Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1908
Page 6
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liii ^Ui ^isfBec^l^ outfitU^hppvidto t^^ _•• a fourth to mowicripit^iny otttferilM Special price* for four dsy8 --'#^[tiNi^ Rich finished colored Broadcloths, 52 hiichei i^de, Iregitia^ valne; navy, Copenhagen, green, red,lan,brown aid gray. Sjxedal, yd. .j 42-lnch Panama ia black and X-browD, SOe valne on gale 3St iSfi-Inch Pananuis in all, wool, colors blue, black and brown. 60c value special price a yard 390 Cotton Suitings in llffht and* .- dark colors 28 Incbna wide, Worth IT'/ic to 23c yard, apeclal .; price- for this sale, yard 140 . Klznonn Cloth 36 Inches wide. •Jn light orlentol and flon! ii;it- temfl, worth 20c yard, f.ppclal . price, yard ISViO . One lot of dark red, Krcen .iiiU brown )>iiKlDgs lu r>C luchra wide, r'^eiilnr priru 00c and C3c yard, .•^portal price jTird Brown and ereen Bear Skin, worth 13.25 .yard, spedal Jirice for this sale, yard.... 01.60 Fleeced Cotton Dress'Pooda. piiltable for hojise dresses 27 to 30 incbe's wide, worth. 10-and 12*/^ yard, special price a yard One lot of Children's .Worated $)chool Dresses, Bfa 2 to 8 years riiii^n blue, rod and Rreeit. In I>.nin colors and plaids, 11.23 v:iU:6ii on sale for .'800 Floecpd KIraonas in cream color with pink, blue and srey patteruB, worth 8Se. Choice 4T0 Grey Plhld and stripe Cloak- inss 66 laetaes. wide. hMvy- weight worth $1.00 ^nd 91.25 yard, special price for this sale, only 69« 62-inch Herringbone ° Stripe Panama ia blue, brown, green•and red, $1.00 Talne on aale for 600 Fancy Silks In light and dark blue, tan. green, black and' red stripes, on light groiind 10. to 24 Inch silks worth. It.OO and tl.2.'> special price, yard 600 New Tailored tVTilte Waists made of popHn and mercerised wBlstlngB, special values at 92.00 and $3»ff0 U • 2.'n Colorod Woolon r )rr.=;s Roods 210 50c Coloroil Woolen Dress floods 4l0 fli'io Colorod ^'oolen Dress Goods 470 T-lc r'olorcil Woolo.n Drtas Goods 540 8.-.C Colprftd Woolen DresK Goods 620 Jl.flO i-olorwl Woolen DrMB O. ^JfOlfc Colored Woolnn Drops (i. 890 $1.50 f'olorpd Woolen Dresn 17. 01.10 .?1.7.^ Colored Woolen Dresx (1. 01.32 12.00 Colored Woolen-Dress (5. 9±.QS $2.r,0 Colored Woolen Dress 0. 03.19 2nc Blark Woolen-Dresa Goods Sl0 3Cc Black Woolen Dross Goods 350 SOcTJlhck Wpolen Dress Goods 4180 6Sc Black Woolen Dross Goods 500 760 Black Woolen Dress Goods 500. $1.00 Blnrk Woolen Dress Goods 8S0 11.25 Black Woolen Dress Goods 080 11.60 Black Woolen Goods.. 01.31 (1 .75 'Black' Woolen Go6ds. .. .01.30 12.00 niack Woolen Goods ....01.60 i ^Cttkejr ^wia Tnxel An V^^Lrnu^l^r fie ]lctiB»--Cluniito'» 'Is The relay race between mem&era of rateUoIa and Chaouta Y. M. C. A. aa^f l46dattoiM>wlUvpn>b*bly te rua oa NewTiai's dSLy... iJUrrangements to Bfat.etfefat are beiiic perfected. ; The rtce muitniggested to L. V. SUr key, secretary of the local issoelatlon by Secretary TrwtM," of Chaaute. In bis letter. Mc Traxel aald: *The newspapers of Chanute seem to be aiixioiiH to have members of our aaso- clatiop run a relay race with aotae-of your boys. If it can be arranged, think that It would bi a good thing torboth of UH. What do yotftbf&k of Cbristntea dayf - Jdonday Secretary Starkey wrote Secretary Traxel statlar that he tbooght^ It would be impoasible for the race to be nra on Chriitnae day but tBu it might be itonlble to make ar- Irangemenls for New Tear's day. ,C!on- diUona under which' tlie challenge wotHd be accepted'were also given. The present iDdlcatloas are that the hice will be arranged for aatisfactor- »y. The Cbanute Suii was needlettly alarmed and not fully aotiualnlled with the fact when It 'prlated the: follow' Ing: Several days ago Secretary! Traxel of tho Y. .M. C. A., wrote the'secretary of the lola Y. M. C. .\., suggesting a relay race to be rnn beiweeathe two towns on Christmas da.v. The lola secretary stated to the iota papers that his sprinters were not "pikers" and would gladly race the .Chanute runners any distance desired. has not, however, answered Secretary Trasel's letter, and those members of the local Y. M. C. A. who have been running around four blocks every morning In anticipation of the event are becoming discouraged and inclined to donbt the sincerity of tola's statements. The local Y. M. C. A. contains a number of pood sprinters, who are real anxious to pit their speed and endurance against the atayiag quallUea of the bo.vs from tho smelter town. They would like to make a mid-winter roiay race between the two towns nt) popular and exciting a feature as the annual Cbrialmas foot ball pimc. Mb dOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQ • j . 6 •OiliOTICE TO COimESPONDOT.S. O O. . 0 g , fbe IteuMfr iealn-s each ror- O retpondrat tn iiend lu hid or her O O ^lKkie at ODPP with the poittoffiee O ^/CdirMs and the name of the O i>Mlriib«rtaoed reprmnted. O .PlMMt do (hlf) at encc as wo O iMire to ebiain (he above fnetn G .fM^tHiMrtaiit rcAKans Q •••O-.^*-• . 0 99 ooooooooooooooo WEST OF THE BITEU. -O iOne of th<^ most ple.i»ant occasions of the seaiion occurred at C. U. Peck's on. ThanksRlving day. As a number of'the Beahm relallTes n-UI move fo Calieomla In a short time they had a iUdlr reunion nt C. ft. Pecks, ibe only cad. features of tbe day being the th'oinght that It was no donbt the lant time air would be lORHher and Rev. John Beahinl being down near Buffalo •cend|iotIng protracted meeting did not get here was auite a diRappoIntment. Mr. Price, wife and daiighter. r doirn from Anderson county ami .'oiu. 9eabhi and wife from Pratt •••.r::iy eottstns of tbe Beabms were ;n.«-.' horc The others present v.ero A. J. lUa!.:!. t^fe and danphter. Emm.i and EUa.i Beahin, Jim Hawkins and • famil.v. Clarence Beahm. vlfeami dauphter, •<NUe Foi?ter and three children. Kratik <i «7 and family. Mr. Gay. wife and , ijSUi: O. M Fisher and two daughters, Lewie Kink and r.nmll.v. J. AI. Preston .and family Walter frnok and family, Gmndrna Osborn and three daughters, Mrs. Jas. N'ostrnnd. Illiinchc Shockoy. .May.Nos traurt and three sons, Itev. Tucker, C, R. Pi <rk and funilly. There were sev enty-seven nt the dinner table. PBAtfllE 1I.\LL. this Jeanetle S«>-mOur IK In loin week havlng<her eyes Jreated. .Mr. J. R. .Means spent Thanksgiving wKh his cousin, .Mr. 8. (Ireon of Ijt llarpe. .vir. and Mrs, J. P. Koliler and fam lly of LA Harpe and Ida Kerr of lola nte turkey with Mr. T, fi. Wllllnms and ramlly Thursdny. .Mr. and Mrs; Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. J. Se}'mour. Grtindma, Grover and Oddy ^^yer» spent Thanksgiving at Frank. Myers. ' Mrs. J. W. Seymour received the sad news of the death of her only sister who lived In Ohio. Mr. Prank Hardlii has not yoi returned from McCurie with h.if bride. Their friends will join in wishing thetn happiness. We are sorl-y to hear that, Eunice AndruBS was so unfortunate as to. fall down Btair>< one day last week 'and bre-tk her arm. Mr. Howard Moore went to lola .Jyndly to have his sale bills printed. Ml: D. A. Ayers and Mrs. M.E. Cnrf- :i::iri were in our neighborhood one day ;:,;•( -n-ock. SOUTH FAIHTIEW. Pearl Carter visited Be^hm and family. Jull.n ^e'ral days last week.'"' The sale of M. Shelton was well attended. Mrs. Odie. Pool and little Bertie were the guests of the former's mother, Mrs. John Turner, of near (Tnlon- tpwn. Tuesday. pearl Jpfferies Bpent Saturday and Sunday with Mlsse.s Ktta and Ethel Brown. Mr. Lester Daniels who Is attending B. U. at Baldwin spent Thanksgiving with his parents. .Miss Lena Brown returned to school Monday after having' missed some weeks on account of the sickness and death of <her father. Mr. H. Bro^n and famil.v called on .Mr. and Mrs. Hhelton Sunday evenliig. ' Fall of snap, rich lA flavor and • aioBa^ perfect In their originil -aitfmor qoalitytcoming to you ia •'. .TOM Bros. SpicM combine • full stnegth and abtoliue pqrity .Wldi untnrpaotcd fineness of flavor. Each variety is (elected hf expcftt, and comes from the bftc |)tedoctpg centen. ^"Tbey are tlie b<«t before we 'gilad dwmi til* best when you ' CKMk.^ only kind to UM tween trains Wednesday Miss Myers is attending the stiite no *mal and was on her way home to spend Thnnka- Blvlng. Mra. H. Relling, of Kansas City, has been a guest at tho Dentier home the past week. .Miiis Jessie I .And will be nt home to members of her Sunday Bohiiol I-I.'ISK Tuesday evening. CmE IT IN OXE ».4Y. foDghs and folds Dlssppesr Like Xaglf When flyomel I ft rued. If tbe thousands of people who suffer from hacking coughs and ngoniz- Ing oolds would arouse themselves nufflcently to follow this advleo. they would cease to comploln within 21 hours. ' • Here Is the advise. If .vnu take ti and you are afterwards sorry (but .vou did. It 7'on't cost you a penny: Go to Chas. B. Spencer & Co. tKe drtigglst. and purchase from him a Hyomci ^pronounced Illgh-o-me) out- rt. It will only cost you $1.00. Take it home. u.=ie It according to directions, and if It does no: cure your cough or cold, take it back, and Chas. B. Spencer & Co., will refund the? purchase price. ' When yon use Hyomei .vou don't swallow nauseating drugs. You simply breathe in the soothing, pleasant and antiseptic Hyomei air through the littl^ pocket inhaler that comes with each outfit. A's this medicated air passes over the Inflamed parts, relief comes alinost at once, and cure follows. Hvomel is also guaranteed by Chas. B. Spencer & Co.. to cure\ catarrh, croup, grip and asthma. CH.AXCE WILL M.IXAGE f[B-S. Price of World's Series Tickets to Be Rednred Next Tear. Chicaso, Dec. 2.—Prcsldont Murphy of the Cubs Is satisfied his quarrel wUh Manager (Thance Is patched up and that the Peerless I.«ader of the world'a champions will be back In Chicago to pifot (bo men on their train Ing lour to (he south In the spring. Mr. .Murphy said yeslerdny he had heard from ilie managet* through a muttial friend and that Chance wrote of his plans for 1009 Just as If nothing had happened. President Johnson of the .\merlcan I..enguo announce<l yeslerdny that (he price for tickets to (he >Vt)rld 'H series games next season would certainly be cut In two. Ho said (he national com mission had como to the conclusion that It was not Just to tho fans, who had paid (heir good money to sec the clubs battle through the regiilar campaign, to "soak" them big iirires for the series at the season's close. Some of the latest istyles of We can show you some of every style of the 1908 patterns. A Christmas present for the Ihaby and mothei^ that will be appreciat<)d. All rubber ttres warranted for one year. We al«) have a nioe line of Rockers, High Qiairs, for the children. Now is the time to buy. Sleeper & PGSTOFFICE BLOCK GB0CEB8 IX rOrBT. Fonrteen Lawrencc Firm.9 • Jestingr ^Wdglits and Veasnrefi" Law. —Oood meals, BesUurant cents at Parr's r FIQUA. 7 Mrs. Ferris and daughter. Miss :an, spent Thanksgiving with relS' fives in iJi Harpe. Mica Josephine Derby, of Kansas nty. spent the week end with relatives here. .Miss Lena Denner attended the teachers meeting held at lola'the latter part of the week. Mr. Go. WllUe who was bjured in a ntnafsy k short time ato Is rtport- «d QUite low at his boaie soutli of town. ' ^ Miss Olire Urers of- Totes. Center, was thereat io2 Uti.B.K:<mn Ceffeyville vs. Chandte. The long-talked of first b&skct-hall games andcr the ansplces of the high school league will be played at the Sundard rink Friday night between the boxs and girls of COireyville and the local high school. teams. There has only been two games of this na- iire In Chanute this year., -A week ago last Friday night tho sdcletles of the school played. This gave the peo' pie a chance to witness Interesting playing, and lo gain an Idea of the material there was to make good teams for both tho bojys and glris. Blach evening Is given to nraetieo, and Is antletpated that ! Chanute will bold high honors at tf|>- end of the season. Tho boys plav 'd two games In Tola last week. d <rriitlng their.T. M. IC. A. team l>y a score of 57 to SL Ind' the high i«ebool leajn by 46 to 42. The game'With the bl9h sehoor^as fast and was either std«>'s np until tho last few momenis of tho last half. A sreat deal of Interest is twing manl* festod In Ctianuto this year In lb* baBket4>all -games, as the fastes| teams in this part of the,state arA scheduled to play here. The ohsrges ore very low, 25 cents to witness bollt games.—Cbannte' Bun. .\0 HATCHET FOB .UBS. .N.ITIOX ^he Kanssil Saloon .Smasher Appears la Scotland for Action. —DempBHtratfona ,ln bttrpt^ wood ^irork at ISMatf « B&rdl^s^rery Gia.sgow, Dec. 2.—Cftirrto Nation has arrived here to open a temperance crusade covering the principal Scot tlsh and English cities. In an Interview Mrs. Nation sold: "I have come over here to do what I can to fight tbe drink evil In Scotland and England. .N'o. I did not bring my hatchet, but I have no doubt they make them as good In Scotland as In America. I don't think, however, that saloon smashing would advance the cause today, although It has ^^rved a useful purpose In arousing people to a sense of their respon'sibllltics in (he post. I don't apologize for smashing saloons. It was God's work and he Inspired me. "I have been in hundreds of saloons in America, and I have never seen such spectacles of driinken and quarreling women as are credited to public houses In Scotland. But I Intend to observe for myself for a few days and then proceed (o work for the over throw of tho evil." XABRIED m, DITOBCED 1S4... In 3 (r.U«stfr, Ukla., tke Batie ef Legal 'Kaadering Is 08 rir.VnU McAlester, Okla., Dec. 2.—County Jndgo UIggins bss just oiwued a new marriage license record, the first one having been filed ainee statehood. In (he first year sis licenses were tssnsd, and to date the number readies 609. In that period of time there bare bceq tiled In the district bonrt 134 divorce daaes, 22 per cent of the ntunb^r ot Lawrence., Dec. 2.—Before Justice Clark, (he suits brought agnlnst the fourteen Lawrence giwers were tried Monday. The attorneys for the defense filed a motion demurring from the suit and the entire morning was spent hearing the arguments on Ibis. W. W. Brownellj Ed RlllngSnd Rufus Melvin worfe attorneys for the groceryr men. After heariog the motion argued. Judge Clark took It under ad^' Vlsement and will give a decision today. .The chances are that whichever side wins in the suit before justice blark the case will be taken to the supreme court. Mr. Klelnhans is anx- Ibus to have the constitutionality of the law thoroughly tested before the courts, while the grocerymen believe that they were treated unfairly in the tnaunci' the Suits were brought agains^ them :ind will fight the cat^e to the fInlFh. The grocers In their fight raised the point of the constitutionality of the law as It was applied to their cases. The law Imposes thn penalty where short weights are given tho people with.(he Intention of fraud. The grocers claim that th.ey nro denting fairly With tho people and want to treat Ibein fairly. They nlKO nrgiic that tho people had always bought by the pock and.'bushel measures, and that they kneW wha they were getting when knew whai (hey were getting when could bo no fraud. Connly Attorney Tom Harloy and Food Inspector John Klernnnns conducted the prosecution. .Mr.. Kleln­ hans said after Judge Clnrk bad taken the case under udvlHcnicnt that he expected to see the' cjist- go to tbe supreme court ?br final decision. He said be wiis anxious to have the law tested to see how It would stand. He says that a new law Is needed, bow- ever, as the present strong enough. measure Is not went to Chanute. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Keifer came down from tola this afternoon. Mrs. Keifer will take Miss Minerya Gal- hkgher's place In the Home telephone office for two weeks.—Chanute Sun. BROTHERS TO THt OX. Two men were engaged In fixing a fence on a roadside la Indiana. It was arduous work; the ground was hard and the tools were ihferior,- and the recompense was small. Moreover they had been fixing fences - nntU their souls were \^oary.^and they could taste barbed-wire, and their dreatns were full of fence ,posts and their hands were full of splinters. „ Presently a large red automobile whizzed by them, conveying two pas- s^gcrs in .luxury. They lolled upon the cushioned seats, and merely gave an Indifferent glance to the tollers by the. wayside. These toilers leaned npon' their spades and wiped away a tear. "That sort of thing makes me mad." said 'one;-"why should yon and I *e condemned to earn, our bread In anguish and bitterness, while others, who do less fof the welfare of society, find life one long summer holiday?" "I cannot argue the qnestioB." said the other sadly, "but I feel the Injustice of the world. Ever since I was a small boy. I have been working, working, working; there has never been n night that has not seep, m^^ go to bed with aching bone.s; there has never been a morning that lias not found me tired and diseooraged. And when I look to the future I see nothing but work. work, work: bard, grueling, grinding work, that eats Into the fionl of a man. And I feel bitter when I see the gaudy idlers flash by me In their .motor cars, as though I worn of the weeds beside tbe road." "It Is a crnel, hard thing," said his companion; "we hear much fine talk of equality undeir this government: but what .sort of equality that gives a shovel and a crust of bresd to one man, and a private car and a banquet to another? Like you, I see nothing but work and weariness ^ead of me, and sometimes my heart seems (o become water. But here com<ss the boss, and If ho sees as standing here doing nothing, hn'Il fire us." Their employer rode np on his fat. plutocratic riding horse, and said, good-naturedly: WelL boys, did you see that automobile go past a few minutes ago?" "Yes, ,8lr: who were the passengers In it?" "The sheriff of I^Porte, taking. Ray Lamphere to the penitentiary."—-Emporia Gazette. •-Sign painting, nhone 1428. Pred RowdsD. Wants Bank Statesmts. Topeka, Dec. 2.—Bank Cixnmlsslon- er Albright on Tuesday issued a call on all state banks for statements show Ing their condition at the close of busi ness on November 27. This is the day flxed for the national bank call. I Register want ads pay. Thmt^ is Ontypnm LBXBih ^e Bromo tkukU^ Always reinember tlie full name, lor this signature on every box. Caahloh tf4da. H.^BOflLU<'P{t«aldeiit. wi^wcvii, ALLEN COUNTY il^^ 1 OfRBCr ^S %. W. ieek, L. C. Beatty, A. X rultem W. J. Bvana; J. W. L. iartleat^TlMa. H. ~ ' O. tAFmr DiiiOMT itoXBB pbir Riih 'tfioiM INTillinK fAlD OR 'Tllil^

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