Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1907
Page 8
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TOiie DOWN THE TABENACLE aiiliblllfil SITE iOBt USED FOB r : SEW CJMJBCH. !dM^'ilctk94ist EpISMpal Buaar.WM • Saeeesi -PenoMl Items. If. 8. Teagve Boaght Lud. UaetMwk Brothers of this city yes- tc'rd^ donsummated a real estate deal iH^by W. S. Tekgue of Hannibal. Mo.; eomes into poBsession of tbe two bandred and forty acre farm owned by'H.O.'Stevens of this city. Mr. TMsne will probably come here. Basaar. Is ft Sieeess. Tbk Bazaar whlclx the ladies of the Christian church I^eld yesterday in tb« Ferris building on South Main stirMt was a sucecsa in every partic- uliah It was well! attended and the ladies succeeded ii^ disposing of the goMa on band. Sapper was served liiiky> served dinner omnbec of people. today to a large • 'Xlss Bloger. Betaniied Hone. Mlaa Ringer who has been here the gUMt of Hiss Garnett Benham and mho was injured iii a runaway some few days ago, wa4 returned to her home in . Baldwin, jKansas, yesterday aftemopn. It was lecessary for < Rev. Bftaham to accompmy her and care for her while enroui e home. The phy ddabs who have qeen attending her aat that, it is impossible for them to tall at this .time jns^ how serious her iBjnrieSiare. "Talienaele Was Torn Down. Tht ^jTabemacle jused by the La Harpe people of the Christian denomination as their place of worship. Was yMterdnrtom down to make room for the i new church which is being coiftructed. The members of the Ohriatlan church will use the Mitchell hall-to hold their services while the building-is being constructed. Xmam Opening of F-Z« Cut prices. --li. £. Basaar December IStlu Prof. .Sastman and daughter Miss VMn, both of Terre Haute, Ind., will ghr* it tonslcal concert in the Methodist Eplaodpal church of this^clty on th» evening of December 17th. WSille belag-'4 talented musiiclan Miss Vivian Baatihan Is a reader of considerable note. She will give some readings in coppecUon with the musical program. Both Prof. Eastman and his daughter arei uid to be good entertainers and a pleasant evening is assured all who attend. • W. S. Grigsbj- Is Awaj-. W. S.Grigsby, president of the International Drug company, of this citjr.,-j8 in.the northern part of the state on' business in connection with hls'drug company. Mr. Grig^by probably will return Saturday. He is vls- itlag Ottawa. Fall Summit and Waverly. When Dfpcember's icy fingers '' Have ahom each forest tree. It'4» tiDit to tone your system By taking Hollister's Roclcy Mountain Tae. < ^ Burrell's Drug Store. ' Persoaals. J. W. Vandanacker and family will leave BOiBe' time next week for, Cald- wtfI, - Knaas. where they expect to make tlidr future home. Dr. J. A. Trowbridge returned yes- etrday from Clay Center. Kansas, and tbe state where he has been visiting fbrthe jiast week. Jkffisi«r "f*^*"* Because in Altai Cemrtgr Vcarly Ererrbody Beads 0. BeiitfiniiTi is able to be up again. He^haa been suffering from an attack of-typhoid fever. F). Dniibar left yesterday for Cherryvale on a bnsinesa visit W. O. Xienhart is in Rossvilte, Kansas, today on a business visit DIdc Kohler of Colony was in the yesterday visiting his brdther, John. •: Chas. .Lenhart of Independence, but formerlr of this city, was here a short tlmejresterday. ItUlonfetto hedth for a babjr to «it and alecp, to kngh and fimr tat Bal fat comes firat; dtm't atk a; sorawnjr .TbiwaTtoMfatkthe waj to be haallliy. Otu coat jkpti ^mittt olters opporUmlUes socfc as wtfc ncycr befote known at tkis s^im -JILJ^ ^ .iuiilsUkaHe, don't fall to TSH^SSS^ OZ^^ .not yft|AcW yo« One of tfce rt,on« 4tnLof SLI^K^ ' - the mcfdiandlsercoffect sbapes and styles of laments. Eyety attkle offei^ ed H deslfable and in many instances the price quoted is bot a mcfettif^ of the former price Women's Cloth Coats Talaes that speak for themselres. $6.50 at .. to $7.50 Cloth Coats on sale ... $iM CIcth Coats on sale $7 JO 120.00 to $22.00 Cloth at $10.00 to $12.00 at $15.00 to $18.00 Cloth Coats on sale at Coats on sale .... tliM $25.00 to $30.00 Cloth Coats on sale at fSOM $15.00 Caracul Coats reduced to flOUW $20 Caracul Coats reduced to tl2.S0 $25 Caracul: Coats reduced to flfijM $30 Caracul Cpats reduced to Mbses Coats That Are Extraordiwiry Taloes. $7.00 Misses Coats on sale ...$2.95 $8.95 Misses' Coats on sale $I.7S $10.75 Misses' Coats on sale ...tJJM $12.50 Misses' Coats on sale tSJM A Silk Petticoat Sale 50.Sllk Petticoats in all high colors and changeable shades, also black, full width heavy rustling talfeta; this sale will appear to saving shoppers:^ $6.50 to $7.00 Petticoats at $4J» 300. Mercerized Satine Petticoats worth $1.50; six styles to select from: you will be surprised to get skirts of this quality for 96e Women'% Skirts At Fhenemenal Saerlflee Prices. $4.95 Cloth Skins on sale at .. .I&'S $6.»5 Cloth Skirts on sale at ...ftJa $8.50 Voile Skirts on sale at .. .H.SA $12.50 Voile Skirts on sale at ..97M Beautiful Waists At Wenderfni Savings. Taffeta Silk WalsU on $0.00 at $6.ri0 Net Waists on sale at $8.50 Net Waists on sale at 50 Sample Waists worth up to $5.00 to clear the lot at once, choice ...13.50 sale tS.75 .14.50 .ISJ5 Blankets and Comforts 75c Blankets, sale price 60e $1.00 Blankets, sale price 7«e $1.25 Blankets, per pair I8e $2.00 BlankeU. per pair tl.50 $2.75 Blankets, per pair 91.98 Comforts special at 98e, $1.35, $1.50 and $2J>0. 75c and $I.Oa Dress Fabrics 50c i 40 Pieces Odd Lois of this season's choicest 36 to 50-inch plain and novelty Woolen Dress Fabrics, some of the very best dress goods bargains presented this year; worth 75c to $1.00 per yard; clearance price ...SOe 50 Pieces of Wool Buitngs In Shadow plaids, checks and mixtures; sold all season at 65c to 75c; this is positively the best bargain ever offered in dAess goods. Kxtn special for tomorrow at .. .• 85e An importsBt three days' sale on Knit Underwear. ChHdren's Coats ' * At Prices That Cap the Climax. $3.95 Children's Coats on sale at $1.95 $5.00 Children's Coats on sale at $8.50 $6.00 Children's Coats on sale at $US $7.50 Children's Coats on sale at $1.75 handsome Furs at Bfr** jam Pnces $3.50 French Coney Scarfs on sale on sale .... $1.50 on sale $7.50 Isabella Fox un sale $6.50 Brook Mink Scarfs at $12.50 Jap Mink Scarfs at $7.50 Martin Scarfs on sale at 9»M NEWS OF GAS CITY MATOE O'CpSXOR PREPARING TO OPEN STORE I.y BARTLESYILLE. BUYS LOT IN MILDRED TOWN DR. SIVAX AXONCr THE GAS CITT PROPERTY HOLDERS. Ben Draper III of SmaUpox—Other ?iews Notes and Personals. P. H. O'Connor Is In BartlesvlBe. Mayor P. Hi O'Connor of this city is In Bartlesvllle, Okla., today making the. final. jii-feparatlons for the ^ , opening of. his'^U>re. in that ftity. "E. odiiu^ iii^tnta In the northern part of4^.' Van^fertrifi twill leave for there when he store. returns and will open the Mrs. Chas. BUTCIUU^ lU. Mrs. Chas. Rhinehart whose home is three and one-half miles south of this city, suffered a severe attack of heart trouble yesterday. .A physician was called and worked with her for some time. Her condition is thought to be some better today. i- Xrs. JebB Ifeer Is 01. Mrs. John Deer took suddenly ill yesterday while attending to her duties about her home in'La Grange addition. It is believ'ed she was suffering from an attack! of heart trouble. Her condition^ however, is a great deal better today.: Are Holdiiff Sale. The ladles of the;Christian church are holding the rummage sale in the Renhick building today. It is hoped their efforts to please the public: will be (^warded by a good patronage. IT^e ladies have been.Woi^ng hard for tbe past several days; getting thbigs into ooadltion for the sale. ' Has Spallpex. A case of smallpox was reported yesterday. Ben I^per is confined to his .heme in the south part of town with the malady, i Mr. Draper is not thought to be in a serious condition. His -home has been Lquarantined a«d ever^ effort will ^e pade to prevent the disease from spreading. Dr. Swsi^ Buf9 Lot Dr. 6. R. SwanfotUbis city yesterday pnrchwed a'IbuBlnesa lotlin tlie new city of Mildred whldi is belac bollt north of Iforan.'. The new:«itr of Mildred gives promises of betas one •U, the best Uttte maninfiaetarins cities (B tills part^ th# state. In spite of the oondiUona elsewhere, thli UtUe city is l>ooming. Personals. ^ ' Mr. and Mrs. U..A. James of Kansas City was here yesterday on a business visit. L. I. Inman. of Wichita, was here yesterday on real estate business. R. T. Tender, of Topeka, was here yesterday visiting friends. When baby loses flesh, looks pale, is fidgety and nervous, the little one is not well nourished, and should be given a soothing, healing tonic. Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea - is the best tpnic for babies: purely vegetable. 35 cents., Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Drug Store. LAJOIE MUST CHANGE TACTICS. The Clerelud CInb BUmes Him for Not CeitreUInr Players. Cleveland. O., Nov. 29.—While -Napoleon Lajole is to manage the Naps in 190S. he has l>een informed that in the'futuire be either mj^t not be so ieasy wRh his men or go back into the ranks as a private. Money has been liberally expended by Kitfoyl and Spment ior players, and Lajoie has not- obtained results, simply because he could not control his men. The Cleveland Club owners are particularly sore at tbe manner in which Larry bandied Howard Wakefield, who was a pippin with th» Sonators in 1906 and a lemon with the Naps in 1907. Wakefield was pounds overweight all last season and Lajole, although urged to suspend him until he got down to playing weight, would not do so. Consequently Cleveland carried all year a man who was useless except to warm up the pitchers. Wakefield and Larry. Incidentally, are blamed for the poor showing of Heine Berger. Wakefield , was sent South with the pitchers to get them in conditioh, and allowed Berger to work so hard that he strained his salary wing and-did not get over the injury until near the end of August. What Berger could do when right was shown during Cleveland's last visit to New York, when he let the Highlanders down with one lilt, made in the ninth Inning by. Elberfleld. a substituted batter. Had Berger been right from the start of the season, Cleveland, not Detroit, might have won t^e American League boating. ASK FOB WHAT TOU WANT and ask emphatically. Do so throogh the .Register's want columns. If you waat an employer or an employee yon can find him in a hurry if yon take thi4 course. The Register will tell your inuit* to many thousands of people • at'quiddy, as yon can tell them perfopally to a dosen people. Ton can't afford the slow way. Xotlce. ^ Anyone wilKng to contribate to a fund to l»e lised for the proa^tion of the Mande Riler case' can do by calUtfg at-a>t>; Ray's floor uid feed store. 20S Boidh.Jeffersiait.-orby mail lito same addr^s. ; ' \ / 8/D. RAY; 'Used by Millions Baking Powdw witk iPu* Ot«TW7Stata.a ON HUNT FOR VOICES. Paris Wants Americaa Singers.for the Opera Comiqae. New York, Dec 3.—Miss Mary Garden, the American prima donna, who is making her first New York appearance at the Manhattan opera bouse this season has been commissioned by the manager of the Opera Comique in Paris to find for him good voices in America While she Is very bust wlOi several new roles she Is to sing and with her performances, she will devote all the time possible to'hearing young women who she thinks may 6s available for the company at the Opera Comique. Miss Garden says that Americans are very popular in Paris now because it seems that in America only can fresh young voices be found. The first two of a number of young women studylngf in New York whom she is to hear will sing for her today. "Of course, I shall not be able to hear all the voices I should wish, in fact, I shall be compelled to limit my engagements of that sort," said Miss Garden in discussing her plans. "Furthermore, I shall not be likely to go outside certain well defined paths In finding those whom I wish to hear. Perhaps there will be many who will wish the opportunity that must be disappointed, because my thne is limited. But I shall do my best to find the best that are to be found in my own way." If the stomach is on a strike use Mi-o-naT and see how quickly and easily it gets back to'work. 50c a box. Cures any stomach tronble or money refunded. Charles B. Spencer. HE 18 THOMAS piXON 'S BROTHeR Frank Dixen Talks EeoM^S^I^ Leaves the Race Question Alone. Fra^k Dixon, a brother of the Rev. Thomks Dixon, is at the Hotel Baltimore. Qis home is in Wai^Ington. but he soendli about twenty-five nighta Ir every month on the Lyc«utn circuit. He was a praache)'*hlmself for. twenty years, but now he is leoturiag on economics. "I like that better-thao- lotfaf /f/ be said. He does not toi*eh <^.'v^ race problem as does''his-brotheBr>.^-.- "We iaach hold 'separate ''ideaiFili- that subject," he said.—Kansas ^CVtf Star. ) Ladies desks in Weath ered Oak, Birds' Eye Maple, Mahoeanyand Golden Oak, from Tabouretts and Jar- dineer staads, all odd shape and sizes from Christmas Suggestions I 1 I IS Music Cabinets, nut, .Mahogany, Gelded Oak and Bamboo, from #f .7Sap Center and Library tables, an almost endless variety from Mi •CO. A. •OWLUa,, PnMm'L THOt. H. BOWLUS, Caslilah ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRBCTORS A. W. SMk. t;. C Beatty, A. J. Pulton, W. J. Cvans^ ;f. O. See. A. Bowlusk Thoi^ H. Bowlin. WEU9UE OUR OWm OIIAFW9 OH ALL BUHOPEAHmmn •APtTY DEPOBIT BOXES POII HINT FROM |t to |B FIR YIAlk Office and Storage ^ate Xoom at •tS W^st Street. |; Phooe 339 -PILBS <nJBED,Dl BATS. POZO JCnmiENT^'^^la faaraateed to core any case of pAl ^'VUnd, Bleeding or'ProtmdUis Mea In C to 14 days or money refunded; BOe. POLAR SEAH FLOUR HM Stood tbe BccattKltitfitBcit Accc|>t No Otbcf* Wm .. .1" .

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