Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1908
Page 7
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BECSMUB^ IMa iriifwte WMMT WM -tte JThe .^Mt moDtli'lMU beeii'u><uuuu- •Ur.wM-oM.' TIM reeorda .at-tbe «rMtlwr Btetioh ihoir ^ that in ^tbe iUDth Uiera w«M bat tw «lT^ e^u itavs irlitle tben wcre'9 paHy otoudj' iM aU» on whtdi :01 inch or mor« o< VtoolpIUtion .oecdrretf. -^e hitfiest teailenitare WEB I's on the iStii whUe the lowest was 19 de- Sttes on the 14UL The.fotal predpi tiaioa for the nioiithwas S.16 Incb«a '_with Jttst a.trsce'Oit mowfall. The ;kreateat preripilAtloh in anjr one 24* kcwrs wa4 2.02 oK the '23rd. The pre- jraliine dire<*lon cf the wind was aoathwest "NoTemher was a v6ry calm month as the followins lilBpatch from Lawrence Indicates: During the month of November, according to the moht &ir statement is- aned br the UatrersUy of Kansas. 3.93 taehesof water fell, ifhicb is 2.1 In'cb- -ss'sbove the cn8tomary~Narember average. Only four Novembers in the entire forty years that the record was kept were wetter than the month Jast bloeed. This will raise the. total axiiount of the rainfall for the year to ^7:92 Inches, which la more than foot above the nsual monthly average. ?forember was not only a record- breaker from the standpoint of rainfall, but also from the amount and velocity of the wind run. Total run of wind during the month was the smalleftt in forty years.' The record tea been ket)t here at the university. A]r,th^onth November the month was •x(«edlntly calm for this season of the year, and It was not surprising when the report showed that the month had been the calmest ever recorded for November imKansos. PITY THE POOR POSTM.iX. Tbe Chrlstaas Baik at the Pentofflee Jt B «ffla «hir> Speaking of Christmas "rushes," no one Is better acquainted with such a state of affa*lrs than the postman. Of coarse, the stores are all busy with their early Christmas trade and the clerks have all that they can- do. Bjit pity the-poor postman. Bvery morning his leather mail bag grows heavier and letters, papers and parcels bulge oat pntil it is with difficulty thit the man in-the gray nnifonn. plods along without losing a part of his burden. '^They're sending out circulars and catatogues now." a carrier said this morning, "and It means more grief for •ns. "With the coming Of Christmas the merebant grows anxious for his share iif-the trade and he sends out catalogues and circulars by the thousands teiung what be has for sate, how cheap things may be bought and Inrlt- ing the prospective purchaser to come and take a look over his stock." * "Soon the Christmas gifts which are mailable will be coming and then there-win l>e even a bigger rush at the office and on the route than tbere is now." = iFancy DfvtlM ft^Specialty. lOLA'S BtSHT AND ORBATEST StORE OurCloak and^lt Section is "1 lif Home of Fasliioii^' 4 MtiO Wortp of Rmadl^io-Wemr ^Pi^rul WW Such phenomenal values Were never before offered so early in the seaion in Up-td-Date Suits. Coats, ¥^aists and Sklrta as we wIM place tomorrow before the good people of lola and vicinity—all new and titfsirable fiierchandlse secured by our New ^ocK buyerat tremendous, price copicesslons for spot cash from overstocked manufacturers. MiTrm tidtimfRmhmtiOi 122.50 8nd >|25.00 Tailored Suits at.. . $|3.95 2.'i.00^d 2^.50 Tailored Suits at.... $17,95 30.00 Tailored Suits at . • J20.fl0 35.00 Tailortd Snit.s at. .$25.00 40 00 Tailored Suits at i30.00 45.00 Tailored Suits at $35.00 i . — WmMm mi Rmduema PHomm White Net wai«tj worth $6.00 for $2.98 White and Ecni Net waists, worth 1 6 98, for rU.98 White and Ecru Net waists, worth $5.98, for ..$3.98 White Net waists wotth $10.00 for $5.98 Black Net waists worth $7.^0 for $3,98 White Silk waiets worth I9 .9M for.. ... .$5.98 Many beautiful styles, made of the finest coat materials, 45 to 54 inch lengths. $ 7.50 long Coats for. $4.95 8.60 long Coat-for ; .... S5.9S 10 00 long Goats for $7.95 12.50 long Coats for. S8i95 15.00 long Coats for ^ -$11.95 18.00 long Coats for $15.00 20.00 long Coats for $16.95 • 25.00 long Coats for $19.95 $2 76 Children's Bearskin coats for ... . $|.75 3.98 Children's bearskin coats for . .. .$2.95 6.00 Children's cloth cciats for $3.50 7.50 Children's cloth coats for. $4.95 8 00 Children's cloth coats for S5.95 1000 Children's cloth coats for $6.95 Would Drain Land. John Peck, of Bridgeport. Indiana, returned borne todajr after a visit wi|h his slater, Mrs. O. Weaver. Mr. Peck Is an expert tiler and Is of the opin ion that Kanaaa farmu need to be drained If they would hold thelf value. Ho i»f» poor land will produce CO or 40 boahels of corn after belnv. drain •d, and that drained land could aland drr waatbar better. Land can he drain ed at a eo «t of about ninoljr cents n rod IneludlOK tho dom nt tllo, nnd It will'add JOO pfr f*nt lo the vain** of the farm.—Humboldt Herald. 3^ Ideas Ifatch aar coastaBtly chaaslBir wtadows. Errrj iay we have ttem fOlei wUfe sagfestive- artirles nmhie fartke Christ, •uw present which yam kaaw jrai wOl have ta 1mJ, Case !• Mrf.lft «• lax K awar far fan. Special Sale op f iir» Thb SpmOalCMkMeosonSklrisAll fhia WetOi DR. A>D MRS. 4. F. ITGILL EXTER- TAIXKI) L.tST XIGHT. ed tod.ay. HrK. .VcVlll Enteriained. .Mrs. .1. F. ilcCSlil entertained the {.adios Ancleuil and Modern Emhrolcl- frv oluh yesferdny afternoon. W. F. Plew Has Ihirrhaftrd the CUrfc Roardlar Haaiia aad ITOI Caadnrt II In the Fntir^—PemanaU. For XIMK Porter. Mr*, i. F. McGlll cntertnlnod Inxt evenlnff In honor of Miss Alice Porter of Ft. fk4 )tt, who Is her ru«>tt. Tbe evening; was spent with the old time fun of "pnlllnff taff>-." The Kuests were: Misses Florence Hoe. Lottchen Slack. A£n«a Roe, Alice Porter of Ft. Scott and Uaribelle McGlll, Messrs. Charles,Olapn. Dr. X. A. "rt-owbridge. Prof. Hrankes, Georga McGill and Harry Zlegler of lola. Mr. and Mrs. Sorlth .lackfion of loia. Mrs.' H. G. RIdgway of Chanute- and Dr. and Mrs. McGlll. :irttl Baa Baardhif Hoase. W. F. Plew of this city has purchased the Clark boardlnp house Ito thf north east part of tbe dty. Mrs. Clark will go to Ft. Scott where she has purchased a restaurant. IIad:Pbalo<« .Vade. The |ji Hari^e raomlwrs of the Trir" let f«MH ball resm went to lola y<^irr- dny whi»re ihcy hnd their photon innrt**. NEWS OF GAS CITY ! Pprsoiiiii!!. \ j Chas. George and family left yester- jday for Bartlesrille, Okla., where t^iey will make their futtire home. THERE WA.S NO QrORm -PRESEXT { AT MEETING OP fOITiTI!,. PersoaaK i:, 1.. U'riRlii of Ynirs Cpiitcr 1- In ilt<» city ihf> RuesiH of relntlve*. Iliilph Skinner lefT yesierdny on a Mifi liirnnxli .S>w Mexlro. \V. fi. Iliilclor and party of i-iclit left yorierday on a trip through Colo- rndo. They will visit the San Valley. MP . and .Mrs. I.<»wi» Mitchell of Bar- tlesvlile. Okla. were here yrsitcrduy the guests of friends. They tornwry lived here. Mr. and Mrs. .Marnhall returne<l to their home in Kanea.s City yesterday after spending a few days her<> the guests of relatives. The Dlfforent Departments of the Clty SrhooU Are Preparing Chrlfttmns Prnarams—Personals. To Hate Dancck Tlie (iuod Time DanHng rliil) uf tliix city will give n dance in . MUHOUIC hull In lola on the evening of Derember .^rd. There will he music by Shield.* orrhestra. Ed Hunter went to Chanute yesterday to visit his uncle. Dr. Hawkins of Mildred was a hiisi- necs visitor yesterday. . TJie Infant of Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Alex is reported seriously Hi.' F.XTEBTAIX G. A. R. OFFIfEBS. Will OSTEOPJITUT-. i»fc w .H. ^uisiaHT. Redater^ "Oateopatthle' Phraidan. Stat* Bnk Bldi: PMoM 14i. OB»4)ataoprthii« Iiwp& Mra.: EfMa Eal^rtalaed. The La4Iea^ the!l»/p.'E; chapter of lola were etrtertained bjr Mrs. C. U Evans yesterday aftenidoo. wm Sju MM*. 4. M. Daif will *m^* •tore la the and Party Tisit Toiieka December !«. Topeka. Dec. 2.—Extensive preparations are being made by offtcinls of he Kaneas C. A. R. department for he entertaliuent of the oommander-ln- .-hlef and his party In Topeka on December 10. Tbe disUnguisbed .party will conslEt Of Command^r-In-cbief H. M. N'evius and wi(6. Red Bank, N. J.; Adjutant General Fronk O. Cole and wiia, Jersey City, N. J.: Chief of Waff J. Corey Wlnans and wife. Toledo; O.; members of execdtire .. tsHon^ttce, Tbonas fT. Scott, FUrffeld. III.; William ibmsfroiilr. 'Tadlaibpolis: fndi; and PWlip Chefk,'BBriib6o. Wis.; bf-jj flciai 8t«Boml)he^^<iBptaln P.* H, Bon natt. Mew f o^fc: Hrs. liiar)%L. 6i !man. L. H.,l)ag»^ hMtMingpii Mala stn^in&owM 'iinra^deQfct W, A Qaomm Mot Present. Because there was not a fiuorum present no buslnefis was transacted at the meeting of the city council last evening. A special session will be called for some time In the future to con:4lder regular business. Is Very lU. lolans In a lunch. it lins been Interesting to the writer of this to note th(< departure from salaried positions Into tho field of personal newspaper work of many young newspaper and near-newspaper men within the past two years. In this state. First, there waa Prank Jarrell, jwho bought the Holton Signal. Then "Jess*' Leach broke away and got his Bartiesville Enterprise, remaining }ust< as near the state line as possible. Then Z. G. Hopkins took in the Wellington Mall. The writer believes he was next. A little earlier than Frank Jarrell, or about the same time. Ralph Tennel left Ed. Howe's Globe and bought tho Sabetha Herald. It.! F. i Culler. "Charley" Scott's secretary. Mrs. W. H. Carter is reportedaa be- j ing seriously ill. Her condition last evening was considered critical. Her husband who Is In Kansas City on business has been wired for. Her father has arrived from Greely. Kas. iriU Hold Mpecial Session. The members of the local fire department will bold a apeclal aession next Tuesday night. There are a num ber of important matters to be con- sldered Including tbe liearing of re- porta'from committees with regard to th^ mask ball i;tven Thanksgiving eve. Prepnriag phrtolaMs Pragnan. Chriatnaa programa are "being tre- tiared iff the 4ifferant departments in the city schools. Tliejr^^ will be rendered on tha^ eranliig^baf^ j;Chrfi«- has bought the Olatbe Mirror and L. E. Wallace, former] aecretary to Mr. Scott, and former n^nager of the lola !RegIster has also embarked on tlie. uncharted sea. "Charley" Blaicesley and "Charley" Sesaiona arc keeping their eyes peeled and working tip their nervo' as they connt their nibncy^ every night and have scouts ent looking for locations. Tbeae and others will contribute mnch-'to the n^ct^sa- fnl newspaper work and sncceaafa]| Kansas-bulldtng in'tbe years to come. —Ralph Faxon In his Garden City Telegram. . \ (First Pnbltahed Nov. 19. 1908.) . PUBLICATION NOTICE. State of Kansas, .'Allen Cqaqty.! In the District. Court for^Wdj The Aetna BuUdipgd^ Uta Atifo- clntlon. plaintiff, va. E. E. filllott.lgt al, defendant. No. 8293. . Said defendants. E E. Elliott-antj phia B. Elliott, will take notice: they have been, sued In the If naibed Court by th^ Attqa Jfiilii k Loan Association, plaintiff.' ia action N'o, 8393, upon a prestli note made and plnlntlir. dated April '20th, ms ^n which tliere la a balanco due iJSsH 1127418 and Intereat. and for closure of a mortgage made ahd ered by you to .said plaintiff, on jipii|id date to secure the payment, of «gld note, conveying to plaintiff the folfftfr- ing described real estate situatedi^Ti the County of Allen, State of Ka^s, to-wit: XQ,.. Lot Sixteen (16) of block Nl ' (19) in Overstreet 's Second to the town.of Gas City. Kansas:^ that unless yon answer thr Bled therein by said plaintiff on < fore the 30th day of. December. 1908. aaid petiUon will be takei true, and Jiidgment for .J(la^tlff.;riin aald action for-sald annv aiuHttw^t- and for.! the foTeclo8nre-.^j|be Jiild mortgage and the ^alabtjoild propi^i^y wilt beC rendered accQrdUliiy^ -4 J. MARSHALL I/AME^- Attomey for natifff. Attest: C. E. ADAltS, U-l»-27%. Clerk of .aald QHf^ '—— : g.^ FRE8BTTEBIAX ftTIJD ^T19^;fl(^. — " •rf A CampalgB t« Raise JMM >M ij^a Tbe constant dropping wafer wears away the haitfest. stone. The constant gnaw,of Towaer laaatl* eatee i the .toogbMt. hone. Tlie 'eoRttMll wiMag vtorer earrfea Philadelphia, Pa.. Dec. 2.—It v ^ItU nounced at the meeting of thegewi^ aa^ndriy of the Presbyterian cli^r^ta here today that the see 'retarr, tbe Bev. Dr. Jofeph W. Cochra|i wtll ^-J^eAl ^t Friday for a twb weeks-' cAnpal |||ii^n Kansaa with the objlect of. raisiiiKa 130,000 endowment for- the >reab|i^- ian ^- stnleata* kUBadamilteirh ^lifird •^aatmlaMar HMM ." wltM^la «>«it for lk»'iniiJlfc;m«^ eunimg 'of ,-KauK%' in'

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