The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1944 NEWS PAGE FTVJC;& $Var' Housing Spending Grows Intent Of Congress Is Violated Through Use Of Huge Sum CHCAGO, Sept. 5.— Though Con -gress voted a limit of 57,500,000 to finish tiji tlie imbllcly-fliiiincGd war housing job, the National Hous- tng Agency has found n way to bypass tills dcclnroU intcnl of Con- Ei'css and spend a hundred million more for public "win" housing, American Uulldcr, joiinittl of home building, declares In Its September HiSUC "This circumvention of Congress occurs In the new housing liiiiiu- lion program, known as H-2, u cenity nimouiiccd by N.II.A. nnd approved by W.P.B. Us apparent puqwsc is to relieve housing shortages . for 'resident' war workers in congested war production area? American Builder says. The present, program' under which war housing has been built, known us H-l Housing, limited the use of the housing, both publicly and privately built, to "in-migrant" w ,ir workers. Under this program no provision wns made to provide, homes or government housing ton war workers who had permanently I resided in the area in which the building \vas clone. "Wliile this' neu' H-2 program makes , provision for building 125,- ' 000 homes through 1945 to' cost up to S7.500. which could act as a re- conversion step for the peace-time Lullding -_of millions of postwar 1 'JSs cs lo sr-cetl recmploymcnt, it rfniij' is so framed that it will per- inlt public housing of the slum- clearance type to get a head start on privatfc building for the postwar period," the American Builder charges. "Though providing that privately financed construction mav pro-' cecd.. practical hindrances are es- lablished in the program which informed building men know makes it impossible for private home budding (o proceed. "The plan provides, in actual operation, that the homes which built for $7,500 could not secure a mortgage in excess of $5,- 4C(i. ,Tliis_ would require, that the prospective purchaser must make ri downy; payment of $2,100, which would i automatically label the houses as not having a value in excess ,of 50,000. Even though they had a higher value, the sales market would fjo drastically limited by the high amount of the down payment' and discourage home builders from' .taking a chance on building • BETTER HOMES v ( l<r, ( .,< I- * /I.I.T ?. k •-. :.* YOUR HOME OF TOMORROW Present Homes Offer Comfort FHA Official Urges Essential Repairs Be Made At Once Home owners nil over the cotin- A simple paltern for spacious ^postwar living, embodying several new' .and unique ideas designed to overcome building obstacles frequently encountered in urban areas, is illustrated in the accompanying plan of a medium price home. In many suburban districts, building lots often slope down from the street, causing additional expense of filling in the rear of before the house can be constructed.' This attractive house was especially designed for the' AMERICAN BUILDER magazine hy two outstanding stnall home archilccls, W. Otis Chapman and Randolph Evans, to eliminate this extra cost by having the house conform lo Ihe contours of the, .terrain. Several oilier practical,.progressive innovations are included to provide comfortable, CARE-FREE living with maximum, utilization of ever inch of floor space. Unusual Bathroom The spacious living room, with its large fireplace, and the adjoining dining room arc in the "basement," yet open on a svidc terrace in the rear to assure ample sunshine and a cross sweep of ventilation. Because of the slope in the building site, the house may be entered from the street through the lower floor or! directly to the second floor, each I with its own porch. Perhaps the most unusiinl [cnl lure of Ihe house is Ihe bathroom arrangement nnd ils effective use of translucent glass block. Actually, it is a balhroom-and-a-luilf serving a double purpose. H is easily reached from Ihe three bedrooms and contains hvo washslnnds and two lavatories separated by a pnrlilion. The sturdy glass block "ivalls" around the shoiver-in-luh provides privacy for bathing. » Alternating panels of glass block and ckvr glass sash for ventilation form the rear wall overlooking the terrace. Hccause of its hifjh msulalion value and freedom from air infiltration, (.lass block reduces condensation so frequent in "steamy" bathrooms. The "engineered" kitchen, designed especially to eliminate useless steps iti the preparation of meals, is another progressive feature. The working space is octagonal in design with the stove, sink and refrigerator in compact units. Built-iii Cabinets The architects have evolved a new and sensible arrangement with a combination work lahle and cabinet unit which protrudes from one wall. With built-in cabinets in easy reach overhead, the nousewifc has unusually large- working space 'with all utensils at her fingertips. A close study of the floor plans will reveal many other interest- IV., i .,, ' """""IK anmit nost- .£« ' 1(rS """ foWl'iiB the nnessary home repairs imcl m.itu- 0'imice which will be among e I,'„''7™""! Ilcclls "' AnierU h, o rsi post-war y ms . Yet home «m I nmt mnlnidiimcc should be > ii "Jor fnclor hi easing ||,» ,„.. ilons Irnnsltton from war to i* co """""'J. Aimer II. Person, Com- "i.wlon ol Iho Federal noiisl m Administration, S11 |,| recently. ',,''"T C , mv "" s ""Ye made only the most pressing repairs since carl Hnrbor and even before." Mr. gison sa|,|. ..,„ the mn , ntlm(! lie mitlrms residential properties nvc been deteriorating until the lomog of home repair work nccd- !L,?.. b ° <lo "° lms Sfown ciior- ' atcoiio n»*K n.*n Entire Nation Urged To Help Conserve Fuel Official osllmnlcs Indicate llml Amcrlcu inny be fuccd with a ma- Jor fuel crisis unless llie entire nu- llon roo|wriit«x !i) a elmit effort (o conserve the coal supply mm to Increase production. Kfflclent flrlnn and greater caution In tho conservation of wanned air lire two hu- porlanl ways lo helpju'elt such a eiitiistrophe. It Is wise to consult an expert In mukc cvrliiln Ihut the neailnj; equipment Is functioning nt Ils best. I lent should te held buck In- tlui proper use of dumpere, not by InyliiK fi skimpy fuel tied, I.eainlnu the iiropur regulation ol dumpers iitul checks will pay bin-dividends hi fuel saved. As n service lo consumers, many fuel companies dls- Irlljiite mak'rhil outlining flic essentials Of go(> ( | fll-lni!. Once the heiil Is gem-rated, cure should be exercised to keep It Indoors, insulation o( atllc and slilc. wnlls .save* huge (imoiinls of [lid Winter vesltbles mid storm K nsh cut hent loss through doors ,,,,,1 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may he rulntiiK your properly. Call m fa / y>ha.nls-iin in It -j.,,1 ^,__l.ii__j> ' f. check-up without coat or obligation. BATH, MICE AND KOACH CONTBOl GUAKANTBBD WORK i H. C. BLANKENSHIP HI R. Kcntgck; ' ' Useful, Attractive Room Can Be Made From Unsightly Attic 'UK and praclkal interior refinements for better livinq. Notice tho carefully desiRiicd built-in niches in the garage for fireplace wood and ncccssany household tools'. . . the ample, unobtrusive closet space in the bedrooms, I hen imagine this house consirct- cd of brick or stucco, with a : root of colorful, fire-resistant asphalt shingles. It is, as Ihe designers planned if, a thoroughly up-to- lale 19-1X house, rcllccting p.yac- ical iirogrcss in home tjuiid,iiig. "Do/we neerl any longer to confine ourselves merely to a strong suspicion..that N.H.A". Is dominated by those who want public •homing to the exclusion of private homes, I'.JkLVntely financed?" American asks. Ijillygoal Pens; Family SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UP) _ A stray, billygoat appearing in the yar d ;of C. T. Travis held members of the family prisoners In their home, charging with lowered heart when anyone appeared in the doorway..The sheriff's office was called and -n deputy sent to the rescue, but 'the billygoat, with complete lack of respect for the law, charged and attempted to climb into the officer's car. He escaped to the safety of'the Travis home. It was finally necessary to shoot the goat to rescue Ihe: trapped citizens PRESCRIPTIONS Fr«ihe»t Stock «u»r«nteerf B«8l I'rlc«» Kirby drug Storei Fall is the ideal time to study your home to find out just-.whal can be done to make it more comfortable and livable—to keep it "young" and adapted to the ever-increasing requirement,'; of the family. It is all a part of "Making Homes Do For the Duration," and for many years thereafter. What about, the attic? Is this space being wasted? Usually, the attic is the forgotten room in the house—a place cluttered up with unused household goods, Christmas decorations, papers and magazines nnd old clothing. . It's surprising how this "waste space' can be transformed from an "ugly duckling' Into im attractive useful room which will delight the children and also give additional storage space so badly needed In many homes. Children %vill appreciate a bright cheerful play room in the nltlc! Here they can have' a snug, safe hideaway to keep their toys and the Innumerable gadgets all children like to accumulate.* And on rainy, stormy clays^ the youngsters will have a place to excess steam, instead of romping helter-skelter through the living room. In planning the attic play room if a partition to separate the ulav Old America >?Smoot(i ASPHALT ROOFING Figure it out youreelf. Whether you us* the BEST grade Old American Roofing or *n ordinary grade, it takes the !ft me amount of ttm«, labor and material!. Th« BEST roof may last twice is long as the other one, costing much less in the long run. Come In and let ui show you our stock of roofing and iuppllej. We take prido in giving every customer fuU valu» for «very roofing dollar. Delta Lumber Co 2<M N. Second Phone 497 I>l.vihcvillc's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard room from the storage area is desirable, donl. ma »i> one'.which will blot out the light, from the windows and plunge the storage area into darkness. Erect, a sturdy panel of glass block that allows, light to pass through it withoii; being transparent. Such a paney may be quickly and easily erected. The glass block partition, firmly may be taken clown at any time Jinrl moved elsewhere—to form a dinette at one end of the kitchen, for instance. To get additional storage sp:ic" in the attic, cabinet, and shelves may he built Into corners for stir- ing otit-of-season clothing ancl extra bedding aiuj linen. Dutch cloor.'i which open cither at the top or the bottom section of Die closet, make H far easier, lo put away and bet out u'J'H Cr Cl0 n lillB , whB " ll ls iiecdeil.Be sure Hie slielres of DIG closet are hnllt lo m blmikel's, ss s zs up as a part of. the cost of. f a play and 'storage room'" „„„„., think of it as a step to add to .your own comfort. Yes, there arc many thing's thai, and iip-lu-dale. And keeping houses fresh and modern Is really lots of fun iiud a good' investment, which pays extra dividends in happier, better living. onlm- whlch comfortable miug over a jicrlo,; of year/;. With "lew icpalrs and n f cw Improve- rlr'i 1,1' i' " W " lcc!ln »tc«l n'lxl neclilcal equipment., these homes ran be •made practically as .iiib- Mniuini „,,,, ns , lvnb]c ns () , Ich will be built utlcr the war. Home owners should be couMdcr- 15 "1!T lh P ch(1 "Scs and repairs ">c v wilt make after tin: >.var. It Is not necessary, however, to "'""""•' the value hi ms against essential rein fact, PIIA Insure ic'idl'l"" 1 ' 0 S " Ch W °'' 1< Brc llvnlllll) i^ Among other CMcntlal repalt Bl ,. K which may be undertaken now. the I'lM calls particular nttcntloii to ,thc necessity of keeping roofs In i good condition. -"Hoof repairs nrc one of th e most .Important, Items on the list of cs- scnllals," the FHA says. "There is Mo imrl of the.building which shows nog i-cl faster, atitt no purl where neglect can have such serious pl- fcctj; as the roof." some roofing n tinned lo plhcr fire and weather-resistant still Is available since It Is made'of : uonl critical materials. Hncnnsn r,r M,n cn . roofing , Foundation prove that 30 per cctil ,ol llx; hent lost from the nveranc . home escniies through tho window panes. Drawing the shades ( 0 the sills In unused rooms, nl night mid when |he fiimlly Is away from hojnc nnd kccpln.K Ihwn drawn )mlf way (lurlni; (he dny, can cut this heat loss by 1-3 or more, when the shade Is drawn, a jayer of ah trapped between the cloth mid tin Blnsa Insulates wiliisl the lass ot warmed air. per, .. needs. inaklnp os.scntifll rennlri c owner, can keen fhch Ings In e <xxl comllllo, , so he will be 'ready for further in r Skunks Farce Divorce STOCKBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) — Mrs. John Decker was grunted a divorce after claiming thai no woman should have lo put up.with a husband who kept, six skunks In the coalbln. Automobiles built during the first two years of the postwar ,,erl OT | will contain 50 pounds of copper and brass per car. War lloiid .sules to workers in the automobile Industry average D 5 per win. »f tj, e |, 1( i,,iit ry .. v ,„,', liayroll, ., . SALE Closets, Sihks. Lavatories, Tanks. Automatic.Water Heaters Pipes, Fittings. Lead, Oakum. All Plumbing Repair Parts lAVt MONEY-1 gallon SAVI TIMl-ThW» no T.chid. wnl'i wwy b. , »f Ttchlfc f(f»t y« Jl* H»»d tt ferap* »fl quJcJtly wa*)i«d with gclUni »f point, iJiabby wallpapir. mild Map and watir. GOES ON OVER OLD WALLPAPER! QUICK TO DRY1 EASY TO APPLY! • Think of redecorating A room between breakfast and lunchl You can With Techida — PiUsburgh'i amazing now development in wall paint. Two hours t« plenty of time to apply 'ftchide. THEN ONLY ONE HOUR FOR DRYING! You rave on labor cost* — aava the expcnsa of temping off old wallpaper— nnd lave on the cost of palnt.Techtdo is Ideal for painting over wallpaper, plaster, brick, etc. PlTTSBU RCH PAI NTS HARDWARE CO. Get Set /or Winter! Those who toko proper precautions this fall wilf bo the most comfortable next winter. Points on Fuel Conservation, 1. Insulate tho attic. Balsam-Wool Blanket from 2c to 6'/ 2 c per sq. ft. Full thick rock wool 6c per sq. ft. You can put it in yourself or we will have it installed at a small extra charge. ' ' 2. Install storm windows and doors: Let us . measure your windows and quote you.' 3. Weatherstrip. Nu-way felt and wood weath-. crstrip $1.00 per yd. Interlocking zinc weatherstrip is now available on special order at no, advance in price. Phone 551 for 'estimate. • , Inquire About FHA Deferred Payment Plan , FILL YOUR COAL BIN NOW! '"& C ROBINSON LUMBER COl • • i • ~ < ( t Friendly Building Service ' '* Here's An Unusual Definition of Your Cheapest Commodity WeTKought Wed Pass Along- WATER ii ( Water is H Uiin, franspjircnl liquid composed of two clcmenls, hydrogen and oxygen, both of u'lucl) are gaso.s. Water is hoi, soft, cold, bard, clcmi or dirty IIoL water is used for making coffee or foot baths; tic .sure to atrain out the groiinds hcforc immersing feet. Hot water is also the lj«sc in- t'l-edicnt of the hoi toddy, a swell drink lo relieve the discomfort of a cold. Slir up a i|n;ui, pour into a hot water bottle and lie down with it, on your chest. A long straw completes (he apparatus. This leads to cold water and also hard water, which, when iii the shape of cubes, can' be put into a bag and placed on Ihe bead. 'Die common name of these cubes is ice, which, in its natural slate, is useful only to Kskimos for building igloos. Clean water is always found in (he shower- bath, unless a plumber is repairing the pipes. Dirty water can be produced quickly and expertly in your own home, hy procuring a <|tiantity of clean water, adding some soiled shirts and socks, nnd agitating briskly for five minutes. The results will amaze you! Hain, hail, snow, fog, sleam, etc, ate some ' of the various other forms of wkalei '{{am n, ' similar, except for privacy, to the sfiowei, although it can't Lc turned on or off at will» Hail is hard water in the form of small pellets that I all from the sky and make a heckuva rack- , et on a tin roof, frail is also an inipottant wprcl in Die .song "Hail Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean." An ocean is the largest collection 'of ' water known to man. The most popular form of water is snow. Great gobs of it arc necessary to make Christmas white. -. • * * Fog is rain that is loo lazy lo como'down. Steam is water Hint is ovet heated Its punci pal uses arc in locomotives and by baseball ' pitchers. • « The last and, most iiitciesting phase of this .subject is. WET water. Foi a long time now there has been nothing but wet uatci Scientists • have been searching for dry watei foi long long time . . . but all they ever got for their efforts was a mouthful of smul - Jim McMendmy in The Taste and Odor Control Journal Blytheville Water Company .•> ' 1 > ^ BERNARD ALLEN, Manager

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