The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 30, 1944 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1944
Page 5
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Prentiss and Paul Combs Meet on Ships at Sea fctje gafcerrtielb Caltfornian Wednesday, August 30, 1944 5 By RAY Mr linpprns nt Iniist oru-e in a \\i\r, :i c-ycloiic nr in love, they nay, and here i? a story prow- iiiK nut of a unique coincident o£ the present roiu'lict that is true: Prentiss Combs, yoonian first chins, was nhotird a combat transport and his brnthor, Lieutenant Pfiti! C. Combs, was on duty aboard nn aircraft carrier in the deep south Pacific, tiOOM miles from their native McKarland. They had not seen each other for a month of Sundays, but knew on what ship each was serving. Prentiss was standing watch when he saw a ship come lumber- Ing over the horixon, and, like every good sailor, he at once sought to identify it, when what to his wondering eyes appeared but the craft bearing his brother. Yes, sir, Paul was on there all right, but business, is too urgent down in those parts for a ship to heave to for a mere friendly chat —then Premiss got a bright idea. He picked up the old pennants •DOWELL anrl began to wae out his brother's name and was answered almost immediately by Paul himself. The resl is easy to guess. The two ships ran close together for .some several minutes and no time was lost by the happy brothers In asking: each other questions and giving such answers as the navy permits. "How were the folks back home the last time you heard from them? How was California, McFarland, Bakerfleld and our friends? How have you been making out." One can imagine with a great degree of certainty that the boys wagged out these questions, and as the ships sank down over the seascape beyond the roach of glasses, one can fairly see the triumphant question signaled as a parting salute, "See you when it's over, pal." (The. foregoing story was revealed in a recent letter \\rilten liy Premiss to relatives in Me- Karland.) Value of Old-Age Secuity Laws Told EDITOR'S NOTE—Thlfl Is (lip RPVpnth In • aeries of nrllrleH explaining federal Old-age and survivors insurance laws. "What Good Is It to Young Workers?" Young people are concerned with this type of Insurance just as they are concerned with life, accident, or other commercial Insurance. A young man who has earned survivor's Insurance protection for his dependents, has the satisfaction of knowing that if be should die, his *-idow and young children would receive regular monthly benefits. In case there is no surviving widow or child, entitled to benefits, bis par- «'nl» would receive monthly pay- fnents provided they are tifi years eld and were dependent upon him at the time of Viis death. The system also makes it possible for working parents to provide for their old age. leaving future earnings of sons or daughters for their own young families. For further information call or tvrite the Bakersfield office of the Social Security Board, located at I'll!) Professional building. Kakersficld. Give Your Feet An Ice-Mint Treat GrtHapp* Cooling Relief For Bumtni Calloiwee-Put Spring in Your Step i Don't (roan about tired, burning feet. Don't moan about callouses. Get buiy and Kive than an Ice-Mint treat. Feel the comforting, toothing coolness of Ice-Mint driv. ing out fiery burning...aching tiredneu. Bub Ice-Mint over those ugly hard old corn* and callouses, as directed. See how white, cream-like Ice-Mint helps soften them up. Get foot happy today the Ice- Mint •way. Your druggist has Ice-MinU LETTER CARRIERS PLAN CONVENTION STATE ASSOCIATION TO MEET HERE SEPT. 2-3 A convention for the California Association of letter Carriers will be held Saturday and Sunday in Bakersfield, according to Vlerschel Street, chairman of the convention. Present-day and postwar planning will be discussed by approximately 2UO delegates, ^lr. Street said. The. ladles' auxiliary will hold its sessions in the Spanish ballroom at the Kl Te.jon hotel and the Kagles hall will be the location for the men's conferences. J-Jngh Spaulding, slate president of the letter carriers; Fred Sutherland, postmaster in Pasadena; William G. Gorman, secretary, from Washington, D. C.; Dan R Sullivan, treasurer, from San Francisco; Reuben Kremers, a member of the executive board, from Seattle, and Everett H. Burns, committee chairman from Los Angeles, will be the honored guests at the convention. Local officers of the association include Yernon Oldershuw, president; Charles llensley. vice-president; Herschel Street, secretary, and Deward Dixon, treasurer. Mrs. Lottie Cage will be the ladies' auxiliary convention chairman and Mrs. Armitte Ellerman, national treasurer, from Glendale. and Mrs. Florence Jeffs, state president, from Pasadena, will be honored at the women's meeting. Friday the state and national board members will meet and plan the business session for the week end, the convention chairman stated. Saturday there will be a dinner- dance for the delegates, and Sunday most of the business will be discussed. MONTGOMERY WARD Wards 6 th AHUM/.,. DRUM LOT IL SALE! Wards MOTOR GUARD |00% Pure PARAFFIN BASE One of the FEW California oils refined from paraffin-base crudest Triple-filtered to be pore/ free-flowing, long-lasting! Compare at ANY price! WARDS "SUPREME QUALITY" IOO% PURE PENNSYLVANIA OIL You can't buy finer Pennsylvania oil! Refined from costliest crudes ... triple-filtered, double dewaxed! Cut your oil costs... NOW! 45s 56 In 55-gof. drvmi, pint M. tax, drum dtpftit $ SALE! HIGH PRESSURE OR CUP GREASE In 100-lb. drums. Both top quality? Stock up NOW! 25-lbs. Cup Grease .... $3.45 100-lb«. 25-lbs. Hi-Pressure .... $3.15 8 IV-iontgomery Ward Twenty-fifth and Chester Telephone 7-7871 "Where Parking l» Easier" Sec HARRY CITRON ci^t- BROCKS Expert •ad Guaranteed Watch Repairing OSCAR E. WINDING Back lr- Circulation After i Taari at Hold El Talon Painting: and Papering Service Phone 3-9472 SAVE OH CLOTHES Bathing Suits Now is the time to buy that new bathing suit to finish out the summer, not a large stock to choose from so come early. Regular price -$7.98, now $3.19. . . . Others regularly priced $5.98—now $2.89 Play Wear Just a few play suits at this low price. There will be a lot more sunshine, come in and look at these. Regular price $3.98, on sale at $3.89. Others regular price $3.98—now $1.89 Also a few Jumpers in lovely bright colors . . . ideal for wear now and later with a blouse. These arc regularly priced al $7.98 . .. price*! to clear at only-$3.49 Coats If your daughter needs a new school coat or you want a good extra one be sure and come in and see. these . .. not all styles or sizes. Regular price $21.75 on sale al $13.00.' Others regularly priced $19, now $12 and regularlv priced at $12.98—now only . . . $7.50 Dresses To make room for our new fall stock we are clearing out our regular $7.98 summer dresses for only $5.29. These are in attractive colors and styles in both one and two-piece styles. Gowns Here's your chance to get that extra pretly gown that you have been wanting. . . . These arc sheer rayon in peach, blue and black—all with lovely lace trim. Regularly priced at $3.59—now only . . . $2.88 Panties You can't have too many of these . .. sheer rayon in blue, peach and -white. This is an unusual buy at this low price. Regular price $1—on sale at ... 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V* • Ward's Sixth Annual Drum Lot Motor Oil Sale is now on, so now is your chance to stock up on your needs for months to come. In 55-gallon lots Supreme Motor Oil is now 56c per gallon, plus Federal tax. In 53-gallon lots. Motor Guard Oil is now 45c per gallon, plus Federal tax. Plumbing Department Would you like to remodel your kitchen? If so, come in and see this while wood sink cabinet. Easy to install and made of long-lasting material. Regularly priced $15.95. On sale al — $6.66 And for that odd corner that you want something in, you should see this white wood corner shelf. Can be used in any room for those little odds* and ends thai you have no room for. Regularly priced at $5.66 On sale al Shoe Department Come inlo the shoe department and look over UK- largo slock of men's, women's and children's shoos. Flayshocs for women and growing girls. Save your precious shoe stamp and get several pairs of those lo start school and for sports and play wear. 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