Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 6, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1907
Page 7
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Prof.1 F. n. Peten will be located at the residence of H. S. C^^^^ No. 202 North Syciimore, Phone 1079; and he hais already performed some wonderful cures In this city. HIS Kead the testimouials of cures of a few of the many who have teen cui^ this city. Be coifviiiced through the expciriehce ' friends and neighbors. during hb short stay in your i SteteaMt From • Well Knowa lola To the PubUc:— I bave Buffered for over twenty years with rbeumatipm 'and 'poor circulation of the blood, and before being treated by Prof. Peters, gave up bop» of being much better, but after a few treatments n^y circulation is ^ood and the p ^n is all t;one and I am gaining strength every day. 1 I have not words to ekpress what I . ihlnk he has done for me. MRS. S. J. BRACKEXRIDGE. .lola, Kas.. Nov. 14. '07. To the Public or Who It May Concern:— For a number of years I suffered from extreme nervousness that grad- uatbi^undermined my 'health. I had wedl^ess and palpitation of the heart —l>ad stomach and : kidney trouble— and rheumatism in niy arm. I have tried many patent medicines and been under doctors* care but got no relief unUl I went to Prof. Peters. Relief came as soon as Prof. Peters laid his hands on me. I commenced impmv- ing and after taklngfa few light treatments, feel like a new woman. My weak heart has • improved rapidly. T E S T I b N I H L S rheumatlim has almost gone and all soreness has left my stomach. I can eat anything I want, which I haven't done for months—sleep fine, and am sure when Prof. Peters gets through treating me I will be in as good health as I ever was. I cannot express with words how thankful I am for the great good Prof .Peters has done for me and as I owe all my good health to him. I write this for the benefit of others. Sincerely yours, MRS. E. T. DORRELL. 809 S. Chestnut Street. lola, Kas., Nov. 13, '07. To the Public and Those \Vho Are Sick and Afflicted:— I was crippled for months with rheumatism, had a stiff knee, and took all kinds cf tiatent medicines and doctor's medtrloea and found no re- llpf until Prof. F. B. Peters came to this place and 1 went to hlin and was treated once. I eould walk home with ease. I took- a few treatmc^U and began to gain In health at once. I can do my work with ease, which I had not done since last march. I have a'BO reduced in flesh, and feel better than I have for months. I feel that I am cured, and I owe my good health to Prof. Peters. Words can not express The wonders he has done for me. I feel like a new woman. I cannot speak too highly of him. and beg all who are afflicted to go to Prof. Peters and he will heal iheni. Respectfully, .MRS. F. S. HUTCHINSON. 810 S. Walnut Street. Carlyle, Kas., Nov. 19, '07. To the Public:— I wish to make the following statement. I was afflicted with rheuma- ttam "Since last spring, one of my knees was stiff and pained me very much. I look one treatment from Prof. Peters, the Qerroan Healer, and after that I could bcqd my knee with ease, and the pain has left me, and I feel now that 1 am completely cured. My address Is, Carlyle, Kans SCOTT SPRIGGS. lola. Kas., Nov. 29. '07. For the Benefit of the Afflicted:— I want to make this statement: After taking a course of treatments from Prof. F. H. Peters, I-have been cured of a serious stomach trouble. I was in a condition that I could not sleep or eat, and I want to say that Prof. Peters Is all he claims and is doing a great work. I advise those who are suffering to let bim treat you. iYours respectfully. n. E. MCOY. 702 N. Chestnut Street. loin, Kansas. To the Public:— I have been troubled with kidney and bladder trouble for a IOUK time, and Just gradually got worse until I lost control of my kidneys entirely and was up four or ftve tin^ dwrtaiK the night. After taking tbe metBoA treatment from Prof; Eeterfc: I felt' relief and after-taking four Uwfmuiu I felt like a new pcrsoo^. t was- terribly bloated but it all dimppaar«4j May Ood.'s blessing reat apOB FvoL Peters wherever he goes la-my prayer. .-^ HR8.UA. lola. Ka<., Dec. 3. '07. I have-been a sufferer tor.-about twenty-three years from catarrlt. I bad almost entirely iost my aenM^of:- smell. and my hearing was aXIcete^ Ihad such a bad breath and so oSni-^' ^ sive that . f^lt sick a good part- of the time. I wore glasses for the iMt- year. The last few. weeka I;c6uld sot, speak above a whisper and tried manr doctors and medicines but got na r«- ^llef. After the first treataent with Prof. Peters, I left my glasses with him and after the second treatatkVt ^ my voice came back and I can talk today as well as ev^r. I have been improving right along since I began, taking treatments and,feel, so much better that. I can not say top much in Prof. Peters praise. I lieartily thaok him for the benefit I have received. •ReBpectfuUr, .E..A. ,000 BOND MUSTN'T LOBBY IN SECRET. H, H. Tucker's Case to Grand Jury a Second Time. Topeka, Kas.. Dec. 6. —(Special.)— .Tiidge Dyer, U. S. district Judge, today sustained the demurrer to the indictment charging H. H. Tucker, former head of the TTncle Sam Oil Co. with use of the malls with Intent to defiraud. Jt^ U. S. attorney announced; his inta|ion to resubmit the case to the- grand Jury and Tucker was or Aared held under flO.OOO :bond. He was fit «C. Indicted at Topeka last April. The case will be resiibmltted to the grand Jury at the regular term In Topeka next April or a special term at Kansas City in January. , MINOR COUNCIL MATTERS. Odds amd-Ends Taken Up at Last •j^ Night's Seasion. Hereafterxthe dty will do the work of connsctiog- water consumers with the city jirater mains, with a fixed price of fii;,50, no portion of the amount t6-be refunded or; paid back In sen-Ice- and must be paid In advance. A-^kolution to thls^ effect was pataed la^t night. if. h. Hl^ierEon last night sent a roipmun(c||Uon to the council relative to an Agreement he h«d with the cid gaslcQiiwany by which In consideration for,%. lease on one of his wells, he was to .receive gas for two houses. Me has no written contract and deslr ed .to knoiK^faether or not [the council woHid carry out the agreement No actloip. wasr^ken by the council. Payment'Of the bill of the American Concrete company of Independence for certain curbing work was withheld by the council last nlRht pending the consideration of several matters in connection with the contract. CbmplalB.t.bas come to the council tltat dray charges are very high and last night,the dty clerk was histruct- ed. to Investigate the matter and report to tb^MBOundl. A contract was made last night by the dty with Bock ft RnUedge for the cMjatruetlon of several brick sidewalks. An Oklahoma Bill, if Passed, Wtti Make it Felony. Outhrle. Okla.. Dec. 6.— A stringenl measure Introduced by RepresenUtive Wltitehurst of Sayre. makes lobbying In secret a crime. Any person who attempts to privately influence, a member of the legislature In favor of a bill in which the lobbyist Is interested directly or indirectly, shall be deemed guilty of lobbying. Any em­ ploye of a corporation or other business Interest who privately sdldts the vote of a memt>er of the leglala- t-..'re excapt by an appeal to reason, shall also be guilty of violating the nnt<!lobbyIng law. Its provisions shall sot a])p!y to the governor or members.of the legislature, nor prevent persons appearing liubllcly in the Intereata <it a^y, meas- ura nor the presentation of: petltkns. A violation of Acs? provisjooi is subject to a fine of from fS^tOt $2000 and imprisonment^, at the dlscretico of the juo'. from six months to two years. , A provision Is also added tp the bin making is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $100, for anj- person to go upon the floor of the house of the legislature, reserved-for members, ex cppt upon invitation of the house. The Price of Oil Cut Independence, Kas., Dec 6.— The Gu'f Pipe Line company to Port Arthur has cut the price of OleAn Pool oil from. forty-one to thirty-five cents a barrel. BODY TAKEN TO WAVERLY, ' .lu Fun4ral oTSMrs. Jacob House Yester- .day Aftamoon.' The funeral of Mrs. Jacob House, who died the resides^ce of her daughter, Ifn. J. B. Manley, early yesterday teomin<. was jield yesterday afternoon with Dr. S. S. Hllscher, rastbr of Presbyterian' church. oT- fidatlng. -iOter ttie minlater^s funeral aAAnmi^ abort servjoe was held by the^BMfem Star, of; which the dee^M«< WW: a member. The bpdy wav^ takcDJjp Waverly today for burial. Mrs. BtAue was bom In Quebec. Canada. ia'USe. and. was manted to Jacob Hbow lu'l865. She leaves a «nd A^pMcbteA ' THE TWO I .NTniCIBLES. Cod Lljer Oil and Iron. • Cod Liver oil and Iron In some form or other are prescribed by physicians the world over, more than any other two remedies the world has ' ever Lnown, for anemia or iioor blood, weakness, convalescence, and all wasting and plmonary diseases. Iron, because It is the basis of the blood and without suffident amount the blood Is impoverished, watery, pale and impure. Cod Liver Oil, because it contains curative and reconstractive qualUlefl. greater than that possessed by any other one mediclBal.agent. In VlnOI, modem sdepce has given to the world a combination of these two world-famed tonlof^od Liver Oil and Iron, but shorn!of all nseless oil or disagreeable features. ViDoI is. made by a,:sdentlflc. extractive and ooncentn^tlng process from fresh cods' livers, combining with peptonate-o'f'iron all the medl- dnal, healing, body-bnilding elemental of cod liver oil. bnt no oil. ^ As a body-builder and strength creator for old peo^e. delicate children, weak. riiD-don perNops. .after slck^ B^as. and for Chronic Coughs. Colds, Bronchitis, .yjnol Is na^xcaUed. ) W)» aak. loU' p^I* itd tfve Vlnol„ i a trial. It w!on't cost' anything unl«i«j it gives satistftctiOB. - 9. R, BurrelV I Druggist, lola. Kiiuta. A $100,000 RRE Rice Hall, at Washburn College, Destroyed Today. Topeka, Dec. 6.— Rice Hall, at Washburn College, containing the botanical and mineral collections and laboratorlte was destroyed by fire to^ day. The loss Is a hundred thousand. The origin Is defecUve flues. ENGAGE IN LIVELY TILT. Judge Houeih Reprimands Attorneys in Colored Church Case. The Mt. Zion church case which is on in Judge Hough's court has occasioned some lively tilts today between the apposing attorneys, £. J. Oj'ler and J. L. Barnes. This Is the first case in which the formar partners have been on Opposite sides, and. they take much dcltpht in poking fun at each other. This afternoon Judge Hough gave them a mild reprimand, urging them to procaed with the trial of the case The suit is a replevin action In which the trustees of the church are attemptinfr to gain possession of the church flittures. The trouble grew out of a d is put 2 l)etween the pastor. Rev. \. Hill and the trustees, as to whp should direct the affairs of the church. About fifty colored peo |rie ere in attendance a't the trial. It wil'. not likely be closed to<lay. ANGNEY TO CAPTAIN KANSA* Quarterback Receives 2 More Votes Than Tub Reed. l .awrr -ncp. Kns., Dec. C—Urbln Ang- ncy, the crack quarterback of the Jayhawksrs. wns elected captain to night at a banauet given the team by the A^anager. W. C. l..an8don, at the Eldrldge hoiisp. It took several ba' lots to decide the election, the final vote standing, Angney 12. Reed 10. Angney has served his second year at quarter and was elected captain to make sure of his return to Kansas Unlver8lt>- next year. He is also a crack third basemaa.and a champloa Iacrc -38a runner. He comes from Snm- rer county and graduates from the college this year. tlire"iiNapW«i|** Rcstsurant FINISHED VALUABLE WORK. Mrs. J. F. MaOill. of LaHarpe. Has Painted China Game and Fish Sets. .Mrs. J. F. .McGIlI, wife of Dr. McGil', of LaHarpe. Kansas, yesterday completed the painting of a flsh set for George F. Braum. of Galena, Kansas. It is an oil painting which would do credit to the best artists. The s?t is a special order and is valued very highly. \ Mrs. McQIll also Jnst recently finished the painting of a game set for a friend in New York. The work of designing In this set is espedally gc-od. It Is difficult to believe tha dog Which Mrs. McGl'I has painted on the platter of this set to be only a work of art LiriXG OK CACTUS. A ScleaUfie larestifatof T^'HI Try It Twa Weeks. Los Angeles.. *Dec. 3.—In an effort to prove that thonUess cactus, as an artide. of diet, contains properties snOdent to enable ajnan to continue working eigbteap hours a. day. Dr. Leon Elbert Londone. well known as a Bdentiflc lecturer, has been since Friday last subsisting exclusively upon cactus, supplemented by a few nuts and a small quantity of celery. The leaves of the plant are eaten ta greens or fried, and the fruit Is raw or cooked. A stenographer and secretary, with Dr. Londone, constitute a "cadus squad," which will continve on this novel diet for a period of two weeks. Because of the scardty of thomless cactus, the common spedes of the plant will be largely employed In the test. MACHINE BEFORE COUNCIL Agent Explained i Model of Voting Machine.—No Purchase Made. BverftUiog: la S^n; J| SapRT ORDXRS OF AW. KIWDB^J A retpreaentatfve of the CDlumhla Voting Machino companay, of Indianapolis, Ind., appeared before the coun- dl last; night with a. model. machine rnd spoke In behalf of his .firm. He showed the oooncU lavt lilght how the mach/ne worked, after which it was inspected dosely. No steps were taken, however, toward the purchase of the machine except that ,it was leierredf: to the finance committee for invesUgation. Hi Cansld.enible fun was encased in bj members of the oounctl. One or two Democrata said they would flrat have to. know whether or not it would guarantee a Deinocratic majority. pEPilESSION DONrr AFFECT TAX. "Wlth -bnt-two wosks yet^nasalntiig t)f the period in which-the flrstlhatf <ctr, the 1M« taxes Is to, be K HWMi^ that a larser. prppqipfoa on tMktues wUI be piOd this half, thao anil; Mr. Skdily said this-loomiac that the people were peyiag np rapidly, ladicatins that they-ere eoJoy- Inr pn*P«rity. As 1 have decided to ran my Grocery a«d JHfHt Xarfcet on strictly cask baste froBi this date, I bereia list a few articles as fellows: Granulated Sugar. 19 lbs. for ..$ljM P. B. and W. S. Flour, per sack. $IJW Potatoes, per bu fie' 4 Cans Kelley's Cream Com 33e 3'Ib Standard Tomatoes, per can, lie Cora Meal, per sack . ..; ISe Cranberries, per quart IBe CahbBge. per lb l«e Fancy Apples, pedc Me Peadies and Pears, can ISM te Me -Sweet JVitatoea. peck Sit 2i-lb. Box of Crackers $L4t: 11 Gal Ion Peeled Peaches -Sie Country Butter ^ 28e Creamery Bntter tie Fresh Country Egfes 25e Pare Homemade Lard, lb ISMe Skinned Hams, per lb \t\kc.: FRED QALLEOLY HAft ftE8IQNSl». Teacher in Lincoln ^School Gees te Ma^ysville. Fred Sallegly, teac )ier of the vvf enih. grade In the Lincoln buUdtBff. has banded in bis resignation.. to the teachers cominittae of the board -p( education. He will acc^ a posltlea in the Marysvine. Kas., hl^ SdtdKt .Mr. Gallegly's position has not Vota filled here as yet , ' - FOUGHT ON FIRE EBCAPfc St. Louis. Mo.. Dec «.—Battling '& a frenzy of terror oa A Mm-JmcMpf^i stories high, thirty m(m-k^ntllM^M escape from a fire wUeti taiolM^oqt iu a rooming- Iioaae alfS'SS lltartk-^l^ street early today. The. jnidice^wars forced to use ttteir :dnbs to sab4as the panic 'stricken men. Jamea Clark, a veteran. of t^.Glvll Vnur, warn seriously bnmed. and I ^^aiik> 9lABil> seed, seventy-two. muKoirenoaM^r 8 |B0ke and wlB die. 9oar " ~ iiijored. ; >|g* .I^^^Amj^" '"^^ The'AIIei^ ccnin|y Hardwa|re voA. Implement niiBh. 1 NorthSidtSqiwrt toll. til are something tbaf can be used in every home. We are showing onr- exceptional large lit ^e for tfa« Cbristnias trade^^ Pedestal, goldeo oak; 34 rnche»liighi.i^q|ti; lar price S3 50. Chrlattnas prtcet3 .85.' Cjihtf regular price $5.00, f6 .oo. ard I7 00, Cl|rist> mas prices1fc |,i5^,f4,9S UPd $5 85. i- Tabotu-ettea from 85c to $2.85. - *f

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