The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 3, 1971 · Page 27
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 27

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 3, 1971
Page 27
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iil«l|lli!iiaipiii;i SHANGRI-LA VILLA — The four-family Townhouse Villa shown here is representative of the luxurious yet restful architecture that will grace all three additions in the Shangri-La Estates, Grand Lake, Okla. The basic floor plan provides 1,700 square feet of floor space with two bedrooms and double baths on the upper level and an open living- family room with fireplace and dining room area surrounding a kitchen island on the lower level. Build Shangri-La Complex GRAND LAKE, Okla.-Four Kansas firms have been awarded contracts for the construction of condominiums in Shangri- La Estates and exclusive development adjacent to the luxurious Shangri-La recreational facility on the tip of Monkey Island, Grand Lake, Oklahoma The announcement was made by Charles J. Davis, owner and developer of the $18 million project, which will offer luxurious, casual living in an un- crowded, relaxing atmosphere. Construction will start immediately. The prime contract was awarded to Sutherland Construction Company, Inc., while contracts for heating and air- conditioning, electrical and NEW KIND OF FURNACE Carrier ~k Steady, quiet operation • Wipes away cold drafts • LessStopand-Goheating • Corrosion-resistant, Strato- steel* heat exchangtr it Powerful blower to push air to farthest corner Inc. Since 1902 225 S. Main Dial 2-3351 plumbing work were awarded to Fahnestock, Inc., McBride Electric, Inc. and Vaughn Plumbing and Heating Company, Inc., respectively. The architectural firm is Griffin and Bonham, the same firm responsible for the design which transformed Shangri-La into a S5.5 million luxury, yet informal Andy Has the Answer By ANDY LANG AP NEWSFEATURES Q— We have a number of squeaks coming from the floors of our three bedrooms when they are walked on. I am always reading about the various ways to halt such squeaks, such as placing reinforcements between the joists under the floor, driving screws upwards from underneath and driving wedges into spaces between the joists an dthe flooring. I suppose all of these solutions are fine. If it's a ground floor and you can reach it from the basement. But what about the case of our bedrooms, which are on the second floor? A.—When the problem of squeaky floors cannot be tackled from below, you'll have to attempt a solution by hammering nails into the floor from above. The first step in this treatment calls for finding the joists on which the flooring is laid. Sometimes this can be done by banging on the floor at various points with the bottom part of your fist. There is a more solid sound when the floor is struck over a joist. If you cannot make a determination this way, use a magnetic stud finder. This device reacts when it is passed over an area where there are nails. And nails usu ally tell where the joists are. Use finishing nails, driving them into the floor so that they go into the joists. Use the nails in pairs, about an inch or two apart. Hammer them down' ward so that they form a kind of V inside the wood, with their points almost touching. Also drive them slightly below the surface, filling the holes with wood filler. If the floor is hard wood, drill small starting holes for the nails. SINGER Cctyc'it For summer-winter too! Install SingerAFCO year around Air Conditioning Replace your worn out furnace with a Year Around Comfortmaker System — at a cost lower than ever before — Have a free — Comfort Ready survey made of your Total Comfort requirements. Heating with the fuel of your choice — All Electric Cooling. Call 3 C*»mfoi±msdut /L. Decker-Mattison, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning 500 West Second MO 662-2339 facility for year-round enjoyment. "We have released 25 condominiums for immediate construction to take care of the purchasers who have signed coi> tracts and we anticipate having at least 100 underway by the end of the year," Davis said. 300 Home Limit When completed, no more than 300 homes will ba constructed in Shangri -La Estates. "We have been as careful about the selection of our contractors for this exclusive development as we have been in the planning of Shangri-La Estates. "Each contractor was selected because of his reputation for quality workmanship and attention to small details," Davis continued. Plans for the exclusive con- dornimnm community have been under meticulous development for two years while Shangri-La was undergoing renovation and the golf course was being built. Davis explained that contractors will be able to move as fast as necessary and that future homes will be released for construction as contracts are signed by purchasers. "We're delighted with the response we have had so far to this project, both in the types of families it is attracting and in their enthusiasm for the un- crowded environment it will achieve," Davis said. He said quality in construction has top priority and that no compromises or exceptions to the rigid and detailed specifications will be accepted. He stressed that the contractors recognize this as an opportunity to construct a quality development. Conversion of the wooded cove adjacent to Shangri-La into the picturesque Twin Falls Addition will begin as soon as the main lake recedes to its normal fall level. When completed, the Twin Falls Addition will have a stream of rapids flowing into a small inland lake, over a 16- foot waterfall into a larger lake, then over a second fa into Grand Lake. One and two-bedroom Chalets will be constructed in the Twin Falls Addition, while two and hree -bedroom Villas will be built in the Fairways Addition between the golf course and Grand Lake and in the Vista Addition where 12-family Chateaus are also scheduled for construction in the lakeside bluffs. "We could have made many compromises that few would have initially recognized but we want the owners to remain our friends and neighbors and for this to be a true Shangri-La," Davis concluded. Change Closet Doors If you're playing a word association game and someone says "closet," do you counter with "musty?" If so, you probably need some louver doors. No matter how clean your closets, they tend to get a musty smell unless air can circulate through them. That's where the louver doors come in. Local building supply centers carry stock louver doors made of ponderosa pine. They are ideal for closets because air circulates between the louvers, drying out moisture and preventing that musty smell. They also add a distinctive design feature to your room. There's a choice of styles: bifold doors that move easily on tracks and take up very little floor space, or standard louver doors, either wide or narrow, that can be hinged to swing open or hung on tracks to glide open without requiring any swing space at all. • ••**t)*><»#)00 OJ Building or Remodeling % • Call # • ED WEIGEL • • 3304 No. Elm • • Hutchinson, Ks. 663-9804 # Is your furnace ready for the long winter months ahead? Oon'l get left in the cold this winter. We'll give your furnace a complete checkout, and make rer-irs and ad iustments at the lowest possible cost, If you need • new furnace, we'll recommend a Chrysler - engineered unit'perfect for your home. Chrysler Airlemp has a complete line of gas and electric furnaces and ir conditioning equipment for every home and business need. "We Service All Makes" Joe's Air Conditioning & Heating Company Route 1 Phone 316-662-0770 Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 JOE THAXTON, Owner "—rfirtemp Mm® DRYNESS! Don't spend another winter plagued by the many problems of too-dry air In your home. With a Chippewa Humidifier on your fur* nace, all you do is set a dial in your living area, and the proper humidity is constantly furnished, automatically. No water to carry. No pans to fill. Ideal for compact furnaces . . . rustproof Phenolic housing ... no "white dust" ... and uncomplicated, trouble-free operation. HUMIDIFIBR Call Harland Legg GENERAL AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING Floor Tiles Popular AP NEWSFEATURES Resilient floor tiles came into their own immediately after World War II when the do-it- yourself fad began to gain momentum and finally became a way of life for millions of home owners. This type of flooring has continued to gain in popularity, not only because it is easy to apply—the original reason for its success—but because of the wide variety of available colors and designs. No longer does a purchaser have to make a choice from a handful of styles and shades. No matter what his individual preference in colors, patterns and textures, he will be able to satisfy it. While asphalt tile once was a big favorite because it could be applied to concrete on or below grade, it has been displaced as the top seller by vinyl asbestos. The latter can also be used in the "tough" locations and has the added attribute of resisting grease, to which asphalt tile has a fairly low resistance. Get Architect's Advice On Remodeling Project By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer In projects on room remodeling, architects can be a great help to do-it-yourselfers. And their services need not be expensive. Many architects like to keep busy, and the fee may be negligible for a small drawing. Pride in their do-it-yourself performance keeps many amateur workmen from seeking advice from professionals. But an architect's advice may keep an area from looking jerry-built, and he may recognize many alternative solutions to difficult tasks. One woman got a long- needed bedroom merely by having the archway of a room sealed off. In that instance, the archway, an L of the living room, was an entrance to a dinette. But another door entered the dinette area from a hallway off the living room. And the dinette wasn't much used. The family ate in the spacious kitchen most of the time. After the archway was sealed off, the family moved the dinette chairs and table to one end of the large living room, and they find it more useful than ever. Another family in a very old house had a living room problem. Two old-fashioned parlors were on either side of the entranceway with a center-hall stairs. The room on the right was used as the living room because it had a fireplace. Its smallness, 20 feet by eight feet, prevented its use for large parties. The room on the left was larger, but lacked charm. An architect suggested removing the partition that boxed the stairs on the living room side. A door was put in the room directly opposite the new opening in the living room. This created a six-foot throughway, passing through the narrow hall adjacent to the other parlor, and the owners had a u-shaped living room, crossing from one to the other under the stairs. Even the hallway next to the new door became a handsome addition to the project with shelves on the wall and bric-a- brac. Architects frequently suggest splitting large rooms in two to provide special rooms for hobbies. In one family a small area taken from a bedroom became a den. But the room was divided in a way the do-it-your­ selfers hadn't visualized. He t.. HOMES FOR AMERICANS had planned to divide it in half, but as the architect pointed out, the bedroom would have been too small, and the den would have been larger than needed, and perhaps not so cozy. Installing Bathroom Professional advice may be necessary when bathrooms are to be installed in odd places, such as in basement areas. Many unforseen problems might require special planning. For example the grading may not accommodate the pipe flow, if one is dependent on septic tanks. It is something an architect may spot. He may also help with solutions to the problem. At first glance a plumber should be able to tell you if your plan will work, but he may not be able to provide you with ready alternatives. In some houses spiral staircases can replace ordinary stairs to give more room and a spatial look to living areas, but it is not something you decide off the top of your slide rule. There's a bit more to it than buying a spiral staircase kit. With an architect planning such a room, one do-it-yoursel­ fer managed to do the job himself. Page 28 The Hutchinson News Sunday, October 3, 1971 Panels Are Elegant When it comes to decor, call it "city mix," "eclectic" or "collector's courageous." By whatever name, it adds up to doing your own thing with assorted home furnishings of various styles and periods. But remember that the more diverse the furnishings, the simpler their setting should be. A good way to display a personalized collection of furniture and accessories is against a wall of prefinjshed woodgrain paneling. It's elegant, easily installed, and not expensive. Take a look at samples of prefinished hardboard wall panels at your local building center. They come in many woodgrain finishes, from palest ash, cherry and pine, through warm tones of pecan, teak and hickory, to the deep richness of oak, butternut and walnut. General Electric Whole House CLIMATE CONTROL gives years of Winter and Summer comfort. Be comfortable, not only the rest of this year, but next year and many years to come. Quiet and costs only pennies a day. Call Harland Legg for FREE ESTIMATE. GENERAL 706 W. 2nd AIR CONDITIONING and HEATING CO. MO 2-0141 ONE STORY ENGLISH TUDOR: This imposing design with its parapet walls, copper garage roof, adzed timber, stone, stucco and brick takes 2,100 square feet, excluding garage, courts and porches. A drive-through and a covered entrance arcade lend charm. This luxurious looking home has eight rooms, a curved fireplace and a circular stair to the studio. Plan HA690M was designed by Rudolph A. Matern, Master Plan Service, 89 East Jericho Tpke., Minncola, N.Y., N.Y., 11501. Further details or plans may be obtained by writing him. WEATHERPROOF YOU HOM All Year'Round! Sure, you're thinking of heating right now, but why not install air conditioning, too, while you're at it! It saves a lot on installation costs, gives you the most comfort for your dollar. Install FEDDERS whole house CLIMATE CONTROL Heating AND Air Conditioning You'll Be So Glad You Did! For FREE ESTIMATES Call Harland Legg. ft EkIED AI AIR CONDITIONING \7CPICIV#*I. and HEATING CO. MO 2-0141 706 W. 2nd These new gas logs look like real timber. They glow like a live wood fire. Radiate warmth and charm. No wood to buy, stack, store or stick in the fire. No soot or ashes to clean out. Adding a room? Add a gas log fireplace ... or any one of a number of other gas space heaters available. See your dealer or authorized gat heating contractor soon. 4 THE OAS SERVICE CO. N»turtl Gas for ffomt, Butlnut tndlnduitry SEND FOR A FREE BOOKLET ON NATURAL QA8 SAFETY AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST * ^

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