Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1907
Page 3
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5y«BtStre«^ lola.cne block from sqaatCt Diieaau of domieaticated •aimalgsaccessfiillytreiiteii .clUises mbdente.gdod boxstallsforMtieats Calls answered promptly night or diiy, iq yeats experience. Veterinary? Dentiatty. a special^. Hoaor Qrydtule of OiitaHo Veter- ioaiy College, Prop. . Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Plioiie 139 Sanitol Toilet Preparations A very liberal offer— 12 .70 worth for fl.OO at SPENCER'S cm m^s.. SAle BALI^AItb. sil enpWe* of the Katy round hbnse force left Wed-,_ neaday for loia to with reUUTeBJM?:. and frleuds for a few daya.—I»ar80nr«» "*" Sun. An artistic social bit—Raffles, at S. R. Burrell's. J. Wv-BROOKS, Who was bagsage man on the lola br^niph before the removal of the branch train, passed through yior&n Wednesday on his Way to Saliua. He bas been at Nevada MV'orltinR for the; Anferican exprora company but {lan' resijtned and will go to Salina am] engage in the laundry business.—(Moran Herald. Free dirt at Lnccods's. OXE3 OF the, Au^rian camps on the pii >e litis eaBt, of town was destroy eel by Are Saturday forenoon. The lab orers lost their be<lding. clothing, con sliicrable money.' etci It is too bad for th*» Jnon work hard and are sav ing. It should (earn them a Jesson however, and that is that money Is safer in their pocketA than in an un- Euanled tint, for there it la the prey of thieves or flre at any time. The camps w?re moved up near Gas City Tuesday.—Humboldt Union. OS. J; F. JAVESOir, The 8nec«ii8tnl Anc- tfoncer,' Teterlnarlan. F.irni sa1»or PwliRTtcd stock made .inywherc. Vilcr- inary calls answertd day or night. Office with DouKla>'i Bios. Phcne 13. residence iio lOI.A, K.*NS.\S. •MRS. ADELJ?*E Servey. wife of Capt: A. .T. Servey, died at her home in lola Wednesday eveninp. the cause of death being a complication of diseases. Mrs. Servey was one of the pioneer wom^n :of' i \llen county and had a host of frifinds who will be shocked to hear of ijer death.—Humboldt Union. '^The Balance of ^ the New Books Susan riefrg and .1 .Han tu (he House, by 'Anna Warner, the Shiitlle. by I'raiioos litnisoii Uuhiett. Three of llenven, by Roliert Chainliers. Throngh the Kye of ihe, \« ih 1 Ip, by Dean Wni. Ilowclls. The Trullur, by Thos. Plxtin. .Ir. Tnrn of Ihe Buluncc, by Prand WTiitlock. This Was a Man, by llattie Hornor Louthan. Tarn, nick \ Harriet!, by R.-i)|ih Harbour. I'nder the CniM, by Tlios, N>!.son I'ajte". The Veiled Lady, by F. Hopkin- soli Smith. The Way of a Man, Enipr.-:iin Hough. The Weavers, by Oilbort Piuki r The Wood I'arver of 'Lvnipus. ••• rtlB. Waller. . W. Chambers. The Younger Set, by Robert Almost 100 titles in the new- books this year. AlnioFt all of the good popular ones, many of them at $1.10. AM as low as any book store in the west. EVans Bros. sm. ANB.MRS. Robert Fry return ed to their home in lola after a three weeks' visit with fhelr mother. Mrs. Hooker.—Caney: Chronicle. One Dollar in Script or Money Is good for S2.70 worth of Sanitol goods at J. D. Mundls & Co. This offer closes December 31flt! THR \V. O. \V. band will meet to night In Ijibor Union hall for roKU lar practice. The band is under the direction of Prof. \V«i!8. Clean stock of general merchandise mostly Riocerles. will take J1200 residence. Iialance terms. I^ocated In good farming community. A\niitaker & Donue'.l. Saturday Price§ Uest Klonr in all grades, per sack 1.40 18 lbs. of Gran. Sngar for 11 .00 :! Cans of Good Corn for JMc V: tansi of Good Tomatoes for....Soc 1 Can'of Pumpkin for 10c Kr «akfa8t iPooA, a packages for ..S5r Good H. P. per can JOc 2 packages Currants for ,25e Good D. S. Meat per lb ISJic W'e have prices to suit the times and can save you money. Respectfully, A. G.MUMMA, Prop. IHitflki liter bne.htmdVed ponnda ol Crya- tai Ica win make 12 gallona of dlatiUed water raltabla (or (amllT oae. Try It IilaicelCillStmieCt ^kANK1UDDLB .lllcc. MIS.S JOHNSON*, the milliner at tl;e Kichardsou' store, is said to bo the only lola person who had money in Ihe ilnnk of Commerce wjiich clos e.i day before yesterday. Miss John son had her earnings of four yj-ars In this bank. MR. MARKSAID, who has been em ploved in tha Jdnes tailor shop, leaves the first of next week for Mexico City t<. act In the capacity of a missionary in the Seventh Day .\dventist church. PojFell, the real estate man. has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. COL. J. B. .\TCHISON wa? called to Kiowa yesterday to defend Clyde Wright who is on trial there for rape. Young WriRht formerly lived at l-a Harpe. rdr the AN at lola. State le or bMlneaa Bber, 1907. jLoan and dlacoatttT.^.' ..$ 331.(i77.12 lOvcHrarta .3SL^ •:B «p «aae account 3.0M.M (Ottier Bond* and Warrants 14.400.00 {Caab'and alii^t^xcIanBe, legBl reserve 211.484.05 We have just received from an Eastern jobber, a large shipment o f Embroidered Handkerchiefs. that were made to sell at 25c and 35c. We bought the lot at a big sacrifice in price and will put them on sale at Sale begins at 8:30 Thursday Morning. Buy your Xmas Handkerchiefs now. Ha. MW. of buUncM MoentMr Srd, 1M7. Ldana and diaeounU I 540.705.M, 0,4S5Jt BO,000.09!| •ToUl I550.8M.01 LlafeUtim. Capital Stock % 30.000.00 Surplus 4.000.00. Undivided Proflta 3,237.38J Interest 15,358.47 Kxcfaange a44.U Dividend declared but not paid 75.00 Individual Deporita 490,013.51 Banks* and IBankera' Deposits V. 5326.26 Certificates of Deposits .. 1,827.68 Total 8550,382.61 loverdrafta anaacnred U. S. Bonds to aecnre circulation U. S. Bonds to aecnre U. „ 6. deposits 50,0$K0i ,Premiams on U. S. tonda. 4JWMfe iBonda; aecuriUes, etc. ... 40,100.00, Dae from National banks ^ (not reserve agents) ... I00.4# iDue from State banks and bankers . 6.000.00 One Ifrbm approved resenra acjmta 1M,607.40 Chedka and other cash Itmis S8,SS0JM Sxehaage for clearing house 3,902 Exchanges for clearing , honse 3.902.19 [Notes of other National banks 3.830.00 State of Kansas, Allen County, as. I, Thos. H. Bowlus. Cashier 6t said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement .is true: that said bank has no liabilities, and Is not in dorser on any note or obligation, other than shown on the above statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief, so help me Ood. THOS. H. BOWXUS, Cashier Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6th day of December. 1907. J. H. Henderson, Notary Public Commission expires on the 2nd day oX August, 1910. Correct Attest: GEO. A. BOWLUS. W. J. EVANS U C. BEATTY, A. W. BECK. Directors Official Statmeat of the Flnanrlal foadttan of the lOLA STATE BAKK At lola. State of Kansas, at the close of business on the 3rd day of December, 1907. RHtonrreR. Ixians und discounts | lioans or real estate Overdrafts Furniture and fixtures ... Expense account Cash items other than reserve items Cash and sight exchange legal reserve 49,4S'>JiO Due from closed banks NOTHING 75,073.62 13,962.66 .06 3.400.27 3.992.61 44.71 Total $145,958.23 LtahlllUea. Capital stock paid In I 12.500.00 Surplus fund 2.000.00 Interest 5.282.18 Exchange 438.75 Individual deposits 125.133.51 Certificates of deposit 604.79 Dr. KeyaoMs. Pheae ISL Vea. €14. TP THE city of Parsons estnbllshes 9 fire limit such as It contemplates at liresent. S. M. Coop?r. formprly of this city, wil] not be able to erett a lumber .vard on the site where his old yard burned out a few days ago. Mr. Cooper is quoted by the Parsons pa- I)ers as saying that he woulO resist the intended action of the Parsons council. PUBLISHING FIRM IMITATES lOLA Ooubteday, Page & Co. Adopt Motto, . "Cities of Opportunity."' Douhleday. Page & Co. one of the largest publishing firms in Now YorU i.i now using the name. "Citie-s of Opportunity" in getting up an advertis INCLOSING BECK BUILO'lNG. Work on Nrw Store Progressing Rapidly. The building which Is being constructed on South Jefferson a\'enue, to be occupied by the lola Furniture Store, is now inclosed, the roof haWng You must order your Christmas Tree now of Ewing & BurdICk to be sure of one. "BIG DICK" Rohn. who led the .roi>- lin team In battiog the 'pa.'<t season and was considered one of the best first-basemen In the Western As.«;ocln- Uon. was traded yesterday by Man- agpr Flllroan to the Peoria team of the Three I l.>e.igue for Pitcher Paul Moore, one of the leading pitchers of that organization. Manager Pillman has had the deal Iti view for the past two weeks but negtjtlations were »ot concluded until yesterday. Rohn. the player traded, has been in the league since its formattoit as the Missouri \'nlley league. H« has always played first biase and was considered one of the best in the league. He was formerly ^captain ot the Sedaiia cbib and at that tiine was drafted by th° Kansas City teairi. but was turned back. He is well Hnown to Tola base ball fans. lola Business College Of Omy Penmanship, Arithmetic Elocntipn, Bookkeeping, English, Physical Cnl- lare. etci Shorthand. Iictter Writing. »terEB^ OROCERY G^d Thinf» to Eat Tele |]tioDe I $9 Get your Sanltql now, as this Js vour last chance fo get $p.70 worth for |1. Deal closes December Slst, J. D. Mundls & Co, ; Six Per Cent Money. pL M. Cunningham. BERT STARKS. a former Tola high school student and a player on the lola Champion football teai^. returned last night jrotn Wisconsin where he has been "^spending the 'summer. Waldo Coffman. another member of the team, is expected home In a few days. Ing publication, giving thf merits ofjbe.^n finished .yesterday evening, "fhf various cities in the United Slates, building is one of the" largest in the They have changed the name wtiich city, being two stories high and with has been applied to lola. '.V City qfj dimensions of 50x100 feet. When this Opportunities." to "Cities of Oppor' lunify." Mr. Doubleday. of the firm of Doulileda.v. Page & Compan.v. is her-' today, in th? Interests of this publication. -Cities of Opportunity." building Is completed the lola Purn!- ture Store will do more wholesale wirk than It has been doing in the past. This business has grown to Total 8145,959.23 Slate of Kansas, County of Allen, ss. 1. J. H. Campbell, cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true; that said bank has no liabilities, and Is not Indorser on any note or obligation, other than shown on the above statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief. So help me Gpd. J. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5tb day of December, 1907. Frank Wood, Notary Public (Seal.) Commission expires on the 18th day of .luly. 1909. Correst Attest: L. E. HORVILLE, J. A. ROBINSON. FRANK RIDDLE, H. L. HENDERSON, A. W. BBCK. J. H. CAMPBELL. Directors such an extent that It was found ne-'Clearing house certificates cessary to erect this new building. In circulation $3,938.00 These will prohaWy answer for nore ChtMwM OWa.thaa aar one article ol pmoMl Jcwelrr, and r*i U makes no dlffei^are if th» oaa favarrd nveives a half doarn ef theak, We aatlclaate this demand fofBrarelets and hate provided a most mceneat assartawat la a large raaire of prircs. • • * A PERSONIL CAlL * -> WILL BE APPRKCIXTED. <• *-fJ^'*** * • 91JiO. B£by Bracelet. Gold Filled. Secret Lock. Fractional paper currency nickels, and cents 551.27 Lawful money reserve In bank, viz: . iSpecla 66.195.00 Lf^I-tender noCes 2.500.00 68.695.00 Redemption fund with U. S. Treas. (5 per cent of circulation) 2,500.00 Due from U. S. Treasurer other than 5 per cent redemption fund 2.50 Total % 952,808.34 , LbbOitleg. Capital stock paid In $ 50.000.00 Surplus fund 10,000.00 {Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid.. 9,114^4 Kational Bank notes outstanding 50.000.60- Due to other National banks 14,194.24 Due to State banks and baakars' '.. 68,709.33r Individual deposits, sub' Ject to check 614,691.81 Demand certificates of de- iMsIt 60,025.5t' Lettera of Credit SO.jdOT Certified checks 665^ U. S. deposits ; uO,000;pd Bills payable, including certificates of deposit for money borrowed ... 25.00QliMi Reserved for taxes 368.31 i^tariaj aad Mwiitoy. De«. ?; aBd t, htm PMor Caaaed Oooda and Gtocerica.'^ ICdsh 'Oair. iftCans P.-C. Com ... 4 Catis'Tdinatoes . 1 Can Gallon Peaches 1 Can Salmon '4 lbs. Navy.Beans ..3 -lbs. Beat Rice Total $952,808.34 State of Kansas. County of Allen, ss.^ I, A. L. Brumbaugh, caahler of the I above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and 1>e|lef. A. L BRUMBAUGH, Cashier- Subscribed and sworn to before m» this 6th day of December, 1907. OTIS C. HE8TW00D, Notary Public (Seal.) Correct Attest: GEO. E. NICHOLSON, ' L. L. NORTHRUP, F. J. HORTON. Directors Xo. 7291. R«<psrt Of the CMdHMB af THE FIRST H'ATIOKAL BAXK OF LA HARPE In the State of Kahsaa,- at the close of business, Dec. 3rd. 1907. RMoireips. Loans and Discounts $ Overdrafts, secured and unsecured U. S. Bonds to secure circnlatioii Premiums on U. S. bonds. Bonds .secrultles. etc. ... Banking house, furniture and fixtures Other real estate owned.. Due from National Banks (not reserve agents) ... Due from State banks and bankers Due from approved reserve agents Checks .and other cash items ...... I Notes of other National banks Fractional paper currency. nicitles and centa 108.i69 Legal-tender notes 7.243.^6 RedempUoB fund with U. 8, Treasnrer, (S per cent of circulation) — 87,851.36 1,518.81 6,250.ft0 200.6o 9.719.98 7,6.S7.79 25.76 35.09 9,73.VJ16 4,17t.0O 808.00 812.50 Total UMalB J. 0Mt«r i^i^ttflka p|0lvca«M wMtan |ll7< PRiciea. iea 10 and 20e Nitfit 25, 36. SOe Sale 50c 50c?' 65e:' 25e^ 2 pkgs- Dr. Price's Breakfast Food 16c.-: 1 Sack No. 1 Flour |1.35K I five-pound pkg. Oat Meal ^... 30ev. ; 14.00- With the above order we will givat: 20 lbs. of Granulated sugar for •i -OO.^'FRYER BR05^ Phoaes loisil Salt tm-Svmn^fi Bring Thia ; t ^ ^ -0 Of choice Jewdxy Noveltlea, fia^ ' Watchci, handsome Silverware u#'i Cat Glass. Just the op|>ottanit]^ ' for the holiday bnyer presented bar large stock sow—have the ar<^- tic'e jott desire to give laid asidf^ ior yon today. Q. A. LEFFLER, JEWELER. Miss J. Katherine Hartley will give private lessons. Beon Fittoii' System a specialty. rsfcphsas Mm.m», Lmmmim,taoatw I Good Stoinwa]r^i|uari 1135,887.59 All kinds and colors, ior men, bova and children. Bov now. Now is the opportiine time: €he BatislmtlSUielda. "THE STOREITHAV •ATISFIES.'* 96. No. 2399. Gold Filled. Secret Lock. VI. No. 2283. Gold Filled. Secret- Lock. C ONTRARY to the expectations of maoy 110 excess is charged lor the prestige of the name on our boxes nor for the exclnsiveness of designs, nor yet for otir gnaran- tee. These factors value we like to consider a.<t our acl^nowlcdgitient df the enduring public esteem in which this store i'slicid and which we so desply ajipreciate. LlaMlttles. Capital stock paid in .,. Surplua fund Undivided profits, less ex" penses' and taxes paid.. National bank notes out, standing Due to state Banks and 'hankers le to approved reserve agents Jlvldends unpaid [adlvldual deposits subject to check certllleates of de- certlflcatea of de' posit ....V. .JertUted ch^s lUahtlltles either than those •abore^ted $ 2 1,500.00 1,646.68 645(i.pO 13.68$.70 300.00 5.00 67,381.13 15,491.08 130.00 4,^0(>i)0 Erery Article Sold Is Fully Gsaraateed, aid*WtfTlChWttfally * Decs JTol Prave Jast ab Bepreseated. i:ji>yo.- 2387. 1 X»*er If Any Artieie Paichased Open Evenings .Until Xmas ^^^^^^^^^^^ Frccif Our Xmas ToUl. 1135,887.99 .jte of KaJisas. County of Allen., as; I. L. I^iip Coblents, cashier of t^e iVovv-BUMd bahle,' do^soleniBly awi^r 'ukt'the' above staiement is true-ito le best of mx knowl^ae.aad belief. L. PHILIP COBI^TZ, qaahi^r. Subscribed an^ sworn to befoE* lae this 6th day of Dec, 1907. ' :' I. S. Lftiahaek. Notanr Pphlfc. My commlsaioa expires Oct. 17,1968. Attest: eAMVGL acAi^ic'; C. H. HACKNET.: T. J. ANDERSON. ] \ Directors. Total MllUons of bottie« Id Ttr'haMttMh.' . ,«(Sn aver h^^ oiliar thaa %Stal 'VMaairtbaaaiifia>^ nil's dnw fttdra. . r's Bdb^ trfesaadl aar alta CroU: Ma' Call So<m.v wear aioc MtiiiaiE. « Olieilal Matelicifl ef tli^ CAdillaB"'al^ tM' HtMBOlBT SATiaJfAl. BJ ^il^ At Hinnlmldf. SUte' of :KanskiC*4ar made to the Comptrt^Ier oC theT r«Ky at the close of btiidnesa; eember 3rd. 1907. Resoarres. ' Loans .|1S«34«II "J " [Overdrafts - \J Real estate furniture and"- : <te.vj • a »bres ^ ...i SJtmm- U. 8. bonds VifiOkimt^ Dae frotn U. 8. Treaaorx' ^-^^ctj-.-. .; : cash add sight exchahga' M4SMt' |24U93:4ai . LMUtics; Capiui ;^ Rl^ar and undivided profits Total...... misiijiii*] \j Tha-ahimi staloMat ia t^orraet; ^• • u.-B.MI^POTrKRi Cashtar.

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