Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 3
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cm COVXCmiOtL HOLD A MEEi DR. WHITE W}LL I.EGTUR& "EOtPtr lEtrSlBAtED IK THE "cHifSiiAV cHvnca. "Snt Ltitntt Cofne Nimber to Be aUta hf Home Tiil«>iit--VPTT» UntM and PprMuals. QuoniVn Not Present. Tho neflttntr of tlio city poimcll, called for lant night, was not held, a auorum not being prcaont. An fl(l< joumnnnt was taken by tho memhcra present to tonight. Or. White's Lecture. Tho Rccond-number of the Gas City Ipctiire conrao will be given tomorrow nii^t In the Chrlatlnn rhurch. Dr. •Wllte, of Topekn, vrlll plve an lUm- trated leotnre on ERypt. A Child Seriously III. An infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Jos-, ^ephl Lawrence." who live n mile nndj /a halt south of the power hoiise of the lota Electric railway, was takpn pnddenly IH this mominR. 'Wihllo tho chlld'H condition Is sprlous. U Is believed that he will r^c^vf^r. Uniform Bill of Lading. The uniform bill of ladinp I.-? how In use at thn railway depotn In Rna. Thla requires the Khlppcra to u.fn the company bill of lading; on all article)! and goods consigned for shipment must lie plainly marked or they" will he yiubject to a higher rate classification. Agent Auhiichon says that there Is some oM^tton to the new system smong. the small shippers. Tie he- IleVea that these objections will Wear out with the paAalng of time and when tiic Rtilppers get uSed to the new a^ dec of things. eeiElM AND AU SKIN OIKASEI Are qttlckl> cured by ZEMO, a clftin liquid for ^rofll use. ZEMO id.thc^ best known remedy for the instant relief And fioUUm cure of cczeifia, pimplen, riandritffjbUMand every form of «kln FqrMjpeyarjTvhcre, Writrforsam- E. W. Rofio Mediclno Co., .St. Lotii^ For sale at Burroirs Dnm Smre Have » Pine Orchestra. The Ona CKy C'liorni Cliih orelieflira met last nicht at the home of Mr. and Mrs. .1. K. lliintifr fo.- reheai-sni. Thl'i orchestm will R|vp ihe (hinl number on the Ctes Cltyilectnre course In the rhrlBtian rbtirrli on the evonlim: of "Deoember f<I. An excellent program, varying to snit all tastes has been prepared and mimie lover.-* in.iy ex- jw»ct a r.ire fre.nt when the eoneort Is given, in giving Ihe enneert, Ihe Chora J club orchestra will be assist•id by Gas City slntters. nmoni; whom may he mentinneil Rd. Unnter, splendid voice has made Mm v»-ry iwp- iilar and much In dfm.ninl ih lola ami I..iHan>e n<« well as flas Cllv. ThTo will'OlHO be quart.'ftOR and doiihl- qnartettea assigned to plaofs on fhi; projrrAm. The personnol of tlio or- ehestra is as follows: n^rt 'Provort. piano; Sam TleJnsberp. hnrItoiif>; U'tll Fielder, cornet; Everett Epllnff. cornet?: ttows'-d Wnlsli. viol: (',. ^\'els^. violin: .T. E. llnnlrr. violin, and George Rcmsberc. trombone. A New Meat Market. The Russell grocery will soon have n meat marltet which will be run In connection with the grocery. Mr. Ilus- Foll la installing the shop In his Main <>lreet store and hOM enp.-ige.i p. Allen, of Chaniito. and who formerly ^. .flondncted a meat raarkef In Gas, as "his meat cutler.' Mrs. Carter is Better. 'Mrs. Vr. H. Carter who has been very 111 for some time was reported last night as Improving. Strs. "Watts, mother of Mrs. Carter, baa arrived frnm her home In Orfdley and will retrain In Gas to care for her daughter dnrinp lier i'lncos. Mr. Carter, who was in Kansas City, was summoned home L-lst Tuesday nifht. W. C. T. U. Meeting. The W. C. T. U. of Gas Citif will meet Prld.iv .?f(ernoon .it- .t oVinrk with Mrs. li. .AiDr»M, .111 N'orth Me llfte gfreet. Home For Visit. MIM Oracj' j^llRiott. of Hip IVin ton Idea' Onora eon'pnny. is sprnd- Ing tlic woek with her nnrohts. The cftippanr' nlayedi 'n wek In Tnnekn, and then nnnouncfil fre ejineellntfon of a week's dntes fn order (hat (ho OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0 O ILLrSTll.\TKil r.lTALOn PREK O O S<!nd us your name and address O O and we will malt nl once our new O O Cntaiog; better still, call. O 00 9 00 000000009000 And Will continpe until Christmas ooooooo'oooooooooo O .Van Orden Pranptlr Filled. O O .Anything pictured here forward- O O ed immediately, posinge prepaid, O O oil receipt tif the pricR. and de- O O il\-ery guaranteed. . O 090000000060 OOOO.O W.2.-.. Regular Price 18.00 ChatrlEiR-?. Baantlfclly Eiir::*^l'>J i i C'-Ur- r.i:.l FI»ic.''i •in'i ni-jnt JIo. '100 itviX,. liegnlar Frfrc *liUO (;rr.\v.-. 1 lie GM T'lllM fli:«rtiil'"-i r.)i>nr>, |.i.!<•«' I.hI EUIn Miit"- iiinnt. ll.iutircChx'. llO.UiO iliM, Recvlar Price I18J0 Gold FilM G Mrunteod SD yeara, 15 Jawloil EJirin Moto- iD «it,Hnotia«;rar« 1I«.BS3 AT PRICES THAT HAVE OTSVER BEEN KNOWN IN THIS CITY SAWNG FRBM 25 TO 50 PER CENT ON tVERY DOLLAR We have p»rclui !«pd the entire line of samples of several of tke best mannfaplnrer.^. Yon will readily undi <rst«nd that nottalpg but the best mnterfcii. best workuanshlp, and ^be best style are put into (he sanipleic. There (s bnt nae of'a khd. That means of eaurre, that (fie peroon buying has no article a.<: dUUnrtlTely and as entirely individual as ihniigh it was made errlusivrly for themselves.. Because' these fine samples iiad .served their purpose as trade wlunrrs we wereaitle to liny lliem at mnrh le.«K than (he wholesale prtres. That means u correspoudlug rrdWtfnu fo rnslomer.i. Evrry arllcle Is absolnlely In perfet-t coudiilon and at prices that wHI save you from per rent to HQ per cetit on every dollar. Come and Convince Yourself $8.25 R<KuUr Price $10.00 Solid Coll • •^et wl'h imii-riiiliii' IVnrl- lt(i«i< Dniil KIrilrti Ho. U20c mm ^^^^ $11.00 RnrtiUf Price $16.00 j 75 C m U Regular Price $U5 : S<jlul fiold ' S)li<l(lo|d Front K"! Willi »i Uf-nuinp P.-.irl" Mini il I.Mfac Wholo l'c»rl« Nc. 383 a Prinlit. I'ii!i>.b>-i: aiul Rnmaii M0.3M $1.25 RcgMlar Price $1.75 (kjd Fll'ifl t'linif liilne I'lii IlriKlit I'lilIslifHl KnmHii .•^pi with Ro. 360s No Moods miarepwented, but sold upon their merit and the honor of: our reputation. It will require a coniiolMeur of values to appreclaU these wonderfully low prices. If you are no connoisseur of values In Jewelry, you may feel confident of faring just as well. Sl.i^ Kcffttlar Price It. 50 U>>«> (jolit Kini-ili Ilo. S59a IDONT DELAY l! T „ , - * i MAKE YOUR PUROIASES EARLY. WE WILL | i PUT THEW AWAY UNTIL YOU WANT THERL i soc Rttular Prkt Si.oo Solid Gold l^slivRinf! Ell tier Bnbv. IV-irl. Kn:><l <ir I"Hr<|iioi.'»- no. M2 57.50 Regubr Price $10.00 llK Solid-(«ild riitnnins Bianonii ^litairo ^ Kino '"lit. .-iconn K :«lt>nily I'lirt.-fl JlotintinB. Ho. 503 $4.25 Regular Price $6J)0 • Solid fiold B^.tiitlfnl Opnuioe Opals t'nll of 1rlil<>.«c<<nt rnior* No. 480 $4.25 Renttt Price $6.00 Solid (feld li(H.ot KlDC.BriuiitPnU»li»d •ry n.-rj. riessnlly Carmi Ko. 608 $2.50 Regular Price $3.00 .Sr.lid Gold .•^ietipt Rlna forGlrliorRcus BHauurally I'tiawHt Hi'aTy MottnUcK He. 511 <i;.00, Beirnlar Price Gold Filled Caiatelaine Qaaratitcci K jean. Fin? Jemltd MoTomcnit . Ho. 601 m.ii. neiriilar Prire |1«.S0 tiold Fillprt HuntinR Case rinamnt<<*<i ^> fart. KU-in Mntnmrnf, Kin. I> JintrclMl Ho. OOS *flJ5. Regular Price «14.C0 Crown Gold FiUed . Ot»n FaCT, flnarantMHl T'-'J « Wolerf Elpia Mofi^ent Ho. Bl» rXPLlWTIrtX-Modcra liusl««t.«i mrlhods made It neeessary for Ibese niaiinfarturers to dispose of their samples wlien tbeir (x«Tcler» finished Ukia» the .l^Jj*^^ at one timVmwnt a £1^^^ from tie regular prlres-.\ DIRKf T I.»S.<. Mowerer. the iip-lo-Jlale nianolaelnrer mnst eneoiinter these losses, ll's ronsldered Rood business Indirmeat. The ble sarins we have made Is now at jour merey. These goods are not Odds and Endiirbnt Fre.sli and'LJTir.Samples. We ivould refuse to sell any urtlele whieh d.w-s uotcomr up to the stanaard reqnired by reputation of our rslabllshment J. V. Merchant Jewe any EVEBY .IHTKLE .SOLD IS Fll.l.Y fU .\K.l>TEED, V>» WE'LL (HEERFl'LLT REFOiD MONET IF AST .IBTICLB PCBCHASD* DOES |OT .?-IOTE JFST .\.S RErO .HMKXDED from ToF'lf'i l" visit liomc folks. The 1 paper writer that plans were under Hosion IdJ-ai coniimny plnyed two way for (In- formal ion of a pari; lir- rnsaKoinoniR :it ElMlrio park lusi|ruli, Lililnj? In throe parks on which cummer .nnd ple.nsed Ibe )>oop1p creni-iihe Itoston Ideal Opf-rn eompiuiy. 11 ly. i( was litr.' ili:it .MU.s .^ll.^Ioll join-; dramalie enmpany and ft musleal ewn cd the eompHiiy. li inny W that Io!a. CBS City and ijiHarpe will have nn OplJortunlty to soe tho j«ame old fav- •orltes Imrk acain next Tri-nson. Before a vacation. MI m Allstott eamo home this fall. Frank Btirgeaa torn a ner»s . It The Tenderfoot Farmer M thM itdida't irtWr irhat tte eow so loud wate Learpard W^ded. .IndRt; I>;ariiurd, on hi.s way home from Kansas City, arrived at Dewey yi'storday momlnK. • Ilo reaelioil Bar lloRvllli' this mornini!. .having borrow Oil a i.air of wadlnj? boots from a Dow- ev friend.—narllesvllle IJ^iterprisiv NEWS FOR DYSPEPTICS. chM itdida't .__iad. nittHii MtwtMMdlUoWa ol diiMMioa ami MurisluMat hMl atk It 's oidr d ^ltadMloot'' fimaer Hut wonid try siidi aaeapMiaMflt«rilli «eow. Bat many a (amier Coed* a| dItfMtim Md »MtiM. Ha mitflit alsMMt u well eat stiav- Ms oat At lifa lood. Tha result ia ti >>t tlie ato «aeh " - ood DOtritioa are ioqiairad aionics at •eirvoo ^iwsa. faroU Ifc* dood ha detsoatAf MS food. Tfe* reai ySJT''^^SBli»y>ii^^y^** diaestioaaik S m L •MMr .aObn Ite miMria^ of dnpapaia U m fily would play. He dlsrusfiod the matter with Ma3sen;;nli\ siiperlii- lendout of th<< Electric railway, and manager of Blectrlo park, but so fnv.' ne^tlationa hare n*t proeeeded far , enough to warrant publlrlty ar. to de- "Allow mo lo conpralnlato you on tails. Tho amusement lovlnK puhJie your dlumvery of .Mi-o-nn. I bad sev will he clnd To'see (ho deal eon-J''rnl of Wio best doctors (n Ihe cUy summnfed ^ jl'iii none seemed to-do me any good; I vomitod froquontiy. i had this trnu- Peraonata. ''''' J'f'ors. I took one box of .\ri -o- Edwin Hunter returned home from;"", and now cat almost any- a visit to Clianute (his roornlnR. ''"'»« JT ^T- v'"^*' Rtifna Green and family have moved. ""f,''*"''- '.'l^^ Ave.. Buffalo N. Y. to C! anufe ' ^ ^^^^ It wasn't for Mi- W. O. IX'nhart of fola spent -VTed-i"""- Ooe year a^o I welKhod only nesdny In the city on business. p"" Pounda:. now my weljdit la IBfl A. C. Sliflffer. editor of the Herald,'t^""''^- I •'Ot everythuR I want- hpent tclay in LaHarpe visltinp and 1 ^ara. fried potatoes-evcry- •ple.klnp up what business he could--;^'''".f ^«'='°''*'^"ot*» I'at least that's the otneo boy's pioss. '"^-^I"-*- Carrie Vanaman. Bridge- J U b. C.ibson will probably locate In. I"*.^- ,^ . . . j, , -^w—u- .»o ii« ooatnriiiiv: I Ruffored wlih stomach trouWe fof {• a (aaperBNee oMdl* rni^SKU^n»it^. AUi.Ci *dia.t*priMcdo> 3lMn ii^M aMfkioe ior 1 Western Kamsa.s. He left yesterday i„ . , . • • for Seott CMy lo Inspect sortie land,'-' Ji^nt |.300 for medirines : and.may di^eldo to mmain iBere If the"i'V/fy*"^, '" do any Rood unfif •pp„„,..^. I found Mlo-onn. That has e.ured me ' J. Xaehtschatt has relnrned bomo'-'^"'' " v.!!' from a vlslf in Western Kansaa cities, l-^^. -'^onkct. Mquntalln,d_N..C Mrs. J. ;fordun. wVo has been visit- ine In Elsmore, has retnrned to CM CUy. . : fO.STS TO CARRY FREE M.AH* For Frankrd and Offlcla! Salter, <^2 .«t>.Ui; RarlnK Fisrai TMuir. W.ihhii.Rton. De<!. P..—The cost to the »<>verau)<-iii diirinK ihe fiscal year endiMl .luiie :'.ii. llUi.S. by reason of Uie franked nwiier. was %\iM\M1. acr eordinK lo the iinnual report of t"h* That has e.ured me jlbird ai'siPlnnt posima.ster general made piihJie ye.^lcrday. This figure Includes the matter 'carried by the postofflco department KANSAS FOOD MFST RE PFRE. TiM> Slalf^' noard- of Healtli Xcaaii HaHlneftv in !(.« Crusade. 'r«ii.-kii.*I}fe. 3.—I.,ast June the siato- l>njird of heiiHIi Issued an order lo the pure food depnrlmeni that-.(he edu- eiitlonal pnri of th« work had gone far enoiiRh and that every merchant. p.tck er, manufacturer and inhber knew (ho reqiilremeuls of (he pure food law. Therefore it was ordered ihat ibo de- partmeiji should not be lenient toward liffonders any ioiiuer. but should lie- kIii crosec-iUioiis as soon as violations of tUi- law were found. .\etlni( under these orders'the pure food iuspeclorii have broiiRht about eighty eases for aiioRod violations of the pure fnfd law. Of these flfly-one h.ave been tried and the defendadts fined for violations of various sec- ' tlons of 11)0 law. There a're now twenty-nine cases , pendinR. Three eas'e.<< Imve Ijecn appealed to higher courL<(-. hilt in tnost Instances the x\n- btors pleaded Ruilty and paid tbeir finoK. —Good aiMli, as ceala, at Farr 's BcstaWUt;^ Chas. n. Spencer & Co. sell Mi-o-nn | tableta. the dyapepsta remedy (h.\tJ» 1 making such aurprlslnp ciij-cs throujrtl- out Ameilca for 50 cents a box. and be gdaranteea them to cure acnte and ebronld 'uidiaeaflon. vomiUnR froiBrof pobllsbers of newspapera and porl- lany atvse.- ted ava or car aleialeia; »o8icMt.-^ ' - ' ' ' ' lor Itself and the postal scr^-ice. Added 10 Ibis i.s f.'.T.UOO.OtlO for nDtsclih* Itenfcated tervicr in the;hntidllug tind traitspprtinR of aecqnd class mattdr A 6UAIAMEE0 eVK F«l PiyPLCS. Zemo. a dean liquid far.eztetnol use, draws the germs and thdr toxina to the MitTacc of the skin and d^tiojn th^, ledtite - tbd akid ekar ai|d bealtliy. Two to-'oix bottlea.'wjil cur»iiB7Gdte ibf'pli^pKia and: b|acktiead& ' foe sole orverjriAeii^, - Wffto for aam- plo. £. W. Rose Uedi^ Co-> 9t- LoUia.

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