The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 30, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE TV CAMEOS: Frank DeFeljm ' A Show That Was Haunted From the Start By ED MISURELL FICTIONAL ghost stories and real ghosts have fascinated mankind for centuries. Oh, so you're a skeptic—you don't believe in ghosts, eh? Well, you may he in for a couple of surprises if you tune in some weeks hence when NBC-TV presents its spirit- hunt telecast, "The Stately Ghosts of Kngland." "From the moment we began to shoot the show," said its producer-writer-director Frank HeFelitta, "we ran into msny eerie happenings which I can't find any explanation for to this very day. Cameras broke down. Some of ' our color film developed by dependable labora- . lories came out in dark green tones despite the fact that our cameramen were top-flight.and so was their metering equipment. * * * "CREW members were involved in car accidents. Lights blew up, and automatic .equipment left on at night had been switched off in the morning .even though no one-was .-near .it' in the intervening hours. "Particularly odd," continued DeFelitta as he leaned on his desk in his New York office, "was what happened when we wanted to film a clock striking twelve—the witching hour—in one of the big halls in one of, Ta in and spotted the title; 'The the mansions. We had our cameras ready and waiting— and every clock in the house struck twelve except the one we were trying to shoot. "It's true you might say the pendulum jammed. So did we. But it's also pretty weird, isn't it?" * * • * THE stockily built producer pointed out that in doing the show, he didn't take a position either way on the existence or non-existence of ghosts. "What we did do is to have the people who claimed to have seen manifestations tell about them on the spot where these appearances occurred. These people are good people and take the subject of their ghosts very seriously. After spending a month with them in their stately homes at Longleat, Salisbury Hall and Beaulieu, I have to believe them." • Even the idea for doing the • show ' came about in an odd :' Stately Ghosts of England,' on a shelf near me. The book detailed the experiences of Tom Corbett, a well known British clairvoyant and financial adviser to prominent people. "When I saw the price—$6.95 —I was about to put it down But after flipping through it, I bought it. I read it that night and found it intriguing. Shortly after, I saw a movie starring Margaret Rutherford, the great English actress, and thought if I could tie them together some way it would make a good TV show." DeFelitta presented his idea to Julian Goodman, 'his boss at NBC, and was given an O.K. to go ahead. "One of the toughest parts of the job was getting to see Miss Rutherford," said the producer. "When I went to England, she was working on a picture and was shielded by people to keep guys like me away from her. I bought ten dozen roses fashion, DeFelitta pointed out.; which cost 5100 and sent them ' "I had ducked into a bookstore ' to her dressing room with a one night to get out of the ' note. She invited me in to •n:pt«-:H-,ioii by Kinp Features Syndicate Producer Frank DeFelitta talks to Margaret Rutherford during the filming of NBC-TV* "The Stately Ghosts of England." Behind him is Tom Corbett, well known British clairvoyant. thank me. When I told her about my idea to do a show on ghosts with her in it, she said she didn't have the time. In addition, she said she believed in ghosts and didn't want to offend them." After DeFelitta convinced her that he intended treating the subject seriously, the actress finally consented. "At the three mansions, all hundreds of years old," he said, "Miss Rutherford is on hand to brief the audience on the legends and historial traditions which form the basis of the hauntings." Looking back on the mishaps that occurred before he wrapped up the program—and the thoughts of a ?150,000 show going down the drain—De­ Felitta smiled quickly and said, Now that it's over, most of- my worries were unnecessary. After all, Tom Corbett told me that the ghosts liked what we were doing and that everything would turn out all right. Do I believe in ghosts?" he asked, still smiling.,. '"Well; I'll leave it up to you to "judge for yourself." Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS: Hazel Barnard. Creentown; Larry Harper, Tipton; Ginger Comvell, Tipton; Mark Savage, Goldsmith; James Kirages, Tipton; Mark Baird, Tipton; Kathlyn and Joseph Gagnon, Tipton; Leslie Cyphers, Windfall. DISMISSALS: Robert Head, Tipton; Sara Stout, Sharpsville; Cheryl Stacklebeck, Tipton ; Ralph Blessing, Windfall. MARRIAGE LICENSE Jackie Lee Klein, 21. R. R. 3, Kokomo, USAF, to Meda Karen Stevens, 21, 719 N. East Street, diet supervisor. NOTICE Effective January 2, Tipton Produce office will be located at plant, K. R. 4, Tipton. Hours Monday thru Friday 9:00 to 5:00. Saturr day 9:00 to 12:00. OS 54873. C-75-76-78 TONIGHT'S BARGAIN NIGHT 9 ALL SEATS 25c TONIGHT ONLY 2 SHOWS AT 7 AND 9 P.M. 'TAMMY TELL ME TRUE" COLOR GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE LATE SHOW! FREE FAVORS FOR ALL! THURSDAY 11.15 P.M. BOXOFFICE OPENS 11:15 e SHOW STARTS 11:40 P.M. JANE FONDA — ROD TAYLOR — CLIFF ROBERTSON "SUNDAY IN NEW YORK" COLOR ALL SEATS 75c FOR LATE SHOW. Thur. - FrL - CONTINUED SHOW FRIDAY STARTING AT 2 P.M. MATINEE SAT. AT 2. P.M. PLUS THIS NEW SPORT REEL 'CHAMPION STUNT DRIVERS" OPENS THIS SUNDAY Charlie was Tony Curtis' best friend—and he got shot for making passes. But now he's back and looks just like Debbie Reynolds! Real funny ideal Real funny picture! tony / debbie ipat k curtte \ reymolds boone ^ waiter matthau. Court Action State vs. Richard A. Huffman •Fraudulent' Check. , ' Heard before -Special Judge Everett Lucas. • Motion to withdraw and plea of not guilty entered on behalf of defendant. Objection to motion • made by prosecuting attorney. Motion taken under advisement until January 14, 1965. MASONIC LODGE Called meeting Atlanta Lodge 703 F & AM Saturday, January 2, 1965 at 6:30 p.m. Installation of officers, pitch-in supper for members and families. Leon W. Jackson Secretary. V.F.W. New Year's Eve Dance Thursday, December ,31 9:30-1:30 $1.50 couple LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)—Live stock: Hogs 4,800; barrows and gilts 25 to ,mostly 50 lower; 1 and 2 190-225 lb 16.75-17.25; 1 to 190-240 lb 16.25-16.75; 2 and 210-240 lb 16.00-18.50; 240-270 lb 5.50-6.00; sows' steady to 25 lower; 300-40 'lb 13.25-14.0; 40 60 lb 12.25-13.50. Cattle 800; calves 50; steers and heifers fully steady; good steers 20.50-22.00; short load choice 23.50; choice heifers 22.'00; good' and low choice 19.CO-21.00; cows' opened fully steady, closed barely steady; utility and commercial and weighty cutters 13.00-14.50; few utility to 15.00; canner and cutter 11.00-13.50; bulls strong to 50 higher; utility and commercial 16.00-18.00, few 18.50; good and choice vealers steady at 23.00-29.00. Sheep 400; lambs fully steady choice and prime 22.00-22.50; good and choice 20.00-22.00. MISSES WEIGHT HONOLULU (UPI)—Australian Rodney Sumpter came in fourth in a six-mile surfboard paddling race here Tuesday. He demanded that all boards be weighed to make sure that they conformed to the 45-pound minimum. Only one board was found to be too light—Sumpter's. He was disqualified. 87 Hostages May Be Dead LEOPOLD VILLE (UPI) — Fear was expressed today for the lives of 87 white hostages dragged off by Congolese rebels from the town of Wamba before Congolese and mercenary rescuers reached it. Scanty reports arriving here ahead of the 121 white survivors rescued from Wamba Tuesday said the Communist-backed rebels took the prisoners to Mung- bere, 426 miles to the northeast. Mungbere was the scene of a massacre a month ago in which 13 white men,, women and children were tied up and thrown alive-into a crocodile - infested river during a savage rebel ceremony. Twenty-five to 3.0 whites were reported to' have been, killed hife the rebels held the north eastern town of Wamba. The prisoners presumably ere snatched off by the rebels just before the mercenary- led government column reached Wamba Tuesday. Most of the prisoners' were believed to . be Belgians. The 121 white rescued .by the troops were to be flown into Leopoldville from 'Paulis . by .S. Air Force transports later today. There are 110 Greeks in the group. There was no word about.the activities of a second mercenary-led column reported search ing the area for the abducted hites. PICKup 4th pgh: From strong Cigaret Made Of Lettuce Is Now On Sale SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) The world's first lettuce cigarettes went through a small- scale market test Tuesday and won limited endorsement. "It tastes like barley".. ."it's aromatic ... "acrid" . ."sharp" ."cool." . and "tastes like burning leaves smell" were among comments from a selected group of office workers Some were regular chain smokers, others non-smokers. The lettuce cigarettes' manufacturer, Perry. Resnick, was here to talk to prospective distributors and meet with lettuce growers from the nearby Salinas Valley. "There's no tobacco, thus no nicotine, so they're safer," said Resnick, president of Guardian Smoking Products Inc., an Oklahoma firm. Although he admitted the lettuce cigarettes don't taste like tobacco, Resnick said "curiosity" is on his side. The cigarettes, complete with filter and looking almost exact- like their tobacco cousins, will sell for 42 cents per pack initially. Appellate Court udge Sworn In INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)—Russell W. Smith of LaPorte was sworn in as a member of the Indiana Appellate Court today, two days before he takes office. Smith heard himself praised by outgoing Governor Welsh as the man who knows the most about state statutes in Indiana." Welsh and former Gov. Harold W. Handley, also of LaPorte, were among the guests the ceremony. [Former Gov. Henry F. Schricker" of Knox was unable to attend although had planned to do so. Load up with ideas for more profitable farming at JOHN DEERE DAY Tipton Tractor & Impl. Inc. TIPTON 4-H BUILDING AT 7:30 P.M. — JANUARY 4, 1965 See what's new in The Long Green Line We'll have all the new John Deere Farm Equipment for 1965 in action on film. You'll see new plows and tillage machines . . . new drills and planters . . .new mowers, rake crimper,, crusher, and balers . sprayers, wagons,' Gyramors. f<ew Entertainment . . .New Characters Hollywood and television personalities Stu Erwin, Margaret Hamilton, Fuzzy Knight, Gene Sheldon, Henry Gibson, and Lloyd Corrigan add comedy to the program. THIEVES CAUGHT PLAINFIELD, Ind. (UPI) — Two men were held today on charges they robbed a Plainfield area home of a coin collection while the owner's body lay in a mortuary awaiting funeral services. State police said Clifford A. Williamson, 32, Speedway, and William L. Williams, 35, Indian- polis, were arrested following high speed chase along U.S. 36 Tuesday night. Police were alerted when iighbors of the Bennie W. Ken nedy frmily surprised an in truder in the kitchen of the Kennedy home where they went to fee the family cat while the Kennedy family was at a funeral home in Franklin. Kennedy, 48, collapsed and died Sunday while attending a family dinner near Franklin. The funeral was scheduled for this afternoon. Kennedy's widow and his son, Larry, were' at the, funeral home for calling hours Tuesday night when the burglary occurred. ' Neighbors said they surprisea 1 a stranger carrying a box containing part of Kennedy's coin collection. They said he dropped the box and ran, speeding off in a car driven by a When Williamson and Williams were stopped by police, officers said a bag of coins was found under the front seat. Mrs. Marie Kennedy identified the coins as part of her husband's collection; police said. Government Loan Announced Today WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Commerce D e p a r t m ent announced today that the Area Re development Administration has awarded an industrial loan' of $455,000 to Arrowhead Engineering Co. to establish a pulley manufacturing plant at Walkerton, Ind. Sens. Vance Hartke and Birch Bayh and Rep. John Brakmas said it was antcipated that the project would create 114 "direct and directly related" jobs. The firm will produce metal pulleys using a new process in a plant estimated to cost $700 000. Arrowhead will put up S35.CC0 and provide $115,000 in working capital, while the Farmers Bank & Trust Co: of Knox, Ind., will furnish a loan of $140,000 and the Starke County Development Corp., Knox, will invest $70,000. Wednesday Dec. 30, 1964 r—SWISS EXPORT- Moscow Blamed For Red Rift TOKYO (UPI)—Chinese Communist . Premier Chou En-lai said today that Red China wants reconciliation with the Soviet Union. But he blamed Moscow for the continued rift and gave no indication of thaw in relations since the fall of Nikita Khrushchev. 'As far as possible, we main tain normal intercourse," Chou told the national congress now meeting in Peking. Excerpts of Chou's speech on the Peking regime's, foreign re lations were broadcast by the New China News Agency (NCNA) and monitored in Tokyo. According to the NCNA report, Chou gave no indication that there had been improvement in Sino - Soviet relations since he returned from an unsuccessful, week - long-mission to Moscow in November. Stock Quotations Climb Higher NEW YORK (UPI) —Stock prices moved higher in moderate trading around the noon hour today to chalk up their best gain in several days. Prices opened mixed again but gradually improved. A few motors and chemicals giving the popular averages most of their support. Steels were steady. Bethlehem U. S. Steel and Youngstown Sheet were up fractions. Jones & Laughlin, which followed the other major producers in boosting the price of galvanized sheets today, rose %. General Motors advanced 1!4> and Chrysler tacked on %. iFord overcame an early loss and moved up Vfc. DuPont spurted 2 l A and Eastman Kodak gained VA. Muller Brass tumbled 3% on news directors had slashed the quarterly dividend from 40 to 15 cents. Thatcher Glass opened late with a loss of 4 on a block of 9,400 shares. Thatcher Glass and Rexall Drug terminated their "merger negotiations. Rexall added %. IBM rose VA. Zenith gained 1V4. Honeywell and Control Data rose Vz each. Litton and Texas •Instrument dipped fractions. Anaconda picked up % as did St. Joseph Lead and U. S. Smelting. International Nickel moved up a point. G .D. Searle gained IV* in- the drugs. Golds were strong with American South African up 2%, Campbell Red Lake and Dome Mines 1% each and Homestake Mining 1%. Texas Gulf Sulphur traded a block of 39,900 shares at 52 >/4 off Ta. Soviets Support Action on Congo UNITED NATIONS, N. Y (UPI)—The Soviet Union threw its support today behind a militant African move to get stronger. Security Council action on the. Congo.. Soviet Ambassador Nikolai T. Fedorenko announced he supports an amendment introduced Tuesday by 18 countries to a pending-resolution on the" Congo crisis. •• •'••• , The. amendment calls' for the Organization Of African Unity (6'MJ).', rather 'the United' Nations to' oversee future moves to bring peace to the Congo.' ,: Britain and the United States are against the Africa'n'amend­ ment. Informed sources said the two Western:'-powers' feel the United" Nations, not the OAU,'shduld keep an e ye on the Congo- crisis. • ' The-resolution asks for'-an end to all- foreign intervention in the Congo—and for the withdrawal of foreign mercenaries. Fedorenko said ' today it should . contain direct condemnation of the United States and Belgium for their action in sending paratroops to rescue white hostages in Stanleyville Nov. 24. Art of Watchmaking WOSTEP, the new educational program; : of the Swiss Watch Industry, will offer scholarships to study and train in Switzerland to U. S.s . high school students. Accredited watchmaking; -schools in the U. S. will receive new modern; .watchmaking kits. Primitive and obsolete methods of watch repair still survive In some parts of the world. Through its training and educational program (WOSTEP) The < SwissWatch Industry helps to create new job opportunities in {he watch-servicing profession. \ V 1 ; Another phase of WOSTEP brings technical assistance to developing countries throughout the •world. For example, among countries which receive the newest s-5=V* machinery, tools, classrooms, and Swiss-trained instructors are - Colombia, Lebanon, Mexico, and ^Nigeria. ^ MARRIAGE LICENSES Larry Gene Wood, 25, 522 N Conde, factory worker to Bar bara Jean Hill, 34, 516 N. Independence, factory worker. Douglas Leonard Booth, 20, 112Va S. Main, produce man to Patricia Ann Driver, 18, 420 Columbia, drugstore clerk. Thomas Joseph Butz, 21, R. R Tipton, sales manager, to Anna Louise Bruce, 16, 235 Oak Street. Kenneth David Majors, 19, Anderson, USMC to Patricia Anne Skinner, 16, 425 S. East Street student. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Carey I. Hendricks, et ux., to Willis L. Robinson, et ux. 1.75 acres, Section 2, Cicero Township. , Shopcraft Unions Resume Talks CHICAGO (UPI) — Three shopcraft unions today asked the nation's railroads to resume I negotiations in a dispute which! has threatened to trigger a nationwide rail strike. Joseph V. Ramsey, international vice president of the association of machinists, said the three unions have.asked J. E. Wolfe, chief rail negotiator, to schedule a meeting for 9 a.m. Jan. Chicago. Ramsey said he had not received a reply from Wolfe. United Press International was informed by Wolfe that we will meet Jan. 4 but our position will remain the same." The railroads have insisted that the three unions — the machinists, the electricians and the sheet metal workers — agree to a contract on the same terms as those signed with other non-operating unions. The previous agreements call for pay increases of 27 cents an hour spread over three years. U. S. District court Judge Joseph Sam Perry ruled on Christmas Eve that the three unions, representatlng 52,000 off - train workers, are technically free to go on strike against 187 major railroads and terminal lines. But Perry issued a restraining order forbidding such a strike pending an appeal of his ruling. Quirks In The News (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By United Press International GABBY CANADIANS : .MONTREAL. (UPI)—If Canadians don't have a lot of worlds records fa talk about, they at least ; h'a've one for talking. .iFor the 12th consecutive year, Canadians led the world in the number of telephone conversations per capita, according to American Telephone and Telegraph Co.'s "The World of Telephones. "-The country's average was 597.7 calls per person, more than that of Iceland and the United States, which slipped to third. SEEKS LBJ'S JOB —Cecil Hig- ginbutham, 38, Bellwood, Neb., claims to be the first announced 1968 presidential candidate. Higginbotham. an electronics technician, says he's tired of Communism and Socialism in government. ASSIST AT MASS WINCHESTER, Mass: (UPI) —No altar boy showed up to assist Rev. Francis X. Turke at Mass Tuesday in St. Mary's Church so one^of the parishon- ers took his place. He was Gov.-elect John A. Volpe. Evansville (Continued from page 4) Salem 16; 16, Washington (St. Louis) 15; 17, Rockhurst 14; 18, Adams State (Colo.) 13; 19, Central State (Ohio) 12; 20 (tie) Mt. St. Mary's and Philadelphia Textile 9. ELK'S NEW YEAR'S EVE DANCE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, 9:30 - 1:30 A.M. Larry Kirkman and His Orchestra Hats, Hornt, Noisftmaktrs, Etc. HAM AND EGGS FOR BREAKFAST . STARTING AT 1:00 A.M. ALL FOR $5.00 COUPLE ; GUEST WELCOME — BRING YOUR FRIENDS t: ' COME. EARLY FOR CHOKE TABLES YOUTH SLACK JOBS WASHINGTON (UPI) — Today a job, rather than the first pair of long pants, is the symbol of acceptance into the world of adults, the National Education Association (NEA) reports. 'But jobs for young people are harder to earn,' and there are now more than one million youths between the ages of'ic and 24 in, symbolically, short pants," the NEA said. "The unemployment rate • among young people already is higher than it was during the great depression, and it is close to three times the rate for the labor force as a whole." WEATHER TALK NEW YORK (UPI) — If Tex Antoine and his bride to be don't have anything else to do, they can always talk about the weather. •It was announced Tuesday Antoine, a WNBC-TV weatherman, had become engaged — to a weather girl, of course. No date was set for his wedding to Suzannah Glidden, who formerly was WABC-TV's weather girl. Most glue can be removed from washable items by soaking in warm suds. Ed Melochs says . . . "We l>r l.euvell *• liutes wli.ll to e\teml to nil our t-UKtomrrs utiil friends u mo»t prosperous Ni'iv Year. Gather your Christmas obligations into one oackage with ,a,loan from LEAVELL AND BATES. Wrap up those debt worries in a hurry.' (Closed Saturday Jan. 2) c£eaveil& <J2ate6 LOANS 112 N. MAIN OS 5-4433 FUNERAL HOME OtWfM S-S425 Tipton IPTON 5 FINEST FUNERAL SERVICE SINCE 1SJ

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