Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 7, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1907
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TOL. IX; K*. 4fiL;WlNle HAjpn. 8IXPKIE& THE GROOM TO JAIL ynt. CBOCKBB WEDS ox THE WAT ; TO UNABLE TO GIVE BOND AS YET lOLA, KAK8AS, DBCXMBEB J, lM7ir -SATUlU»AT ETEmO. nm TWO Giiik PROW .^C* GIHL IS THE CASE HOPES_FOB Another SIskr. Sfakcs Complaint Against Anderson Connty Kan on Simllai; Charge. X By uniting in marriage with Miss Netta Tfce yesterday afternoon, iWlJl Crocker probably escaped being tried in district court on the charge of stat- nforj' rape. The Tlce girl is isald to be but 16 years of age while young Crocker is 20. * He was arrested flight t>etore last by Sheriff C. Bollinger at Hum boldt and brought to Tola and lodged In jail. Yesterday afternoon at the hearing some Interesting developments occurred.- While Miss Tice named Crocker the man -who was responsible for fajer condition she also made an afBdavIt charging a relative of Crocker's with being intimate with her. This relative will be arrested some time today^ Sliss Tice liveis in Anderson county. According to her story ahe was in a hay camp some miles west of lola some time ago where the rela tlons between her and Crocker are alleged to have occurred. She told the officers that.«he was enclente. As soon as Crocker was arrested, friends of both jMirties began to take steps to "have the, couple marry. \\'hile in Justice. court Miss Tice expressed a wish to marry Crocker which he heartily agreed to. The parents of both the yooni; people ajjreed to the marriage . The girl did not want young Crocker to be prosecuted or sent to jail and urged that she be allowed to marry him and the case be dropped. The matter had proceeded so far at "the time, however that the officers dlA not think it best to drop the caaa As a. result Crocker was bound over ' under a |300 bond, which he could rot give. On the way to the jail the couple stopped In at the probate judge's offics where they were mar- -Ag-ihtCftS^wfethen taken on'to Jafl. J judge - tfmith said the yoitng couple T seemed morie' jDJtnl over the marriage . than many couples, who enter into matrimony " nnder 'entirely different circumstances. -As he could not give bond, Crocker .Was returned to jail, bidding his'wife what appeared to be an affectionate ^goodbye. It is not likely that Crocker, will ever be prosecuted as the girl, who is the complaining witness is now bis wife and may exercise her right not to testify against her husband. — That the girl has a regard for her hust>and was evidenced this morning when she sent a nice warm meal to him. It is said that she is now making an attempt, to secure his release on bond. " It developed today that a sister of the girl, Dora Tice. has also been the victim of some man. She has caused a warrant to be isEued for E. Rowley, a young man living In Anderson county. He was brou^t down and lodged in jail last nicht He protests his innocence' and .declares that a relative ' of the gir< ia reaponslble for her con- .I'ditlon. The eaae fa to come np in : Judge Potter's eoart. Both tho.Ttt^ girls were taken into custody by the police here some time ago while they were associating with some young men and held kintil the : arrival of their parents from Ander- Mn county, ^ho took them home. The younger of the twt> girlaltaa an Infant. MAY HATE BEB.^ HASTr. Coanrll 's .«ctlra 1% Rhatthfc Off Gait .Vol Tr«II Uknu : There is a sentiment that the action 9 ftbe council ir^puaiag a resolution that gas 1 M > ishut oft In the homes of : all delinquents who do up after the ten days given for settlement, was a little hasty. There are those who think that at this time when quite : a few laboring men are out of em- ' ployment. snch an action was not well timed. It m&f be that this matter was not ca'ile'i to' mind during the coun- . cH's consirieration of the question. Dumont Sickly, iJeputy County Treaa- l ifrer, Has Small Pox. Some one earelesaly left a few small pox germs with hia mon'ey when he came into the county treasurer's office to pay his taxes, as pnmont Sickly, deputy county treaanrer, broke out last night with what appears to be a well developed case. Mr, Sickly has not been well for some time, but thought that he merely had a cold. Last evening Indications of small pox showed up. i^r. Sickly, seeing his condition, consented at cncp to £0 to the peat house and was taken late last evening. /( (s supposed that some one afflicted with the disease had been in the county treasurers office, thus exposing Mr. Sick'y. It is said today that a party having a well, dieveloped case Went through the different offices in the court house a few days ago, but the story cou'd not be verified. MORE TROOPS START Second Detaehmsnt of U. 8. Soldiers Will Reach Goldfteld Today. Reno, Nev.. Dec. 7—The second sec t!on of the train bearing 300 troops to Goldtleld. arrived here this momins. They should arrive at Goldfleld at 5 o'clock this afternoon. The first detachment had arrived here at midnight last night and proceeded. They had been delayed by storms in the desert. ELECTED OFFICERS. BASKET BAU AT T. H. C. A. Y. Y. C. A. Team Won From High School Boys In Final Score. One of the hardest fought basket ball games ever played on the Y. M C. A. courts was played last ^vehing h> the Y. M. C. A. and high- school teams. The teams were evenly match ed and all played a star game. The first half resnlted in 23 for the Y. M. C. A. and 22 for the high school, making a tie game. In playing olf the tie Wheeler of the Y. M. C. A. team, succeeded in landing the flirBt basket making the final score 42 tp 40. Prof. Uiiss stated this morning that he hoiHjd to arrange for a game every Kriday night during the winter. TRUSTEES WON. Jury Retuma Verdict for Plaintiff in Mt. Zion Ciiureh Ci The jury In the Mount Zion. colored, church case, after being oat an hour, rtecldi'd last night in favor of the plaintiff. It was a cas? in which the trustees brought a replevin action to recover the paraphernalia qf the church from Wallace Bprigfat wtio owned the building la which the church held its meeting. The case was really directed ^fvainst the pas tor. Rev. A. Hill, with' wltnm the trustees had some difficulty. ESTLE ROWLEY ARRESTED. Wanted Here on Charge Wade by - Ooni Tfce of TMa-Oftyrime^ Sstle Rowley was brought in laat evening from Gamett. where he was arrested on a charge made by Dora Tice of this city wbo says that he Is the father of her five weeks old baby. Rowley pleaded not guilty and gave l>ond for continuance. The case will be tried WTednesday. Although the girt Is but fourteen years of age the proceedings are only for the support of the child. To make the charge statutory rape tfle case would have to hi} tried in Anderson connty where the crime is alleged to have bees' committed. MRS. BONNELL DEAD. Well Known Ida Woman Succumbs to Attack of Fever. Mrs. Sarah Bonnell. of{ 711 North Walnut, died this morning at 3 o'clock after a brief ilhiess' with pnen monla fever. Mrs. Bonnell was a member of the V. B. <Aurcb of which or­ ganisation she was an earnest work-, rr. Rev; Missamore will have eharxe of the funeral Mrviees which will be held Monday afternoon at S:30. The remains will be 'nid to rrst in the new cemetery. Mrs. Honnell was the mother of Mn. A. I<. Hoatrisht. She leavoa besides her rrlntlve.s an unusually li^ tumber of friends to regret her death. CALVIN HERMAN HERE. "Night P-'en" Damage «200,000 of Kentucky Property. Hopkir.-ville, Ky., Dec. -Five hundred "Nl^ht Riders." maskSd and heavily armed marched Into Hopklns- viUe early today and destroyed property valiird at more than two hundred thousand (dollars, while the citizens, in terror "f their lives, feared to open their Windows. Flames from the burning buildings lit up the entire city. Two men were Injured. CMamittee CftMUers ToUar Xaehine. The finance' committee of the city council is <^onsidacliis the'proposition of purchasing a votteg machine. The committee met last Bigbt hut took no definite action. Tbe committee is fav- oraiblylmpreased wlUi theimachine. ^ Mr. and Mrs. J. •a: W|UIaoe of Ma-^con. Mo. are expeeted to arrive next »«elc to vhit Mr. and Mn. Lee Uaa- i9BSa !e. Former lola Man Plays Part In "Flaming Arrow." Calvin Herman who ia with the show troupe which will present "Th* i'laming Arrow" at the Grand-theatre thin evening formerly lived In this city. Wbile here he held the position of bookkeeper for the Newton Mill ing- company. He was considered one of the best singers In this city, be in^ a member of - a male quartette which gained some fanae for their good »ineing. Mr. Herman takes the part of "Black Eagle" In the play this afternoon and evening. i IN FAVOR OF SCANTLIN ROAD. Appraisers to Report Favorably to Commiasioners. The board appointed by lh.'» com- loIssioufTR Id view the 8«,n''«n road on th»" south county line wiii repcr* favorably to the commissioners on the road. "The members of the board were Fred Schmidt, F. - B. Eastwood and P. J. Boyer. The/ went over the road yesterday in company with County Surveyor Palstring. { NOT LEGAL SAYS OYLER. Police Officers Salarita Ars Fixed by Ordinance.^ The qiotion' passed by the council at the session Thurfdcy night raising the salaries of the poUce ofneen is Illegal, says City Attorney F, J. Oyler, ss the salaries of the oflioers are fixed by ordinance and caBnat be changed by motion. An' ordlnaace will probably be drawn up «t the next aeetias raislB* the talarfflg. Regular Miseting of M. W. A. Occurred Last Evening. I.ast evening at the lodge rooms the annual election of officers of the M. W. A. was held. The final ballot resulted as follows: Fred Colfeld, W. C. Joe EXherton, W. A. Bd. CurUs, W. B. W. A. Cowan. W. C. R. B. Vamer, EScort. J. F. Knock, \Vtetchman. Art Oliver. SenUnel. L.. B. Gardner, B. of M. rorecast^"for ^*»II !!f:"*Generally RP RflO FEET' WIDE fair tonight and Sunday; warmer in • • »• IMl. west HARRIS DENIES IT lAD'GE POLLOCK HAS BEFU8ED TO CHANOE KAW BUUXCL Says Party Who Informed Police! That He Madt threats is Mi*, taken. RAn.ROADS NEED TO KNOW TO THE OLD COl'.YTRY. Foreigners Sendiair Christaus Fres- ents Home. . The holiday money order business at the local iMstoffice has begun. The orders su far are mostly, foreign. There are quite a large number of Russians and Austrians employed In the factories here who send presents lo their friends and relatives in the old country each year. These gifts must be started at this time in order to reach the recipient by Christmas. The The international money order business at (he local office has, the past few years, become one of the big sources of revenue. The rush of Christmas packages will TO SECURE CUSTODY OF CHILD. Drainage BMii TUnks DCCISIOB ShoiM PennU of a Change in Case Xeerasity Is Shown. The telephone bell in the Regis- WANT TO ERECT BSIDCIE ACROSS ttr office gave a sharp ring last ev- RIVPH ruiwwwr ening and when a reporter took down iHYtK LUAjSEU the receiver he heard the following: "Helk>. Is this the Begisterr "Yes, sir," was the Answer. "Well, this is Georde Harris, stop ping temporarily at the pest house. Wliere did you get your story to the effect that some one called np ,the police night before last and Infdrm- ed Them that there was a crazy man ^ „ „ , on the north side who was looking Topeka, Dec. 7.—Judge John C. Pol for a gun to do anyone an injury who 'ocJ^ 'n the United States circuit court trio.1 to Uke him, antf that when the here today refused to change his fot rolitre answered the ,call. they took ^er ruling that the Haw river at me into custody and husOed me oft ^'^^aa City should he 600 feet wide, to the pfst house?" • He gave the railroad companies to Mr. Harris then went ahead to deny understand that the building of the the report, saying that he had not l«;ngthenlng of their bridges across beFU hunting fcr a gni» and that he the river at this width shoulA stand did mt threaten to shoot Um first that the work could proceed. The man who attempted t^ke him to draining '>pardhad asked to h^^^^^ the pest house. The reporter then gave Mr. Harris decrease so modified that the board iUelf. whenever it saw ifit. could make his source of Information. Mr. Har the channel wider thait 600 feet. The rts. shortly after, called up the offlca toard also wanted the Consent feature •ind said he had found out that such "moved from the decree. None of a call had been sent to the poller! the modifications asked was allowed .ind that he ronid eaallv understand hy the court. thai the Register was not to blame In "Were only the personal Interests priniinj: the story. f"' the.<ie men her? involved." • said Mr. Harris, however, wlshps it said Judge Pollock. "I would be slad to set for him that the party who called np ^"'de the whol? decree. But these the police saying that he had been ^^n represent the vital interests of looking for a gun with which to stand R large community and large business off anyone who attempted to take him organlratlons. An immense amount Into custod.v. was entlrelv unwarrant- property, not to speak of human , e.1 as he made no' such threats. Mr. is involved, and It is the opinion Lvarrht said that when he found that °' th.> court that for this reason ^„ , ^ probab' ri^e was breaking out with small pox something shou'd he done right away, coninience about the middle of nex pru certainly did not want to go to the future developments show that a *^''' lof-sl house and hoped that he would 6W> 'oot channel is not sufficient the /e able to reach bis home in Illinois court will be glad to modify the de- H AIthout endangering anyone, but then. On the evidence submitted ihat when he di8cover?d that this was 'he court at this time must overrule Impossible, he consented to going to the motion to modify." In arguinj; against the motion N. Case of Delia Bail vs. J. C. Ball on in District Court. The case of Delia Ball vs. J. C. Ball, an action in wfaldi the plaintiff would secBr« Uie custody of her dau^ter Haxd. foorteen years old, was in dis- triet -court this morning. The parents attmni a divorce seveni years ago. xiri la a grand-dmnghter of ~ IJjJJIiilPfe'Banfy in Land. 180 iqiyn^vUes from Savonbnrg, .\llen conS^, »D acres in cultlTstion. 30 acres meadow, lialance pasture. Ail level land and can all be cultivated. Rich black soil: no rock: 5 room house; arch cave; small barn and outbuildings. Splendid orchard: well watered. Price only fSMS. This is one of the best farms In the county, and is the,cheapest land we know of. You cannot find«an investment eqnal to this and your money will be absolutely safe. Buy this farm. It cannot help but make you money. lOLA L-AXD CO. ARE FINDING BODIES Sixteen Cerpaea Have Been Removed From Westi Virginia Mines. Monogah. West Va.. Dec 7.—Up to noon today alxteen bodlea had l»een removed from the mines. About eighty bodies were found tocether bnt only sixteen were brought to the surface. Today there was a beart breaking march up and down the aisles of the morgues of persons seeking to Iden tify loved one« among the victims. The people are stunned by the catastrophe. Miany pathetic scenes are en acted. Sanday at UM T. M. C. A. We are glad to announce Mr. Kitchen of Chanute aa the speaker at the men's meeting Sunday afternoon at three thirty. He was called to Chanute last Sunday and could not fill his appointment but will speak tomorrow. His subject. "One is Your Master," is a good one. A cordial invitation is extended to all men to join In this service. Miss Root will sing.and Messrs. Winders, Morey, Church and Walte will play. Boy's XeeUng at iiS9. The regular Sunday afternoon meeting for boys will be held at two thirty. The Btereopticon will be used and a number of beautiful and Interesting pictures will bt shown. All boys are welcome. TAFT COMING HOME Secretary of War Began Hemaward • Voyage Today. —— ' Cuxhaven, Germany. Dec. 7.—Secretary Taft started for New Yoric today via Boulogne and Plymouth. THE BODY of Mrs. J. M. Morgan tfho died yesterday at Baldwin, was transferred from -the Santa Fe train this afternoon to the Missouri Pacific while enroute to RedSeld for burial. The "body waa accompanied by a daughter of the deceased, Mrs. Belle Russell, of Los Angeles, Calif. Mr. Loren Morgan, a aon and a prominent attorney of Moscow. Idaho, waa In the city yesterday while enrante to Redfield to make arrancementa lor the iiarftiL _ ..... ...Atjft the :>est house. , . ^ .. . Mr. Harris says that, as special rep- Loomia representmg the railroads i^entaUve of the Monarch Portland '^•"''•J**'J*"*,""?™*^^ '*!^"L* Cement plant at Humboldt, be does age b«>ard with trifling with, the court, rot care to be put in the tisht of a des- that when the decree was en- perado. and wishes it stated that the t«red with the consent of both sides report sent to the police was untrue. " understood that it sbonld stand Mr. Harris is getUiig along nicely, fore^". He said that the width of the channel should be fixed permanently and that th» imllroads had right to know that ft vas pennanent in order that substantial bridges could be built. Mr. KepHnger. rapresenting the drainage board, said that be did not believe It right that the hands NO HEARING TODAY OFF TO NEW YORK state Was \ot Ready in Dr. Brookhu* of the people of Wyandotte conntv ehonUl be tied In the future by this ^ ^ ,—-— , ^ , . decree. He raid that floods In the The hearing in the case of the state fnture might show the necessity of a vs. Dr. M. G nrookins which was to channel wider than 600 feet and he have been held in Judge J. B. Smiths heUeypd that this point should be left court at Fort Scott today was con- discretion of the drainage tinned on motion of the state for ten toard days. Or. Hrookins Is the colored ph)-^clan who Is charged with having performed a criminal operation upon .Miss .Maude Reiliy who died recently. The hearing was set for today and County Atorney Peterson and Chris Ritter. who is to assist .Mr. Peterson,. . ^ _ in the \\Tieaton case, were to assist f*- Northrop to Attend National Ce- County Attorney Caldwell in the case. I »"•«»* Dealers" Meeting. This morning the state asked for a , t xr v i » ^ . xt contlfluance saying that it was not „ ^ ^orthmp left today for New ready for trial '^fl^ attend the annual meeting] Dr. Brookins said he was ready for °i the NaUonal Cement Dealers' as- trial and that he expected acquittal at sodatton. which will he in session the bearing. there next week. Mr. Northrup will likely .remain for the entire session. MRS. SEBTET^ FHTEBAL. " S:^jrbuT\hi;i2?'W;u::S Mr' service Was Held at Fa-ily H... ^^^^ «o a.Und.^M. JJrth^ng. whatever with the tiankinir situatlOB. The cement dealers' meeting is a Yesterday Aftmeea. The funeral of Mrs. Scrvey, wife of Captain A. .1. Seney of this city, and T^Zi '^H^^^l ^TJ^i ^^^X^^ All.,. ~«.„fv* ..inn«ar vnmnii «" "e big rompanles Will beprea one of Allen cou'nt.v's jiioneer women, occurred at halt past two yesterday afternoon ut the family home. SIT South Sycamore siriH<t. A large number of intimate frieuds wore iiresent lo extend sympathy to the family and many lieuulifiil tloral nlferlngs gave evidence of the love which the community bore tor the deceased. Rev. S. S. HilBcher, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of which Mrs. Servey was a member, conducted the services and a quarlett from the lent and the different phases of the huslnesa discussed at length. BOND ISSUE HALVED Secretary Cortelyou Allots S2S,000.000 at Mere Than 103. Washington, Dec. 7.—Secretary Cor- church cliolr. Mrs. A. V. Lemasters. telvou today decided to reduce by one Miss Alberta Munson. Mr. C. R. Such- half the Issue of Panama canal bonds, er. and Mr. Chas. Smeitxer, sang. In- and allotments to the amount of only ternient waa made in the lola cemetery. t25.000.000 have bean made. The low est price at which offers will be accepted will be between 1.02 and 1.02%, ranging up to over 1.06. the average*lieing a figure slightly in excess of 1.03. The amount of certificates which will be a'loted Is between 112,000.000 The U Harpe high school foot ball *}^-^0,m. Announcement to team of 'scmbs"MPected this evening Ol tomorrow morning. "SCRl'B.S" PIT TP GOOD GAME.] La Harpe Team Defeate Them by the score of 1! to 0. team defeated a picked up in lola at the Electric park yesterday afternoon by the score of 11 to 0. La Harpe started off as if to take the game by storm and scored eleven tiolnts in the first five minutes of play. When the "scrubs" got their signals in hand f-a Harpe 's rushes LEASE 800 ACRES. lola Big Holdings Parties Secure Big South of lola. Leas<M on 800 acres of land, made ;^re "'s 'topM"an"d tTey '^ay^" i.;Th "ei; i^^'"" ^f/^'l^^^O- own territory the rett of the game. J- 8. Detwller and O J *-_Ai«>ck. were The "scrubs" had never been to- .«»«» In the register of deed's ofllce^to- fiether before. Auother game has ^r. The land lies north of been arranged for next Friday. TANK FARM. IN PULL CAPA/BITY. ICeth Big Pumps Running Oally^ Neariy TObOOS Barrals a Day Shipped.. (Humboldt Herald j The Prairie Oil k Gaa conqMmy running boih of its btff pomp* noir. The plant was shut down for'it day or so this week because of a repair on' the line further east. The shut down was only temporary and no one was hild off on aoeonnt of It. Everything is nmning along with the usual force. The men of the connecting- gang ma ont of work the first of the month aa there was nothing to do imtil tr.e third big pimp is installed. The pit Is about ready for It and as soon as the machinery is installed there will be plen ty fbr them to do. A number of changes are to ba made before this work is ready. A Real Wondsriand. South Dakota, with its rich silver mines, bonanza farms, wide ranges and strange natural formations. Is veritable wonderland. At Mound City, in the hAme of Mrs. E. D. Clapp. a wonderful case of healing has lately occurred. Her son seemed near dieath with lung and throat trouble. 'Exhausting coughing spells occurred every five minutes," writes Mrs. Clapp when I began giving Dr. King's New. Discovery, the great medicine, that saved his life and completely cured h'm." Guaranteed for coughs and co'ds. throat and hinir troubles, by all dmgglsfs. 50c and $1.00. Trial hot tie free. HAS NOT SAID NO That President Roosevelt Has l>eclin ed Anew is Now Denied. Washington. Dec. 7.—Although nev- eial interviews have been published with recent White House rallers to the effect that the President has declared anew that be will dac'lne an other nomination, it is said the presi dent has made no such declaration It is pointed out that should he contemplate such a statement he wouM not embody it in a casual conversation with a caller, to ba repeated or withheld as the caller should elect, but would make it direct, and this he has not done. K. U. MADE MONEY The Feet BaB Teaai Ended the Sea son With a !(et Profit af IMM- ELKS TO DANCE AQAIN. First Dance Will be Held Next Wed-| nesday Night st Halt. A nomber of the Klks who are interested In dancing got their heads together today and decided to hold a danea at the ball on next Wednesday evening. A fall orchestra will be fc !!S'*.u*° '""S** "J!^' and ft la I OTIS XIKB left this afternoon ftw i^lfl.*^^ * f^^*^ 5,' «k8l Jopita. Mo, for a short visit with into. wUl be there. Ail BIkt art Invited. | Uvea. , ^^jj ^jjtj the Becker land and south of lola. Ttaoae from whom the leases were secured 'are as folkiws: S. J. Mendenhall, 160 acres. H. Heitlage. 80 acres. W. E. .Myers, 80 acres. H. Schurfeld. 80 acres. Chas. DroIUnjBsr. 160 aces. W. Laasmaa. 80 acres. ICrs. Hendricks. 80 acrea. J. F. Laaaaan, 80 acrea. Lawrence, Kas., Dec 7.—^The foot ball season just closed at the University of Kansas was the most successful from a financial standpoint the Jaybawkers have ever experienced. Af ter paying ail the debta of the season and a debt left over from last year and erecting new bleachers on McCook field: a trifle more than $2,400 is left in the treasury to pay the expenses of basket ball, track and base ball for the coming spring. Last year there was only 1600 left for these sports and the athletic association bad to go in debt about $700 before school had closed. This year there will be money enough for every branch of athletics and a comfortable balance left over for next year. The Missouri game proved to be tbr heaviest money -maker of the year The total receipts were $8,426.35 of which Kansas received $3 ,769 as compared to |::.142.63 at Kansas City last year. The St. Louis game was a complete fissle as far as money making was concerned. The Jaybawkers' share of the gate receipts amounted to $1 ,030 .75. but after paying . the expenses of two complete teams to the mound city.and the hospital billa of the injured plaj-ers. only $341.40 was left to go into the treaqary. The Wash biirn game was a^much tietter investment, the Kanaas share being $1 ,343.85, tt,«9S.a of which was clear profit Only one game failed to pay expenses the Oklahoma contest. Kaasaa weni to Norman on a guarantee which was insufficient to cover the team's ex (Hinses and accordingly Io8t'$112. The 'ecelpts of the remaining games were as follows: William Jewell. $148.15; St. Marys. $161.45; Manhattan. $251.5 and Nebraska, $2,184. The expenses of the season, the team expenses^ the training table, the pay of the coaches and manager came ont of this, a debt of $700 from last year was paid and $800 put in new bleachers on McCook field, leaving a clear profit for the season of $2,400. tl Is certain now that St. Lonls will not even be considered as a probable game next year. With this exception the schedule will prolwbly be the same as last year with a possible r^ arranging of the game. The Thanksgiving gam.e will, undoubtedly be play ed on McCook field or at Colnmbla, ith the odds favoring Lawrence as a meeting ground. GOLD FROM FRANCE The Govemment Bank Ma . Ready to • Fumiah All Wa Need. Paria. Dec. 7.—The' AaaocUted Press was intomed today by an at>- I- will oontinoe indefinitely to iMi|£ sold to the United Stalee by matim^ tinning American commercial -paper oa^else by sendfaw gold to Xngland Itrfongh'^he purchase of tlase nterllnk hlFs. Thb aid wOl be readerad so loog as n Is needed, but al^raya vlth the endaratandtag that the Bank of Prance vllf meet first ths gold rsvtfiw DMite of Freadk haaUic intttnttau. IT GOES to CWCAGO PLACE OF xinexAL BIPIIBIieja CO^rmrTKHT: DBCIBED. KANSAS CITY MADE BIG Fl^ LEABIXG HEX XIBE SREGtES TO IXFLUEITGE TOTEB& ! Bate Fixed as Jaae Sfxteentk-lriM Tote Was, Chlcage S2; ; City 17. • Washington, :Dcc. 7.—The rejmb* lican national conunittae today v^ted to hold the national nofninatlag Convention at Chicago. The vote tras: Chicago 32, Kansas City 17. DenviSr 4. The date of Uie convention waa fixed for June 16th. ' Representatives Lpw- den, the committeeman from Illinipis. presented the claims of Chicago. .:-He said be believed the rank and fllb of the republican iwrty desired Shitego and laid stress upon the stateiiient that it is the center of population geographically. T. J. ..Vkins. the raemlier from Missouri 3nd Senator Wm. Warner, a representative of Bortholdt, Mo.,«-ex- Mayor Netr. of Kansas City, and Mayor Beardsle.v. pleaded for the latter city. Warner dwelt lipon the. political:.'advantages to be fssined by holding the convention in Kansas City. Seimtor Warner believed it would help -Missouri as a dontitful state if Kahsaa City was chosen. He dosed with a plea in the intereat of republicans ia Missouri, saying: "If you ever Iniead to help us, now Is the time to do^sa" Mr. Bartholdt also urged the .coaiasit- tee to send the conventlba to Misaonrl in the interest of the republican psirty of the state. He said the repnblfbana of Missouri had the democrats "on the run.": and that' this advantage ought to be followed up by the selection ot Kansas City, wbich would strike, terror to the already terrified tenocrata.* yotes UniNrtato to last. Neither Kansas City nor Chicago could count enough copper riVeted votes' lats night among the national committeemen to land the national convention. Kansas City had twenty-one votes whidi It felt confident could; not be taken from it. CUcago manaers claimed thirty voCaa, tmt there were only twenty-three ^hich the Kansas City ddegstloa was willing to concede.: Daring the day there was a pronounced drift from Kansas City ; due to the determinied fi^t of' the Influences nnwllling to have the »>nventioa ga to a commnnlty #here strong'Taft sentiment prevailed.' When night came, however, there were only two cranmltteemen who had made pmiUve deciaratioos for Kansas City that admitted their conversion to Chicago. HE WAS CONVICTED Areitie HotUiiatcin's Aaaailant at Pittsburg Pined S2S and Cost. (Pittaburg HeadUiht) thority competent to speak In the premises that the Bank of France, expressing a desire of Franoe fhrtbar ^ „ to assist the United Statca flnaactiBWaftcr Baldwin had been arteated Moikr O: H. Baldwbi. who was charged with assaulting Roy Holemb and A. L. Hottensteln. Monday had a heariac in pollcs court yestaiday. and after ail the testiniony waa la Judge Hot- den- returned a verdict of guttty on two eounU of aaaanlt and $8 fi»r natag onfane language, a total of $S& tae. n addltton to eoats. The case attracted much atteatiOB among the temperance vorkars of the rity^ because Ho>comb aad Ilottea te)n. who are students fran -Wash- hum college. Topeka. have bea« gath*. riiitt evidence against the saloai men herf. and it wan alleged that^lt iraa for; this reason that the assault was committed. Hn^comb and^^ Rottensteln bate heea : Pittsburg MTeral weeks, nomli^ ill«, srlllng hooka, but ineideatallr wttfng evMonca for the State Ten- pecAnce TThlon ihe're. VVliile maklnp a delivery of bo6ks ^t -the home of Baldwin'a. mother on W<».t Six'h street Monday, they were ' <»tiafked by Baldwin. The latter clalmeir in defen&e that the :young men had insulted his sister . ind tried to diaw a gun on hini. When the case was tried In- police ourt yesterday, however, no evidence this effect was introduced, anil naMwin was convicted ot the Charges against him. The State Temperance Unton and. locsJ temperance workers teiblt the: •palter in hand. Dr. P!|ass. preaidant tWkshhnm college, sent a telegraa*i sympathy to the two students; anA Washburn collisge sent' a reptesentk- Uve! from Topeka to aid in the jmas- cuflon of the case., if neeesaary. Baldwin waa defended by O. T. Boas' and City Attorney Morria CIljBg proa- eciited the cSfifm. A large crowd attended tha trial, many tettperanee workers being present Will Schldfelbein. who had gone •Im the hood ef Baldwin, and-took an nterest in tl^'e caaa. was amteted on' I fcharge of 'enrsiag the '^shbnm stndenta andluaing proCaae langaage HI# trial oocWred In police eoarf' y <«torday and Bablefelbein waa eo» ivMad and fined ISO and eoaU by |I«dge Holdai. Mr. Hotteaatela aaeared nany Te^ ereneea fraan loUito the eflaet that, he waa of gpod nglfcllun an4aa hei Qr»)>1e yoaac foam la etenr 4«a9aet \

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