Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 4
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m i ^j ^ina Mmw^ ftammki wtmafo^vtaatm *, im 8eeoBd<€UM MatUr. Umpam BatM Had* Knowm no h tai Ctaa ei^, iMira* 1M WMk 10 MB U Aw Monm .44 orata Oa* T MT IS.M I By Van. O M- TMT luMe «NiBt7 ..It tM year aatoMa ctiaty 9tM ArM Month!. In adranca.'f 11.00 sita* Month, in adTasco .44 •mCIlL PIPES, CITT OP BAS* SET. Velephaaai - . 18 Bntlneaa Offlcs - - - - - . 18 •dltorial Room • - - - • . tu mm MORE WATER ADVICE AN DRECIPE FOR RHEU MATISN AND KIDNEYS. A Splendid Home Mixture for the Bladder, Kidneyi and Rheumatism Easily Mixed at Little Expense. "The people here do not drink <>noi)gh water to keep heaUliy." exclaimed a well-known authority.' "The numerous oases of kidney and bladder diseases and rl.eiunatlsm are mainly due to the fact that the drinking of water, nature's greatest medicine, has been neglected. Stop loading your system with medicines and cure-alls: but get on the water waxon. If you are really sick- why, of course, take the proper medicines—plain common ve.Retable treatment, which will not shatter the nerves or ruin the stomach." To cure Rheumatism you must make the kidneys .do their work; they are the niters of the blood. They must bo made to strain otit of the blood the waste matter and acids that cause rheumatism: the urine must be neutralized, 80 it will no longer he a source of irritation to the bladder, and most of all. you must keep these acids from fortrilne in the stomach. This is the cause of stomach trouble and poor digestion. FVtr these conditions you can do no better than take the following nrescription: Fluid Kxtract of Dandelion; one-half ounce: Tomponnd Kargon. one-half ounce: Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla. three ounces. Mix by shaking well in bottle and take in teaspoonful doses after each meal and at bedtime, but don't forget the water. Drink plenty and often. ' This valuable Information and siin- n'e prescription should be nosted up In each household and used at the first sign of an attack of rheumatism, hack- acbe or urinary trouble, no matt^T how slight. - ^ ^ Itaniinefc it, will * baaemept of tbo-: Smooth, ridi. firwrrat— a hupm nuprite tor coffei^ :la^; AdoUeclin^ «)dfic blending of "Old " Cotfees. with a pleanng individually. OLD . GOLDEN is not sold in bulk, but always comes air- and moist- packages—your Vrotection. Askyour grocer. XSa. Pmmml Bes MoliMt. Iowa. NEWS OF LA HARPE KE("EI'TIO> F<Ui .MISS TRAXD.ILL. DEACONESS, TO.HORROW MOIIT. .StuiIciilH to Attend liukrr Baiii|net Dec. S9th— Font Hall Enibnitlasti Fairer for (i'onie—PcrsonalH. Tlwnk<igivtii|r Party. A Tlianksgiving p.irtvithat will ever I M* rememhered by all that were there was spent nl. the home ot Miss Flossie Howell last Thursday evening, November lltilh al her home on 500 .Vortli Miilu. The evening was spent in a. enjoynlile wa.v. Refreshments were served and at half past eleven, the following party of jolly high, school iftndents departed for their homes: .Misses .Mandie Brown, Zoe Donnan. llella Newman, l.,oIa Mc- Ginni.s. Anna Dark. .Minnie Plew. Ethel .Maxey, Alta McOinnis, (Jrettp. Funk, (trace Stevens. I'earl Wagner, Nellie Urown. Nellie Howell and Florence I.»in-e assisiod in entertaining .Messrs. Ralph .Morrison, .Sterling J Reed. Owen Limes. Ralph Stephenson. H«i«Ran!i (pllr.1 on President. (prof. Mercer. .lehn llnmillon, Oliver Washington, Dec. Senator Cnr- riark. Uiidolpli iVl-ernnd Dan Moore- fl8 of Kansas yesterday called at the ji^nd White house to present to President Mis.s Bessie Crandall, an evangelist deaconess and a graduate of the Flake Trainii.ig School of Kansas City, will come itr i<iin<irrc»w rr<mi Htimljoldt to \Ks\M tlie paslitr of (he .M. K. church for I lie ne.xi I wo montli.s. She will call on the sick and new comers in the conMuunliy and lake part iu the various meetings of the church, giving especial nitention to Sunday school and league w<irk. When the revival meetings are on in January she will ussisi I he pastor. i\ reception is to lie given MifH Cnindall iu the lecture rcom of the church tonuirrow evening to whicli all ire invited. Light refreshuieuts will be served al. Ibis reception. The re- ceptliiii hrmrs are from 7:30 to !!:::«. ICvery cue i.s invited to attend. i>aniioe|t It. Will mnly be held in the M. B. church at lola. Jl. W. A. Elea Offlwn. The Yolldwingr are; the officers of the.M.iW. A. elected Ttauraday night: Wm. Newman, V., C; Geo. Stelnbroow, W. A.;! Wm. Alexander, banker; Jas. Clark, clerk: John Padgett, escort; Wm. Kennedy, sentry: Wm. Plew. raanager. . The inatallatlon of the of- flcers will take place next Tuesday evening. . Ijidl«s' A M V The memt>er of^the J^Adles' Aid society of the Presbyterian church are today meeting with Mrs. A. W. McDonald, t, Only Konthie BoNlnnR. At the regular meeting of the council last night hut little business outside of the routine matters was transacted. Goods Rrcelred. The first shipment of goods for (he P. M. Dally store arrived yesterday Mr. Daily will open for business as soon as his entire stock arrives and is set up. To Open Soon. A new moving picture show will soon be opened In the opera house. TO CrRE COLO IN ONE OAT. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund monay if if falls in cure. E. W. GROVE'S signa- | ture Is on each box> 2nc. JV<^ *Tree DeiT' Bribes To Gi^ar Dealir^ It is a oonimoa practice tar mani^cturers of cigars lo p£^ tiie dealer a *eer9t induemient. The scheme is to sell him "iO cent" C^ars at say $70 a thousand and throw in a hundred dgara free —10 per cent discount ' Your biisiness judgment will tell you that such a "free deal" is made with a 10 per cent iBa- count in quality. The smoker pays the ragtuar price and gets the worst of the bargain. The dealer loses in the long run. For it tahu Ml vatu€ cigafa to hold trade. erit Alone Sells Mercantile Ci A cigar manuAutxirer must either give qaaUty or "frm* d»aU." There is no middle ground. We decided in favor of quality—errAfcen yean ago.- Mercantile Cigara have never been sold by premium. oOers. Never by "tree deals." And they never will be. We have centered our efTorts on making cigars that satisfy. We buy the best Havana Tobaccd. It comes from the same plantationa, year after yeti, A member of our firm selects the cream of each neascn's crop. It is all ripened in Havano and properly cured and o^ed. Il is made into "Mercjutiles" by hand, in clean, sunlighted rocm.s. The largest factory in the Uiiitrd States devoted exclusively to O'.f. brand of high-gisde citars. Mercantile Cigars are always the same, no matter where you buy tbAi. The aami: i,ood smoke, yes»erday, today ond forever. And i every one is fall value. . (' Ask your Cigarman for a "Mercantile'* out of Rice's G/a .7s Humidor-^lOc, and 3 for 25c Kk-c'» <;in»s lluijii.iar is tl.<- urii'innl f >ri >l ^ r.:> • it- rrs.jlul ir'a*.'! c;K.*»r jur. Air tit:iit. Ki-« i:s ".vicii '.,..'ii, ,*• in perfect sttiuLmif eoi ;i ;?ti "-v :<.;.,i.iH- iiiiUu.^. i ,.i i-liniate sITt'cls thrin. I*,-;^. r,* wiil ^..jive iui. wiih ".\Ieri .taiil*-'..*' fit c,f ihi.. } .i. i: vr..: .t. It yt»ij I^r.y your ti'un.-'i.r i .t ^i. I- 1 ;i ? <r. t |iutn- f ities of 5(>. y «i :rrtl,*j.I. I- V. .1; . fl.c i;. Ixitc's C,Iai%'. ll'.iiitiJor witMoiit ;tt:i!;t.'' (.J. .1^1*. Kager for (Jamo5). The font ball enthusiasts of La Harpe are eager for the fray between the Triplets and the Chanute tk) Devils on Christmas day. .Vfter thei defeat Thnnksglving day It was feared by some that liie fio-nevlls would not como Christmas but this imiiresslon was prron^eous. The (Jo-Devils arc practicing dally and declare that they will win the battle. Captain Hrennan will give the local team Just enough practice to keen them in fine fettle. OSTEOPATHT— DB. U .11. ALRRIOIIT. Registered Osteoiiathlc Physician. State Bank mdg. Phone 14G. Only Osteopath in IJL llarpe. PrrHonals. Marshal Donald was in lola yesterday on orriclal business. Among the loluns in the cliy yesterday was W. O. Lenharl who spent several hours visit lug old friends and ransiicling liusiness. V. i. I'oweM. of Yates Center, may become a \ji llarpe resident, lie was here yesterday looking over the town. Mrs*. A. X. Rnnson Is entertaining her sister. Miss Ifertlia Wai.son of Kansas Cii.v. O. V. Robins in lola yesterday on business. Miss Clara Crangle spent yesterday ith Miss Rilla Egle. S. .M. Malcolm is enjoying a visit from his sisters. .Mrs. Mary Hawley of Shellrock. Iowa, and Mrs. M. .1. .M.a- lieney of .Mnlvane. Kas. THE iO>.STIPATIO> KVIL. s ResponNlltle for .Host Cases iif Piles Roosevelt a parfv of hns-iness men from the state, who are in the ciiv on matters pertaining to the executive departments. The party Included Henrv Sinclaire. John Overfleld. .Toe Tom'inson and .1. C. Welch of Tnde-, nendence. They will have a confer- For Baker I^ancinet. Rev, llenhani. pastor of jthe M. E. church, is securing a list of (he students and prospective students of Baker university to attend the annual Hakcr Cniverslty students' Itanquet which Is to bo held at lola on the ence tomorrow with Secretarv Car- evening of Tuesday. December 29th. field of th^ Interior department. The La Marpe young people now^ln Constipation paralyzes the blood easels of the lower bowel, and often causes piles. Women, and all other Indoor workers, are the most frequent sufferers. Mat curing constipation alone won't cure piles . A special medicine Is needed—internal treatment, to strengthen the flabby veins and start pure blood circulating. Dr. T^nhardfs Hem-Rnid Is the on ly Internal pile cure. Sold under guarantee. |I at Chas. II. Spencer Co.. or Dr. l.,eonhardt t:o.. Station II. Hiirrnlo. V. Y. Wrtle for booklet. WKOOEO 22 YEARS. If ycur dealer docs not carry Ivlcrcantile Cigarr., nc:::l uu IY.-V.-.G zv.d we v-iil arrangfe to supply yi F, R. Rice .Mercantile Cikar Ce>., St. Iitiui.'j* 'lilo. J ictory .jojMn: cist. of.^iiscon NEOSHO VALLEY. -O Official statement or the Unanclsl ciimlltion of iho Alien C'oiintj .Stall! Hank ul lolu. .Slate of Kun .>i.iN. al tlie E. H. Crook and family spent last 1 ;''"«• H'^^^ti. .inv-f .No/pmber Thanksgiving Day al " " i'** I!, r.. Clark's. east of Plnu.o. Frank Rale. Clarence Liitz and Roy Hanklns took in the footliall game ai Chanute last Thnr.sdny. Mrs. Wash Dickey's father. Mr. Kuni liley. of. Ottawa, visited her last week. Mr. .1. Reahm and wife and Mr. Price, ail of Mi. Ida, were at Frank Cay's one day last week. Mrs. Iteuhm attended ilie teachers' association at lola. S. K IluiiHen has bills oiii calling IlESiiUlirES Ijian and ilLs.-oiuii.'i t ii'AMQ 27 Ovenlrufls 7.17 .Vi nncouiii 2.t!t>ll 1 1 Itlier ilunil.t ami Wurrr.nUi Iii,.'iil0 UO Casli lteni<i anil <"lfarlnK-boiise lleins •j.wo 47 ^a^tl and sik'iil eiiMi:in;'e. Ip^'al re servi- JM .IHt 6.1 C.'lpitiil SltA-k Snrnltis , rniliviii»-,l I'lotils . Intel rsi K\clmiig- Total I.IABII.ITIl'S. TVM.M'l 7:: attention to the large list of things [ {^l^iT^'";;!! tt^^^^ that he will sell ai public aiiitioii on Tliiir.sday, December Illlh. I-'rank (lay's faniiiy attended the big Thaiik.sgivlirg dinner at C. R. I'eck's. J. P. .Maxwell and family relnnied from Hutler County. Mimday wliero they liad been visiting friends liefdie caving for Culifornia. Tliose who "expect to accoH>pany Mr. Maxwell to California, have Joined wllh lilin In chartering a car. which will be loaded with horses, household good.s, etc.. ihe last of this week. Earl Guy will go with this car to care for the stock. hVlends of Frank Ilurdin in tills vicinity extend congratulations 10 him on the event of his marriage.: .lohn Sherrill is now moving onto Ihe .Maxwell farm, ^-hich be has rented for the coming year. J- S. T.iylor made a trip to Chanute one day last week. On Wedne.sday of last weak. .1. W. Rrown and family came over from Oas City and on the following day NU-. Itrown and his niother went over to Missouri on u visit, and .\rrs. .1. W. Hiown remained at .1. T. Hiown's null the visitors returned. .Mrs. M. P. .lacoby returned from Ft. Scott on Friday of last week, and .Mr. Jacoby Js expected home wion. OnMonday J.S. Taylor delivered six of his line .lersey heifers to parlies in Oklahoma and on the following day received an order from a .Inlinsoii (^». man for a cow. • CcrtirK-at«-^ 1 M<'|Misils. 'I'llTAI ... f^>,Of..l«. 6, 7 .4-^ M .,-|i> l^ 1". I.S, I.,;- (ij J>^.020.* \ f• M •<.'l 7 t STATE OK KAfJSASi Allen t'oniity 1 1. TlidH 11. |](.Wilis. I'ri-sldPnt iif >niil h.tiik ilo siilpiniilv .swftar that ihu alHive •.luieiutriii U true: ilial siiid tiank has mt Ila1illlilc.<. ui.d K not Iniliirser ua any noip or olillk^alli.ii, nitn-r tImnHhownon the aliove statement, to tin? liCNt of iny linowledKe and helipf. so help nii- tlod. THUS. II. KOWf.lI.--. l're<UIent. Siili^crilieil and sworn to hefore me, this 2I.U day or IWi-einlier. (•.mi Myrlle A, Newman Nolary fulillf i:oniiul>isloii explre.s on the '.itU day of .luly. ItilJ. COKHKUT A TTKST: AW. Hf.uK. W. .(. K.VANS I.. t;-HK*TTV. i W. I. nikTKi.<> I ; riIKF.<Ti'R;J. • GOLDEN VALLEY. O I -o For iby's Sake keep a bottle of this reliable medicine always'in the house, where it "wiil be ready at tumd any {hour of the day or night • Four generations of • modiersr have used Dr. p. Jayne's lectorant The BoosfTrttH Celebrate Anniversary of Their Marriage. Wjishington, Dec. .1.—The President and Mrs. Roosevelt yesterday cele 'irated in a quiet way Ihe anniversary of their marriage at St. George'; church In I.rf)ndon 22 years ago. Xo format function was p .ri^nge »d. The ;reFident has a busier day than usiia He.^ide attending to his official duties It the \Vhlte offices, he went In •he morning to the celebration at St ratvick's church for the sixtieth an •.Iversary of the Austrian emperor's tscenslon to the throne and in the af- 'eri'pon he received the Chinese spe- Ma! envoy and sulie In the east room If Ihe white house. —Slim painting, phone 115U Pred Rowden HAMBURGER A LA CIGARETTE. £xp< in esses of Croup and Whooping-Cotieh with splendid resotts. It is also recognized as an effective remedy for Oooghs, Cokls, Bronchitis. Pleurisy, Inflammation of tiie Lungs or Chest, and affords great relief to sufierers from? Asthma. Your druggist keeps it In three sise bottles, $1.00, SOc. and 2Sc. Be. D. Jayoe't Saaative Pflb are a gende and :e0ecUye ttutative for chOdreft; a splendid liver mcdidne Food Inipectton Makes a Coffeyvllle. Find at Don't smoke cigarettes while you are preparing a hamburger sandwich for it is against the pure food laws The nure food Inspector was iff Coffeyville Tuesday and that Is one of the many fanlts (e had to find with the way in which food is being dished out to the public there. The Inspector claims that cigarette smoking by 1 cook while on duty Is a strict violation of the pure food law and pro- noses to stop the practice. He discovered such a case in one of the chile "dumps" in Coffeyvllle. This inspector took a look at some of -the hotels: there, loo. and fotmd things that did not suit him and he ordered a general clean-up, handlne out the directions of what to do. with the kitchen, when to cease uaing cer- Uin foods and how much lime to throw in this or that corner. A'l these thinn^ must be done he saya %nd they must be dean and the fool tnust be wholemtaie according to the pure food lay the next time he comes around or he will tak(« some longer Btepa towards buaiaa protection. Our rain ami electric display w.ts immense. Mr. Ocorge Andrews little d.aughter fell down stairs and broke her arm Ifer mother was getting ready to make a visit in Texas, but she has had to stay at home. Foster Fronk dined with Mr. and Mrs. Oullett Friday. He reiiorfs his wife improving. ' Mrs. Delia Kackiis and mother. .\rr. and Mrs. Smart, Mr. and .Mrs. Tip Williams and children. Helen and Hue lah Kohler and Ida Kerr were Ihe guests of .Mr. and Mrs. Oullett since our last. Oiial Moor had the grippe. She spent Friday with .Mrs. anllttt while her parents went to lola. Mrs. Smart's sister. Anna, came up Friday and rsturned Monday 10 Parsons. Mrs. Hardesty accompanied her son in-law, Ifarry Hocken to lola Jlonday. and went to Pratt Countv. her home. W. Sears, Ed Boyer. Tip Williams. I. W. Gullett. Harry Hocken and F. Jfyers entertained a few of their friends on Thanksgiving. \V« do not have to_call hp over the phone to get the prices for one of Ihe lola .Merchants has an ad in the paper ever.v day. A number of the stores have an ad. \» about their dry goods, but the farmers, want to know what they are giving for p^-odnce before they go so far. Joe fJriffith is not so well this damp weather. OmCIAL STATEMENT of the Unanclnl condiUon of the tola .State Hank at tola; State of. Kansas, at the elo.s.. of tiuslnes-son ihi) iTlh day of Noveiulier. V.<u»: KfXOI.'KOKS. lAians and dl<icoaats ^!H.K9 or> Ijuan.s on real estate 11 .diH 7•>, Overdraft-s. > itcal Esiitc—.'. —- l.7lf. If? Furniture and U.xtures < K'.'i'.ns Kxtx-nse noi.-onnt l.WC .lu Canh Items and clearlnK-house Items I A^7 7.t l>.sh acd.slxhiexi'hanKe loi^alrem'rve ffSfiVZ hi Other I!e<«iiirce.s. Judgments and tJhallols Our Windows Will Give You Ideas Hatch onr constantly changing windnn.s. Efery day w«« linTe them filled H HI I Nuggestire articles sniluble for the Christ­ mas prexenl nhirh you kiiDW ynn nlll Imre to I HI.V, (lime in and let ns laj II nwny for yon. Leffler, Ih^ Jeweler Total I.IAH1IJTIK.S. Capital .sloelc. iKi Id in Surplus fuiiil luteresl KzchnnKe Individual deoisilK CertlUoatex of deposit ()ashler'.s and eerltOed eheoks i:iearlui;-liou:!0 ecrtlliean-., ... Vitae-Ore liw.'j.W 'xi 1 A\'e have .secured the complete line of VITAK-ORE Remedies which com.. *r.'..wo.OO, . , .. .iin.iiKi.'pn:-;'^: . i^WH :ii ..' m 41 ..IC.J.ll.U' K> ..;l 4IMW •-•no T.ilal , .tl'M'J" •)« STATU OF K A MSAH. i _ rotJ.STVUlf AI.I.KS. I I. J. II. Cainpliell. l':iNbler of .said tsiuk. do solemnly .swear that the utxiye stnioineiit is true, that .said I LXS UO llaliillties. and is uol Indorseron any no.e or ol>Ui(ullon other tlian Bhown on the above Maicment, Ui the best of luy knowledne and liellef. So help me God. .1. ll.Ca^pbell. Oashlcr. SulMortbed and sworn to before Die. this -.'Dd day ot Uecemlier. JSEALI Frank Wood. Notary Public. OnmmlsslOD expires on the IStiiday ot.lnly 0'> 1912. t'OKRRI Attest:— I.. E H6rvlll« .1. A. Robinson Frank Riddle II. I,. Henderson . A. \V. Heck • fllrectors. VITAK.OKK V..». PILLS V.-U. TABLETS. V.-O. OREOLDfE and V..t». Knralypth.s Oil. Now un sale at Monuments! of the Financial Condicion uf the stale Savinirs Bankatluta. stale of Kansas, at the tlos,- ,.f Imsiness on the a7lh <Iav ol .Nov. lin.s. If you are contemplating the t Jr.- i erecUon of a monument or tab- a ^a^Sle-M2,77«7« Bi ,et. call and «ee „,.. Sour Stofnach I BHd CaiesrcU itnil r «*l llCi «liaw luiiiit I hH« «a a laServr Iroai djrilMipsU ^ .inm.^i, for |b« lut two T*>n. I bar* h.r\ elDcand oiherdmn, but eoiild Dn for a sbort ilm«. f will r>e.>ininaii frlaiKts u lb* only thioE for I r lunuub %ui t» k*r\t iho lM>wiiU lu KWM I COB- aillrtii. Tb<raroTerr airalavkl/' tkkliis ntill- 11^ fflief fiuly .CMrireU la Uarrjt atuekUy. Mraeb OlliiBk. Pk. R.:»«i <«i Overdraft;;.'."—1 ,]}} » Bank BuildiOK ..rOO on Kumitareand fixtures ,-- l.-" 1' Expense .\coount --iM' !>' Other Bonds and Warrants ••.Kt ft Hems and Clearinf; House Items. 20 W tiuh and si(?ht .exchange, legal rcser\e ai.lM M Total,. J.!*.r.t2 </.' LiAiiLrru.s. Capital Slock paid in J.^l.MiVOO Interest ... ....................... 4".;i ;« ExchSnpe V*y~ Individual Deposits - - t-..'->o -S'J Certificates of rieposil* ' l,t>o VO ToUl ifM.tV'M State of Kansas. ^ Allen County. \ I. If; Hotjart. Cashier-of »«id t>aiik. doisol- { emnly swear thai the iitiove statement. U true; that .said bank has no liabilities, and is not en- dorncron any note or obligation, other than .Qhown on the above statement, to the best of my. knowledee and l>eliei. So helpme Ood. U. llobart. Cashier. Snli.sciit>etl and si^rn l.>l«efore me. this nrd day of Dccimt>er. iW*. , K. CUDOinKhain Notary Public. ' Commission expires tm Ihe a'.lh day <>l Kebriiary , COKRKCT. Attest- ' J. 11. Aniell I • Uuiloti K. Clifford I I C. II IlKCIute I>Ireclor<. U. M. MHIer ; i i ftaok Bale I I let. call and see our new and up-to-date stock of Foreign and American Granites. We carry the best that can be obtained the market. Our shop U ilppcd with a new compresa- etl 2ir lettering machine for lettering and tracing. Our prices are the very lowest for first class work. Call and see us and get prices. We want your business. J.C.COFPIELD&SON Phonens.1. 220 West St steal Rails Here. ; Five cars of ateel ritlu for the Union Portlanl switch, at Gas. City arrlv. eil yesterday and the wbrh Will be p^ished from no.w on. The ties for l^eal Estate, Insurance city and Farm Loans J AIW Rate. Annual Intereat. I'aymentji received at any time without notice, and ia* terest censes on amount paid. l,onir or Short Tlno LoAaa. Cunninsham & Amttt «i3:ri¥»iiiV«/J?a^2ra.°£?iJJf52a the awltch an-lved apme-time-ago and \ haretbeen di^tribuntd ahmg the toiite,

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