Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 3, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 2
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g 1--- Union Suits Tiie perfect-fittinff, the satisfactory underwear for ini9|i and boys at popular TDrices. They oost no more than the common sort that do not fit. Once worn, always worn. Prices— $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00 Prifics for the Buys 50c. 75f. $1.00 Hart, Schaffner (Sh Marx and The Best Clothes Motifly can bny. They fit you, they u-ear yon, they Ri'vfi you style. You tt'ill find in them more dollar-for-'Jollsr value than you ever dreamed conld l)e put into clothes. Oosaip —Fitzgerald, .Vnio Unry. IMionf, + • • Home From Chanute. .MiF. C. Touts has returned from a visit ill Chaniiio. Shn visitPd lur .liiuKliHT. Mrs. .1. N. llesscy lor :t su!i til'"- |t!uii lum lii-t-n ovcrlnnlic-il «iid ycsti'nlay wlion tlio .Missionary sod' I'ty of ttio First phurch plPd?(?.i n mil)- scription to tlu^r paper, tlio ".Mission ary Fricnil." it was fh*; first coiilrihii tioii of tlio yoar to tlio coUoctlon. .;. ^. .% Mrs.' Jones Leavinq. .Mrs. Clias; Joiii-s. who lias b'^rn visiiiiiK lit-r .sister. Mr.s. Philip H<1 •-•If for scvrral V-TPUS wfll IPIIVP to- liuiriow lor 1KM- hoirp in Sanhorn. O .Mr. alid Mrs. Uii^.U' will acPoiiipaiiy 'IT IO Kansas fiiy. whprp tlioy will !. main for sivpial Mr... \. l^ppnilPiir. .l.iys Willi Mr. an< To Kansas City. .Mrs. Ci-orsp Howlu-s is spfu<lin;; :i f-w liars in;' City. •:• •^ •:• Mrs. Watson Home. .M-.~. \V. T. Wnt.'-on lias roliirnPil from (Jalr'na whore .«hp apponipanied .^Ir. Watson on a liiisinps.^ trip, t * + Mr. and Mrs. BIckford Home. .Mr. and Mr.s. Wniliiiin Biclcfonl aifl at home after an extended visit wllli relatives in' Kamed and other town.'?' Serving Supper, in Western Kansas. j xh<> Kiipper wliirh larlie.s of the Hap* ; tict ehure-h an; to .sirve will oooiir to —IVi?kM l.-ill at rijik Tliiirsda.vj night at the home ot Mrs. Leigh Hunt To Chanute. .Ml-:, rio niiiiiiiiK F'arsoiis of N'ew Mexiro. who has lifcn visiiinir I!<T fa !li<T. I).' llt'iiiiiiii;, lias .none to Chan' me for a few day.q. iii;^1i(. .MooiilislK skate, l-'riihiy nishi. <' •> • Joins d Sorority. TliV' TopeKa State Journal (WoliKf- ilayii The Beta sirls of Waslihiiin <-olle;;.j havp plehied Atlss Cora Klein of Tola and JMsri Mario Vamli-niool of Topeka. ^. • To Furnish Books. Til" .Missionary soc-i.-H.-s of the .-.'v- eral cliiirehes liere have not yet com- I»i'led the fiirnishinst' for the Mis:;- ionary cornpr in tlip public lllira~.v. Ijist year the .-Mjeleiie.=! I eld a mass '.ineptliijr and acropd to auh'scrilic for • inaKn7 .In<>s and buy hnoUs to he n-^ed In the library so that an nhiindaiice The hours between half pant five and half iiast seven have been named. • !• • To Entertain Club. illsR Kisa MiUlner of W'li.Mir IleiBlits has Invited 4he. now Knot c-liib for a party to be Riven on Tni-S' •lay attern.ooii of next wet-k. 4, Social Tonight. The FJideavor society of the Prp;tby lerlnii ihnreh will have n social fo nislif In the chitrcli parlors. •> •:• • Missionary Meeting. InferoBtlnfi pro;.rain aflimooa was clveii by the Fori'Iftn MlssionnFy of loferenee material would be avail-! society of the First K. churi-h yes able. In the first work of ihi- sea- terday at the rosideiico (it Mrs. L. IJ Helpful you MK\ Waiclies Htirnrt Rlnc<. Htirnrt Rlnc<. M>lrb Folw (lit «lass Malrli F«l»«( Kiind I'ainli-d 4 'hliin (iif/ nutton.*. (iif/ nutton.*. Htiifrlrts Siarf Pfns I 'nihrollas RroorbcM .SliaTlnir MngH NABvrnlr SpoADs ToIIf 't Ms Hawking .Sets furr Links .Uatrh RoxoM Mantrorinfc Si^th BeK RutklPK Stamp Boxen Waist Ml* ailltao Sf t< Hal PJiiii rtear fulters Hat Jtrushps rtear fulters Tliiiiiblc.» \sh Tnijs Ear SiTews Emlilcm rharni<: t'rflhsps rnil »relUi<» |Tnpnt).tno Horr daffi till XnuH. Roy etiij^ and liBrr it laid . J. W, COFFEY & SON ~~ EXt LISIVE JCWELEBS. E.iST SIDE $arAUE. . VVishnrd on South Walnnt. There will he no other nieetini; of the society litTvlons io the Cliristraua sen.son so tluNstory of the comlns of the Ohrtut child w.i.s reviewed yesterday diirinjf ilio devotional hour. .Miss .McCoy con- iribiired this part of the afternoon. The lesson for the day from the text huol» of the sdii.-iy is studying was directed by Mrs. .Abner Wood antl readln.iR from the paper. "Mi:->ioiiary Frii'iid." were eoiilrilmted by Mis. O. W. Holmes. .Mrs. W. H. Root and .Mrs. E. Arnold. .\fler the hiisine's^ uieetinjr wlii(;h is alway.s sub.sen.iient to the proRrani live o'clock lea was .served. Mrs. Wishard had tlie aBsistance of Mrs. John Foust. Mrs. Sadie Thomp.son. .Mrs. W. \\. .Vnder.son and Mr.s. Arnold in till' dining room. • • • Children's Party. Jlifis Carol Hlldncr of Whcclor Hi-iKliis invited ii >;roup of iiolRhbor- hooil friends to be her puests yester* dav and. ceb-brate her seventh birthday. AUss Xnia Wheeler and "Miss Elsa llildner assi.«ted the small hostess in ontertafnlnB her eorapaiiy. Willi paipea and intloor frolics. After the rtnMisements o.f the afternbon refresii- monts were florved with deconitions to carry out the idea of a birthday event. .> Missionary Meetign. The Mlssionarv society of the Re. formed church Is havinc; a mcolinc to- dav at the liome of Rev. and -Mrn. Schiilc.. •:• •:• •:• Visiting Mrs. Devlin. Mis'? lU-ssle l.lvers of FIshon. this flate, is here for a wee); with lier friend. Mrs. .Iniin D' vlln. .*. .>. About Miss Atchison. The .VesK County News snys: The lectiin* for the Woman's Christian Tomiierance t'nion by Mrs. Seiin II. Wallace was well alleniled. Miss Zo" -Vtcbison Rave some excellent read- lups. Miss -Mchison has been nut with .Mrs. Wallace some time and la •appreciated very much. jt, To Attend Dance. Mr. and ^Irs. .Tames Bartleii. .Mr. and Mrs. C; .f. Ballleft. Miss Alma BarJlelt. Mr. Roam Coffey and Mr. Sam Ellis wen- In Chaimte last nlTht to attend a dance Riven by a club there ."^ •J. •:. Mr«. Gerbitz CominA. ! Jfrs. Fred Oerblfz of Chanute I.-* ejcpected to spend Monday of next week In Tola. She will bo cnfertaln- od at a luncheon and dinner at the! hoines of her fricnda and will also at Wendortf. Mrs Orr. Jfra. W. I a bnffet aopper. . • AftcmooR Tta. . One of tbe teriea of teas whidh wiS itfeta dnringtlie winter by th» MA MkJWiy ofMtae Chriatlaa cbnrch «rS' Idven at the borne of My>.-R. M. CniH nlngbatn roaterdajr. During tbo hours the tea waa in progress tblrty eueata called, and tbo parlors were filled with :rlstfort who sp^nt' a pleasant bair bdurhtivether. Mra. C. J. Peterson and-Urs. Blam'-vore the asslatlnr taos- tesaes. • * * —Miindis hnh the Candy. • * * Cheerful Circle. Mrs. 13. C. |R«m8b6rg:, Mrs. C. E. . A. V. L^maaters, Mrs, .. Kauffmah, BIra. D. H Brewor. SIra. .John Devlin. Mrs. C. P. Hlldncr and MJaa Llvcra. who ia V/BU\HK Mra. John Devlin worn entertain ed with a needlework party yoirter day at the homo of Mrs. L W. SfcCall Music was a pleasurable part of tbo day and anb.seriuent to the Infonnal noclal hour Mrs. McCall and MIsa Alien McOall served a prettily appointed luncheon. A\^fcre are you Bolns ^fv iiretty Dame? Why to the ))opular Ba.sket Ball fi.ime Sir. she said. .\ndItorlum To-nishi. * .> .•. Mothers' Club. One of the most enjoy.nhle featnres of a meclhiiT of the Mothori?' club yes terday afternoon was a readintr which Mrs. J. T. Price pave. A larRC number of the club njember."? were In attendance and several pieces of sow- InK and other work were fini.^hed. •> •?« •> --W.ilrh the Our Wn.v wlmbuv. jj. 4. Qui Vive club. The fortnighlly parly and biisinc.s meetlnR which tlie Qui Vive oliib gives Avill occur at the home of Mis.'? Ruth liorton fomonow night. * •:• •:• —Deinonstrations In luiriit wood work at IJwinp * Burdlck's every af ternoon this weelj To Visit U. Hunt. Mr. RiiRPue >recker of Qiiincy, 111. will be here duriiiR the holiday .sea ROn to visit J. Hunt. Mr. Meeker was in lola year diirluR the rhrlfitm.lR season and was a guest of .MISB .Mary .Vorlhnip and .Mr. I.oraliie Norihnui at ilielr house pari.v. * • •> - «!(t your Candy at .Miindls. * •:• -r- aj Six Handed Euchre Club. With members of the six handed lEuchre Club as their puestB, Dr. and Mr'?. David W. Reid Rave a very pleas ant parly last cvonhiR. The .several tables were occupied for several sames of Euchre and prixe.s went to .Mrs. E. C. Mcpiain and Mv. .Mel Fronk. A menu in courses we« serv ed with covers for Mr. and MiiS. J. K. Curtis. Dr. and .Mrs. O. U. BushfiMd. >Ir. and Mrs. V. Teats. >rr. and Mr's. Mel Frorik. Jfrl and :Mi-s; Mont Palmer, Mr. and Jfrs. Frank Wood. Mr. and y\rn. K. C. .McClain, .Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jones. Dr. and .Mrs. Reiil. ' •:• •> • — See I he Our W:iy Window. •:• * •:• Dinner Party. Mr. an.l Afrs. W. O. .Miller enipr- lained those friend.^ at. dinner lasi nicir: Rev. A. P. llainilion. Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Mason and JIi.-<s I.aitia McCoy. Ferns and bloomiuR plants (ter'oratcd ihe^diunlnR room. <• <• •> —Free lessi'ms liiirni woml .11 ['win? a I'.indlck's. WANTtOP—To fry potato ehiiiB. small lot-! by order. P.I I S niih .r^ffer- r-on. Phone -,:,r,. THE LOCAL MARKETS Prlc«»» Quoted by «ard * Tajrcarl l'rnduri> Company. The followlns local market report Ip furniahed hy (lanl & TaRgari Produce conipiiiiy and wiil iie kept runniuR in The RcRiHier evi :ry dav. 'Ihe prlres quoted iiri> the prices whii'h they will pity for poultry, cfigs iiiid butler de livereil here: Kfft 'K, '<ur-cnh r ^eeJtiiH per e.-t.^e.. .Jiic Old Hens, fal 7c O'd Cdx .'^priuR fbi.keiis li'.jC S|irinp; l)u<-ks SprlnR Turkeys s-ib Old Hen Turkeys Old Tom Tiirkejs Old nuck.^ Ililller. less than .'> iier ceiii sail. Eveiry woman oove#'^^^ Tjr figure, and manjr^c deplore the loss of their' fift-' ish forms after mutOtjt. The bearing or 6hitdi«R' is often desti-ucHve to ll^ niother|s shapeliness. All of Mhis can be avoided^ by the use "of •ottMr .t triead before baby, comes, as this linimeni-prepares Ihe Dwhr for twptiiBin upon it. and preserves the symmfetrjcof her form. MtflMr't Frieml makes the d " • - - safely through, this critical period. Thousands graicf- ruUy. tell of the benefit and relief dirived from the usfc ofthisremcdy. tlS^^?^. AOanUu Oa. WANTED—Night dork at once at Pennsylvania hotel. WA.NTED—Colored girl for general Ijoiisework. Aiiply at Famous. . W.VXTED—A farm • hand, steady work if party la e.\perlenced farmer. Phone via of Humboldt. C. W. Crif- fln. Bffsiness Dbectorf• JOn> (3. WOODIX, M. I>. Phf.'ilrian and Surgeon, l)Tfr Rurroll'.s. Phone 143. 4 • • • WANTED TO RENT—About .lanu- .<ry to l.'.th, seven or eight room modern house, close In; east side pre-, ferred. Apply to II. r,. Hiul ai .\.-id \\'orks. MEN WANTED QPiCKLV—Hy biR Clilcngo mail order house 10 distribute cataloRties. advertise, etc. |2.'..00 A week. JiiO.Ofl expenses allowance first month. No exiierienee rei |iijrpd. .Manager. Pept. .'.01, ::.>?:. Wahash \vp.. Chicago. _ WANTED—Two younK ladlea to sn- licll. 1!. F. Florence. Rnnnv? Id and II, Evan.i Block. WANTEI^—All klnda of second hand household fnrnifure.-The lola l-'urnl- lure ICxchnnKe. A. W. Reek, Prop. Phone 25. IIR. MItDBED CDBTia • Pbjslcian and Stirgeea. * • Office over BU'rell's Drug filnra • : " Offlca Phone 55<. • • Residence 214 R. Jjckaon • • Phono .'•.liO. • • • DR. MeMILUnr, Special attention glTon to tba treatment o( all Chranlc DIseaa* es and Diseases ot Children. . Telephones: Office 33, Res. tit. Offlee over Burrell't Drug Stora West Madiion. WA.NTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Qolden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. S.ALESMEN & AGENTS—S S « $60.00 per week and over can he made selling .Vew Campaign NcTeltles from now until election. Sells to Store?, Conn- iy Fairs, Picnics and Private I-^millcs. Complete line of samples, charge/i prepaid for .Wc. Order today. CHICAGO .S07ELTY CO., CO Wabash Ave., Chicago. Pbooe 6K7. Res. 7*1. • IIR. 0. L. COI, • Kye, Ear, Nose and TbroaL * Bpectacles Properly Pittad. • Ofllcs A, O. V. W. nidf. • Offlc* Tel. 108.1. Night Tel IM ML R. (». rnBMTUll Pbyalrlan and SvfeM Rooms 7 and 8. E ^rana Bldg. a WANTED—Vouns men to prepare!, for comlnjr exaijiinatlon for RnJlivny Mail and Zither Government*Positions. Superior inslniclion hy .Mail. Esiah- ished II years. Thoiisamls of siie- ces .'ifnl Fludeui.-*. Sample (|iie.--iions and "Mow fJov't Position.q are Secured" sent free. Inter-State Schocls. 291 la. Ave., Cedar R.ipids. Iowa. . P. n •• Surgery • ..-...» Office and Residen'.;* i>iioit« 67C Offlea 7 NordI JeffMoa. • •••••••••••••• ••-'1 JEWBLR8. B. F. PancoBst, old reliable Jewalar. 110 East Street Lodge Difectorr W.X.VTED—Men to icarn barber j rade. few week.^ rj'quired. best paying work wilbiii the reach of jiuor man. can have shop wiili small cap- KHIGHTS OF PrTHUBL-—Neoafej* tal, js-ages from $12 to $20 weekly. (Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday' wonderful demand fr »r barbers, eata-,night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting bl«> oRue mailed free. Moler Barker col-jthers invited. W. S. Thonfpstm, B. tX pge. Kan.>'as City. Mo. 1 Chris Ritter. K. ot R. and &' fOR SALE^mmomUmmmotam built 2- KMGHTS OF MACCABKEB.-^ Knights of Maccabees of tBa Wofli meets in K. P. Hall, second and tMtVk J. In! tond a meeting of the Art club which she holds a membership. ' • • • Euchre Party. One of tb<' pieasai 'if evening parli<" of the we4 >k wo-s given by Mr. and Mrs.' Paul Klein last evenlnir for the ontertalnment of a number of their friends. The cohipanr with the exception of one guest, renreseniod the' Wetlnesday club and euchre was played at five tables. A dclIciou.-< supper was served at small tables after cards. • * For Sewinq Club. Miss Nettle Brtgbam was hostess fi^ her Sewing club ye.sterday afternoon dtiring the party which is given oaeh week:. 8pvpra)_ ivf-membcrs of Uia «]a{> wbo arenow ' otb 'er ATTftACTIVr r.TINKETS. Jewelry of all kinds in new and beanlifnl designs.- [..svalMere Chains set with arnethyfal. topaz, iiearls, etc. IIat|-I'in3 in count less designs. Back Onnibs with fancy mounting-" It ^NfiS, I.O€KKTS, in plain gold or set with preclons > stones. Watches. Chains. Fobs. etc.. McNiELiROS. FOR S.Vl.E—.Six nr-w well - „ . r^im houses to he moved off. Inquire if«l"r'i'>y nights of eacb montB. much room ini North Washinsion. |W. Postwait, commander; B. B. _ - - — ter. record keepen FOR SALE—Two Rn.«h & Oerlsi — — — plano.i slightly used, left with n^ie fori^.'»- «• ,V'T^"™'' I «le hy Chanute paities. These arei]^- of P- Hall every Friday ntghtj^J bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. Steele, C. C, A.H. Davis, IVlBltorB cordially invited. FOR S.VLK-A 22-aere fruit and [ ^ yy j^^^^ ^ ^ ^ truck farm. 2 miles north of City, nieets every Friday night in U. W. Jk Good bottom land. J. W. McWilllams, llali. Visltine brothers invited. A City, R. R. 1. Coffleld. V. C. W. A. Cowan. Cla*. TOR SALE on TRADE-nood prop- 1 v erly, close In. Call MO W.est .Monr<.. I'^^ »,td "rlh ^'TSX S tS month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraeift FOR RE.\T—The hKini occupied by iht> Keisey barber shop. I>. ilobart. FOR RENT—A ne\y 1: room, modern house: close in; just flni.-hed. Cniu'' and see it. L. Ilobart. • Mrs. Mary Recorder. ilutton, 413 Weat Btraai roR ixOMJutaE FOR TRADE—Forty acres land to trade for property olos.- In. Inquire H09 North Jefferson. Six Clear JM Harpe residences $7000 and $3000. for merchandise, or farm. W. O. I.«nhart. lola. Kas. 00000000000000000 O riBLir S.\LE. p O Four years experience in the sale O O ring prepares me to give nn* O O enualled and guaranteed service O O as an auctioneer. My sen'ice free O O for a few sales. Reference. Alien O O Co. State Bank. ¥.. E. Vickem. O O Phone .S3.*.. 10.0 East St. O FRAIEitMAL BROTH BBHOOII,P- Praternai Brotherhood No. S80 aieaUi second and fourth Ttanraday of eaefe month in A. O. IT. W. Ilall. Vlaltta* members curdlally Invited. W. H. A»« derson, president; Qolda Elam. tary. nnenl Caotnetw. • Flagstone and Cement Sldewalta aaa Carblng a Special^. ' 0«ee IIS East JarkaM An, riMM m. OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these days. Ba> tember/ you know. Is the Ume to bav< the summer dust cleaned mt of car, pets. We are busy, but yonr order wBi receive prompt and carefnf at^eaUaa 00000000000000000 Phone ns today. SfOVBS Set up and connected, also uaj other gas fitting., Good work aud j rcasotiiblc charges. Phbne 39 lOU RUe FACTORY MAOAZcfEHJuo) raiioDicja* . oait be a^i'^ ol S. Heaicf«w: who d |>al8 witu Uie imbllttera M« ; furnishes tbeqi at the lowaM-^, yrtea * possible. Trial aabacriptioa Io NordwnVs inoaJlw W«.^

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