLY TO: If J ' ' MI ! f !' w an pi RFi I ;i .S — In n t>;i r it-Is * • h;^r, t r ;i«l'i r.-r,- t; r * N. 1 4^1 ChrMr: < ;tns r»:i Lost — Found — Strayed n ins 'ln:t r 'i T ion t 4 4 .1', 1 ^ > U4 , SUI - ovc • T. K! • ).;ip. ^ I i* *\ ;i i d < i "i . I N no - ' *" <> A p.i rt P . ^' ** If Ft nf f, in \vatnh ;i t 1'ptnwn fljTTi 1M \\>*t 1C 11(1 1 Ml'* N:n^tf ^ntl*. Jlewartl u M . Occupational Services ^^^^****^**»*^**rf*«^'*^^^W*«*'l^^^- l ^*tfl*^^^ l »^%^^^*«^^'«H^.^*^^^ A.SHI N'G POLISHING STKAM CLKANING SIMOMXINti MACK AXJ» SOX Cr.lifnrni.i nnd I' I'hone 2-1220 o UJ M r s JH"nr> ' j . i ** * _k - ^ small krr-Spani^l. K" \ a MK ilnvi-i * -inl u k « 1 1 1 * ; \\ a tut T'a i L pf.n s\^ ni M- WH i (I nn . I IIP;* i't hrru rfpt veal ^n IM-H M HL'XX'S CJAKAGK L'4-HOrU SKRVICE PLKTE AL:TOMOTIVE SKKVICB KKPAIHING AXD liKCONSTRL'CTIOX IGXITJOX. RI.'Kl^TIOX, MOTOR HKUV1CK AND WHKKL MALAXCIXG IX THK HKAU'J OF IHJWXTOU'X J5AKKRSFI K 2 KKJHTKKXTH I'll OX fS 'J- TAKT t -1H4 TKI-tKl'HONK BAKERSFIELD, 7-7501 34 «lrl: permanent. Call 2-0843. ; WOf'LD LIKE TO HAVE FROM 0\VXER t 2 BEDROOM 1IOMK. AVI hi, PAY CASH. PHONE 8-80S6. 26 TWO OR THREE-BEDROOM furnlahed apartmenl or house urgently needed be- foie school star (A by officer, wife and two you nil well-behaved children. Price range 160 to |l?fl per month. Phono _ 5 : 5831. extension Jl7 , _____ 2 fi COUPLE— No children. Bakcnfield resident 3 yearn, wants 1 or 2-bedroom houpo In desirable neighborhood. Refer- Phone 2-6164, I TOIJXO couple with 5-year*old daughter needs tNbedrooni fti/nlnhed or unfurnished houoe; permanent. Employed by Pacific Pipe and Construction Company. Phone Arvln i-R. 27 McMAHAN FURN1TCRE CO. Has Openings in the DELIVERY DEPARTMENT and SALES DEPARTMENT for Honorably Discharged SERVICEMEN Apply Eighteenth and H Street H»lp WANTED — Trimmer to operate Klaa* and upholstery department In Inige repair shop. See Hut- km an at Motor Center. T wen ly -secon<l B nd ( :hp»ter. WANTKD— Stenographer, permanent tion. 40-hour week, alt holidays. Apply in own hand writ inp. giving age. cxpp- I'lenc** r.nd salary expected. Box 97'J-H. The rnlifnrnlan - No charge for renting: or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartments or courts. Only those meeting your requirements For ••!•—Improved Property I Tor ••!•—Improved Property Ti P Ptrect. elope In, 3-bnlroom home, very i nice, on corner lot 94x115. possession. $3000 cash, balance 142.50 per month. . ^ .. Bait Bakeraflpl*^ on North Bnker an^J | IN QCEANA— Three acrea, 12 cablna. ilor»r living 1 xjunrtors, faa pumps. Thia \m furnished nnd a ffofn* concern, ahowinr good tnconie. Present owner all alone and ran'r handle. Will ael» all for Water, a very nire corner lot front hou«e. two bedroom?, nice kitchen, living joom and plenty closets, hurdwnml, The oack house is three rooms ovrr pa rage and in plastered inside and ioial price of $10. SCO. ATTENTION. AMER ICA— Colored people are fighting and dyinic for America'. To die for one's country nnd be denied the privilege of buy in* better homes 1» not rlpht. If you have propprtv that n pprvinff pntriotir people mnv htiv, Phnnp-065fi. Wn need more Ifsl MIRP. List your home, fn rm. rant-h or Income with ROYDSTUN & LANCASTER 1S17 H Street. Phone WANTED TO BUY, FOR CASH. 3-BEnUOOM HorsK WITH I.AROE LIVING ROOM. TN EAST BAKERSFIELD ABOVE NIT.ES. BOX 700-B, THE CA LIKOKNIAN. furnished. Price foj- both $6000, $:IOOO I Lomita Verd down nnd then $55 per month. East Bakersfipld. on Grnce street, one- hnlf block otf Boker, a dandy 2-hedrourn home on large lot running through in Bernard; room tor aonther house. Total price if sold soon, is $4500. $1500 down. Oildale on Deculur* a dnndy 1-bed room home, ftirninhed, very n^nt and clean. Immediate possession, $3150. East of town, on Sterling Road, n 3-brd- room home, Nice haih and plenty of rhirken equipment; place for cow; lot 6fix300 feet. $5000. Holt by R -ad nnd Firnt sti p^t, 2-bedroom old house on lot 105x137 feft t on corner one-half block from Roosevelt School. $101)0 drwi.. Rlvervtew. on Hard ins street, n*w 2-bedroom home, never lived in, $2500 down, balance easy. 20 acres line land, 10 acres made 2100 Hacks spuda this year, 5 acres tomntofp, 3 acres alfalfa, balance improvement «nrl garden- Two l>edroo?n home: chicken equipped and -Kirns, two good WRler wells, two tractors and other machinery Shnvr by -tpi-'^i ment. xively 6-room home. only* 5 years old. Living- room, 15x20, bath with still shower, ver • nice kitchen, lot* of cupboards. Rear yard fenced and has bn i bee UP pit. Double rars*e. Total price $tJ2nO, aubatantlal down. Winnland Square — Five-room home, modern throughout, well landscaped lot. Thli place >H nrartirally completely furnlahed, Including refrlgeratoi and washing- machine. Total price $6750, rood down payment. Pioneer Drive — Five-room modern home on five acres. This would make an Ideal country home Tor the couple who like* horseback riding and haa atock. Not to far out. LomUa Verde — Five-room furnished home. only about. 4 yeara old and In excellent v.ondition. Modern throughout. Nice- yard. Immediate posaesalon. Total price $6500. about half cas*t to handle. On lot 100x300— Lovely 6-room home. almost new. Dual floor furnace, moling: duria. etc. Owner wlahea to trade for 3-bedioom home close In In city. 6 acres on corner of Casa I*nma Drive WANTKD— OFFICE OIRL. BETWEEN 19 AND ^7. MUST HAVK KNOWL- KDfJE OF SIMPLE BOOKKEEPING AND BE WILLING TO LEARN. POSITION. WILL BE PERMANENT. APPLY AT UNITED OARAGE. l.'IOl E I ( H T !•: E NT 1 1 S T RE KT. - !• will call, Phone early, San Joaquin i WANTKD TO BPY—nvp-mnm hnusP. enod Asencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 <^^ Ph.mj <«!.'«..-.'' fc *^_-._* n» *,— r> note »* _»-* i — - " -— ^^-^, .' Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no ! answer, call 2-0653. GIRL, wit n Home rxperlen<-r. wan toil for Uriion. '.'fi 11 h 'iM- t K' in 11 1-4-1 '.'. -\ \V J-; DO TR KK topping, removing . fence IMJ t Id t nv. ten ni wurl< ( p In w MICE, g r k ju*i \vork . hi« \ c truck EXPERIENCED h» id ware mnn to work in our ftahersfi^ld ntore. fi!6 Eiist .Nineteenth atreet. Phone 9-9B71. 8-12-tf N KIDDED in help maintain trannportatlon, nuto and tiucU mechnnlcs anrt body men. Kill! tim« work. Motor Center. Buick, <!hevrf>l?t fliul Cadlllao dealer. See Back- m»n. Twenly-fiecond and Chester. \VOM\N f nr fountain work. Avnilahility slip requited. Lucky'a. I8K K atrrrt. SOLDIER, wife and 30-mnnthB-old baby need furnished home or apartment; ur- _ gent. R eferencps. Call 2- 9J 65. 26 FOR ONE MONTH — Furnished house or apn rlmpnt. Wanted for September, hy army officer, wife and small boy. Phone 4-4II U. ; DESIRE two (ir Ihrc-e-be'lroom house. rra- mmably prlrnd. Owner only. Address ToReler Hotnl, room liUl'. or call 8-SM1 aftrr «> niAC. Spell. WANT TO HPT. 5 to 6-room house. 1 to r. acrf s. out Hide of city limitn. 1'hnno 4-40.10. l ENTKLLKNT full or part-time position open :o ehne SR Unlady Kxperiem e Idi-al for housewife, hour* Np**d 2-bed room unfurnishrd house, Bnk- H i'1'H tiged. Store Apply We ill' B Depart in out '-'7 knr Sr>a mH, fonia le. An> n t inn r L -— — - Pn ir H-nflnr 20 for rent l>v t n u f K;t i JM-' IP, ihflt ^^ln<l;i^^ M pr ;Ml'"i oil • M - hy nwnei. < 4 l£nhf-T t .M eoru ly nrpdr' -M a I rc'wa J <1 STII A YK1 > lJ!a' k i.'firkn- t*r*r^ rlnnl and ' 'IStih\ " or u» " - Call tractor drlvfrs, ycar- rciund .)oh for men who qua llfy : lodging n n<l boii id f urni»hed. Apply 61 ii E^Rnt Nineteenth atreet. Phone 9-9671 ; after 7 MI DDLE-AGED hoUHekct'ppr. white, t wo in family. C» re for invti lid. HKLI.MAN— Mu*t ba over 21. Apply Hotel Parlrc. \ AN'TKD — TIU'CR AND At 'TO MR- CM A NICS APPLY Sftl.'THKRN GA- TWENTY-P1IIST AND I WOULD itko white or S,p«nifh Klrl fire to IPH vo for Sn nta MonirH beat-h to do liKht ho u HC work, no c-ookiiiR or hmn- di y. Will have Ht^iidy pohition on i o- turn. «M sf leld. Oildfl IP. Kxi-'pllent ca i e. Wp have two Iktle girls, tilt IP lad les. I should HHV Plea He call L'-OUVt, a.«k _ for Mr Paynns. ____ ___ L'ti WANTED TO II KNT— rnfurnished '2 or 3 -bedroom nonce or H part merit. Excellent <are gnu ran teed. Boy 1 .">, KM I 1 LV References, permanent f.aat place over four years. I'rgont. I'hone 3-070fi. For Sal Improved Property homo nn North Rakfr st i rf t, irnmoiiiale pr«3se?*Hion. Trirn $'15^0. some Tu n-bod room hom* un l;i rgo loi on tnmac slrrrt. Th N hnrnt is a Imosl i ;iml in Kooci condii urn. Price $4500. FOMIO terms. T\vo-l>e<1rnom homo furnished, on Monarhie , in Oiklalt:; large Int. I'Mce $3750, WANTKD—Oirl for checkiiiK. Ne Cit rioaru-rs. Phone 9-IMM. 'JB CAOKT, wife and -mall child d*-sire smnll hou.^c. apartment or room WM h k oc t i n tfPr i v i Iggc s . Phone 7-701! !' M ti f , \vlnh- i- \-. i i- 1 n \ \\ p.t p*-» > IUH il, 10IIJ N Ml Pit'* ' Personals HEMORRHO1D SUFFERERS No hna- ritalizatlon nor loss rtl time No surgery nor Injections New safe. patnlctti methorl of clirnlnatiiiff henmrrhoidi now i available from Dr. I - R Penning ton. D O.. Biiite 2. ProfesBiona: buiklmp Phnnc fi-ti 1 CO. 2 - r '-' f WK BL'ILD ANYTHING MADK SHEKT STKEL. KUKNACE AND COOLER SERVICE. "..r 9 3826 CHESTER AVE. 7-7906 8-3'tf TRUCK hauling, anything, any time, anywhere, Furniture moving n speciHlly. Call W hi tie Morehend. Phone --9225. OiitlnlP. Cnllf. 29 WANTKD—PHX OPEUATOH, OVER -M i YKAflS. HOUItS 4 '. M. TO 1U. KX-I PKKIKXCE M.)T NKCKSSARY, Hl'T i PUKKKRHKI). APPLICANT IH'ST : KNOW THK TOWN, APPLY AT YK1,- hfi\V OAF? OKK1CK, lltOl KIGHT- ! HELP WANTED—Melal workers, metal _KKNTH_STHKKM' _ -« worker helpert. wool wrrUera, auto | (; j ItTjS n p 0 dfd in rHHriitml hiiKineRH, Apply Jluhinwon Hluo Print Paper Carrier& Wanted for Kast and west Bakers- neld.Callfornian office. 6-14-tf PKRMANENT. responsible major oil company employe urgfpntly needs 2 or S-bpdroom unfurnished house. Phone ') - C -I 4 •' (J fc. - I O - *t . •> *' WANTKD — Duplpx or hcmsp. furtiisheri or j unfiirn iRhed. HH vo sotrl rny hnme, must i locate by Septemhor 10. Phone 2-:t39fi wund workfj a. f urn it ure. C. N. i Bodv Works. IOCt Eighleenth. 6-21-t> WANTI'J > -AT ONCE. AUTOMOBILE ME- B. D. MuBi'lfle Detertivo Agency room 110 Hay building, BakertifteM l^lceneed nnd bonded. Confidential investigation. 1'honp g-2SOO 01 ^ TY PI^S r a rpenter \vork. new con- ruction, remnrlellnfi:. repairing, pap*-r 82 ;. PERMANENT WORK; TOP \V.\IJES APPLY RAKER-ADAMS PON_TIA«! GARA<::iC. 2701_CJj ESTER. Ji22-t_f NKKPKI> Al ONCIfl— Furniture reflnlaher. A No utihnlBtcrer Topnotch wages for tnpnotch workmen. f'. N Johnston Slmjip.lOO ElBhtennti "feet. 7-21-tf SACRO-IMAT LK.SIONS. liw hark i>ains. arthriiis, constipation and pronto te dl«- orderH cnriect**d. Dr. P I 1 Parlnh. D. r. 407 >lnborfplde building. J'hnne 9-913:. --'' r.n, r»o! It 1 . l".t ( •. MKN. WOMMN: f>i-i> AT <o, Want t" frpl i"-i'i'V. >P.II» Ostrrv Tnmr T;t hlct M IM-C up la- kiiiK ii o" : n Isn i oiil;t in vitiiiiini rnk'imn. .'!••' ti-ml sr/.r- nnw only At n II rt rn if Htni «»K r\ .-i ywhn P _ - 7 Sl'K ROPKfl. formerly of Smnh flu-nicr Pcnuty Miop. wrjul'l liko tn ni»'ct old ami np\v fiiMtfiniPi-H at .In-Arur'» Mofiutv Shop. 19^:. K i»l reel. I'hniift ^-"fMO lor n P- point mrnl ____ ___ ___ WII.I. NOT ho lOHpnnvii'lc for »nv cnntr:i«"1ctl by the Kivor ('nip. lo;i Nuith ( 'hc-slpr, prior to .Minn HI ur>. ('. ThomitH HtllJ .lickHOM l.i-l-. HEKV1OK Pruning. Shaping. Topping Also Trees Taken Out B. Pnrkor i r rep I^stimn ttnsr 1807 11 Street Thone IM3RJ* W A NTFJT' — Kxpcrienced auti* mechanic. Good houra and pay. U an eaaentlal lob. Hiind tools and availability certificate nercHsary. fi^e Mr. Hopfl, Kltchen-Royd Rioter Company. 2220 Cheater avenue. 8-26-tf 2109 PAINTING and Out SID D. HKLI-ER -nnn^d n nd Bon J?d Coi»t rant or -:.\c ' f Street I'tunie ^-2 _ _ ___ __ 7-lIMf KSTIMATK on vrnir pain I joh of HOTJSEMAN. over 40. Padre hotel. See housekeeper, 8-12-tf WANTED -Service aak-Bman. Good nal- n ry a nfl evclienl future for man with f;i ir erjucit ion who cnri nssnme renpnn- Kibfllty. Ki ret*) one Stores 2331 Chester all kind* I'tinnolMf.:!li. I 1 *! thp lady thnt oi K't* inn I P ''.'I It l«'r ( hem. 'H Clft Shup. 1-in:: I wl REFIUftKUATION HIM /u-p, nny chnld nr i ninnn-rcin 1 ; n I HO j an^t M ami floor Cm mi ITS. Ta II aft • M noun ni rni;lit« I MICH to T-TJ^fi'"* 'J i.ji-;s - r PH'MiuNi; SKRVIVE, The br crmlH less t-i 1 1 b* Inbs tret f irwt ;ii Innl nm ('oiiniv Ifrcnso unly* Nn city work. Phon * -I *» ii "„ *. ,' WAN TO HANDLE AND DELIVER n'RNITURK. APPLY IN PERSON. DAVIS FPRNITURF CO., AV ENl'E. 8-2f> tf 1*11 r> N _B\ r* k ot, WANTKD—CnimMe lrK«l tna nnnt pnsjt if in ; rxrt'llont salary. Phunt* 4-4 7- 1 bol\vrrn I* Hiid Ti r -H with infunt in urc*»nt nf^il of two- herlroom furnished huu^e. Plea we t ;<ll -J7 X K P KII1 K M' K P WO.M t; N' S R K A 1»V-TO- WKAIl ALTKHATIUX HANDS; THOSK M'HO HAVK HAD KX1U-J1U KN( 'K IN 1-TI1 IIKMOHKM.\(1 AND FiUl'A I III TMtSKKItKKD. STKADV W(»KK. C. WOKKIN'J r-ONDITIONS. AIMM.Y MANAUKIt. KASTKHN. 1529 MMS- TK-KNTH STRl^KT. WANTED— ^ or 3-hodrnom unfurnushe'l hnu so; ft-y oar-old Uaushtcr, permanent. Phone J-4901. 30 OFFICER nnd wife nrod furninhrd house or apMrtment; no chMdren or pets. Cnll WAXTKU— SAI.KSLAOY- HKTWKKN* 20 AND H'). 1'CR STKADY POSITION. l)i iWNTOWN MHJATIO.N. 1»LKASANT STRROCNDINOS. SKLLINO KXPKR1- KNCK PUKKKURKI*. KXCEU.KNT 1'HSITION i.'OR RICHT PARTY. APPLY IN PKHSON AT THli HOOK SHOP i ;. o 4.\ l' 11 ! HrSBAND wife, two children fi and 7 yeara. w;ah fm nished huiiHe. a pa it men t or larpe room and kitrhcn or board in A Itfl \'lata flection for two or three _ mnnihfl. Phone 2-9647. __ £R SOL'THEIW PACIFIC employe in need of furnished house or apartment ; pr-rma- iipnt ; will sig i lease; one rhild. Ftefer- _ rnrps. Phono 2-9543, Sam naither. _ 117 NT USE wants furnished house, duplex nr Hpartrnent by yoptoniber 1; can sive ref* erenro. Phone 2-!*377. « i pl DRIVERS nnd delivery men. Ap- Me Mahan's Furniture, KiBlneenth nr Rl-TH IIRNRY. FOUMKUI.Y f»K NoltA'S IllOATTY SAT.tiN. IS Nd\V AT 1.«HS' UMl'SfO r»K IlKATTY S K VKNTKKNTH AND M. \VHKIU-: sin-: WH.T, in-: ci..\it TO MKKT HKR OhD F1UNMS AND I'MN'I'ING— huiiilo nml nut. n! «pr:iy niihitiiiK, I'^sl iin;i ICK ki\ en P M. I 'i uoy. pa ml mp «-<jntrn< tnr. IM.nuo :'-(i:'.«o L'C Financial pnswv rt IB A Consolidate your obbcationB with a quick con fid en fin I. fr Inndly rn»h loan on ym car, furniture, truck. «alary, farm ment. etc. TJU'MAN'S TUANSKKit— Lonff dla tauce nnd local. 812 North Ches nnd H sU-pptfl. WANTED— Two S-2fi-lf 1fi-y par-old school boys, ono for morning 1 work and one for afternoon; good pay and steady job. Inquire mechanical depart me nt, The Bakers fie Id ralifornian. ter. Oildalr. 2-S9H. C v. ' __• O WORK. AKIvK IIATIOS, TAliS l/AI.I.KO Knll AND DKLIVKUKU. Vlu K. ('ASA LOA1A J)JM\'K. MAN with CXP< ii! iv»-' n lit I it y. i-hn r;icter. snnn> sit 1 CM rMiPr i"iirf : p*'i ninnf-nl. oppn- INK in nli) e:-tnhlishfd IIUSIIIPHH: niate ;mr. expeiiotKP fitnl phone. Box M-uflS. \VAN'rr-:n— Man lo do general rrtnrh \vnik. wife lo cook for two peo- Jsilnry. room ntuJ hoai'd. Fred ''iilienle. Calff. (Walker* Basin. > ANTI-IP — Uf-sppctnble wninan tn work nn vlnk in hold. Linht ^ork. Phono Sl'GAU rOMPANY exerutlvo. lofittinu manently in Bnkprsl'ipld. rloslrea lo fur 2 nr 3-bf*drooin home in rpsi rk i Phone l p -7^71> hetwoon U and Lovely 1 -hod room tin me on Wand row st rrr in Oildalf\ Home in pxr*»llmt en nil it ion; floor f urn a re and is modoi n in «*v« j ry way. Nloo vurd and carapp, Prl* f $:!S;>0, |inno down, halam-e $ 1^ per in on l h. This* in a 1**H A home. Threp-bedroom home on Hviphf^ street In Home ia in good condition. Price some tPrniH, rhrfO'hndronm home, furnished, at Third and Chester avniiun. A cnmfortahlp homo a rid a good future huslnuys property. Prirc $51100, t^nnic term*, Twn-hcjdroom hnnie on Ray str^rt in Oil- HoniP in #ond t ondit MHI and on a Jot. Hrirfi $6150. Terms. Twn-bed room home on Kast Kipht ronlb ,^t rn»'l, Home in perl>rt rnndit MHI and buyer ran have immediate ixwscssinn. PrM'p J'iII5ft, (prms. A perfect H-bed room home. Wnh thr^p baths, rlose in. mi Ntle-s 5«l roet t HHS ^nia 11 apartment HI rear. InroniP prop- firty now $85 PIT nionih. Own^r has own separate apartment. This home is pal Via lly turn in bed wilh fine f urml nr* 1 . A home nnd inc-ome and good loi at ion. Prire $13.000, terms. n and ('oltonw^i) Rittirt, will make ^omp- one money before long. Price $4750, ^ 1 ;-oo d<)wn, Thrpp-befJrnom home, two baths, fii-pplarp, hardwood, on two eommercia 1 acre** on IlOMPdale Highway. close in. Lois rhlr-kon equipment and paslnro for cow. $ oil no cash, balance monthly. 10 acres 'mtncea. 3-bed room home, just overhrtulnrt. good water well, plenty of machinery to run plarc. Thfs is a fine place Hiul made $4 L'OO this last season. All oil riKhlff RO with place; oit well on two sides. Price tlJOOO down and SflOOO in .laniin ry, ba lance $ 1800 per year, K how n by appointment. 10 nrrps, i educed to )8!)fiO« on Slerlingr Road. Two-bedroom home, just recon- rlirionod with new roof: Rood water well, four acres apricots, balance ready for crop. Tractor, disc nnd nlhPr machinery goes with p!ar ^ If sold soon. 10 arM'pp on Rnsedal* 11 Ijrhway Just wpst c»f Fruit vale Sc ^oul, all in rultivat inn, l wo wells, ono-ftinrtIt oil rights. Will trade eiituty for pood house in town. 10 arres m Knntva le, all in cult I vat ion. »\v house and new improvements; f?ond wau»r well. Price $ 1 rt. r>00. tprnip. T. fPy) Wirkpr. IfifiO Ch^strr, Phono » or :'**54fi3. 1 3 18 '-Eye Street l-3-tf FIVE-ROOM home, completely furnished, on full acre of finest soil In Kern county, near Fairfax School* Has light, wnter. RRS, a lovely bathroom. Full price $4000, substantial down, FIVR-ROOM home, hear 9. P. shops. In good condition. Has chicken equipment, garden space, shade trees and nlc* Inwn. Full price 12500, substantial down, balance easy.. HOME AND INCOMfil property, clot* to Southern Pacific shops. Has nlc* rentals, alt furnished; Income approximately $375 per month. Full prlc* $18,(TV Some terms 166j Chester Phont 8-9818 8-14-tf 0 L O' LDA l.V* —Furnished 2-hpclroom home in oxi p'lnnL ret nil i I ion. All modern ron- von fences: dnuhl? KHI-MKP. nnflOHpd wanh* room. One-bedroom furm«hpfl home nn HH mo lot. Ilenta for $;IO month. Tola! price $ 7850. CALIFORNIA TRACT -Nirp 1-hoiJrnom home pra^l i^ally now \ "uphna rd** and a galore, floor furna* r, ha rdwimrt . Another hod room can be easily added. $^^00 dn\vn. HIC.HLANP MANOR —Almnst now ? room hump. A M la tpwt modern conveniences. Nice back jard fenced. $6300. LA rRKVTA -Onr of tbe bnttpr 2-l.pd- rooin h imr-s, Tite root', rpa I f ire M la re. pnrlnpcd PH no nnd well landscaped $8400. After 5 p. m. call Bill Irvm. 2-5642 Phono 2-92 Hnberfeldf- Bnildinc. fi CHAPLAIN' desires rental of 2-hedroom furnished house within II» milps of Alinler Field before September 1;1. Call Post ChJipel. Minter Field. \VANTKD-\Vnman for k'pn^iHl hou?p- wnrU. Clnod salary; nn hruvy work. Pboiiu ?-S7H7. ^S BKATTY OPKRATOR—I-a Crest a Buauty Satnn. under new managernpnl, (Jood salary and f nmtnisHion. Phone for appoint nienl, -i ( *^**L' lliriLS xvantnd to work in tailor shop, one tor a It«'rut Kins on rill pnrments. Apply ai OIK-P. Max KLIUOHF Tailor Shop, cor- j OFFICER AND WIFE desire to rent fur- MOST tJROKNT—Nppd of small, furnished house by September 1, for liputenant and wife, no children. Phone 2- WANTED — furnished npnrtmpnt or profcr WPS! BnkerHfieUL Phone 8-838R. Mrs. .T'imJH hvin*f I no in with f if« i pl;M'*\ i »•; il in iii^ room, t Mr t a o Kund sixofl h*»<1 1 no]?ts, JH rc of ground with fruit ant! nut l reew and t:hi :kpn oquipinpnt. ldon Sin to Tract — Two-borlrnnni hnnnv Ha rdwood floors, flour furnare. \'4?nt*Uftn hhnrls, -N i*ar-nlr1 hnnip nn In rgc lot in i'\isa ] ,01 na . B road lot nil i-a rpcl to walls, floor hia is \vell Ijuilt. Jnunrdu'i le hemp with fhitkon int-nt. row sht-fl and pasiui e. la t BO «;ir- ner of r\iurtpfnlh and C hoser. -S WANTED— Reliable white Inriy lo dome with ^Prvirornnn'R wife and rare for children evenings whi !*• mot h*'r works. Hnoin, buard Hnd salary. Phon" opartmont or small house; no chil- 27 Phont* L'*r»64 1. PAID FOR OR NOT t l You may atill borrow for as lone as 12 months. Acie IPs' Help Wanted — Male *+i**V^^^^^*^ \\ A NTKI> — Hoy nvrr 17, in it Km MB (o *** hnui, i>r man who < an t ;iUe on :i hnu t f i\ o or- six hnijf'H mon* xvur k, tli i ving M'^I il n\'.l\\ t rurk. <"'» n finish hy nunn, % LOCALLY OWNED Trade with local penplp ivbn local condJLinnn \V. J. (Bill> Beigman Maurice St. 2F>th and "hesie: OPP MmiiBomery Want Phone 6-6T96 Appoint men in K<H'STA!inrTS HIM! rotnr\ near U:iU*'i sf irld nix im<l jtl'H. IMlOM* 1 !»• *.MI ( 'oiupan> \V \\Ti:i>—l";n m IS, St IMP Hniid. \V.\NTI-; i") H. wnrU a v work uio W T1MK bookkeeper, mnr or woman. Also mnn u« act nw co-manager of local t ii o ret*nfjpinrf company. Ah exceptional npportunity for ad\ n nr«mnnl* and post- un r p^rrnnnoTJcy. Good utartlnK nala r* Writr Box B-819, The Callfnrntftn, 8-18-tf Help Wanted—Female S«10, IMltilH' I 1 HUSO. TWO EXPERIENCED READY-TO-WEAR SALESWOMEN WITH LOCAL FOLLOW I N(i; PERMANENT POSITION WITH t'.OOD SALARY TO THOSE WHO QUALIFY. OIVK FULL DETAILS IN KIHST LETTEU. APPLICATIONS WILL HE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL WRITE BOX 13-12. THE CALIFORNIAN. T-lf.-lf ii !'• iilh-r HID \c-si hhiuls MIMI to opi-r- n; • ti;i rvi-st rrj*. Ex| rncnco n-'f- lfi) and hruirJ funn.slHMj. Apply Kmhti*eii(li Mi'«-(>t Phono 9-!n; 7 1 . in. r; 8-22-tf f ; : 1 f i|) te' «.-v JUL tf ^M^ w x *i^ t .- '^w j your rar RP security for n loan. No lone riEftninrnle. Prompt private •trvlce. Sensible monthly pay men t§. per nio. iPi-n yu x In 12 months r Come in, nr nave time by 'rliornnir your applicntion. When approN ed mak« just ono trip in rick up your cash. No waiting or delay. Private Bale of Automobile and Furniture Finnnreu SKWINO MA("1MXI': RKPAiniNC!. 1 ;",<»!* 13 !•; A I ' T Y O ! ' K H A TO K w a n t «d . full part tin]p.Pi(Mie or 27 \VHITK "WOMAN for Kuiieriil housework. six a r tern oon H per week. 'A:'.U) to fi::UI P. m. Locution near California, and avenut 1 . O1RI-. lo do housework. 3 in 7. wcrlt days. K 10 4 Saturday!'. Aliifl lia \ e transport at HIM. Alia Vista Ti art. $LT. month. __ PlHlll'L .r^i'.HL ______ ___'^ WANTKD— Young uirl for wash inn and drvniK (Mints. No rxperieiu-' 1 necessHty. he available for full-time emplov- 1'S WANTED—Onn or two-bedroom fnrnishfl house, three in family; one well->»Phflvert boy; permanent; references; nrefer close rpH ari P;JKO liome. PMUtppcd fnr n hont 1 OHO la \ niK hons. In is nf shade, i 'mil t roos. Miuht trade home, preferably n* a r Hilda Ir, HOMIP with ];i rKn livins room a nd din MIR: room ; -L house for lar^o family, thpn thr'pp furnishod rentHts bringing J 11 5 monthly to Lowell Hrhool. Phonp 3*24^^. OOP of lhr> host Kinall rourts wp have had. for unusually attractive in- IN tlKniLAND MANOR— PrHHicHlIy now J-lirdi iiom hi line, ti i< ely furnished, hi i «e k it i lien. 7-fnut Friwidaire. vann y tile in ha t h. do i hie pa rate. This is a nn e HI uno home. Requires large down payment. IN HKlHT.ANn PARK— T,a ice S-bedroom home with extra playt'oom upniairs in knni (y pine, double Kit ra^e. t urner l»>t wii h .sprinkling n.\ - st -«m ; a I so t wo 1 -bedroom homes, one is furnished. These honit-s about ^ yea ra old. I m media te poHHPBsion. All for J10.500 with J^OOO down. NKAR KERN GENERAT-— An ex. ellent 2-bedroom home in the pink of condition. coolinK Hystern. floor furnace, and a kitchen that is perfect as to rolor a nd appointment*; lots of tile in bath and kitrhen; nice >nrd with fence in rear. room for horse and chickens. The price is right on (his home. CHESTER N. BEARD 1807 H Street Phone 5-5909 or 2-4"22 2-STOnV HOUSE — On West Twenl iot h street, immodinte posae^aion. Owner moving from Bakersfipld and h^ff cut the price tn JOBOO cash. An old house but a good onp, CASA LOMA , CaES — Practttnlly new ll-hptlrooin home, on well land neaped lot- hardwood floors and tile, fireplace nnd floor furnace, large basement, douljja it a rase with lots of storage «pace. barbe- iMje pit, Mepl ienre in concrete, nice family orchard. All this for $6250, some terms. INCOME ON 1*9 HIGHWAY—Autn court, with ^;i units nn three acres land. In- ronie about $900 per month. This plnce well landscaped with trees and shrubs, ni' e swimming pool and other convent- Kor further in format inn. contact us. Price 527,500, subs tan Hal down PH/ment. SOl'TinVKST, 3 ACRES, with 2-rnom house. 110 hearing fruit trees. 75 younc fruit trens, :**row g rapes. located on OAK STRKET about 4 milen south of tn\vn. Has Kern inland water and well with pressure aye tern. $375 G, $1250 d u w n. BOVPSTUN & LANCASTER 1K17 H Street. Phone 8*8S39 2 LA CRESTA--A house frou will thoroughly en.HI. . Largo living room with fireplace and dim) floor furnace, large din tnr room, modern kitchen with large nook. Bath nan lots of tile, atall shower and cove linoleum. Two bedroom, two-car enrage: well landscaped, fenced rear yard. The view ia excellent. Pric» $9450. terms arranged. OILDALE—Two-bedroom home on corner lot Gnratre and work shop. Pries, $;!630. S1650 down. $23 month. CHESTER AVENUE—In Rlverview. 201 feet on highway over £68 feet deep, income $300 per montn up. To aee this nnd other exceptionally good properties* phona for appointment today. DEAN R HURLEY 411 Nineteenth Street Dial 3-0278 S-24-tf WANTKD — House or building for Phnp. with livlnp quarlprs; hnve pquio- mont and furn'Unre; prpfpr wost BHK-PI-P- • references ; permanent. JMton** In OildaV — riost to rhoster avonue. bpdi-i>urn home-, mostly furnished; old house, hut If) i s of room. FOt'H OR FIVE-RUOM house, furnished «r unfiii nishert ; wife school tefu-her: hus- liand oil wpll drlllpr: resnonflihle Rnd per- iminpnt.Phoney-l " TT l POD'S YOU WILL WANT this beautiful 3-bedroom home, completely furnished. Walking distance fronrr town in nire district. Owner must sell for cash, account leav- iny i-lty. Call 202G A street. 26 EAST BAKERSFTELD— Five-room home and den. built in 1940. Completely furnished with prewar furniture, $6600. TWO-BKDROOM houm In Kunset Park. . EAST BAKERSFIELD-Five-rooni stucco JlH'llI. \V A X T K 0—G A U A < IK A TT ION D A N T O ] linrUS 3 T'. M. TO 11. APPLY AT 'PUR KT, TKJON GARAGIS. 1400 SEV- KNTKHNTH. ==—===^1 Help _W«ntfd-^Sglg«ingHi__ WANTED —Shoe Bnleiman. «xperience not neceaaary. Top salary and commissions. Chance for advancement N« age limit. Apply L«ffd'* Shoe 8tore. 8-lfl-tf Situations Wanted—M«l» WE CLEAN kitchens. S5c hour; alao blinds, windows: floor by floor. Larko Cleaners. Phone 7-7462 before 8, after 6. 67 W A N'TKIJ — L"< n I ounK womnn hi«h WK DO o-:t-i;iv. -it* \V \ N'l'KI *--Hnv fivn N« liot.l a^r or m;in in work in \v« nh mom. Family S*M % \-i- *? I ..i nnrlry. J*hon*? ' # ri L * ^ ,; - I SS ,. (i-fi-t 3j. MAN - r t ii 1 IKUJHC c li'U M Hit . Phi ui" II- " ] I' I .. ^\" \ N'l'l-:i> —Mail rf HH mai-i , Knni p; f v, ti-Mi't u ni'k T iifT i in nt 1 1 ions l! ri'\ t'S M;i I tit^.s niiM 1 phulcii'iy. - i OH Chcsti:]' a\ •> rue I'honi' - KETA1I, PAINT CLKUKS AM) GLAZIERS Excrlh nt cham-i? to loarn the paint jui'l Ki'*^- 4 ImsiiicHs. Steady employment with Ki'txl cliantju for atl- niont. fall at \V. I'. Fl/LLER & (.'O. Avrnno -7 A \ ± Uth ^T l T n<ler tlj* Bit' Cn^^rola l!**r r-! haftir Mpr Phonp fi-fi;'i!)& N'KXT posihun npon In rxiit'iitMi. *>>) <• s;i It -si nan. A pjt'y Weil! ' n l>up;i M • n 1 1 • ii t S t o j i' "7 - AUHil> man for funeral nnd ambulanco worU. exienence not neres- BUI , FlfckinH«r-D1cipr. Chapel. 1 227 (Mieater _ _ _*LUl_ l _* \VANTKU— TWO MKN FOH RKt'APPINQ DKPAltTMKNT KM'IOK I KNCED PH13- K KIUI 1C1 ) H I 1 'J 1 N( )']• N 10« ' MKS A (I Y . O(»n|» KALAltV T( START KMUS- STdX C STUP.KS. TWK AND ('HK.^TKH AVION I' K hnnl KI rittunte, familiar \v.ih city for I» «V ' i a I nil 1 ire rinrl as?iM nnl PBX wni k. ^-1 r. :in. T)n j rallfnrnian, Namn, nd- JIJK! rrfoienrcs. S^24-lf <o rlonniriK. kitrhen8 and hnth- Mr. and Mrs, Brown. Phone _ TO UKXT — Unfurnished 2-l"'f1ninm hmisp. hy reliable couple, no children or pots. \ViM appro'-inlp n P!HCP with KHrdon and Inwn. rail Mr. StjuiRer, Shell Oil Com- pnny. phone T-T!M1 or 2-9305 after 5 p. 111. _ _ ___ ^ _^ __ __ COUPLE with 2-year-old boy. want hmw. furnished or unfurnished. permanent tpnnnts. Cnn pive references. Cnll •Mrs. Rau, esfiei ?. Olid — Three houses on an acre of excellent soil on South Oak street. This is splendid condition, immediate poasesiion, $6000. half cash. Tw »-bedr.,om house, east aide. 14750, neat and nice. Two-bedroom house, neap airport, $4250; now vacant. Brandt Investment Company 1802 H Street Phone 2-S946 8-8-tf home, on corner lot. close in. $5160. HIGHLAND PARK— Stucco duplex, built in 1940. One aide furnished with tic* prewar furniture. Other side unfurnished. One-half bloc!: from bus. Clog* to store and school. $4750, $2250 down. BANK STREET— Moderate size 6-room house, in good district. Close to bus and market. $3950, $1SOO down. one nf the beat investments offered fnr BY OWNER—Larpe house, seven room?. THREE-ROOM HOUSE—Two miles south turnip time. Front house is a lovely 2-bfdroorn, sunken livint? room, kitchen wiih lots of tile, dinettp. basement. floor furnace, thermostat. This is rented for plenty of tile, floor furnace; basement; double pa rage. Furnished. 2110 Kern street. East Bakersfield. 26 oC town. $2500. $1000 down. Phone 2-7564 1671 Chester 8-28-tf Wanted to Rent— Apartment* OFFICER and wife In need of furnished npnrtm -nt ur cottaee. No children, no pets. Will assure good care. Phone nished: 608 Lake street, East Bakersfield: block from *ius. 26 FCM'R school tonrhers want 2-hpdroom fur- interest. ri p*»r month, unfurnished. Then is n dandy 3-room Kara Re apart- merit, furnishfMl nnd rented for $25 per month, and last, a nearly new nnd mod- | NICE HOME in refined diatriet t near em 4-room frame resiilenre, hardwood flnnrg. floor furnore, lovely dinette nnd kit^hon. bedroom and bnth. alwo furnished nnd rented for $45 per month. $4000 f ash, $7i per month, 6 per cent FOR SALE, by owner, duplex, partly fur- FOR SALE—Immediate possession, near Mount Vernon School. 3-roora house, fenced yard, modern plumbing. Elmer israde nnd high school. Completely furnished. Would consider lot' 1 model car a s part payment. honcS 3902. 2 6 FOUR-ROOM house for sale, furnished, Apply at 2129 Verde- Phone 2*8 9 ">9. FOR SALE—Six-room home on 87-foot lot. 2fi09 Sunset. Price $SOOO. Charle« B. \Vobster, 1511 Eighteenth street. Phone 2-3347. ! nUhed apartment or house. Phone 3-161 L •-1 YOTNO hiiHineHH womhn want a .,-rooni nt»artmc'iiL in HakorBfiold. I'hone S-STiil >M't\vc"ii !( H. in. nnd u p. 111. 1.000—Five romplptply furniflhrd rentals | NEAR Kern General and srhool^, 1-bPd- room homo, rompleu-ly furnished with pxcr-Ilont laslp, tnclLKiins rugs, dra PPP. iM>ol* i r. yard tools. Lot ToxliO. Cash or teims. \V< >M A N for 11 if bl housekeeping and on rf nT c h ildi t*n. Must Ktny night p. Phonp 4-4M;7. 27 WANTKD—l l nHition H» Hiitomnliilo *0ia nic. Via ve mvn tools 3531 Nor I h ('bp»i*M\ r abui Nu. 1 1. - <" 4 MA\, 4-. HiiiKli-. rapHlUn. wanis work. TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essential Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AXD TELEGRAPH COMPANY Twentieth Street r..:o-tf R -3-tf KMTJHGENCr CASH LOANS Borrcw $100 Cnsh for Thirty Days Repay $102 r.0 —Total Co^t ! WANTKI>~I>eri i-k man ami iwu r VM \' ^-. n fnr ^niall |u>rtablo drill \\£. MJ \\anh- O A 1 j l J- . jU n;--! MII Oi Ida Ir 1*1)01)** H * V 7 T 1*. "1* If YOU Plater, Take Tp to Twelve , W-\vrKLi--NiKhi man \or Knrn K P. Dunn'i Months to Pay isamse. ntmi.P 2-3S-.S. Hi Only V'tu Have L" No C WANTKU— While maids. See houseUeeper. Hotel Pndre. _ 8-15-1 f IK VOL' art* iiilercwtt'd in lull nr part- tini(? I'mpUiymnnt. .ite n Kr»nl typist HIH! can tnkp j*hoi ttinnd, wnte Box Tliu t'aiifornian. Apply Wcill'H "ti H i d nnd Write fiOl Lawman RIIICK WOFIK p Barliecue pun and \l.\i KINDS of rnhhlBh haulmff. mrcrt. Phono 2-D848. M .11 Situations Wanted— Fymajy WIM- DO Ironing 1 in my home, 1-00 Jt-r_- HHUL St'HOOIv Rirl in seroml >'o:ir wantn iiil> JIH mother's helper after s< hool and Smurduys in virinity of Fifth and I st rcHiH. Phone '..' - 4 r». 0 1* . 27 WanUd to Buy, Mi»c»llan»ou» WANTED — Cash for your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oildale Furniture 501 East Nineteenth Street on lien rly an aci n of ex< client soil. n>om fnr sevrra I more winch could he limit Inter nn TOM r noil ion now in alfalfa and fruit in-rs. linome per nurin Ii. t en M in ft pay all in $ infin, terest . CLO^E in Oildale—Immediate possession, larce 4-room house, two lots, nicelv land- sr-aped. Chicken equipment includes 500. ppjr electric brooder. Total price $4850. $'J S,".(t cash. Elmer F. Karpe. If) 17 t ee n t h.8-2!)-tf S7j per munlh. 6 per cent in- XKAll Kn*t Higli. an ^xi i'ittii>n>tl !M>f>fl- Will rniiHidf-r iiadn of liuih ot these lor euiLali'p call le raiu-li. 0 Ii 0 3"»! Chester Avenue room house. Ya id t ojupleiely *»li;nk>. Extra larne. liv«ng room nnd hod rooms. A better built modern home to own with PI idf. l-'real W. Hnrvf-y, 2f>^ Rrnwer TtuildiriB Phono 2-426". rveniims 2-4 14l J'hone »j-fiT">I Phone 2-460S 6-14-tf !3!OAl'T\ Beauty Salon. WAITHKSS wnnlud Apply Wing's Cafe, WO.M AN — White. rot.k it ml help with hou«i.'WorU. oxrrllont niilary. board ami Phnn- 2- AUTO.MOBILt;. TIlfCK LOAX.S HA VI-; ul'KNINC lur inarhttnst or nia<hm- i.ii In-lpci mifl lalmii'iH. til Cf-yrnl ia I tn- iiu:--!!v. Apply <>('( n •- I'tmsolidaiiMl Pipp * '"jtiipany, TruMun .iiul I 'nion tivonuo. L' .vrniAi'Ti VK SALAUV vein F.XPK- K]KNL 1 l < :i> ItlOADV • t «.)-\VKAll SAl.KS- WOMAN WHO WiSITKS PKI4M ANENT ilMI'LHYMKNT. AUHOTT'S r>iu-:ss SHOP Kilti IS NINIUTKKNTII STItlCK 'Jfi Jj CAHK for small rhild In my nic in f>ilda!.r ^Ji"'^^* 18 ?^-. ______ . UK FINK P. ritpahte ludy would Itkc pnsl- lirm in KfiHlenian'f homt'. Write K<i\ ti-llii. The Calian-nKin. ____________ __.._-.?. KPKR — Kldfrly woman drsires I'himo l'-4iJH'.. 7U' Nuielt'finh. WANTKD to buy, old sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. 1609 West Eighth ntrg"l. Phone 9-9437. 35 EROWy'S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. FOR SALE — Reasonable, 6-room house with bath, service porch, automatic wntcr heater, stationary tubs, lot 52x127. Furnished or unfurnished. Will Bell eauitv. S e e owner 1 31 I. street. 26 FOR SA LE—On Alta Vista Drlv*. corner, 6"xloO, 3-bedroom house, lllvn«* room, dining room, den, breakfast nook* kitchen, two baths, email bnn«ment, screened porcb. two floor furnace*; newly painted; 2-car rara«c. Full pric* J97SO Immediate posnesiiion. For information call J. J. Consani, 9-9614, or 2-5487. L?d£ HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— If w« haven't what you want, we'll find It. San Joaquin Agenciei. Edward Moody, J812 "Bye." Phone 2-0653. 3-1-tf FOR SALE—Two-bedroom house, partly ONE-BEDROOM house in Golden Stat« For Rent—Rooms hn t h li" k 1706 KXT LEM A N , desi ra hie room , ad iniiiiiiK. outsitle fiitraiHT. One t4(iutli I'adie ht-tpl. Kef e rentes. Seveiiiei-nih _H(_I eel. ___ ______ ii'ouis and hath Hvailahle for tearh- PI-H Men IP if desired. Car necessary. 1'huiie :i"0!i!»7_ ____ __________________ "I ROOM in private home, on bus lino, walking diManro. t'toml bed. Call before 11 ;i. in. and afUT ^ P- m. Phon** Call us for real prices. E 7-7021 6-9-tf DTAMONDS. watches ind Id Jew«lry of any dancription' highest market prices aid in oaah. Karl McEvoy. precision watchr.iakvi. 318 Haberfetdr build ing Ph on e B-B ^ 9 7 WANTKD to buy, prewar console Wedpe- wootl can ntnKC. Must he excellent con- cluion. I'hone :! - '2 4 :!. 26 TWO \VANTEP~Tricycle for 6-year-old hoy. Must be in excellent condition. ' pay top price. Phone 2-26i»2. 26 WANTBI* TO nUV — S pressinK Iron. NICK K'MtM for K.-III li'inun. all vcnitMH-i'S ; us« uf phune. 1 -34 Private Sul^s of Automohilos and Furniune Financc-d SEABOAHD FJXAX-T: COMPANY 2300 Chesie.- Telephone i*-H4L'l h-21-tf usiness Opportunities FOP. SALt:— I'i (.PCI !? H Jit :on. k i '•!.<• ry t- t-% .uii'i. f :x .MI:\ TO OIM-:KATK KI.KCTIUC SI'HSTATlo.VS. STKAPY WORK. i ;oi .!> WAf IKS, K\'KN WIIILK v< >r LI:AKX. KSSKNTIAI. IN- hl'STUY. A\ A! LAHIMTY CKK- TIK1*'ATK NKt.'KSSARY. I'. <!• cv- I-;. COMPANY, IlAKIOUSKIKl.D. JMIONK ;.:-::!. ASK KOU .MR. u|J)KRSHA\V. \\'\\ : n;n r.oi.ii H f^l er . i !. ot in \ f- k f u t i . <> 1 1 ' !- (SIRI, <»K WOMAN Td DO HOOK- i BKAi'TlKri.l.Y fin•muh.-d room KKKIMNl.; AND CKNKUAL OK- KICK \VOliK. APl'LY DAVIS TO.. 1-100 (MIKSTKR AVKM'K. \\'ANTKP l)i'|)»'iiclnh|n \\hiii* womtui tor _ huvisi*\\ orlv and c-» r«* ot 1 invalid, j - - ., , : , ~~ 111?.,.., IT'S Alonierrv HAV1-: Inv.-ly homn. \\ill nha-p j.s ^lonieii j( T ]; lill ,. !)en pnvilOBes. Thone Boanl. room. «ood .sire, i matlres^. l'i\e windows. Near bun line and schools. _!'hone_i;-;t8iif». ___ _ ^S TWO KOfi.MS. with private euiranco, one room extra larse with twin hed», hath nnd half. (inra«e. Cenlleman preferred. IT,] 1 I' slr.M-t. halt-blork off Truxtun. Phone r>-;»;,90. _________________ _______________ with work- \VANT TO Bt'Y — U-o irreum rpfriKPrator. C to 4 ciimpartrnontH : atsd h^avy J-whofl ___tr;il|pr. Phonp 8^877 after 5:30. __ ____ ^7 WANTKD to buy, fan-iyne cooler. I'horif ALTA VTSTA—Duplex, 2-bedroom on one side and one on the other. Large liv- Inpr and dtnlnR room. Iota of tile In kitchens and baths, nicely furnished, con cr duct; to all rooms, uprinkliner BVKtem. On corner lot. Priced at only $9001). THREE-BEDROOM nearly new In nice location on Kasl Side. Completely fur- nis-ed. Nice yard with sprinkling system. $11,000. One-half cash. ON O STREET—Near 4-room home for only $2980. $1000 down. EAST BAKERSFIELD -Furnished room, sleeping room on sarase. $29JO down. WILLARn tf. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street. Phone 8-lT-tf furnished, J1100 down, balance $:ir. m onth. 319 Pecatur. $47f»0 BUYS almost new B-room slucco at 1406 Flowor street. Hardwood floors. Venetian blinds, tile kitchen, nice shade FOR SALE—One-bedroom plastered house. Tract, $2000 cash for equity, balance $27 per month. Hardwood floors, tile. floor furnace, wall furnace In bathroom. 2 ° Liggett street. Phone 2-4427. and fruit trees; F0xl50-foot lot. 2-!< 1 30. I'hon* 1 27 S. P. WORKERS ATTENTION— Nice grinise attached. Hardwood floors, tile .sink. Venetian blinds; beautiful lawn. X oarSk yln e. $ 37 50. Phone 3-2364. 28 $5650. wciau rifle. i'iet>r .30-32 or .35 \VANTKU— Remington Bliilu atiion. Phone ^- 2S ,\<ir ' 1 1 ' ; i 1 i • • i 7 ;ill I'-'J - S One \\'1L1. 1'l.A'M-; Hi nil' i' UNIT KIKM! _ I 1 !' SAI.KSWOMAN I'einianent emplo\-m*'in at in i rat-tive waces. Mil Ml have read\ -to- \\ ea r expei u-ni •>• Scl\ er'i* IJii-ss Shop - i :t - '.' .". 9 :' . rif»Un hiJCili'i; J,, p«";r (.('lit iiitf'M-.-:. I " <'Htl 'if Jl ;sh wa;. I'.'.u'' (jet \\r.-n : *' i s 7 . li'.v ' MiMfj t f. \V il ll •*MM nn*" -ii. 1 If i-n K-nsnn 4«,J a , : \ .1 '.ill i 1 'l ill-** till a U A|-! . l . t ij.. " SA \Mtffl Htnl tn »U' qu;i i i'-f x unilp. lo< n u-d in i^'MHl ^howinR *-X(i'll*-nt upturns un in I^Mirn"* foi ftet^ilfd inlurvna t inn A ! MI r\ pi f •• \MKill TI' •• nnt t I < ^ninpH \\\ , - ei M-IM-I I'HI i \ n .' \V A NT small business or u>\ »*rest. in onr. Hakcrsf i^ld or ' -cjiiaL. \\ file Box 77-< '. ) ;• i- . \\ \ NTKM i • .n \\ m K S\ .-}, t . MI i ', r..c L ,ii» t \ \ ' iH't*-t -Hi n a ml I \\' .\ N'l' I il t -- V i ttmt; nun Kcint: t " • i\ .HI ti M if i d I Icf.' i- inr pa ; I -da \ a nd Sii t n i 'la y u nr * m int-n cluri', \\ i M e Hnx in- ralilounan V S i;.X I'KniKNTKU Hltera'Um lady, poMtt ion att nil 1 1 1\ e Ma la i y. (.la ri >- rcHN Shop. 1S I S <'»sli*i -" i \ . Mr. tanldinu, 1'H 13-STOOIj or an, ti ted. ora n arir Main MMM-I in \\ \ N T K 1 » — M ( J H T ( 1 A 1 1 A i J 1C A TT K N D ANT. A I ' T L V A T I M T K 1 ) < ; A K A C. K . 1 :!01 KJciUTKKNTII. 3 O Hhoeniuln-i , Hux 141. -\v.i)*h( i at u| imli.shi-i . Moiit-v -miikintt usil inn inr nli man. I-JX l'KKIK\('l-:iJ ready-to-wear H pet iiiaii«'iu position, att rat t ive (la i nsmi'H 1'reMs Slup. 18 U sn la ry. \V — (lond cook and hoiiHekeeper. or BO home nights. Phone MA.HUl OIL COMPANY hiiH BlenoKrnnhie open i UK for well >jun lifted girl with flhorlhund and lyptnv oxperiencp Call 7-;!i41 between S and 5. Availability M'tcate required. For R«nt—Hou**« >»*V"V FfHMSHKI> ^-nioin rnitHRe. $'-'7: H-room i-miaBe. $:'.!'. All utilities' PH id Adults unlv. full tifler 4. phon.- For R«nt—Apartments Foil 11KNT — Tartly fnrninhfd cahin. Adults only, no pets. Paradise Motor i Inn. ' ' n Nin*Mewith Ktieeu room i hout»e, comi'l* ivly furnlslif-d. 21 ronm^. ^r'ucily butMiiHPH: a r^al moiH-y-niak^j . 11000 will handle. Tnylor & Taylor. I960 Che^tfr avenue. I'hone fi-6M*;i. l v J y-fuilt lh rind »R KALE—LeuHC, equipment and of ] r.-Mtool founlatn-lunrlu /n < du wn town UK a linn, dm UK hiK Kx* fll' nt r<-< Uf HM *>ri invfM mnnt. A. 't'^i Ini, I rttiO (.'h»'sT' j i M v \ nui AKY, _ i H4LK— t'ata ^with lefrilitratinn. with a leabe. Inquire 130 I*' en so, i ntucky, TIIIK MAN. r,O()l> SAL- POSTWAR OI-»- S'l'tiNK STOKKS. TWI';\Ty-FUl'HTK AND CJIKSTKH _ A v J-;N i ; i-: . __ _ _ s - ;i« - 1 1 MAN* WANTKI) for dniiy work. '"imi'ir.fMt anri helping in ItuUl 1. 1 v MH; (|ii;t rl-'i - if don ( il. L't. af'- r- ti :-;n touni. I'lii in »• B(T|LDlN<j BKHVU*K man for position with permanent company Must b* ahl« to furniBh birth • jriificatB. If inter- eated cull i-«ljb6, 8-17-tf WANTKI>— Tray hop and fountain Klrl. MiiFt he 18 or over. Boulevard Stop. _ Nineteenth ami _UH_ker. ___________________ -*> \\'AITRKSS WANTKD— Must be experienced. Freddie's Cafe, Twen- „ l v ' !" 0 H. r l 'L'!"! 1 ^LII 1 ? 11 ^? y j _ *L" vi'l ( - WANTKD— Collector for west Bak- pi-sfield. Writ** Box M-101, Call- furnian. nefe-pnceK. S-L'!*-lf D KNTAL HBHiHtnni wanted, experienced vireferrid. a \ e 1 1 1 1 iv Call in person I81M Cheatrr 2 9 'SKKKKPKR -Ht'fp fare fur I 'refer may on place. Phune 3-01 For JUnt— - Farm Land _____ LEASK — 40 ncres. Caeh or shareH. About 4 ml le» south of city, flood noil. Bood water rtghta. Phone g-3392. 28 For H>nt-— Ml«c»tlan»oum WHEKL CHAIRS, hospital bed* with lnner*pr!ng mattreMvi: walker*, rubber eheetlng; everything for Btck room. Folding chaim. Phone 7-7489 or 2-0067. "S»t r Wanted to MIDDLK-AOKT widow would tike to ahara ' l '' ' "' home. Phone 7-7322 26 UKNTLKMAN tracher wants room in private home, clone to Haul Bukerafifld High School. Urgent. Phone 6-69^ US WANTKD TO Bi;Y—Trlryrlo BII(table for rhlhl^Pj yearH old. _IMionf__«-fi^8r>. -" WIM, PAY CASH FOR OKK-SAI.K IJQ- I.ICKNSK. WR1TK BOX X-I»«. acri-s, adjoins HOIK: h in Trat-t, (situated on Helle Terrace; one 2-bedroum plastered home, hardwood floors, nk-e dining and HvhiR rooms, and one 2-rootn house, ga- rape and workshop; some very nice fruit trees. Shown by appointment- J. T. (Sy) Wicker IGtJO Chester Phone 1!-01^.I * si IT-PI. Two bedrooms and .sImping porch. Iniinediatr- possession. $."jf>00. AJ.TA VISTA TRACK—Nice 2-bedroom home on wide street, in nire district. Vpnetlnn blinds, larue blower-type cooler. ST.'.on. substantial down payinent. Oll.DALK—Kour-room modern house with B;ir;ine apartment rentinj? for $U5 month. 1-1^00. wilh about $17."»(l down. RICHARDSON & SIPPALT, 203 Hopkins RuildiiiR. 1'bone 7-7031 or 3-«422 27 !•'< »K SAF^R—One-bedroom modern home, hardwood floors, bathroom tiled in nastd rented house on same prop- home in 800 block on East Nineteenth FOR SALE, by owner. 6-room house in Oildale. Two bndrooms. living roont, din in s room and kitchen; nice lawn. Fruit trees, grape iirhor. berries; all ftMiced hi. Price $;i2r»0. Inciiiire at fourth house on Fairfax, north of JIagunden. 28 FOR SALTC — One of tho older houses. In Kocid condition. on wewt Nineteenth street; $.1000. $1500 down. $40 per month, including interest. A Rood modern ii-room home on Prink It rive (Virginia Tract), plenty of shad** and shrubi*. lenced-in back yard with fruit trees; $5500. substantial down payment, hitlance J-'M per month. COl'irs. A I.SO It'o It'll House uii stiinu \n ^t^^~ f". • - - -• • i ; • •• , — . *rlv. Roth bouses furnlHhed. Location I'o'n-room bungalow m boulhBa o Tract. - ,,- t 11 » i-.;, ,-: i««.,i,.fl «* S' 1 : 00. SlnnO cash. *.M) month y. 71*1 I.tlnc .street. Hiverview. 1 ", Kl Te jon a vRmie. OiklH IP. Inquire ot $1000 tfish. $:10 monthly, ('all .Mel Hay or .Jim Jarvis. Phrm* L'-nSTS, eveniiiKs 8-8131. Office 1524 KUihieenih H'ecl 28 BCSINKSS PROPERTY Kveninps 2-:i or - WANT TO BUY well drill with 4.">0-foot rable. 12-inch hii and baler. Hive full details. <ieorne Ray, P.ox 285, i'alrn- rtah*. C CASH for set of used tracks for 2-ton Ihdt caterpillar truUor. rimne CONSOLE RADIO or combiniiliou railio ;uid phonoKntph. Pay cash or trnde. Kour-fooi Central Elect i if i ef riKerainr or RemlnKlnn portalile lypewriter, like e w . 2 20.1 Mon'erey. Wanted to CASH and quick action when you want to sell your home or ranch. No deal too large or small. Buyers waiting. Call Elmer Martin, 2-9294. 220 Haberfelde building. SELLING HOME OR FARM? PHONE 2-0653. LISTINGS NOT NECESSARY. HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD W. MOCDY, 1812 "EYE" STREET. __ S«15-tf Have opened by own office. Ne«d listlnci badly. Buyers wsitlnr WlbLARD B. BAKKP 1414 »«v«nts«nth Phons 6* WANT TO BUT from own*r. in Eant Bakerslield. 4-468S. 3-bedroora houae. Call TWO-ROOM niofleru house, ono arre. J1280 full price $900 cash Will consider fai-tory hull', trailer houee. Route U, Box t. Garden Drive, ^ mlleH youth. turn at Collins 1 Market, first Bmall hniiFo racing west. Also refrigerator for sal.-. ___ __ ____ __ ________ ..... _. - • NP PAHK— Co/.y two bedrooms. yjir-1. I'lenty shade trees. S1SOO down, balance euey ierm«. By owner. Visln ~ _ _ ONK acre, Kast Niles street, with 3-bedroom home, nothing expensive but comfortable, furnished if desired. Some fruit trees, lots of chicken equipment, $3500, some terms. Ken Mynatt. Phone 2-4386. 26 FO RSALK — Four-room house in Oildnle. Haa shower and a u' (.inn tic water heater. Lot 60x160. Price $1875. reanonable down pa ymenL See at 710 El . FOR SALE, by owner. 1-bedroom home, 33216 West Harding In Riverview. Ca*h or termi to icliable person. * EIGHT BLOCKS Bouth of Clock Tower. 65-foot frontage, with goofl building ihiit can eapily and cheaply be made into home or rental. All improvement* In and paid for. This ii a ateal for $1600 caHh. Phone 2-3392. __ THANSFERRKD, SO MUST SELL, QUICKLY AND HAVE riUCED THE PRICE ACCORD- 3NOLV. LARGE TWO-BEDROOM HOrSE AT 719 PACIFIC. PHONE 2-8861. 27 IAI.MKDIATK pnesessum. 5-rootn unfurnished, well-located home. Sunset Park Tra« l. $7i)00. $_."»00 down. St j e Warde 1). Watson, 2J20 Chester avenue, i'honn ^7 I For s;ilc or lease—On Twenty-^irst street, business building, brick with cement basement under entire building, 1!L- blocks from fu- SPK.-IAT—Almo.1 new 2-hodroom home \\\^ holllp ° C Bai ' kCl ' Brothers. that is really a beuutiful bouse. H has I hone owner, the finest kitchen that 1 have seen in vearB, l.ti'RR living room. stet*. Venetians throughout. The yard is all fenced, has tree roses, barbecue. Thin home is completely furnished, nnd I mean furninhed, linens, fine tlitOiPH. elect r It: Frigida ire. sweeper, toaster, Mix master, 'Maytag wanner, We;irever aluminum. In fact everything to make a home romplcte. This homn ia in Highland Manor. It ie- iHiiroH ubout $:!,",00 lo handle, but what a buy, 1SU7 H Street' " Phone 5-."»P09 or C- ONI3-BKDROOM huust 1 . corner lot; room to built another. Near Horace Mann School. Shade. Priced $2885, $1520 down; may consider less. Call "-0653 or^a-fiailfi. ____ __ 28 OILDALE" — Practically nevv 2-bedroom alucco. tile drain, hardwood flnor«, dual . floor turnace. Only $4750. $1950 down. J^ month. Syl ^IcNinch, with H. A. Aloorn & Son. 1515 Klghtcenth street. I'hone --12(i8. eveningj* 6-61fiS. 27 T\\'O-Bli:r)Uf>OM houHf. purtly furnished. Cood locution, near school nnd lm«. Plpnty of shade. I'rice only $47(45. JlMXfi dnwn: may consider less. Phone --06f.;t or ^-5:i O1LDALR 11-nnlt court, completely furnished. Income $347.50 per month. A-l ehape. »21.600. A neat little home, ?2S50. term*. Soiilhgate— Half-acre. 6-room home, close tn. $K50. lernii'. Southeast Bakersfield. furnished duplex on corner lot, $3985, small down. D. f\ iSlim) M y n a 1 1 p ho n e8-898 6 , 2 FOR HALE by owner, leavine town, modern "-bedroom home, hardwood floors, tile sink. 1114 Harding. I'hone 7-7280. 27 BV OWNER—Two-bedroom house in Kl C'amino Park. Steel Venetian blinds throughout, alr-condlttonlng system. 601 Kl Serrtno Drive. Phone 3-1440. H s k _ f o r_ Cl^y de A. Hen son. 2_8 FOR SALE, on Ferahing Btreet. In California Park Tract, our home, with Hll prewar furniture. Large lot, 60x150 feet, private enclosure in back; lovely ahade, lawn and shrubs. Can be bought wit& or without furniture. Must b« wen to lie appreciated. Phone 2-3871. 29 THREK-BEDROOM HOMK Eight rooma, two stories, bath and half, Moulhwent section, Roosevelt Sobool diH- trict. Lovely MvinK room, sunroom. biff sleeping porch; double garage, lawn, treen and shrubs. Quick poHaeB HUhstantial down payment. Taylor Tnylnr. 1660 Chester avenue. rhone UNIT apartment house, furnished, i HiRhway 99 SIX-ROOM bouse, and 3-room house, on one lot, in Mena Acren, near Sterling Grocery, on Normandy Drive. Klliott. Route 7. Box 47. INDUSTRIAL SITES 207-foot frontage. 132 f«tt de«p. On Chester avenue, with aervice itation And •Qulp- nient. ^ Junk yard. 100x360. LoU of 1="?,^^ ^"sasrv-ssa: i B^K D L^S ^'v,«.. ,.„-. CMose to Woman 1 * Club. Eighteenth HIre*>l. llt.r.OO. Freal W. Harvey. 203 prower building. Phone 2-4260; eve- Good for •ubdiviiion or industrial site. South— Two 5-acre tract- that would maka beautiful home aiten. Olon Bryan. 1671 Cheater avenue. 29

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