The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 4, 1963 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 3

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1963
Page 3
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r Ann Landers What Is Meant By Making Out? Dear Ann Landers: You seem to think double - dating is a good a second marriage when you children. It isn't easy to make idea for teenagers. I'd like to point out that after what happened to me I don't think I'll ever double date again. Gary and I teamed up with another couple Saturday night because Gary's car was in the shop. The couple we doubled with are a pair of squares. We parked just to talk and Gary kissed me a few times. This girl kept turning around in t h e front seat 8 a y i n e. "Oh pardon me." Monday morning Miss Blabbermouth went around school telling everybody Gary and I were necking up a storm in the back seat and that I was a make-out. I say six or seven kisses is O.K. on a Saturday night date and that making out is more than kissing. Please print this in the paper and explain the difference. Our whole high school is waiting.—Miss Q Dear Miss Q — And Her Whole High School: When I was a teenager — back before the earth's crust cooled, of course — necking was the word in vogue and it meant kissing, and only kissing—in other words from the neck up. The term popped up Two, from where no one has been able to say. I can guess, however, (and it's only a guess) that one soldier would ask a buddy, when he returned from a week- Laff-4-Day have a ready-made family. I'm going with a nice man who is 33 and has never been married, although he's been engaged a couple of times. He has asked me to meet his folks, and I know he is serious about marriage. There's only one thing wrong: he doesn't like my children. He has told me he would never have children of his own because the world is in such terrible shape. When my youngsters come into the living room he says, "Please ask them to leave. They make me nervous." Otherwise he'd make a fine husband. What do you think?— INEZ Dear Inez: I think you'd be out of your mind if you married this man. What do you mean "He doesn't like my children but otherwise he'd make a fine Husband"? It's like saying "he has cancer, otherwise he's in perfect health." If he can't tolerate your children now what do you think life will be like later? This romance has no possibilities for a happy ending. Dear Ann Landers: My older sister is going with a very nice fellow. She is an unusually tall girl and her boy friend is 6 feet 5. © King Futures Syndicnte,.Inc., 1963. World rights nuervcd. Mother Couldn't Speak Because She Was Dead "Here's an unusual action photo ... it shows a husband and wife dining out" TOPEKA (AP) - "My mother has been sick. I don't know how many days it's been since she talked to us." Six-year-old George Haefeker didn't know his mother actually had been dead for six or seven days in her bed. Nor did he realize that his father had been too ill with pneumonia to do anything during that time. So George and his 5-year-old brother, Billy, had spent the days playing, and eating from the plentiful food supply in the kitchen when they got hungry. First word of their plight came Saturday night when the father, Sgt. Henry F. Haefeker of F'orbes Air Force Base, called the sher iffs office and mumbled an appeal for help. "Everybody in. the house is dead," Haefeker said, his voice 'ading. Officers traced the call, found :he isolated five-room house south of Topeka. Haefeker, partly clothed, was sitting dazedly in the living room. Some furniture had been overturned and feathers littered the floor. The boys had been having f/tllow fights, they said. The body of Mrs. Alice Haefeker, 37, was covered with blankets and pillows on the bed. Stephen Jones, Osage County atforney, said an autopsy showed no traumatic injury," and it was Kills A Girl "Shot Us", That's What You've Done "making out" has during World War end pass, out?" "How did you make Among high school and college kids, making out can mean ayy- thing from holding hands to going the whole route. Beginning in the middle teens, most youngsters go in for some kissing and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding himself. But a kiss should have significance —not any old place with anyone handy just because it's dark. A loss should be a very special expression of affection and does not need an audience. A girl who is called a make- out by'her friends would do well to take stock of herself. Dear Ann: I'm a divorcee 28 years of age. I can't afford to be too fussy where men are concerned because I have two small My dad calls him "that big ape." We all like him a lot and this is really an affectionate nickname which Dad uses behind the guy's back. I'm afraid if he ever gets wind of this he will feel awfully hurt. When I mentioned this to my mother she said "There is nothing wrong with the nickname. It's a very natural one." What is your opinion?— SANTA BARBARA SAM Dear Sam: If the nickname were one of pure affection it wouldn't be used only behind his back. I hope your dad finds another nickname soon — one he can use to the man's face. Are your parents too strict? You can benefit from me experiences of thousands of teenagers let, "How To Live With Your Parents," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. OLATHE, Kan. (AP) - Lloyd Lee Harsh, 18, has been charged with first degree murder in the slaying of a girl and the wounding of her fiance. Both were his friends. Donna Lee Busby, 17, Olathe high school girl, was killed by a shotgun blast in the head Saturday night. Thomas Thorp, 20, who said he and Miss Busby had planned to marry in June, was wounded in the right shoulder. The shooting occurred at a campsite on the farm of Harsh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harsh. The three young persons had gone there for a wiener roast. Thorp has been living with the Harsh family several months. His parents live near Endicott, Neb. Officers said they had found no motive for the shooting. Harsh surrendered at the county jail Sunday morning and a doc tor put him under sedation. He wasn't questioned. Mrs. Harsh said her son, co- captain of the Olathe High Schoo football team last fall, had visited the Kansas. State University cam pus in Manhattan Saturday because he was being considers for an athletic scholarship there John Franse, a sheriff's detec THE OTTAWA HERALD 3 Monday, March 4, 1963 ve, said he learned a pint and half of whisky was taken to the icnic, and most of the liquor was gone when the shooting took lace. Mrs. Harsh said her son, com- jlaining of a severe headache, re- urned to the house about 11 p. m. nd told her Thorp was going to ake Miss Busby home, then he and Thorp would camp out all night. He left the house, Mrs. Harsh aid, and about 30 minutes later Thorp came in and told of the shooting. Thorp told officers he took the .6 - gauge shotgun away from larsh and threw it into a ravine after the shooting. Then he and larsh both started toward the louse a half-mile away. "What have I done?" Thorp quoted Harsh as saying. "You have shot us," Thorp said he replied. New Books At Richmond Library RICHMOND — New books at the City Library, are: "Devil's Harvest," Slaughter; "Tragic Years," Angle and Mi ers; "Lee, After the War," Fish Ranger," McGiffin. "The Life of the Party," Cerf; "Seven Tears for Apollo," Whit ney; "Seven Days to Lomaland, : Warner; "Blind Jack," Ryder; "The Cowboy Reader," Tingle and Maxwell; "Needlecraf Guild," by Good Housekeeping 'Book of Indians," American Heritage; "Scandinavia," World Library; "Life, Man and Power," De Camp; "Golden Book Dictionary," Golden Press; "The Standard Book of Quilt-Making and Collecting," given in Memory of Mrs. Grettie Rebstock by Mrs. Mary Severns, Urbana, 111. ssumed death was from natural auses. Haefeker, taken to the Forbes lospital, was reported in fair condition. Forbes officials said he ad been given sick leave a week hanic, Haefeker told officers, "I on't know what happened." He aid he didn't know his wife was lead until shortly before he called lie sheriff's office. The home is just over the line i Osage County. Wellsville FFA Boys At Meeting WELLSVILLE - Thirteen FFA members, their advisor, George Sherman, and M. L. Averill, C. E. Pulver and Hirschl Murphy attended a meeting for hog growers at the Purina Research Farm Gray Summit, Mo. They lef Wellsville Monday morning anc returned Tuesday night. Another group of FFA mem bers attended from Paola. Wellsville FFA members at tending were John Crawford, Lee Martin, Merlin Schmoe, Leonard Cook, Arthur Mignot, Larry Foote, Richard Murray, John Bur rell, David Shannon, Tom Sink Carl Pulver, Gary Knight anc Archie Meisel. DUE? Have You Checked With SMITH Insurance & Bonding Just Phone CH 2-1738 go- A proper maintenance me- Churchill Would Like 'Citizenship^ WASHINGTON (AP)-Sir Win* stem Churchill's views on honofr- ary U.S. citizenship have change.' Now, according to word reaching here, the former British prime minister would be "delighted" and "deeply moved by such an honor." An aide of Rep. Francisc Walter, D-Pa., said Friday night Walter had received word from the British Embassy expressing Chur- chills acceptance of proposals^ to confer honorary citzenship on him. Walter, chairman of the House- Immigration and Nationality subcommittee which Wednesday approved a bill to confer citizen-, ship, had asked if Churchill had- reversed his stand of 1958. f- ' M -nt-ni-m / HE'S not worried by INCOME TAX SMART MAN! He took his tax to BLOCK . . . HE'S getting fast, accurate guaranteed tax service at the lowest cost in town! BE SMART, TOOI See your nearest Block office todayl BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE Nation's Largest Tax Specialists — 346 Offices Across the U.S. 201V 2 S. Main Week Days 9-9 p.m.—Sat. & Sun. 9-5 — CH 2-4224 Jo Appointment Necessary j WANTED: TRAINEES Men-Women IBM Keypunch operators qualify in 2 weeks. Starting salaries up to $78 per week. Tabulating operators qualify in 6 weeks. Starting salaries up to $100 per week. Rapid ad- vanceii.ent. Tuition financed. PCMT c-o Box X-64 Ottawa Herald. Here's Mercury's newest big sizzler:..the Marauder.. .with styling that says ... a fully synchronized M 4-on-the-floor" stick shift transmission... console"BO"! Notice the slim, racy new hardtop roof. It's not only beautiful, its aero- mounted dual-range Merc-0-Matic.,. engines that range up to an extra- dynamic styling reduces air resistance: Choose from two Marauders. A 2-door high-performance Super Marauder 427 V-8 with two 4-barrel carburetors. hardtop with a big Marauder 390 V-8 as the standard engine, and a Marauder There are 7 engine-transmission power r--=-| «j Fm ~j IQV S-55 (shown above) with a 4-barrel Super Marauder 390 V-8 as standard. Just teams in all and 101 other reasons why « M EHO UI1T ,h™,* » UC rvthine a soorts-car enthusiast could want is available: bucket seats you should talk to your Mercury dealer. L-5LJ MARAUDER and s 55 about everything a sports-car enthusiast i lit. AraHaMt Only •t Itonwv Uwn from *iwW Mmwl T«W«U*lplul24-MM took «r«MM<) "Ml PM""*- COMET. HPEOR • HESCURY... PRODUCTS Of <3B£> MOTOR COMPANY...LINCOLN-MERCURY DIVISION MR M YCMS WS SYMBOL OF DEPENDABLE PRODUCTS Robertson Motor Co., lite, 106-108 N. Main St. Ottawa, Kansas T o Those People Who Were 'On The Go' Today... About 4 out of 10 of you reading this were not 'at home 1 during the day You were working at your job . . . went over to Aunt Matilda's . . . took the kids to school . . . went to your church society's meeting . . . played bridge at the Smith's . . . went shopping . . . worked for your favorite charity . . . ANYWAY, you weren't home. You missed out on a few things. No phone calls, door- to-door salesmen . . . radio or TV programs! BUT . . . you didn't miss your daily paper . . . for HERE IT IS! ... Full of interesting news about folks you know . . . feature stories . . . city briefs . . . world news . . . social items . . . state news . . . interesting and informative ads . . . new style notes . . . the funnies . . . editorials .... SO, SIT BACK AND RELAX. . .and read what's been going on as you can in no other manner! Yes, Your... OTTAWA HERALD is ALWAYS There 'Awaiting Your Convenience

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