The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1947
Page 8
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MONDAY, JUNK 23, 19<L7 BLYTHKVIU.E (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PACT MfMB' Many Schools Seek Teachers A.E.A. Secretary's Data Contradicts Statement By State Commissioner Hy lloli Hi-own I'lillrd 1'rChS ShiCf CuiTl'sitnnili'lil i,n-n,i-: HOCK. Ark., jun-.. •:;;. (UP) —liccords on file witli tlie Teacher Placement Binoau »; ilie »^"knns:is ICciur;i!icm Associating ie- JjiiAFtliicalioii couitnissioiu r ll.tlpli U. Junes' staifjivrn'. thill lisp acir': shortage of tcach-.-s '!. ArKausis ii over. Chocked tod'.y I,,- Exu'illive Siv- n.-liii-y T. M. .S'in.vit, UK; n ;-;n<': m-'nlrd the lie?! f-.u- ir>i. !-.:! ; h uvoo] :!!|<1 K.I rl<MK"li:u-y U l-.-hi'i> And our ret-oni s by no means would indicate the total number of vacancies in the slain." .Slinnctl .said. lie. c.xDlahiPil thai manv sc 1 Ho lo the AKA only ;ts a last ivsurl for Icacer.s, pi-cfcrrjiiR lo contact collet-e.s niul other sources lirst. i-'oi- Instance an official of tlir 1-iltle Hock schools (old United Press that them are til) viu-;incics in the white and liiuh and gn schools in the capital city. "There is no question," Slim conLtinicd. "thru the situation is uiipi-ovin'.;, bill there .still is a critical shortage of hi|!li a-hool tcach- Wild Horse Statc to Begin Using Permanent Tags on Autos MTTliK KOCK, Ark.. Jinn- 23.| UP) .'Jin- a. Ci. Adams Co.. of 81.1 Lnnis will furnish license plates forj Arkansas motorists in 1'JIB, ju'cord- lo Frank Clanry, director of the Mod,,- vehicle Division of (lie .stale lirvnulc Depai linelll. lei slalnip. (In: Hpveime D.-|i:iiliupnl •nmiol issue :i licoiise Eor a l.t.xi mtil Die cjwner has piiri'hitscd i|»])lovcd liat>ility und properly Insui'aiu Itrldsli America On lliis side uf the 'Allanli: ocean, Kaplan;! owns the mainland colonies of Jlriiish llondtn-as i i Central America, and lii'ltisli (iiitiii'-i in Houth America, as \veil as .several islands. Tht-se ptxsse.s.slon.s cover I1U.CO .square miles. I'.'IH plate, iitul hisnbsequenl ye;..., uill a small iilulr beur- iu;; cnty the- (t^uie lepre.seiithv; Hie new ye.u-. -rills will lie bolted ev:-i the onj'.uial year to brlni 1 , ttie up to date. C'hm-y this week Issued n reminder to laxieab owners. Uniter i> new law passed by (he 1U47 II-K- MONEY -FOR MATRIMONY OR MATERNITY—, Mileslonos call {or nibnoy. When you're gelling married or expecting a new addilion fo Ihc family, cjct the ifionoy quickly |rom G. C. P. G. PHONE 2923 122 W. ASH ST. BLYTHLV1LLL GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION .s a result of experiments in Alabama inlnc.s the Kovernmoia >eo s possibilities ol rynihelle ("el i>i-c(ULe1 lou from i-oal burucil mi- dcri;Lcund. . a Singer i-\ r - ju-rt (nit your miicliim' in first class (iinniti^ order. )U';tM>iul)li' (li;irj;os. I:S(Liu,l[c fnr- jii.ilu'd in ;K!\.IIH\'. SINGER SEWING CENTER •ill W. ^luln SI. itoi.s ul the :i;inu:;l Bunker Hill Uay Parade ir. f;bat H-sioii, Mass.. ofkicd i it n diet lyiw .sidcliuhls. At left. Wi J veteran Wiuilrcd itucl i ! u i i onds bcfoic sbc was thrown t(j (lie j-round. At it an li : i 1 j:ist thiown Mieliacl I'iirry a short time alln 1 id th.rown fcjl'Aii Rila DIITCII. iNKA Tcleiiholo i Speeds work- saves money— helps farmers get quality work • Prompt delivery. • Concrete delivered to any job which is accessible to our trucks. • "Mix" accurately proportioned for your job. • Full strength, reliability and uniformity in every 'load. • Let us quote you on this economical way to build. If you need help.we. Cfin put you in touch with competent contractors. tlUGHES & Company "Ready Mix Concrete" Building Materials South JOth St. Phone 3531 or;; — i>:u H lit.nlui ly in tlie physical ' ocluciitiyn mul i oiisinoj iri^tl ficki:?. i U iiKiy l^t 1 si-vi'i'al yours Ui-fore ! v.e Ii;uv ri'.utrJiii pliy^iral iduc;UK)ii insli•i!dr>r_s in Uiis rapitllv c.xpaiul-' I-L-ld." lie said. Ili.s lii;;] 1 . schnn] filc.s con'.ain^d refiner.'s for ^1 pnyoical cdiK-alitui atul Hi commm'ia! tcathor.s. iVJiuiy HCIJlirsts nn File Thf placrtiu'ut buirau also has on i lilc 'or '21 ri^ilish trar'nof.s, I 15 .soi-hil sticucc-, 17 inathc-inatH-H, 11 i!;.;:-it:ti!iun-. sc-vcn ii'.us^-, riuht n rfonpinii.'s, fi.iif liis'nry. ni»? one rach in La":in, .Spanish, spt'fth and journalism- TliL-ri: in one open iiiK fur a librarian. CommissiomT Jour-s said that he no! filled all of its positions foi' thr rrmiiiur .si-!vrol y.^av. "Homo have rrporlrd In us that Ilioy have had two and Ihn'u np- plir-nnls for cvcfy _jnb," hr said. Jnnrs Attributed thr bettor mn- ditinns to hinht-r sulurirs, U-vcIins off of mi piny n\t>n;, possibili'.ios in -l)iif i inr- l is -mid indiiFslry, rctluclioi in uavcriiincnt a-jriicy pf'rr.orinr! aiui clinnLto of plans with main •y linld. 4 Stinno'.t said, hnwovcr, th:»l a survey of the 23 slat.*;, in tho NcrLli Crntral affa revealed thp.I tho production of hi^h st-lino! teachers ill all colleens was bnrk fn 7, r > per cr^ of thr 19'Jl pi'ndiuaion, considered Arid, lie said, production of pvadr .school I [^achers th«s yc;ir act nail v was d'uvii from \vh;if U was last yrnr, lie aUribnfrd Ihh to lower st'.lnvics for IT fade ^chnnl teachers and more emphasis on higher ed- County Beverage 5a/e to Be Election Issue T3ENTON. Ark., .Jntic 23. (UIV — l'I:<' vott-rs ol" S:iline County will .o to the polls July 18 to decide if ej-iil .sale of brer and wltio shnlL bo oiUimieiL County JudK*' Arch :oopcr I'ii<!ay onJ^red ) ho'election ipini presentation of ca petitions ii'jnf'd l)\- 1,105 persons. Only (lie .sale of beer anil wine :> no-.v le^al in Saline County. ?i: OI* ADMIXISTKA'I'ION l?r is heti-by «;LV'CM that lei Lei's nf adnilnisLnUion were grantee] to h? iindersiiiiipd upon the estate of Ttatlv MrMulIiii Ifiisband «n t!i> Hth dav of June, 1C47, bv the Probat n Court for the Clnrkusiiwba DiMrict ol MEssUtippL County, Ar- All persons ha\inR claims af:;dnn!. said estate 1 arc require:,! to exhibit thorn, proprriy nniiicntit^tc^, lo fhr unc'ersi^nnd lor allowance Tjilliin six mnnths from t-lio date o:. Uic lir: : t, |;ul)i tea lion of this notic,6 ftT they siiiUl be barred forever ann prcrluderl from any benefits in .s l1c h estate. The dcfiniU< address of ihe irmler:;iyned adininistnitrix is G'2'Jl West Main, lily the vi lie, Arkitnsn. 1 ;. n:\led this lOlli tiny of .June, "^-IT. Myra T. McMullin Reid ana Roy, attorneys. IT'S A PLEASURE The New UP "LirgesS in the South" Located Highway 18 W. Blyfhcvillc, Ark. SPECIAL JUL WHEN EVERYTHING RUNS SMOOTHLY A enmity, li-oiihU'.siiine car ciw ruin a pa I'crt viiou- tioii. iHiiUc sure your car is in A-l condition licCm'i! you start of!' for viicatiunhiml. Drive in today and let nur expei I .sturf check your car (rom Iiumpcr to humpcr. Tune tip (he motor, adjtisf llu: brnlics, rhaii^u oil—do everythiuj; MO imporlant (o your car's "lu-.tlMi" and your happiness and .safety. It-al inn. "[ inn positive Unit tho shnri- (&c or j.M'.'ulo sclinnl 1 . 1 ; i.s nut!]] Riciitpr llian out 1 [iics incli- •aUV .Stinnrlt, ,s:iirl. nntl pnintrtl ;ul Unit ni'tst o!rtnr]\tary schof)! :rKi:-<]N icrtinl, Ihnir lenrlicl's in Iho inini'tliate ncifhburhootl if possl- CMC TRUCKS PHONE 519 OLDSMOBILE MOTOR SALES INCORPORATED And His Bond Dancing— 9 'til 1 Make Reservations at the :, B. Chiiwood e're glad to report that the work necessary to bring telephone service to the 250,000 people waiting in the Southwest is under way again. Sonic of you may be wondering what effect the recent work stoppage had on your application. In general we can say: The additional waiting time on installations may be about eight weeks. So, if you will add that to the date \vc may have tjaul youi 1 SOUTHWESTERN BELL service would be ready, you may not be far wrong. There is really no need to call Ihc business office. We have an accurate record of your order. And we shall get in touch with you when we are able to install your telephone. Thanks very much for your patience and understanding. TELEPHONE COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT to people waiting for telephones Second and Ash Streets Wilson Auto Service —Dial 2611 — Dial 2611 — G. E. Vacuum Cleaning For All Cart. Let Us Clean Your Car! • ••••••••••••••••••••^••^•••^•••••••••••••WWI Ncoprcne Tubes, Made by the Makers of Famous PHARIS TIRES. Neoprcne tubes are better 7 different ways! Expert Washing and Lubricating STANDARD ESSO GAS and OILS Homer Wilson, Owner & Mgr. Minnie Lee Jones, Studio ANNOUNCING Summer Classes in Piano Reasonable Rates Enrol. Now Phono 2994 or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickosawba Blythoville, Ark. FARM LOANS You nni IHJW ^'<:nn> Ihc inont iiLLrncUvc farin lonn In Low lutes of IntoiTMl, rxli'oinrly l»nu Lonns with llbfti'Ot prcpay- tiH'iil prlvlle^OK, PnicLlnilly no t'xprnse iillticltcd. H your prcsenl louti din-H juil, hi'iir less Hum 5% LnluroNl you will cnrt:ilnly be lu- Ic-tfJiltMl hi mir l-'niin l/jinin. Unlhiiil-c-il nmonnl iivnlliihli!. Puch ftii o]i|>t)ilimlty inny ncivrr exist nunlii. So If you wlnh Lo lUmticc or iclltinncc. write «i fiet) A. F. DIETRICH r/i> lliiitnl Insurance Agency V W»Ji IV. ftliilii — (iiuinl 11M»;. ,* : Illytlirvlllc, Ark. >' -*i !X!*!!.*"*"*]X!.*lXX!.*!£tt!*!X>"*!XXXX& All of Your Lilc Insurance Needs Gcncrol American Life Ins. Co. E. H. FORD, District Manager Lynch UhlK. Husiness Hume 2«M Res. I51H5 DK. !M(LTON K. WEKK Optomclrht 1.1K Kail Main Bljdicvlllr, >rk. THE RAZOR6ACK I'ayroll iind Income T»x Service - H(M»kUoi>i>in^ and General Secretarial Service LARRY KNEAS Public Accountant & Auditor >i 10f) E. Main >. Hlyl he vide, Ark. Kc3. 1'honc 3715 Office Phone-169 -+"P"£'&&&&&^^^^^ It's a Cinch, Folks Yoti'ro lioiind to look cool . . . lio cool if you solid your rlollios to ])F- cleaned by its. Individnal care given each garnicnl. DIAL 474-475 Nu-Wa Laundry-Cleaners KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 'The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ T«r 8o.rce .f PETROLEUM otfc. Dependable SirriM PRODUCTS C« ai

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