Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1908
Page 8
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^.^Kta^inalinnisin reality an iatetnalinflaimnatioa—a disused conditibn of Utt wodoc^ iwludi supply the noorisluneiit and strength necessary to «as- ti^oof bodid Uric acid, an iiritating, inflammatory accumnlation, get* tattttlie cucoJaticni because of phj-sical imgalaiitiea, and then instead of aomUnff and inv^forating the body, the blood irritates and inflames the •nmit serres, tissues, .muscles andloints, because of its impure, acrid «o«TOon. The ^ns and aches andkittier disagreeable and dangerous symp- tM« of Snenmatism can never be permanently cured until every particle of OMhenac i« driven from the blood. S. & does this because it is a pofect mod jmrifier. It goes down to the yery bottom of the trouble, purifies and the circulation, invigorates the blood, and ojimpletely &ives Rhen- I from the sj'stei^ Pllsters, Uniments, soothing loUons, etc, may [Sot the temporary relief and comfort they bnng, but a cure cannot taS^SStiiaUVhas removed the cause. It frees the blood of every imoBritrandmakesitarich, health sastaining fluid, to bnng peimanent SSS Mmtort to those who suflerTith RheumaUsm Book on Rheuma- I mwiA anv mHir"! advice free to all who write^ laaaaaymecucai ^ SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA. OA. ON THE HONOR LIST The Atcord of Pup«l« In the lola City Schools. Jefferson School. 8th grade—A, Jennie Htmes, Neva Hitter; B—Clarence Tiffany. 7tli grade—A, Pearl McKenzle; B, Clara Albsnnao. 6th grade—A, Aleen Eaiet; S, ^Helen McDougal. 5th grade—^A, Grace Gates; B, Merril Orr. Bth grade—^A, Beulah Plcken; B, Gertrude Smith. 3rd grade-^Bertita Booker; B, liOla Wood. 2nd grade—A, L&Veme Nbrthmp; B. Chester Davis. 1st Grade—A. Victor Lee Kirk; B.W«ma Pepper. Lincoln School. 7th grade—A, Ralph Womack; B. Prank Winders, Dotta Sells. 6th grade —A, Hadsell Bnmside; B. Flo Morrison. 6th grade—^A, Prank Murray; B, Helen 'Day. 4th grade—A. Ralph Tanner; 3, Rudolph Bacha. 3rd grade— A,' Famk Worzniak; B. Royal Fetherlin. 2nd grade—A, Lola Wlieaton;\B, Irfeona Warren. Ist grade—^A, Nellie I^aymon; B, Leland Wise; C, Genevieve Green. Washington School. 7th grade—A, Ida Largent; B, Caryl IMngman. 6th grade—A, Vesta Chrlst- ler; B, Hattle Farrell. 5th grade^A, Archie Hall; B, George Burrls. 4th grade—A, Eunice Campbell; B. Ruth Wkggoner. 3rd grade—^A, Charlie Pry, Marion Edgar; B. Ruth Bryant, Bverett Dennis. 2nd grade—A, Pay Auerbach; B, Katie BagUr. Ist grade —A, Blanche Oerstle; B, Glen Mabes; C. Varna McQuigg. Garfield School. 6th grade—A. Fay Means; B, Pattie Mather, Gusta. Schomerus. 6th grade —A. Ostey Wright; B, Ethel Yapp, Barty Thayer. 4th grade—^A, Francis Kratz; B, Opal Bninnell. 3rd grade—A, Sylvia Land; B, Howard Dall. 2nd grade—jA, Leona Gray; B. Ethel Dall. -Ist grade-^A. Myrtle Sn-oct; B, Edner Shepard. McKlnley School. 5th grade—^A, Lorlng Black; B, Law rence Smith. 4th grade—A, _ Jacob Forsbach; B, Mabel Mahuron. 3rd grade—X Glen Poster; B, Gladys MUr- mont. 2nd grade—^A, Vera Godsey; B, Constance Allen. Ist grade-^A, Randall Rentz; B, Edna Brooks. Batsett School. 4 th grade—A, Fannie McDaniels; B, Claude Butler. 3rd grade —A, Eddie Hill; B. Birdie McDaniels. 2nd grade —^A. Roy Anderson. 1st grade—Florence Smitb. * TO MEET TONIGHT Executive Committee of the Republican City CInb to PUn for Campaign.k At eight o'clock tonight, the executive committee of the Republican city cluj} will niiect in the offices at the rear of the Northrup National bank and plan for the city campaign. At the last meeting of the club, L. L. Northrup, the proeldent, appointed an executive committee consisting of two members from each ward In lola city, and two from Ida township and Bassett. Tonight will be the first meeting of the oonmilttoe. ManaB«r of Triplet TMW TO riH Va^ caney Mad* by ftaslgnatlon of AWIh Farris. : The lola football team, the greatest team In the sUte, met last evening and- e1ecte<» Sata BUIs. managerf to fill the vacancy created by'the res: ignation of Alvin Ferris, who goes to Tulsa, Oklahoma. .Mr. Penis has made an excellent manager and his efforts have been apprecbited by the members of the team. Bills, the new manager, la ttioroughly familiar.'with the football situation in this state and wilt doubtless fill the vacancy with credit to both himself and the teiun. After the meeting the mem.- bers of the team went td the Miller studio where a group picture of tlie team was talcen. HAVE A LITEJiY SCRAP. r. Mack Love and Bank Examiner ITanball Come to Blows. Arkansas City, Dec. 2.—The Travel ier says: Last evening there was a bit of excitement for a few moments !n the lobby of the Fifth Avenue hotel. It was brought about by a one round contest go-as-you~pltese between J. Mack Love and Bank Examiner Marshall, who has charge of the Citizens and F^rtaiers' State bank. The trouble came up over a check, which Is said to have been issued for $250 and p&y- ible to the Wells Produce company. it is claimed that as attorney of the Wells company. Mr. Love wanted- the cash on the check. The bank, on; the Instruction of M.r Marshall, refused \o cash the check until that official :ouId ascertain what the rights of the bank were. A tilt over the phone followed. Last evening Mr. Marshall was sitting in the hotel lobby reading, when Mr. Love entered. Mr. Marshall spoke to Mr. Love, but the latter did lot return the salute. On the other jand, he opened upon Marshall, calling bira some bad names and finally issaulted him. Marshal then attempted to defend himself and began striking Love over the head with his cane. The last rap was'a fairly hard one and Che cane broke and the war ended. Mr. tx)ve repaired to the wash room and Mr. Marshall to Sollitt & Swans' drug store to buy another cane. .Mr. Marshall broke a leg last July and has never recovered fully from the injury and Is compelled to use a- cane ; t Two Car Loads of Cbmtmas Pianos The people of lola and vicinity have no reason to be without a piano on Christmas, as we have in two big car loads of new pianos and more to follow. As nice a selectiop as can be found anifwhere, and |iriccs to com|>ete with any where in theworld. This may seem a broad assertion, but[;nevertheless it is a £a,ot, for we are supplied by the largest manufacturers of the worldi such as Everett, Harvard, Bush & G-erts. Kimball: Farrand, Whitney, Merrifield, etc. The pianos we sell at $160, $186, $210, $230 to $260, cannot be bought elsewhere in this community lor near these prices. The more elaborate oases we sell lor $275, $300; $330 up to «4.00. If you can not pay cash, buy on our installment plan. Sw^terCodto fior Ifui, Boy•a »iadidl ^eil 5dc t ^$3.0d ' This woald be a osefnl Christmas Gift. Union Suits The perfect-fittmg, the satisfactory underwear for men and boys at popular pi:ices. They cost no more than the common sort that do not fit. Once worn, always worn. Prices— $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00 Prices'for the Boys 50c, 75c, $1,00 Hart, Schdfner <& Marx and Stein-BlQch Suits and O'coats The Best Clothes that Money can buy. They fit yon, they wear yon, they give yon style. You will find in them more dollar-for-doUar valae than you ever dreamed conld be put' into clothes. SOME TIMELY HINTS. For the Oirl Who Starts Her Christmas Work Early. The girl who believes in starting Cbrlsttuas gifts early should make a shirt waist case to protect blouses that cannot be washed. These are madellke a large envelope with the flap at the end. They should be of white Persian lawn or striped dimity that is easily laundered. Cut the material In a long strip, allowing for a deep flap. It should be TBB PBISCIIiU. COLIOB. large enough to hold a waist withoot crashing even when the sleeves are staffed with tissae. paper. - French seam the sides and finish the end of the flap with a scallop embroidered In white cotton. The only decoration la pat on the flap, which battons over oq the cose. It mar have jast a monogram or three Initials or can have an elaborate design In satin stitch and eyelet work. Another gift that la new and dainty la a collar that comes straight from Poria called "the Priscilla." . It Is very •hnple to make, consisting as it docs of a tucked, boned and well shaped col lar of net or mnU. A foil, frill of the material used Is placed at the top of ,the collar, and a blblike plaiting Is ar- Lranged at the base. TRAYS MADE AT HOME. They Are Ceverad With Oriental Embroidery end Framed. Fascinating tny» that the Ingenious girl can make herself, either for the bedroom or library, are pbpuhir Just now. f A,^ nnootli piece of whltjwood Is Choaea for the b <>ttom of the tray. This eaa be sqnan, obUxig or oval. If I btty cheap li'br bedrooms gny cretonnes'br linen taffeta may be aubstltnted. On top of the embroidery put a piece of clear glass the samo siao as tbo bottom. Have the two framed with a narrow border of wood. Just as you would frame a picture, and into each end screw small brass handles. On the back paste felt to harmonize with the colon of the embroidery and to prevent the tray from scratching the table. Select picture molding about an inch or an Inch and a half wide and of a color to blend well with the embroidery. The dark woods ttsually give the best effects. The frame makes ledge enough to prevent a gl&ss or candle from slipping from the tray. If you are not skillful enough with tools to pot the frame together It can be done quite cheaply at a picture store. Do not trust them, however, to paste the embroidery to the bottom, as you can-do It much more.neatly yourself. It will also .be qnlte easy to add the felt at home. Tiring at the Desk. The office girl compelled to sit at her desk uuitiy houra a day will discover sooner or later a pain between the shouldera or along the sphia This Is frequently because the toes barely touch the floor aad there is a strain upon the body. Many to make the feet touch the floor and yet have tbeir liands In the right position upon the ty^wrlter or desk get a fixed posture which leads to this strain. You will derive much comfort from an ottoman or even a small wooden box slipped under the desk for a foot rest. It Is not necessary to use'It continuously, but there are times when one can throw the weight back npon the chair, rest the feet on the atool aod overcome that strain which refuses to depart unless' one gets up and walks around awhile. . . MAJOR WILLIAM J. DART COMJlie. He ViMl Hold Services for ClkpUa Harry Botier Saturday and Snnday. Major William J. Dart, divisional officer for the Salvation Army, with headquarters in Kansas City, will come to lola Saturday for two days of service. He will hold meetings In the Army hall at Madison avenue and Walnut street, Saturday evening, day morning. Sunday after Sunday night. The Illness Butler, wife of Harry Butler, captain commanding the local corps, makes It impossible for the captain to properly handle his. week end meetings, and Major Dart will have charge in his stead. Register want ads pay. GAS PRESSURE STILL CoBtlBned Cold Weather Has No Per. reptlble Effeet on the Sapply. Though the weather continued cold today; the gas pressure continued entirely adequate and there were no complaints. It has not been necessary to turn the reserve supply into the mains and with the weather "moder- ' atin" somewhat, it may be expected that lola will pass through this cold snap without u^ing' any of the reserve whatever. E^en if this had been necessary, there was no fear of a shortage and the prospects are that the winter will find the cKy well fixed for gas throughout the entire seasoa Comfort For Qerm Finders. The woman who washes all her coin and bandies bills with tangs can enjoy her money henceforth with Ic fear of microbes. Dr. Warren W. Hlldritch, a Yale scientist, ha< made bacteriological tests, with tho- result that "money coostltiites an nnimpor- taut factor In the transmission of disease." Stranjee as It may appear, the cleanest looking bills liad the highest num- twr of bacteria, while the dirtiest hhd tbei fewest HoweTer, this will not dhnlnlsb a woBum'S'lova tat olce^'dean hllla^ but It win make ber.leaaj'iMrToaa-irbea aha has to handle tbe|4brty-oiie* for fear.she will contract!^wm* terrible «la «»SR ' ... A Beautiful 811k Fiag. Do you. wan 'tra Beautiful Silk -Ilac. 2s3 fe^t? Up-to-date; Maters: made of flue twUled allk; beantifol colon nica'Chrlatmaa present or a aos •enlr. W. 0. W. Election of offtcera Friday night. ISvery member expected to be present. \^tae^Ore We have secured the complete line of VITAB-ORE Remedies wbioh comprise: TITAE-OSE V..0. FILLS V..0. TABLETS. . T .-0. OHSOLIKE aad T .-0. Eacalyvtaa OIL Haw •• aale.aft

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