Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1907
Page 2
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r- i o U C:) . > ' W coldsi »mHrt %c Ultic oiet* nccdliTM sufferi^iK. With Fisg's Core la tnc boose tcrioas colds can bo prevent- , Fk -atent to tbc i3«tc And free" l ,frpn>opiatemaod barmfnl In- ^Kiudlcato. IWi Cniu « ttn on« rcmrdT by whick ill dan- irrr from conrhs^oldi. broo- chitra and cbdt ncctioos ' XOUGHS.. COLDS 1^^ CUBISTJKAS fUESEKTS Nothings better than a magaxliie tor J. E. nENDERSON, PbpM 98. 4141N. Backejrch a friend. For yoiir magaslnei iM "T&darBuel ^uda^ 2ii7 West Mad- gliye a claiming card ffDJnp t^r sixteen trtemda. ipnfMiag .an-elaborate k|,,iii|pp}ly tinnt with pro. prlcf!i.'flor tiie high- >6t,,iwn««>W*»f to Mrs, ^ plw .Uui Mri Hlinnon Ho- •^0i9Miiy a)Bo ,eiiJ07^ sev- TQie.:niu8ie vwaa . oontrllh ^«jil«. ilra. Buchan- •j .wete: Ur. VaiMn. J. IX add Mtt. HtoTooa Ho- andjirs^AceiBalUett. Mr. .Mi Bi StailcB. Mr. and Mrs. Mr., and Mrs.. Bartlett. .»rDk;ittte. Prof. Wells and ,C.j,Eitet«d Ofllters. liU> iii^Un^ ot the W«^ • ' iwljldi occuri«ed war'one of the ^'^VM'OK: kitmaa. The 1. Irhlch teHowetl the inilt#<l.BiB follows: Losan. Bljient—Mrs Marthi^ ^•^lOBj.Pr^sldent—Mrs. Marlon IXB, Bmnis Vaughn. Anna. Apple, fni .v Blaise Thorn p- .^Ahui BrowQ. .cwroiBtiQnJbf the Corp g:K4?siu8;;city. next May will represent pcm^^aro, 9fr8.,Ii0^an. Mrs. •n^l^n,"^ i^onipEoii: and Mrs. '';. AltemateSr Mesdames^Vand -MlsB Alice £o0UL^ the newl>- el- -wlll.appolnt commli- ^ ieirerai bMces at the ^Iiw6a.\ati6n. Mrs. Julia ^ins iiaiuiited into the corps t;,«;->%C.' Tf U.^Profiranu -nuibV^r; of ladies ' were ii's Christian Tera- tyestiNttay. afternoon fimil infonniil reception itm^tPlVTi Edwards. i5S %{i 'a^ne,;- The | par- iestooned with i:nnkm oolors, and ili room lP«a especially pretLr- rrai ^^'l^tkictlTe papers and tbti ^aoB of the most ;iraa -a4i^ by Mrs: Rare Bargains in CutGla»» and tiand Painted China Many acceptable pre- feufs at the Removal Sale at Sewallfs Jewelry Store 1st Door North of Postoffice. The wise Christmas Shoj)per is the early one. Now is the time. Our.stodc of DiafieBdiS Watebes, Jewejtir, Sterllog Ter. Goodii, Bc«stlfal ChlM, RIeh Cut Glass is now complete and new. and we promlBO to all who come that prompt and courteous attention, that has made our store a pleasure to Christmas buyers. senrcd during:. t|» ^ table pretlilr frlaimed irltit' escorted to cate to be Mrred with E IjlC .*AW^ Wfl ii.threftcouV8e ,de <w. whp en- n.iw.aiA W. Stillwell. Mrs. A. Phillips. Mis; G. W. Adam*. Vtn. Guy Fn'.ton, Hn. Roy Pulton. Mrs. C. B. Qakin, Mrs. Floi^ ence Hawley. Mrs. J. Wydlck.-Mif. GI W. Allen. Mra C. M. Slack, iiim. Gny. Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Gantt and Madam Patfaome. Rummasft. Sate. 8uee «aBfuL ' With the delicious., meals which were served yesterday and the collection of materials to he sold as at traction* tor patrons. Imdiea of Trlnlt7.| church conducted a hasaai> and. nim- maec sale-in Masonic hall yesterday, and todar. In view of the fact that the leisure moments of lola women are much taken up with preparations for Christmas now the. attsi^lance was large and gueata at dinner included many business men who enjoyed a menu composed of home made delicacies. Proceeds of the sale ar<» ctoss to the 160 mark. • • Announce Birth. VMurd has been received hero of the birth of a daughter on December fourth to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robin son. 'of Idalla. Mo. Mrs. Robinson will be remembered as ^ Georgia Fields, of Yates Center, and Mr. Rob inson is a son of Mr. andi Mrs. J. A. Robinson. 4 East Buchanan street. Elks to Give Dance. The Elks club is somewhat tardy In bcglnnins: the entertainments which usually asslpt in making up the social calendar but will give the first of u scries of dances next Wednesda.v .""venihg In the club rooms. The annual ball will be one of the elaborate fnncttons to usher In the New Year Notarr.^^^^gra^er la OlDc*. Pl^ae 4S6. • • • • • • • H. A. Ewing. ft. A. Oard, O. R, Oard • £nrU|6, flABD * GAKO, • Uwyen. • PraeUce jn aU OqvtiL 9 • tH W. Uadlaon. PhoM ttt. • • • • McNEIk BR&TMERS. Bpvetal attttitton ctfw to tte • tnatafoit of an Chnwlc DiaaM * aM Oiieues al Chadrso. • TelephonMfoacs 3S. Baa. 232. • Oflei in^ra. Tomer's Bids, * West Madison. * SUFFERS 12,000 LOSS HARKNESS * • Chas. Harkness, of Chanute, who has bought horses and mules in and about lola for the past twenty years, suffered a loss of possibly $2,000 on Thursday night when a bam burned down in which he had eight mules and three, horses stabled. The origin of the fire Is unknown, but it Is thought that it was the work of an incendiary. Mr, Harkness was out of town at the time. A part of the loss is covered by insurance. • Pbons 687. Bas. 70L • .DK.O.L.COX, • Kys, Ear, Nose and Throat •pectaoiss Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bids. A. 0. U. W. Every member of lodge No. 98 is urged to be present on next Monday nlght as business of importance will he presented. After business refresh-! ments will be served. Henrj- Howlaud. Mrs. Edw.irds was ing able to examine so many dainty assisted by Mrs. Ward. Mr.-s. Ivnow'-' appointments for a dinner table and ton and Mrs. J. W. Finley in the din- t.vclaniations compllmentar>- to the big room. Luncheon was serve! . to .-rti^ts are many.i Tiny flower spraj' about forty ladies. The ocea^on waaiVti enit cups, boullion seU, punch and -•-.I' Ky.wife A very happy one because of the srac lous hosplta'ity extended by mcmber.s of the hostess society. •^ •:• * Art Club Exhibit. •Yesiarday afternoon and evening ladies of the Art club received between eighty and one hundred truest? to view an eIal)orate collection, of work done by mcmbeiri of ilie orean Ixatlon. The staca of Library hall In which the exhi'ili is being held is elaborately decorated, greenery iiud tases of cut flowers making \hv scens dcclded'y festive. .The vari'^t.v of objects .';hown rt jor. much crodit to the talent of bofii teacher.-i and pnnlls who have contrib hted to iho colPct.'on. An array'of paintings, rangins: In size from t.lie small water color landscape to -the large works Ii oil. decbrate-s the walls Prof. .John AWsley, who la'ely rame to lola. Is displaying samples of ib- portrait work which he <<oes with Tf niarkable success and the guests wbi attended have greatly enjoyed thi ane of art The hand painted china Is to b< seen on tables arranged In the cenlc of the room. Feminine visitors n press a great deal of pleasure in be chccDlate ssts and salad bowls are pivrn pron'.in'-nt places and the mon o^rameJ dinner plates are a'so In ev i-!euc.>. A number of iiLnccues and boxes of burnt wo. d done by Mrs. Bruce Os borne are to be seen and as severa' cf the pieces are painted also this table presents a most pleasing appearance because of the cbntrasthig col ors. Yesterday afternoon thsr* was program of music to entertain the visitors ami in the evening Miss Heller, Miss Rosalia Charles and Xiiss Mun.son sang. There was a pro- pram after four o'clock this afternoon and at eight-thirty this even .ing there will be several solos. + + • P. E. O. Chapter Meeting. Mrs. .\. P. Harris wi:i be hostess of the P. E. O. chapter on Monday afternoon. • • • Royal Club Party. Mn;. S. C. Archey, 208 Norlh street, who was hostess of the Royal club yesterday afternoon, gave one of the most elaborate parties of the fall. Her f uests of honor were Mrs. H. I* Gant add. Madame Pathome. Pnnch was -rrr 'We don't; ::«ir3tkerStQ :k tioS, It*«yotobaii- ryVno^llist as your o « n '^;Wjj'i Rlad to. ~ _^^|fl*d to hgvfe. your l^A0^.msaii~ you to look ion ^^^^ "The End of the Worid." Will the world be destroyed by a comet? If not what will be Its end and what special signs bas the Savior given by which we- might know that this imporunt event is "near, even at the door?" These and other questions will be answered In a Ulble { jtudy to be given next Sunday even ing at the Seventh day Adventist church, l(x>ated three blocks south of the court house square on South street. ' The subject will be illu.strated b> the iiae of charts, and when consid ered in the light events that havi transpired just previous to. and with in the last century, will be of specla- Interest to all who come. A cordial Invitation Is extended to all to comr and enjoy this service. ABB LEJVY, who represents a gentleman's wholesale furnishing house.] is in town today. Every Atchison b< who attended the State University knows Abe Levy. Pew ever left Ijiw- rence who did not owe Abe a "little on account" He conducted the best haberdashery there for many years.— Atchison Champion. Office Phone 108S. Night Phone 406. OK. B. 0. CHsmiur. Pliyiklaa mui SucMS. Rooaife 7 and 8. Erans Bldg. RNS. TeL 188. Office Tel. 163. OB. J. B. PXFPEB. Oentbt Is permanently located over E. C. HcClaln's Clothlns. Store, and Is prepared to do all kinds of ap>to-dste dental work. A Square Deal basaniedyoa when yon buy Dr. Pierce's I* Grenlng work by appointment * (amiiy medioine >-4ar all the ingredl- • • • • e • • • • , , eats ,«at«rinc into them an printed on the bottle -wrappeis. and their formulas are attested under bath as being complete andoorrecU Ypaknowjuatwhatyouan paying/<tf and that the ingredients are gathoriB^ from Naturals laboratory, being selected.'from the mosfevVSlnAbre. natlvs medlehul ib|^ found growtis In our Alaw^nfocwinjyLiWte ftStnX V> cure ai« perf -j-.^-* -» deiicMs • • • Kans. • Phone 6$4L lote. K 0B.:^I1]I 8. HAI6H. • Office ahd/Besldence orer Bar- * r^l's Drug Store. ' • Office H ^nrs -^IQ to U a. m„ S * to 4 p.' m.. 7 to 8 eraa^iss. • Sundays by AppolntiiWBt * • • • • ^ e. JUMIBHH, • • - e • PracUci: Limited to BarflMf. • • - • • IS N. Bncbceye. Phone S7f. • OB.;W. Bi HSIUnJH. Pkjsleiaii * SufMi;: Office Ni JH. eomer of Snj^rs. over R. Ci^Plnmblng Go.'s Stdfs. Res. Tel 38; OiBcs TeL 601 P, L, LatbrOK • Mrs. Bessie O. Lafhrop. *. osTEOPiTHic pfiinGUiraL • Special attention glTsa to Bi»;. *• eases.ot'Vonen and Children. • Orer EMt,,8lda Hardware. ' * OSc« «Plione,. Main 468. • ^ 5 ^ • t e ' "..1 A choice assortnteot of thispop lol Kraniie's Snipdaj Dinner. We win serve an elegant dinner tomorrow. Forty pounds of fried sprinf chicken. If you want the best Sunda> dinner In lola come and see us. KRAUSE'S CAPE, East Street Hittwn, [uapieaniiaepiie and anti- ive.and soothing demul- The riileago Glee Clab Ten^ht. Tonight is the evening that has beer looked forward too for some time The Chicago Glee club Is to give the next number in the Free Entertain ilienl at the First Methodist church This club carries with It an Imper- ^nator, a tromtmne quartett and li addition thereto gives the best of r musica]. This program begins at H-.Zi and it is jireceeded by an impromptu program that begins at 7:45. Thif pi-ogram opens wtih a pipe organ voluntary and is followed by singing and declamations that take up all the lime. Among the speakers are Erm: Cantrell. Edna Wood and Haxel SU- son. Remember that there is no chargt at the door and everybody is welcome A collection is taken to assist thr church in paying the expense. Re member, too. that the condition of the | weather does not effect the program- s6 don't let a storm keep you away. ' At the First Metliodist church to-:| morrow Dr. Mnrlin of Baker Tnlver ?lty will preach at 11 a. m. and thel J pastor, J. M. Mason, at 7:30 p. m. * The evening service will be evangelistic with special music. Other services are as usual touching time. ,B>rerybody welcome. betag*^-, ferment, ni cent Glycerine plays an Important part In Dr. Pierce's GoMen Medical Discovery in the cnra of indigestion, dyspepsia and weak stomach, attended by sour risings, heartrbum, foul breath, coaled tongue, poor appetite, gnawing feeling in stom* sch, biliousness and Idndrcd derango- ' mcnfs of the stomach, liver and bowels. Besides curing all the above distressing ailments, the'&>kien Medical Discovery • Is a specific for all diseases of the mucous membranes, as catarrh, whether of the nasal pkssages or of the stomach, bowels or pelvic orsans. Even In its ulcerative stages It win yield to this sovereign rem> edy if Its use bo persevered in. luCiironlc Catarrh of the Nasal passages. It is well, while taking the -(SoMen Medical Dis- eoyery." forue necessary constitutional treatment, to cleanse the passages freely two or throe times a day with Dr. Sage^ Catarrh Remedy. This thorongh course of Jjreatment generally cures the worst ffsui^ by bnn* loos, except coo- stacca. Uw "Ooldca lea BfMe efldcot teni^ . ia- tboM obcdoa^ haar-on DriTritaUeB sod cpDXestloa of scale ceochsaii*- oor mw* it be «x- THAY ARE FRESH. lar brand at CRABB'S. When you buy l^wnty. lates here, our per-oml pledge of their firmness goes wiih tbtxn. Get your ntati candy at Crabb's and ^ee how well it pleases you. CRABB'S, DRUG STORE, Corner WieUngtoii and West Sfa. iptlga in iu advanced stacGi, t And inany,otJier^painiul eeriflMt ailments.from wmch most modi|iB. suffer, tan W. avoided by. tine usfJc^.. "imtihm^ This great remedy. I is a Go4-sen<i to woaiea, canyina them throngli their most criti^ ordeal with ralety and no pauu No w«»ian'wh© ijses^Sirtlier 'S fcar.the:sufferix»g and danger incident to Wrth; for it robs the ordeal of its horror 1 tteUistbal --antocoasamp* natcaabeukca. 1" lifeof inothq: and an^ l^yes he^ a condition more favorable to s^teiy.xtco^^uy. Thetchflt^b^ alip^ Iwwlthy, strong and --. r- -t—- 'g^iod natiu -eiL Our book "Motherhood," is worth itsweightiugoldtocYcry woman; and will be s^t free inplain. S envelope by addressing application to mm : The Santa Fe will sell Homeseekers' Uckets Nov. idth, Dec. 3d and 17th, 1M7, to points in Texas, Oklahoma and ndlan Territory, New Mexico and Arkansas at very low rates. Winter Tourist tickets on sale dally Not 15th. 190?. to April SOth, 1908, i^ith final return limit June Ist. 1901!, Pie Deaumont, EU Paso, Ft.. Worth, Oal- ieston, Texas. Carlsbad and Deming, N. M.. at low rates. Please see Urs. us for further particu- As I have decided to m mj Gre- eery awl Heat MBAK strletly cash biute' frem this date,' I keti ^B list a ffw artMes, as feflews: Granulated Sugar. 19 lbs. for ..91M P. B. and W, S. Flour, per sack. 91 J* PotatoM.'per biL ... 4 Cans Kelley's Cream Com 2Se 3 <tb Standard Tomatoes, per can. Ite Corn Meal, per sack ISe Cranberries, per Quart IH Cablige, per ». .1 IHe Fiancy Apples, peck 4«e Peaches and Pears, can liH te Swef f Potaitpes. peck t a -tb. Box of Crackers M. 1 Gallon Peeled Peaches S Country Butter 88e Creamery Batter Fresh Cobntry Eggs a« Pure Homemade Lard, lb it»*e Skinned' Hams, per lb nMe W«it.t^. BERT ClAPP of this city has opm- ed a dpring' picture show' in

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