The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 3, 1971 · Page 30
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 30

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 3, 1971
Page 30
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The News Want Ads SMOG VICTIMS — Pine forests in Southern California are declining rapidly because of continued exposure to smog, according to Paul R. Miller, a plant pathologist with the U.S. Forest Service. 'The average Ponderosa Pine tree in the San Bernardino Mountains is deteriorating at (Hutchinson News-UPI Telephoto! an alarming rate/ says Miller. The tree on the left was photographed in 1961—green and healthy. The same tree, right, photographed this year, after ten years' of exposure to severe photochemical oxidant air pollution from the Los Angeles basin is almost defoliated. Import Surtax Final Blow to Volkswagen TSie Kuichiasoii News LOCAL CALLS 662-3311 l.rmg Distance (in state) 316-662-1215 collect Mam Office and Plan'.. 300 W. 2nd, Hutchinson. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING KATES 9^ Per Word (10 Words Minimum) i day—per word *e 'days—per word par day .... .. te 3 days—per word per day 7V4e 4 days—per word per day TVsc i days—per word per day .. ... . 7c * days—per word per day .. Vhc 7 days—per wjrd per day .. .. ... V. 'i or 9 :Jays— »er word per day 6c io thru 13 days—per word per day .. .... 5Vjc \t thru 29 days— per word per day ... Se TO days—per word per day .... 4Vae want Ads ordered lor more than one day, but not running constcutivelv are charged at tne one day ratp Rummage Sale Ads must be paid in advance. 10% discount 'or cash with order. AH words and numbers counted. The News wilt be responsible for only ONE incorrect insertion. Ads MUST oe published i day before they may be cancelled or changed. Outct-tei nrory rate— ?c per word with no discounti. PLACE YOUR AD WEEKDAYS—Before 5 p.m. to run next day. FRIDAY Before 5 p.m. to run Saturday or Sunday. Specialized Services BUSINESS, PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL In Easy-To-FLnd Alphabetical Order (C) 1971 N.Y. Time* News Service BONN—"Sure, there is Ralph Nader," said the young West German business man, just back from the United States, "but despite his warnings most Americans seem to consider Volkswagen a swell automobile." The young man belongs to that group of millions of West Germans to whom the malaise of Volkswagen, West Germany's largest industrial enterprise, did not eome as a surprise. Neither did it cause much amazement among the experts. The crisis of the automobile giant was long in the making and there is still much debate about which of a dozen factors played the key role in the ouster of the VW president, Dr. Kurt Lotz. His successor, Rudolf Leiding, officially began his new job on Oct. 1. To most West Germans, above all the car - minded younger generation, the Volkswagen company has been for Student Pictures Available to Police NORMAN. Okla. (API - The University of Oklahoma compiles a master file of student photographs and makes the pic- lures available to police agencies, the Oklahoma Civil Liberties Union charged Saturday. why these pictures are taken and used without the student's knowledge." Jones said the taking of extra pictures and making them available to police "raises fundamental questions and doubts aboout the university's willing- years a giant resting on Its laurels. They still buy VW Beetles because they are cheap but they would much rather get a fast Fiat, a powerful BMW or a soprty Mini-Cooper from Britain. At least since the mid-1960's, when the legendary Heinrich Nordhoff was still at the helm Auto Painting and Repairs ~ O'MARA'S Wide-Track Town offers the finest workmanship in aulo body repairs or painting. Call Lawrence Hill for free estimates. MO 3-4431. Air Conditioning Contractor AIR CONDITIONER, furnace, fan and motor service. Russell Electric, 708 East 7lh-MO 2-4971 . Alterations & Sewing ALTERATIONS — Mothn^oresT^Burnl, Tears rewoven. House of Weaving, 501 East 3rd, MO 2-7241. Auto Upholstery ""ATffOMOB i LE Seat "covers and upholstery. Convertible tops Installed. Truck and tractor seats rebuilt. WASSON 106 West 1st The file is made from dupli-iness to observe democratic and rates of the photographs taken!constitutional traditions as well during registration for use on student identification cards, the OCLU's general counsel, Enid attorney Stephen Jones, said. The university charges the student $1 for the photo and card. Asks Investigation Jones, in a letter to OU President Dr. Paul Sharp, asked Sharp to conduct an investigation and report to the OU Student Association and to the student body. "We submit that the ever- present eye of the police camera has no place on the Norman campus," Jones' letter said. Dr. Stiarp was not immediately available for comment. "We have verified," wrote Jones "that many students are unaware that two pictures are printed. Nor are they aware that their second prints are available to the university police department, the Norman Police Department and the FBI. "Independently we have learned that OU police have been used in the preparation of these files." Jones added, "If. our informa-; tion is incorrect, then we should be so informed." Jones asked Sharp to include 12 specific points in his investigation, including whether more than one print of the photographs actually is made. Why Extra Prints Jones also asked to know why- extra prints would be made, to whom they are given and why, whether police have access to them, whether students are informed that more than one print is made, and whether part of the student's $1 fee is used to pay for the extra prints. "It seems hard to justify the retention of a second print by OU security police, if in fact such is done. Sharp said. "The University of Oklahoma has been free of any serious civil disturbances. Certainly there is no indication that aU 17,000 students are about to engage in violence. But even more difficult to comprehend is student's as respecting the right to privacy. "One can imagine the uproar if the Oklahoma City Police Department attempted to secretly take a picture of all the citizens of hat city." Enrollment AtHCC Is 2,210 Hutchinson Community College has a total of 2,210 students enr rolled this fall in day and evening classes. Students from 78 Kansas counties are enrolled at the school — the greaetest number, 1,175, from Reno County. Other states have provided 30 students. They come from Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oliio, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. Cambodia and France have each provided one student and two have ocome from Iran. There are 1,447 freshmen, 720 sophomores and 43 special students. Of the total students, 229 are night students only. The male-female ratio is 1,338 to 872. Selected for St. John's Choir Selected for membership in the 48 -voice A Cappella Choir at St. John 's College were these area students: Joel Hoelter, son of Rev. and Mrs. Edwin F. Hoelter, Dodge City; Sheryl Lynn Newton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Q. Johnson, Haven; the letter toip aiu Schepmann. son of Mr. and Mrs. Elroy F. Schepmann, Bushton; Brenda Deulsch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Deutsch, Hoisington; Cathy Raguse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Raguse, 604 East 14th; Arlene Wiese, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wiese, Haven. CONCRETE, all "kinds. No job too small. Free estimates. JOE PREVITERA. MO 5-5127. "CONSTRUCTION^- REMODEL i NG of all kinds. Hadley Capps, contractor. MO 3-4119. "~ COrJC R ETE~WO R K~oT airkTndi. - F?ee estimates. Call MO 2-B068. Carpet Cleaning ~ STEAM AT IC CARPET cleaning "Call Doug for a clean rug." 663-2538. Free Estimates. Custom Fit Bras INDIVjDUALLY DESIGNED, "founda tlons, bras. Mrs. Edith Day, Langdon, Phone 596-2546. Delivery Service ~2IPP ~Zr~—~ You call, ~we~go7~«£T523f. 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Closed Sunday. Furnace Cleaning HY-POWER Vac Cleaning for Furnaces & Ducts. SERVICEMASTER, MO 2-2365. Hydraulic Jack Repair SMITH'S HYDRAULIC Jack Repair Moved — New Address 622 East 3rd, MO 3-4428. Lawn Mower Service LAWN MOWER. Chain saw, all types small engines repaired. HODISCO West 4th. MO 2-O203. 1217 Miscellaneous Services WELDING "AND "DOZER" WORK Albert Kelley, 662-4042, Hutchinson Nursing & Rest Homes IF YOU Would like a lovely private room, efficient care, excellent food, and not feel institutionalized, call 3-4027. - S?ECi'AL~1CARE^b~aTihbuirrory - Va^y or man and wife. 2-0667. Picture Framing 200 MOULDINGS, Mats, Needlepoint, block, dry mount. STEPHENSON'S, 1212 N. Main, 2-1341. Professional Services 15 Cemetery Lots—Markers MEMORIAL" Art "has" 43 years "experience in the monument service. We do our own engraving and designing and setting (where permitted) with professional care. Memorial Art Co., 1300 Nickerson Blvd. MO 3 -3161. Announcements •0 16 Special Notjces Carpentering & Masonry CARPENTRY, concrete, kitchen cabi „ , nets. Free estimates. Georoe Tinin, MO of the Volkswagen factory, the;2-6109, MO 5-7048. experts were agreed that the i _ CAR"PE15TRY blissfully snoozing giant would one day be liarshly roused. Sooner or later, they argued, changing times would bare the vulnerability of a car maker relying excessively on exports and one model — the Beetle — which no amount of facelifting could rid 1 of its antiquated design once 1 ordered by Hitler in the 1930s. The first in a chain of devastating blows to Volkswagen was Bonn's decision in 1969 to revalue the mark by 9 per cent. The monetary change, which increased the price of West German goods abroad, depressed VW's 1970 earnings to 190 million marks (about $55 million), from 330 millions marks (about! $95 million), the year before. Throughout 1970 the company held its sales volume abroad- export share of production 57.5 per cent—but it could do this only tlrrough absorption of price losses at a time of mounting investments to finance new production facilities at home. VW sales in the United States, 200,000 units in 1960, did climb to a record 570,000 in 1970 but there is no longer much hope that VW's 1971 United States sales will match last year's result, let alone set a new record. In the same year, long before another set of adverse monetary changes, two other dangers began to loom large on the horizon: Japanese competition and the rigid new U.S. safety laws which will be in full force after 1975. It is generally believed also here that these laws will make the VW Beetle practically unsellable in the United States after 1975. Volkswagen's current share in the U.S. automobile market is about 6.3 per cent. Japan's share grew from virtually il to 2.6 per cent in 1970 and in the first five months of 1971 Japan's share increased to 4.7 per cent. The budding crisis at Volkswagen, whispered behind cupped hands throughout 1970, broke to the surface soon after Bonn decided last May to free the mark of its official parity in an effort to blunt another speculative run on the hard West German currency. The revaluation effect of this action reached 11 per cent recently, when the value of the dollar on the floating market dropped to a record low of well under 3.30 marks. The 1969 revaluation had fixed the mark's dollar rate at 3.66. The final blow came in August when President Nixon announced the new American 10 per cent surcharge on imports. Although Volkswagen, Germany's largest exporter to the United States, was spared the full brunt of the surtax—imported cars also benefit from a sales tax reduction to spur the U.S. economy—the combined effect of remaining surtax and mark floating is bound to pose a thorny problem for the company, which is used to marketing one-third of its output in America. | a.m., October 7th. 401 Eatt F. IM0 3-1189 ANSWERlf'E Professional Service 14 E. 2nd St. copied at competitive prices. (Let us do> your letter writing; Phone 662-4427 Septic Tanks & Sanitation TEPTTC TANKS": cleTnedT repaired, installed. Lackey Sanitation, Rt. 3, MO 2-0266, "Red" Wroe operator. MO 5-8158. Trash Hauling ED GUTHRIES Trash, monthly rates, special pickup, Free Estimates, MO 3-6373 Truck & Car Painting "IWALTTY^Painling, reainditioning, rebuilding of cars, trucks, trailers and industrial equipment. Cleaned by steam and sand blasting. ARK-RIDGE ENTERPRISES, 662-1223, Randolph Anderson, 662-6025. Tree Trimming & Removal BOB STICKLER TREE SERVICE Equipped and Experienced to handle your tree problems. Stumps removed by ma chine. MO 5-6215. 20 Schools and Instruction COLLEGE Graduate will do private tutoring. 662-0306 after 6:30 p.m. Positions Open for Mature Women! You can qualify for a well- paid, dignified office job. The need was never greater fcr competent women in such positions as: SECRETARY KEY PUNCH OPERATOR ACCOUNTANT CLERK TYPIST DATA PROCESSOR RECEPTIONIST OFFICE MANAGER You will soon re-earn your tuition cost. Adela Hale will help you finance your course, train you, and then help place you with a leading employer. Dial MO 3-4419 REQUEST FREE BOOKLET Start Training OCTOBER 4 or U Adela Hale Business Career School 1st & Plum, MO 3-4419, Hutchinson STUDENT LOANS—ACCREDITED ACBS Employment it 22 Help Wanted DRIVEWAY ATTENDANT wanted at! the Big M Truck Stop. Apply in person, j Junction US50 and K61. 24 Salespeople Wanted I READ CAREFULLY Leading manufacturer Automobile in -l terior products. 49 years ( Public Auctions _ Remember Antique Consignment Sale Today, Oct. 3, 1 P.M. SALE CONDUCTED BY Fred Welch Auction Page 31 The Hutchinson News Sunday, October 3,1971 22 Help Wanted "S"ERVICE~"MANAGER Opportunity for experienced Service Manager or Service Salesman. Excellent salary - car furnished - plus percent plus additional company benefits. Contact Mr. Fred McKenna at Fred McKenna Chevrolet-Otdsmobile Company, 610 West Kansas, McPherson, Kansas. Tel. 316241-2540. WANTED: Mechanic for general farm shop. Have fully equipped diesel shop— work on all makes cars, truck and tractors. Living quarters recently decorated close. Call or write Evans One Stop Service, Kalvesta, Kansas, 855-3591, evenings call 855-3556. EXPERIENCED MECHANIC to work In Ford-Mercury Dealership. Must have own hand tools. Excellent working conditions and paying opportunities. Davis Motors, Inc. P.O. Box FF, Syrcause Kansas, 384-7731. ~EXCErLENT '^S^unltynfbl^*'perma- nent employment. Experienced lady fry cook. Short evening hours, 5 to 10 p.m. Apply Mrs. Shorb, Leonlda's Steak House, Municipal Airport Building, Phone 2-4281. "WANTED: FuTTT'ime^om pillion - and practical nurse for elderly lady in Hutch inson, very good living conditions and excellent pay. Send resume to Hutchinson News Box 95-R. WE" NEED ' Diesel Truck Mechanics. Sec Don Stafford, or write Glbson-Titus- Stafford, 2301 10th, P.O. Box 1010, Great Bend, Kansas. Phone 792-2771. BROWN" WHOLESALE, 117 West 4th, needs man in warehouse. Must bo over 21. Apply Monday & Tuesday between 8 a.m. & )2. No phone calls. "WANTED Man or WornaV~with~car for light delivery work. Apply in person to Dorothy Hill, Astro Motel, 9 to 11 a.m., Monday, October 4. Steady solid expansion. Sales volume almost doubled in last three years. Eleventh branch opened in 1969. New manufacturing plant and warehouse just completed. Need FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE this area. Established accounts. Tremendous potential. Five figure earnings. Average two nights weekly on road. Experience unnecessary. Thorough training. Complete insurance program. Retirement plan. Weekly travel allowance. Weekly car depreciation allowance or car furnished. Quarterly bonuses. Weekly drav,. Full commission on mail orders. Excellent advancement opportunities. Call 1-901-525-5711, Ext. 143 during otlice hours or wrile today for application to: A. H. HALL, 'o ARTHUR FULMER. 260 MONROE, MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE 38103 Branches in: INDIANAOPLIS — DALLAS — OKLAHOMA CITY — LOUISVILLE •- CHARLOTTE — ST. LOUIS — MONROVIA RICHMOND — HOUSTON — ORLANDO — MIAMI ENCYCLOPEDIA" SALESMEN MEN WOMEN AMERICAN ENCYCLOPEDIA YOUR AREA GOOD COMMISSIONS TELEPHONE APPOINTMENTS NO CANVASSING PHONE OR WRITE 3245 BROADWAY K.C. M. O. PL 3-4700 B. MYERSON LADIES! Earn good income. Model, demonstrate and sell top quality wigs and hairpieces. No license required. Free sales and styling training. Will interview Monday, Oct. 4th, 10 to 6 at the Imperial 4O0 Motel, West 4th St., Room 109. Call 662-4406. OLAN MILLS necd's'severarXadFesTfor telephone appointment clerks. No experience necessary. Salary si .60 per hour plus bonus. Both day and evening shifts available. Apply in person to Dorothy | Hill, Astro Motel, 9 to 11 a.m., Monday, October 4. NEED MONEY? SELL KNAPP SHOES . . .Part lime or full time. No Investment. Send for free selling kit. High commissions plus bonus. Write to R. A. DiMarzio, Knapp Shoes, Brockton, Massachusetts 0240!. CAN ~YOU _ spare ~15 hours per week ~for an extra S50 to $60? We need 2 part time people to service Fuller Brush customers. 662-8238. business. , 16 Ma|n Termite Control ROBERTSON TERMITE and Pest Control. Guaranteed. Licensed. Insured. MO 5-8710. P.O. Rox 483, Hutchinson. Wiring QUALITY Electric wlrlng'and repairing (Independent). Russell Electric, 708 East 7th. MO 2-4971. Wedding Service WEDDINGS — by "civil servant "—Reverent, Dignified, Legal — FREE marital counseling. 665-8842. NO PLACE to Go With Your Old Newspapers? If not, drop them off at The News Plaza, and they will be sold for recycling into paper products. A red and white trailer with the slogan "Re-Use The News" is the depository. Of course any old newspapers will be accepted. This is a public service of The News. Proceeds will go to the Reno County Environmental Protection Committee. Eldredge Innerspring Mattress & Box Springs Custom & Standard Sizes QUALITY ... at no extra price. 400 North Main MO 3-A591 THE Hutchinson High School Band members, again this year, are selling magazine subscriptions to help finance band trips. Support the Band—buy a subscription! (Paid for by a Hutch High Band Fan). 17 Coming Events THERE'S AN EASY WAY YO FIND GOOD BUYS in Pianos and Organs! Check No. 36 in the Hutchinson News Want Ads today! Dial local 2-3311 or call operator collect 662-1215. Reger Rents Port-a-crane I WILL Not be responsible "for any debts or bills other than those made by me, personally. MILTON POSTIER PARENTS Without PARTNERS (PWP) Membership Drive. If interested, write Box 1292, Hutchinson. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS"will help those who sincerely desire to stop drinking, MO 3-9681. BEAUTY "BY Mary ~Kay Cosmetics. Betty Priest, 662-8527, Route 3, Hutchinson, Kansas. "E'CECTROUUX —Authorized S"aTei and Service. Alvin Fry, 2015 North Main. MO 5-6025. LUZIER Cosmetics, for products or Demonstrations 665-5143. 17 Coming Events OUR LADY of GTJadalupe Sunday night social begins Sunday, Oct. 3rd at 7:15 P.M. In Parish Hall. 20 Big Games. Door prize. F & Maple, South Hutchinson. RUMMAGE SALE 804 we'st'B, October 4, 5, 6, 10 a.m. till dark. Clothing, women's dresses size 24'.j down. Jewelry, furniture, tools, dishes, miscellaneous. RUMMAGE" SALE — "MondayrTuesday —October 4th - 5th. 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Antique rocker - table, Baby clothing. 3123 North Walnut. CHURCH FLEA Market, Thursday * a.m., October 7th. 401 Ea*t F. GARAGE SALE, Monday, Tuesday, 27 Lawndale. Baby, Boys clothes. Baby Items, dinette set, men's shirts, miscellaneous. "PARKING LOT"SATErAnHqu »7croff> Ing, Jewelry, Flower pots, Miscellaneous. Monday, October 4th, 612 North Adams. Used. New quilts and chlldrens dresses. Miscellaneous. 1237 East A. ~RUMMAGE SALE Tuesday, October 5th, 910 South Main, 8 a.m. Mitchell Chapel Church. OUR LADY of Guadalupe Rummage Sale, Monday, Tuesday, 9 - 5. 201 East E, Hutchinson. 18 Lost & Found "FOUND ADS" (only) will be accepted FREE If you find something AND WISH TO LOCATE THE OWNER—Come in. . .a friendly ad taker will help you. ~F6TjND "~ChTlds prescription glasses Grandvlew School area. Inquire switchboard, Hutchinson News. STRAYED"—"5 — sman - bTjMsT ~4iS ~lb~s', Lester Ewy, Arlington— 538-2394. EXPERIENCED kitchen help 8. waitresses. Fringe benefits, hospitalization, sick leave, paid vacations. Apply in per son, Big M Restaurant. " WANTE b7"~?ruck Driver" - or Truck Driver-Torchman Combination. Apply in person—MIDWEST IRON 8, METAL CO., 700 South Main. " INTELLlGENT~Capabfe "young "woman to train as Orthodontist's assistant. Apply 304 Wolcotf Bldg., Mondy or Tuesday morning. DOCTOR'S ASSISTANT, RN or LPN, 40 hour week. Clinic doctors practice. Experienced only. Manager. MO 3-9183. MAN To work in cattle feed yard. Steady employment. Contact Tom Taylor, Walnut Hill Feed Yard, Great Bend, Ks. WANTED7 — 2 — irfie"n~to~bTjild fence~~and shed, Experienced. Call Monte Montgomery. 3-1961 or Buhler 543-6714. EXPERIENCED Fry Cook, Saturdays off. Apply in person at Hesston Colonial House, Hesston, Kansas. BAR MAID, Evening hours—Blue Carpet Lounge, Kingman, Kansas, 532-9977 or 532-2944. WANTEDT - !5e"rvTc"e "stati6n _ atteh ~dah7"& service man. OK Service Company, 25 East 30th. 5 school children, »-14. FAST, "Easy Money Making Sales. No merchandise investment, MO 5-7680, 1101 East 30th. BOYS AND GIRL'S." "Earn'"Money selling candy. Call 662-9369. Industrial Chemical Sales SALES OPPORTUNITY FOR AGGRESSIVE SALESMAN SEEKING ABOVE AVERAGE EARNINGS WITH A GROWING COMPANY. Knowledge of our line holpfut, but not necessary. Not interested in part time worker, but want a man to work futl time where compensation is good. FLOOR MAINTENANCE MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT We are an old line manufacturer, In business since 1920. We sell a complete line to such accounts as Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Municipal and Industrial accounts. ESTABLISHED TERRITORY WESTERN KANSAS Hutchinson, Kansas MO 2-8308 FURNITURE AUCTION Every Wed. 7:30 p.m. Taylor Auction See Tues. Paper for Lisfinq. Public Auction 29 Public Auctions Public Auction SATURDAY, OCT. 9, 1 PM. 20? NORTH TOPEKA, HAVEN, KANSAS 1 Household: Kitchen extension table, formica top, 6 chairs. Hideaway bed, good condition. Tappan gas range, good condition. Frigldaire refrigerator. 4 piece bedroom suite. Cedar chest. 2 rocking chairs. Coffee table. End table. 2 lamps. Kneehole desk. Utility table. Utility stool. Electric roaster. Charcoal burner. Electric bath heater, electric iron. Small ironing board. 2 drawer file cabinet. Swivel chair, upholstered. Kitchen dishes. Antiques and Miscellaneous: Model T tools. Trunks, (some Carpenter) Crystal goblets, over 50 years. Other glassv/are. Lamp stand. Large lard crock with handles. Good selection of unique what rots. 35 MM projector in perfect condition. 2 electric motors. 1 -3 HP. Work bench. 2 door metal cabinet. Air compressor with motor. Power lawn mower. Miscellaneous tools and yard tools. 2, SCO x 14 snow tires and Chevy v/heels. HARRY REIMERS ESTATE, OWNER Harold Tonn. Auctioneer I FEED MILL EQUIPMENT at the Arlington Co-op Office, Arlington, Kansas Wed.. Morn., Oct. 13, 1971 10:00 A.M. 16 v 32 ft. wood frame shed with corrugated iron siding and roof. Wood frame feed mill elevator with corrugated iron covering. Two V ton bulk feed tanks. Davis 36 Inch roller feed mill. Davis 30 inch roller feed mill. Upright I 1 ? ton mixer with electric motor. Forester hammermlll. Molasses mixer with electric motor. Dempster 3 ton fertilizer spreader. Feed conveyor with elec- Irlc motor. Dempsler spreader for repairs. Two Co-op 2 wheel granule spreaders for repairs, PTO. Two 750-gollon molasses tanks. 20 HP 3 phase electric motor. 5, 3 and 1 HP 3-phase electric motors. Gaffers and Sattlers 120,000 DTU overhead gas heater. Cable dump truck lift. Monroe full keyboard electric calculator. Burroughs full keyboard adder. Huffy riding lawn mower. Bushman tire changer. 90 days time for removal of buildings and bulk tanks. Terms: Cash. ARLINGTON CO-OP, OWNER Sale conducted by DAVENPORT Auction Co. "Auction is our only business— not a sideline" South Hutchinson MO 2-7V93 Public Auction Located—5 miles East, of US54 - K17 JCT. or 3 miles West of US54-251K JCT. SCO gal. gas tank and stand, Montgomery Ward chain saw. Many useful articles. ANTIQUES AND COLLECT ABLES — Church bell, topsy stove, cistern pump, kerosene lamps, gold plated candy dish and vase, corn whiskev jugs, cookco clock, (DRUMMER) scale model cast iron heating stove. Dale Clayton, Auctioneer MR. 8, MRS. CHARLEY MARTIN, Owner Real Estate 800 ACRES of KIOWA COUNTY FARM LAND (Will sell on contract) AND 400 ACRES of PRATT COUNTY LAND (located close to town, suitable for livestock operation, nice Improvements) For complete details, contact BANBURY AUCTION & Real Estate Service Haviland, Ks. Phone: 862-3791 or 862-3843 QUITTING BUSINESS SALE Furniture, Antiques, Accessories, Oriental rugs, Carpet, Pictures, Glass, Store fixtures, Air Conditioning equipment. Hundreds of items for home and office. STARTS THURSDAY 9 A.M. DIANE'S, 347 N. WATER, WICHITA BABYSITTER, My home, 4:30 p.m. 3-6605. 1:30 a.m. MO- WAITRESS Wanted, after 2 P.M. Call MO 3-6304 ~y0UNDTi~iW^ West 1st. Colored keys on a chain. 3-9531. LOST—Male Sealpoint Slames» *~ cat Call 2-8308. 'ft Schools. Instruction DANCE ARTS, Master certified private program. Children's classes—Tap, Ballet, Acrobatic, Baton. Adult classes — exercise interpretive, social. Materials kit furnished. 662-2042, 3105 Farmington Road. "KNITTfNG" CLASSES— B^inners~~"an'd Intermediates. For more information call 66J-90W or "24500. "SANDY'SDANCE STUDfOTTap, Baflet and Acrobatic. Free transportation. Call MO 2-3064. "Step All The Way Up To A Better Job!! Train for it at SALT CITY Business College Your Career School Phone M3-4488 Ave. A & Walnut Day and Night Classes Veteran Approed LADY TO do light housework, live-In. MO 5-7489. BARTENDER and~Go Go Girls, GTZo Room. SERVICE TECHNICIAN for Video Tape- Recordiiiig Equipment, Audio Visual & Sound Equipment. Must be well qualified in field of Solid State Electronics. $4 to $6 per hour to start. Will help train Write full resume to KSAV P.O. BOX 1682 _ HUTCHINSON. KS L 67501 Cash icr-Bookkeeper Excellent opportunity for responsible, dependable woman. Typing and accuracy essential. Neat appearance, pleasant personality with desire to progress to credit manager. Utual store benefits plus Insurance. Good working conditions. Pfion* for appointment to: Marie Spitzer, MO 3-3041 Gordon's Ready to Wear 18 NORTH MAIN HUTCHINSON, KANS. EXPERIENCED Truck Body- man and Painter. Usual company benefits, new modern shop. Apply in person to Duane Ely, ELYS, INC., 815 West 4th, Hutchinson. Established Western Kansas territory, Guaranteed Salary, Expenses and Liberal commission will be paid weekly. Protected territory. Man hired will be expected to travel In his own car. Occasional overnight away from home. This is strictly a sales |ob. Thorough training at our expense. Writs In strict confidence to WESTERN CHEMICAL CO. P.O. Box 127, St. Joseph, Missouri 64502. Personal Interviews In the territory will be arranged with qualified applicants. NEED EXPERIENCED A & H Life Agent for Assistant Manager position In Hutchinson area. Expense allowance, top commission, fringe benefits, leads furnished. Excellent opportunity for further advancement. Ma|or Company. FDT interview write Suite 308, X00 West Kellogg Drive, Wichita, Kansas 67213, or phone (316) 943-9581 or 9439691 Public Auction Wed., Oct. 13, 1971, 9:30 P.M. From Pratt, Kansas: 5 miles South & 2 'A miles West. FARM MACHINERY 1962 "930" Comfort King diesel tractor, power steering, dual hyd. 195S IHC R-l*t> truck, 2 speed, grain bed & hoist. 1940 DS-30 IHC truck with Anthony hoist & grain bed. 1952 No. 27 Massey Harris 16 ft. combine. WD-9 diesel tractor, good) rubber, hyd., mechanically good. 1944 Ford tractor with Skyline front end loader. Flex-King blade (3) 6 ft. with marker. 18 ft. rotary hoe attachment for blade. 18 ft. J.D. field cultivator, rubber & hyd. 18 ft. bar attachment for J.D. cultivator. 15 ft. Hoeme, hyd. & bar attachment. Harvester oneway, 18 discs, 26 In./ 10 In. spaclngs, good. 14 ft. J.D. wheel disc. (2) 16x10 J.D. grain drills, good discs <• press v/heels. 4x14 Case plow, hyd. & rubber. 5x14 Case plow, hyd. & rubber. 100 gal. weed sprayer mounted on trailer with PTO pump & boom. Challenger 5 ft. rotary mower. 24 ft. Oliver drag sprlngtooth with home-made carrier. 37 ft. grain auger. 27 ft. Mayrath grain auger with Wise, motor. 2 wheel trailer with 10 ft. steel bed (good). 3 row IHC sled. Set of duals for 930 Case. Jet pump. 3 row J.D. lister-cultivator. 3 row J.D. lister with planters & press. 3 row ridge buster. 6 section peg harrow. 3 h.p. electric motor. Danuser 3 point post hole digger. Rear mounted 3 point blade & scoop. 2x14 Ferguson plow. 3 new 6 ft. blades for Flex-King. 18 h.p. Johnson boat motor. 6 h.p. B&S motor. 1 h.p. motor. 3 h.p. Hiawatha motor. Vi h.p. double shaft motor. 10-0 hammermill. Old Sanders sod plow (antique). Cement mixer. 26 In. Ariens riding lawn mower. 22 In. Craftsman S.P. mower. 26 Situations Wanted Prairie Nursing Home & Colonial Village 810 EAST 30TH AVENUE Offers apartment living for ambulatory people and Skilled Nursing Care for bedfast patients — Ideal Location — Excellent Food — Considerate Care One apartment Open Today —Several vacancies in the Nursing Home. CALL AS A SERVICE to our readers, "Sltua- tion Wanted" ads will be accepted at HALF PRICE to Individuals seeking permanent employment. Ad must be paid In advance. Come In ... a friendly ad taker will help you. RELl ABLE ~ semi-reflfetf' woman.' "will esiist one genteel older person. Food preparation a specialty. Can drive. Write Hutchinson News Box 47B. EXPERIENCED Janitor needs steady |ob in Hutchinson. Write Hutchinson News F.ox 95-W. 1400 bu. Butler grain bin 1000 bu. Butler grain bin 3600 bu. Butler grain bin 1000 bu. Columbian grain bin 1000 bu. Midwest grain bin NOTE: These bins must be removed from premises by Nov. 15, 1971 WANTED—Housecleanlng or will" clean empty houses. Phone MO 3-1793. 29 Public Auctions NOTICE! We have discontinued our Monday Night Sale, but are still holding our weekly Tuesday night sale which will Include furniture, dishes, antiques, tools and miscellaneous, starting at 7:00 P.M. 116 S. Main Hutchinson, Kans. Fred Welch Auctioneer or MO 2-2135 MUffll TRAIN TO BE A HIHM HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR Learn to operate Bulldozers, Draglines, Cranes. Scrapers, Loaders, Trenchers, etc. at our modern facility In Miami, Florida. A high- paid career Is open to ambitious men. UNIVERSAL HEAVY m CONSTRUCTION SCHOOLS E Home Office—Miami, Florida 2 For Information Write to: U.H.C.S. Dept. 1398 7 East Gregory Blvd. Kansas City, Mo. 64114 Phone (816) 333-2115 Please print Name Address City State Zip Phone Age APPROVED is Age i APPROVED FOR VETERANS ANTIQUES Channel marker for boats (solid brass). Oak stand, spooled legs, glass ball eagle claw feet (24 in. square top). Oak stand with spooled legs, 15 in. square top. Oak recliner chair, good condition. 2 spindle back oak chairs, carved backs. 6 oak dining chairs, good. Solid mahogany dresser. Oak dresser with large oval beveled mirror. Unusual crocks & lugs. Aladdin lamp, kerosene lantern. 1928 Graham-Paige car manual & other manuals. 3 gal. glass churn. Cast iron bean pot with handle. Fern stand. 2 Model "T" headlights. Fred Muller saddle. Coil & spark plug wrench for Model "T" Ford. Gold screening pan, old pictures & frames, sad Irons with handles, wicker sewing basket. Insulators, electric swing clock (needs repair). Telechron alarm clock with OPA price marking. HOUSEHOLD GOODS (Beginning at 12 Noon) Colds pot It ft. frostless refrigerator with bottom freezer, 2 door. 30 In. 4 burner GE range. Firestone apt. size range, propane. Kenmore 7 cycle auto, washer, very good. Walnut 3 pedestal drop leaf table with pads, 4 chairs, and buffet (nice). Platform rocker, 3 piece bedroom suite, Englander box springs and mattress, IHC chest type deep freeze, 5 piece dinette set, like new. GE dryer, 2 swivel chairs, like new. 2 plec living room suite, GE 220 air conditioner, 2 twin beds, box springs & mattresses. Domestic sewing machine, desk type cabinet. Large & small bookcases. Floor, dresser & table lamps, Orbiter electric floor polisher. S.S. skillet & Dutch oven, new. Wizard 20 in. electric fan, 3 speed. 6 drawer filing chest (wooden). Vv h.p. Sears sump pump, used once. End & coffee tables. Corner cabinet. 18 in. x 26 in. wall mirror. 8 piece S.S. tableware, new. 4 qt. Presto S.S. pressure cooker. 4 qt. Mlrro-matlc pressure cooker. 8 fire alarm system.' Metal beds, springs & mattresses, lawn chairs; clothes hamper, bathroom scales, pictures & frames, high chair, child's toilet seat & school desk, small fireproof floor safe, no lock. Hassocks, Dalton adding machine, 2 burner portable propane stove, propane hearer, kitchen step stool, flash camera, electric blanket, dishes, cooking utensils, vases, fruit |ars, felly glasses, soma Avon bottlea & |ars, bedding, pillows & linens, books, waffle Iron & griddles, charcoal grill and other misc. 12 gauge Ithaca featherweight shotgun. 22 automatic rifla. 300 Savage hi-powered rifle. NOTE: Purchaser must be 21 years of age and be a resident of Kansas SHOP EQUIPMENT Atlas metal lathe, quick change, 10 In. swing, 54 in. bed. 4 In. lointer with motor. 10 in. Craftsman table saw with Dado blades. Smith acetylene torch 4 gauges. Hammetl 200 amp welder. 7 in. Skll saw. Radson model 200 moisture tester. 2 ton floor jack. Black & Decker grinder. Post drill with electric motor. in., *ii in. & Vi in. electric drills. Miller Falls micrometers, O-l & 1-2. 6-12-16-24 battery charger. V-i In. torque wrench. Double end bench grinder. Power hack saw. Impact wrench & sockets. In. Snap-on socket set. Snap-on tool bxo. Air compressor, Porto-power, 50 ft. endless belt. Anvil. Vi ton chain hoist. Sickle machine. Prestollte bottle. Pipe wrenches of all sizes, forge, floor edger, vises, pipe cutters, pip* dies, bolt dies, hyd. lacks, electric fence chargers, squirrel cage fan, gear pullers, flex-shaft, hedge trimming attachment, valve lifters, tachometer. Security' light, fishing equipment, vacuum gauge, Ammco ridge cutter, C-damps 4 wood clamps. 12 ft. ladder, 16 ft. extension ladder, V-pullevs. wheal barrow, welding helmet, new bolts & cotter keys, tool baxes, log chains 4 cables, oil cans, new pressure switch, misc. shop tools, drill parts, alum, step ladder, grain dryer (home-made). 2 Implement hitch, hopper for augers, hedge, creosote 4 electric fence posts, barrel pumps, screw lacks, extension cords, new pipe 4 Iron, sprayer, bricks, used lumber. TERMS: Cash Lunch will be served Mr. & Mrs. David Metzger, ownere Sale Conducted by BANBURY Auction Service Phone 862-3791 Haviland. Kansas

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