Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1907
Page 5
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I,.- ill Si DiiiUei« St De «p WIell Pierce New Fof. mation. j . Tbe^drjlll^ at the deep well ara -aov^drfluis fa 'irftat is k&own am granite gtaae.-^It is said t<» be even lurder tban the Hiselsslppl Hme stone rbbdr teas been pierced bat very fen;, djtxi ta tids section.'"As far as ia -fenown. this granite stone has neree he&i' pierced by % drill in this seo< Ifjj^ H at say tflace ht aU< Driller» |tba^s worlced la tnx stone in other ;^piii» of' Ote United'3tat« for many moDtfas but were unable to make an>f A Grand Success and the talk of the town. Thousands have taken advantage of the ntany extraordinary bi^gaind offered. Only three niore days, SATUiU)AY, MONDAY uxi TUEa )AY Don't delay; come at once; bring your friends and neighbors. A 50c piece will do a Dollar's Duty. •UVUUAfy . , headway. In shaking of this granite, ^George Cates, one of the drillers, 'stated that to his knb.wledge the gninite stone had never lieea pierced.v Operations at the well were suspended for a few honrs last night ow:« ine to the breaking of the bean]. SAID TO BE A FINE MIXiURE OBtERTBOBT HERE 8H0ULD K50W OF THIS PBESCBBPTIOX. OIX Blinkets, Comforts, Mes' Knit Underwear, Hosiery, Knit Sliawfe and Knit Gloves Headq-aarters for PopMtlBr Priced HolMaiy Goodsl Only 15 More Days to Shop in. The Best, Biggest and Prettiest 4- Ever Seen in lola, for 75 G , 98p, $lm20m Ltf-^-^B-^y. 'keU ProniitiT on tte KMaers and Bladder and Should Be Given a Trial hj Svfferers. J Cut this out and put In.some safa place, for it is valuable and wortU more than anything else in: the world ^U^ou should have an attadk of iheu'- ^;ittsm or bladder trouble or any de< r^gement of the kidneys whatever. ' The prescription Is simpte, and can be' made up by anyone at home. T &a. ingredients can be had at any good jire^crlption pharmacy and'all that la necessary is to shake then! well in a le, • • n' .He |-e it is:. Fluid extract dandelion, p>ne-tialf. ounce; Compound Kargon, one ounce; compound syrup of sarsa- pirilla. three ounces. Take a teaspoonful afljer^each m6al and at bedtime. A few-doses,Is said to relieve almost any case-of bladder trouble, frequent urination^ pain and aiding, 'weakness and backache, pein ahoy* the kidneys, etc. It is now ^clalibed to be the method, of curing rehrcmic rheumatism, because of its dl- tect.and positive action np^n the eliin :tnat!ve tlsshes of the . kidneys. It 'cteapses these sponge-ike organs and i^eji them life and power to sift and . rain the poisonons waste^matter and HTlcj acid front the blood relievins the 'Worst forms of rheumatism and kidney and bladder troubles. The extra<^ dandelion acts upon the stomach and." liver and is used also extensively for i-elleving constipation and indigestions Compound sarsaparilla cleans 4nd; enriches the.blood.. A; well-known local druggist is aa- ihollty that this prescription Is safe to use at any time. ' > pt.Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup, the" 4»eW Laxative, stimulates,-but does not jrritats. It is the best Laxative. .Guaranteed or your money .back. Bur- rell'a Drutr Store. SirUATMHS WAKTED AdTetriscMciBtB Mder tliis head wUl beinaeried three tlines without charge. MEWS OF GAS CITY .VPPKAISERS ARE I>YOICIX« THE .MTOXKEY .STOCK TODAY. TO bankruptcy some time ago are busy these days Invoicing the stock. It is necesBarv to do this to detemilnn the per cent'of tlie creditors. There will 1)0 a creditor's meeting In the iiarlors of the Pennsylvania hotel in lola on the afternoon of December ITth. WANTED-rWashing North Stale. to do; 901 HEi^ WAKTED WAKTED' •WANTBl^-llO.OOO to loan on good Farm Property; at reasonable rate. lOUk. iiAND COMPANY. : WANtED—Second hand 'Winchester pop gnn. Inquire 105 South Second -strfet. FOR SALE—A choice milcb cow. , SMALLPOX SCARE IN THE CIIY jus; fresh, tluaraateed. Price S'.o .Urt. A. \': Mull, Carl.vie. FOR ItR.\"T—So acre farm, improved. John A. .Morrison. .North Second. FOR RENT—Hou^^e and ham. South Kentucky. U 'hone &9S 2—2. FOR RK.VT—Desk room; best oflice in lola. address Box la". . FOR REINT-T-Eipht room house on car line. AVheeler Heights. Modern. .Newly papered and varu'ished. Inquire of W. A. WTieeler at The lola Portland Cement company. .SEYERAL WORKMEN WERE EX- POSER TO DISEASE YE.STERDAY. Workmen Are Laying the Pipe for the Gas Line—Personals. rOR iSALE'-REAL ESTAJt PGR SALE—Good runabout Studebaker b&ggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken In' the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn. •FOR;SALE:—Good maro with foal. Call at 210 West street FOR SALE~mimomllmmmoum TOR SALE—One fresh milch cow, one mjle west of Salem school house, one mile south. W. H. I'ettlt. Phone lO.-i. FOR. SALE OR TRADE—For lola or Gas City property, pool hall and three bowling alleys complete. Address, Pool Hall, Gas City, Kansas. FOR S.\LE—MK restaurant at 201 South street Its Economy To have yonr Carpets and R ugs cleaned by TkeiolaRflg Factory I^hman Will Lcetarr TonigbL Tonight is the third number of the lecKire course. Edwin W. Lanham will lecture this evening. He Is highly recomended as one of the lecturers of the day. It Is hoped that a large crowd will be present. There will be one more number on the course this year. Are StrlBfTlni? Pipe. Workmen were stringing the pipe fur the Portland Pipe Line company which is to lay a pipe line l>etween liprp and the Indian Territory gas field. Other workmen will follow up and dig the trenches. ' Are iBToiefaig Stock. E. O. Vandergrift. J. E. Hunter and E. D. .\Ilstot. appraisers of the Mc- Coiikey grocer.v stock which went In- - you S.A.LE—No. 1 good heating stove; gas or coal; a perfect stove. 20!» South Buckeye. JX)R SALE—Cheap on ?10 payments, two oife-acre lots on trolley line. SmelUer'& Co. FOR SALE—$IS00 stock of groceries aiid stone flxturea. 402 South Keatucky Btreet FOR SALE—A drivins mare and buggy. Horse dtjr broke, safe for lady to dri^e. Inquire M>.Korth atreet. _T •! /FOR llENT—Two furnished rooms, light housekeeping. Modern. 222 South Bycamorfe. FOp RENT—Four rooms, 810 South Washington. Our beautiful line of early English and weathered , Oak Reciters, DWCOUNTED 20 PER CENT. Mon <i ||ay, 1 Day Qi '4onr attention is also called to our Dining Room and Library Furnishings in mission styles. Sleeper (& Son Smallpox Scare Here. There ia a smallpox scare in this cit.v. A large number of the laborers who were working at one of the local smelters were exposed to the malady Friday when Ben Ura|>er came after his pay check broken out with the disease. Ben did not know from what he was sufforing and stood in lino in the close i>tBce with a large number of other workmen. Every i>ersoii who was in the room at the time was ex- |)osed to the disease. Ladies Vade Veney. The ladies of the Methodist Epis- coi>al church who are holding a rummage sale in the building formerly occupied by the Model Clothing store announced yesterday that they were making money. The sale has been well patronized. Supper was ser\ed yesterday in connection with the sale. Prof. Ramsey Here. Prof. Ramsey, formerly superintendent of the Gas City schools was here yesterday visiting old friends. Mr. Ramsey is now attending the State Cniversil.v. His friends here were Kind to see him again. Perxonate. M. .1. Felger returned yesterday from K.tnsas City where he ha^ been )n a business visit. .Mrs. J. H. Harvey has appendicitis. She was taken to the hosiiital yesterday for an o|)eratlon. Mrs. Hodges Is very IH. She w.ts Uiken to the hospital ye.sterday. Mrs. r. S. Seymore. of Humboldt, was visiting here yesterday, L. O. Lamb, of Kansas City, was here yesterday on a business visit. Those Pelicloits Lemon Pies. The kind that "make your mouth water" are easily made with no fuss- [ing and at the least (lossible expense .If you use "OrR -PIE*" Preparation. It is put up in air-tight packages and contains the riKht pro |>ortions of the choicest ingr^'dienis. E\ery package |inRpected and gnarante«Hl under the Pure FIKHI L-JWS. Don 't he .iitnte. Try it today and then teli your friends. .Vt Igrocers. 10 cents. RECEIHER 14 ALF.U.FA D.VY. FarMNN laMlUate t« XrH In HMM boMt oB Tk «t Halls • l)oys and girls took part in the contest which was started last spring, but on account of the bad weather 'they did not get to La Harpe to exhibit their corn. They are requested to bring their exhibits to Humboldt on the 14th. The ten best ears should be selected and brought in. The. winner of the first prize will receive a free trip to Manhattan in January when the state meeting will be htld there. The trip will be anj education and all -who took part in the contest should bring their corn for exhibition. The place in which the meeting will be held will be an- •iioiinced later as well as the program for the meeting, ' *^|'.t^K** FILES CUBED DT C TO 14 DATS. POZO lONTMENT Is guaranteed! to cure any case of .Itching, Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 days or mpney refunded. 50c ' s. wwmiki Dwuri^ ^rilM* iK •; HARRY Cloughley. said io have fop- mefly lived in lola. pleaded guilty in' Parsons a few days ag^:;. to stealing beer from a box car and wks fined |25 which he paid. He is being held on- der a until answer to the charge of bfiving stolen an .overcoat.. « (Humboldt Herald.) The Fanners Institute U ptannInK n niectins at liimitHildt S.-iturduy, ,cenili«r I4ih. which will lie of interest fto everyone.' The day Is called "Al- ftlfa Day" amnnsiltutes wlllbe held all over the state on that day. The t principle subject will he alfalfa. Local s|ienker» will discuss the to|ilr In each town where an instUnte la held. The HunilHildt meeling will be more '.huD this, however. A number of Ks;; cooyrtirive age,am) when of an pdoestor in the.frant'ns&s.'of ciJnHHiing icoatetfs o( it places *s fortunate A vast fund cf ptpaoAMi^aiiAti^j^ to the achievemeiit of the highest exceBcBce ii^aiy field clkumas^^o^^ A Kn0 «4iiii|^ of fptimitMom^ of Functioiu and KnowL edge of ?tifih!g».v %^4, rnvrnfff^^Kf^JipA in queitioos pf life ^'heal^ when k true and ^nawfeiarte nm ^^'iat^WliMM be remen^ed that Sjrnip of Figs and UaSjr^A ^^^af, nu^^E^^ip^.'C^onua Fig Syru^ Co.. B an ethical ^oduct «vMi £.1m ni^H^'ilwjij^^^ the most eminenLphyndkns and gives oqnirad latirfadiD^li^^ KiMnra QnaJity, KBiagp :LfcTceIleiice and Known rCoaqpoadBl^ Parts aadiias\ran the TabableiiairDaagefiflnfion^ 6k the Wd J^onntfi 4>f .the , ^ .wqdd.whoimowof their o \%iiperniialkno«declgeaiid from actual use that jtii&iifi^^ '{^•oB b6rt tif fennhr laxatives, fcr Wluch no exlravajpnt or pnwaionable diain«| aie iqade.' 11m vaiuaUe rentet^ has Bcehi loiMt find bvbfably knimrn V ' ^ tnder the name of-7-Syrup of Figs—ahdlus attained to woftd- " wide acixptanceaa the iQOstexcejiefit {aad ]rUnti«&. i^NsporeV . iasatnref^ig ^k obtained from Senna, are wel bi0«ni to phefrjicians' • ^el'lnfofin^ol the woAJlp Iw^lhe'Iieff We have : more dalxin^ >anie of—^rupTol'FjisB and' . ££K of Soiaa -:^i^,moie My deiiaiplnre' of um ma -Mj. X^AoM^ it Hi akays be cafled foe by the afaorte^ aamb of-^Syrop «f-Fip—and to gel its beneficial effrdi, alwaya iK>te. w}i» pimJ^^ name of ,the Company-^Cattpnua Tig Syrup , Co. —pnoled on the (toet of ever^ package., nvhcthct you caM (or—Synf>of F^ci — or by the hi aabe— Synip of Figs and-^|bdr «f S CUM.

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