Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1907
Page 2
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1 THB lOIjA PAUT m p. Ju, HOKHBCF, TlM^lmlifal^ fit StltNTtanli IflelfiMitf Bstabllili^ 1. LI BBlfXBAVfiS. HSLTHrrFBOinE, iMl. CidAb Love M» and the World is Mine? I wander on as in a dream. My ^>al a paradise roust b^. For th^re iu> angel waits, •twoiild fieem. Yet ;lo, dear lioart. 'tis only thee. ' Suns Oiay shine to light my way, .dJBar. .• We^lihi'be mln? for aye. dear. Gueens may pledgo. tlielr riches, tbo;. Yet the world would still be lonely ."With Biich virtues only, Life io itip, dear, means just you. • * + • To Elect Offieftrs. Tlv3 Lady Maccabees will elect officers fof" the coming year at their regular review Thursda>' afternoon at two o'clock, at the K. of P. hall. All member^ ar^ requested to be present. * * * ! A Fashion Hint. LoTelp ar^ tlu% eveniuR bags, of •white Irish crochet, lined with white silk and;mounted in goM frames. A chic departure In theater waists Is the separate ^ist of chiffon, generally black, and\worn over a pale- colored or white foundation. The npw sleeve, called the "step-, ladder," is an outgrowth of the ki- mona slfeeves and consists of a sue cession'of deep folds one over tli.T other, narrowing in as they reach below the>elbow. A novel idea of the winter is the veiling of ribbon under folds of chiffon, 80 that there is Just a suggestion of the ribbon's color. Jet is-i very modish both in garnitures asd in accessories. One' sees all theold-time ideas in Jet necklaces, bracelets, etc.. reproduced after models worn by our grandmothers ana with enouch new details to make them particularly attractive. A toucli ThBreF "Where are you going?" . "doing after a sack of Um Smt^atmrnimonT. My wife won^ use anything else." itmwiom Miff* A Ovm Oom Ijifl".." • • I ' of black ie often the one thingineed • d to giv-9 style and distinction to B costume, and the'Jets answer this de ninnd admirably. .'. l.arge single cameos form oval broaohea or lace pins. Other*of snial' siez are set in rows of f<)ur or ftvr to form bar pins. Pretty .lud»Kd ar. I lie stickpins with smsll cameo h^art^ and the studs consisting of a, pal: of comeos. * + • Tutt<Wood Nuptials. ' The marriage of .Miss Itym^ Tlioni ton Tutt. daughter of Mr. anij Mrs , Frank J. Kownsloe Tutt. of Vl"ii j bash avenue, Kansas City, ni^l Mr Frank EUmer Wood, of IoI .Ti. Ka».. wll! be celebrated Monday eveninfe. D*' ccmber 16. at Independence Avcnu- Methodi.«!t Episcopal church. 5 Aflss Tutt will be attendeil by bor sister, Mrs. A. "Wl Jfackie. as iJratron of honor, and Miss Helen G. Tntt. maid of honor; Miss X?ll|e K.- Tutt. [Miss FIcta Speaker. Miss RMrabetl' i V^ernon and Miss Belle •, as I bridesmaids; little Misses Louise Ha mel as ring bearer, and Virginia Ha niei as flower girl. Mr. Irvine Ti^t.. brother of tb brde, will attpnd Mr. Wood' ay boy' I man; Mr. Wilbu.- R. Berry. Mr. A W. Mackie Mr. Tom Trumbft. Vr Herbert W^lhtner. and Mr, OtisIIe.-Jt v.-ocd, of lola. Kas.. will act a» ush ers. Entertainments p'anned for- Miss Tutt include a card party. Tuosday December 10. by Mrs. E. A. Ireland: a card party. .Wednesday. December n, by Miss FI"fa SoeaKfr: a kitcl-"-- shower, December 12. by Mrs. .\. W Mackie; a luncheon for the briday Party on Friday, December 13 by Mis; ElizabMh Vernon: Saturdav fS^r-^i ber J]4. a luncheon for the brida' r-arty in the French room at the Ho tet Baltimore, by Mrs. George Fred erick .Hamel.—(Kansas City Jonma' , t * * Postpone Party, The weekly party of the T. C. dnl win not occur this week because o the lecture which occurs ou Tuesda.* svening. the 'tim^ of the club's jiarty .Mrs. Phil Helple w.-is to have b.-c; the hostess. ! * * • To Exhibit China. ,. The many friends of -Miss Mar- Cliamberlnin. of Humboldt, wlio jir iiiterestod tn seeing an elrilKirato c«' K.cllon of hand painted ch|iin. will li- r<?cciv«4 on .Wednesday aTtemoon at the home Mrs. T. S. Stover on North Cottonwood street. MISS Ch*m berlaln hi president of the local Art club and Is an artist of much ability. Those who, fleslre to purcha»3 articles for Christmas gifts will find this k most convenient opportunity. •!• <• •> W. C. r. U. Meeting. Tie Wlomnn's Chrlstlaa Temperance Union will meet on Friday afternoon with -Mrs. M. M. Wjlliiunson. 215 South Buckeye stre?t. •> •:• Afternoon at Cards. Mrs. L«lgh Hunt. 222 South Oak street, will give a card party on Fri- iay afiernoon for members of tlis !-'riday Euchro c'ub. + + * Entertlain Wednesday Club. Mr. iv.u\ .Mr.-?. Paul Klein will be at home to members of the Wednesday -evening. JL JU JU Have Sale and Tea. Ladies of the First ward who nn iienibers of )h" Presbyterian churr!' will participato in n tea and sab- o! Xmas gifts on Thursday afteninon :it the home of Mrs. Frank Riddl<'. JU' i^ast street. • •:• To Continue Exhibit. The two ilav.s of l.'\>it wer>1:. Frida'- Mid Satiinlay. WITO ni.ide consplciioUB I'^c.'iusp of the -Art cluli'.s exhibit in •l>rnry bail, and (be many fririiil-; in h.-" club members worn M > iiil'Tf.'ti'it n the event that the <liib wil' kfip >peii liuuse today and touiorrow at III' sniiie place. The reception coni- iiillt^^ wil! endeavor to ni:ike th.^ or •asiou I'ic.Ts.Tut for the sufsts am! niisic will be rendered at intrrviil.-. rhese \v)io i;ave work on displ.-iy jir.-r Mrs. A. C. Thonip^nn. v.;)icr color, li!: Mrs. Carrie Hvr.!. china; Mr.'i. -niWc Thnmv.'^nn, .Mi-s. A. 1,. vlo-ir.'Iu ni' fh?ii:i: Mrs. I'l no • O:;' onif. I)i;rnt wooil; Mrs. .1. .Miijor. vatcr Oiilor. cliina: Mrs. O. K. Biis'i leid. riiina: Mrs. L. Haniisii. oil: Mrs. Hi H. Richardson, china: Mr.<. I H. .Joue?. oi'; Mrs. E. D. Haiiiii- 'on. water color oil: Mrs. fj. W. .Mc "v.-.iiiel. loi': Mr.<!. .1. D. Arm-tt. chi:;n: \Iis.s .Anna Francis: Mis.<! rhanilM r aiu. china: Miss Florine \\''.ieelc.- viitpr co!(ir: Miss Ursalia Cliaries •! ir.ii. oil. v,.nior color: Velni;i V.eoprT. ivncil sketch: .Miss l.avera 'uniiiughain. w.Tter ro'or: Aliss Tr>-s:i l/'p. rhiiin: Mr.-;. Sarali Rowe. <iil: Mr. I'ol'ook. iia;-!.-I. oil: Prof. Wrsley. HI rt raits. • * + Anniversary Surprise. Mr. atil Mrs. M. L. Decker, 211 s'onh Syc.iniore street, were happily ^•iri'rised by a party of relatives ycs- teriiay to c«MoI)rate the fort.v-ihinl •.verJJi:]!: anniver.-ary of the host aiil hostesis and Mr. Decker's sev?nt'eili birthday. .\t noon an elaborate din ner was served to Mr. and Jlrs. .M L. Decker. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Mrs. Wait Decker of Neoilesba. .Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ballictt. Keo Freeman. • ii drrd and .Mfrlc Clusel. •:• •!• U, E. Aid Society. The Aid rocifty of lb.' V. V.. •lutrrb will meet at two o'cloci; on r! 111 r M ia a f J i' :-iiooi i. + * -f Program Last Eveninq. Tlio Y. r. IT. (jf the V. n. clnircb iiad tlie devotional service jiml lun » I M*JJ3l I ,adies' size Watch, 25 yr. bunting ca <:e, fancy hand engfived, Elgin hr Wal- thaiii; movement, $12mBO VV^E feci that with our careful buying and a very large stock that we are in a better position to give the people of lola and vicinity the best goods for the least money GIVE U5 A CALL Oeati'«ize.W£ttbfa,|ran(^;htn<l cnKraved hurting ease, 20 year case, 17 jeweled, Bigit^j or. 'Waltbafa. only.. §l4m90 BraceletsI as Gifts are fllwajs appreciated. Greatest assortmeiit in hi^h grade paherns in the city, lor $3,50 and Hjv. OiMMOHOS Sep our stock of DianionHs. All the a.-bett.grades|of fctonesfrom Jto up a.s high rtp you wish. A wr tten guaratitcc with FiiBici: stone jrora JK up. See our line of Sterling Silver Sou venir Spoons from 75o up gram last evenlns. Tlie~cSanse lo time from Tuesday to Sunday was madQ so :bat the meeting wbold not conflict with the lecture tomorrow evening, + * Rummage Sale a Success. Proceeds of meals and booth sales which were features of the sals which ladies of the East lola church held last week were exactly J130. The totiimiti'^c who had charge of the dif- ier;nt dt-tallr. spent a great deal of time in arranging tlie menus and aniusemonts which made the day sue coKsfuI and the many patrons enjoyed tlie occasion of the cordial iiosjiitality extended. •:• •> To Have Bazaar Here. Ladies of the HumboUlt .Methodist rliurcli will have a bazaar in Odd I*el lovT.' Iiail this week. A ^. Postpone Tea. Tlie ;ninniinc(>ment was made today tiia! hidlivs of the third ward, mem- .'•et- of t!i<' .\retbo(j;.st church who v. re to l>ave j;iv..>ii a tea tomorrow .ifleriinoii at the home of Mrs. .lobn K(Hi>t have dtcidiil to post|)one ihv «viit imiM siirh a time as tho wea thrr may lie more suitable for social events. .•• To Sutoend Meetino*. The Pri.scilla club will not have any .~i)."ial event during trie time between ibis wei'lv- and the Iiolid.iys. Early in il"e new year tlte parties will bo given fonntght'y. •'- -'• •> Rehearse Christmas Program. Tiio Ladies' Music club will meet v.ith Mrs. Miilc<d!u Huirbe.s tomorniw afternoon at throe o'clock for u re Ijeaisal of the Christma.s cbonises for the meeting of December 17th. 4. Entertained Aid Society. Mrs. niY>wnneld, South Chest i-.iit street, is to be hostess of th< l4i<Iies' Aid society of the Baptist cliurch oi» Tliursday afternoon. Nature alway.s warns you if your 'idwels ar<> clo^ijed or Intlarfted—heed !hi,^. Take HolllEter's Rocky Mountain Tea. it relieves all congestion and restores natural digestion. 3a cents, i'ca or Tal)kts. Burrell's Drug Str>re DR. MURLIN HERE. Preached Sermon at M. E. Church on Educational Work. •Dr. ^Murlin. president of the Ba: ' r t*iii\<Tsity. cave n very instrtict- vc lortiir? on Education and E'luca tonal Work at the Methodist Epis '•oD.iI church yesterday morning. He !:\'H\ tlint the Methodists were first f'lr evangelistic work and second for 1 Iticaf Ion. He also took up the foundlrg of the Mi -ilio(li;i clinrch which was followed liy an <'loqiii'nt history of the found Inc.of<.-r I'niverslty. He K])oke In iiio;t !)l.-.i-j|im terms of the twenty nrejiclti'rsj who cathere<I under lh« oak fro.' and conceived the Idea of ot:!!iiiizln« a college. He also gave n rfinilenf<ei; Iilslnry nf the rnllepe's pro f:n"!<s and wiiat it Ir. doing todav. \l tlic e'nse of the leelure betw.een and $(iU was rnls:>d by Rev. J. M Masnii. iKistor of the cliurch. wblc'i 'vi'l ^o to the University biiildintr fniiil to lie used in the construction •if the cyninasliim which is being er eeted nf tbl<» timo. The old cymnns- lum building burned down last fall. BONI IS HIMSELF AGAIN. Royalist Circles \n France Welcome Husband of Anna Gould. ^arls. Dec. n.—Toimt Boni de Pas tfl'lane api>enr.-; to hare ropa'ned hi? "soeial nr'-stice, at least in the roya'- circles. Count BonI was welcotn ed at the fetes giv^n to Oueen Ametie of Portugal at the c.istles of thos< who hope to soe a Vim In France, H" w.Ts n c'le'^f at thf> luncheon which the Duc''e<;s of T.iivnes gave in fh'' queen's honor, and the nueen Invited him to dine with her and her suite Tt appears to be forgotten that those civilities mnv hav? been ev- tenrt^d to Count Ron' in r*>tum for »he mamlficent fete which be pave to tftnir Carlos of Portugal here, for which his wife's .\merlcan monev nnUy. Mme. Oon'd no longer visits French sol'^n?. l>uf il-^vofes herself to Ame.rlcan friends. The first A. M. E. church yesterday held an old fashioned church rally at which $12ri was pledged to the chnrch Rev. Shepherd was very much gratified at the willingness with which the members of the church responded to the c.^^l for aid. The boys of the Tola high school basket lial! team Tiave received a chal lenge from the Eureka team for two games, one to be played here and one to bo played at Eureka. No definite tctlon, has as yet been t.a'ten. Mr. K. A. Shumaker. state secretary of the Y. M. C. A., will be the speaker nt tho men's meeting at the Y. M. C. V. next Sunday afternoon. Mr. Schn- maker makes one talk to each local organization once a year. The members are planning to mako this the big meeting of the year. m mi BLOOD Crawford County Laworer Saya That Llqiier People May Resort (Topeka Capital.) Blood may flow freely In Pittsburg If the agitation for temperance is continued, according to the prediction of an attorney for the Joint keepers of that city, as told by .Tohn Marshall, attorney for Qic State Temperance Union yesterday. 5fr. .Marshall came in from Pittsburg whera the day before he had. advised with the city attorney In the trial of the assault cases in which two Washlium stud- enwere Interested. Archie Hottcnstein and Ray Ho!comb wora assaulted, the first part it the week while securing evidence :is .said by Ollie Baldwin of that city. Baldwin wa.s convicted and fined f5.'> and costs. Ijxter in the day, it appears that "William ShiffleMne became nbiisivo toward Holcomb and ilottrnstein and <ur.<!td the t wo voiing men. "At the trial of Sbifnebin.-." said Mr. .Marshall. "thi.>< lawyer argued •!iat the temperance people were going to extreme lengths to secure tbo enforcement of the law ,and. that unless they ceased tbefr efforts vio- ii?nce would result and bicod would flow in Pittsburg. The city attorney. Morris Cliggett. accepted this chal •••nge and replied to the saloon man "lat if It was tholr purjiosc to resort 10 violence as against law abiding i )€0 pie in order to protect tho illegal sale '>f liquor, the. sooner they liegan such openitlons. the bett3r. Mr. Cligcett •aid that every Pittsliuilt citizen, whc ther making an effort to secure tho enforcement of the law or not. must be respected by the lawless element "f the city. Mr. Ciigeett receiveil •;i .7n .r con.gratulations for his argument." "There was no truth In the story sent out from Pittsburg." said Robert Norris, secretar.v of the Statr Vemp.Tnnco T'nion, "that Hottens.ffin ind Holcomb were tho .i.ggressors. hat they insulted anyone or anything f the sort. Their conduct was not improper, and the asTnuIt only shows o what li'ngths the liquor interests vjll go to attain the end they are •eeklng." Invest Ynnr^oncy In Tjind. ICn acres 1 Vi miles from Savotibnrc '•lien county. SO acres in ciiilivatioii '0 acres meadow, balartce pasture. All level laud and can all be cultiv;iled llch black soil: no rock: ."• romii 'louse: arch cuve: small barn and oiit- 'lUlMIncs. Splendid orchard: well watered. I'rlre only ilfitMHi. Tlii'^ Ir lie of till' lii'i^t fariuji in the couiily nd is the cliiMprst lanil we kimw •'oil eaiiiiol lllid an liivc.-itiiieur i-r.i:'' o thin and your niouey will lie :ii>;(i niely Bafe. Itiiy liils farm. It eaiiiHit 'lelp but make you uituiey. lOLA LAND CO. JIM FREDERICKSON MARRIED. Bassett Marshal and Mies Jennie Ball Wedded Last Evening. .Marshal .lim Frcdericbson. of Das -i-tt. and .leimie M. Tl.a" were mar i<d last nii.Iit' at Ih.' home of ,Mr. I'rederickson by Probate .ludge .1. B •inilth. -Mrsi Fre<lerickson has been I resident of Tola for nian.v years. '.")nly thf immodiat<» nratlves of the •ontractln.g parties witnessed the eer emony. They will live at the Fred- f-rickson home in Bassett. WILL ELECT OFFICERS. Pythian Sisters Will Have Meeting Tonight The local order of Pythian Si.stors 'vi'l hold their regular annual election of officers at their meeting this ' veniug. In connection with ibis here will be several candidates in- iuat.^d. Supper will be served ann "he evening, after tho business Is 'rans.ictrd. will bo spent in having a -iocial time. Bctchter Wait Ads. Briar Benlts.' THE TIME FOR CHRISTMAS BUYING The wise Christmas Shopper is the early one. Now is the "time. Our stock of Dtanond.<i, Uatchos, Jewelry, Sterilnir Sil- Tcr Goods, BMBtffnl China. RIfh Cat Glass Is now complete and new. and we promise to all who come that iirompt and courteous attention that has made our store a pleasure to Christmas buyers. McNElL BROTHERS. Hare Bargain^ in CtrNlflisi and China Many acceptable pre- cents at the Removal Sale at Hawaii's Jewelry Store lat Door North of Postoffice. PROFESSIONALDIRECTORY W. H. INDSBSOIf, • Attormey-at-Law. NoUry and Stenograplier in • Office. Phone 46&. • 1^ H.A.Swlnf, S.A.Oard. aiLGard • • i« EWDie, CLiBD A Gins, • •-• Lawyer!.} " • * Practice In all OuutaL ' • • l)i W. Uadlaon. Fbow Ml • DB. HeMILLElf, • * Special attention given to the * * treatment of all Chronic Diaeaa- * * es and Diseases of Children. * • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 23S. • • Office in Mrs. Tnmer'a Bide.. * • West Madlwn. * * Phone 687. HM. 70L * .DB. 0. I. CO]L * Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat * Bpeotacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. aid*. • • • • • • * Office Phone lOn. Night Phone 406. DB. B. 0. CHKUTIiir. Phyiielaii'aai SirxMi. * Rooms 7 and I. Evans Bldg. • • • • • Phone 664. lola, Kana. * • DB. EDITH 8. HAI6H. ^ Office and Residenca over Bur-^ * • rell's Dmc Store. • • Office Honrs—10 to ^ a. nt, S ^ • to4p. iD..7to8 ^maiJiss. '"^ r Saadaya by Appototaent * * • • • • R«s. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. • DB. J. B. PEPPEB. DeaUst * Is permanently located over * * E. C. McClaln's Clothing Store. ' * and la prepared to do all kinds * * of np-io-date dental work. * * Bvenlng work by appointment. * • • • P. H. MABIOI, PikcUea Limited tb 16 N. Boekeya. PhoiM 67f. ; DB. yr. B. Hiiuiinr. Pkyileiu * SVftM. OHiee N. B. Coraar of Idura. Orar K. C. Plumklag Co.l Itora. Kes. Tel 88. OtBeftTtk BOl * P. L. Lathr^, • * Mra. Beaala O. UAbtM. • * OSTEOPATBIC PBIBICUXB. • * Special attentfam glfea to Die- * * easea of«,Womea and Childrao. • * Over fist Bida^ Hardwara. * * ;Offloe 'Fhon^ Mala 468. • THAY ARE FRESH. A chefce assortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When yoa buy Lowney'siChOco- lates berr, onr personal pledge of tbeir freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see haw well It pleases yon. CRABB'S DRUG StORE, Comer Washington and West Sts. •I •EO. A. B0WI .U8, PraaMwit THOt. H. BdWLUl^ CasMar. ALLEN COUNTV STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRRCTORS A. W. Mek. L. C Beatly. A. J. Pultaiv W. J. KVaiM^ J. ti, •eo. A. Bowrfue, THea.iH. Bewlafc WeiSWE OUR own DRMfn OMJUl KtmOPOUf pomft •AFCTY DBPOarr BOXBS FOR RENT FROM H la |B FBR VlAlt

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