The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 23, 2001 · Page 19
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 19

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 2001
Page 19
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BIO MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2001 THE SALINA JOURNAIS' UJALLY STRUGGLED TO hVMNTAIN HIS KORALE DESPITE THE NINETY PERCENT DROP IN HIS STOCK OPTIONS. THEN HE REt^EIABERED THAT SOfAEONE LOST tAUCH, rAUCH, (AUCH WORE THAN HE .DID. BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION Unscramble these four Jumbles, one le«er to each square, to form tour ordinary words. TAAGE n ezOOl Trtuw UmM Sovina, Inc. A«HlgWinw«iv«d. NITHK DOONBY \^ Si mT^BEENiaTOUriN n THESUNALLAFTERNasN?/ 7 ORTHECNEUKE \ AGCWrfeHCOFIN 1HENCinONmTEnHH?CF TH^OCCTgEVENEXISS ivww.}urrt >lt .cofn BETHIL MylKI Itfrauing WHAT THE JANITOR PIP WHEN THE • FURNACE FAIL-ER Now arrange the circled letters to lomi the surprise answer, as suggested tjy the above cartoon. Answer: Y Y Y Y ^THE 'T Y Y Y )" (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: DEMON HEFTY DIVIDE RAGUN Answer: When the novice went deep sea diving, he discovered he was - IN OVER HIS HEAD Baby Blues For Better or For Wdrse WRQ EWAJNO DUJZE QMRQQ LWAAQA WDK IJ LNAKRURBREO QRILA RE MDQ VZBB JV WJBAQ. Saturday 's Cryptoquip: THE MAN HAD A CURIOUS PROBLEM WITH HIS OLD COMB. HE WAS UNABLE TO PART WITH IT. Today's Cryptoquip Clue: Q equals S The Cryptoquip is a substitution ciplier in wtiich one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals 0, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. The Lockhorns GOootwuHOesTO wmho9ite« -IT'S HOLD MOSIC... LEROY'S TOO CHEAP TO BOY A RADIO." Family Circus «-W006MtrPTAKE PAP. \ -roup UIM HEC0UUPWT60 ool'etPE vMomt HE UtOE OJERuWaMERJ AMP6(V|EHIMA ^ U1TLE PlRECtlOVi? 1W EASrro WEST, soil iF-tHATPDEStJrd - jt. by King Ftabm "r^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ "In school I feel just like a base runner — always thinkin' of gettin' home." Born Loser BY EUGENE SHEFFEI? ACROSS 1 Tibetan monk 5 Baby food 8 Forehead 12 Supervisor 14With 41- Across, something unusual 15Sea l(nown for its seaweed 16Worl<s with 17 Freudian concept 18 Canal zone 20Teatime treat 23 Golfer's target 24 Bridge, in Boulogne 25 Largest inland body of water 28 Actor Vigoda 29 Kentucky Derby prize 30 Bush league? 32 Sea near Noiway and Russia 34 Relocate 35 Never again? 36 Nonbeliever 37 Be philanthropic 40 Mess up 41 See 14-Across 42 Arm of the Mediterranean DOWN 1 — Alamos 2 Ms. Gardner 3 Mai de- 4 Silver 5 Mexican coin 6 DDE opponent 7 Pops the question 8 South China Sea sultanate 9 Tabula — 47 Diplomacy 10 Utah city 48 Lose vigor 11 "It — Very 49 Moose's Good kin Year" 50The WScar- woman borough 51 Actress Fair Moore herb Solution time: 24 mine. •••• mams UMQ man mm simn ma BinB UWS QQ^Q •••• mm mm mua Saturday 's answer 4 .23 19 Heidi's : home H 20 Hot tub 21 Ballplayer Ty 22Draftable 23 Rash rapidity 25 Hides ; 26Enthusi-; astic, plus 27 PBS science show 29 Broadway hit musical 31 Corral 33 Friars Club "honors" 34 Raid for booty 36Biuenose 37 Appointment 38 Squashed circle 39 Shaving mishap 40Seabird 43D00 follower 44 Dead heat 45 Doctrine 46 Greek letter ziggy COOKIESK BURSER BARN IS GOING TOl INTRODUCE A NEW BURSER TT ^S NEXT WEEK d-^M evei?. see K B^E^NX GNt^ IK LK7 ^[zm^e-mei IK oTKe ^axies Domx, TOO ! Rex Morgan, M.D. AFTen PINNER, JUSe TALUS TO MARie f ABOUT BMfS FUrURBl • . ' r THINK rrs ( JRE/\T /OUR P4P AfREEP TO ATTENP 4STHMA cu/^ss wrm you 4NP BE/UJ TOAIORROW/ E m> IP you NEEP uowc. INFORMATION, CAll THESE PEOPLE...THEy CM HELP/ ouRcompflWM mia &eo THE aEX-TimETRElOO... THE DflM-CflRE TREND... THE PROmOTINO-WOmEM- TD-POSlTlONS-OF-REflL- /RUTHORrrV TREND... i o i lOE EVEN miSSEO THE ^ STRESS-REOUCINCr L /ntE BAR TREND AND THE FOOSBfllL- COURT TREND.. n'S TimE TO SHAKE THIS TIRED OLD COmPmS OFf AND ONCE AND FOR ALL E/HBRACE WHATS REALLV HflPPENlNfr IN AMERICA THE EWPLOVEE REDUCnON TREND! Y OH, &REAT., ...MM HE'S AN INNOUflTOR, IF SOMeONE CLOSE TO SOU KOTICEP /WELL, THAT YOU HAP SOME FAULTS, WOULP YOU WANT THEM POINTEP OUT TO VOU ? Q>IEN^HERE WE 60!^ Sylvia q \xor4i ^e$af ^)orfteM^ PAV- "X Act 'iPe »*|ALU/ PrANK. , ftve cjfs of coffee AccoHPANiep by A f oOKp Of c^otoLMe efpec-l wHHoyf

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